The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on November 5, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 5, 1890
Page 4
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IRRHAL and DEPARTURE of TRAINS, CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE AND ST. PACt, go. l passenger 6:02 am No. 8passenger 4:31 pm No. »frelf?ht 7:15 » m No. 13 way freight 12:20 pm No. « freight 8:40 p in „ QOING BA8T. NO. 2 passenger 10:33 am No, 14 way freight .'.'.'.'.'.'....' 2/20 p m No. lo freight, Saturdays only 12:35 p m No. sfreljUit 0:46 p m Chicago & Northwestern R'y, UOIMO NORTH AND WEST. Freight accommodation a -M a m Chicago Mall and Kxpress 3:56 p m OOIKO SOUTH AND MAST. Freight accommodation 7 -35 p m Chicago Mail and Express 12:30 p m Chicago passenger reaches Des Moines at 7 p.m., Chicago0:00 a. m., and Kansas City 0:30 a. in. Tickets for sale to all points In the •Jnlted States and Canada. PROFESSIONAL & BUSINESS DIRECTORY, a. .T. HANSON. W. 0. DANSON. DANSON BROS., A TTOKNEYS AT LAW, Algona, Iowa. Office Over Oomstock's. GEO. E. CLARKE, A TTORNEY. Ollice over the First National Bank, Algonii, Iowa. B. F. REED, A TTORNEY- AT-I.AW, Algona, Iowa, flee in the Galbntitli block, Of- JAS. BARR, M. D., P HYSICIAN and SURGEON, ALGONA, IOWA. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., P HYSICIAN and SURGEON. Office next door to Ford's Warehouse, Algona, Iowa. W. E. H. MORSE, M. D. ALGONA, IOWA. DR. L A. SHEETZ, Druggist & Stationer. Prescriptions filled. Deals In paints, oils, books, perfumeries, etc. Corner of State and Thorington streets AUjona.Iewa. 55, S, Bayers, D, V, M,, Veterinary Physician i Surgeon west of t.lie Thorington House, Algona, Iowa. HOSPITAL Accommodations. For information m regard to lands in North- Iowa, write to the Real Estate and Abstract Office of GEO. C. CALL, ALGONA. — IOWA. C. J. ADAMS, HOUSE and SIGN PAINTER- Country work a speciality. ALGONA, IOWA, Nov, 5,1890. AtGONA MARKETS. (Reported weekly by A. Hough.) Oats, 40c. Corn 85c @ 880 Eggs I6c. Butter I8c. Cattle f2.00 Bogs $8.60 Wheat 8oc. Barley 40c Flft* ._... 11.80 Timothy $1.10 OUR PREMIUM. To all subscribers of the REPUBLICAN who pay $1.60 in advance for the year 1891 we will give our fine new premium map of Iowa free. This offer extends to December 31st, and applies, of course, only to such as have not received the map as a premium already. Parties who may be in arrears must pay the same in addition to the advance subscription. The season is a prosperous one, and all will be able to pay the small amounts they may owe the printer before the first of January, and put their accounts with their home paper on a cash basis. NEW SUUSCHIUEHS Paying $1.50 for one year in advance will get the map as a premium. THIS 31AI'. The map is worth 75 cents and cannot, we believe, be bought at retail for less. The map of Kossuth county is printed from a new plate, engraved from a map furnished by ex-Auditor Ilutchins, and is the best map of Kossuth in any Iowa map we have seen. These maps can be supplied at any time at the KEITJISLICAN office to those who may be entitled to them. This premium applies only to subscribers living in Kossuth county. LOCAL NEWS AND NOTES. Election passed off quietly in Algona. Wm. Kuhn advertises a sale Nov. 10. llemember J. B. Jones' stock sale Xov. 6th. For fine job work call at the REPUBLICAN office. . Miss Edith Alvord is visiting friends in Emmetsburg. Geo. Annis made a flying trip to Des Moines last week. Bert Brunei- has moved with his family into Perry Wilkin's hditee. If Altt'aiiftift Lincoln was alive he would vot« ihe 1 Republican 1 ticket. Next Sunday' evening tu'e Baptist pastor will preach m "E-cl'ft'eation and wit! remai.n through the anyway, We*ish Petty good nnd prosperity. W. L. Wolfe him the agency for th. Oxford Bibles, also a fine line of fam ily Bibles. Anyone expecting to chase Bibles before ti'te holidays do well to see him. would posses- means The Thovington has again change hands. W. S. Davenport of Des Moines is the new landlord and took sion yesterday morning. He business and has come to .stay. Company F. passed inspection at the encampment as follows: Discipline .80, instruction .80, military appearance .80, arms .85, accoutrements .80, uniform .85— an average of .811. The total population of the States and Territories, exclusive of Alaska and the Indians, is 02,480,540. Iowa has a population of 1,906,729. Qupt. Porter's estimates were a little off. Married, Oct. 29, 1890, by Rev. O. M Thrasher, Mr. Frank Seeley, of Fairfield township, Palo Alto county, Iowa, and Miss Mary Finnell of Lotts Creek township, Kossuth county, Iowa. Geo. Ilutchins, the boy who was liired by Chairman Fullen and Secretary Lee to steal Chairman Mack's correspondence, says that he confesses to Jus great wrong and that he feels very sorry for it. We publish this week another letter from Col. Comstock. It is an interesting Avriteup of the Northwestern Exposition. The Col. is still of the opinion that Iowa is the best State in the Union after all. Mrs. Jennie Albright died of consumption last Thursday morning at 7 o'clock. She left a husband and two ittle children to mourn her loss. The 'uneral took place Saturday morninc from the M. E. church. It ,is expected that Mrs. Carrie Lane liapman, a lady who has been doing such effective work for prohibition in Nebraska, will speak to the ladies of Algona on Monday afternoon, Nov. 10. Further notice will be'given. Miss Del Richardson is making'quite a reputation as a lady bicyclist. Thurs- lay forenoon she made the trip to West Bend— 18 miles— in less than three hours, and had to contend with i strong wind and bad roads. Marriage licenses were granted last week to Peter Mulldoon and Angeline Say,Merritt C. Platt and Hattie Flack, lames Kelioe and Annie Burt, Edvard Van Voast and Etta Barton and '", II. Cl'CWait und .Jennie J,. Peer, 1 ------- • ----- in |- • | |~-i_— *- || --.XI_IJM March last, particulars of wtt&h were ln se wta*M»» she steadil i iet eatl * death of con some e BATTL1 QPTHE BALLOTS, The Cumberland (Wls.) Advocate hMrtM ! a t> le J" e ^ larly ttnd l8 rtght Rind of a Republican paper. F. F. Morgan, the editor, is a son , , law of our new merchant, Mr. Geo. B. The Republican Bacon. e epucan papers in S S ffite emft , kln ? a,*?™; fight for "the little red school house" and Cumberland Advocate is in "he the it**,. Jonlyn, Smith,- i»«t«ft Lovell And Ilrnnaon Elected on County Ticket. STATE TICKET, tront rank and represents the kind of ffii? "adulterated, aggressive Repub- icanism that we like to see. A citizen of Algona came into the REPUBLICAN office last Saturday morning and said that he wanted to snb- scnbe for "a good Republican paper." We offered him a chair and the floor to spit on, and asked him why he didn't ^ikethe Courier. He said that the Courier was about as much of a Republican paper as the other one, m that he wanted some good Republican doctrine for awhile,unadulterated with any of that mugwumpishness that matte liis head ache and unsettled his dinner. Col. E.g. Nettleton, chief engineer ?L-l rr i g o. fcl ? n ^ n . d representing the Jmted States, is investigating the swb- ect of irrigating a large territory in Southern Dakota by means of artesian wells. The eastern edge of the 'artesian well basin stops suddenly on a me between the James rivers. How tar west it extends no one knows. The supply of water is unlimited and it is estimated that one well will supply sufficient water to irrigate 1,000 acres. it tue irrigation scheme is a success it means wealth by the millions for South Dakota. No pen picture is adequate to present the insignificant littleness of the bolter, the disappointed office seeker who goes back on the whole ticket because he fails to get the nomination he s seeking for. Such a person deserves he everlasting contempt of all right hinkmg men. That portion of his make up which represents manhood is hriveled to such insignificant propor- lons that he would rattle around in a flea's cranium like a dried pea in a jassdrum. Hold that man in ever- asting remembrance for he may ask avors of the party again. . First ward ... A iirnniJ Second ward. Al * ona< ) Third ward .. 'Fourth ward. Totals for A.) con a. Lu Verne Wesley Irvlngton Itatnftay Plum Creek. Sherman Greenwood Garfleld Portland , Fenton Prairie Whittemore Union Buffalo Biverdate Burt German Lotts Creek Seneca , 8\vea Harrison Cresco , Hebron £. I no 85 40 70 276 03 f!2 71 40 CO •ffi 87 \4 SO 25 4 65 152 24 37 73 24 16 32 41 16 58 10 I Mftjt. I 27 50 11 18 110 10 40 30 13 38 32 Totals for AJgona.... LuVerna Wesley irvlngton. Ramsay Plum Greek Sherman Greenwood Garfleld Portland Fenton Prairie Whittemore Union Buffalo Blverdalo Burt German Lotts Creek Seneca Swea Harrison Cresco Hebran Total; Peters 120». scl 1144, Lovell ll»7. Benschoter 1163, Mou- THE ELECTION Total: Bepublican 128G, Democratic 1135. Ee- publlcan majority 151. COUNTY ATTOllNEY. Aiirnnn Algona First ward . . . Second ward. Third ward... Fourth ward . for sale. Charles Rooswall, PAINTER. Orders by postal card promptly attended to. Hesidence south of Sponberg's tailor shop. Algona Iowa. F. E. FOSTER, Opposite Court House. AJgona, Iowa. tfiTWork first class in every particular. Kossuth County Bank, ALGONA, IOWA. Law. Ticket No. 881 drew tlie i'o'ad cart at Frank Bros' clothing store last Satur- urday. G. S. Wright lias sold part of his large farm near West Bend to eastern parties. Miss Del Richardson returned from West Bend on her wheel Saturday afternoon. Meeting of Algona lodge No. 163 K. of P. Friday night. Full attendance is desired. J. B. Jones lias been carrying his foot in a sling for the past few days. Rheumatism. News has be-e'fl i'eedyed hei'e R. F. Iledrick has the second ward, in on Call street. moved over into D. Iline's house Incorporated under general laws of Iowa. Deposits received, money loaned, foreign and domestic exchange bought and sold. Collections made promptly and a Keneral banking business transacted. Passage tickets to or from tlie old countries sold at lowest rates. W. II. ING HAM, President. J. H. JONES, Vice President. LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier, Dlrecllors-W., H. Ingham, Jno. G. Smith, J. B. Jones, T. Chnselillles, Lewis H. Smith, J. W. Wadsworth. Biirnet Devine. Farm for Sale. 120 acres near the village of Burt. Partly improved. For sale at a bargain. Inquire at Kepublican office. Rev. Wbitfield's special Sunday evening sermons are popular and draw large audiences. Letter he;uls, bill heads, note heads, legal blanks, business cards etc. at the vx office. II. Slagle and daughter, Ethel, left Monday morning to join her husband in Minneapolis. L. C. Chandler returned from Des Moines last Saturday. The condition of his eyes is much improved. Dr. Garlield would like to know i tlie increase in t,hf> r»n>.n *>e oyotm- 0 aiie to tne tariff on tin plate. D. B. Roberts and T. T. McCue ot Emmetsburg were in the city Mondaj and registered at the Thorington. Mrs. Frank Benjamin lias gone to Minneapolis to live. Erank is now traveling salesman for a drug house. Our office shears have disappeared Please return them as they are an indispensable article to the country editor. J J. B. Hawley of the firm of Harrison to Hawley arrived in Algona yesterday tnornintr ;i,tul rp<riKfava<l «*• ti'm TU,«.. morning and registered ington. at tlie Thor- GREAT FRENCH REMEDY. LADIES try Ur. LeDuc's Periodical Pills, from Paris, France. Established - Europe 183! • England isno ; Canada l»7» ; United States 1887' 92 or three, boxes for §5. Positively remove a i IBBEIJULABITIES or moiiev refunded THF AMEKIOAN WLI, CO.. liyattyproprletoS Spencer, la. The trade supplied by wholesale spits. H. Boswitli & Sou.Wwauftee j Kobt Stevenson & Co. Chicago. Retailed by bi" L A. Sheet*, Algona. I0-40-yr $1,000 Address : Can be made iu 6 months selling TunlBou's Atlases, Charts ami Wull Maps. Particulars free. H. C TUMISON, Chicago, Ills. SHIP YOUR Butter. Kggs, Cheese, Apples, Pears, Beans, _ __ Peaches, Pears, Honey, Beeswax, Grapes, Hops, Poultry, Com,Oats, Wool, Maple Sugar, Lambs. Veal, Mutton, Veu- isoii. Wild Game, Dried Fruits, Potatoes, Hay, Feathers. Cider, Vinegar, Furs, Skins, Onions, Tobacco, Broom Corn, Ginseng Koot. 50 tons live Poultry wanted. Will pay casli or sell on commission. Send for daily market prices. W. H. I'. Itallard & Co. Produce Commission Merchants, 20 and 22. Des Plain St., Chicago. 111. 10-20 LEGAL BLANKS o FOB SALE o At BEPUBLIOAN OFFICE The Juvenile Mission Band will give a live cent candy pull at Mrs. Parishes 1 on Friday evening. All are cordially invited. Charlie Walker has received a position as attendant in the insane asylum at Independence. He left for that place yesterday. Bill Nye's wisest saying: "Blessed is the man who makes his mistakes early in life, regrets them, and puts vaseline on the sore places." The number of Iowa's congressmen will probably remain the same. The new apportionment will be in the neighborhood of 175,000. The Republican papers of Wisconsin have made a gallant tight for tlie little red school house. Republicanism everywhere is Americanism. llev. Phil Hanna addressed the people of AVhittemore last Tuesday night on the tariff question and other issues of the day. He spoke at Bancroft Monday night. The Rev. Mr. McDonald of Emmetsburg will officiate at St. Thomas Mission on Sunday. There will be a celebration of tlie Holy Communion after the morning service. Even a mathematician would have been astonished had he visited the polls yesterday to note the different combinations possible upon a Republican or Democratic ballot. Perry Wilkins and wife left on the Monday morning train for Minneapolis. He goes to work for W. W. Johnson she lived here and this announcement will bring a feeling of sorrow to many of her old associates. G. M. Annis who has been in the countv a few weeks will-return to Spokane Falls in a few days. After a little preliminary work there he expects to return and open up a branch office at Des Moines. He and Mr. Comstock are in the real estate business. Judge Caldwell's decision in the Van Vhet original package case settles the case of the original package in Iowa. The only way to enforce prohibition is to enforce it. Without determined effort to enforce the law it will continue to remain a dead letter on the statute books. Jas. Taylor had a little experience with a shop lifter the other day and the shop lifter had a little experience with Jim." A young fellow was detected in the act of walking off with a pair of gloves and he was promptly collared and brought back to settle with the cashier. Last week's Courier says thafi the fact that the Democratic county candidates "did spend the summer working up their nomination, and 1 knocking other Democrats out" will! be- at matter at consolation to them' "if they aa-e de- J-eated." Rather hard' on 1 fil'ie- Democratic candidates. The Normal School library has recently received a very line set of Johnson s Universal Encyclopedia. The Professors and students are enthusias- astic in their effovto to pluo.fv rirsfc-clnss woiko of icference at their command. 1 he public should encourage them in their good work. J. I. Sawvel was married at Larch- land.Ill., Oct. 29, to Miss M. E. Brown. His Kossutli county friends wish him untold happiness. Mr. Sawvel' lias been engaged in engineering work for the past four years and is at present chief of a party engaged in a railroad survey in Kentucky. Company F. completed target practice last Thursday with the following result: Marksmen—Capt. Thos. F Cooke. Horace Mann and Guy L. Taylor. First class—II. J. Edens, W. E Hon. B. I. Sallinger had a very good ludience at the Court House last Frilay nightand he dished up the tariff [uestion in a way that didn't quite suit he taste of the Democrats. He spoke ior nearly two hoars and confined hirn- -t *. !f U ulr ™ st entirely to the tariff ques- pt the tlon. We are sorry that every voter in the county was not privileged to hear the speech. It was a fair and honest presentation of tlie question and made a good impression. Mr. Salinger was suffering with a severe cold, but succeeded in holding his audience well, all except a few Democrats; they couldn't stand his logic, and retired. Nolte. Tlie depredations of the "kids" Halloween evening extended for several miles into the country. They gave our County Superintendent a call and took the wheels off her buggy and hid them in some unlikely place, and great was her surprise when she led her horses out to her buggy and found tlie wheels conspicuously absent. Mr. and Mrs. A. Hough arrived home trpni their Michigan visit Thursday afternoon. They were accompanied by Miss Anna Powers, who will remain with them a year. They report a very pleasant trip and an enjoyable visit among old friends and relatives Speaking of prosperous times, Mi- Hough says lie did not find anything as good as old Kossuth county. Next Saturday, Nov. 8th, is the day set tor the decision of the question whether women shall be eligible to tlie position of lay representatives in the jeneral conference of the M. E. church by the Algona society. The question will be decided by ballot and the polls will be open at the church from 3 to 7 n thei afternoon. All members of the Jhurch who are 21 years old or over can fote at this election. Mr. Bossingham left on Sunday light's train for Osage, Iowa, where le wasi called by news that his sister, he widow of the late James Starr, was dying. Word of the death of Mrs. 'tan- reached here this morning. Since '"< tragic death of her husband, in If yon read matter in tlie Democratic papers purporting to be some of Chairman Mack's campaign correspondence, you very likely had occasion to wonder now the correspondence fell into the hands of the Democrats. Chairman Mack wondered about it and last week the mystery was cleared up. The same political party that appealed to English capital to help it defeat American enterprise has gone into partnership with sneak thieves to accomplish its purpose. A boy by the name of treorge Ilutchins was hired by the chairman of the State Democratic committee to steal Chairman Mack's correspondence, and for accomplishing the theft was paid the sum of $40.00 lliey discovered nothing damaging to the Republican cause and the whole thing reacted with unpleasant effect upon the Democracy in Iowa. We are willing to offer a prize for the best diognosis of the U. D. M's. case from a political standpoint. It has played a very peculiar role during the past campaign and sustained its old reputation for getting a peculiar affection or the knee joints whenever it became necessary to stand up and make a square light for Kepublican principles. It has been complimented by the Democratic papers for "doing good work against the McKinley bill." A tew weeks ««o it took a prominent P«it in the general pow-wow about advancing prices, and was as boisterous as a Free Methodist in the "Amen corner. Last week it was as quiet as a Quaker meeting while the Courier talked as loudly as ever about the increased cost of living under the new tantt bill. We cannot believe that the Upper Des Moines has experienced a change of heart for it refused to circulate copies of the McKinley bill in the interests of the party it professes to represent.but you can get one u by calling at the office." Misrepresenting the McKinley bill has grown to be nudity unpopular with Republicans. Fred Foster reports an amusing but painful accident to a young man from Boston who went up the river with him tor ducks one afternoon last week The young man had never been beyond the suburbs of Boston before, judging from his actions and his knowledge of the use of the shot gun. After showing him how to load the gun and how to make it go off after it was loaded, and after cautioning him uot to lire unless theducks were in easy range Fred went over in the woods andlaid down behind a log. In a few moments a flock of ducks flew up at a distance of about 40* yards. The young man from Boston immediately had an attack of the 'buck ague," and unable to control himself until he could see the whites of their eyes, he fired. Fred raised up from behind the log upon the report of t , Ue J? uu . and 8aw his Boston friend doublequicking it for the buggy, holding his nose in his hand. It seems that the recoil of the gun brought the hammer in contact with his nose almost tearing a good sized piece of that organ completly off. The young man had his nose sewed ou and has gone back te the hub. Totals for Algona Lu Verne Wesley Irvinptou , Rainsay Plum Creek Sherman , Greenwood Garlleld Portland Fenton Prairie Whittemore Union Buffalo Klmdaie Burt German Loft? Creek Seneca Swea Harrison ,,,, Cresco , Hebron (§ B: 70 37 GG 231 4 95 72 34 48 !) 8!) 1!) 54 23 4 54 40 30 50 77 11 8 29 35 Hi 49, HI 40 42 GO 64 205 111) 4: 31 (18 39 Cg 77 47 25 45 81 51 4G 10 51 37 42 6S 55 22 9 40 0 34 13 106 Total: Quarton 1093, Joslyn 1275, majority 182. Joslyn's CONGRESSIONAL. First ward Ai.rrvu.i 1 Second ward Aigoiict r fiiii'^ \vard Fourth ward Totals for Algona. Weslev Ramsay Trvington Plum Creek Sherman Greenwood Garfleld Portland Fenton Prairie Whittemore Union Buffalo Klverdale Burt. Ln Verne German Lotts (Jreek ... Seneca Harrison Oresco Hehron Dolliver. 1 56 po I' 70 207 /'P 50 27 78 r>7 2-1 4 yfj 4') 21 *J5 G3 'M 14 Ii7 41 l(i flU 19 Woods, 4(5 30 U8 Uu 183 53 40 S5 52 87 Ka 44 81 y<) 41 i>9 71 VI «X) fi7 10 30 0 'rt JF in 46 74 33 'U 20 2 j 20 13 ! 25 y 20 51 30 Total: Dolliver 1210, Woods 1201. Dolllver's majority 9. CLEUK OK COURTS. First ward I Second ward (Third ward Fourth ward. Totals for Algona. Lu Virue Wesley Irvingcon Umnsav Plum Creek Sherman Greenwood Garfleld Portland ... Fenton Prairie Whittemore Union — DuffU'ttlo . Hlverilale Burt German .... Lotts Creek Seneca — Swea , B arrison ... Cresco Hebron 21 32 Passed off peacefully inAlgona. Tims far we have heard of no frauds, no ballot box stuffings, intimidations, or murders. This is Iowa and we have no need of the Force Bill in the Tenth district for we elect our congressmen with ballots and not with the shot gun. On the whole it was an exciting election for an off year. No one worried about Dolliver very much with the exception of one or two men who call themselves Eepublicans and who were working against him. The interest all seemed to center on the county offices. The county was very thoroughly canvassed, considering the short space of time between the convention and election. The canvass for county attorney was very exciting and was even prosecuted before the very altar in the synagogue. A great deal of interest was centered in the election of Justice of the Peace, and the combinations on the different ballots made the result look very doubtful for awhile. Peters and Benschoter received a majority for Supervisors in all the wards, The manner in which the campaign was conducted and the result of election go to show that the .Eepubliean party is pretty badly broken up in Kossuth county. The county is strongly Republican but has a queer way of proving it at the polls. With some of the Republican papers of the county giving the people Cobden Club doctrine and refusing to circulate Republican campaign documents, with others doing their best to defeat the county ticket because one or two of the candidates happened to be 'so unfortunate as to live in Algona, and with all the bolters, kickers and sore heads to operate against it the party has not tended toward solidification very rapidly. We did mighty well under the circumstances. ELECTION NOTES. Returns are slow coming and the election is doubtful all over the country. Iowa is estimated to be Republican by from 4,000 to 10,000 majority. The latest reports state that Henderson, Struble, Hull, Flick tind Dolliver are surely elected. Hayes is probably re-elected in the second district, and Gear defeated in the first. The other districts are reported doubtful. Maj. McKinley is probably re-elected. Republicans have carried Indiana and Ohio. The result in Minnesota, Kansas and Nebraska is in doubt. The Farmer's Alliance has played havoc in is probably Total: Bruusou majority 239. 1311, Ford 1072. Hrunsou's HliCOHDKU. JKXTKAOU1HNAKV BONE SCRATCHING Herbert Sperry, Tremoot, 111., had erysipelas in both legs. Confined to the house 6 weeks. He says: ' 'When I was able to get on my legs I had an itching sensation that uearly run me crazy. I scratched them raw to the boues. Tried everything without relief. Was tormented iu this way tot two years. I then found Clarke's Extract of Fiax(Papillon) Skin Cure at the dru* store, used it, and it has cured me sound and we»." Clarke's Flax Soap has no« " for bath and toilet. Skin Cure First ward Alfjona ' ljecou d ward Fourth ward Totals for Algona Iu Verne Wesley Irvington Rainsay Plum Creek Sherman Greenwood " Garfleld Portland Feu tou Prairie Whittemore Union Buffalo.. Jliverdale Germ&u Lotts Creek geaesa j 0^9 Bebroa , •• Bandall. 70 071 !i o 71 •i 07 30 21 17 W 67 at I 65 4/1 70 %\ ia 81 4* 39 aO 87 28 81 01 60 17 » E's Maj. 24 IAA 47 22 «AI 24 m t y oo — 100 02 20 18 77 1* 88 10 1 those states. Prohibition defeated in Nebraska. Everybody was anxious about tlie ™Knm ^./"Sbt.and most of us didn't get home fall morning. Some of the boys had staked considerable money on the result and were naturally a little anxious. About ten o'clock the crowd began to collect from different localities around town and center at the Tennant House. Returns from tht different precincts in the county were very slow coming in. Bulletins from the election in New York and Chicaeo were plentiful but the crowd wSufd have been willing to trade the whole batch for one word from Lu Verne or any other point in Kossuth countv About 11:30 Chairman Taylor reS/d' a dispatch from Lu Verne and some of the boys got sleepy and went home, others atayed to ratify. '«»"«» The returns for the city of Algona on the state ticket show an increase of two over the vote polled last year for the Democrats and a decrease of 23 for the Republicans. Some of the Republicans failed to get to the polls. 485 votes were polled at the election last year as against 444 tliis year. The deficiency can only be accounted for on the supposition that some of people staid at home. . DolWyey's small nsajoi-ity in Kossutli is a »attev of surprise t*> every one; even the most sanguine of the Dem* ocrats hardly expected such a result °\jr nerves weye so unstrung by the- result otetatfen in this couoty that we torgot all about the rooster until the forms were on the press. A Foit Dpage Special to the Register estimates , DolKver's majority to be in the neighborhood of 15,000. Today's State Register says that the Democrats W ijj pr0 babl y have a maj- ontyin the next house. J & A. Thompson and F. M. Taylor were elected JTustfees of the Peace on * *** 0 " up- the-- the township ticket. » that is Oivided other

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