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Abilene Reporter-News from Abilene, Texas • Page 24

Abilene Reporter-News from Abilene, Texas • Page 24

Abilene, Texas
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I Thought That Was My Best Pitch Thieu on the Record Id by Rowland Evans and Robert Novak percentage be based on all qual- down But they want that ified voters or just those who The Vietnamese people are tired vote? He would promise only ol that he would publicly explain President Nguyen while hesitant to political life on a referendum has The president predicted North "If we desire to secure peace It must be known that we are at all times ready for war" Washington to Congress 1 793 8-B THE ABILENE BEPORTER-NEW8 Abilene Tex Frl Evening Sept II 1171 Gap Between Theory Policy Vietnam would greet the politi-cal turmoil with renewed milt tary activity but said the Communists are too weak to succeed Indeed he forecast falling enemy military ventures until somehow serious negotiations begin perhaps in 1973 or 1974 But that prognosis depends on US aid which is now threatened by the political crisis here So like most South Vietnamese President Thieu fears a reasonably bright military situation is endangered by politics The debate is over who is to blame Thieu -vigorously stressed to us that he has preceded constitionally and claimed a document given the US embassy by Gen Minh purportedly blueprint for rigging the election is a fraud But did Thieu regret any action of his that ultimately left him alone on the ballot? regret only one thing: the other candidates withdrew" (Copyright 1971 Field Enterprises ways of voting by staying home or fay spoiling the ballot Thieu emphasized that the National Assembly (with a lame-duck lower house) can amend the constitution to permit opposition candidates Oct 3 and that he would gladly along with the change But held off from outright sponsorship of an undertaking not likely to succeed Controlling his famous contempt for Ky he labelled as his vice president's intemperate threats to bring down the government While charging that Ky created bad speculation" Thieu told us he would take no legal action against him Would Ky be permitted to live in Vietnam once his vice-presidential term ends? not?" asked Thieu with a smile is no1 danger of a coup" Thieu continued have told the generals: if you would like to have a coup and that is An Associated Press dispatch from Bethlehem Pa quotes Lt Gov Ernest Kline as promising an end to imperialism" He said the state would exert more control over its higher education system and insist on more orderly growth of colleges and universities now on" Kline vowed institution will not -be allowed to be all things to all people" Kline said a decline in public confidence in schools coupled with economic factors forced such an approach We wish Lieutenant Governor Kline and the Pennsylvanians well His statements ring with logic and similar views were expressed by former Texas Gov John Connally when he persuaded the legislature to set up the State Coordinat-Board fbr Colleges and ing for Colleges and Universities I will step Inc) 1 SAIGON Van Thieu stake his Gaullist-type promised the army to resign if necessary to retain vital US aid for South Vietnam's war effort I find that I am intolerable to the American government I have no other choice but to resign" he told us in an exclusive interview atthe presidential palace his first in many months with a Western newsman Specifically Thieu revealed he has informed South Vietnamese generals he would quit if the US Congress cuts off aid because of his one-man race for reelection Thieu also told us am about" following the style of Charles deGaulle and promising to resign unless he receives a previously fixed percentage of the vote in his unopposed election Oct 3 but he seemed less than entranced with the idea He did hold the door open for an Uth hour constitutional change by the National Assembly to get some opponents on the Oct 3 ballot after all while refraining from a full presidential endorsement of that most difficult project He -rM i laughed off 'talk of a military Mike llOyKO coup against him and predicted i failure for Communist military efforts to exploit the crisis During the hour-long inter- view Thieu was far less ebullient than during our last talk with him here 18 months ago Whereas in mid-1970 he was confident politically but worried about overly rapid US troop withdrawals he now has no doubts about Vietnamization but is obviously disturbed that political failure might undermine military success However he'- seemed moire deeply disturbed by American than South Vietnamese reactions to the withdrawal from the election of his two opponents Vice President Nguyen Cao Ky and retired Gen Duong Van Minh understand it created a little surprise in the United States" Thieu said wryly far way it is felt we should have many But what if that results in Congress cutting off aid to his government? answer was unusually blunt need military assistance to conduct our self-defense" he said He has told his generals Thieu continued that the American government says as long as you Thieu president you will not get that aid I the will of the army Neither Nor (C) 1971 Chicago CHICAGO This 100th year since fire it figures that guy would come version of how So the Chicago Assn and Industry put the blame on Sullivan a neighbor of the They say that sneaking into the to have a few furtive Then he tried to and that touched off This is nonsense on it In the first place a fully grown Irishman to sneak into barn to drink? They suggest he enjoyed the smell Whoever said that been in a barn with which the In the second place lamp was later burned out barn If in the habit of Cow to Blame Session Ahead by David Lawrence Daily News being the the Chicago some smart up with a it began iff Commerce is trying to Dennis (Peg-leg) one-legged Sullivan went barn drinks light his pipe the fire the face of why would bother Texas suffered from duplication mediocrity and a lack of coordinated planning and direction InMts higher education Connally correctly argued and the coordinating board was the an- swer to these multiple problems The legislature bought the theory hut showed its basic doubts when it really give the board all the authority needed to carry through jthe purpose for which it was created Conflict arose between it and the University of Texas system hoard of regents Also cities and regions went on pressuring the legislature to set up new state colleges without regard tor any overall plan or consent of the coordinating board Several new institutions were created The Coordinating Board has not been for naught It has accomplished much but it can do better if the legislature ever stops single shotting new colleges and requires that all institutions obtain coordinating board approval before ask-'ing for a birth certificate has submitted as part of a new economic program provisions far a 10 per cent investment tax credit which he believes will prove in incentive to business Some members of the House are winking on a plan to reduce the credit to 7 per cent Certainly prompt action on the measure is necessary in order to enable business to make its for other pending legisla- plans for expansion The tax trill intensify by that time credit is designed to encourage Congress has 32-day recess and short session after its this week But the chances adjournment much before are very dim This is legislative action is in connection with the program for the freeze which ends Nov 13 and the pressure will had a expected a return of an Christmas because needed wage-price on also tion about 8:30 and said something like: why are yott ln bed so And she said: I have a sore So Mr Rogen said good night to Mrs and her hus-V band who was also in bed and" went home -Even if she have a sore foot she might have been in bed anyway the poor woman Every day she had to milk her six cows then go around the neighborhood selling the milk And then she would'feed the cows and the horse nev- er figured out why her husband was in bed that early since she did most of the work -Instead of picking on Mrs or Pegleg Sullivan it is about time somebody placed the blame where it belongs on one of the drunkqQ McLaughlins' They were a family that lived in the same house fas the but at the other end Cancel the Famine of old equipment could prove useful in production methods time will be given to of anti-poverty and to the raising of on personal taxes somebody might have of hay has never six cows barn contained a broken found In the Sullivan was sneaking into On the night of the fire they would say clearly to the people barns' to drink he ad: were having a' party with a fid- 1 I i t- i 4 5 ii ii 1 i i I ti 5 1 i Extended debate is likely as there are many differences of opinion mostly as to how these laws should be applied Mr decision to appear in person before Congress when it resumes its session this week is an indication of how important he fods the legislative task of the session will he When the recess was begun many important proposals were left unacted upon The President is anxious to persuade the Democratic majority to take an active role in the next few weeks in passing measures proposed for the benefit of low-income citizens Although aspirants for the Idential nomination on the ocratic ticket have been campaigning in various parts of the country there is no sign that they really have settled on any single issue for next election They have talked a good deal about the Vietnam war but the public knows now that this involvement is being slowly but surely cut down not only in actual military operations of Indo-China very major be real been will privately this a two until is the eco- the Billy Graham Thus the United States today any draft system to provide men for the armed services and the volunteer method Is a dubious one because at present the pay is not deemed adequate Inasmuch as the exemptions fy to draft was terminated on July 1 Defense Secretary Melvin Laird is very much concerned about voluntary recruitment He feels that there must be an incentive in better pay The Senate has hesitated to accept the recommendation for a pay raise for the military amounting to about $24 billion This is an uneasy situation for the Defense Department and it is fortunate that there are no crises on the horizon The House end Senate are still battling about setting a date for the withdrawal of troops from Vietnam even though President Nixon is gradually pulling out American forces in substantial numbers Other issues are to come before Congress and President Nixon will appeal to a joint session on Thursday to get busy on the important measures that have been neglected Mr Nixon the replacement and improving Plenty of the consideration programs by through Ged has far them' this teaching the win the Why riences lad? NG I'm afraid think can do for what they it is true Doomsday has been postponed or at least one of the many doomsdays threatening mankind has jThis is the worldwide famine which a few years ago some experts warned was inescapable and would break out in Asia by 1975 The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has just reported that total food production in the Far East including that of mainland China is rising a rate comfortably ahead of the population growth" rThe Far East is in fact the only developing area in the world which is increasing food output per person was little or no increase in the developing countries of Africa and the Middle East the FAO found Agricultural production in Latin America has been just sufficient to keep pace with population increase is not yet a green revolution" says FAO director general Addeke Boerma of the Neth- erlands Afet if Asia where mankind has faced recur- rent famines throughout recorded history is at long last banishing this specter the entire world can rejoice am The president was much less decisive about the referendum he promised when he declared last week he would resign if he were given a vote of no-confidence in his unopposed election Although US officials hoped he would set a percentage goal of support this week Thieu told us he had made no such decision to a price on the and would not decide until some two weeks before the election more he raised questions about its feasibility If opposition groups boycott the election how- can their voters be distinguished from habitual stay-at-home voters? Should the dler and everything "They were celebrating the arrival from Ireland of one of their cousins And from what some of the neighbors said after the fire it is pretty certain that one of the McLaughlins burned most of Chicago down Mrs McLaughlin denied everything of course But her denial itself confirms many of the suspicions She insisted that the party was over by the time the fire started and that everybody had gone to bed Nobody believed that becalm 1 some neighbors heard a fiddle" See IOYKO Pg 1SB vertise his presence with a lantern' The commerce and1 industry people should be ashamed of themselves Sullivan was a hero He happened to be outside saw the fire and awakened the the trouble with most of the theories about the fire The wrong people get the blame First it was Mrs She and her cow are still considered the cause of it Yet an Investigation 'after the fire established that she was in bed when It began She had a sore foot One of her neighbors a Mrs Rogen had stopped by friends told me that faith and prayer done great I have experience I enjoy Sunday School visiting sick Md trying to people to Christ Invent I had the i my friends that too many people in terms of what God them rather than can do for God While that God answers pray- er we must be careful not to pray selfishly and seek our own desires instead of will Jesus said that is great est among you let him be the servant of you In my opinion you have experienced a greater miracle them your fri- nomic proposals have won but in the number American forces in Surely by November 1972 few American troops will main in South Vietnam This means that the campaign issue will have to something else undoubtedly the business situation If economic recovery has achieved the Republicans benefit But the Democrats are predicting that likely to happen in such short time Some economists agree that unsettled conditions will continue perhaps for years longer and that unemployment win not be fully cured the next presidential term well under way Meanwhile the administration planners are confident that wage-price freeze and other Only 4 Demos in Race? Si Tittle Cautious by Virginia Payttta ends God has given you the desire to rise above selfishness and help others the desire to give rather than receive the desire to help rather than to be helped This is the real miracle of being a Christian: it helps us to live outside of and beyond Wl confidence of the country and that if recovery has been set in motion the public will not want to make a change in the Presidency In November 1972 But this is more than a year away Lots of things can happen in 14 months So election predictions do not mean very much today The administration however is working hard to bring better economic conditions because it feels that if success comes on that issue the contest will surely be won (Copyright 1971 Publishers-Hall Syndicate) one of Wall Street's better years Somewhere along the line the little guy lost confidence in the whole bit even cooled off on those employe investment plans where small monthly purchases help rarsdves' of These days Someone has said: go on like this And if so how to hire the little guy back Would lower cnmmiim fees do it? man his prayers are The Bible says earnestly the best and the best of ail gift is loving service to God and to man by William Whit as his spiritual and geographical predecessor Sen Gerald Nye iff Nqrth Dakota was very nearly aMe to do a generation ago There is now too massive a pile of evidence from sources of the utmost integrity and prestige including for illustration the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London that far from cutting down we should be building up the whole of our nuclear-missile establishment against frightening Soviet advances was the slogan a long time ago of a black evangelist in New York called Father Divine and wonderful" has been in fact the sole real message for years of Senator McGovern He himself has now discovered that he has been too much of a Johnny-one-note politician so has calmly announced that he is peace-it's-wonderful to the economic issue It is however a conversion that has come much too late even assuming 'that under other circumstances McGovern could have made it through the convention Thus exit McGovern Something of the same thing could fairly be said of Senator Harris As to Senator Bayh he is being crowded out of the running simply because it had indeed been so crowded and because there just has not been enough campaign money to be raised to everybody and especially though than Company reckoning make So now? Well Maine Minnesota Jackson truly to really relative four it Muskie Humphrey with visible with is not based inescapable to Mr Jackson advocate national heir of strength three has quite entire So this: summer much strength party lack that Is rivals United WASHINGTON And then there were four This phrase with all its implications of a fast and accelerating shrinkage now describes and delimits the field of genuine Democratic presidential possibilities to 1972 Sen George McGovern of South Dakota the isolationist of isolationists the neo-pacifist and the darling of the more far-out of the Kennedy cultists who still dream' of restoring the dynasty even if under another name? Forget him Goodbye to Sen Birch Bayh of Indiana Farewell to Sen Fred Harris of Oklahoma And finally put away the dream of Rep Wilbur Mills of Arkansas notwithstanding all his storied influence In Congress itself as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and as the man most likely to have the last yea or nay on President Nixon's new economic program Mills to his part is a man of real power but he has got it in the wrong place and far worse he comes from the wrong place No Democratic national convention is going to nominate for President a man from the Deep South factors like ability and experience and responsibility having nothing whatever to do with the case McGovern if he ever had a chance has tong since lost it in the down" of the war in Vietnam and in the growing probability that the Senate is simply not going to allow him and his allies to denude the country of its military strength to a main far less urgently to the -left McGovern Harris and has on any Objective very little change to it to the big job anyhow what is the factuaT position Sens Edmund Muslde ot Hubert Humphrey of Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts and Henry of Washington are soil in the game though as Kennedy he seem to want to play As to strength among these has become a cliche that is the front-runner with not badly trailing Kennedy doing nothing to promote himself and Jackson the outside bet position at the front however very solidly Humphrey carries the onus of having lost 1 Nixon in 1969 And as an unterrified id a really adequate defense and the sole the national-positions-of- philosophy of the last: Democratic presidents the keen and possibly the implacable hostility of the Democratic toft wing what it cornea down to is Whoever is nominated next will be chosen not so ra the basis of his own as on the collective estimate of his relative of weakness relative to the weaknesses of his (Copyright 1971 by Feature Syndicate Inc)- Not only is the holding bade on that great shopping spree the economists are praying for not falling over himself to make a killing in the stock market either And this fellow tightwads has a lot of money men worried The ones who think the small Investor is worth worrying about anyway Nobody on Wan Street was too surprised when he pulled out after the market went to pieces last year People who buy only a few shares at time disillusion easy A deep decline will scare them off every time But they always come back when the bulls do Except this time People who -seem to understand these things say the market trend is up It soared to its highest peak in history when President Nixon froze wages and prices But the big boost came mostly from institutions and investors who can afford to speculate with blocks of 10000 shares or more The traitors (100 Shares or toss) are going the other way: selling more than buying Like 2 to And that's never happened before Why the disenchantment? Well some brokers can blame themselves they go out of their way to butter up the small investor when the market was going up up up In some cases they refosed to do business with him at alL He was just too much bother One century-old firm wouldn't even talk to anybody without at least $1 million to in- vest That's to the individual plunger For institutions the ante went up to S3 million Then came the slump mid front-page stories about multimifiion-dollar thefts from security houses and bankrupt brockeragesjmd high brokers' fees face it: any way you look at 1979 wasn't one aspect id the securities field financier William McChesney Martin Jr suggest changing when he turned in his report on how Wall 6treet can retom itself (before Congress does it) He said the fixed-versus-negotiated-fee question needs Meanwhile the Big Board (as we say on the is asidng to higher foes Small investors say ratter pay toss and skip the frills like investment research and security safekeeping And the day may come when fees are determined by how much you ask him to do for you One brokerage house president goes even further: like to see commissions depend on whether your broker helps you make money or not hold your breath on that one) At the moment things are somewhat confused which is not unusual to Wall Street But to show you how worried some brokers are that century-old firm says it is now making plans to serve the investor who has teen abysmally neglected the one on the $100000-120000 kveL" They do seem a little out of touch they? Maybe why the little keeping his money in -the bank (Copyright U71 by United Feature Syndicate Inc) n-C etWIfeNIAhE It seems like yesterday when you wen grousing about bow outrageous Sonny end Cher looked when they lint appeared in boll bottonuT.

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