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York, Pennsylvania
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MASTODONa uXk.11UJUAlti W. C. T. U. 1 i'metown Items.

Tle farmers are busy hauling lime. The Lei by Seidie saw mill is about done sawing out the timber on A. Sutton's farm. Messrs.Wesley Bierbower and Harry Seitz are busy taking out spokes for Mr. Samuel Laird.

Mr. M. W. Coulter is busy hauling lime and spokes for Mr. S.

Laird. Mr. Wm. liuruett, our enterprising butcher, is busy killing the porkers for the farmers. Miss Mazie Laird is teaching the Piiietown school this winter and is getting along nicely.

Mr. J. A. liigler is busy taking out siokes and chopping wood and hauling them to Mechaniesburg. Our supervisor is about done working on the roads and is ready to settle up the taxes with the farmers.

Mr. J. R. Sutton has made an improvement on his farm by cutting the locust trees away and putting a wire i walk was uj. stroyer t.

Salvation 25 cents. T. Soldbj B. i- DECEMBER IS, 1S96. Every Day Is a round in your ladder of life! You kn-ow how many Bteps you have flinsbed but how many are there you know that your life depends on your supply of health, and do you realize that tired feelings and other symptoms of weakness are nature's warnings.

If bo, remember that strength is restored by the prompt use- of Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey Invaluable asa stimulant and tonic, appetizer and general health-builder. A boon to thousands of weary men and women who lack energy and ambition. The stimulative nourishment contained in the pure malt has a wonderfully beneficial effect in consumption- and all other wasting diseases. It quickens the circulation, and acts as Ktire cure and preventative for coughs, colds.the grip and pneumonia. Style.

Fit, Good Wear. i i I (0 9 0 tO ak uniK fence along the road. There are some hunters trom vn- tlersontown who had better be a little careful and stay in their own vicinity, or they might be dealt with according to the trespass law. lake warning. hunters, and stay in your own town ship.

X. T. l. 1. How is it when a young man goes Ills l.idv I've to pnrk.

Xo sign of light or fire shows Athwart the parlor's MICHAELS, the Tailor. CASH! Have You Any? An woo! von part with it in ex change for a fine Sait or Overcoat made the latest fashion; trimmings of the beat, and fit Tgnarauteed provided yon could get a rare bargain snch a3 you never heard of before and never will gain? li bo read trie louowing: COUPON. Thl Coupon en'Mes every Oah par-. 'hrwtruf a Suitor 0ercw.t to an extra pair chrwtruf of Trousers free of charge If rewrite 1 at the time of a-lne yonr order. Get prifts from our com 1 tutor rwrore iski-i? a-ivnn-tape of thli oflVr.

Coupon vxl from Nov. 2nd. 1S'J6, to January let, lbS7. Mir.haftls.thftTailor. 16 South George Street.

mm mm. mnmtiim Mitels, Tie Tailor, 16 South Qeorce Street. PEHNSYLVAB1A RAILBOAD. Northern Central Railway Division. fill BTAJJDAKD RAILWAY OP AMERICA PROTECTED THROUGHOUT BY THE Interlocking Switches and Block Signals.

8ch cdclb arr Nov. 15, 1896. Trains Utatft tora as follows: For Baltimore Kiprtas 4.87, 7.12, 10.86 A.M..2.S4 and 4.2 F. at. IXuly.

stopping at Intermediate sta- notis.5 A. 12 2, 4 45, and 8.22 P. Fundarr 6.2ft A. M. and 8 'ti P.

m. for UArriaburx, W.iA A. l.U. S.ttt. 6.27, and 10.32 P.

Snrtdayi LU, 6 10 A. 21., 13, 6 27, aud 10.S2 P. FoaTHtWttT. Pacific Ezprea dally at 1.62, A. arrlreaat Altoona at 7.40 A.

M. andPlttabunr at 1X10 M. Paat Llue dally at i Ai P. at Altoona 7.40 P. M.

auu Plttabnrg at 11.80 P. M. Vonnnrlt-uiia Limited of Pullman Teatltmlc Car dally at 1.63 P. M. at Altoona at 6.06 Ktubttrg at .16 P.

M. and St. JLorJa Kzpreaa dally at 67 ariiTea Altoona 10.40 v.m.aa niuotui ai 1.00 A. M. W'estom Exnran dally at 10.S3 P.

M. anrfTM lA Aitoona at a.K A. M. and PltUburg at 7.16 A.M. KMnnxm dallr at 10.R2 P.

ar rlvwat Altouna at 10 A. H.and Plttaburf at tM Ait Fob Tkb Kobtk. IH A. M. dallT North ea Bn knry A.

wuuaniiipori tM A. ftinuri 10.15 A. 12.40 P. and krlo g.10 U. JonnetM for Rochester daily and BuOalo and Nlasara full daily except bunaay.

6.M A at. daily Kewi Ezpreaa. am yea Sun bury A M. A. WtlUaaupartll.U A.

and Lock Uavea 12.0A P. M. 10.25 A. li. wek day Kzpreca, arrlTC Buii bury r.

iiuaruj-Lorx r. uocc CcnandalKtia 8.10 P. (intinecu for Booh ter. HuRhIo and Niagara Fail. P.

week-day Pant Une.arrlvea Sunbory nr. port 70 r. uenovo r. P. it.

dally, wuiUjnsport Kxpreaa, ar-rlT Sunbury 25 P. U. and WlUien part 10. 10 81 P. M.

daily except Saturday Bufllo Exprew.amvefl Bnnbury 1.86 A. Uanunort 2.55 A. M. Elmlra 6.82 A. Canan- darua 8.20 A.

at.ConneoU for Kochener, Buffalo ana Muut Pall4 PEXH8TLVAKIA KAILROAO rRKDXiiial VIBIO On and aftet Monday Nor. 16, MO, tralna will leave dauy (except buooay) a loncwa: JT0STHaKD. 407 401 409 60S 401 Locttion of the Couctry Between St. E'ua snd Mt. ukon.

Forest and Stream. Miners and Stick Indians who ha come out this fall from the headwa ters of the White river, in Alaska where they have been prospecting for gold, bring almost conclusive evidence of living mastodons in the isolated re gion. For instance, the testimony of such veracious witnesses as those residents of Denver, who were in terviewed as recentlwnis October 15th by Kditor Eugene C. Stahl, of the Ju neau News, himself a conscientious naturalist of no mean abilities, is not to be flippantly disregarded, nor the collateral testimony, which is more than circumstantial, furnished by traders and intelligent Indians who pro fess to have seen the animals and their massive footprints. The location of the mastodon coun try, according to the sketch map of William Ogilvie, of the Dominion Survev, is about midway between Mt St.

Elias and the Yukon river, and 100 miles due north from St. Elias, and less than that from old Fort Selkirk and the mouth of Stewart river and Forty-Mile creek, where hundreds of gold miners have been prospecting for ten years or more. The White river is an affluent of the Yukon, whosp course is due north. That it should never have been visited is not remarkable, unless the trappers or wood runners of the old Kussian American Fur Company may by pos sible chance have gotten there in years gone by, and that mastodons mav have chosen this inaccessible se clusion as their final stamping ground and still survive, is also not improbable. Indeed, their actual living existence at the present day is essentially necessary to explain the phenomena of the numerous buried deposits of remains pf this animal which have been discovered in Siberia and Alaska not only of bones and tusks w-hich Eskimos have, made articles of barter for generation, but of well-pre served carcases so fresh that the sled dogs of overland Arctic explorers have repeatedly been fed upon flesh carcasses which were supposed to have lain refrigated end undecayed for centuries, but it is more reasonable to believe, under the.

new testimony and revelation on the Whits river, have been burled within a comparatively recent period of historical time. Walout fflong the' fie! tea of tfie Lena, Mackenzie and other Arctic rivers are. constantly rovoaling mass of mastodon tusks and bones, and deposits are often found in just such bops as overlay the country adjacent to the White. river the animals have been drowned and mired by hundreds by some flood or cataclysm which has overwhelmed them. On the heights of land which separate the tributaries of the Yukon from the affluents of the Pacific ocean they would be quite exempt from such a.

catastrophe, and they have moss, grass, browse and fodde-r in unlimited supply in their present a temperature cold enough to suit nnd plenty of water to drink, credulous scientists will be ready to believe, from the evidence adduced, that remnant of this huge creature, long supposed to be extinct, still exists within possible access of human habitations and a resident population of at least 1000 miners, traders and furriers. How Is I his Offer? On rrcfiint of ton cpnfa.rfsh or etamra. pample will ba the most popnhir Catarrh and Hy Fever Cream Palm) eofTicient to derronstrate ls great mt-rita. Full eize ELY BROTHERS. 51, Warren iit Heir Yot A friend odvbrd me to try El 'a Cr P.alro and after Ufitar it rix weeks I Ueve mvte'f ord of catarih.

It is a mi valuable rerucdy Joseph Grand Avrne, Drnoklyn, N. Y. Fours to Floiida. Xo district in America present, during the winter jsenson, so many varied attractions as the State of Florida, its delightful climate, which to one escaping from the cold and unhealthful changes of the seems almost ethereal, it is pre-eminently land of spurt and pleasure. Along its eleven nundred miles of salt-water coast and in its twelve hundred fresh water lakes are fish of almost every conceivable variety, from the migratory tribes common to Northern waters to the tarpon, pom-pano, and others of a more tropical character.

Nowhere in all our broad land can the angler find a greater variety of game or better sport. Here also tho most enthusiastic hunter finds- satiety. Deer, turkeys, bears, panthers, and wild cats roam at large through the more sparsely settled regions, while birds of all kinds may ls found in abundance throughout the State, The more novel, sport of alligator and manatee hunting may also be indulged in by the more, adventurous tourist. With its matchless clinatft, it orange groves, its rivers and lakes, its boat in and bathing, iu flhlng nnd hunting, and ita extensive forests, Florida presents unrivaled attractions for the voletudinarian, the lover of nnture, the sportsman, and th; ox-plorert To this attractive State the Pennsylvania Kailroud Company has arranged four personaUvcondueted tours during the pennon of 1897, "peelal train January 26, February nnd 2.1, and March 9. The first three tours will admit of a sojourn of two weeks in this delightful the fourth tour will urn until May 31 by rtB Haiv.

Knnd trin, Sod.oo roT "Si phia, "nd other pomVi? For ticket, information, appi( special hooking offices, or W. Itojd, Assistant General Passenger Agent, F.road Street Statiou.Phil-adelphia." Froru Sire to boa, As a Famiiy Medicine Bacon'a Celery King for the Nerves passes from sire to son as a legacy If you have Kidney Liver Or Blood disorder gat i neo bam pie pacV'io oj this reuivdy. If you havtt linligesvion, Constipation, Head acne, ivneuiraTisTn, on re vou. i i A. (J.

the'lead VUUWW" la rliutribll- i v. 1 1 W. i bihiiiicb lire, illfjc jmvKUgvo and 25e. Sunday schools are fiHinir-up with ante-Christmas scholars. 9toD atuTerlzLa't Try nr.

faia FU2a, Rih'I rijK? holly berries 4he proKr Christmas fruit. Good Kestilts From liocd's. Ettere, Ta. Dec. 1, 1896.

I am glad to have an opportunity to recommend Hood's SarsapariUa from my own exper ience. I arri thoroughly convinced that any one who is BiJlFetitiK from Etnmaah trouVtle may oViiain relk-f by taking hopu i Hareapmi. isot only in own lamiiy out in otner CBses 1 liave fen happy leeaitB lrom takinp Tlood'e Saras pariila." Mas. JJounB.Frey. Hood's Pilla act harriioniously with iiooa.s barsaparuia.

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Bates, 109 South George Street. lm J. I i Ail. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS CLKAN AND UXCLEAX. Under this head The Lutheran Ob- server thus refers to.

the theatre: 'Perhaps the earliest results of the debasing influences of the theatre are found in its inniienee uikmi the lives of yonncr men. The moral principles which have cost a Christian mother months of care are banished in an hour. Here the youtif man sees the stimulating- inllueiiee of drink, while the deadening effects of trie drug's are carefully hidden from view. Here he is brought tinder the influence of those who have learned to abhor a home, who look upon everything- a dull and worthless that is not sufli-ciently stimulating to arousei their stupifled sensibilities. Here the.

low, the drunken, and the dissilute. hiss at what is holy and pure, and applaud that which appeals to the basest pas sions. Here under the influence of exposure and postures which should bring the blush of shame to the cheek of decency, previously pure young men feel the awakening pow-er of indomitable passion.and thousands, dazed and bewildered every night in the year, fall an easy prey to the barrooms, the gambling dens and the brothels which cluster under the shadow of the theatre. Here the strange woman lurks for the destruc tion of those who, in no other hour of their lives, can so cosily be Ted into the paths of sin and vice. If there were no other indictment that could be made against the theatre, its influence in corrupting the vouth should le sufficient to banish it from every city and hamlet in the land.

If a man of Ood needs any justification for pointing out the dif ference 'between the holy and profane, between the clean and the un clean, he can find it in the character and influence of the theatre upon the lives and destinies of the young men who sit under his ministry, lf the character and debasing influences of the theatre are so unclean that a Christian minister cannot present them to a promiscuous audience of Christian men and women, let him gather the j-oung men about him in separate meeting for men only, and there exercise this important duty of his aered office. Let mothers and fathers, let Christian people, let pure women and godly men, let heaven, and all the redemptive and saving powers of the Gospel, unite themselves in one common effort to redeem and save the young men of our land from the destructive curse and moral in- tagion, from the temporal and eternal ruin which are wrought by the tbe-ntrv" BEER IS NOT HARMLESS. How Life Insurance Teople Recrartl Habitual Users of Malt Liquors. Recently a New York Hun cor respondent asked Dr. I.

K. Funk the following question: "Docs Dr. Funk ever notice the strong wiry frames of the tierman immigrants? Dr. Funk replied that the fact that the Germans drink beer and vet are stroner he thfnks a argument that beer drinking as drink is not hurtful. Is this true? It is the business of life insurance men to make a atudy of longevity.

They have, reduced this study to somethincr like an exact science. Prejudice, nar rowness or fanaticism has no more to do with it than it has with a table of logarithms. It is with these men simply a question of cold busjness facts. bhopard Hornans, the well known actuary, long the president of the-Provident Life Assurance Society, "It Is my olwervation that malt liquor taken habitually by the mod erate drinker tends to increase mortality, for it is a fact that the fate of mortality is greater among the Germans than nmong our native American President Greene, of the Connecti cut Mutual Life Insurance Company, says: "I protest against the notion so prevalent and so industriously urged that lser it harmless and a desirable substitute for the more concentrated liquors. What leer may be and what it may do in other countries and climates I do not know from observation.

That in this country and climate it use is an evil only less than the use of whiskey, if less on the whole, and that its effect i only longer delayed, not so immediately and obviously bad, its incidents not so repulsive, but destructive in the end, I have seen abundant proof." The British Medical Journal saya: "The progress of personal abstinence among the medical men on the Euro-an Continent has been remarkable. The Society of Abstaining Physicians waa formed at Basle only some eighteen months ago with a membership of twenty-five. Intelligence received lately reveals a present roll of seventy-live men) tiers. This striking rate of increased membership, with the 1'dgh-stonding of many of the accessions, is the revelation of an awaken-irfg and; of a revolution in the ideas which till recently prevailed throughout the medical profession abroad.the former belief having been that alco holism was the product ot only im perfectly rectified or sophisticated ar dent spirits." brief but cogent argument in favor of altinence from intoxicating dnriKX cr.juned ia two sentences from a fori "It is com puted that about aWtyf rtwrrfis sons commit suicide in Europe every year. Alcoholism is said to be the chief cause." More damage is being done by the open Sunday saloons than can be repaired by all the churches nnd schools dnring the Poverty, debauchery, and misery walk hand in hand." Rev.

John Henry Harrows. A prominent Presbyterian divine of Wilmington, Delaware, while in our oflice the other day, suggested the following as on appropriate saloon sign: Ails, Biers, Whines rmd Lluk-hers," In writing upon the subject, "Rum-wellers as Robliers nnd Joseph Cook said recently In the Advance: "It has leen proven that although we receive one hundred million dollars a year from the liquor traflie, nevertheless fifteen dollars a head is added to our burdens and one dollar and sixty cents received. So that the 1 loss to the nation -en or twent- times the income." -v Don't! If a dealer otters von a hottle of Halvation Oil without wrn-n- prr or lalHls, or in miitilatotl oon- dltlon, don't touch it don't buy it at any prico, there is -something wrong it may be. a dangerous or worthless counterfeit. Insist upon pettinir a perfect, unbroken, genuine package.

He on your guard! Now's the time, young man, to quarrel with your best girl. 4 Perfect Infant Food Gail Borden Eagle Brands Condensed Milk Tr Wttti.n la a Httla book 9 treat value that is sent Fkek en tpplt aatloa. 5 N.Y.Condemed KllkCo. tt Hndaom Stmt WnwTttkT IMHNNIHUUMfHMi A Course of Study in English Adopted for oso in the Public Schools of York. The following course of study in Grammar, covering a period of eight jears, based on a course for elementary schools as rirepared under the direction of the Massachusetts Hoard of Education has been suggested by City Superintendent A.

Wanner for use by the teachers of Yor' The course so nearly conforms to the one now being formulated by Superintendent Wanner that he has determined to recommend it for adoption. Of course modifications and chajnges will be needed -and will be made in accordance with the needs of our schools such modifications, changes and additions to be based on practical experience in school room work. LANGUAGE SECOND YEAii. 11. Train in the choice of words as let's for less.

12. Continue 3 and 4. 13. Teach the use of the singular and plural forms of nouns and verbs. 14.

Teach the use of personal pronouns with the verbs am and has. 15. Right forms of set, etc. 16. Teach combinations of simple sentences; continue 6.

17. Teach use of the dieresis, dot, and circumflex. 18. Continue 10; teach comma. 19.

Accustom to dictation and writing simple letters. 20. Train to self pronouncing of new words; continue 3, 6, 8, 11, ete. SECOND YEAR. Direct the pupil in the choice and use of words, as let's for less; well for good; shall for will with first person in asking questions; may for can; this kind for these kind; this sort for these sort; a long way for a long ways.

12. Continue the work with the elementary sounds, syllables aud accent of wortls. 13. Teach the use of the singular and the plural forms of nouns and verbs and the use of verbs with singular and plural subjects. 14.

Teach the use of personal pronouns with different forms of the verbs am and has. 15. Teach the past, present, and future of sit, lie, go, do, see, break, speak, blow, bring, buy, cotne, catch, read, teach, throw. 16. Teacn combination of simple sentences.

Lead the pupil to develop simple narration and description by Continue oral dictation and' memory 17. Teach the broad, Italian, and intermediate sounds of the vowels and the use of capitals in headings and in lines of poetry nnd the use of comma by copying. 19. Tram pupils to write simple sentences from dictation. Teach the writing of simple letters by copying and by original expres sion, lake pains to nave mei pupil spell correctly the words used.

20. The elementary sounds being known, the pupils should be exercised on their combination; a new word is given as mark and they are asked to pronounce it. The pupils will learn language by using language; they will write down what is told them cqnerrning familiar objects, plants, animals, und min erals. Stories may. Je told or read by the teacher and reprOrrred orally or in writing by the ptipils.

Woman' ilea, son. Surprised Dame What? And you have refused Mr. Do Goode? I thought you liked him. Lovely Daughter" I did, but to tell you the truth, none Of. the other girla seemed to care a enap for him.

JT. Y. Recorder, Spirit of the Tinea. A These axe tiuxos that try financial souls. I'm Buffering loea alter lot.

How much id you lose this week A Eighty thousand marks, and the worst of It is that 100 of them were my own. Fliegtnde Blaetter. Spent It Promptly. Softj" Look here, Stony, yvhen you asked me to lend you that half-sovereign, two months ago, yon said you only wanted it for a short time. Stony Quite true; I only had it half en hour.

Tit-Bite. The Gseatest of Ail, "What do you consider the most common blunder made by men in public life?" "In most instances the greatest blunder la that they enter public life at all." Chicago Post. A Conscientious Reply. "Does do folka dat libs do road Turn you keep chickln?" asked Eras-tu Pinkley'a friend. "Well," was the response, aftex deliberation, "dey keeps some ob 'em." Washington Star.

Sired Cp. "Uncle Theophilus, what la a gross absurdity?" "Well, It ia a 40-year-old woman who weighs 200 pounds and calls her father and mother pQPa an'l 'mamma. Louisville Courier-Journal, Literary Notei. From the S. S.

MeClure New York Cit -a MeCI tire's Magazine will beg-in in the jrtfitr tumL of 'Life 1'or- traits of (ireat pn dut-tions of all existintr iiortriuViT-o't HenjaminFranklin known to have hoot made from life. There are fifteen hiu-h jxrt raits, and some 6f them have never been published. Sir. Charles Henry Hart, probably the highest authority on early American portraits, is oolleet-iiK and editing- the material for the series, nnd will add introduction and notes pr'vinfC the history of the several portraits aud whatever is interesting in the circumstances of their irolv.f-: tion. There will be ui ariicie on FranUliu by Professor Treat, of the UniverKlto' of the South.

Ia McClure's Miglrie for January Lida L'oho McC'abe will tell the story of the celebrated "Martha Washington Case" a case which engaged a number of lawyers of national renown; which charged a group of men of the highest and business social standing with causing the burning of a steam boat and the consequent loss of teen lives, iu ordar riw Sl.V- 14,1 i a large anil In lt day, was a arnsatlon of the first mag nitude. The article will be illustrated. Morgan Itobertaon, a new writer whose Htories in McClure's Magazine have been remarkable for their power and originality, will have in McClure's for January a storv of a derelict that, after roving the seas deserted for fifty years, subdued a modern man-of-war. (rants life as a cadet at West Point will be the subject of a paper by Hamlin Garland in the January McClure's. It will contain personal rwol lections from General Franklin, General Long-street, nnd General Frost, who were cadets with Grant and have must inter esting unpublished reminiscences of him and his cadet life.

Reproductions of unpublished drawings by Grant himself, valuable unpublished documents, portralts.siud West Point views will illustrate the japer. A description of the making and Iay ing of an Atlantic cable, with pictures illustrating all the interesting points. will be a feature of McClure's Maga zine for Janunry. The January McClure's will intro duce a new writer with a tnio story of a boy lieutenant's trying and dramatic experience In getting command in tough Ilowery regiment that had con spired to run him out. 1 FASHIONS BUT 8 POZZONPS vvompiexioiw A POWDER iji KEMAJfS AI.W ATS THE SAME, iji The finest, purest and most beautifying toilet powder ever made.

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Address A. S. ABELL COMPANY, Publishers and Proprietors, Baltimore-, Md. un. The first of American Newspa pers, C11ARLLS A.

UANA, Editor. 1 he Americau Constitution, the American laca, the American Spirit. These all the time.Iarever. Daily, dj mau. a year Dauy anil Sunday, cy mail, a year The Sunday Sun is the greatest Sanday Newspaper in the World Price 5c a copy.

By sail, $2 a year I m5 I i If ooooo: III 6-5 Sen So: SSSSSiililii MM i O-l i iim i BSSi sstsl as; I i i 1 1 I gel I 1 tDtoQoooaeaQfloaaaBQBQbSb: fi! Nil I If i I ooeoooiotoooiaw 1 i Xtvvu'i uatrtr'i aaooaa 58 El -MM I HMmMMmMMMMM i i I I I i i i I 1 a i a ai mi a i 1 1 1 -I I -i- I i I is 1 all the aboTe stations to ake on or let off nawes-gera. BOfTTHEKN EXPRKSS, on Bosnia J. w)L itopat stations to let off p4Btigers froar points ad Harrlsbnrg, "4" fetops on Hnnda- to take an at to lei ail easeuge" -waldJi trUa stop or.l Bt ON Leaver Ianuvriw. iuwv statioii at ti a. t-.

Leave Baltimore for Hanover and lntonnedlai station 9 80 a. mi i.H. HOOi), B. H. GJU8WOI4J, General Mitnajrer.

uenerat rasa. Alt. 0. C. UvsaasiEi.

Aent. Tork.Pa. fJAIMS TABbS stkvyastbtown railroad Correctlne with O.K. at Now Freedom flatly ex opt Sunday In effect ou and after Nov. JtS.

103. TRAINS UOLNtl WJSST. STATIONS Leave a.m. p.m. p.m.

p.m. fa 20 6 80 ia 20 to Zlee-lor. 6 38 12 23 ill 6 84 12 26 4 18 6 89 12 S9 4 39 6 41 12 SI 4 41 5 46 13 86 4 4 5 49 12 89 4 49 6 54 12 44 4 00 12 60 6 CO 12 23 26 13 29 12 81 13 86 12 89 12 44 12 (0 p.m. Anotme, Keenej Turnpike New Arrive a.m. p.m.

p.m. TRAIisa (JOING EAST, STATIONS. Arrive a.m. 6 63 6 46 6 43 6 41 6 S8 6 84 CM 29 as a.m. p.m.

1 2 19 2 07 2 05 2 02 1 1 1 61 1 47 p.m. v.ra 608 oi 6 fS 63 6 49 6 47 6 44 a an Stewart Orwifr Anmine Hhefler Keeuey Tnmr pike New Leave. a.m. p.m. p.m.

Passengers from points on Stewartatown all-road will reach Baltimore as folliws 8 15 a. ta. 8 15 and 7 15 m. Will reach York at 6 a. and 1 (3 and 6 CO p.

m. Faseupers leaving Baltimore it 4 50 and 11 45 a m. ant 3 so also leaving York at 5 25 a.m and 12 f2 and 4 4.i will make c1om netlons at New Freedom for poli, artstown Railroad. Tralnsstop OJ" 5: 2 BESS If Jl i ii 1 i i i i i i i ssn ii: i i i i i i I I end are prepared largest and Landao Axmmstcrs. Moquctts, Wilton Velvi Body and Tapestry Br, Ingrains Home-made Rag, Linoleums, Oil Cloths, Window Shade and Shadi ever shown in thin city.

The prices yon will find are the lowest. TaVe advantage of lhe early season and get the choice patteana. .1. 10 N. George SL FREE TO EYEBY MAEa I THE METHOD OF A GREUT TREiT-i MEST FOR WEAKNESS OF MEN 3 WniCU CUKE!) MDl AsTEK1 EVliRYTlIlNti ELSE Palnfnl dlajies sre bad enough, bat war" man is slowly wasilug away nervous ness, the Dipnlal forebodings ar ten.

tir than the most ererq hi in d' the mental sunr4C)c day ur nt almof lmpo-ni aud nnapr sno-are scarcely rtsponsible lor years (be writer rolled and to" sea of aexual wesknem on whether he had not betf and thns end all his lanpl ration came to' combination of a-' ly restored the' weak, eniact-atid he eo the troa-have fre James B. Zibicr Attorney-at-Law. tSTOoneriltation in English and Gennia, Room and Wi Building, YORK. PA. tnlMwtt E.

W- Spangler, ATTORKET-AT-LAW, Polack Building Opposite the Court UruM, Baarl Mark tr'fc YnlL 9. IS. SargBntRoss Attoritey-at-X-cw. fctac Budding OppotUt the Court 13 iSait Market Btreet. Yor Remour DR.

JOHN Bo removed office tc GEORGE STRB. Tneo THE MANUFACTURED BY Geo. W. Kable, THE TAILOR ill nei Mattel Sinn. Stoves, Bay them at H.

Katz Son't. We have them new and second-band. We also exchange to etut ail customer. 129 SOUTU GEOKGK tT. Open evenings. 368 BU-A-U FOR RENT. Noli) East Maple street, 8.00 per month. 140 North Bttanr 278 Walnnt 7.C0 658 Sntllh Qneen 8 75 Frey's ifmoe, 7 SO ftouU HeTw YA 00 Mill alley (frame house), bxA No. 133 Month ueuii 00 No. 221 Booth Georjre street This property In-eluding the lot adjoining will te sold at a very reaauoablc figure to cloud a eatala.

Lot 5 font on Oeorge atrett with a depth of 2B0 feet to Court alley. ELMER ZIEGLER, "RpL and Irmironce, Romas 4 A Rivnrltv TV.le A TntM Rave Money, jeweiry. Clothing and Furniture by having a pat In yoar hoaae or store by Fno. E. Graybill, BLBCTRICIAN, No.

108 East Market Street. -itr wO osop, Manager. 01 1 ill Export and Lager ETiLTHFUL AB lrt4fcirl from tit Parst Ob-tsiscfeie l0frdleriti. nOTtLKV ONLY MY Vm Oraafkt at tit Vrisfn Botls tsA BtUa Stoves 1 1 Vi 1 msi ana Best in I Bin at P. P.

P. H. 0 rs rreJc'1-i Lf Walt- rsruje Woodbiro iiriMx-VLi; Hacer Iron bf-riKg 00 16 'M 46 $8 IS 4 83 2 2 k)j bX I (Wi I 121 4, 17 26 ft. I (5 4 42 4 50 6 16 6 34 ell 5 80 6 S3 tlUititr rtaar ''b abiFprrjar 6 17 6 it IS 6 IS At U-i A it J. as.

p. m. xe 404.1 401 I a i am am 9 to). 9 A Sh Vj COl. ro 19 17 Jio 7 07(13' HI 5 3- 4 U-J) 1 1 47 it I 6 1 7 11 7 11 01 11 7 RS! s.

dj --u fol in tn 12 7 87 1 47 cnlna are ran betw ai-Yi le. 1 be tirce atxmn betvren olum-ai I Wnwrb'HTille 1 that of tie Columbia Kerry uf Tow boat Company. A3dU'unl trains Irava Kro1i-rlcB tor Bnioe-Tliie SC. and 6.03 P. M.

weekdays; returning, U-ave UrurerUle for frttlerick 8.28, 10.40 A. M. and 6 4 P. M. i rains It-ate Hanorer for GttTsfcatf at 1.49 A.

12.: 9 aud 42 P. M. week-days; returning, arrive at Hanover from Oettytborg 9 Jo m. and 4 to P. M.

vettk days. For time tables and further Information apply to Ticket Agent at tne station. a uUD, General Msnuer. Ueaeral Pacot naer Alt YORK rJOUTHEKA. On and after May S3, ISM, tha traloi will fan as follows: BOT7THW ARD 4 is add racreKT.

Leave York at 6 IS a. Ked on, 741 a. DeltA, 10.00 Leave York at 10:13., Rel L'on WS a. ra Delia.aj PeaeaB-tttom at Yore at to p. m.

Kod Lion, 6.08 p. m. Delta, 30 p. m. Ixe 8 rath jIia e35.

NORTHWARD. Laave rvitv 9 v0 a. Red Lion 7:1 a. ar-rtriuc at York 7:40 a. ra.

Makes oloae connection to Baltimorj, Frederick and phl'a elr.hla yASsRSirn AUD FREIGHT. Leave Pe Bottom 130 p. Delta, 1:68 p. ra. Bed Lion 1:17 p.

arriving at York at t5 p. a. leaves Uotta 12 c5 noon. Ked Lion 2M p. at arriving at York 8.

M. MASTTUI tieoerai Manager, i I rKrwrniim at it a4 Tt i aad fvi4rii'patBls trad tiaras sI a.mtos 30 toM.Koams builiaa, it firm aad street, Washintoo. C. Mnfjiio Tar stpensnea tacrilirji wrrVes a. as a I no 10 5 11 II 0 f5 03 7 4.

11 .1 tS 11 1 11 47 IK II 62 1 12 00 li 23 8 OS 40 ib 4 10 II 10 a Al 10 85 a. ta p. ia. if: Broth en, Keir York. I -1.

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