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Frederick, Maryland
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Last Edition res WEATHEB FOBXCABT roe. HARYLASDt Cloudy, probably Hgbt rain tonifhi. Tuesday fair. Uttie change in tern- ptratare. VOL.

LVL-- HO. 143. Foil XEA Service FREDEBICK, MONDAY. APRIL 3. 1933.

T.t»i_s.j»» JEN PAGES PRICE--TWO CENTS New Drv Chief Rev. Dr. Harris E. Kirk, Of Bal- i timore, Begins Series Of Lenten Services. SECRET PRAYER SHOWN I AS RELIEF FROM STRESS! American People Lose Value Of Quiet Life In Quest To Accomplish.

Canadian Basketball Champs Meet Death BY POLICE Special Permission Necessary Would Include It As Amendment Before Any Inhabitant Can Cross Frontier. To Farm Relief Bill Now In Senate. PRINCIPAL PURPOSE IS TO PROPOSE AID ALSO i TO HALT JEWS' EXODUS FOR SMALL HOME OWNERS Resumption Of Nationwide Boy- Seventh Of Communications Of An impressive plea for personal com- cock, nsuruon with God at all times and especially at lie present time was made by Rev Dr. Harris Elliott Kirk, pastor of the Pranklfa Street Presbyterian church, Rakirrore. at the first of she i communiry Lenten services held 12.15 o'clock this afternoon in the Evangelical Reformed church.

The services will be held there from 12.15 to 1235 daily tii Friday, inclusive. The general theme is "Our Concern For God." i "Providential Arrangements" or "Our Private Life With God" was the sub-1 ject of todays sermon by Rev. Dr. Supreme Kirk, who used as his text Matthew- 6:8: thou. when thou prayest.

I eater into thy closet, and when thou hast shnt thy door, pray to thy Fasher Legalization of 3.2 beer and xi-e will, simplify liquor law enforcement, said i Major A. Oairymple, neir Federal Prohibition. Administrator, shown here i I as he relieved Col. Amos W. W.

Wood- i cott Is Considered Un- likely. Roosevelt To Congress At Beginning Fifth Week. 10 STATE BEER BILL Ways Greased For Expediting Measure Before Adjournment Tonight. MAY REDUCE MAXIMUM FINE FOR SPEEDING Proposed Act Makes Lowest Penalty $1O Instead Of $25. the larcc airplane carriM Canada's championship basketball team to death and Washington.

April 3 --President TORALLYTONIGHT For several days reports have told of an exodus of Jews in considerable nuin- dispatch sage to the legislators, the Presxieat opened the way for inclusion of this latest major plan as an amendment to ber to neighboring countries. At Koen- -arm relief bill in the Senate. I issberg today the authorities ordered Applying on farm mortgages, the rnes- i all passports withdrawn from Jews liv- sage proposed both readjustment of the Chancellor JameS in East Prussia. principal of the farmers' debt and a The newspaper Taegliche Runds- reduction of interest rates. To Make AddreSS.

chau reported this afternoon that a He also proposed "a temporary re- trasn had been halted by police near! adjustment of amortization to give suffi- Dresden to prevent "exodus of Jews to which is to secret, and thy Father Knights of Pythias rrom many parts i Czechoslovakia." Considerable sums of which seeth in secret shall reward thee ot the state are expected in Frederick', a were confiscated, the newspaper their own land. cient time to farmers to restore to them the hope of ultimate free ownership ol 111! PUT IfllE HOUSE NOT COUNTY TAX SALES EKS TO BUN LEGAL BEER HELD NEXT MONDAY Brook And Rainbow Varieties But Mrs. Roosevelt Says She Is i List Greatly Reduced Since Ad- openly. this evening when Supreme Chancellor "If ever there was an opportunity to James Dunn, of Cleveland. Ohio, turn to God.

it Distributed Today. A Teetotaler. vertisement In February. said, but Jewish passengers were per- The President said he would soon propose an extension of this program i to the owners of small i would ask Con- permitting the Annapolis. April 3 infor- ma! poll of the Baltimore cisy today Indicated that there would be no change In the $150 beer license fea i called for under the city beer bill ae ft stands on the third reading file of tbfl Senate.

It was conceded that unless there was a deflnlte switch in the city senators' majority view there would be no rcovs to change the S150 fee. Two of the Baltimore csty had strongly advocated the license bo made $50 instead of $150. The ways were greased in House I meanwhile for the easy passage of statewide beer bill, although action on It was expected to be delayed until closing hours of the session. This bill calls for $50 and S25 lem. FOLLOW BE FOR GRADUALLY FALLS! May Cut Speeding Fine.

Annapolis. April 3 Senate today had before it a proposal to reduce achieved. Frederick county trout streams were' Washington. April 3 sale oJ property for delinquent taxes! agree- replenished by upwards of SOO brook Franklin D. Roosevelt today issued a i be he'd nest Monday at the court! Maryland highways from S25 to $10.

sugges- said the i aad rair bo lrout as the State statement saying there would be no ban i bouse. County Treasurer Thomas A. 1 The aseasure was given House all men, which may seem contrary -jo oe met at 2 oc-oci ssjs a-- ioKe 33 end che sprea(i abroad of nate "When it is legal to sc-ve beer in any ura property salable after April 1. "Any person operating a motor re- the exhortation to maintain private temoori py Supreme stories of anti-Jewish atrocities in Ger- I Wa i in 0 A Although the county's streams were house 't will naturallv Of about six hundred pieces of prop-! upon any highway of this state with God. but i Harp ana iiTS.

Earp in Wasmnston Ap.u A. that the two statements cic no't brought to this city. The i Sict. for is a side of party will be held rest-; which must, isSuence others man heart must communion with God for real spiritual i following Grand OScers: i Thomas Summers, this city. Grand; 3 ySMI ff utitr I.4JU tr 9 I 1 1 i i i i supply win be abundant this season this will be impassible and I hope that tte The cwore the Milton Altfeld, Democrat from I Aftert M.

Powell, superintendent of the a many people who have used auaually witnesses a more, was prepared to offer a new ceve'opmeni. When the Apostles returned to Chancellor: Dr. Benjamin P. Christ, and were" much enthused with Baltimore. Grand Vice-Chancellor: s.

He took them into a quiet Martak. Gr Grand, their success. He JOCK tnem ma a quiet; place not to rest but to viewr impar- i Keeper Records and Seal: John M. tiallv the actual results of their labors, i Gault. Baltimore.

Grand Master of Ex- it wW said just as an artist painted I chequer: Charles. L. Wieganci. BalU- Washington Daybook Plan Before Senate. Washington.

April 3 whelmingly voting into the adminis- stocsed prior to the tration farm rehef bill the so called of the irout season Saturday, 'heir i Simpson production cost guaranty plan, i lure was so great that hundreds ni 1 fnniinUV I I Alii Uf JDlLLb to the canvas but judged Grand Prelate-elect: and By rom a distance. 15 GraaQ Master-at- (Cbjef Of Bnj detail close from Ouotinz from Isaiah 50. Dr. Kirk in- Arms. tsrp'reted" the message there regarding-.

PRICE state 'latcheries Lewistown. stated stronger things will be content scramble to save these properties. amendment to Baltimore city beer mn itrrmrr i mn morair? that 18.000 more trout, beer 50 that the cause of temper- 1 ear seventy-Dine properties bill to reduce the license fee from $1S0 NOW LIES WITH SENATE distr.b ted. The plan ance will be served. i TMre for sale when the dead- to $50.

which wen: into effect this year is lirs. Dunn will go to Wash- Bnrean. The Associated ract ca A County MeaS- Washington) 3 words, and another the scarce or fit- Events at Washington now have gone, afford a. view of the program as a whole, interesting and illuminating ures Are Past House. I make the distribution gradual so supply will hold up.

caholic content but that Is purely an aaa costs, ana me 10 measure across and that he expected creek the home of individual thine. I should not think went unsold. at least three city senators, including The previous year fourteen properties himself, and possibly a fourtfe, to stand 320 new rainbow trout this morning. ot imposing my own convictions on oth- while most of the 500 placed in Hunt- I er os Ion; as they live to the were offered and three sold. i The fate of Frederick county's econ- ing creek this afternoon were brook law of oar land All property thus sold may be re- i with him.

omy bills was in the hands of the Sen- him the reason he willing linquisa che oresidency of PrjncgtCTi Summers to University was 'Tm tired of a talking i Lodges from sections of own looze. drastic governmental reorganization. 2. dose regulation of banking, fi- with hard- the Mrs. Roosevelt sisned her statement deemed within two years after its sale.

siinplv "Eleanor Roosevelt." The taxes which are delinquent were i At her press conference Mrs. Roosevelt' due at the close of the fiscal year last I showed her attitude was that the White July 1. House as a public building belongs in The Montgomery county delinquent 1 a way to all who come there. sales wa also be held Monday. The MAN KILLS SELF IN FRONT OF TMBf scribed as the ability of man to i Hagerstown: know how to listen to God.

or to tune i Sharpsburg Loage. Sharpso-arg. 3. Increased attention to the relief LO A.I A i i LlJCif. wiAi uc A.CJU 1.

As hostess in this executive mansion original list of 1.900 properties in ar- MIT On LJ I rUtS Mead On Rail As Freight Approaches. i did so it -ETSS emphasized. Those pres- IS. -Westminster: ixxige. principles involved.

It is only eut were to'd to carry the heart so! ion Bridge: Chancellor Lodge. detail are considered that dis- 1 assurance injmont: and Jacob Sandy Lodge. Balti- would conie through safely and be made More brook trout will be distributed law. toward the esc of this week. Mr.

PoweU AH of the bills, with one said, and further stocking of streams when 'acer becomes legal she sees no rears has been cut to about half. which were started through the House wUl take place as the season progresses, reason for no; serving it to guests who --------of Delegates, have passed that body and Report from Washington county want it. i PASTOR OF ST. PATRICK'S have been sent to the senate. Theis-eams over the wee-end were that, I I I I bffi which had been retarded over the i taere was plenty of good fishes there, np 7Cn A I DEAD week-end was thai curtailing the ser- Frederick county had one of the UluLuDLf lUllrli HiDljUIJIl ifTs salary, to which an amendment opening days in its hisiary.

with Ssher-; XTTHriTC TJfUI? DPPCflWQ Bridgeport. April 3 been attached granting the County from the District of Columbia and ftl IflURO rillJ rUlllOUniJ Very Rev.Daniel J. Carey. 57. pastor of Commissioners authority to set the sal- states.

St Patrick's Cathedral "in Harrisbarg, i a certificate that Bell aries of the sheriffs deputies, it had Four Women And One Girl Vic- for the lKt toda7 ta Washington Aprfl After trainmen told authorities that Alton C. Ben. 58. of Oaionont, MiL. front of trasa wnUa 1 been advanced to third reading, how- I SEARCH FOR in its origina: form.

firm a confidence and Christ that they can meet aH experi- more. ences and have an abiaing presence of the eternal God. Great necessity such experiences 5n the present experiences to be secured through private life wih God was noted. The American people know how strive and accomplish but do no: how to enjoy quiet life, and they nave "built this tottering economic unless they learn the re- pate I The result has been thar Congress, while loudjy the purposes The Senate on Saturday night passed the House Mil repealing the laws gov- eming turnpike roads ia the county. A SLAYERS OF FOUR MEN tim Of Dope Addict.

St. LaCrosse. Va. April 3 April 3 fAPj. Aa crazed knife wielder who at- old tly.

Members of under treatment since December. The the train creir said JK ran down aa I bodv wiU be returned to Harrisbtirg for embansmeat and his head on tne track. The train was moving at ounaj. He was born here and sraduated from Holy Cross College in 1397. He con- fore strjon? him.

such a eed that coaj i He- sionai debates. Merber after member has arisen to Montgomery County Bin Xow Before State Senate. The thac the bodies of three of the victims -ere found within and oatsice the smokehouse lee police to be- be-ve lationship or place of the united States; Rgr. J. Baser, Rev.

and Mrs. say he intended to vote to "stand by to the remainder of the world, they win G. Wiion. Rev. Dr.

Mrs. Chartes the Presi-seat," although he would pre- I from it. stated Dr. Kirk. He s.

Wehlsr. Capt. lass McMEJan. Sister fer that this and that provision of the' Annapolis. April then urged reading of the Bible and a SveJrn Lukens.

Rev. Dr. Amos Joan basking bill or the economy bS or the county's Sunday movie bill, spon- love, not a study of it. and the inter-: TraTer, Miss Anna M. Schaaw.

Rev, farm bin were diSerent. 'rared by Dr. George L. Edmonds. a preta-ion of its words as the word of and Mrs.

A. R- Sr.edegar. Mir Dorothy The forest conservation bCi was re- chairman of the county's delegation. a God to the individual- Instead of read- s. Rev.

Charles D. Shaffer. written from end to end by a senale; 1 85 Passed by the nonse witiio-at de- ing stock market quotations, a "more; Rer. E. A.

G. Henaann. Dr. Joseph a. The ongisa: Roosevelt night and seat to the Seu- malignisg.

diabolical iriSxiesce o-ver the' Apple, Raulpa S. Hartman, this proposal a doiiar a day pay in. the) ate huinan mind loan tee Delhi oracle." city: Rer. Dr. C.

S. Balti- was taken out. I rtK oj2 most controversial tinued his studies at St. Mary's Sernui- was a Montgomery ary in Baltimore and at Niagara Col- I coant 5' citizen, having formerly been A and was ordained in 1902. the State Central i Ha first assignment was as assistant' comnuttee.

Dunng the past 12 years pastor at Conewago. Pa, He served ir. he Deputy clerk of the Montgomery similar capacities in Centralia ana Board of Commissioners but a. York. Pa and was then made pastor a breakdown in health caused him girl and or.e woman victim reported a he chas of Sacred Heart at to secure a leave of absence.

Friends Lewistown. Pa. He aiso served as sa saflered financial reverses. pastor of St. Francis Church at Harris- are his widow, Mrs.

Alice being transferred to th; Hepburn Be3 and three children. The body of B. Canrxin. 77. was Outside were fcuric the bodies of tso nephews.

Thomas 56. anS John William Cannon. 22. AH had been shot.

Wills Cannon. 82. was beattn a heavy utttraniKit ar.d shot. peculiar odor about his person. Mrs.

Charks Jacobs was the woman stabbed. She told police the man leaped upon her as she walked past an alley in the diwr.wwn section IaK She felt a blow in the back as he snaichcd at her purse but was sot she had been cut until she ran into the home of a friend. Hospital physicians said she would recover although the knife had cut deeply. i Delegate Odorion W. Roby.

Jeader of JsSerson; Rev. and Mrs. the act should be art-nmfstgred by the opponent- the oriy Mont- man. Mt. Airy; H.

E. President rjch reg-lalions as he "rfgate to vote egainst the biU. of the grace in the he con- Barkittsvile: Rev. Dr. and Mrs.

At- the comicittee inserted s. provision that cZcded, --12 Coar: Rev. Dr. C. S.

Wehler. pastor of tae H. L. CoSfma Presbyterian church, read as Rev. and Mrs.

the scriprore jecS-co Romans aac Jetton. Ijamsvill-e: Rev. and introduced the speaker. Rev. T.

W- Ijlayd. Rev. Vem J. Fife, Woodsboro. presicezt of the Fred- Manger.

Rer. and Mrs. ericjt County Ministerial Association, of- Hesry C. Kraft. Rev and fered praysr.

Two hymns, "Come, Mrs. Emer Schildt. Rocky Ridge: TSoa AiEigbty SargT ard Ixve Rev. and Mrs. Thomas M.

DicSey, That Will Not Lei Me Go" were sang. Rev. Claude H. Corl. Sa- WALKER AND BETTY WELLES AND BOWERS TO WED, CANNES REPORT NAMED BY ROOSEVELT Improves From Accident.

Projrrain To Be Planned. Theodore W. Before, who wac Gailhersburg. Apnl verely injured last Wednesday whea plannms far the year will be '-ractor passed over his aim and a feature at the business session of improving slowly at his ioma the Gaithersburg Woman's Club at the Doubs. He was removed to the home of Miss Myers, Observa- Frederick City hospital for examination to-- Heights.

Thursday, at 2 30 p. m. ori Friday, when it was feared his arra The procram committee in charge wil might be broken. It was found, how- be Mrs. Bates Stchison.

chairman: that the arm --ss only bafily Harry Blur.t. Mrs. George Chadwick bruised Toung Basfori's head was bad- and Miss Olivia Myers Sr.i-ertair.m-eni -7 cut, his leg injured and he sastaiied :r.i;ht prsscrie. Thas. by toe open aimisji3n of Mr.

Roosevelt was left with authority to do erery- he cotilc have coce under the and perhaps njuch besides. the skirts of the legislators --ere cl-ear. Everyone is entitled to his owa opin- The roll ca.i showed S5 for the measare, Irawever. with onj 29 vctes against it. Under Ibt terms of the bill movies

3 Btrj ihe actress, -ii" Hall to- Apr 3 'A?) --President Welles, c.f Maryland, to Assistant St-crs-A-- cf S'ate. ar.d Claude G. Sow- features incluoe spe-cial music by Mrs M- GriSth. of Washington and Mrs.

William GrifSth of ersiTvirE over his body. can be shown in part of the cay and fjll ab-ou' ers cr ambassador to asder ihe Girectisn of Dr. A. R. Reins- bC Rer.

C. E. Dryden. Suckers- in what degree this aSords a nteas- of th bers, with Mrs. Maud W.

Dittmar pre- town: Rev. R. Seibel. siding at the organ. Ushers who offici- Hev.

2nd Mrs. 3. F. Blabaugh. sted daring tise oeertory were Jesse W.

Rev. arfi Mrs. C. H. Buck- Shaver, 3no-- G.

Nusz, Charles Rev. ar.d Mrs. Clarence R. The Exceptions Lough. RasseH H.

McCais. Roy I. Kyr.d- Boxman. Rev. ar.d Mrs.

J. mau. and Denver Shook. C. E.

Steele courage and the candor of per -the Congress of the United States. after 2 p. m. Suricay. There is ro the marriage reeulati'OK for a referendum.

-we were the rjetessary The county Sunday baseball bill has faic. when he was aiisc aictut a t.iat he anc Csnipjoti had cxxn ir.3im«3. Officials at the bureau said Walker Soain ioasly passed the House anc in fix Seaa Of or-rie, there are sotaXe excep- Frank Fife. WoDdsboro: Rev. Harvey S.

lions. Some men in senate and house is chairmar: of the usherir.g cosiniittee. shu Adsmstown: Rev. and Mrs Directors Chosen. 1 At the annual election of directors rf the Frederick Brick Works, held from 10 to 12 o'clock this morning at the Fredericktown Savings Institution, di- The theme for Tuesday's sornian wCl Rer.

S. Ear! be: Mr.che'.l. Rev. and Mrs E. Attend Luncheon.

John Fisher. Walkersv.Z-s: C. Those who accepted invitations to at- Dudrear. York. Rev.

and Mrs. A tend the luncheon for members of the have sposen their mines directly, for or agamst the President, without any and ''howevers." With the others, it may be a mat- ter of hs'a-t. No Darliaajsatary phrase Peel-er, Lovettsville. Rer. P.

H. is more used from sy to day in either Frederick County Mir.isterial Associa- Williams, Ur.ion Rev. John branch than that time-honored form- at the Frar.cis Scot: Key hote: Weybright. Thurmor.t: Rsv. ar.d Mrs.

-jla: -reserving the right to Hearings Tonight. today were as fellows- Rev Dr Kirk. D. Bcr.ajr. Grocenam: Kev ar.d As for effect of it all, that car.

Charged -Uth drunkenness on the Baltimore; Rev. and Mrs. DeWilt P. John's. Adam.

M.ddlctowr,: Rev. and be epitomized in one item: Joe Bnya-ri was at 1220 Norwood. William C. Baumeardner, Claggett Ramsaur? ker Carty. w.n meet this week for had them MTtral days ago i-3-ild married s3r.

Divorce Granted. Lloyd of M.ddler^wr; has granted ar. a'osDlute divorce from h.s -rife. Remsburg, of Wash.r.rtor; Tre plair.t:" is required to pay the of the proceeding. Bettins.

N. 3 APi --A b.ll Wattersvine Palm Sunday Service. Rev Johr. K. D.

D. saperiz- of the of the Church of the. Bret-nrt- York. Pa. 1-vrr the sermon on Sunday eveniris at 7 30 at the Brethren Church, be one of 25 princesses WaUersville.

This service is a anijn which is held ar.niallv Try- Directors Ejected. Siocshol-cers of the Union Manu- election of directors from 1C to 12 this morning. directors elected being: Thomas H. Louis Wilson, Thomas Zimmerman. Charles McC.

They win neet ifcsday n-oming ai To Be Apple Blossom Princess. Miss Thelma Mullimx. daughter Mr. anc Mrs. H.

Mullinix. Market street, has fcc-en chosen to represent Avcrett College. Dar.v.lle. Confer- in the Shenndoah Appl-i Biossom Ffes- Uuitec tival at Wjncisestcr. Va.

This is Miss 10-30 for organization. will 5e- second or final year as a student at Colleee. and she to Shenandoah." who will be Miss Francoise daughter of the Belgian THE WEATHER TODAY hold a. oi -onior. Lenten Ambassador in Washington.

is jrLn-fost Boy East Church St. Home. Win Confer On Road. Apnl 3 --Her. Henuar.

Precipitation for 4S hours ending at 7 a. m. inch. Precipitation, April to Jach. Normal April Wilson and Reed have beer: inches; acUal, April.

inches. Mr ar.d Mrs Her.ry R. Shoemaker, named by the GaltJersburg Chamber Excess in 1933 precipitation to of have purchased from of Commerce as members of a com- April inches. the late Abraham M. Lan- ir.itiee to confer the Mayor an-d tne brir.

dwelling Towti Council in regard to obtaining at 21 Cnurch street, which immediate action vj settle the prolonged formerly the Lancauer home. Mr, controversy between the property Zuse. asd Mrs. William Roy: Mrs. W.

Biggs Elliot.t. Ur'oana: The responsibility for what happens; this morning by Officer Brest and, horse races a kl u.c- p.ui«i.i al Rev. Dr. Henri L. G.

effer and Langra 1 Mt. Airy; Rev. ar.d Mrs. ir. this cour.try during the r.ext few placed under S3 "collateral for a hearing; Hampshire auv.mav.ially became shoemaker is Co-mtv Agricultural ers and the State Roads Commission I.Mrs.

Kieffer. Rev Dr. Hsizner. Arthur G. Null Doubs: Rev.

and Mrs years is going to belong to Mr Roose- Police Court tor.ight. A cliargs of today upon fr.e of Governor Aorer.t. He Mrs Shoemaker plan "b-attle r-eck" at the end! Dr Mrs. H. ar.d tc- degi-si ercn greater than had entered agujt John G.

c.ther to or veto to Fredcr.cii the early o-f the bndee over the Baltimore. fc Dr. acd B. Mrs, George K. Pleasant.

foreseen, (Walter HuE. I UK aieaj-ore. i i OJuo Baiiroad, High temperature yesterday---70. High temperature z. year ago--77.

Low temperature last night--W. Low temperature a year ago--56. Sun sets p. m. Sun rises a.

jn. Moon rises p. a. Moon sets toawzra.

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