The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 22, 1890 · Page 11
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1890
Page 11
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orttn' merciaily valorem los. per « cu — ..'Sflpc ,lopo 25 p 10 p< 10 p S5P 25pO 10 p o 10 po »end or belting leather and soSWr, and leataernot W » action .leather, aav»u»-«" gopo "."/.!.25 va Gloves^ alldescnpho^ 10 po 16 pp 15 po «0pe 20 po 10 po 80 pc 80pc 3Qpo 10 po 80 po .. .. ,n-pairs .S3: 60po *r***.,^^1: 2i«. Ail •vaJniwin ......-•-• •- en-nji' BOP* BOp* and whether 'the following mt, being ia 40po 40 po 40po 40pc 40 po 40pc /per doz; on all 10-85 PC 1025po 85 no • orem.. v-vi:'l™««"™,i«> *a vainrem ; 130 86P« free 30 po 3QpO t20--f25pc 25&30po 35po 20 pc ~"rrL „«.»», mntB.LftndaBis < tne*ro^«»«»"»,''^—jTw.noUa or ieao.., PAj-^«w,/.a statuary as or ahv t^iai-aM^ ± * * *.t^ * * *.<jiri!.*M«»*At*f a?. fij3 j <ralor^»iu - • _• - •»• • - • •.*_".•• * i« * II>»D*J «»• im* valorem Umbtei lorem 70 p o 35pc Jtfipo IQpc SOpo 30 po free Imported United id charts, copies In use of Oleiouspur- eflneartB, liege, scad- • g In the ' ± lecturing purposes, «»* be. and tamillefl «ed abroad not ln- tor sale. « the treasury ore* oBculnsindicue. " orleanfl, wid4ai Glass, broken and old glass, which can not be cut lor use, and fit only to be- remanuiac- tU Glass plates or disks, rough-cut or tin- wrought for use in the manufacture of optical Instruments, spectacles »nd eye glasses, ana suitable only for such use, provided, however, that such disks exceeding eight Inches in m- ameter may be polished sufficiently to enable the character of the glass to be determined. GBABSBS AND FIBERS. Istle or Tampico fiber. (Old r ate i 15 per ton. ) Jute. Jute butts. (Old rate |5 per ton.) Manilla. (Old rate $25 perton.) Sisal-grass. (Old rate *15 per ton.) 8nnn. (Old rate f 15 per ton.) ^^KU All other textile grasses** fibrous vegetabW. substances unmanufactured or undressea, no* specially providedtor. (Now415 per ton.) Gold-beaters' molds and gold-beaters', skins. Grease and oils, euchcas are commonly-usea In soap-making or in wire-drawing (now 10 per cent),OT Ior stuffing or dressing, leather (now 10 per cent), and which are fit only lor suctt uses, not specially provided lor. Guano, manures, and all substances expressly •used for manure. ,, . . „ Gunny, bags and gunny cloths, old.anoieiuse, fit only for manufacture. Guts, salted. , Gutta percha, crude. _ Halrolhorses, cattle,, and otiiei• aiilraajs,: 'cleaned or, uncleaned, drawn or. .undrawn, .but iunmar»ulactured,not specially provided lor lir= ;thi6 act; and human hair (old rate SO per cent), iraw, uncleaned, and not drawn v _ Hides, raw or uncured, whether dry, saltea or pickled; Aneprajgoatt skins, raw, without the wool, unmanufactured; asses 1 ,skins, rawer unmanufactured, and skins, except sheepskins, with the wool on. Hide cuttings, raw, with or without hair, and. all other glue stock. Hide rope. Hones and whetstones. Hoofs, unmanufactured. Hop roots for cultivation. -.-,,, Horns and parts ol, unmanufactured, Inciua- Ing horns, strips and tips. - 4 India rubber, crude, and milk of, and old scrap or refuse India rubber which has been worn out by use, and Is fit only - lor remanufacture. Indigo. Iodine, crude. Ipecac. Iridium. 1 ivory and vegetable Ivory, not sawed, cut or 'otherwise manufactured. ' Jalap. Jet, unmanufactured. Joss stick, or Joss light. Junk, old. . .. Kelp. ! Kvanite/orcyanlte, and kalnlte. Lac-dye, crude, seed, button, stick and shell. Lac spirits. Lactarine. Lava, unmanufactured. LemojTjuIce, lime juice and sour orange iiulce d life savins; apparatus specially by societies incorporated or esr B to encourage.the.saving ,ol human life. Lime, citrate ox. . •£ Lime chlorideolj.orbleachlngpowaer,: Ltttdgraphleetones not engraved. Litmus, prepared or not prepared. Hon shall not be construed to Include machinery or other articles Imported for use In any manufacturing establishment, or for any other person or persons, or for sale. Pulu. Qams e prepared or unprepared, but not made te or salts .peclally provided for. ( °RegaUa In^erns^'statues, statuary and spec- linens of sculpture where special y Imported In eoodfaith for the use of any society Incorporated oV established solely for educational, ph£ oEophical, literary or religious purposes, or for tte encouragement of fine art B ,-or tor the use OT by order of any/college, acadeiny, school, BemlnaW of learning or.publlc library In the as hereto u«ed shall or office or emblems, as may ,be . person or barne in the hand durlngpubllc ex- flrMsea Bocietv or Instituticri, aBd.ahallinQtiln- d£ ^aVudesof thelBOClety.o'r .Institution, and shall Mt include artides of- furniture or ta- turefr or of -regular .wearlng^ppareli' nor per- Bonal ( prQperty .. ol individuals. fiaintines and statuary, Imported for exhibition 'by any association, established In good faith j>nd duly authorized under the laws of tie Ucited States or or any state, expressly and solely lor-the promotion and encouragement ol B eience,art or industry,and not intended for sale, Bhall be admitted free of duty, under such regulations as the secretary of the treasury snail prescribe ; but bonds shall be given for the payment to the United States of such duties as may be imposed by law upon any and au of such articles as shall not be exported within six months after such Importation ; provided, thattheBecretaryof the treasury may in his discretion, extend such period for a further term of six months la cases where application- therefor shall bs* made. (Old rate Ir ^orkaof art. coUectionsIniUuslTatlon of ae progress-of the art* science or manufactures, photographs, works. in terra cqtta,.paria,n,. pot- ?ery, Scelain, and^ " ttQulties in metal or other Imported In good laltti * tlon at a fixed place by any society or Institu tion established for the enrouragement of Jhe am or of Sce,,and all J any society material Sago, crude, and sago flower. Safacine. Sauerkraut- fe^lS canary, carraway, carflamon, co?fan!er v cotton .cummin, fennel, fenugreek, vail flower and graes seeds (old ratesu ., be. nstrument or other article of an immoral nature or any drug or medicine, orIny article whatever for the prevention of conception, or or causing unlawful abortion. The remainder of thfa section and the two succeeding ones refer o duties andactiona of officers ia enforcing the aw and exempts drugs above described .from th7s instruction^ when imported in bulk and not putupforthe purposes herein speeiflad. Section 14 permits the importation ot machinery for repair without duty and under bond for a period of six months. FKSB IMPOE5ATIOH Off JTB3T PRODUCTS. Bee. 15. That the produce ol the lorests of the state of Malae upon the St. John river and Its,. tributaries, owned by American, citizens, anft sawed or hewed in the Pibrvlnce ol New f Brunswick by American citizens, the .same being un- manufactured in whole or In part, whtehfisnow. admitted into the ports of the United Stateslree of duty, shall continue to be BO admitted under such regulations as the secretary of the .treasury shaU, from time to time, prescribe^ . Sec. 16. Tha5.the.prQdn<* ol- the, loreste^of the state of Maine upon the St. Crolx river ana and Its -trfbutarlesV owned by American era- zenSj and sawed in the proylnee pt New Bransr wick by American citizens, the same being &&• nanulactured In whole or Jn parVsha^be^a- mittedJntoithe ports of the United States free ol 'duty; undersuehjs^lationsaathe secretary •of the- treasury- shall, Ironvtimeto time,pre- SC Sec!'l7. That a discriminating du,tybl ; 10 per centum ad valorem, in addition, to. the. duties. Imposed by .law, shaJIbelavlea^cQlfected-"'' II nish such blanks and forma asmaybe^aeeeflara g_ I there is hereby appropriate^ any money in tut, & I S»a?^^ " to § tobacco shall be... fered for sale unteas put up-ipv^efcag' ^d^seCti^a368«*th*.Be.vJsed»Sta*^&««^ ^^^J^gSS^SS^SS^ 1 * ntlmpe£^naii beffiaed,. 0 o 9 f all the foregoing ids not cut, ground, or other- lorKed, rough bored. (Old not doubled, ture In any way. Silk cocoons and BllK-waBie iA v,~..— cocoon, but or advanced In manulac- ffnltrate of, or.cublc nitrate, and chlorate ol. (Old rate 25 per cent) sSrtene suitable for making or ornamenting and such articles shall « MJ time, to examination and ^-j.—- -^^ ioropef officers ol the customs. Provided, Tha :?he privileges otthie and the preceding section shaU notbe allowed to "«*a*!Sh SSSSfrt alous engaged in or connected^wlth buslne B B,of ia private or commercial character, mm--rate 'free. ' Yams. . ; * BBCiPBOcaraT. • Sec. 8. That with a view to secure trade with countries producing the .articles and lor this purpose, on an list day of July, 1893, whenever, and so oftenas, ithepresldent shall be satisfied that thegovern- Iment ol any country producing and eating wears, molasses, cofiee, tea, and hides, raw and :uncured f or any ol-such-articles, Impose duties ior other exactions on the BKricultural : or otiief Products of the United States, which In view ol Ithe free Introduction ot such eugajs, ,mptaBses, ; «nff<,A ten. arid hides Into the United States ns, i^QeemrtrSro^ly unequal and un- Irealonable, he sbaU\ave the power and It shall duty to suspend, by,proclamation to istn t « TOOV s o^ ^^ sugar, molasses, .cot- ifee, tea, and bides, the production ^ol 1 ' --.lor 8uea:time a&he shall deem * > _. - _ l_ J3 J>M«t«v«« an*»h Cassia, cassia vera and cwsla budfl, andchlps of, ungrouna, candied. Mace. Pimento, unground. land InS c^a^durlngJu^h/^SSS idutles shall be levied, collected and paid upon; •sugar, molasses, ccifEee, tea, Iproduct ol or exported Irom !* . _„ -- ^Allrtord . tlumfil^TI 'Sn^n^? or niannfactotd^_an_ Ml ^ ed ^ pj^gg •SfeSSsttsssissffls Manna. Manuscripts. Marrow, crude. Sana^ chafed pyMIQs manufactured. Btrontia. . _ N 16 j) U tch standard above "~ value or ol or manuiacture, not e inventions and of other Improve- i Wi Mo3B, seaweeds and vegetable substances, jcruta * o? unmanufactured, not otherwise SpeclaUy provided lor In this act. ^usk. crude, In natoal pods. SKandflewIngand4arnIng.(01drate D £rtoaiu lada, concentrated Soicentrated mobMBe, rates: Suga- .per Ib, SJfic; __=,.-degrees, per lb, 14-10c v , . cane juice or ol beet juice !ted melada, concrete and testtiS by the' polarlscope>not^bove j 7&de^' e^ sS-tenths of, 1 centipet ; ppund v ,andr : '- LD^oby «„ w<rr~ m ~'-z- f ~ tottomsi eacfc .aegre^ gree shownby dredthSLotl iba Imported In*ve&sela-not ot the United States- but the-^discriminatingduty shall not apply to Koedsvwaree and -merchandise _*&«* shalfbe imported in vessels not 01 the United states entitled by treaty or .any act ol congress to beared in the porta ol.theVUnlted^tatei on payment otth* same duties, aa shall then be naid on goods, wares and merchandise Import ed In vessels of the United:States. . Sec. ; 18. goodai- wares, or: mercttaB- dlse, unless in cases provided for by treaty, snallb&lmported; Into the ;U.nlted Btatestirom anv lorelen port or place, excepfrln yeaseto ot th&UruteTstateSi or In such forelipi vessels-as trulyand wholly belong to the citizens or sub iects of that country of which the goods^are ha growth, production, manufacture, or front which such goods, ^rares, only be, or most:usually ^are. jansportatiorti AllJCOOdB^m disc imported contrary to .this, section, vessel wherein the same shall be imported, to Aether with her cargo, tsckle, appareland-lurr ulUtte;^aUbe.lorleiteA,to^the,Unlted States; and such goods, wares, or merchandise, ship, or vessel* and .cargo, shafl-be-Uabte^to be seized, prosecuted, ana condemned. In like manner, and under the same regulations, re: " v Btrlctl6nBi'and : ittoytolbnSr.M,taTO;.b^eiE.niiwtp- i- fore estanU$hed'.Ior. the •recoveryi collection, distriSution, and remission: ofclorfeiture» to the .United States by the several revenaeteyrs. Sec. 19. That- the preceding section; shafl not apply tovesseteor. gooas^warfl^ori merchandise Imported In vessels ol.a . _ . . which does not maintain..a,similar regulation against vesselfepl: thalTnltea States. TO EBBVMW THB-SPBBAD-OP AUfflJil Sec; 80.'That the Importation oi and-the hides.ol neatcattle fronvanyloreto country Into, the United Stated la .prohibited. ' Prctvidefl* Th?t .tte- ; operation, ol :thls ; section shall be suspended. as. to any-lore^pi cotmlrF or cpuntriesr-or any part - ol ssnef-' *— "* couatriesi, wheaevar-tbe f secretary., .„, urreball- officially determtiie, and glvejjubilft. .uotice = $hereof, that such lmportations_^rlujiot tend to tn^i •introducfloibor;": " —— • : gleuior Inleetiosai^ttiseasea ' ol the United^Btates.; "*•**• thereto as thacemmtogfenarar wttb h^provafof thftSee- o , violation ofay o i^lection ^hall imprisoned not,exceeding,, . On coffee, 3 cents per pound; brms conteinlnrin "x«^^ oi"35>r"S ol'sull phur (75c per ton.) except on the copper con telnedtherein.) and sulphur not;otherwise udeand ffljre;l»ves and stood U toembrace only unbound or. paper^cov- Ired publications, ^'^^^Sd^?., ol the day and Issued regularly at, suted periods, as weekly, monthly or quarterly. Oux Vomlca. OILS. i- Almond amber, crude and rectifled i; aml^r Kr^Snlse oranlse seed, aniline, aspic oreplke S±« ouToUve oil lor manulaeturingor me- lor eating and not In this act, ottar ol 80 degrees Fehrenhelt does not—----;-_. Bpeciflc gravity ol one and three bundredand B "- --*-'-'-- for use In manufacturing lime or artificial manures any. agricultural purposes, L.qu*j: «*••..*., ~- "-. ^**J- /•*& ^.^ « Sweepings pi saver and gold. arHcie wsrehouBes and: e shall beisuhject to ed by the Mills bilL) Tea and tea plants. ta , ofl Teeth, natural or nianufacturBd. Terra alba. Qoflee. coir yarn. ,dla,^atonlrorathebo f t:tJiveBB«lB compelled by marine tepair lnJBorel«n jprte. Coral, msxlae, 3incuS dor Amerl- coed. -j.__. stone. OaorJ ol either "^omesltic l itavei>een to»«in^i JJ.M *ncn tax, toJuive Men paid beloreexpor- iot MfanSed. J^ovided, that 1MB Bhall C9Uon«nd«otton waste or .floefea.;' Crjolite)ortoyoUth. ^~* Cndbsar. • •• \. ^nrling Blwnes, or quol|«, «ad,4!0!a l^H^ ft f- ~, 0uny and curry powder. Catch, iOldwiteacperpouna.3 prsctonB^tones, rougn other articles the [ peel, nfttpreserved, cand- ^cauerite or black oxide ol tin, and. Venice. I turbedby .Jed i or used In tte manaactare -watcnee. ' TripolL tOM»»B» cents PC* Mills biU.) turpentine, splrits : of. vaccine virus. Wax, vegetable or mlneraL p erB onal effects -e Osmium. of 8U ch per- osof Drag er, . irolts, fwwera. grains, gams, and. flche chenB,jno»ses , totber process ofman- y provided lor in thla fiaiag or>grlnd!ng Bfaewre, and not nuaer lurther, plblraB, fish and InsectB. «».' palm leal and palm teal payment- ol thereon. manafactured. graved on steel :Or Bother from which •of, or witherite. Beeswax, told rate Ior bait; cent) torts thereof compose U6C6 mannfactared, l^arlwni «nd bone «sb Srutts, green vldeaiorlatblsact. 5~per-c8ntonn C&coa nuts. Bretilnuts. Cream nuts. Palmnute. kernela, Paiges unusual not merchan- 8t4teB dying B ary and appro eons lor thepurp ent. comfort and Intended *° r " lor sale, ^«wsan . ing apparel •|£ I **Sj| 1 fl,e UnltedStates Have been once -• Jn * 0 , n ^t^ient ol duty, and and eubjwted M the which m 6 yhaye or exported, to fo returning therewith^ it not:ad7anc€4 tn value lion byany means person or persons, or that all such wear- Deflects as. may and .tabm ^ , and -fit only apparatus.; In- ,_, = and etchings, _ ported in good faith for the use ot ntfy society or Institution incorporated or established for leliKlous, philosophical, educational, scientific or Uterary purposes, or ior encouragement of Se fine arts, aid not intended for sale, i Under M1UB bill pholosophical apparratus and In- Btenments would pay 25 per cent ad valorem.) Phosphates, crude or native. ±- p trees, shrubs, roots, seed-cane, and ireee, puru , lmported by ^ de . the United States sulphate of lime, unit in Incots, bare, sheets, and wire. SSmTunlTanufactured, and vases, re- ^dother apparatus, vessels, and parts , aim u"* re^ pi atlnuni| Ior chemical c , or "black. salts." Whalebone, ^^^nutactured timber not Logs and ro ^ t ^ n S,vldedIor In this act. specially enu £^bolts. heading-bolts, stave- an planking, bolts, and shin railroad ties, sW-r-v f cot specially provided tor. yj ^ Woods, namely, cedar, U| malii ] mahogany, rose- .ol .cabinet, or hewn ; bamboo and briar-root or brlar- unmanufactured, or < w « " lmplements, tastruments or employment. . . United 8tate6|bttt tills .exepp- tended to be conv sticks ol partridgerhalr-wood, pimento., mvrtle, and other : woods, not otherwise specially provided Ior, In the rough, or not further manufactured than cut Into lengths suitable for sticks for umbrellas, parasols, sun-shades, whips, or walking canes; and India malacca vMnts, not further manufactured than cut Into tultable lengths lor the manufactures Into ivhlch they are intended to be converted. Works of art, the production of American artists residing temporarily abroad, or other vorks of art, Including pictorial painting! on i iass, imported expressly for presentation to a Kational Institution, or to any state or municl- i .1 corporation, or incorporated religious so- i .ity, college, or other public Institution, ex- c pt stained or painted window glass or stained < • painted glass windows, bat such exemption t /all be subject to such regulations as the sec- of the treasury may prescribe. (Old i r ^U^MmlorSSfflrS^ teSff^'SLSiS!^^ valorem; Son all ^^^^1^ whole or in part, not provided lor In this act, a duty ol,20 per centum ad valorem. Sec. 5. That, each and every Imported article, not enumerated In this act, whtek Is similar either Tin material, quality, texture, or^tte use to which « may be applied, to an- ""- 1 enumerated In this, .act as c duty shall pay the ,same : rate is levied ,on 'the enumerated. most resembles In any oltlie particulars mentioned; and 11 any non-enumerated equally resembles two or more enumerated l?ttcles,on whlch,differenvratesol duty .are chargeable, there shall be levied on, such non-enumerafed article the same rate ot duty as IS chargeabte ^^ on. tte^ wticle which It resembles paying the hlghesfrrate 01 duty; andon articles not enumerated,:mann-. factured ol.two or more materials, the duty shall be aspeased at the highest; rate at whicn the same, would be chargeable. If ^omposeo. wholly ol the component material thereof 01 chiel value; and the words"componentmaterlal ol chiel value," wherever used In this act» shall be held to mean that component material which shall exceed in value any other single component material ol the article; and the value ol each component material .shall be determined by the ascertained value ol such material in Its condition as lound In flwjarti- cle. 11 two or more rates of duty shall be Applicable to any imported article It shall pay. duty at the highest of such rates. Sec 6 That on and after the.lst.ol March, 1891, all'articles of foreign maBUfacture, such as are usually or ordinarly.marked, stainped, branded or labeled, and all packages contaln- ine such or other imported articlo shall..respectively be plainly marked,, stamped,.branded. OT labeledin legible Engllah. words, s&- a» to in, dicate the connuy of thebr.origin; and^nnless. BO marked, stamped, branded or labeled, they Bhall not be admitted to entry. Sec. 7. That on and after March 1, 1891, no article of Imported merchandise which shall copy or simulate the name or trade mark of any domestic manufacture or manufacturer, shall be admitted to entry at any custom house of the ; u nited States. And in order to aid the officers of the customs In enforcing this ^prohibition, any domestic manufacturer who has adopted trade marks may require his name and resi- dsoce and a description of his trade marks ^to be recorded in books which shall be kept lor the purpose In the department of the treasury. und*r such regulations as the^ecretary of_ tne ttea-ury shall preecribe, and may furnish to tb.e department fae similies of such trade marks, SBd thereupon the secretary ,of the treasury Bhall cause oae or more copies of the same, to be transmitted to each collector or other proper officer of the customs. MATERIALS TDK SHIPBUILDING. Sec. 8. That all lumber, timber, hemp, man- ilia, wire rope, and Iron and steel rods, bars, spikes, nails, plates, tees, angles, beams and •bolts and copper and composition metal which raav be necessary for the construction of ves: Sls built in tte United States lor loreign account and ownership or for the Purpose of being employed In the loreign trade, Including the trade between the Atiantic and Pacific DortB ol the United States, alter .the passage of this acti may be imported In bond, under such Regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe; and upon proof that such materiala have been used Ior such purpose, no duties shall be paid thereon. That vessels receiving the beneflt ol this section shall not be allowed to engagein the coastwise trade ol the illnited States more than two months In any one it uplin the payment to the United - - • • • — which a rebate Is herein f treasury Ifrhereby-authoiiZed and uid it steH benis dnty.vttt rr-^" orders and regulations .to -,.,^ ^_. into eff ecj,'orjtQ, aaspewlj tkft same!a8,,tnerelB provided, and -to. send-iCO . orober-ofBcera: to : the ? unl' . States-In-Iorelgtt' counftfes erson convJ«tedet8 wiMul clesone exported of the nianufactureof the Trnite QO toternal,,tax has.been up6n,which;siich.taxhasbeeripald e , -, when ftshlptest for two years by itt owner.rt. •person raising,- the .vessel sh^, pa parmittea to lake the merchandise into port without, paying duty, but under such regulations aa the secre- ^&^^^^^^^^^^[ mm That . wines may he, recove?ettJ&orgp the premises of a duly sutborJzea grapa? distfflerj and for thepTWpoB»otaucB, •wines soforttfled may oe reeeiveaaa -tne> prsmisefrot suok a dtatUter; on a ^ -—-.^^ errtied to rawback - ducer or exporter, to the, agent of. eltter, orto the person to whom rtcfrmani- ducer; exporter or agent shall in •such drawbaoSpata, under S1lcb ^fgulattons the Secretary of the Treasury shall prescribe TOBACCO TAXES BEPE^ED. ment of duty and, uansportatiort or any no permit of deBvery to «e . to Feb. 1, 1891, rates In iorce " P^dedfurtherTttat when ^«* f^^T n xta the weight of merchandise- aePOSKea.™ u ^S a J,wr« 7^ Drirate bonded warefiousasait w* "*v*." _ , ea| of . Worts ot art, drawings, engravings, photo- aphic pictures, and philosophical and seien- •i dc apparatus brought by professional artists, 1 cturers or scientists arriving from abroad for use by them temporarily for exhibition and in JriistrntJcru promotion, asS rrcoursjrrmpst o? oit, buiaiiue, or maueny lu Uio IJiuLcu and. not for sale, and photographic picture^ Sec.^26. Thatonam . ^_ „ . e __~. eighteen hundred and ninety-one, ali^s^pecit tn xes imposed by the laws now in force npa -d^lera^ leaf •tobacco, retail dealers in lea tobacco, dealers in tobacco, mam tobacco, manufacturers or o-gars, of tobacco are hereby repealea. dealer inleaf tobacco, retail dealers in ever 0 ' {SSTSg *& ^Ue^of^ *™« district his name or style, place of f^^ch trade or business, and the place wheMSUen trade or business is to be earned ^-^^^a failnfe to^regteter as herein RequiredI shalLpubj ject euch person to a penalty of flf & doUars. .—) tnthn Rule of their leaf tobacco, and the keeping of books and tife their sales of leaf tobacco, °r imposing any toon <£ B? ^^feSTobSccof4rnSmbt» sold, and the place to which it country by . entitled to entry at any o« TJnited States, and thft-toaportatta hereby prohibited, aadj-the authorized to t 1 tfi» valuation, of Governor Corttn telto ^ "Kldtog over fiie fieW Just anee of Spotteylvmnla, I cameacww » Pennflylvanla soldier. Ha and shall be liable to. a penalty not 28. That section 3,381 of the United Beyised Statutes be, and the same is ^ amended by striMngout all after tte said nura ber and substituting theref onttie following: . "Every peddler of tobacco, before begmniag; or ifhe haa already begun. before conttaumn ioped^e tobacco, shaU furnish to the collectoi of hia district a statement accurately s|ttoa«. forth the place of hisreBidence,and.if m a city the street and nnmber of the street where he r» Bides, the state or states through which he pro dlBUHmnted and sated toir hft W«» " 'Is tbe bonebrokwir*'* explained Ms injury. " " 'No,' said he cheertaByv l ««r * through the fleslL,' Stffl, lw thirsty. . --^. 'What woald yon rather &as»foffl j*^ _I was thlnklrig el hte home i ay Ivanla bills, «• •! wonM Itte to haw* Pennsylvania whiafcey,' he replied^ smile. _ _ "•Thenhereltls, 1 I repHedi myflasfc, Tou shall haro it* "He tookthefiask, held tttehte second, then pqinted,at.a.djinftCSanfe^tafc iUnlted States Ior loreign accoutf khip shall not be allowed to engagein the coasF wise tradeof the United States. ; Sec. 9. That all articles of foreign production needed for the -repair of American vessels engaged in foreign trade, Including the trade between the Atlantic and Pacific ports of the United States, may be withdrawn from bonded warehouses free of duty, under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe. Section 10 refers to the manufacture of all inedicines, preparations, compositions, perfum- pry, cosmetics, cordials, and other liquors manufactured wholly or in part of domestic spirits, intended for exportation, as provided by law, in iirder to bo manufactured and eold or removed without being 1 ' charged with duty and without having a stamp affixed thereto, and provides for tcb giving of suitable bonds to the collector of internal revenue that same shall be exported. p lOHTBITIOJf AGAINST IMPURE LITERATURE. Sec. 11. All persons are prohibited from importing Into the United States from any foreign country any obscene book, pamphlet, paper, advertisement, cfronlar. print, pintiire, . .i'-<JUi i Ji' roprctOaiaUot], Jlgaro or isnujja or off paper or other material, or any oast, or collector oE the district, shall not engage in any attempt, -. " ion with others, to defraud the „ any tax on tobacco, snuff or mgani Bf^^fcetLsell nor -*""- *"" naTft ftni -that he smPf^HHl tobacco, snuff or .. . _^^_ lull packages, as the law. re<iuI?e"3"TW K, be put up and prepared by the maniMK for sale, or for removal for sale or consumption, and except such packages of tobacco, snuff and cigars as bear' the manufacturer's label or caution notice, and -his legal maris and brands, and genuine internal revenue stamps which havt never beforebeen used." Sec. 39. refers to licenses and certificates ot peddlers of tobacco and provides penalties for peddling- without such license, and eihibiting it when demanded by the proper officers. ON ISTERHAI, TAXES IN MAKING TOBACCO. Sec. 3J. TJbat on and after the first day ot January, 1891, the internal taxes on smoking and manufactured tobacco shall be 6 cents pel pound, and on snuff 6 cents per pound. That on all original ana unbroken factory, packages of smoking and manufactured tobacco and snuff, held by manufacturers or dealers at tho time the reduction herein provided for shall go into effect, upon which this tax has been paid, there shall be allowed a drawback M- rebate of tte full amount of the reduo- but- the same shall not apply in any oase> ve it to Mat, 1 it more than I do> poor lelloir to Mm.* "We tornea t» fiws. latfer; knew, shot MBU ^ e a —^ He hear* ever*. ¥ -stand -* — •• ougnly. look In nffreyes aria on the wounded F slgfied deeply "I have seen that since tUa war. He hod life anew wfth. On t&e deed to an enemy at aim tor a sum of Henowownfftwo While eampalg earl; days of bonght i hundreds sold-the I 000 foil .0 05 m CO

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