The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 29, 1890 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 29, 1890
Page 5
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o "' PQLLIVER. SrtrpAHio* Hlmaelf in his ftt the Coutt ttou«e Hall thnrs- itftt KepxttJlloan Meeting Kvnr Known and Best KepitbUcnn Speech Eve* Itcftnl in Algontt. JUofl. J. P. Dollivet arrived on the $0 train "Wednesday morning and ipoke In the court house hall in the ev- ittlng, according to announcement, loir the benefit of those who did not teat him we regret very much that we not publish the speech in full. The its presented were unanswerable, point of logic the speech was com- ite, and in point of rhetoric it was a usterpiece. It is pronounced the best Bepublican speech ever heard in Algona, and no better audience was ever assembled in the court house hall to hear the issues of the day discussed, during the highest excitement of a idential campaign. This is a man- it proof of the fact that Kepubli- ,ns in Kossuth county are enthusiastic for Dolliver. The speech of an hour and three-quarters was a masterly vindication of the principles of the He- publican party; a clear discussion of what the party had accomplished during the last session of Congress and why the party deserved perpetuation in in power by the re-election of a Be- publican Congress. Mr. Dolliver reviewed the action of the Republican party in effectually establishing the point that the majority must rule and that obstruction of the business of Congress was not in harmony with the Spirit of the constitution. He showed how the Bepublican party had redeemed its pledges to the people, had legislated for the highest interests of the whole country and had not forgotten the farmer and the laboring man. He spoke of the anti-trust law and called attention to its good effects already apparent in driving some of the greatest trusts in the country into bankruptcy. He called attention to the fact that the Democratic party had long been promising the people protection from the robbery of trusts, and that the extent of tlieir reforms had been the appointment of an investigating committee which never reported. He spoke of the meat inspection bill, the disability pension bill, etc., etc., and "gradually worked up" on the tariff question. , His presentation of the Bepublican side of the tariff question was conclusive and convincing. He did not maintain that the McKinley bill was a perfect measure by any means, but that it was by far the best measure for the interests of the country that had been framed for years. He took up those sections of the bill most vigorously lied about and misrepresented by the Democrats. He spoke of the tin plate industry, and the tax on tin plate so much referred to by the Democratic papers, and thought that it was but fair to argue that the history of the tin plate industry in this country would be _ ,e history oi: wire nulls. Everyone 'knows that the tariff on wire nails is not a tax and that the nails can be bought for less money today than the tariff upon them amounts to. Mr. Dolliver called attention to the fact that during the past few years while the price of almost every other article manufactured had largely decreased the price of tin plate remained the same. The McKinley bill does more directly and indirectly for the farmer than any other measure ever passed. Almost every article produced on the farm which would come into competition with foreign products is protected and the farmer insured a better market. Mr. Dolliver barely touched upon some points, and lack of time entirely prevented him referring to some others. The speech abounded in those flashes of wit and satire for which Mr. Dolliver is famous as well as with the hardest facts and most stubborn logic. The crowd was the largest ever assembled at a political meeting in Algona. Everybody turned out to "hear Dolliver." A great many were unable to get within hearing distance of the door. Mr. Ilinchon's statements would warrant a person in believing, if the Courier was thoroughly reliable. We don't believe that Mr. Graham ever received such a circular. It must be a mistake. Mr. Graham's business with the farmers can't stand such a mistake,and he is welcome to a reasonable space in the BBFUBLICAN to tell the people that he will charge more for farm machinery than Mr. Jones,or that the Courier has misrepresented him and his business to the people of Kossuth county. BENJ. I. MLL1GER At the Court Hfouse HalBFHday evening, Give him a good audience* He is a splendid orator and .will give »fah- presentation of the isauesof the *ay. All are invited. Friday Oct. 31, 7:3O. THE COUNTY NEWS. Public School Report. Following is a comparative report of the city schools for the months ending October 25th and October 24th, 1889 and 1890, respectively: 1889 1890 Total enrollment 450 473 Monthly enrollment 443 466 Average belonging 430.75 444.75 Average attendance 4io.cs 424.57 Days ol absence 402 403.5 I'npll's tardiness 31 31 Visits 04 111 1'er cent of attendance 95.33 flfl.40 I'er cent of punctuality 99.81 99.82 Teacher's tardiness 5 2 No. neither absent nor tardy 250 254 No. belonging at end of month.... 423 444 The high school stands the highest in punctuality, 100 per cent. Boom 9 has the best attendance, 98.3 per cent. The following table shows the rank of each room in per cent, of attendance and punctuality at the end of the month, the number of times each room has stood one (1) in attendance aud punctuality during the month, and the number of days each has had no absence. Number days taught, 20: ALGONA. Iowa. Oct. a;,1*90.—To all whom It may eoneern : This is to Inform th«. public that my wife. Saiah Carmndy, has left my home without Just cause ; that t will not pay any bills which she may contract after She date of this notice. 4 PETKKCAUMODY. Name of Teacher. Eoom 1 Tllllp. Cramer... " 2 Nellie Parr " sOllie Wilkinson " 4 Cora Wise " r> Edith Call oL. M. Ilorton ... " 7.Jennie fiat ley'.. " i) Evil Whitney... " 10 Lucvetla Mavcy Depot. Jennie 1'eUlbone' .s = .13 i!2 €8 •3-3 <= IQJ "43 ' 14 IB 1 18 18 18 1 19 2f 171 00 PKNTON. I/OCAI.S. Special Correspondence.-. FBNTON, Oct. 27u-Miss Eda>Tibbitts returned from her visit at Webster City last Saturday. Mrs. Anson Keelbr.-of Marafealltown is visiting here. Mrs. T. M. Clarltds on the siek list. D. A. Buell and helped to organize a creamery Ifcst Monday night. It is located in the center of town. Farmers are busy, husking corn and plowing. J. R. Davis of! Racine, Wis., returned home last Tuesday. Mrs. Charley Laage of Algona has been visiting her brother- Mr; Peterson the past week. Dehnert Bros, have the ccnitract for building the school house tn the north part of town. WKST «BNI>. Journal: Petty thieving is getting too common of late. Mr. and Mrs. Prank Potter are spending a couple of weeks with Algona relatives. West Bend's building' improvements for 1890 will reach a highly satisfactory figure. Just wait till the "round up" and see. Mr. TedfordJ, brother of John Tedford, arrived in West Bend on Tuesday of this week from Nebraska. Mr. Tedford had K)0 acres of corn in Nebraska this year and did not get an ear from the entire field. Notice for Tax Deed. ToCharlM J. O/larkf! : Yon are-hereby notified; on the rath rtay of December 1887 tho following described real estate, sHmiti'din the county of Kwwuth and Htat&of Iowa; Thfi ti(WChe;wr. <|imrtor and the northwest quarter of section thirty-four. townslVip 08, range 20 was sold hy the Treasurer »1 said county tw Oeo. 0. Call who is now the' lawful holder of the certificate; of purchase thereof, That the right <>' redemption will expifce and a deed ol said land he. inside unless redemption from such snln he made within ninety 'days from the complete sorvlci! of this notice. Dated Dlrfs 15th day of Oct. A. I), tsso. OKO. C. CAM,, Holder of Certificate. Notice for Tax De'stl.. To Mary C. Parland : You am hereby notlllwl that on tho nth day of Dee-.. 1887, tho following deserlheil real estate,sMniited in the cwmty of Kossuth, and State ot Iowa, the south half fit the east half of northeast quarter of See. No. 34 township IPO ragge '£> was sold by the Treasurer>of said county to Oeo. C, Gall who Is now the lawful holder t>f the certlllo.atc' of pin chaste thereof. That tike right of redemption will expire and a deed: of said land be made unless Bedenip- tlon Ironi such sale he made within, ninety days if»m the complete service ot thlB notice, l>ateii this 15th clay of Oct. A. I). l?W(). 3-5 UKO.O. Cah, Holder of UeiUllcate, A FREE GIFT ! A Good Farm Journal. [Orange Judd Farmer] To be Bent to every home in Kossuth County ABSOIHT-TELY FREE, if you wish it. For conditions upon which tlii&giftis made, please call at the Cash Store in Algona. W WE ARE 16 (to. FOR EGGS. B3g"Note aiPevv of our Bargains: W>S ABE AGENTS FOB ROCK SALT. All kinds of 5 cent yeast for Soda per package Axle Grease per box Lewis Lye per box Gloes Starch per pound Clothes Pins per dozen .03 .05 .06 .10 .05 .01 Notice for Tax DeedH To Andrew Pulton : Vo>u are hereby notified Unit on the 5th day of Dec. 1887 tbfl following dmcrlheil real estate sttmtted In the county of Kossuth. nnd state »f lows*, the north half of south west <imvrt<! r and southwest qnarti'r ot southwest quarter of Sec. 28 township KID nin^eao was sold by Mie Treasurer ol said county toUeo. 0, ''all who is now the lawliil liolilnr of the certilicate irf purchase theieof. That the right of nuUfnvptlou will expire mid 11 deed for.said laiul he made unless redemption from sucli sale he made within ninety days from tU« complete seuvice of this notice. J'ated this day tit Oot, A, n. twin. 8-5 UKO. C. OA u,, Holder ol Certillcute. We are still selling Boots and Shoes very cheap; i. Come in and let us fit you. Townsend & Langdon W. II.. DIXSON, Supt. EXTKAOKDIXAKY HONE SCATCHING. Herbert Sperry, Tremont, 111., had erysipelas in both legs. Confined to the house 6 weeks. He says: "When I was able to get on ray legs I had an itching sensation, that nearly run me crazy. I scratched them raw to the bones. Tried everything without relief. Was tormented in this way for two years. I then found Clarke's Extract of Flax (Papillon) Skin Cure at the drug store, used it, and it has cured me sound aud well." Clarke's Flax Soap has noequal for bath and toilrt. Skin Cure $1. Soap 25c. For sale at L. A. Sheetz' drug store. 3 FOR SAWS—Two storm windows 30x 49 inches and two 27x04 inches outside measure. The four windows will be sold for $5.00. Inquire of Willis Hallock at IlKi'Ui'.LiCAN office, Acts at once, never fails, DeWitt's cough and consumption cure. A remedy for "A Clincher." We wish to call especial attention to .e article in this issue of the BKPUB- on the harrow question, by May- Jones. The article came without ilicitation,and is an honest statement f tlie case by a man who is in the bus- ness and ought to know. We interviewed Mr. Jones after the article had been written and have his word that there has not ueeu the slightest, advance in the price of any article which he handles. Mr. Jones says furthermore that he will agree to sell anything and everything that he handles at the Wigwam at any time during the next twelve months at the old prices, and perhaps cheaper. We wonder if the Courier man is capable of realizing with what tremendous force this knocks his brazen falsehood on the head. We will not ask Mr. Hinchon why he did not call at the Wigwam and investigate the subject of prices if he w«s in search of the truth, instead of taking »p with a rumor that some implement dealer in another town was going t» advance his prices. It wJii pay the ;croft farmer to come to AJpna to I>uy his farm machinery, if ae H aeto- to be robbed as outrageously as ug fo asthma and that feverish condition which accompanies a severe cold.— Dr. Sheet/. LndieK Huvo Tried It. A number of my lady customers have tried "Mother's Friend." and would not be without, for many times its cost. They recommend it to all who are to become mothers. R. A. Payne, druggist, Green ville, Ala. Write Bradfield Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga.. for particulars. Sold by Frank W. Dingley and Dr. L. A. Sheetz. 51-2 DeWitt's Little Early Risers; only pill for chronic constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia. None so good. Sold by Sheetz. From many hundred rheumatics comes the welcome news that the Infallible Rheumatism Remedy is the best they ever used, for rheumatism of all kinds. Rheumatism is a blood disease and to be cured must be treated constitutionally with this the only sure remedy on the market. For sale only by Dr. Sheetz Constipation poisons the blood; DeWitt's Little Early Risers cure constipation. Tho cause removed, the disease is gone— Sheetz Matson, McCall & Co. have on hand a large stock of fine felt hats, which they will dispose of at remarkably low prices. If you want an Overcoat or a Suit of Clothes look at Galbraith's. We sell more of DeWitt's Little Early Risers tban any other pills their action is easy, do not gripe or cause pain, are the best regulator of the liver, stomach and bowels.— -L. A. Sheetz. Expectant brides and their friends will be interested in the series of papers on "The Wedding Season," by Mary Gay Humphreys, now being published, in Harper's Bazar. KUHT. Special Correspondence. BUBT, Oct. 28.—We are still busy improving our town and preparing for winter. Mr. Whitney is at work on his store building and part of the lumber is on the ground for the new elevator. It is feared the elevator will not be finished this fall but the warehouse part and cribs will be rushed. The parsonage committee and Rev. Faus are busy preparing for building. A fine site has been secured, rock is being procured and everything being shaped to do the work with dispatch. We have some sickness in and around town. Ethel and Mrs. McCormack were among the number but we believe they are improving. Will Easterly has been quite sick and not able to be up yet, but improving slowly. Everybody invited to hear Mrs. Mary E. Lloyd lecture on Thursday evening at Presbyterian church in Burt. We have not been able to interview our merchants but know they are busy, aud we judge they are doing a satisfactory business, as, without exception, they are-the picture of contentment. Notice of Tax Sate. To Adeline Hiillinfjer, the widow of Thomas Winder, deceased. Dehorah ftlmri), Esther Reams. Olive Spain, and Howaml L Winder, heirs at law of Kdward Winder, ttt;cease<1. John W. wiu'ler.Aarou Winilc.r.Eli/.iilwth W. Yoiint?, A. U. Winder, \V»i. H WimleivMarhi W. Pennington, and 8ntl» S. Winder, limtog the widow aiKlall the heirs at law of Thomas Winder, deceased, and to all whom it may concern : You are hereby notified that («i the 7th day of Deeemher, 18*", lilie following described real estate, situated In the county of KjssuUi and state of Iowa : the southwest quatSer of section 20, township loo. north ot range 27, west of the 6th Principal Meridian, was sold l*y the Treasurer of said county to A. I)". Clarke-, and the certificate of purchivsi! Ims heeti duly assigned to VV. B. Gihbonev, who is now the hiwfn 1 holder of the certificate) of purchase thereof. That the rlizht or redemption will expire and a deed for salrt land lie made nuless redemption from such sale IIK uiad« within iiinuty days from tho completed service of this notice. Dated this dny of October, A. D. 1890. 2-4 " ' W. B. (illiONBY. flarm Loans n AT 6, 7, 7 and a half, ami 8 per cent, on five to ten years time with privi- liege of partial payments before' due. Interest can be paid at my office. I Sav^ money by calling on me before you apply 1m Loan. J. W. BARTLETT. LIVERY, FEED, AND SALE STABLE. Best of Horses and Carriages. West? ol Thorlngton House. M. Z. GROVE, MANAGER. To and for the People. Do you want a ^ood, square meal? Do you want u;ood, reliable insurance? Do you want to rent a farm or grass and? Do you want to trade or sell your farm or other property? Do you want to buy a farm or unimproved land OD long time with but little or no cash payment? Do you want to make a loan on your farm at the lowest current rate of interest and favorable terms? Do you want anything in a legitimate line of banking? For any and all of the above, please consult K. M. Richmond at the Com- t mercial Hotel and Farmers' and Traders' Bank Block, Bancroft,' Iowa. • We can now make loans on Improved Lands from one to ten year's time and giw the borrower the privilege of paying the whole loan or any part thereof in even §100 at any time when Interest falls due. This Is Iowa Money, and no second mortgage-or coupons are taken. This plan.of making a loan will enable the borrower to reduce his mortgage-at any time and save the interest-on, the amount paid. Money furnished at once on perfect title. Gail on or address, HOXIB & REAVER, Algona, Iowa. Farm Loans, Abstracts, At Lowest Rates and optional payments. Interest payable at our office. If you want a loan call on us. We can save you money. J1QNES .& SMITH. Our friends should give DeWitt's and consumption cure a trial. No disappointment follows the use of this reliable medicine, and it merits the praise received from all who '»se it. Sold by Sheotz. Choice new Buck Wheat Flour and Maple Syrup at the Cash Store. Headache is the direct result of indigestion and stomach disorders. Remedy these by using DeWitt's Little Early Risers and your headache disappears. The favorite little pill everywhere. Sold by Sheetz. Fred Willson keeps the Iowa soft coal for sale. Best in tbe market. The People's Favorite Remedy, the most perfect specific ever formulated for the successful treatment of bronchitis, catarrh, liver, kidney and stomach trouble, coughs or colds. Try it and you will never do without it. 4-sk your druggist, L. A. Sheetz. 44 tf Your cough will not last all winter; You will not be kept awake at night; i You will get immediate relief if You will use DeWitt's cough and consumption cure. Bold by Dr. BheeU. A complete stock of millinery goods for the fall trade. Matsoo, McCall & Co. Small in size, great in results; DeWitt's Wttle Baj-ly Risers. Best pill for coosti- pation, best for sick bead ache, beat for sour stomaeb. Sold by Py. Sbee^. New llQ 9 Men's Clothing at Galhraim'g. IJANCKOFT. Special Correspondenc. J. B. Jones, D. S. Ford, R. II. Spencer, D. A. Buell and others were up from Algona last Friday. Mrs. McGinnis of Blue Earth City has rented the Phoenix House and \vil take possession this week. W. B. Quarton, candidate for the county attouneyship. was in town last Saturday looking after the voters in this part of the county. Mrs. T. II. Lantry of Algona attended Catholic church at this place last Sunday. D. A. Ellis and family, formerly of Blue Earth, visited at this place last week. II. D. Gould of Waterloo arrived in town last week with a cartoad of goods and will build a house on his farm three miles southwest of town and move on as soon as the house is finished. Miss Hilda Stinson has returned home from her visit with her sisters in Chicago. J. B. Winkle of Algona was xip on business last week. Dr. McCormick of Burt was on our streets Monday. Mrs. Ward, of Iowa Falls, came to visit her son, Rev. A. G. Ward, over the Sabbath, returning to her home on Monday. • K-««>~4 I'nblio Sale of Short Horn Cattle. Having sold my stock farm, I will sell at auction on Thursday, November 6, 1890, at the farm near Algona, my entire stock—Short Horn cows, heifers and young bulls. Also horses, including two imported Shire stallions, and Poland China breeding stock. On one year's time at 7 per cent. Teams will carry visitors free from Algona. J. B. JONES. A Liwly in Texas Writes: My case is of long standing; has baffled many physicians; have tried every remedy I could hear of, but Bradfleld's Female Regulator is all that relieved me. Write The Bradfield Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for further particulars. Sold by Dr. L. A. Bheetz and F. W. Dingley. 51-2 IT WILL PAY YOU TO CALL AT IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF WinMe Bro's, Stoves or Hardware. •+*• G. M. Howard **- -DEALBBIN 28 UNION SQURRE.NY. ---. ^.^fLfcNTA.e^ - i= >' : ST.LOUIS.MO. ranagaaSlSjE' DALLAS/VEX. LOUIS LESSING, ALGONA. STOVES, TINWARE, CUTLERY Shelf ware, Belting, Paints, Glass, Machine oils, Iron and Wood Pumps. Repairing Pumps & Specialty. Algona, Iowa. " Hello 1 Tom. Glad to Bee yon, old fellow 1 It's almost ten years nince we were married. Sit down: let's have an experience meeting. How'B the wife?" , , . "Oh 1 she's so-so, same as neual,—always wanting uometliing I can't afford." " Well, wo all want something more than we've got. Don't you f" " Yes: but I guess' want will be my master. 1 started to keep aown expenses; and now 141 aaya I'm 'mean,' and she's tired of saving and never Clothing have to be. My vrtfe can make a little go further than anyone I. ever Imqw, yet she's always BUT- 5000 yds remnants, best quality calio, 5 cts per yd at GalbraitU's. See our new line of Prints just in at GalbraitU's. Do you burn soft coal? and buy of Fred Willson. Then be wise Prices low. Matson, McCall & Co. have on hand a complete line of feathers, plushes, Surrah silks, fancy veilings, etc. You will do well to give them a call before purchasing elsewhere. _ Kid Gloves in black and colored at 75c |1, 11,86, f 1.50 at Galbraith's. Polaud ChliMU. Prime Poland China boars (or sale by Ernest Bacon, 1^ mi. east of Burt. 1<4 Organs. L. Leasing has several styles of organs which, lie will sell at low figures. Also sewing machines on good terms and ' prising "me with some' dainty contrivance that adds to the comfort and beauty of oar little home, and she's always ' merry as a lark.' When I ask how she manages it, she always laughs and says: 'OKI that's my eecreM? But I think I've discovered her' secret.' When we married, we both knew we should have to'be very careful, but she made one condition: she wonld have her Magazine. And she was right I I wouldn't do withoout myself for donble tho. subscription price. We read it together, from the title-page to the last word: the stories keep onr hearta young; the synopsis of important events and scientific matters keeps me posted so that I can talk understanding^ of what is going on: my wile is always trying some new idea from tho household department;; she makes all her dreues and those for the children, and she gets all her patterns for nothing! with the Magazine; and we saved Joe when he wag so SICK with the croup, by doing jn»t as directed in the Sailtirian Department, lot I can't tell yon ball I" "What wonderful Magazine is it f " "DcanoreBt'sPamily Magazine, and—" "What I Why that's wh*.t til wwted so bad, and I told her It was an extravagance." "Well, my Wend, tUat'8 where you made a grand mistake, aad one you'd better rectify an soon as you can. I'll take your 'eub.' right here, on my wife's account: she's bound to have a china tea-set in time for our tin wedding next month. We have just added to our stock a fine line of Men's Clothing which we will sell at bottom prices. If you are in need of a Suit or an Overcoat call in and we will try and suit you both in Quality and Price. -* Our Stock Of Dry Goods, Notions, Boots and Shoes, etc., etsi» more complete than ever before. G, L, GALBRAITH & CO, Buy your soft coal of yrsd WUJsw. see in it what you wani, you've, only to write to the publisher and tellhlBi what you want, wbether it la a tack-hamn»ror«,new carriage, and ho will mike special terms for yon, either for a dub, or for part cash'. BettersubKirlbe right off W»d surprise &». Tom. Only $8.00 » yw-will save flfty flmes that in nix months. Op lend 10 cents direct to the publisher, W. Jennings Pemorest, 15 East Htb Street, New York, for * specimen copy containing the Premium Lirt." \ Liberal offer. Only $3.10 fur Algona Republican and Deiuorest's Family Magazine Send your futprlptions to this office, HEADQUARTERS Can supply you with everything you waat in building material and fuel, And Don't You Forget it -AU ye Wesleytyes Taylor's New Office And leave orders with Hujne, .

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