The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 29, 1890 · Page 7
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1890
Page 7
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IOWA STATE '•' Wnt-ncrd Atfatn«t Tf oo Sellers. The State Horticultural Sociot.? Waflii ih6 fftttners of the vStato against tree Beliefs. It advises the general planting of such varieties only as are recommended by the society or by horticulturists of roliaHility and experiences in the State. "Wo consider the Wee blackberry a fraud and the apricot, prunes, Sitnonii Salotno apple and KtHffer peat too tender for general planting in the State. As we know of no stocks hardy enough to endure this climate, we con- domri the propagation ot apple trees by budding, and believe the union of stock and scion should be beneath the surface to obtain hardy trees." CnrrlOH Many Scars. Lieutenant 8. J. McKinley, of Oaage, probably carries more scars of rwbel bullets than any other veteran now living in the United States or olae- where. He passed through many of the hardest fought battles of the war, and was wounded in every light in which he participated. He is one of the few who draw the full pension limit—572 per month—and his disabilities are such that it was procured for him by special legislation. Dentil of an Albino Child. Little Richard Levi Taylor, the Albino child born of full-blooded African parents, died in Oskaloosa at the age of 7 months. He was a remarkable baby, and, had ho lived, would have developed into a wonderful Albino man. At the time of his death his bead was covered with a dense growth of curly hair as white as snow, and his eyes were of a bright pink color. His skin was of a milky whiteness, and ho was a perfectly formed child in every way. ' Women Elect Officers. The Women's Home and Foreign Missionary Society of the Lutheran church for Iowa in session at Sioux City elected olHoers as follows: President, Mrs. George C. Henry, of Des Moines; Vice- IVosident, Mrs. 13. F. Grenoble, of Newton ; Treasurer, Mrs. S. B. Larhitz; Recording Secretary, Miss Bertha Grieb- oling, of Newton; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. G. W. Snydor, of Davenport IOWA'S POPULATION, Lait Tin-no Ommtrieft ot the Oiven In Counties. Tho following are the figures of last three censuses of Iowa: 1885. H103 la, 146 18.S35 Jfi.Wl [ SCVTB Storm In Webster County. ' A terrible hail-storm passed over the south part of Webster County early the other morning. Windows on the northwest bido of buildings were broken, building.-i were unroofed by the wind and trees, fences and corn crops leveled to the ground. The town of Lehigh was 1 flooded over the first floors by water. The damage would roach many thousands of dollars. A Prisoner Kocoivos Two Saws. Harry Morgan, a prisoner in the Webster County jail at Fort Dod^e, received a copy of the novel, the "Kreutzor So- uatti." It came by mail addressed in Ciii'o of the sheriff. In glancing over it Sheriff Adams found two of the leaves neatly pasted together, and between them wore concealed two sharp steel naws. A well-planned attempt at escape was tli us frustrated. COUNTIES. 1880. Alatr..V 11,1507 Alntnft. 11,888 A.inmakcR Ifi.faH A ipanoosc 10,096 A iduuon 7443 Bmton.j Siw lilncltUtiwU 83,013 Boons 80,833' Breincr 14,081 Bur.hanan 18,5'lrt Buyna Vista 7,537 Bntler 14,:J92 Cvnluoun 5,595 Carroll J2,;.m Oass 1«,!)13 Cudixr 18,030 <Jorro Oorilo 11,4(11 Clierokoc 8,y<10 Ohlckusaw 14,634 Olivrke n.r>73 Ulay 4.SM8 Clayton 38,.%9 Clinton il«.708 Cruwl'oril iy,4!3 Dallas ln,74T Davis 10,408 Ducutur Ifi.SKO Ucluwnro 17,«oO DCS Mollies 33,099 Dickinson l,«oi Dubuquo 43,990 Kinmel i 600 Fayotto 13,3*8 Floyd 14.077 Franklin 10,349 Fremont 1T,(!52 Grueno ia,727 ' Grunrty 18.039 Outline 131394 Hamilton 11,253 Hancock 3,453 Hardln 11,807 Harrison 10,(VI9 Henry 80,980 Howard 10,830 Humboldt, 5,341 Ida 4,383 Iowa 10,321 Jackson 23,771 Jasper 25.903 Jefferson 17.409 Johnson 25,409 JoncB 21.052 Keokuk 21258 Kossuth 6,178 C Lee 34,859 Linn 87,937 Louisa 10,142 Lucas 14.530 Lyon 1,'JOS Madison 17,224 Muhuska 15,802 Marion 25,111 Mai-shall 28,752 Mills 14,137 Mitchell 14,303 Monona 9,055 Monroe 13,719 Montgomery....'. 15,895 Muscatine..., 23,170 O'Bii'n 1,155 Oscoola 2,219 Page 19.007 Palo Alto 4,131 Plymouth 8,500 Pocaliontas 3.713 Polk 42.21X5 Pottawattamie 89,850 PoweshtilU 18,930 Kinggold 12.035 Sac 8,773 Scott.... 41,'-'06 Shelby 12,090 Sioux 5,421 Story 10,'JOO Tnma 21,585 Taylor 15,035 Union 1-1.USO VanBuren 17,043 Wapello 25,285 Warren 19,578 Washington 20,374 Wayne 10,127 Webster 15,951 Wlnnebaso 4,917 Winneshlek 23.1)38 Woodbury 14,01)0 Worth 7,953 Wright 5,002 83,002 SA.HOO ~ 14,350 17,780 11,030 •14,083 . 9,8;!0 18.339 18.019 17,858 12,088 12,r>8t 13. TO 11.309 0,4:J8 20,858 38.001 10,131 30,0'iO 15,183 15,033 17,430 S5.7K3 3,213 45,406 2,781 2«.4-i2 15;302 11,324 15,921 15.023 NINE MEN PERISHED. 16,439 14,076 5,089 18,520 2il,5«0 17,702 9,305 8,065 9,002 18.1BO 22,839 25,247 15,995 23.040 19,654 83.818 0337 31.034 40,780 11,028 14,791 4.C07 16,240 2J.131 23,419 85,038 13,727 12.885 12,178 2,324 15,001 34,880 8,389 3,995 20,938 0,387 15,481 0,152 51,907 45.K60 18,203 12,730 18.741 41,956 10.H06 11,584 17,527 31,688 15,073 16,502 10,170 25,808 17,838 18,50-4 15,494 19,987 5,579 33,680 33.280 8,257 9,380 State the 1890. 14.6M 12,279 17,f)R6 18, (M) 13,372 24,172 24,32(1 23,773 14,811 1f,»l)l 13,4!)4 15,451 13,103 IS. 7(0 10.C34 I8,ara 14 hiU 15.050 15,019 11.H14 fl.ROS 20,0!5 41,181 18,887 WVIIO 1B,83i) 1B.04J) 17,a46 35,273 4,3-.'8 40.5K4 4,2110 23,11(1 li',379 12,81 iO 10,89.) 15.7U3 13,21)6 10.7UI 15,805 7,018 18,878 21,247 18,870 11,171 9,803 10,070 18,201 '38,704 24.887 15,0,9 24,0(55 20,028 23,H» 13,118 37,702 46,803 11,867 14,550 8,055 18,930 23,'CI48 25,889 14.H52 13,273 14,512 13,058 15,782 24,478 13,039 5,504 31,318 9.314 19,314 9,533 05,302. . 47,33? ' 18,386 13,541 14,514 42,472 17,061 18,883 18,107 81,045 16,377 10,885 10,2-13 30,416 18.252 18,45' 15,05: 81,536 55,710 9,247 12,057 Total 1,624,615 1,753,980 1,906,729 TEMPERANCE WOMEN. 1 omul 11 n Iron Wedge. At Waterloo the other day an iron wetlgo was discovered by some work- in pn gradinp down the sidewalk near tho Now York House in that city. Tt was suimposed that this wedge was the InHtrumont used to murder Mrs. Deborah A. Simmons, who was discovered iii b«i.l in the hotel on 'the morning of Apuil 27, 1870, with her head crushed. Stiito InntitutionH Report. Tbe Auditor of State has received the September report of the Glenwood "liome for the feeble-minded. The •siv(M - a<ro number of inmates is 800 and rim total.expenses $9,420. Tho report of tut- J'ort Madison penitentiary has also !)•>»• u rf-cnived. The total number of in- mute* is 870, and the salaries of officers irti-a.-iu!.(57. v '" _ A Btif I.ump of Coal. A lump of coal weighing three and 4>iii-h<ilf tons adorns the depot platform a)' O: I umwa. It is the product of one of tin' minus at Hiteman. It ia estimated thai, Mio mine from which it was taken <:iintuii)N 20,000,000 tons of coal, prob- aUv the largest single body in the b ia i.e. News in JUnof. Two deaths from the grippe were *e- purUid at hurlington. Tho body of a man was found in a siraw stack near Davenport. It was thought the deceased was George White. A vi-il of laudanum was lying near. Two sections of an extra freight train collided nearCoppock, damaging rolling stock $10,000. A brakeman wasserious- ly injured. Hog cholera is epidemic in the eastern part of Hancock County. lUirglars broke into the hardware store of Holes & English at Dexter and carried off $50 worth of goods. Tho wife of William Tupper baa wya- toriouely disappeared from Mason City. It was said thatsbo was "addicted to tbe reading of light literature." An unknown enemy is trying to assassinate Will Fryer, of Batavia. Two attempts have been made. IX H. Talbot donated to the Iowa State University bis valuable scientific library and also bis extensive collection .of mineral and animal specimens, rained at $50.000, A two-foot vein of coal was struck jvnr Crestpn by a party of prospectors at a depth of ninety feet, and at tbe depth of 130 feet another vein of like thickness was drilled through. Mrs. S. J. White, whose three sons he ve in succession received the appointment of cadets to West Point, died at ber homo at Plymouth, T)r. J A. Beed was acquitted in Davenport of tbe charge of causing the death of Clara M%ttbews. By the de- c Hion of the coupt her statement made four days before hep .death uras npt admitted. The Boldiew of tbe liptb Congress? loiiitl district number 4,'fgfg. ^I$tribute4 v.monjr tbe counties as Mtewft? +44; 4u<lubaB, $56; CMS, UurrUoo, 6d3; Meeting of the TVninan'8 Christian Tein- licr.iiicu Union ill Des JVloines. At the recent State convention in Des Moines of tho Woman's Christian Temperance Union the non-partisan delegates ruled the proceedings, led by Mrs. Ellen J. Foster. A communication was read from tho Ohio non-partisan Woman's Christian Temperance Union sending greetings and congratulations upon tho work done by the Iowa union. A letter from ex- Governor William Larrabee was also read, indorsing the non-partisan action, and a telegram of like import from Mrs, Phinney, president of the National nonpartisan union, was also received. Mrs. Foster, having declined to again be a candidate for president, Mrs. M. M, Bailey, of Shenandoah, was elected President; Mrs. M. J. Aldrioh, of Cedai Rapids, Secretary; Mrs. E. C. Macy, of Charles City, Recording Secretary, and Mrs. Ovington, Treasurer. The partisan branch held a meeting with eighty-five delegates present and the following officers were elected President, Mrs. M. H. Dunham, of Burlington; Corresponding Secretary, Mrs. William Blair; Recording Secretary, Mrs. Mary E. McMillan; Treasurer, Mis. Carhart. _ AFTER THE CASH. The Government Appropriation to tli« State Agricultural College Wanted, The Governor has forwarded the necessary papers to the Secretary of the Interior at Washington to bestow upon the State Agricultural College at Ames the benefits of the act of Congress ol August 30, 1890, which appropriates tc 'each of the State agricultural colleges complying with the terms of tho act of July 2, 1803, tho sum of $15,000 for the next fiscal year, this sum to be increased annually by $1,000 until the spm reaches $£5,000. The money is .to be applied, only to instruction in agriculture, mechanical arts, the English language and the various branches of mathematical, physical, natural and economic sciences, with special referr ence to their application in the industries of life. The Sclioonpr Annie 1r««ng Burned *ft Lake Huron—tn Trying to K'cape Nino M«n Are Drowned by the Swamping: ot a Moat. POUT HunoS, Mich., Oct. 21.—The propeller Annie Young was burned and dunk about ton miles north of bore Monday morning and nino lives were lost. A stiff galo from the northwest blow all day Sunday and stirred up a heavy sea in Lake Huron. Towards morning the fury of the galo abated and many of the vessels sheltered here started out. Tho Lake Superior Transit Company's propeller Annio Young loft its wharf at 7 o'clock, bound up. The heavy head soa mado its spood slow. Shortly after 9 o'clock when about twelve miles out Chief Engineer William Noon discovered fire in tho freight just ahead of tho boiler- room on the main deck. The crew wont to work at once to subdue the fire, but the stiff north wind fanned the flames with great fury, and it was soon soon that it would be impossible to control it. The flames soon licked up the entire back portion of tho vessel above tho main dock and cut off communication from all hut one boat. The boat was lowered and nine of the crow put off. They wore unable to weather tho heavy seas and the craft soon capsized and tho nine men drowned in full view of thoir shipmates aboard the burning steamer, who were unable to do any thing to save them. At this juncture' tho steambarge Edward Smith with two barges camo in Bight. Tho Smith loft her barges to take care of themselves and bore down to the Young. The sea was so heavy that it was difficult to reach tho doomed vessel, but after throe attempts the remainder of the crew wore taken off safely, somo of thorn, however, being severely scorched. The Smith returned to,this port with the survivors. Captain Miller of the Young reported to tho owners of the vessel, and, chartering a tug, started for the wreck. An attempt was made to got a line to her, but was unsuccessful. Tho Youngdrif ted down the lake before the gale and finally sank about five miles up the river in thirty-six feet of water. The captain remained in the vicinity of tho wreck until dark in hopes of recovering some of tho bodies and finally returned to this city about 7:30 o'clock. The names of the lost sailors as obtained from Captain Miller arc; George McManus, dock hand, of Port Huron; J. Donnnlly, lookout, of Erie, Pa.; J. Gallagher, watchman, of Prescott, Out.; G. Conley, watchman, of Collingwood, Ont.; J, C. Bosby, lire- man, of St. Catherines, Ont.; Charles Rearden, wheelman, of Prescott, Ont.; three, deck hands, whose names and residences are unknown. The Young was owned by the Lake Superior Transit Company of Buffalo I and was used as a freight boat, running ; between Buffalo and Dulutb. She was built in 1809 at Detroit, was rated by tho Inland Lloyds as A2, and valued at $.'50,000. She measured 793 not tonnage. It is understood that fully insured. Her main cargo was anthracite coal. She had on a few barrels of varnish and sotco packing freight, consisting of canned goods, etc., on her main deck. Tho captain does not know how tho Qro started. A LEVEL HEAD. the Advantage of I'r-esence of Kind In an Emergency. During the late strike on the New York Central Railroad, the militia were ordered ib be in readiness In case of a riot, but they Were not called out. In nn inter view. Oov. Hill said tho troops prere not to bo calieu upon except in Case of an emergency. The emergency had not arisen, thcref oro they would not bo ordered out. Ho remarked that this was tho first jjreat strike with which ho had had experience, and ho did not propose to lose his dead; the only point at which there had been serious trouble was at Syracuse, and there a deputy-sheriff had lost his head and precipitated an encounter. The strike continued several weeks, and there was riotous action at various points along tho road, but tho civ.l authorities vvero ab]3 to copo with it withoutoalling on the militia. Tho test of a man's real ability comes when an emergency arises which makes a hasty call on his good judgment and discretion. The mat who retains his presence of rnind, maintains his equipoise and exorcises sound discretion at such critical junctures, ia to b3 relioc on and will be put to the front. Men with level heads have tho staying qualities which do not .falter in tho face of danger. Otis A. Cole, of Kinsman, O., Juno 10,1890, writes: "In the fall of 1883 I was feeling very ill. I consiultcd a doctoi- and he said I had Bright's disease of the kidneys and that he would not stand in my shoes for the state of Ohio." But ho did not lose courage or give up; he says: "I saw tho testimonial of Mr. John Coleman, 100 Gregory St., New Haven, Conn., and I wrote to him. In due time I received an answer, stating that the testimonial that he gave was genuine and not overdrawn in any particular. I took a good many bottles of Warner's Safe Cure; have not taken any for one year." Gov. Hill is accounted a very successful man; he is cool and calculating and belongs to the class that do not lose their heads •when emergencies arise. CAUTION&it&ntec,, M hi* name and ptiae star WHEN a man and woman have been made one the honeymoon ia the time spent in endeavoring to discover which is that one.— Yonkers Statesman. Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and ac- ceptahle to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many 'excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs ia for sale in 50c and &1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable drug/rist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANCISCO, GAL, LOUISVILLE. KY. NEW WRK. H.Y. - pe Bhoea Tt: L. DOUGLAS FOR GENTLEMEN. 3T8en<l addrejfl on postal (or valuable Information. W. L. DOUGLAS, Brockton, Mags. •KAMI HUC PAPBlliroTT UnojwumU. THIS IS THE CLASP wherever found, That holds the Roll on which is wound The Braid that is known the world around. FOOD iris trsEi> I>T cmi* DREN'B OlIlLDRKK. Thoo»Mdj ot young am tat women In the U. S. A. <nra their UTM and their health u* their htppinesf to Ridge's Poo* their daily diet In Infancy nnd Childhood ba Ridge's Food. By OT IS TUB LEADING FOOD IS SB cents n, A CO* Palmer, McViCKER's THEATER, Chicago, is to be rebuilt on the moat approved methods of fireproof construction. Tho audience room will be spanned by six heavy steel trusses, and over these trusses will bo built two stories of offlues, connected with the business building in front. Each of tho six trusses aro to be supported at the ends by latticed wrought steel columns rising directly from the foundations, and independently of the walls. Thus no weight will be thrown upon the old outer walls, which are retained solely for shelter. It is an uziom of modern construction that no building can bo called fireproof, in the full sesse of the term, in which any structural iro:i or Rtcel work i > left exposed to the,, ction of llames. Every individual piece herefore of the steel construction surmounting tho audience room will bo encased n porua terra cotta tile, and the floors, ceil- ags, roofs and partitions will be built of he sac.o matei-ial. • Twenty-four offices" be included within this new construc- ion, and an additional elevator will be Jaced in the front building to serve them. These offices will be very well lighted, and ,vill be fitted with all modern conveniences, n the re-design of the interior of the heater tho main floor, balcony and gallery vill be kept substantially as before in shape, but all else shall be of a new and >eautiful design. The arrangements for leating, lighting and ventilating will be very complete, undan opera chair of novel style and mechanism will be used. Strnnee Surgical Case. Another strange case of surgery is reported froui K^okuk. A well-known lady of that city was the other day tap* ped for abdominal dropsy for the 141st time before a class of the Keokuk medical college at St. Joseph's Hospital. No human being, 90 fur as medical records show, ever withstood so many operations. The first operation occurred nine years ago and the tapping has to be done once a month. During the Inter' val the lady goes about her work, and knits, sews, and doe* almost any fclu4 o! housework THE cost of French revolutions to the Drench Government of to-day is recorded in this Httlo list of pensioned persons and families: Senators of the empire, 48,000 francs; in consequence of the Vienna peace, 434,211; men of the times of Louis XVOI. and Charles X., 15,000; families of Louis Philippe's time, 41,885; wounded in June, 1848, 138,97$; persons of the second empire, 132,000; wounded in February, 1«4S. 108,000; victims of December 8, 6,«3,aC8. Bach government has respected-$he pension obligation of ite predecessor 4$ tjo. this growing list %nd has P»W «yejpy GO I THEM ALL. Belief Tli nt Chief llennessy's Assassins Are in Jail— Tlio Blurtlerong Baud Numbers Five. NEW OUI.F.ANS, Oct. 21.— Tho police have all tho time insisted that there were five men in thb party of assassins who murdered Chief Honnossy, and they claimed that they had four of these be hinil prison bars the next day. They have been searching diligently for the fifth man, and Monday nigh' CHIEF HENWKSSY. Manuel Pietro an Italian living on Julia street near Baronne, was selected as the man. Pietro is supposed to bo the one who fell down while running away from the scene of the murder, leaving his imprint in the mud in the street and dropping bis gun Scars on tho prisoner's wrist and face confirmed this suspicion. Pietro sale that his wounds had been made by a fall from a cart. From what can b learned there is hardly any doubt bu that the five men who committed tho ' crime and the villainous brains that gave birth to the foul plot are among those who are now in jail, Tony Matranga and Vincento Carruso, who were arrested a few day ago and released, were rearrested Monday and committed to the parish prison charged with being accessories to tho assassination of Chief of Police Hennessy. AH investigation of the police court record shows that in the last sixteen years twenty-nine murders or assassinations have occurred here, attributed by the police to the vendetta or the Mafia. In only one case was the murderer sentenced, and in that one it is very doubtful whether it was more tba» an ordinary killing. In nine other cases the police had some evidence oi who did the killing, but could convict none of the criminals In the others, nineteen in all, there was no evidence whatever of who the assassins were, the dead bodies being found in the streets or dwellings without the slightest clew to the murderer. In three cases there was no evidence even of who the murdered man was except that he was an Italian' KIU.EP BY THE CARS, PAINLESS. If* & jj^J^a^sPEFFECTUALT WORTH A GUINEA A BOX/» NERVOUS DISORDERS Sue/; as V!nul ami rzin in the Stomach, Fullness and Swelling after Meals, Dizzinesr, azrJ Dro-.vcineaa, Cold Chills, Flush ings of Heat, Loss of Appetite, Shortnnf7. of Breat.'i, Costivencss, Scurvy, Blotches on the Skin, Disturbed Sleep, f'riyjtiul Dreams, and all Nervous and Trembling Sensations, &c. THE FIRST DOSE WILL. GIVE RELIEF IN TWENTY MINUTES. BEEOHAM'S PIUS TAKEN AS DIRECTED RESTORf FEMALES TO COMPLETE HfALTH. For Sick Headache, Weak Stomach, Impaired Digestion, Constipation, Disordered Liver, etc., they ACT LIKE MAGIO, Strengtlientng the muscular System, restoring long-lost Complexion, bringing buck tho keen edge of appetite, and arousing with, the ROSEBUD OF HEALTH the whole physical energy ot the human frame. One of the best guarantees to the tleraous ana Debilitated Is that BEECHAM'S PILLS HAVE THE LARGEST SALE OF ANY PROPRIETARY MEDICINE IN THE WORLD. _ . . 1'ri'pnred only by TIIOS. BEECH AM. St. Helena, Lancashire. England. Bold by DriigoJsts generally. B. F. ALLEN CO., 365 and 367 Canal SU New York, Bole Agents for th« United Slates, irlio (if water druggist does not Ueap them) VVILLM AIL BEEOHAM'S. PILLS on JIEOEIPT of PR[OE,25ots. A BOX. (MENTION THIS PAPER.' A NEW YORK paper contains an article entitled "Why Cats Are Thin." Joughnes says cats are thiok enough around his place. —Norristown Herald. THERE is more Catarrh in this section si tho country than (all other diseases put together, and until the last few years was supposed to bo incurable. J?ora great many fears doctors pronounced it a local disease, md prescribed local remedies, and by constantly failing to cr^re with local treatment, pronounced it iucunable. Science has proven :atarrh to bo a constitutional disease, and therefore requires constitutional treatment Sail's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Ohio, is the only constitutional cure on the market. It is taken Internally in doses from 10 drops to a tea- BpooafuL It acts directly up«n the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. They offer one hundred dollars for any case It fails to cure. Bend for circulars and testimonials. F. J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, O. Sold by Druggists, 75o. 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What would you give to find an assistant in your housework that would keep your floors and walls clean, and yourMtchen bright, and yet never grow ugly' over the matter of hard work? Sapolia- is just such a friend and can &e bought at all grocers* 4 As to the industries of this country what is keeping the carpet down is the tax*? on it,—Philadelphia Times. DOBBINS' Electric Soap does not chap the lands, being perfectly pure. Many people atflioted with B.:it Rheum have been cured >y its use. Preserves nnd whitens clothes, iave your grocer order it and try it not*. IT was the women who saw the first suake, but siuce then the men have attended to that sort of thing.—N. Y. Ledger. IP you are tired takiug the large old fashioned griping pills, try Carter's Little Liver Pills and take some comfort. A m;m can't stand every thinpf. One pill a dose. Try them. (!«uter< Tliree Member* »l »u low* TUelr Live* Ht fc Cro**lli; vllle. KEOKUK, Ia., Oct, 81.— A passenger train on the Keokuk 4 Western rail way struck a wagon at a road crossing three miles east of CenterviUe, Ia., Monday- Tbe three, occupants, Isaac Brewer, bis wife and his son, were instantly killed. Tns er's jury held ,th» train wWl? of tb4 crew and taUeu. TbA j^rj reUMrnjj 3 eiPU6r»tin f \tjfte jBggujgpg , from WANTED To SELL Ql» IMPORTANT NEW DISCOVERY. a "THERE'S nothing like making a good impression," remarked the burglar, as he took the lump of wux from the lock.. DON'T Neglect n Cough. Take some Hale's Honey of Horehouud and Tar instanter. Pike's Toothache Drops Cure in one minute. WE all have strength enough to endure the misfortunes of others.—Denver Road. THOSE who wish 1o practice economy should buy Carter's Little Liver Pills. Forty piUs in a vial; only one pill a doso, M -i , » 1 TUB somerset-man at the circus seems to Jve by jumping his board.—Eiltuiru Gazette. • .'. • No Qpfum in Pise's Cure for Consumption. Cures where other remedies fail. 25c. THE BEST for the Skin Ever Made, A perfectly pure and neutral soap combining the EMOLLIENT nod H2ALIN3 properties of VABKLnm If your drussist does not knej> it, FORWARD 10CENTS HI TOPS, «i<i™ ^~ SEED CAZC3 BZ '*TATT'i POS-AQS pAfp, 24 Ctoto Ctreoi, NEW YORK, CO,, QRATEFUL.-OQMFQBTINQ, ~ IPPS'S COCOA BREAKFAST Tan tramp who Bionatpride.— works has no profes- nd other N AY weekly. vARieriESof ..w-ww, an<L r Stock. Workers earn BIO PAY weekly. Kin« outfit; work tbe year round, bend M reference active business men. ESP Apnly at oiioe to. L I MAV 0. HA NUIUEK»4 i Li MAT a LU»j ST.PAtJL,: crtmiB ima gArsu OTCT u^, JWTOU. !£" . .. ve us jnauy h. avjr cloui u»o pteuoo tt T J of diet that» A>n»«tuUon saw be giifl.nat lit up until strong enough t' reaftit lency to aisewe. Hundredsofsubtlq w every ten_ _ J&tUcft i*rfl BoIffw'ftwjBJfiiB ready" w ^twvk Weretw there From a Catholic Archbishop down to tho Poorest of tho Poor all testify, uot only to tho virtues pf ST. JACOBS OIL, Oniat Remedy Fop Pain t buS $i$j superiority over uil other *«ae4icB, 1" ^Mwle simply vith boiling water ornplife. Sold POly It) half-pound tin*. V>y (Jroeers, labelled *>>"«: JA«£S EPPS & CO., homwo^athlo Chemist*, " London. England. *-, jj Da. Ds^'a H:JJTISB euro* Vituu Daneo. Slccp.vssafeM diseases. 'Ey Crutrelat9,jW.6p .., Bead tor pampnlot*. Ad. Doll Ued- Oo., 6t ' '•

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