The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 22, 1890 · Page 12
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 12

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1890
Page 12
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valorem , ad valorem.. . ..K)po ,10po ad valorem... -• ......... '...S&p o or belting leather and sole leather, and leader not s p<J eather is now «J«* *nd goat sKtos, including 25pO 10 p o 10 po 85pc 10 po 15 pc 16 po 10 po SO po 10 p a 80 pc 80po 30 pc .to manuf act- All other. 50 po 60 P« SO** *0po 40po 4/Opo 40po 4£)p.O 40po Manu p^.^ ,_~ ----- - jtfj<. *.„,,+ sir. Manufa< 10-85 pc 1025po free 30 po 30 p« 30 pc SQ-46 po WK5PO • ••••-.:;••;"'"" mXthii^of-beari and shell, «r ivory, vegetable ivory, n 3?™f*j 8 ^component ma- 86&30po orem vaorem «*.« 25&30pO 35po 20 po 20 po valorem SOpo SRSSfigSSS® ,ry or sculptor only. Allcomm valorem ...... --r.-' -J^k^^^'^^red'with'eiifcoralpaca.^w- ifipo 60pe Glass, broken and old glass, which can not be cut lor use, and fit only to be remanufac- tU Glass plates or disks, roughrcut or .nn- wroueht for use In the manufacture of optical instruments, Bpectacles and eye glasses -a suitable only for such use, provided, bow-, that euch disks exceeding eight inches In ameter maybepoUsbed Bufficiently to enable the character of the glass to be determined. GBASSBS AND FIBERS. Istle or Tampico fiber. (Old rate |15 perton.; Jute. Jute butts. (Old rate $5 per ton.) Manilla. (Old rate $25 per ton.) Sisal-grass. (Old rate 113 per ton,) Sunn. (Old rate $15 per ton.) All other textile grasses** fibrous vegetable substances unmanufactured or undressed, not specially provided Jpr. (Now$15 per ton.) Gold-beaters' molds and goldbeaters; elans. Grease and oils, fiuchias are commonly, usea In Boap-making or in wire-drawing (now 10 per cent),-or for stuffing or dressing, leather (now 10 per cent), and which are fit only for snca uses, not specially provldedf or. Guano, manures, and all substances expressly •used for manure. ' , , .,._ Gunny, bags and gunny cloths, old.andJmuBei fit only for manufacture. • Guts, salted. Gutta percha, crude. ' .-•,,' Hair of borsea, cattle,, and other, animals... "cleaned^r.undeaned, drawn or.,undrawn,but iunmanufacture4,,not specially provided tor to- this act; and human hair (old rate20 per cent), iraw, uncleaned, and not drawn. Hides, raw or uncured, whether dry, satteo or pickled; Angora^goati skins, raw, without , the wool, unmanufactured; asses'skins, rawer unmanufactured, and skins, except sheepskins, with the wool on. . , , Hide cuttings, raw, with pr without hair, and. all other glue stock. Hide rope. Hones and whetstones. Hoof B, unmanufactured. Hop roots lor cultivation. Horns and parts of, unmannfactnrea, Indud- •Ing horns, strips and tips. A India rubber, crude, and milk of, and old scrap or refuse India rubber which has been worn but by use, and Is fit only - lor remanu- lacture. Indigo. Iodine, crude. Ipecac* ' Ivory and vegetable Ivory, not sawed, cut or :otherwise manufactured.' ' Jalap. Jet unmanufactured. Joss stick, or Joss light. Junk, old. Kelp. Kyanlte/orcyanlte, and kalnlte. Lie-dye, crude, seed, button, stick and shell. Lac Bpirits. Lactarine. Lava, unmanuf actureo. lime juice and sour orange Hnn shall not be construed to include machln- imported for use in any persons, or lor sale. Pulu. Quills, prepared or unprepared, but not made UD into complete artldes. Qainla, sulphate of, and*!! alkaloids or salts of cinchona bark. RageTnot otherwise specially provided for. ( °RegaUa Interns, statues, statuary and specimens olEcuIpture where special ylmportedln good laltb. f or the use of any society Incorporated or established solely for educational, pbUr osoDhlcai, literary or religious purposes, or lor tte encouragement ol fine arts.-or for the use OT by order bl any college, academy, school, seminary of learning or public library In the regalia" as herein used shall o mbrace^nly «ach Insignia pi wnk w office or emblem^as may .be :worn uppiL .tte person or berne In the hand durtag trablle ex- ArriRes socletv or institution, and.shall:notln- clud^ ^arUclw li ^theisoclety.b'r Instttution, and shall not include articles of furniture or to- lar.wearlDgppareli; nor per- of paintings and statuary, Importedfor exhibition 'by any associati9U, established in good faith .aiid. duly authorized under the laws of tue United States or of any state, expressly and solely loathe promotion and encouragement of Bciehce,a?t or industry.and not intended lor sale, Bhall be admitted free of duty, under such regulations as the secretary of the treasury ohlll prescribe; but bonds shall be given for the payment to the United States of such duties as may be imposed by law upon any md 11 of such articles as shall not bo exported within six months after such Importation; provided, thatthe Secretary of the treasury may n his discretion, extend such period for a f or- her term of slxmonths la cases where appli- cation-therefor shall be m*de. (Old rate 11 Worka of art, collections In illustration of the proR?ess.ol the art* science or manufactures, ^holographs, works In terra cqtta,.parian,.pot- terv or wrcelaln, and artistic, copies of an- ry ' 9P - metal or other material hereatter Iron cake. _ Sago, crude, and *a)?o flower. SaTacine. . Sauerkraut- KgSB^rtZ^.V'to***' ground, or other jugh bored. (Old Mid silk-waste. " iv any society the'purpose ol" erecting a public. «ld, transferred oruaed coa^^JJfirfTS viBion, and such articles shall D8 J ub ;> ee l> £ *ny time, to examination and toW*M°* *Z™" kroner officers ol the customs. Provided, inajj ;?he m-wSeees oLthte and the preceding section instrument or other article of an immoral nature? or any drug or medicine, or any article whatever for tha prevention of conception or 7or causing unlawful abortion. The remainder of this section and thetwo succeeding ones;refer to duties and actions of officers in entoreuig the aw and exempts drugs above described .from Ibis instruction when imported in bulk and not •nut UT> for the purposes herein specmad. P secflon H permits the importation of machinery for repair without duty and under bond for a period of six months. FidsB IMFOB1ATIOH OF FIRST PRODUCTS. Sec. 15. That the produce of the forests ol; the state ol Malae upon the St. John river and Its tributaries, owned tiy American dtizens. ana sawed or hewed In the Province ol New Brunswick by American dtizens, the .same being un- manufactured In whole or In part, wbichrls now Admitted into theportept the United States free of duty, shall continue to be BO admitted under euch regulations as the secretary of the treasury, shaU, Irom.time to.time. v prescribe^ .= Sec. 16. That.the,produce of, tha. forests -of the state ol Maine upon the St. Crolx riyer an<J and Its, tributaries, owned^ by American ciu- zens,-and sawed In the province of New Brans- wick by American citizens, the same being un? nanutactnred in whole or in part* 8ha«; mittedJnto/the ports bl the United States free of duty; under 8uefaj«OTlaaonfta*tte secretary ol the-treaeury? sbaQ, Irom timeto time» pre- SC Sec!' 17. That a discriminating duty ol 10 per centum ad valorem, in addition to the duties, imposed by law,*,coUecteoana natd on all eood-Bv wareaandBterehandiaecwhlco. ^hali:ba toported in-vessels-not ot the United .States; but the-discriminating duty shall not apply to goedsv-wares and-merchandise J»h«* Gnported la vessels not ot the Unltod 11 I 5 no ct- P b § inento there is here treasury not OSUOEW.WP-. Sec. 31. That section 3 utes. be, and. the-same stamped, ff imprisoned,notsmnjj See. 36. Thafc In- uB engaged in or connected-with 'a private or commercial character. ifree. Yams. ' (Old rate nitrate of, or.cubic nitrate, and chlorate of. (Old rate 25 per cent) suitablefor maklngor ornamenting '• Sec. 8. That with a view to secure trade with countries producing the articles and for this purpose, on and attoriOie a 1893, whenever, and so of ten as, I..,, J_ satisfied that;theeovern- . . „ lift saving apparatus speclaUy by Bocleties tacorpotated. or es- to T encourage the saving . ol numan, .. ,. and mineralogy, when toE?™* af nr'sale objects of sdence, and^not for eaie. cassia vera? and cassia buds, nn- d chips of, unground, Cassia, ground ment of any country producing and exportinz sugars, molasses, coffee, tea, and bides, raw ana uncured, or any of such "tides, Impose dutlea 'OTOther exactions on the B^ C W? 0 L2*g •products ol the United States, which In view of !f/u«. *KAA iw^wtrtTipHiriTi fif., RUCKl S11E&TS, mOloDDoBj ie^tavaSffiS&-^«S irnav deem to be redprocally unequal and SfeKSSSMsastfMSi •fflM&3S!Stfrta«a«» ifee, tea, and hides, the — 3 " 'country, for such time as -- * - -ie. and during such levied, collected and States, entitled by treaty or an. to be entered In the porta of the United on payment of itbe same duties as shall then 09 Daidon goods, wares and merchandise Import ed in vessels of the United States. Sec. 18. goodai wares,^or -merchandise, unless In cases provided |or by treaty, bhall-bfrImported Into the United Btatestirom any foreign port or place, except-ln vessels ol the United States, or In such foreign Teasels as truly and wholly belong to the citizens or sub iects ot that country of •which the goods arc he. growth, production, manufacture, or from which such goods, wares, or-merchandise.-can iniv be brmosfrusually are, first sblppedfo' TaSsportationi All :goods v wares, ormerdian disc importedcontrary to tills section, and.thf vessel wnereln .the same shall be imported,, to That wholesale deale»la & ffw - o just, candied. Mace. Imported the United congress. And charts, copies In ,ihe use of loreduv pur- fine arts, acad- the as be, and families Bed abroad d not in- LltflbcraphlcstoneB not engraved. Litmus, prepared or not pr.epared» magnefiia Magn'eBltim. i Manganese, oxide and ore oft Manna. ' - ManuBcriptB. Marrow, crude. manofac- palm-leaf, "B (Old pimento, ungrpund. * unground. or n^artu^ p^mce manufactured.. strontla. „ .-hrwa-No. 16 Dutch-Btandard oBse8, ana : ^ on !?sconifl tests as lollows, namely: ! All Buears notfabove number thirteen Dutch istandard hi color, all tankT bottoms* sirups ipl 'cans juice or ol beet juice, melada,jconeentrar: ! *«<i mniwla, concrete and concentratedmolaSv> £} TeBtiig b? tiftfpolarlBcopffBOt.above^dev ^?Be^en%nUis^;.lce|t,per ^ound^and: lor every additional degree or fraction of a de 1 - igree Bhownby the polarlscoplc test, 'dredthstpia cenfcper p abo7en ""—-~4by the Dutch ^ __ty"asf6nowsv- number thirteen and inot .. icolor, 1% cents per pound. All sugas abovtt : numoer«-j__— -—-"-twenty Dutch standard- of ^ color.4. oouwpeds and vegetable substances, ^nnmanulactured, not otherwise provided lor In this act. " -, In natural pods. ' 6 AU su'JS'aboVenumber twentyDutch stand. and such goods, wares, or merchandise, ship, or vessel, and ^cargo, .shall be-Uabte to be seized, prosecuted, and condemnea. In like manner, and under the same regulations^ re- BtrictibBB, and provisions, as have been heretofore e3tebll$hed.ldrl the recovery, collection, distribution, and i remission of forfeitures to the ^United States by the several revenue jtows. Sec. 19. That the preceding, section. shaU not apply to vessels or. goods^ wares» or merchandise imported In vessels ol a foreigtt nation which does not maintain a.Blmflar regulation agalpst vesselftpl aietUnltedStates. TO HSBVaia THB SPBBAD 0V ASBtAI. J>BH48W. Sec. 80i That the Importation of neafccattw and ; the hides,of neatcattie from any foreign country Into, tha United States i» prohibiteS. Pro,vldea^Thaj! fc; t]ie:,,operatiOtt of thls.seetion shajli:be Busp.ended,. as .to any foreign country or conntrieSj^or any part - ol fiucft" countrj ot coontrieSi.wheBever-the secretaryortheweas . _ J — s -~." Sf _- ary^ball'omclafly^^ ^ wft^ erioteraflfe. and .products L aefenft prits free Tuontha of- berTBecember, of each jear. compatatiott—, .preparing swee» WBoseKi knMpct to duty either as molasses or sugar,.as ^S^^ccord^K^PpIarlBC^^^ r On coffee, 3 cents per pound. , notice thereof, that such Importations will not tend to tHe.,IntH^uctt<»a4or -spread ot coate^- giQUftbrlnfectiQBai diseases amoBB-the^cata*' 5f the UnltediBtates^ aBa-th«.secre.«a?y of tto treasury Is hereby-authorized -and fflppoweraa, indJt sh«H behls dnty,.to makftr-airnecejgMy; orders and regulations to carry, thto-seettan- Into effecft'orjta.sBBSBeMttifr samesas,theiBa»< proviaedTand .to^STca^thoeof w : tte propeftofacera in; ithef United ^Statesj: and-, to send Buch .officers =or- agent* - of J th« Unttea States-Iniforelgn" countries: asJne BhalX juogs • ne 8cc;«li That^n riolation of aay o ing section, shall imprisoned not.exceedtns onejf.WE»oiM»th,lnr ' Section 45 THQvHes. NeedS^hknd sewing and darning. (Oldrate and periodicals; but th^ Sdteals" as herein used shall be under- Btood toembrace pnly unbound or, paper covered publications, containing current literature oftte £y and issued regularly at, stated ri^ds, at weeWy, monthly or quarterly. Oox Vomica, . by thepolariscopicitest.they a cent per pound additional.'' '* .a cent per p^u—— -^TVI"! "a ".»,^ Sulphur,lacor.preclpitated and shall pay ) of or brimBtone crude In bulk, Bulphur ore, f as IBB, wr Bu.puu.ov of iron in Us nator^ «« e .« containing In;excess c-1^perwnttunrtBUl- Almond, amber, crude ^d 'ectlfied-amlber- rilTanlse or anise seed, aniline, aspic orsplkfl manufacturing or me- Sweepings pi silver and gold. «rude»aa fibre, |savefl »»« J Coffee. • Colns,«old, sIlTer*nd copper. Co&«na coir f«n. ' t Ooppet, old,"tafeen from thebot, cwaveBselB compelled by marine tepair in foreign pprtB. ^QBTBV .TI^"^**^ ^^^ t>m - .. m. .^—-^ Cort w«odor«ork j»ari:, i iinmaainaj»«*«' to Couon»nd«ottoa waste or.flockft. ^^^^^S^K^^ such nsheries., peel, net preserved, cand- stone, •^-Apas^Ss^rSi. clothVand poplar converted into pa- cut, pollshed,or effects of r usu flda Jine fuch regulations^ prescribe: t apply than 6 cents per dyeing or Cntry and >cuny powder. Cutch. fcarrel8.«arbQyB,bag6,«n ad Ailed Witt orlorejgnmannfaclnre, *ndjewelB tobe wed watcnefl. stemseptoes, onder jnrther, i flicustomtw^ palm leaf and palm ieaf^ua- •manufactured. r*$hlDtt plates, engraved on steel or on wood, colored or plain. " „« Anwn.B 10 Featters and downs araother from which quinine Barks, inaybe arih iasader8 or fish il^ZjWini ft«t« Xlf «ynf"»»>« ndlitog purposes, ol wearing thereof composed i of platinum, eaktoeo, manufactured, lc per pound; «auaiBBisa»d bone**, , gxaen ripe or videu for In ttlaJMSt. phs, *ound or " wMch Cocoa nuts. Brazil nuts. Cream nuts. Palm nuts. cesft:«iuj|Ustu ed by the Mills bUl.) Tea and tea plants. ^, 0 * Teeth, natural or manoiacturea. Tewaalba. of tin, and- Tripoli. Eollon; ^ Turpentine, Bpirits of. per cent. vaccine virus. JliU s bill} cent; effects ta ttte dude sary and ent, comfort and intended ^or any other for sale, P ro ^ ing apparel ^f have been once and .subjected to the which may .hw i or exported to fo returning therewith w if not:adyance4Jn value Uon by any means use of such wer- and pres- wUch are or effects as. may into the United States >m« ^ and taken by the penons ,! States, Bhali ed m coadli yportation irom Whalebone, ^^^^"nuiactured timber not ^v^nffit«S¥5SSedtetothtoact, leclally enumerawu,"' * neadlng-bolls, stave- . -Oft- strumenl marble, 1 paintins^^drawicgs and etcbiiigs, ported in good faith for the use ol atty society or. Instllutton incorporated or established tor religious, philosophical, educational, scientific -nerary purposes, or for encouragement of me fine arts, and not Intended lor sale. (Un- SrMllisblUpholojop^^ strnments would ad valorem.) seedt, all of the foregoing Imported Lby lartinent of agriculture or the United States ' un- t »^-. in Ingots, bare, sheets, and wire. putinum, unmanufactured, and vases, torts andotherapparatus, vessels, and parts tone, » u ^_*^_ D »^ rj v,f platinum, lor chemical re- «blac*salts.» »ow 20 percent), or hydrate of, refined in sticks or rolls. Nitrate drate "te per pound), or Baltpetre, of potash, crude or refined. rate 3c per pound). rate 25 per cent;. not plementfl, Instruments occupation or employment. but ftte .exemp- _ ... rose- ol cabinet- bamboo and briar-root or briar- unmanufactured, or lot-further mar— *** CUt Into blocks t uitable for the tficts^partS mvrtie, and other: woodsf not. otberwise spa- clallv provided lor, In the rough, or not further manufactured than cufcnto lengths suitable lor etleks lor umbrellas, parasols, sun-shades, whips, or walking canes; and India malacca i jints, not further manufactured than cut into t uitable lengths lor the manufactures Into which they are Intended to be converted. Works of art, the production ol American, ertists residing temporarily, abroad, or other vorfcs ol art, Including pictorial painting! on i iass, imported. 1 expressly lor presentation to a > ational institution, or to any Btate or munlcl- 1-1 corporation, or Incorporated religions ao* »ty, college, or otiier public Institution, ei- i pt stained or painted window glass or stained • painted glass windows, bat such exemption t vail besubject to such regulatione as the sec- i< tary gf the treasury may prescribe. (Old !-te,Iree.) Works .of art, drawings, engravlDgs, photo- t raphic pictures, and philosophical and scien- •• dc apparatus brought by professional artiste, ) cturers or scientists arriving from abroad lor use by them temporarily for exhibition and In 'or pickled, Angora „— ,,. ;± n ZSSS&r^Tf»P;."»» sR*B? J agfssa»SB!w:ww. ': RPP 4 That there shall be levledr collected, valorem; and-on all articles nianulactured^ln. whole or to part, not provided lor In. this act, a duty oL20 per centum ad valorem. Sec. 5. That, each and every Imported article, not enumerated In this act, which Is similar, either nnmaterial, quality, teiture, or the. use to which It may be applied, to any article enumerated, in this a<jt "a^W^e with, duty shall pay, the same rate ol duty .which is levied on the enumerated article jrhicb4t most resembles In any of thftparUcntarsbelore. mentioned; and 11 any non^numerated^article-' equally resembles two or more enumerateA articles on which, different, rates ol duty are cnargeable, there shall be levied on. such non-enumerated "tide the•-•">•; «^ ot duty as is chargeable on the. article which it resembles paying the highest rate ol duty; and on articles not eno? 1 * 1816 .;.' 1111 ^?^ lacturedottwo or more materials, the Juty shaU be assessed at the highest rate at which the same, would be chargeable if .composed whollyol the component material thereof^ol chiel value; and the words"component material ol chlel value," wherever used In this act, shaU be.held to mean that component material which shall exceed In value any other single component material ol the article;,and the value ol each component material, shall be de- Termlned by the ascertained value ol such material in Its condition as found In the article. 11 two or more rates ol duty shall ne apr plicftble to any imported article It shall pay duty at the highest of such rates. Bee? 6. That on and after tbe-lBtol March, 1891, all articles of-foreign manufacture, such as are usually or ordtnariy. marked, stamped, -branded or-laWed, and all. packaeeg containing anchor other'Imported-article, shall re:. Ktiactivelv-be plainly markeavStampsd,.branded, or labeled in legible Engliab. words, so^as to indicate the country of their origin; and -unless so marked, stamped, branded or labeled, they shall not be admitted to entry. Sec. 7. That on and alter March 1, 1891, no article ol imported merchandise which jh*U copy or simulate the name or trade mark ol any domestic manufacture or maEUlacturer, sh&U be admitted to entry at any customhouse** the united States. And ^ order to aid the officers of the customs in - enforcing tills probiWtlon, anv domestic manufacturer who has adopted trade marks may require his name and residence and a description of his trade marks to be recorded in books which shall bo kept for the purpose la the department ol the treasury. und<=r such regulations as thesecretsry ot toe treasury shall prescribe, and may furnish to the department lae Bimilies ol sush trade marks, and thereupon the secretary ol _ the treasury 6hall cause one or more copies of theisame to be transmitted to each collector or other proper officer ol the customs. MiTERIALS TOR SHTPBUILDINQ-. Sec. 8. That all lumber, timber, hemp, man- Ilia wire rope, and Iron and steel rods, bars, spikes, nails, plates, tees, angles, beams and bolts and copper and composition metal wMch mav be necessary for the construction ol ves- Sis built In tiie United States lor foreign account and ownership or lor the purpose of •being employed In the loreign trade, Including the trade between the Atlantic and Pacific uorts ol the United States, alter .the passage of this act," may be Imported hi bond, under such Tegulations as the'secretary ol the Treasury may prescribe; and upon prool that such materials have been used lor such purpose, no Duties shall be paid thereon. That vessels receiving the benefit ol this section shaU not be allowed to engage In the coastwise trade ol the "united States more than two months in any one it upon the payment to the United '' ' a rebate is herein in the _ ^V^i^B^—^-3 , iUnlteTstatesTfbr r foreign accouni ship shall not be allowed to engage In the coasl wise trade of the United States. : •i Sec. 9. That ail articles of foreign production needed for the -repair ol American vessels engaged in foreign trade, Including the trade between the Atlantic and Pacific ports of the United States, may be withdrawn from bonded warehouses free ol duty, under such regulations as the Secretary ol the Treasury may proscribe. Section 10 refers to the manufacture of all inedicines, preparations, compositions, perfum- pry, cosmetics, cordials, and other liquors manufactured wholly or in part of domestic spirits, Amended for exportation, as provided by law, in order to bo manufactured and sold or removed Tvithout being-' charged frith duty and without having a stamp affixed thereto, and provides for i&o giving of suitable bonds to the collector of in.'PrDai revenue that same shall be exported. P tOHIBITIOJf AGAINST IMPURE LITERATUBE. Srti. 11. All persons are prohibited from importing into the United Slates from any foreign country any obscene book; pamphlet, paper, wntitjo'. advertisement, cfroular. urtnt, pfotnre, !-. i-mv?TTr*T>rrOv.!iar rf^rosoaiatiou. Jlguri cles once exported rot the manufacture of the TTnited ao internal tax has .been upon .w rUpon articl warehouses and-e , nbandonea for two years by Itt owner, that Jhe- •persnn rafetogr.the .vessel shall be i psrmttteilg take the merchandise into port without payins luty, but. under such - t, whan asbAxia eu as anpHeabfe. ^*yy--- -g-^Tg-. wines aought to be> raiHipartea; ( be-levied andueaDecteff upetft&y n Sec Ihat where imported materials ptt Vrovided?Tnat w and lor trretyt offense atifirtJ««.l! imprisonment for not-IIKH& thats-otrcr jrco See-49; That •wane-^pirast.-uaed iafte wines mar beTecoyered from snch wine? the premSes of a inly anthorized grapa distiller: and for thepurposeofsucar^ ^•ines «o forafled-may oereeeiveaas: thfrpiemises of soak a dfstflter; on a _, _-_-_,. wm Ja& held tapa^ the^ta^Gitav atjch. wines, as T~ atren^Bi therein «- of the-grape juieaandL added . on afterttadaywhokjaaf en si*ste^«?s*sss8s «v^.fSoM>nf mftv be ascertained:; ana pioriu™ the rate herein provided; thafrjhe jmportea. dues - materials used in the manufacture or prodnc- ^^^^^^^^^^^ uties paid on snob • • ~ \ the quantity - x > amount of duties paia thereon shall be ascertained, the facts rtthe —-nufacture or production of such artaclesin United Slates and their exportatipii tttere- Q shall be determined, and the drawback due used and the taty and- ttansportation or ported *me«5handia» - are to Feb. 1, 1891, npon the payment < rates to torce prior to *J«paM nro^ded further, that when du R mn «Se weteht of merchandise. ducer or exporter, to the agent of the person^to whom siich. ducer; exporter or agent shall such- drawback paid, under such rfP£at*S?j» the Secretary of the Treasury-shall ^ prescribe. "TOBACCO TAXES , BEipsAiTp. Sec..26. That on and after the nrst <3ay eighteen hundred and ninety-one, ali taxes imposed py the laws force u •dealera i£ leaf "tobacco, retail dealersm Sobacco, dealers, in tobacco, . «anaf aotnr«s of tobacco maflTifactarers of c-gaw, and peddtera- of tobacea are hereby repealedi Byery sucii dealeriBleaf tobacco, retail dealers to Jeaf to bacco, mannfacturer and peddler shall, now ever, register with >tha """JP'gL.g? district his naiae or style, place of res^ence, .sss rlon to a penalty of count of such sales, are^ hereby repealed? provided. however, thatit shallbe ^ duly ofevery farmer or planter producing and selling leat :to bacco. on demand of aninternal Avenue pfflcer, 1 " . or other authorized agent of the T 1 ^?! 1 "^ ^ij?- pirtment, to furnish said officer <w .agent atrue furnish such intormatfon. ,or 1 maKe false statements as to aforesaid, shall be guilty of a and shall be liable to a penalty not country by convict to cntfy at any of the» porta or nted Swte^^d taelmportatoff t&ereol '» tereby prohibited, and- the. Sectetaa^oftfa* -s-aluation of pair- «d of h* inard to the dteposal confiictoff Att Iater«rtl»« il'nstrr-tlcn, promctior!. »"" r-twur^vuz^iit <r. -. ,., viv ->rr^rr-rijuii;f rt.;-ro»oaiatiou. Jlguro or itsag-a ori, eueuuo, or muuoiry m tiic Uiiiuu iatutoo, j ,,0^5/02 paper or other material, or any oast, and,, not lor sale, and photcgrephlB pictareB,^'^ oeu 28. That section 3,381 of the United. States of his district a statement accurately setiang forth the place of his residence, and^ir in acity, ihe street and number of thestreet where her. sides, the state or states through which.he pro poaea to travel; also whether he Broposesto seli his own manufactures or the manafacturesoj others, and. it he sells for other parties, the per eon lor whom he sells, He shall also give.a bond m the sum of WOO, to be approved by tht collector of the district, conditioned that:.h£ shall not engage in any atternp^ *J^^™L™. by conuBion with oaers, to defraud the ^vern ~" ~£SL3£££ftS?' JSi ^ ?JBKi that tobacco, snuff or _.. full packages, as the law. be put up and prepared by t&e mono for sale, or for removal for sale or consumption, and-except such packages of tobacco, snuff and cigars as bear'the manufacturer's label or caution notice, and -his legal marks and brands, and genuine internal revenue stamps which.hart.' never beforebeen used." Sec. 29. refers to licenses and certificates ot peddlers of tobacco and -provides penalties for peddling without such license, and exhibiting it if hen demanded by the proper officers. ON INTERNAL TAXES IN MAKING IOBACCO. Sec. 30. That on and alter the first day ot January, 1S91, the internal taxes on smoking and manufactured tobacco shall be 6 cents pej pound, and on snuff 6 cents per pound. That on all original and unbroken factory- packages ol smoking and manufactured to* bacco and snuff, held by manufacturers or dealers at tho time the reduction herein provided for Bhall go into effect, upon which this tax has been paid, there shall be allowed adraw- • ' r,r rebate of tie full amount of the reduo- but the same shall not apply in any case "Biding over the field! Just of Spotteylvante, I eaawaeai» * Pennsylvania soldier. H& « against s stamp, Hotting * wannf, dl8nioimled»Ed M^ao^ «Ja tne bonebrokenP I tbrougathe flean.' SttOi •*- «YR»«t wmld my man?" f»MfI-^ "if ' —I was thinking sylvanJa hllla. " 'I wonM smile. ««Then here it is,' I _ my flask. Ton shall have it 1 "He toofetteflaak, held it in Ms second, then pointed at« soldier near by, 'Better give It to MB»* it more than I do, BOOT fellow* to him.' ^__ u yye turned to tha latter. knewv sbotblm. tempted: btpour i. \ look fat bi* eyes as be on the. sighed deeply anbyf ell baefr "I have seen that renn^S. since the war. He hod life anew with* On the deed to an enemy at mti him fox a sum of He now owns two farms, and he_ While eampal early days ol bought a fano; hundred sold the I eooforl CD

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