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Abilene, Texas
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THG ABILENE REPORTER-NEWS 1 1 All Abilene Texas Tuesday Evening September 7 1171 1 1 Kiy City if the BIO COUNTRY When Is Baby Premature? Advertising Publicity Sponsored and Paid for by Firms in These Columns Reports of Interest About Firms Folks Active in Commerce A Mw fore but dent really understand very much about it Can you explain in language? Especially about FL I know what the current figures are half a million maybe a million people in the country with gout heard of it but nobody ever seems to bother to find out what to do about (both diet andmedt- When Is Baby Premature? Dear Dr Thosteson: If a child expected around August 28 or early September and is bun Aug 2 does that make her immature? If it does not make the child premature would you put in writing please explaining it to mp? Mrs CA not sine why it seems so important to you because the Obesity Forecast May Be Possible BETHESDA Md (AP)-A researcher at the National Institutes of Health says It is now possible to determine if a child is going to be obese or Just plain overweight Dr Jerome Knlttle a physician and nutritionist said that is possible because the number of fat ceils in the human body can now be determined "quite closely" He defines obesity as an excessive storage of fat in the body and says obese people a higher number of fat cells than the non-obese and the fat cells are generally ger than in non-obese persons but this is relatively of less importance than 1 the number When Knittle put a 304-pound patient on a 600-calorie diet the patient reduced more than 100 pounds in seven months However this patient retained as many fat cells afterwards as he had before The reduction Knittle said was achieved by reducing the fat content of the cells by 63 per cent His conclusion: once the adul cell number is attained it parently cannot be altered by nutritional factors 'The question he said what age do the excessive fat cells appear and To find out Knittle studied 43 obese and non-obese persons aged two to 26 "At ail age he report- is 9tt BUTTERNUT ABILENE'S LEADING Ladies Teen Shop for now" JAMACIA INN 3161 23 692-4020 CAFETERIA-DOWNTOWN 273 Cypms 677-3251 COFFEE SHOP 1018 3rd 672-6721 CHSCKEN-ON-THE-RUN 2604 Barrow 692-0833 3310 1C 673-8306 dmvateria s' 2626 First 673-8151 Watch Far Daily Saacials At Each Lacatiaa Important question is whether cation) until they get it Your answers are in my booklet The Modern Way to Sop and if send 25 the child whether premature or not is healthy and flourishes And anyway is something of an arbitrary term The average duration of pregnancy is 280 days or a few days mire than nine months counting the time from the first day of the last period Call it 40 weeks In practice physicians are more surprised when a baby is born than not A variation of some days one way or the other is entirely expectable and nothing to be excited about Indeed occasionally babies are born as much as month or more later than they are to and do all EATON OLOR PMA UATOH CO 1 ONE DAY PROCESSING OF COLOR FILM 3540 NORTH 6th ABILENE TEXAS cents for printing and handling and a long self-addressed stamped envelope send you the booklet Dear Dr Thosteson: My mother-in-law told me that birth control pills contain 1000 calories each Is that a fact? SK Either kidding you or somebody misinformed her The caloric value is nil st Dear Dr Thosteson: I am 50 and have a cyst behind my knee which makes the knee sore and TOP PRICES FOR YOUR GRAIN MODEM FACILITIES FAST UN10AD1NO AFPROXIMATI MILLION IUSHEL CAPACITY ABILENE GRAIN CO 104 South 14th Abilene Texas How to end a war with a single battle a 'That might be how the Instructions on a bottle of John No-Roach could begin because that pretty much sums up the effectiveness In combating cockroach problems or any other crawling pest problem for that matter true that you should re-ap-pty Johnston's couple of months Just to stay on the'safe side but much like keeping an occupation army in charge of the defeated enemy insurance that they bother you again That very first application of No-Roach does the Job After you buy your first bottle of No-Roach you thay be Just a little irked with yourself because it was there all-the time and been overlooking it But be so pleased after used No- ach that forget to be made at yourself Th -All you have to do is' either brush No-Roach (or use the squirt applicator that comes with the bottle) along window sills base boards cupboards anywhere the roach- a kl 'JWMy assembieand forget COntrOlS InSCCtS CQSy VYOy is odorless safe for housewife is eliminating insects in her home ehUdren an(L pets and very with No-Roach It is available at grocery very effective No-Roach goes fright into combat sticking to Polymer-spun Hair lEdOcal op-' ed "obese children had on the And some are born thatlgQfj suppose I will have to I average larger cells and jl- even Exceeded the adult He concluded that cellular development proceeds at a more rapid rate in obese subjects and can be noted as early as two Knittle thinks his finding! could lead to a more specific diagnosis in infancy and suggests that early attention could have a paramount influence on whether or not a child becomes obese in later life baby has a mighty thin chance I doubt that your (varicose) veins would interfere with the operation but have to have your general circulation have it cut out but what worries me is that I have very poor circulation from bad veins Do you think I should have the eration WW Sounds like what is called a cyst which ordinarily can be removed without trouble of surviving so here are the principal criteria used for determining (glOTpS MOTE-IHS 2502 677-4921 1 2601 Plna-677-5302 ONE YEAR Guarantee ABILENE BARBER A BEAUTY SUPPLY 3544 Narlti to ein sm smiw PJH MmSut Thra SMwtfiy evaluated by your own doctor Born between the 28th and 37th week Weighingless than 5 pounds Measuring less than 1814 inches No-Roach is available at Food Store System JRB Safeway Super Duper Stores and all grocery stores It is distributed by IWG and Kimbeil Irthe feet of crawling insects so they unknowingly take the ene-- my back to camp with nr them infecting the eggs in the hest That means YOU rhave to do anything The si over for you Just re-apply No- Roach every few months To keep ants out of the house brush No-Roach across window and door sills Ants will not cross the coating Use No-Roach with confidence Easy to use safe effective What causes trouble? What can be done to correct or overcome it? Dr booklet "Dizzy This is the question as you Spells" discusses loss of bal-ive asked it I give an ance vertigo and nausea disease and labyrinthitis For a copy write to him in care of this newspaper enclosing 25c in coin and a long self-addressed (use dp code) stamped Thosteson welcomes all have arbitrary answer with only the information you have given me On the basis of time alone the baby you were asking about would be on the borderline not very much premature Tbe other two criteria weight WES-TEX HEARING AID SERVICE WE HAVE MOVED TO LARGER OFFICES WITH LOTS AND LOTS OF NEW MATTRESS BOX SPRINGS WE REBUILD INNERSPRING'S COTTON MATTRESSES AND BOX SPRINGS abIlene BEDDING CO 1149 Btftenwt Pli 677-4503 Kiss Attempt Gels Gunshot Charges CHICAGO (AP) An attempt to get a kiss turned out to be quite painful for William Bolden who is recovering from gunshot wound in the tog Police said Bolden 15 entered a grocery store Sunday to buy a soda pop but also attempted to kiss a 20-year-oli grocery clerk She responded with gunfire tried to kiss me and moved around the counter toward said Jessie Norman She was charged with aggravated battery and size would be the factors reader mail but regrets that due to the tremendous volume received daily he is unable to answer individual letters questions are incorporated in his column whenever possible (Copyright 1971 Field En- that 1 would have to decide whether the baby was or was not considered premature I1 4 Dear Dr Thosteson: My doctor told me recently that I have gout heard the word be- terprises Inc) FREE PARKING 258 BURGER ADJACENT TO NATIONAL CASH REGISTER PH 672-2921 SAN ANGELO OFFICE-212 OAKES HEAR EVEN WHISPERS with a naw -r 0 Sutton Septic Service of Abilene offers a 24-hour service days a week £jThe company-deans grease gkps sand pits and cesspools The firm is owned by CHlie See Sutton who operates from itis home at 1402 Burger si The telephone number Is 673- East West Coast Papers roubled by Labor it I 1 i I ill "Jr 1 Mi i HEARING AID PHONE 673-5601 Beltone Hearing Aid Service 1325 Hidwry PhiN 471-5401 culation department employes that union officials contend the newspaper will abolish when the strike ends one 'typographers struck the Independent Journal in January 1970 over grievance procedures and union membership for supervisory personnel On Aug 19 their business' agent Donald Abrams said 30 of the strikers were available for work By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Evening News of Newark NJ remains silenced for the 15th week by a strike over terms of what would be the first contract with newsmen and photographers A I federal mediator has reported little progress in ending the dispute In California meanwhile the management of the San Raphael Independent -Journal has turned down a back-to-work offer by a leader of the striking union and the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner Central Air Conditioning The Quiet a sixa to fit any home also 1 ESSICK Evaporative Coolers Call us for Free Estimate on all your air condition ing needs A repairs LANNIE FRANKLIN Htatinf Air CaadiRaalag FHmdly PanaaaKiad Sarvica 34 WALNUT 471-5511 WE OFFER COMPLETE SEPTIC SERVICE-We dean Repair jnitall Septic Tanks AIm abrtrtc cabla Mwar Ira Hint SUTTON SEPTIC SERVICE PH673-4501 1402 BURGER jjThe company also offers an fjjgctric sewer cable cleaning device- Commercial businesses such restaurants service stations nd car washes have teamed to tgly on L- Sutton Septic jj for quick and efficient work- job is too large or too small A11 of the West Central Texas Met is serviced There -is no extra charge for jobs done within a 25 mile radius of Abilene 0 L- Sutton operates which are equipped with tots of hose This enables the operator to pump from a street or alley Trucks do not have to be parked a fenced clotheslines Serves West Central Texas have to be removed Ollie Lee Sutton above is owner and operator of 0 Sutton Septic Service 1402 Burger St The company also operates an electric cable cleaning service For additional information on the services offered by the company you are invited to call 673-4501 has not replied to a similar by 11 unions Both West Coast newspapers lave continued publication during the tong strikes by hiring nonunion personnel The Independent Journal told Local 21 of the Typographical Union last month that the strikers had been permanently replaced The News New largest evening newspaper suspended publication on May 27 he day after members of the North Jersey Newspaper Guild began their strike and craft unions honored picket lines Some 421949 readers were affected The guild is protesting a move by the newspaper management to lay off 35 editorial employes and is seeking $265 a week for newsmen and photographers Management has offered a top minimum of $220 for newsmen and about $170 for photographers The wage-price freeze apparently does not apply to the strike because the newspaper and the guild are negotiating their first contract Members of unions on strike against the Herald-Examiner since Dec -15 1967 offered on Aug 18 to return to work under President call for an end to all strikes for 90 days He called for a resumption of negotiations Charles Dale international representative of The News- DAISY MAE'S STOUT SHOP I Lingerie Dresses Pan? Sets (18 thru 54) 902 ORANGE 677-1267 Bourbon Drinkers High in Louisville LOUISVILLE Ky (AP) -touisvilie is only 39th in popu-atkm among American cities but it is second in buying 100-proof bourbon whisky This statistic comes from the Bourbon Institute which remits that Chicago was first and New York third only natural explains a spokesman for a Louisville distillery Most bourbon is made in Kentucky and many Scotch drinkers do you know who are 14th (HOfilto LA Policemen Lei Down Hair LOS ANGELES (AP) The Los Angeles Police Department is letting its hair down An executive order issuei Thursday by Police Chief Ed Davis relaxed the grooming standards for the 5000-man force permitting longer hair and bigger mustaches Although the new standards prohibit beards and more flamboyant hair styles Davis said they would enable "officers to look like the average fellow in the The new standards will allow policemen to grow their hair down to the dollar line instead of stopping two inches above the collar extend their side- "KICIIFn CLEANING SERVICE 677-481 EXCELSIOR CLEANERS Wa Giva GoM load Saving! Stampi 1433 cooling cofl added to your present central heating uit Cooling Healing Work Is Offered )HewTo Get Rid Of in wuwUug equipment offers' Roaches and Anls the same quaiity products in theL No-Roach for central heating and tn -f A kill of roache and NEED CASH! JUST COME IN FOR A PAWN LOAN OR PERSONAL LOAN! Key City Pawn Shop Complete brake work is one of the many services offered by JD Carter Garage 70S 3rd St downtown The firm reminds you of the Importance of having good brakes Brake jobs like an work done JD Carter Garage are guaranteed Expert carburetor work is also offered at Carter Gar-! age Complete overhaul of car- buretars is done The -garage also does tune- ine -garaae au uu Call 673-2492 1167 North 2nd it-faat quick I ant Brush on Ko-Roach for conditioning manufactures burns to "the lowest opening of the rather than the middle of the ear and grow their mustaches up to a quarter of an paper Guild said the strikers would return under wage rates now in effect at the paper and under the conditions of the con- SPECIALIZING IN TUNE-UP ELECTRICAL FRONT-END AIR-CONDITIONING AND CARBURETOR QUALITY AND SERVICE CARTER GARAGE The complete line of time iatingand cooling units iscJiore better yet uke available at Lannie Franklin both Johnaton Heating and Air Conditioning at JKB u92S Wnut St Thuieton Food ups front end alignment) A Coleman unit can be renairs coding systems and financed through a title onejcfmarkcU- Put by KimbelL repairs codling systems andjfinanced through inch past dthcr side of the lip tracts in force when the strike instead of stopping at the lip began Night Ordeal Spent in Bathtub KNOWLE England (AP) Margaret Sugden eased her 238 pounds into the tub a week ago enjoyed a long luxurious soak and then discovered she hoist herself out because of her chronic bad back Thursday morning (he milkman decided the accumulating bottles of milk outside the thatched cottage meant trouble and called the police It took two of them half an hour of tugging to liberate he 55-year-old woman Miss Sugden said she kept rata Sank Call 472-9941 Raa 672-6578 703 Nactfc 3r4 does generator alternator and FHA home improvement loan starter repairs Regular safety George Hearst Jr publisher iff the Herald-Examiner was reported on vacation at the time of the offer and has not replied since The strike started when guild members and machinists walked off their jobs Later that day union officials say members of nine other unions were locked out Franklin with many years inspections Jure always important Complete gir conditioning work is dime Technicians will do any job cooling needs ranging from a small repair job obligation a major overhaul I You can have a Coleman experience in heating and airj conditioning work will make a survey of your heating and without any House Burglarized For Sixth Time ROCHESTER NY (AP) -Mrs Florida Martin 73 discovered Sunday that her home had been burglarized for the sixth time since Christmas This time she found thieves had taken all her furniture her kitchen appliances her television set all her curtains extra windows and even two doors She attempted to call the police but was unable to do so Her telephone had been stolen too Abilene New has a STEAK HOUSE NOW OPEN featuring PRIME CHARCOAL STEAKS DINNERS LUNCHEON SPECIALS WESTWOOD INN 3802 NORTH lit OPEN TO THE PUILIC NOT A PRIVATE CLUB GENERATOR ALTERNATOR 4 STARTER SERVICEI ALTONATOIS IEPAKED AS LOW AS S7JI UP NEWEST EQUIPMENT FOO CHECKING a REPAUUNO SUPER SERVICE ELECTRIC 741 Sato lllfc 477-7170 AFTEI HOURS 477-1777 FOOD STORES 7 CONVENIENT LOCATIONS OPEN 7 AAL-11 PM 7 DAYS A WEEK Dale said about 2000 union herself wa! during her three-members ere involved in by running the hot water "It wasn't too bad at strike but that many have resigned to take other jobs Major issues in the strike are salaries pension benefits job security and the jobs of 300 dr- NORTH'S FUNERAL HOME LAND AND AIR AMBULANCE SERVICE 242 ORANGE PHONE 677-6246 ABILENE TEXAS she said "but I was getting weak and hungry toward the end".

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