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The Washington Herald from Washington, District of Columbia • Page 6

Washington, District of Columbia
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rv TOT1-' ii Iss. 13 1isbbbbbbV P' ilfl -t-. hhtci ITffclfPIhN I wll i1 i i oUit liJ For Hot Weather Meals WASHDITON CRISPS are flakes of choice white corn thoroughly steam-cooked toasted to a mellow golden-brown, with a. little pur cane sugar and a wee dash of salt. Doesn't that sound appetizing? Corn is easily digested, delicious, economical And WASHINGTON CRISPS give you the best of corn's fbbd-yalue-7-in a big package.

Make yours a WASHINGTON CRISPS family have them often. You will feel better than if you eat too much meat and food. WASHINGTON CRISPS are made in speckless mills-by shining steel machinery not by human hands. Order WASHINGTON CRISPS from your grocer find it a treat and a good sensible food, too. Washington CRISPS JLVV' cxa grocery gtre ttxUy.

PERIEOFYQin Delegate to Convention Librarians to Assail Cheap Literature. DISGUISED IN BOOK FORM F. K. Mathiews, in Paper to Be Read Today, to Danger of "Scout Stories." 10c. WOULD EQUIP HOSPITAL AND 00 TO THE FRONT Mrs.

Herbert Wadsworth Causes Stir in Society by Offer to Red Cross. PUT UP TO SURG. GEN. GORGAS Quite a stir was caused in smart society here yesterday by the announcement that Mrs. Herbert Wadsworth, the Mrs.

Jack Gardner of Washington society, had made an offer to the Bed Cross to equlj) and maintain a field hospital in Mexico provided she be per- parties vera the most notable ever given In Washington. At one of them all of the guests viewed themselves as babies, their Infantile pictures, gleaned from many source at great expense and thrown on screens being one of the events. The photographs of the President and Mrs. Roosevelt were of the number, as well as those or. Mr.

and Mrs. Longworth, and of several ambassadors and "ministers. So far as known Gen. Gorgas has not given a decision. It would, however.

It Is thought, be against the ethics of the. Red Cross Society to permit, any one without three years' training to go Into the field. MEN HEEDED IN OKXAHOMA. From 1,200 to 1,500 men are needed In Oklahoma to do the work of harvesting and threshing the gigantic wheat crop at wages from $2 to S2.5Q a day, including mitted to accompany the equipment Urday bjr secretary of Labor Wilson into the field. The offer was submitted i from Charles L.

Daucherty, labor com- to Surg. Gen. Gorgas. of the army. It Is calculated that such an enterprise would cost a vast amount of money, as the mules alone, for the field equipment, would cost at least $15,000.

Mrs. Wadsworth closed her Washington house on Dupont circle several Tears -ago and has spent all of her time in Geneosee Valley. N. and on her ranches In Texas, where the vast mlssioner of that State. The letter also promises that 85 per cent of the men so employed will be given work In his State by farmers In handling various forage crops, which at this time promise a big yield, and thereby guaranteed from four to six months' steady employment.

Postmaster General Burleson will issue instructions to postmasters all over the country to post bulletins of this employ- Wadsworth estates are. la the best equipped woman in Washington to carry out the service she of-fers. One of her annual pastimea when bere was to make a trip on horseback, followed by a cavalcade of admirers, diplomats, society folks, and attendants, to her great ranches in Texas. Hiss Taft accompanied her as far as tha Virginia Hot Springs on mora than one occasion. Mrs.

Wads-worth's Thursday night dances mad her famous here, and her freak dinner located. She ment and advertIse the demand as widely as possible. THREE KTT.T.rm IN FALLS. Chicago, May 26. Three painters are dead here today, the result of long falls while at work.

A. Russell, thirty, plunged twenty-one stories down the air-shaft In the Continental' and Commercial National Bank and Harry Jacobs, forty-eight, and BenJanSn Mar-golls, forty, fell seven stories at the New County Hospital. WASHINGTON HERALD COUPON Monday, May 25,1914. Three daily or one Sunday coupon and 98 cents cash, presented at The Herald will entitle the holder to a copy of THEODORE ROOSEVELT An Autobiography The book, handsomely bound in cloth, with gold stamped decorated portrait cover, consists of 625 large type pages and contains 62 illustrations. We consider ourselves fortunate to be able.

to offer this book'to our readers for a limited time for only 98 cents. Add 17 cents for postafe ud kaBtffijix if bosk it to be Bailed. A BOOK THAT SHOULD IE IN EVERT AMERICAN HOME. THE WASHINGTON Wuhpitra, D. The Roosevelt book may also be obtained for 98 cents and.

coupons at the following places: Dtnbar aad sts. jr. TV, W. B. Halisclaw, 1763 Pa.

are. IC.W. IC.W; Ervim, Hth O. Hamett. 133 3.

E. SCENE OF LID FIGHT MAY SHIFT TO CAPITOL Battle on Sunday Amusements Likely to Be Carried to Congress. NATIONAL FOR SUNDAY REST The District Commissioners hava decid ed to carrv their flaht for regulation of Sunday amusements in Washington tn Congress in the event they are unable to obtain a satisfactory court ruling. Just what is' the' nature 'of the remedial legislation which they -would ask Con gress to enact they, have not decided. Conrad H.

Syme. District Corporation Counsel, began steps 'yesterday to take an Immediate on. the decision of Justice Gould, of the District Supreme Court, holding that the Commissioners were to regulate Bun-day amusements. It Is hoped that' the Court of Appeals will dlrpose of the case before Its sumnter adjournment. If Mr.

Syme is successful in his will give the Commissioners time to carry their fight before. Congress at this session, should the Court of Appeals uphold the ruling of the1 lower court There Is some however, if- the Court of Appeals win be able to render a decision In the case before June 'adjournment. Manager W. H. Rapier, of the National Theater, yesterday announced that last Sunday's performance at that theater wasvnot a forerunner of a season of Sunday theatrical performances, but only a means testing the authority of-tbo Commissioners- to stop- such a show.

"Thecourts have definitely decided that thei Commissioners nave exceeded their delegated powers- and have no right to said. "If now remains to De seen what-Congress do toward outlining, a' policy as to" Sunday amusements. I'have. always any move ment toward Sunday amusement performances. The employes of theater.

as well as workers in other walks of. life are entitled to one day's rest, and this. in ltseir, la sufficient, to, prejudice me against open Sundays." PUPILS TO PBE8EHT A five-act play, "The Silver Thread." by Constance McKay, Is to be presented by pupils of rover Cleveland School for the benefit of the summer work of that Institutlonion. Thursday and' Friday evenings at, theschool building. Everythlng'ln connection with the play will be the work of the students, the properties having been made through the manual training and similar courses of the school.

The' production' Is being made under the direction of Mrs. Howard Btall and Miss Cecil B. Miss Frances Falrley Is- the' principal of the Cleveland School. Forlnftats land Chlldrea III Uct For Ovm-30 Always beai Xha Signature of I A The many so-called Boy Scout, story books, stacks of cheap Juvenile books, along with their authors, publishers, and sellers, are severely arraigned In" a papef written by F. K.

Mathlews chief scout librarian of. the Boy Beouta of America, to be read at this morning's session of the American Library Association at 'the New After telling of efforts made to estao-i llsh a library for boys, where they can get wholesome substitutes for the cheap story books In the stores, which "blow out. shoot to pieces, or burn out boys' Imaginations." Mr. Mathlews writes, in nart: "As a movement, responsible as ine promoters and trustees of the Boy Scout Idea, we found ourselves face to (ace witn the menace of mediocrity and threat of vlclousncss contained In the averago so- called Boy Scout story book. Authors and publishers, greedy for gain, have been quick to see that the moment -the most compelling interest in the mind oc tne American boy today Is.

the Boy Scout idea. So we now have scores scores of Boy Scout story books absolutely un worthy to bear the name, hot only be cause our principles are so. grossly mis represented, but also because the Ideas presented are of the most pernicious sort. Ulsa-nlsed Xlcfcrl Xorel. The Boy Scout story books stand as a type of the modem cheap Juvenile publication, which Is really the nickel novel In disguise.

Through the good Influence of' the public libraries and schools the motion pictures and certain magazines. the dime novel, or. speaking for our own time, the nickel novel, has been hard hit. but the nickel novel has not been banished so completely as at first appears. You will find It now more often and more widely distributed In the disguise of the bound book, and sometimes so attractively bound that It takes Its place on the retail book store shelf alongside -the best Juvenile publications.

'Because these books do" not develop criminals or lead boys, except occasionally, to seek the wild West, parents "who buy such books think they do their boys no harm. The fact Is, however, the harm done Is incalculable. "To protect our movement from the so-called Boy Scout story books and to help parents and educators meet the grave peril of the nickel novel In the disguise of the cheap bound book, the library commission of our movement was organized. "All the author of this type of reading desires Is to write something that will 'get by his publisher with another thriller sure to Interest the boy. The result Is.

as boys read these books, their imaginations are literally 'blown 'shot pieces," or 'burned and they go Into life more terribly crippled than though by some material explosion they had lost a hand or foot-Boy Scout Week. -iIn order that the widest publicity might be'' given to the foregoing facta our movement In the last week of May will promote in all the cities qt the South I visited a Boy 'Scout week, beginning on Sunday; when will preach upon the worth or good books for boys. Motion picture houses run lantern slides directing attention to. our Every Boy's Library. Johnson Brlgham.

president of the Iowa library commission and librarian of Iowa, read a paper at yesterday'a Joint session of the 'League; of Library Commissions and College and. Refercncu Section. The. speaker, especially directed attention to ihe library commission's Invasion of the field of legislative reference. He Jield it unwise for the commission, having taken but not fully occupied its own field, to dissipate energies and revenues by reaching out" after hew" wnrldji tn conouer.

R. Honeyman. librarian of the public library of Regtna, Saskatchewan, spoke on "Possibilities of the Traveling Library Under the New Law of the Province of Saskatchewan, papers -read at the session were: "How the Stale Library of Tennessee Manages Traveling Libraries," Mary Skefflngtoh; "Reasons Why Wyomln? State University Sends Out Traveling Dr. aGrace Hebard; Legislative 'rte'fere'nce Library- as 'a Separate John A. Lapp, Indiana.

A discussion followed these sub jects. W. R. Watson, chairman of the committee on aid to- new commissions, read a report, while Edith A. Phelps, of Oklahoma, read a paper on "Conditions In States Without Commissions; the Need and the Opportunity." A report of the committee on publicity for commission work was given by Clara F.

Baldwin, of St. Paul, while Asa Wynkoop, of Al- VICTOR IS HOME BULE FIGHT. I' 931 iHaaaaaaaHSSKISiiaaaaaaK ltMJTTMCTlMBasa3Fritfasaf5ijH afSiilllHllllllH BhlTBsssssssssssssssssssssr'isB iaS3f baiiyOiWtfctmwrf-fer thecomtHt At 4 mettsnrtha. professional train- is new WHsara Hotel. "Frank Walter vice director of New Tork Stat Library -tie selective jrunc-Hon of Library Schools." "June R.

-Donnelly, associate professor of library' Simmons; College, Boston; Josephine A-, RaMbone, director, School, of library. Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, and jrv director' Library School, New' York Pub-llo Library, discussed "The Fate Averted from Libraries by Library School Entrance Examinations." i "The Library and the Immigrant" was discussed by Foster iCarr, director Immigration Education Society, New York City, last night. Dr. P. P.

Claxton, United States commissioner of education. delivered an address on "Libraries for' Rural Communities." William L. Wemple, Assistant Attorney General of the United States, spoke on "The Functions and Jurisdiction of the Court of Customs Appeals" at the morning session. "English Law Libraries was the sub ject of a. paper read by George F.

Delser, of the Hirst Free Law Library, of Philadelphia. TO ATTEND WORLD'S CONFABS. In a message read to the House of Representatives today, the President asked that he be authorized to accept the Invitation of' Great Britain to send delegates to the. Sixth International Dental Congress to be held tn London August 3 to next. Another message asked that the President be authorized to accept the Invitation from Switzerland to send delegates to the International Congress of neurology, psychiatry and psychology, to be held at Berne, Switzerland, September 7 tn 12.

MH. It Is expected that from lx to eight thousand physlcans from various countries wll be In attendance. EXCURSIONS. Go To Colonial Beach "WaskkiWs Atkatic City." For Decoration Day SPECIAL WEEK-END TRIPS FRIDAY TO SUNDAY. ENJOY THE "Halt Water Batklag, Fishing.

Crab-blag. Daaelng, and Aaansemeats of all aorta. PALATIAL STEAMER ST. JOHNS Leaves Sereatk Street Wharf Friday, May 29, at 2:30 P. M.

Sarariay, May 30, at 9: 60 A.M. Saaaay, May 31, at 9:00 A.M. ROUND TRIP 50c Rrraralaa- Saase Day. I ROUND TRIP $1.60 Cea TJatll Sett. 8.

Caloalal Beach Hatel Now Osta, MEMORIAL DAY EXCURSIONS To (Hi Pokt Coarfort and Norfolk $4:00 ROUND TRIP TICKETS ON SALE MAT 30. LIMITED TO 31 ST. ITckrtJ, InctadlDC (Stateroom sVd Aocomtoo-datfonj at CHAMBERLIN HOTEL Sat Xoa as.00 Fri. to Moo. or Sat.

to" Frl. to Tne (17.00 NEW YORK and BOSTON BY SEA to sll KtDnn snd New Znsltnd Otj tfck'et Si lMh Strert N. W. Vy4Tir4 iui)imi. ITiOM Mlin IXS.

NORFOLK WASHINGTON STEAMBOAT COMPANY May 30 Opening Day heiry Chase Lake u. elnf MKimY-CO-ROUXD AND OTHKIl AMUSEMENTS. UnsarriMl pirate ftcilitle. 3) aero of ihAde. pure wmter.

Through ear terrlce. Grand erenior. concert br lection 8. MARINE BAND Admission Fro STEAMSHIPS. 1 PREMIER' HERBEltT ASQ.UITH, HeadVof th RHHah Cabinet, whoa lone-flaht far the enactment of the bill Taming: Home Rule to, a miff.iuifuT"roncU8lon Monday when the House of Commons passed the' third reading of tha.bllUnr PARIS-LONION-HAMBIRt WORLD'S LARGEST SHIPS.

IMPERATOR" "VATERLAND" ra ata via May S8, p. M. ttURAF. 4, 2 M. IMPERATOR June 9 A.


Pretoria June 11, 1P.M. Second cabin only. 'Hamburg direct. "fWlU'calLat Boulogne. FRff BOStON CINCINNATI.


S. S. HAMBURG June 30, 3 P. M. MOLTKE.

July 13. 3 P. M. S. HAMBURG P.

M. Bamtmn-ADtrlcaa Broadnj. K. I or E. Droop Sons.

13th 0 Its. nw. O. W. Horn.

IH Mth Washington. D. Q. Travelers fie. world over my that HARVEY'S' tke best oy.rer fcowe ia eJrJtt- eace.

Wfcy Daidaf after the theater. SDJUin'BJatMTf. JTsW'T Htu4 fast. 1 A. ID I OI I taflBal' oaBoT al Hotel Kaaterskill Catikill N.

Y. Juae 25. Member of Empire Tonra. Garace. Largest Mountain Resort In ths World.

13.000 acres of farina, forost, and parka. Accommodation for 100 ruerts. Muk aad cream nppUtd from eat eB tanna. Btrtrtlr fMsk tmlt sad Ksstsbtts asnol on oor I THE MOST beautiful VxaMcn.amJ act tn Asirrlca. Tbet and adnes rlrotntas Udr and IMUemaa taatracton la ssodam dasoaa.

tlaile by tfteL Lrazbarf sod hia tasaooa Off UarttTl rMa-o-HierBBS tOrer enna tor toK, tanla, btuiarda, and bowline toorumeBt. Bpeclil rates toruauiea. Alas en ebb Boor tidoalTelr lor rooaf smb who cobm proptTlr intioooetd. Truant rates. MJt per dar aal as.

Addnaa aatU Jnaa V. BertaltT Uenm. 1 Weit Mm BL. It. X.

Vboo lasWrrant. fAOKST A BltaiAKOs. Ik. Frepa. T- i.1f KKmBTNnA Kollnni) Zoxut Jfifth wi and 30jStrt RHODE ISLAND.

The Mathewson NARRAGANSETT PIER, R. Osa Jwa SB. A.suoerb modern HoteL msr- nldcently situated on Ocean Front; American and European Plans: Rose Birch Room (a la carte) open all hour. Only pure Spring- Water used In the hotel. Hot and cold sta water baths.

Orchestra. Climatic conditions delightful, nature here presents a perfect combination of seashore and country. Surf Bathing. Championship Pony Polo. aolf.

Tennis and good Flsmngv a. w. A s. J. siATUEWBoa.

rrocfUiora, itaHHaaaK ATLANTIC cm, N. J. HOTELOLPHLN St. Charles nice: bat bora from botch. Stket location.

Ocean rkw rooma. Cciauw and acrrice hlfbeat atudard. Eentor. PrtraU hatha. Open an jeat.

Taafws saFasa.pV'saawaVoBfafaoBawta MHlEICtnalE to IS North ReorgU Are. Cacadtr. as. Newlr funiihnl. Hat and cold water baths.

tLS and SU0 dattr: IT and I xealr. 35 reara K. CUOUTHAUxX, NCW ri AaiftM Kantocsy As, araad Hoom im vwiiuwii nom ocean; eierator to sfrvet open an jtar. Booairt. s.

K. BO.MfACC TABDB INN Cbnnectlent Are. and BMeh. 1ABUI inn Ibj1 location; lam sirr rooma. Excellent table.

Bathing from betel. 12th seaaoa owner manaceaent. Uoderat ratas. A. M.

DCNN. NEW HAMPSHIRE. WHITE MAINTAINS Russell Cottages OPEN MAY 29 MAR UOD.VT KIUBSABOK. Steam heat, rlna waika and drives. Oood Urery.

Aw tomoailaa ror ptemaora toorm. Uolt, tenatl. bowline, etc Wnu tor ratea and booklet. UCU. W.


LRncthr on tha rocka at tha untas eod or Cape Ana. Krery room his an ocean slew. Alwmra eooL wuttea with prtrata bath. Sac rales and particulars aodress E. B.


Orvn June 4. Table nnnnlled. Good miute: compelent danttns teacher: svlmmlsf pool; bowling; rcoi. inula, nnw lor cntri. L.

S. C. LIST. FrODTtetor. John Drew, the Premier of Canada, Gertrude Atherton, Rex Beach, Irvin S.

Cobb, Alfred Noyei, De Wolf Hopper, the Bithop of Washington, the Bishop of Ethel Barrymore, Lady Gregory, Winchell Smith, Admiral Manx, Octave Thane Mrs. T. P. O'Connor, Adamow-ski. Douglas Fairbanks, William Commander Lisa Lehman, Dr.

Lyman Abbott. Penrhyn Stanlaws, are but a few of the experienced travelers whose permanent New York home is HOTEL ALGONQUIN, 59-65 West 44th St. N. Y. F.1ANK CASE.

EataaBnwHfanwSi-' irsaaallawWBfH saSm llrKlBMaBBBW BBwHaH SmH f) BBnwwwiwwfl liH BBnwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwl Fayorabr ksown for the F'rf of iH Cuiatne aad the Character of Parroaaae. EalrdRoomt.200NewBU EnyMAnAnnmmt XOTTOSTACX yifmfwtrM' leaf i -ute 'mm NEW YORK America's Latest and Most Refined, and New York's Centermost Hotel Oalr kotel oefcupriOsT an entire city block, VanderbUt and Madison Avenues, 43d and 44th Streets, adjoining; and connected with the Grand CentralTerminal, of New York Central Line and New York, New Havea Ac riaxtf ord i IN ROOMS OPEN TO OUTSIDE AIR 5 WITH BATH ROOM RATES FROM $2J PER DAY Writ tor Wustrotmd folder and map of Nam York GUSTAV BAUMANM Tntidmt JOHN MeE. BOWMAN rK-mnru Make Your Dollar Produce More in a New York City Hotel $2.50 $3.00 A pleasant room with private bath, PER DAY facing large open court. (Not one room, but one hundred of them.) An excellent room with private bath, facing Street, Southern ex- ui. ut i Aotel BretlooHcdl NEW YORK Bawass BlraswUsDrlrs) BBnwwwwwwwHsBnwwwwwl' BH Casursarsck IHn9.B.Bi nmJaA Ors BaBnHaaBnwwwBwS Lf a asalricis.

TisVhanW aWsstrra acraooi. Wsst Hwat posure. Not one room, out eigaty-seven ot taem.) Also attractive Room without Bath for $1.50 per day. The Restaurant prices are most moderate. Location One minute from 5 of the largest depsrtment stores.

Fire minutes walk from 19 principal theatres. Within a block of the Fifth Ave, shopping district Every line of 'transportation passes the door. Fifth Avenue Bus lines and principal surface lines. The Hudson Tubes across the street Elevated Railroad Station across the street Subway Station three mhurtes away. Grand Central Station within seven mlnates.

Pennsylvania Railroad Station Just one block away. For convenience one coald ask no more. 600 ROOMS 400 BATHS The Hotel EVERTTHING NEW AND MODERN. A FIVE MILLION DOLLAR HOTEL. EQUtPPED TO SATISFY THE MOST EXACTING TASTE.

AH Baggage Transferred Free to and from Pennsylvania Station THE HOTEL MARTINIQUE Ob Brewmy, 32tW to 33rd Street, New York CHARLES LOCH TAYLOR Pruisisaat WALTER CHArwKXJt, JR. WALTER C. C3B901H Vts4rrwsiWt HOTEL LONGACRE NEW YORK CITT. 17th Just Off Broadway. EXCLUSIVELY BACHELOR.

Convenient to Everything; ABSOLUTELY FIREPROOF. Library, Billiard Hall and Restaurant In Connection. All Rooma Handsomely Furnished. 75 Rooms, 11.00 per day. 100 Rooms, with Private Bath.

H.50 per day. CO Rooms, with Private Bath, COO. per day. J. G.

BOGGS Herald Wut Adi Always Brkf Reiulb tefeMOX Wll appolated. esmrtnlently Jo- cilsd. CaaatM.and setvlcstBt. X. ti(Mtd.

Attncthrerata. l. BiUNlMaoAflaaa alj, Dtnctoc T0UES. SEEING EUROPE, $295. UaOlsff 3nn 7th.

Eniland. TTalev rrsaef Belgtma, BoOaad. Switmtasd. and Gtmiaar. About II dara.

S3S iseludc hottla. smK and all eittasaa. Sptdil taort froaj SO). tarrrtstsa. VAX'S TOCE, Horn Litm BwiVtins.

4 Tff 2 'jj, ift. i. A MMM to. Vtf y-. r.

C5-ij S3T -lfh STv-1 fc-TJii, J. 3Zf-.

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