Lewisburg Chronicle from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania on November 21, 1849 · Page 2
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Lewisburg Chronicle from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Lewisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 21, 1849
Page 2
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I ClBR Tl.rre was t.ne summit which lowered j flintier .than the rent old Hoary head, as t lie settlers calied it. Tor two-thirds of the May up i lie side the eccliuty was steep, covered wiih dcrk firs end pines, which locked as if they were slbowing one cnolt.er in rider 10 kee p their precarious f.to'ing. Above them tht re towe red a lofty peak of netted rtcks, v hich it muiie you dizzy to look at. Ti e top was smooth and flat, though on looting a second time yen cculd perceive something Ike brim !rs the" sljT.tVr, fine, almost invisible in the distance. The-v were the hire and bleaclred fterhs of a few tail pitM-, which tht fit , had killed, but which the unJ hud left -ill standing here tiid' theie on tb- svrnn.it. How a l.ret f.ro cou'd reach, sevh an Novation mihl surprise one, tit first, but t'te mountain aluped- gradtia'ly away on the sido opposite the pond, bh the rid?;e of a mountain chain, which extended far luck ,nto ibe"" interior, unijl it t5 lost amnrg ihe other elevation which filled the whole country. Old II;r hf ad derived W rrrcaVe tame from the uncla hie hue of tha vaet rr.atws of tty itrani'e, whic h fornird his trow. VTha'f vcr null be lk hue cf the InndsO o hel.w, wlieti.ei tl e luxuriant green of Mttetrer, the hr'ht browns ol r-.utumn, or white wiih ti e vat iiicutpul.i-tion of wintry snows, old iloaryl.ea t waa alwnys gray. The lew plants which hung in blight fe dor-its from in ercvio s n rummer, wire tnvUib'c below, nrd-in winter the snow could not lulct a lod-rtent. Viewed from the vr.ll.y.i' s-emtd to be lookit g cut cbove the region of commotion, mid tcorm; and calti.nui and jieace almot cin-ctly vUiile, appeared to I reprsingon its surrrt.st. Put this was un illusion. There U it-ways nn illusion in looking at what is above us. Od Hoarhead's rocky declivities were s-At-j't al' winter with almost perpetual gabs. Storm an I hurricanes concent rated all their fury upon him. They poured upon hi brow their M. res of rin aod hail, and snow, but he shook all off, nnd scattered them far down into tho va -Icys ; and then hen the wintry storm was over, and the clouds broke awa, and ihe whole country wascoreal with i's mantle of white old Had) head ran.e out ol Ihe conflict onchanged the same ender bris . ties relieved against lh sk,lhe same gray rock , nnd the same placid expression rf awful desolation and solitude. But Feru is our hrrn, not o'd Hoary Vi ,t ii we ir:Ut iro bat k t him. The attempt to cross the pond for a physician. They looked cut of the window. end observed that the s'orm, ihiugtr-no: yet very violent, was fast increasing, hnd but an hour or two of daylight remained. "How deep is the snow V said fliorge. Oti it is ancle deep and mure, heady." And I suppose ii is blown aay from tho yard.- It must be deeper sell on the The iinij;e of her ton strujialinj? through the snow Jon the pend at dark, here rose to the mother's imagination, and one at once decided that Ferguti muM not'go. (Jtoi.-was balancing in his mind the alternative. -We hsve got to choose between two di,ers,' said he. "Uennj ' iu th- cradle, sick w;h-wt a d -ctor, and F-rgua on the pon-i it. :h.i sno-. It is hnid io choose-. L-t us g- and look at Benny." Ie.rpe here let himself down from fc' rt, walked acros tli h p, and fallowed his wife out into the jard. lie krrtd his wav throtifeh the deepest f!s ol the. snow, and looked at the rloiidn.or raih'-r fowatdt-the clouds, for the a'i:ophere was so fu'l of fbllin,: sD'w i!:a: the i-I.ki.Is could uM be si-en. The li tle blue vane which hu Iihu had put up on hi eorn-l.arn, poii-tri t 'ho n.tr.h-east.nnd irdirated the quartet. which, m that ( P ai. c!iniae,.r' ii t '.u 'n-fi .(i wiih vat n:j.'al'C8 -f w in! iir,d mn. (icore :beied !! tlr-e ih'os a- he paed, ni. d thin ft.lli.wcd Mary !ti!i the It iue. . Te house w.t not the rude log hut which e mti:tiofced as their (irt habitation. Tha' wai still s'nnding, but ii t converted nit ail out housa, and foroed or r itio ef the tl.-'.tcrf d area or the yrd. Tlte F"';,! eoinforal'.le htm5 wish two ruotrs.tht! doir oj-ent d ini-mrdmtl inti ifie pnncioal one. I; was a far.-tier's kiteh-n, spae4-ua end eshibitin in ad it iu'ermr the atpel of r'-ic ccrt-furt aed ii-ii'v. " O.i ee ml of ihe tjreat fre place wav a Iit!ecTud:e,i-h Fergn by i s sie rocking it. I!e htd been stationed ihere by his inn ther while she went across to ihe rboj'. On th other s'uic of the fiie s a littie heap of corn-cob; which IViiny had bn tryii.g o build hou-e with, an h .ur "ur twu.be fjre; fcut it wssii.ird work, aud yielding tt his weaknras nd giddim ss hs had laid his head down upon the cricket la tei-t. when Sis her look- hiiH up and p-t him ui his cradte, Here he lay f-verih anif rtsi'es, with that peculiar eire'n ol" at u ly upon l.'a ctii' nonrr, which ti.arks m nrki!g If lii'KO'i'e diva-e. I jw im .i pye jnA j t,Jt t t'li t ' "'bt-r, and af 4 fce fa ifi:Ttt fVM'err f tr p:t-eV-' and listened to hit breathing, lie conclu- ded that some disease was making rapid progress, and that the child roust have relief, or its lile would soon be in danger. Fergus,' said he, do you think you could get across the pond to-night, to the doctor's T' OK yet, fathf r," aid Fergus, "easy r Dougr,.' " But the snow storm,'' said his mother. Why mother, I do:ii care for the kuuw c!nrn, the snow is not very deep.'' Suppose j ou go out and try it put on veur sirups, and eo down as far as the Hp;le tree and see, Fergus went to a little cuphoard in the wr'I, and took from it a pair of small leather straps, which he proceeded to fat ten round his ancles. oer his pantaloons, to keep the smiw from working up bet weep them and his boots, at.d clapping his cap upon his head, sallied loilh into the ftiow. His father and -mother wutehed him from the window. He strode pompously through , . .i i the snow, j l. ug'.mg his way into the deep- j - i u r s. it i . ...t es! ririt's he could find, aud lucking round to the window wiih a triumphant smile. The smile was returned, hemtily, from George's eountenare. and even in M.irj's anxiety cr.d fear gave way for a moment to a faint gleam of p'easure. " lie will never be able lo get through,'' said he, ' erly ec? how dtep the snow is.' That is a drift,' eaid George; " it is not so deep as :hat generally." George hesita'ed for a few minu'e, a a are til the danger. He showed Mary that they must take their choice between the dangrr in tlit- ctad'e and that of thb orin. There was tin olhtr way of coai-mnnicaiiiig wi:!, the physii hn. for M in could not go. and George could not go. M-irv prop'-sed senHiri: to a neighbor's about h'i" a mi'e 1 .inn', to get a m.iu In go ; hut (.'eore sf i i tftiit -ho road to that in ighUn's was mTe drifted ihnn the other, jtid it wmild ix: quiif l.efere be. could net there, t;d afier c'tirk it wt uld be certa'n dtstrur'ioo In vrn'ute cut upon the poud. I think,' concluded he, we h.H be',- ler let rergus go; i suppose ne w,.j aoio io gel therv V"tit rrUcllti'iTicitliV.end :hm oy 1-now ho. cn ride bite k r i'h tlied xjtor At ny rate lhat seems to be the best we can do. And now vou must not feel anx ious about him. You must consider that God seud hin,Hnd that he will watch over hii.t." -God sends him ! said M.iry. 'how I "By oBkii!g il appear to us r.ecesary to 'ntn. " rie arranges an tnese linngH which compel us io act ; and if we really dni-ittr. ks M-eirit best, under all the light he furnUhex, (he whole itJ.onihiljty rests with him." "Bi.t I doi.'t think ii is so clear that we ought to Ki.d him. It is a terrible storm, ii.d I think it is increasing. "Then we must not send Sirf.-," said Geo'ge. We must liok at all il circum- -tancas, i.rd exercise our bist judgment, nnd by no ne;-ns let him go unless we hon-tly ihiiih ll.at it is the best and wisest t.-our-." M,r l.i. k. d at Ilenny in the cradle and tin n nui at the storm. She was perplexed The scitle of the alternative was so nearly in rqiiihVritun that she could cot decide. She LejiHii to fi-el a httle vexed and irritated Ik rou-e she could not dt-cide. Just then -hc heard a resn less movement in the crnrile, accoinpaniinl by a low moan. She went hastily to it, aud began to rock it. Benny o;ei.u! h.s eyes, and when he saw his troiher h- put his hand to his head with a lone of Hii,-riction. The first language: id it.f.mry is that of louks aud sign, the second is the 'or'iage of tones, end then com- s Brticulti'i.ti;, Penny wanted bis mother to tukf a-iay ihe pain from his bead, f'.e Ihcugtit she miV'i! d-j it of course.as he ' had o'len. when he he.d bn at play, fell a sharp pm in his lank, and on running to his mo: her, he fe.tl .-el eved him at once with her hsiid. It is l ue th.it such times she took a pin awny,hui IJ- noy did not sor the pin, and he knew of to reason why she could not take away one kind of pain as well as another. Miry did not uederstnud Benny's sign, and he turned away m mrning fretfully at finding his wishes disregarded. The embryo feelings of lmat'ence aud irritation n injjlt d fir a n'O nent wi'h thelltt'e sull'cr- ei' sene of ps.n ; hut the straggle ended, almost iinniedia'e y, in feebleness and ex-ShUs ion. II roou'is grew faint, his eyes ciooed, and he sunk into a restiessslumber. Mary wa'ched him His starts, his fe verish flush, and his anxiotrs expression of countertanre alatroed her ; and it was not lng before he coneKie4 that ft was best, after ail, for Fergus tJ g."r. Fergus came in to,! h a lit'ie slender pole in hh baud, which lie caileJ " pikeslafT, all equipped for ihe exieditHn. afln Jonking to lull ol courage and animation that Si'k g""' UP j Iter doubts.and consented M send him. She lied his cap duwo over his fare.whileGeorge ) hi in his directions. "Go slow Fergus, especiaily where the snow is deep, so as to husband your t length, and mind and keep the road when you ;e upon ihe pond. I suppose lhesnov lias blown off th te, tr that yon can see it. But if )ou he tho road, don'l go to wan- (i, . i, nli.Htt t.) Cufl it again, but keejt on Mikf a s'rirjn. tiack cf i, Ferjps ii.t MSWISBUliG CHfiONICLE AND WEST BRANCH FARMER across s'raight as an arrow ; then you can find the road easy enough wheu you get to ihe shore." This advice alarmed Fergus a little. He had not reflected that the facing snow would prevent his seeing across the pond, and the idea of venturing out of sight ol land, in such weather, was a little appal-ing. Sli'l the thought was no! altogether painful. Theie is a certain dignity in danger w hich no one is more sensible of than a spirited boy ; and Fergus sallied forth the second time wiih less joyous gl:-e certainly, upon his countenance, but with u look of culm and elevated satisfaction. George liked the change. "Well good bye, Feus,'' said George at Itngth. Ps sure end go on modera'e-ly. Vou will ride back, you know, ;th the doctor ; and then this evening,nfti-r you come back, we will paint your sled." He thought he said this to encourage nod cheer Fergits, but the troth v. us he cou'd 1 not help ft eiiii; some auMtety hnnsell, fniJ " fo look forward eien in inpgiunir ..n.to the , time when it would he over. rve It' n heart relict, Mary went lo the doorwithFcr-gus.lixed his enp nnd oat for the list linw. and put lh:ce or four tar. caLcs, folded cp in brown paper, into his pocket. She then kissed his fair cheek, with a feeling that it was very probably for the last time, and opened the door to let him go. A rude blast of wind and snow rushed in upon hi r so iuriously, that she rlo-ed the door agtin, and went to the window. Cvncludcd next week. Mliil Wednesday Afternonyi, Nov. 21 Fkee Sat." For the latest news on this subject, see notices of Reul Estate in oui columnit advertised for sa'e. fOWe learn that ihe Stockholders of the Danville Bank met last Monday and chose a Btard of Directors, among whom are Messrs. Thorn Hayes of Lewisbure, Wm C Lawson of Milton, and Jacob Smith of Selinsgrove. The D. rectors meet on Monday next to appoint their President, Cashier, c.- K7In bad renute are the Farnrr &. Drovers Bnk of Wayncshurg Walter Jo)'s Bank. Buffalo and the I'awtuxet. In truth, there is so much uncertainty in paper money at present, that those having it can do nothing better than to pay every debt and make every useful purchase with it that they can. " Tiif Haven. Sevirul of our readers tin ve expressed a wish, since the mel-am holy drmis of the gifted but y-l uun i-.e Kdgar A. Poe, in peruse his celcbratrd poem (under th above title) wherein he is said to h.ive breathed firth his soul in p'ainlive nielod.? for ihe death of hi youthful and beloved companion. Any one who' can furnish us a copy of " the Kaven' will oblige several. The committee of directors of the Sus qnhanna county bank, are still engage I in invrstignting Ihe management of ilui institution, and have adopted means to as- certain and secure all the available assets, obligations and securities that can be reached. T. P. St. John, the lute cashier, has at length procured bail in the sum of 810,000, and was on Saturday week released. He immediately removed with his family to New York City. Wealth. Martin Luther said' Wealth is the smallest gifi of (Jod." What is it. to he compared with Hi word, or corporal pif.s, such as beauty, health and activity 1 Vi hat is it to the gifts of the mind, such as intellect, science and art ? And yet how the multitude throng the broe.d road to wealth, to ihe partial or en tire neglect of health, education, mental happiness, and the uutvld iuteresi of eter nity ! The result ol the election in New York lias been a singular one. In all the State office there is an equal division between 'he two parlies. The following are elected: Whiga Controller, Washington Hunt ; Secretary of State, Christopher Morgan ; I reavurer. Alvah Hunt; State Engineer, Hezekiah C. Seymour total, 4. DemocratsJudge Conn of Appeals. Freeborn G Jewell; Attorney General, Levi S Chat field ; Canal C'ommissioner.Frederick Fol-let ; Stale Priaon lusnecior, Darius Clark total, 4. Judges ol ihe Supreme Court Whigs Wm. Mitchell, Daniel Cady, '1 nomas A Johnson, James G.Hoyt; Democrats John W.B rown.Hen r v I logeboom, F.rJerick W. Hahbard.Wm.H Shankland. lie Lreilatur aJa W Misf fo Mland 0 Dtmceralt to 8V Whig! 'he Democrats harm; a ntayority in tbs IIoUsC, and ihe Whigs in the Senate. A iriil Cir breach of the marriage pro. aiivc came .(T last week in Ohio. The courtship had Continued for fifteen years, and the faith less swain wis mulcted in SlOll datnage, aritf t2"0 crs Cbean ctif.oh!j 7 The Protection Question. As the Session of Congress draws near, when the tntmuru ol the Administration are to We first developed, the Tariif issue is to be met in earnest. In our S'nte, the matter his been awakened by Ex-Senator Cameron, in a letter to Judge Shaler, (copied below,) which has met the heartiest approval from some Democratic journals, and as hearty reprobation from others. We thiiik Gen. Cameron will find some old-fashioned Democrats like himself in both the Legislate ro and Congress. Middletown, Sept. 26. My Dear Sir : Very cordially I ilt you tor your friendly attention inthetrans-i .'-'ion of the Pittsbursf Mercury, whfeiu soir.e notice is taken ol rVnna Ivauin inter-t-,;. connected wi;ii my name, while a mum-L. r A tlie U. S. Senate. I itv.iil sell ef ihe occasion to express the hop-, :'it as "the signs of the times" portend a discussion of the tariff.during the iippiohciiiii:; tea-iion of Congress, t he re may be no exciti-ineiii; no party prejudice, or other lal.-e issues rnied so influence Ihe leg- islativo mind ol the country towards the ,!,.,;., r r-rasuies adverse to the tener- ' ",," rrxaajtes auverse 10 me i euer U interest. 1 he tariff policy is of momentous impor tance to alt the great industrial pursuits of our country. The public good is the rule by w hich we s-hould be guided in the per-iormance of relative dunes; and to ibis central point the legislature ahould invariably direct all its deliberations. At an early day, I took lessons iu the school of Simon Snv-der on this very question of protection to the infant manufactures of the Union ; and time has had no effect to change my view and wishes, w hich have been expressed in the Senate, in fevor of a permanent establishment ol a home markef.as the only solid basis ol national propurny : And here I nn ad ), it is very re-nai kalile thnt all the Democratic Governors of this Common- in- i tv.n!ih ttt.urr. ta f'-.iv- Shotilt have n-sio. 1 ained ground in favor of prolecl.on tvj hOn.e lubor. Nine consecutive iiv-sSriges ot (Jov. nvder are text books to aust;-in and chet r the sound portion of our Democratic friends, who wit! not surrender to tne free trade doctrines of British capitalists. "We must command our own consump tion and the means of our defence," has been the sentiment of Pennsylvania from the dawn of Independence. And as a free man, born upon the soil, I may be permit ted to regard, with no ordinary t-olicitude, the onward prosperity of ihe iron, coal aud agricultural interests of this State The new settlements being ot-ened up in ihe far W'rst, embracing ihe Territories 01 Texas, California and Oteon, must of ne- cessity increase ihe surplus produce of the soil. Upon foreign countries our farmers can never depend with ecrlauity, tor a per ma nent, profitable market. It is then lore thesafest nd wisest policy lo create a home market for ihe Ihrmer, by encouraging do mestic manufactures, ui.tier Hii-.li revenue laws as shall secure to the American n.e chanicthe rewards of his labor in his own market. Let the pauper labor, of Europe continue nut a lew years 10 nood our coun try with ihe productions ol foreiu work shops, and it the past history cf the wor'd by which we may be guided m our dttii?. rations on this subject, then I Venture t predict that all the leading interests ol Penn splvania and of the Union the iron. Ihe coal, the salt, the wool, the Cax. the hemp. the pter, the rat, the sugar, and th gunpowder manufactures, with others too tc'imis to mention, w-ill be entirely ruined through the length and breadth of ihe land. Tr.e d'tctrtrie of "let trade regulate il- sell, is ' reftu:ilul:y Utustra'ed, it it wer not desirucuvo in its effects, by ihe present condition of the country importing im mense quantifies of British iron, althooph we have a; n"tne,tiie raw material in abun dant e, iiiuustrious ond ski'lul mcch nics, and ample c; al to eotuinand our oAn r:s'jii:ption in this re.-pec'. nh these acts titaiiiii! n in the face, is it anvthintr :o.r! of an inaoe policy to preach up free tragic lo l.-ericft ihe overgrown monevchan- Her-i cfGitiil Hriiiitn, thereby working in-j'try to American Inboi? I feel a lively sen-sibiliiy on this subject, and whether I am iii error or not, I Ireely state to you, that 1 look upon the permanent and prosperous es'ablibhmcnt of free labor.in this country, as ihe most effectual mean, in the niyster-iotis operationsof political events, to subvert the fortof hierarchies and despots upon ihe continent ol JLurope, and to elevate the masses to equal rights and rational liberty, the destiny of mankind. Thre views incline me lo hope, that every man who is anxious for the wellare of our good old Commonwealth and for the integrity of the Union, will stand up j for Jtrotrction of American industry, on ' grounds ot pairotism. We must 06 wholly independent uf tareign supplies : American labor must not be sacrificed lo feed the squalid operatives of Great Britain. Accept ansurnnces of my sincere regard. Your frierd.dte. Simon Camekon. lion. Chuiles Sha'er, Pitisburg. Foreign News. The A me. iica at Halifax brings news from Euiope one week later. In P'nglar.d, there ia a decline in the flour and com maikets. The Canadian Annexation question ia calmly discussed. The French Cabinet have bv necessity resigned, and King Napoleon has formed another more subservient to his views. A. , i , , . mt i uMrtan butcheries continue. The Czar demands the expulsion of all ihe Mayg.tr refugees from the Turkish territory. Kossuth and followers remain at Widdin, 300 have embraced ihe Turkish faith. continues Hostile to the Fope-- I. . . . sasxinations of French soldiers continue. (ttOne of the best acconplihmems for a young lady, a young gentleman, or a business min.is a good hand-writing and ihe best way to gain lhat is to go iu one who understands it and make it a business to acquire it. The gentleman now leaching in town shows manv examples of progress worth treble the price pf juition. ;y Thanksgiving day, Thursdy of next week. - : Correcpondenee of i!o Curothis - '; Pi.ll.AlWT.fH' a. I-Jstv. 14, l-?49.r Mr. Etitor: If :mi some leisure lime, and not wi-hin to i..li u victim to en'iai, I have concluded to pen jotisome rambling tiioughts taki n in our goodly city. First o' all thet', this i a very fine day a circumstance wh eh rejoices our citizens to a great extent, inasmuch as we have had a dismal round of stnrrr.s. fogs, and cla.'dy weather, for the last week or two. This morning however, is a delightful exception, and Phcnbus (as if to slww his horror of p'tst proceedings) shines lull and warm upon our streets- Now for the news. A daring robbery wrs committed yesterday afternoon, at Jones' Hotel, ttpen two gentlemen lately from Sjo Frurtcisco, to the anno let of five bundled dollars, some ol it in gold dust. tco. Our new Mayor, Jones, had his hands full yeterdm , there being no less than eighty individual brard h' fore hi-n mostly for intoxication. W hat a commen . tary upon the morals of our Ci'y ! Mrs. Frances Anne Kemhle hns been surceeded by Miss E. Kimberly, ol Cormeticut. She surely must have considerab'o confidence in her own merits to appear so aoon alter the departure of one who hts never bsen surpassed in Shikesp'rian Readings, and who has realixrd from the public a consid erable sum as a sure proof of patronage. Wm. B. Re' U, u proniinent and talented meni! er of the Bar, c'elivets an Oration before the Alumni of the Univt rvily ol lV-finsyvnni,i tins een'iig, it f beings iu first Ccn'etniiil Aimivtrsary. It will ben . j nr t ra TaT "Utt.ectuhi nasi, no q:uji i The passion for amu en.ent still reigns to a very great extent in the minds of the people. Just look at the catalogue, and then reflect how much money is thrown away, that might lai appropriated to better objects. Firt we have threu Theatre he Walnut,Cnt'init,and Arch Street, anil Sand's Circus, then Birnum's Museum, (which id in reality a Theatre disguised for the accommodation of meti's conseience,) also thice Bands of " Ethiopian Sjrenu-rlera' viz , the New O. lenim, the Virginia and the Boston ; then (last but not least) the Panoramas ol Italy, a voyage to Cal- lornia, and Deluge. One Saturday night the aggregate number of persons iu the above places of amusemeut was said to I nver 150,000. Sny that ihee upeiit 25 tts apiece, and you have 37,500 speut in one night ! This is a very low estimate, as the piices are not uniform. ; B jt thist morbid apprise for diversion nust he satisfied (as hici pentin think,) and it is at the cxerr .'ecf li-.t e, ;ui:neyj and repu'alion. I r-o v,-r .,ny tl.ai his ih.-u!d he the t a-x.-, Lut w- must not expect im entire Lange in this respect uu-'il the Millennium. CAUL. tiasxasa. In Lewishurg, Snlur hiy las! 17 h inst., Mis EitztRt'Tii A. daughter of George Pifer, in her '.l-t vear. In Princeton, N. J., 13:h inst., John MciSTCOMKKT C NDriR, ti ij a'-ou! 24 yeara. He waa ir,e ton of 1 aoi.u.-i Cindo.- or Verrer Co. III., and waa bin in Lt.x-ri C Pa., the former residence of hi' family. On the aide of both parents ha ii cV.viidi..l from I lie Scot-linh P.esbvleriana in Irrhrd. Mr. C andor itn edurated at the GVIle-e of rtiw Jrwv, in whirh he toiik hla decrees with hiith distinction. For rroie than two ve-oa he haa been a meinlur of iba I'bw-tsiril H-tn-ia-y, ard a few month ago he was tii-i-need lo preach by the PiesbyJery of Nnrihumberland. In every one of these relation our departed hroiher was irreproachable. He was acknowledged by all bia teachers and friends to poiesa am .unnvm talenta and solid arqaiiitiona, and the trial of his gifts gave promise of much uaefulneaa. For shout six eeka he gradually sunk under an attack of ty phoid (ever. Seldom baa a death-bed been more diyeatrd of its terror, or more beautified by the shining of grace, . It would not be poniMe ft ,n? on b more a.i.!ui)Uly or tenderly nurat or rsrd snd comforted on s dying bed, than was oar brother by his young eompsnionr and when he was taken, tbey alter suitable religious eierci.-, ac companied his retnaina lo the place of departure : a defecate ftom each CUt going aa fir ae Dan ville, l'a, where the burial took pUcs last Friday. Abridged from Tbe 1'teabyterian. In Bellefonle, 10ih int., Hon. Cuarlf.s Ilrsrojt. in the 8tVh year of his B(re. Judge Huston waa twin in Burks ccantv, snd tho' but s Ijtd in the Revolution many of it in-, i-denla were itidelil Iv impres?ed upon hi memory. He entered Uirkinenn College while under the Presidency of Dr. iNebil, the Scotch divine, and after graduating l..ok charge of iu grammar school, at the ajme time studying law with Fli.. Duncan.wiUl whom he was afterward associated on tbe Umcb ol the Supreme Court of Pa. Gen. Washington marched thro' Carlisle on hia was to quell the Whiskey Insurrection, further wet. I oung Huston joined the expedition, and waa oflmed a Captaincy in Ihe Regular Army ; but ".""K suuiiiiru io me oar in I yo. ne te- I110,d , ,h, lhe , coun,v of ntarried in VilliamsKri and in 1S07 reioovrd io Bellefonte. In 1819 Gov. Findlay appointed him President Judge pf the 4th District, snd in is.-D uov. Oh u lie elevated turn to the Supreme r1.... f I. , . ...... Court, of which he remained a Justice until hia term expired in 1845. Hia la-t years were ocen. pied in prepaiing a work on tha Land Titles of Pennsylvania. As a judge and advocate, distinguish! is a nan frank, simple in hia manners, reoeroos and in all hia relatione ot unimpeached integrity. He auOered much Hi bodily affiictione and family bereavetneiitf. but 1'aith sustained him, and he died as he hid f t nuny year l.yed. a Grot belie-, ver in tha Iru.hs nf Chri.U.otty, and a cammun-; want in ihs Preslij terian Church. , In Anthony ( formerly Drev) To. Col. i Co., 3Uth ult.,.ltev. D.-.F.A.tiJtj,ai.ed about 50 yrais. .. . , erirw" Cr-About 500 proposals were put in al the Canal Letting at Tunkhannock. Thev were all forwarded to Harrisburg, for the Canal Board to make tho allotment. Horrible Steamboat Disaster ! New Oblsas. Nov. 16. Tha maaniorent- firat-ebws boat Uuiiaaa.wss patting out from tba levee JsM veniitg bonad to St. Louis, just as ths steamers Storm anil Boston wets coming in from abova. Tbs boats were skis by side, ths dscks of all lire crowded with psa-Mnger wbea a tiemenJaa sip'oarm occurred on boon! tha LoeisMM both hoibis having hn'sted, hitermg the bost litwillv to atoms tesrinj the ether two boat, and earrjing scores of human tn-im-i to their laxt account without s mnmeni's wanting ! 8imultaosoa i h the ter rible rxplt'M'io. com wikl shriek, which n-nt a tluill ol' brrnr to tbe loutcl hearts. Aa lb Mixk and steam clcareJ away, a seen waa pre- utf J to the tye, of v hich I can acarccly form a ruDcrption. The h utcred boaU, the sbiirks of tbe wcunilet, the snuggle of the drooobtg, snd ihe groan of the dying, appsled, snd for a moment rarlfird. all bo witneaaed it. Hems ABm, Lkss asd Bctsa were ecaUered ahuul in ev'j direction, end the levee was strewn with tiit dead and dying. In a short. time, thousands of persona bad collected to sid the sufferers. Tbe Louisiana euuk soon after Ihe eiploaion. It is unknown what led to ths disaster, se ths engineer ar.d firemen are miwing prot-ably dead. No. 19. Capt. Kissos.of the LouUiana. ia atrestrd and held to bail in $8000. Tb explosion being attributed to cereleeneee, an investigation earchiug will ahottlf Uks place. Tne number of killed it ia believed will resrh TWO HUNDRED, ieidee many dteadfully wounded. The Bags of tbe tapping are all at half mast. Temperance meeting. ,- The next ireeiing of the E.iot Ruflalne Society is nppoimed at the Mi. Pleasant School-House, ti-nr Capt. Gundy's, Saturday evt-iiini riext. Nov. 21. Corrected Hits itay t , i . ..... ........... Wheat .0095 tve ..; f'orn OtN..- Biickahnt . Flassec-H . . . Covere-tl . . Dried A;ip!es Kuller .... . KiES ..... . Tallow . . ..:.4o 50 ..-..28 . ... 50 . -.100 ...400 ...loo 15 10 JO 7 Lard S-lll- lllle- In Fas! Ruffiloe, Thursday, I5th inr.. by Rev. Pro'". Bii-s, Noaa.ix Ball, l D.invil'e and Miss Jci.I Atvji Mkbkill PENMANSHIP. The ut.Hi r:lT res(etiullv tjlji no'ities thH people of ibis Jl-ro' satu vicinity tnst he has rented li.e rir.ck r.fli -e, j.t l)r. I.u twin's, where he uren on Fri.iay a School for instruction in both Plaifi mel Oi rwr: Pivnl rr.M vsoir. He roiirjvi-s t tint Ins pnrt eonsisls in tt-achiii); h f I tin. comnion-ensa, bu-oiuits i hiUtd-writing, and ihi he pit.-dges biiiix-ll' to do to i in- jHti-'itc i n oi those whoni.ike the elf:rt to l.-nrn. Room rien from 2 to 4. P. M., and in the eve-i .n?, to that fcip;! can atlttnd when moM totivcuien'. Those residing at a dis- j tance can improve in wr.ung by coming to town at;. practicing f ur or five days. For er;r. (lecin ens, and recommend-ation-i, anpiy to me al Ihe writing room or at Khne' horel. d. SHELP. Levi isburg, N iv. 20. 1819 ENGLISH aud Gernwo Ai.sjahaus fbr -tle by It; Lawshe 4 NEW BUGGEY for sale, cheap. For l further particulars, enquire at this office. Lewishurg, Nov. 7, 1849 nRESH Corn-Meal for sale bv i1 i l 31 I G Lawshe Koa! lEsiate. A Slarket Street House, She), and Lot FOR SALE OR RENT. P!IAT valuable properly on Market Si. J opposite Cook's l.'oach Shop. 7'he Houe is a two-storey Frame, SO j i by 30 the Shop two-atorey, SO by if 37, includiug a Woodhouje on thj JJIj;? 6 rat floor. A small Siatile aicllnt I .pple, Peach. Plum snd Cherry tree Ae on the bl and good Water on Ihe adjact-w lot. . I' will be sold oo reasonable terms paymor.t made easy. - If not sold by the 1st of January, it will be otiVred for rent from Ihe la of April im'h. Inquire of tbs eubfcnher on the premiae. j STEWIES I). UIAPPELL. Lewisbntg, Nov. SO, 1819 6wl(l 'Notice IS hereby eiven lo James flurri-. Martha Harris, Laird Howard, DaviJ Howard. Ttiomas Howard, Harriett, iieermnrried with Dr. Thomas Vanva'zah, Ann, intermarried with William Wilson, June, intermarried with Joseph Green, heirs and legal representative of VV'illiax L. H.r-a:a, late of Union county, Pennsylvania, deceased, that in pursunoce of a writ of partition and valuation iued out of the Orphans Count of Mercer county, lhat an Inquest will be held on Unu.-uion Lot No. 7 JO, of 300 aenvt. in n.e 4th District of Donation Land in Mercer county, on the 12'h day of Dec-oiiK r to t, nt which time you may a'tend ii ! proper. JWIKS M'KEAN. Sheriff. Sheriff's Oirice. i Mercer, Pa., Nov. 12, 1849 Orphans' Court Sale. BY virtue of an order of tbe 0;!ir Court of Union cmioiy.w ill beei.o-. to public sale -on THPa-O AT the Nth D r. aeil.thr onditided 4to-lreiflhe of a reruia iu. euage aad tract of land aitaiteil in VVc Bull.lo towoahip. boanded by land f Pettw HUM. Jr . Rubert Mackry, Philip Kubl aod othrra. cunlain-ing tl acre and l!lO perches, about BA acres cleaicd, and on which are etected ' -hiskteg Houm snd Barn, with a apring of ,ur "m it the door, snd other improvement. ' Sale to rommence al 10 o'clock, A-.M., bin term of tale will be made known by SAM TEL EWING. Citardian of CaUiafiua and Prucilla Lull. ALSO, at the same lime and pine, ilt interest of tbe temaining owt r4 of. the lUn tract uf land will b- iolj. am? term :.ad lnj,i by SAM!. HI. E'.Vl NG. A gen I of the IT. its of LTi-ibrth I.u z dee'd. Aov. 20, 1819 ... -VALUABLE TOVV.i mOPEHTx' FOR s4Li:lDblic or 1'ilvHte. ritllK iubscrilier will expose to puuhe "-;t!e f (tf not before rlt!iened o'.' privnte'y ) on I uesdav, 2oth Dec. next, at 10 o'c!iek, A.M., tbe premi-es now occupied by him. on nnr.h Fiurth street, or. square from the Main street, n.arker! on'thi Townriotas HAL.r uui on which ii a two-storey F ramc Arjr& Houmi. 34 feet fionl bv 2 deer-, fc&ft (part of which is nd for a Hat hp aiy and will suit lor any Etna m unite or Shop.) slo a huge Stable, a Woodhxd, Ho? Stable, snd stl necessary outbuilduiga, with a never-failing Well of good waiei snd a Pump ii ths back building and a CiMein aod Pump in the yard. An indisputable till, snd poateasion gi?ea on Ihe 1st of April, 1950. Also offered as above. LOT No. 277. unimproved, lying immediately back of the foregoing, and framing on Fifth street. - Persona wishing can iew the property al any time. Trrme further aecified on th J of -ale. fEMAH BEES. Lesri.botg. .Nov.' I. 1M9 TOWN PROPERTY For Sale Cteap. ,1 FL'LL Lot. on N nh Fnr!h S t e; iVi hich is a two'stcrey Fran-e H-ns. 10 by 33 lee-, j3Tjj& wi'h a n.iod CV'lar under it a ''Hifr Frame Stable. 16 b i'J an ou.ia, Kitchen, and other cut Ixiiliiins ri'.w OCt Ul it d by Geofcp Fkfas. ! qn:. rX ... Ii VVU REULIl, A-;.-, urtr, c-i. al, 143 Rouses Small "Jarni IOii S l.K I he kurwciiier if. r l. i hme in lh B r'igh o I.!-.' situated nt the ttitt riectioii o. St. Anth'.ny and F.iur h sireis on the iuuiii ru-.-l h-adiii irotn Ptnta'telphia t' Pi:t-.bn'4 and Kr'o.'- The dellin-li;u-ie if a l-ot two s'ory frame, wi'h a new I'reme b--tu nnd otS-r tiec""ry cu'buil 'na 'i l.imi ct iiioie- 5 Acre auil 66 pervben, hM in a h'h stine of cultivation- Tht:i" te a var't-tv of el.oice Fruit Trees en tht t!:i:-c i'i.Ho 1 iicvr-lVt itii: well of watt-r It is well sit'iiited for putihc I u.siiit'M el' snv kinri tha l.ind will sur't' -rt a Mnn.'f I's.Ttdv. or can lie laid out ii-tu vi'mj". I.u.. JOHN P.EEBEE. ,JLew'j.hrirg. Oct. fi 1843 Iurreiiein iz'Reduclvm tv clubt. 1)1:TK!IS()S M GAZIM. or'u'iM Xuriaaiil, edited by Ann S S.eplioi, and C J i'eterMji'. Prow-clu for 1650 For 1S5H ' "be sitS-tfrrher, anxinu to introilttee th-- Ladiex N.ifiunil Lito eierv (nmilv in the Kniifd S'ati-,wi:l io.-rease i' size end reduce iis prices to rinh-i.. Sae Iloi'iir The price ej rh'. Mi;. aze it bu' '2 a a', or $1. less than th-other it Hiixn.K ; vhi the p;ts uuaiiiuu'--' pronounce it sm cinpU:t as its more ct-ly eotemporari-s. Increae i i fie, m .u'hiyJr- Al ett I'i extra pitjtes will tie civef, -t?.-y n.r 'i and 8om"iinen ii-l or t.le r-:i:iur N tl pages of $i Mn'ZH. at a thitd price. Further Improvemen's ! 4Vi;in'Ul. a't-audoniut lit) cosily M. z-4iuis,ilic Lve-' National will add newstvles ol il'u'. n in every walk of Pictor.a! art. . New ty m haa been purchased. 'ITie Jauuar X J. be nneqtialed in beauty with an illuminated title paje, printed in seven colors, uc ) ground of gold. . Cininent Li'ernry Writers. The literary contents ol the Ladies'Ntional are entirely by American authors. The best write" are uniformly employed. No, Iranslntinn from immoral French author ahull d'-ril its pages. Oar aim is to instruct as wt.il as lo amuse. Fashions ahe.id of all others .' This Mi- i onzine has afwavs been the best stitde lor tne raslnonM.wnicn are sclecteo.eneravni. and colored lor us a month ahead of '' rivals. To each plate is added a fu-t ieu-t press description, besides inflirmation u all the iatel stj les. R'st Ltdies' M itfazine As its rnce imports, this periodical is peculiarly a Magazine for the sejt, and il H aIo,w hnt n-: others are, thoroughfif Sationul. Tne fcteneral aim uf its literature renders il more American lhan auy rival., Month'' pages on Horticulture ; its illus'rated ar'i- cle on Cinb'oi lery, Crotchet AVork, " J Netting, in addi'ien to its colored Fashii a Plates, make it unquestionably the best Mipanne for Indies. Nu worn-out English Plates 'Sevrnl of our cnteinp'rane impose on their realises with worn out Ciigu'sb pUies. which they publish as original. We patron v American art, n gnrdless ol the extra f-pense. Our series of rm zz-ifin's in a , lle ver inakes a more splendid pict.'ii''1 book lliun two $8 Annuals can furnish. TERMS. . One copy pr annum S I Eight copies pran $j Three copies 5 I Seventeen " Five - , 7 50 I Forty three - Tbs money at our risk, aad the tenor frankeJ or post-paid. All the Matuine of a Hub go- to one pfwt-lown, lo come within these term. As a Premium lor procuring any of lb above Clulis, a Inre and splendid enf;rsv-, . , ,ir. in narlor. an t valued at a print store at $A. will be . Or a bound volume for 191! Or an "Ao-nual of Plates" lor 1 Address. CH ARLES J.PETERSO.V . No. 9o. Cbeslnol Sirret, PhitwUpnt-N. B. A specimen copy sent if dt stf"1'

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