The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 22, 1890 · Page 10
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1890
Page 10
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left the old rates andte- ; •——i" mushrooms, which would remain t-L* it 85 per cent. gl Agricultural seed 20 per cent. SCHEDULE U- 2 iHemp and rope seed and other oD seeds d o Aecharacter free. " *» * » p < HJ 5 » . o g. __ ___^^______ 111 I tafPOBTATIONS OF FASH FBOPUCT8. o 2 p. S. -rThls little table shows some of the figures of —'--Itnral Importations in 1889: v f± aorses, sheep and cattle % 3,917,081 7,691,763 "' Sheep, 1 year old or more, per head .Less thau 1 year old, per heacl All other live animals, uo^pcciuiiyp' o'vi loif < O Y \u t bis acY.'ud "vdYtKo^.'^c Barley, per bushel of 48 lb/ <EAI ' S:l " :iF:3 A: ' J i '- ::iJ -»*. :J: ^ l:s suissTAsciiS. Barley malt, per bushel of gi'ibs A t e Barley, pearled, patent, or liuiitd" Y>ei ; ib » Buckwheat, per bushel of 48l"s ^ Corn or maize, per bushel of 58 ib'a i- Cornmea!,per6u 8 heiof481bt: S .::7777:7 ^ pldEate. Mills Bill 20 Pa - 20pc 20 p c 20 p o 20pc 20pc fcer grains ....................... -to-starch and dextrine .......... 169,199 830,000 8,419,004 8,060,661 8.047.Q27 1,082,685 1,100,408 1,769,892 4,557,198 sy""" ............................ 8,603,168 voftatoes, vegetables and beans ..... 8,295.499 |j* mb8r ............................ 9,768,644 17,432,758 Oatmeal, per lb ....... ...................................................... 15c Kiee, cleaned, per lb.... ".'.'.'." ............................................... |° Uncleaned, perlb.^. ..... .............................................. *° Paddy, per lb ........... . ................................................... Bice flour and rice meal, pre No'. and dairy producte and seeds Bye. per bushel Bye-flour, per lb W lOc- 20c He 10 pc lOo lOc free lOo Mo 2Mc 1540 1*0 20pO New. lOo lOe SOc 10 po lOc lOc free lOc Mo So IMC lo 15 po D0t more than one n the ' New Rate. OhSAife. MfllaBIO. ..25o '«Afe-30pc free ........ . ..... ..... Wheat, per bushel ........ Wheat flour, ad valorem.... $65.182.519 ? f CANADIAN FABMESB WOBEIED. 3 f Of the effect of these higher duties there 2 i •,£•*** no doubt The Canadians themselves g | Ja««Hfy clamorously of the disadvantage they - ,_ *ia»|UUuffer tinder the McKinley bill, T& New pork Sun, a Democratic newspaper, contained ^dispatch from Ottawa on September 15, 1890, which was one long wan over the new tariff. •'It will practically close the American market," add the Sun, "against $14,000,000 worth of p-cdacts exported to that value annually from •Canada to the United States during the past Jew years. This Is equal to 83J£ per cent of the total yearly exports from Canada to the American market. The proposed Increase In duty on agricultural products will strike a severe blow at Canada, as out of the total value of exDorts of agricultural products last Tear (f 13,414,111) $9,125,707 went to the United Slates." Professor Goldwln Smith, a distinguished Canadian, In a score of recent speeches has called attention to the effect upon Canadian •aimers of our mew agricultural schedule, fie •aid In one of these: "They will be very much Injured If file Ifc- £inley bill shall be adopted. The agricultural achedule will bear very hardly on tho Canadian farmers who particularly desire to find a mar- iKtlnthe United States for their eggs, their toarley.and their horses. The European market Is of little value to them for their horses. If there be a alow market In England all of the ln6nt8Will be consumed on a cargo of horses and great loss will entalL I do not see how Ihe flfr»**kft farmers can export their products «o She United States If toe McKlnlev bill shall iMBomealaw." BBITISH FABMBB JIBES. JDeelaiw Tbat Swaaamm • 250 250 DAIRY PBODUOTS. ^ ^ r.perlb 60 *^S^rpeV'gaiion7'7".".Y.".77\77777V".777'.7\77'.*;";".V 'lo w^^weserved or condensed," including we'ight'of 'pacKa'gesi 'per 'lb '.'.'. '.So Beans, per bushel of 60 ^^""^^'-^"^^PBODUci'sV '*' UAAH*. «« n *. «_.a * «'•'•*****»....* ••••..**•• •••««••••••••.,,,»..».,,.,.4UO 20o 4o 10 po SOpc free lOo Mo 20o SOc 4o free SOpo free ^^ Broom-corn, per ton •. lOpc free SOpc .tree 10 po 20 pc free Eggs, per dozen Bggs,yoik of, ad valorem.'.'.'. Hay, per ton ' , Honey, per gallon. ...'.'.'-' fL Hops, per ib H. 7 -29° Onions, per bushel...."/...'.'.'' ."...".*."."" " inS P ^Mhe?of ?6 poimo? " ^ ba " e ^' Ba< * 8 °* dmflar "packagea;' per Peas, dried, per bushel. 'IS 0 ISM*^* 1 ?^™^ t> lo f SOo .26c .eoc pounds: but no~oXwb~ack~^haTn>e'al- „„ —im imported seed 300 80o •Hemp-seed and rape-seed and other oil-seed of like character, free J seeds, and other seeds, not specially pro- 20po 20pc or preserved, Including pickles and .... . r]a a va i orem 45po SOpc ^^lo 1 ™^ 1 their natural 8tate - not specially provided for In this act. ** P ° free free 80 lOpo 10DC SOo 20pc new free loc SOc free free 10 po SOpo free free 82 SOc 80 lOpo free free free free free free 25o * SOpo SOpo in tin boxes meas- lnches ^^ and 3H lncnes deep ' lOo 60 free free free lOo 60 lo lo fllrS Her »-pT~j o**, **v *!6h in cans or ^^ler^^S:-^;.'^^ fterfttlly. ISiefactsiiereln recitedenable the Bepnbll- <an pu|y to go tothe farmers ot the land con- JwAwwtr approval In the ensuingelec- tans. Everyttung that liuman wisdom could •ooaa been done to remove the difficulties been laboring and to . rider and richer oppor- have ever before enjoyed. .«u_*v ^f^ — BiaeB tove teen contracted »aanlt of Republican policy. Bo far from f«ne to protection, the truth is that it has ^s^Sd^Sd^S^ 6 ^™* 46 ^? 0 ' 0111617 material," except ancho- e^^Mi^^t^^de^^a^vatorem Other manner> not speciaily,. not exceeding one quart In contents, per dozen ojuart additional* "duly "per* dozen for "each adai- 1 fractional oart thereof 4c Mo-free Mo-free Mo Ho free free ISo* 18o 9o Do •nfu^wft^jjt ^.*a.**waai TJA. .uauuisuiu WUTD tnoreoi 4O 90 Bo law!° untU June30 ' MM. oaoh cans'or packages "shaii be'admitted as now provided by j£rnitB~'~Applf M «»«*»* ***• «t_^ ..._ . »_ ^» vno AXIU fifuxo, l*!! 8 i * < * ** ffotecflon. »*M because of the Democratic policy .ana cheapening diver, and a» artteT^ 8-cubic feet capacity'or "fractional "part PlunMM"^p1*^esi"per"ib"I!"."IIIir.I!I"7;; ','".1 ^ '*•••••••••* *•*•••••••••••..•.••* ..«7J|Q of capacity of 134 cubic feet free free 20po lo 2o free free 80po lo free have been lower "than Is The remedy whlchhas beenpro- Republican party In this congress i «nly remedy that American ^Mnmnp. Bsan possibly approve. For what advan- > is to be gained by opening the gates afoot man opening of an Inch lias already proved mntetunate? What advantage Is to be _.._fivotong.apoDcyhere that haspro- Ixeenltsin Great Siitvineo much worse tt«hosewith which we areaffllctedl For '^o years the British press 4as been lAorrowful stories of poverty among - " ' ~ ^flQtouoBrM! ' it of the Oomflti; sweefaneatsVfruMs" <«>iri»6, not specially pro? -valorem...................... •••••••-••^•••••••... ••.....•> .••..XnO _ in sugar, sirup, molasses, or for, and jellies of all kinds, ad • ...85po principal orcanof the tree traders, tdejtraphed that the r "threatenslofoetlieworstfor tt *n Stavaeeenlnalongtlme. EngUBh wheat yield has been •omewhat by flie recent fine weather, aiatffly more than a drop In the IPotatoeebave «one, or are rapidly Uto^ieoBS throughout these Islands, Banraage of the other food crops is de^" ' •«. The price of imad in the B«lready been advanced, and will '-.anBiiie prloe «f coal is aaft has been In many years at tills H»ee are the two sreat Atopies of — wa|:«»epoorJnia»e winter, and ne near liuman life ircorrespoad- . Wihat furtber «ompUcatee the * belief that, owing to the bad Mintt«tringency among Jte farmers, "Ihealargerlnflnx thantuaul ol •«T laborers Into XsanAan, npmlnallg to yment, but xeally to find company jentter." : •* * aXreeteader to the tesnltsoT free trade. It xecalls the «rds of that American Solomoc ldncoln, who once aemarked «t tills Btosetradecompany ; "ApollticBl party mav tol*he ao political party the time." Onthe »ay when On %imet«ave this doleful «vi- ceaof what Itepetwlicy tad done tor the., |ttinet,lt quoted aprfng wheat asselllng jQhlcago market MSL31, Just 43 r than on the day rf ^ve — B from the WMteHousel . _^_ dM not often «pe«kiaaMy«bonl P.toiuttmelienad with Ida g^ralfl, bnt -to* while he did, «ndOnL Van Buren tte instance. ItMM^nsioBoIChnmt was apeaklng, In the early par* i«oa Us xemufcB we tana xeeorded : to «ne first general rre tuO. He's a Utonyonvrtiat I mean. ¥00 If fl been with all the rest AS * man in «ODumaa of fae cometomewifii a vlanof eam- about •sinnonu my, 'Kow, I If kinds, not shelled, perlb. . ' n8 ' *«" orunsheaot HBAT PEODUOTS. n ot specially provided for. ° perlD 85po IHo 85pb 20 po 85po So So So 80 So So Zo-lo lOpo free 20pc 2o 2o-lo lOpo 25PO 20pO 20po coverings unless as such th*ey are -*-" -meat extracts. So 2c 20po free 20po free lo lo 20 po 2c 12o free free Ho free 20po free •free charge import duty on American salt. .....80 80 free f _ - duty on American salt. may be used in curing fish taken by vessels licensed to ares of the navigable waters of the United Treasury,shall prescribe;/and upon proof [the purposes stated in this proviso, the duties on the Oi _i !™jt exporters of meats, whether packed or smoked, States with.Imported salt, shall, upon satisfactory proof. Ing such _ " " substance De*|rSe7bu]rnTitt£c^^ ^ Mustard, ground 01 preserves, in bottles or otherwSeDer ft Itto Spioes, ground or powdered, not specially provided for. per »'" " to Cayenne pepper, unground, perr^^^ i«rju ao Sage, perlb. *^ lo 100 60 free new lo lo 60 So free JOT faUure <oa me. Tney aU l«eiotie«eneraL- Now, It isn't so —t Henasn'ttold me what bl» I don't know and I don't want FA glad to And a .flan so anead wttbont me. toe f^t set oat on a 9*41 took over matters and isonetiimg^iey were short of, r i couldn't give 'em, and tell vD *Wlfi WUcBBfl '^flftf , was mo«t generally cavalry. njted States. _ •CHBDITI^B H. SPIBITS. WINKS AND OTHBK BBVEBAGES. B JSSfe andoth » epB ? Irite ""pifactnredordlstiSd&om graihor otter . 82.00 82.00 8 ^ measurement shall be <£!nted as at leasVone proof gal r would be eavmlry, aia «« «otnw, Cor we hadn't horses n8 of whch disued arrack, absinthe, than fourteen galons, ^ to ascertain such proof by f value, a duty not less than hat ^P 08 ^ u P° n eohwasGer. ratafia, and other . ,, than the strength of first proof , andallimita- y name8 whatever shall be snbjept to the high- artioleB respectively Jntended to be represented, andin . 15,000, <or thereabouts, 19 about Har" "«o JMBMB te pntttemon. aenOBtome « s I expected warwl «f 'em or dla- ded, of first proof. any greater Trtrengthjhan first proof; per . ......... ..... ........ _ ........... . >>; .......... Champagne and an other sparkling wines, uvbottles containing each not more than one quart and more than ^one pint Tper doien ^88 •»* iSSStlS cSSaif "pint or ginger omdSuand Vermntii. In 8OHJBDULB I. COTTON MANUFAOrUBES. ar P Tarn « whether single or advanced single, by grouping or twisting two or more er, whetner on beams or inbundlls, skeins7 or wevid P i e f fo J m ; ex ? ept spool-thread of cotton, herernaf- VafniS^*™^ SF' valued at n ot exceeding 25 cants per pound, per lb lOo Valued at n™r ^ cen ? 1 per ffi and not exceeding 40 cents per lb. per Ib.lSc f 50 cents per lb, per lb.23o g 60 cents per lb, peif lb 28o not exceeding 6 y'aVds spoota .?. r . i each spool, for every"additionai ioo'yards'of part thereof In excess of 100 yards, per dozen «,SJh?i^J£ dt d 7 e ^ > foioredVstaine^rpainted'or "printed" sBfidiTiD-Kn th«»orr sto thg B q uare inch, counting the warp 7 ° 160 200 26o 83o 880 48o 60po To ffipc 85pa 40 P 0 40po 40pd ii . ~ "^ —* f*r^ U1£Ut«AiW J C*JLU* » * • . . ElZS?'S°JP«fk stained, painted 01 per square yard ................... ........... rinted, per square yard .......... 4c or If dyed, colored, stained, painted or printed '. per square yard ....... ""la 100 threads to the square tach; roun't- 8Ho . not bleached, dyed, colored, stained, painted l r 6 * c P er square yard; bleached? valued yard Bnd dyed - colored, stained, painted, or per square yard, ad valorem 85po !, dyed, colored, stained, painted or printed, needing 150 threads to the square inch, count- . . o, per square yard an T,.- each ef per square yard 'f? If dyed, colored, stained, painted or printed, per square yard Bo On all cotton cloth exceeding 100 and not exceeding 150 threads to" "the ofed, staine^, SSffif oftiu^^an^SS* 3715 ^ ^ square yard; bleached, valued at over ' dyed, colored, stained, painted or printed, per square yard, ad valorem per square yard 40po So to Co lOo -Jo 4o 60 40pO 40pO 40pO 40po 40po 40po 40po 40 pa 40po 40 DO 40 po 40po 40o to duty at the highest rate Imposed upon any article to saftt " §° 10o&12efree 100*120 free 2Kc&6c£ree Bo free free free « more than 30 cents m _ fF-," 8 *»^ innifi "valued at not "»"-'- * u ««-?* *»w**i» aipaca, or otneo. &zn» v V&iK&vysP^*"!* 1 ** an^fad 1 *™ 016 than *° cents and not more'thanSOcents "perib",' per UB Blankets and hat's" of wobY'comiJosed'whoiYT'nVta^p^'^-^^jy^ 3 valued at more 40 PO 40po c °° red . Uare m ° Jf bleached, per square yard. '.'. '.'.'.'.'.'.'. painted; ' '* 5 P ° 40po lOpo ^ , and not 4o. 60' 60 40 pc 40p.o 40po 40 po Iwhollyorlnpartofwool.thehalrofthecameLimal??^. 35 -*>P« a per pound, shaU be clashed mdp^^satoe^l^^^S^" 811 *"** „„„» i T ^,,_ . . ^i u Svrf;rf^ am eautyas women's audehfi^ goods of shaflar character and descSptiou B; valued DOc to SOc pertt, 2to8Bpp; valued .linings, Italian cloths, and ion of-which the warn cm. - ".'..... . per square yard 1 is'cents per r square"yard,"peV square "yard and aft'Va- 7 " 4 Provided, that on all such goods* weighing" over" i' „ be four times the duty imposed by this act on a nonnd addition thereto 50 per centum ad valorem. *""**"* On women's and children's dress goods, coat linimrs. Italian ntnfh TM™+ ing,* acd goods of similar description or ch1'-^-^^-^ fi '9 ant * or in part of wool, worsted, the hair of the 40po square yard, and ad valorem.7.7.7777. *««»««« xur, per C1 ^ lD ?-. r _ ead y ™ a 1e, and articles of weariHg apparei oi-'ever^'d^H^ 100 ^ p c w p ° fs and ne i fiber, or .««> foregoin • ot , composed of cotton. ' cotton or other vegetable fiber value, made up or manufactured tailor, seamstress or manufacturer: all of y provided for, ad valorem 50 no ready made and articles of wearing apparel havintriii- nnmnnnnn* mo^o, ,„,.. ,_„,„.,*_ |ToveS OT efisUc 35pc 86pc If bleached, per square yard and ad valorem.. tv£3r£°ih8v o v&m Oredt Stained ' Pamfced ' Or prS?ed: PeVsq'uaVe"yara"aiid ^ 20 ^° 85 ^P « utn^^^-K^^^i'^^'^iiV.--^^ per , I at more than Kt T«, r dozen and not more" "than feper"doze'ri.~* M5 . 1 '° 81 " 35po 1^35 PC r' dozen" 'and'iiot'more "than 87 "per •fl 0 ^ n ; 81 ' 25 '* ) P c81 - 25 ^ 0 P 0 W-2540po ••• •$£&&*!&&&&. Provided, that on all such goods weighing over bounces tier finnaro™.-. 60p<j Clothing ready made, and articles of wearing tion, .made up or manufactured wholly orln Tided f or ui Qus act, not , , pde posed wholly or In part of wool, worsted, the eame alpaca, or other animate, per lb and ad-ralorem camel, •oat Cloaks, aolmans.jaekets, talmas, ulsters or other TO^de" ladies land children's apparel and i galloon S 0 ' 111 suspenders, braces, belUnga. bindings, braids. gimps, cords, cords and tassels, dresstetonmfcai ubussOT.'Xxmlnster; Moqnette"and"(^enmi"cirp'etal"ton^ r or^ carpetswoven whole forrooms,and aU carpets "' ' character or dOTcrlptlon, and Oriental, , n per square yard and ad valorem.... ,77. "~^ uauuou "' raullual frngs, Saxony, Wilton and Tournay '''' :3SttS£SR^£S^.r - ••SP*8re 5 SgF .e^bing.goring, euspendera, andbraceV.aiiy' • P ° per squarepjard and ad valorem. 5 ..... ..° n the ** ep oroti >erwise, Treble ingrain, three-ply and all chain """— a-^'----'-";—"' •ardand ad valorem Carpets either, of ispeciallyprovidea^;ad"v'alorem i composed ta **** « nft |oreens, covers,hassocks, bed sjdes, art aqaares "and" other ? carpets or otter portions of .aarpets ? or carpetini* nS >sub- -J. SCHBDTTEiB J. Flax, straw, per ton^.^ ^^ AND JDTB ' AND MANUFACrrUBES OF. Flax, not hackled or dressed,-per lb...7 'r™ ' Flax, hackled;known as "dressed line," per'lb 'so Tpw.offlax orhemp,perlb .....•••• f? n Hemp, per ton................ g? Hemp, hackled, known as line of hemp, per'tbn *" Is Tarn made of jute, ad valorem..........:?.... ' -|f n a +40 po 40po S5DO «5 free I20p'r tn free f40p'rtntlO 810 p'rtn free 825 free JF 8F ' 85po 15pO an* Sflks paraaW manufactured from oocS-a-. an pe? S mh ? r adv a n oe'* or manufactured than carded or combed sflk; Thrown s|i£ not" more "advanced" Vhw "singles," "train; organzineV ' 0 60b 40po 40po 600 . composed wholly of manlUa or sisal-grass, per lb 7-J dage, made of hemp, perlb au: Tarred cables and cordage, perlb ..... = aT Hemp and jute carpets and carpeting «o H,,,IO™ «« t .exceeajng eo i nc hes In width, of flax!yute'6r' heinp "or'of ^^^^^e^e^of^m^^^ ^5po SOpo SOpo poSOpo -60po «V7J»p"e'»po . 00 per centum a* , Bags for grain, madeofburiaps,"perib'. fSS^ for °o tton « gunny cloth, and all slmilar'ina'teriai'suitabie'for ^7 e ? n £ eotton ' com POsed in whole or in part of nempTflax, jute or jute butts, valued at Be or less per square yardV per lb 1 •fSfSn SlffiS? tha ? 6 cents per square yMdT^Yquare'yart'.'.'.'.'.'.'.-.l ^^ tSl we a 03 B eln es. when fee thread or twine of SOpo iOpo free free who or - ebmposed oesOk. - 01 *? u paffiTKS^p^mamomV^ act), shall be subject to a duty of 8 cents per ounce, and toaABao valorem. ^^^yf^^SL^^J^^ 0 ^^^^^ 0 component material of 60po when, composed ht - .-_ _____ provided for in thia addition thereto 30 per centum ad yarnof whlchlstoeV'than'No. hose, made In whole or'in" pari'of'fla^; hemp or jute, P --"-" Provided. Thatallsuch manufactures ot whicn wool, or the hair oe camek like animuls, is a component material, shall be olassifled as manufactures of woop 35po Oilcloth for floors,'" stamped," "patated", or'prih'ted',' including' linoleum' 1 corticene, cork carpets, figured or plain, and all other oil cloth (except silk cm cloth), and water proof cloth, not specially provided for ' valued at 25 cents or less per square yard, ad valorem'; ".'4 valued above 25 cents per square yaid, per square yard and* ad"va- Tarns of thread" composed of'flax or hemp," or" of "a" 'mixture' of either of 15o " 30po ® P ° tiiese substances, valued at 13 cents orHess per f DIuliture OI eimer «» ' Valued at more than 13 cents nerlb. ad valorem •"•?S__ ?5 po Mechanically ground wood pulp 40po 40po SCHJBDOUS . PULP, PAPEBS, AND BOOKS. .. we^htTTTTTT. ...... ....... .$3:50 ................... TODO If! ltt?o - f ohlef 35po ollars and cufts, composed entirely of cotton, per doTen pieces, ad 25po 26 po valorem «-™-- ™..»»- v «i uuutuu, per uozen pieces, ad omi.o8 C fl Vn whXiy^'^-p-irt-of-iinen;-' P 4r dMe"n'iiiecM''8ia''kd 150 ^ 5p0 35p ° 35pC Shirts and all" imubYes 'of wearing" app'arei'bf 'every' descripOon. fOTln ^"^ C ° mp08ed 0 wholly or in or 85o ...55po 85po 35pO [chief value, • -• eOJio 80-40 p c 30-40pc i when embroidered by hand or ma- a &-Affi Jut© OP otiior vcfirGtablo fiber dcont' fln-*- hnm-n 3h jute, or other vegetable flber.exceptflax hlSo aponent material of chief value, not; specially pro- b c Taa e vaTo?eni e f B :. pe f.*"":"./.-.-.-.";v.:v.v.v.2 > p O I P0 ° ISS BCH2CDUIOS K. Sheathing paper, ad valorem Printtng-paper, unsized, euitable only "for" "books' "and vato"" 1 :•-- • .............:..:....V;.J5pe; IBpo Prmtmgp,iper,8lzedorglued,Buitableonlyforbookaahdnew8papera r • " v ad-Vfl-ioroiu......................... •- «j -. rt yftpors'fcnowp.cQnfiTT^fi'^*qift|]y flg copyinflf pai}€)T -** 1 *——*— ir^Lv."*"«*_"*"_ " paper and all tissue paper, white or colored,. books, reams, or in any other form, ad valorem Albumenized or sensitized paper, ad valorem Paper known commercially as surface-coated paper.'and'mannfacturea thereof, card boards, lithographic printsfrom^Uiw stones Snc* boand or unbound (except illustrations when forming apart of a Deri odiesU, newspaper, orinprinted booksaccompajiTlnrtn^same) anSaU arnicles produced either in whole or in part by iittiographie processt -ffiu? e ra?v h a?o U r^ aP ^f^^^^ Ifo5apo Paperenyelopes, per 1,000;.._. 77*7^77^7777*. °"7777:7^.... 25no gBp.o 85po 25 po ICO pc 15pc 15o lOoo If! M?o , HO t, &u valorem ana au other paper nospcaypdvIdedf or Playing cards, per pack7777~' ' -i this art, ad valorem. ..:.25pd Manuiactnres of paper, or of which paper is 'the component material of chief value, not specially providediYor in this act, ad valorem,7777:25 p o Bristles,-peYtt.; mannS?' . Brushes and brooms of all kinds, Including feathei""dusters''a^hair " pencils and quills, ad valorem. ^^ 25 po S5pc IS&GOptt 80pc 25po SSpo 100 po 85pO free , cloth, woven or made in in such manner as to be Buttons, commercially known as ...................... Button forms : Castings, mohair cloth, silk, or other manufactures or made in patterns of such size, shape, or form, went in such manner as to be fit for buttons exclusivelyTad valorein • - u "* ..... • 25 po 25>c 25po .. ............... ........... ^ In bottles or jugs, per case ofone dozen bottles' or'iuirs" containing «aohnot more than one quart and not UWB t*«n JUiBtSit rSfl 81 87 83.50 81.76 83^5 SOo 87 83.50 81.76 12.25 50o the^ United States from and two .Buenos Ayres. New Zealand, Australia, Cape of elsewhere, and also including all wools not here ^S^Ssfesasaaasa^Bjr^'y^'tta - 01 H.' a ? , of tte camel, goat, alpaca, and other like animals. ®2* thrae^that is to^say.DonskpI, native South' American, CordoT^ Vaif . , .....2c*aep:e2&pd- . ^, ad valorem..... ..;.....3i6DC' 25ito board, papier mache, pulp, or other simt- - .— --.-* r "- 1 -"-" f or in this ac^ valued at notex- aorem. He beeameitEesldentof alwnk, of a water worke company and the electric light One fine 2i Xbat there shall be no < wines, liquars, cordials Imported in bottles or jugs shall be pact or distilled spirits in each package; ottteor^ug_ ,__ per case 81.60 81.60 8L60 id in such bottles or jugs shall be subject to a duty utno separate or additional duty shall be assesse < " ' cordial or vermuth Imr ' ~~ , _ or damage on andy and other spirituous liquors „ ig not less than one dozen bottles s or jugs shall pay an additionai duty of 3 ssnts for «•< twomUeaand wouM«w- melnp In little ttts of B among fliedtizens.' had anlBhefl a ilttle old man flhooted: - general dlflfcrfbutien of the I want hla «»1L" VeElnleyls~apoor man, thirteen years In con- two amall rooms ina and eonBdenUona \ .60o 25o SOo SOc 800 new 20 po SOpc 20o 20o 85e 20po iLBAND SEEK. I5>eer, in bottles or juifs, per gallon 40c ate or additional duty shall be assessed on the bottles or jugs. _j In bottles or jugs, per gallon 20c Malt extract, fluid, in casks, per gallon... '. 20o In j bottlesorjug8 1 pergal „ v *0o Solidoroondensedjad valorem.... 40po Cherry juice and prune j uioe, or prune wine, and other fruit juice, not •specially provided lor, containing not more than IS per cent of alcohol, per gal f.... 1 . i • OTHER BEVERAGES. Jf containing more than 18 per cent of alcohol, per prooi gal 82.50 Ginger-ale*, ginger-beer*, lemonade, soda-water, and other similar waters in plain green or colored, moulded or pressed glass bottles, containing each not more than three-fourths -of a pint, per doz 13c +-30 p o Containing more than three-fourths of a pint each and not more than " one and one half pints, per doz 26o do do But no separate or additional duty shall'"be assessed on the bottles; If imported otherwise than In plain green or colored molded or pressed glass bottles, or in such bottles containing more I than one and-one-half pints each, fifty cents per gal., and in addition thereto duty shall be coL- looted on the bottles, or other coverinRB. at tho rates that .1 ould be chargable thereon if impor empty. All mineral waters* and all Imitations of natural mineral waters, and artificial mineral waters not specially provided for, in plain green or colored glass bottles, containing not more than one pint, per dozen JWtOes........ .......Ho j^™* f «« ----- _ 30 p c «30pc+20po o~_——n 7- -i—-— ----j,-i-™w»«», i»uiu»D ouuui A.uieri b i>u, . Smyrna, Russian camel's halr.fand including all euch wools of lite charactefcas»J „ totore usually imported into the United States from Tarkev. Greece, Eftypt,, Syria and • Where, excepting Improved wools herelnaf ter,provlded for.Jl " * \ The standard samples of ^Uovq^s which are now or may be hereafter deposited In the priacl- pu cnstom-iiousesjpfJtlAt^Hecratates, under the authority of the secretary of treasury; shall 'be the_el^i<iaTCUflor the craB lificatlon of wools under this act, and the secretary of the treasury the : authoritj:to r^new these standards and to make such additions to them from time to time as may be required, and he shall cauae to be deposited like standards In other custom-houses of the United States when they may be needed. Whenever wools of class three shall have been improved by the admixture of Merino or English blood from their present character as represented by the standard samples now or hereafter to be deposited in the principal custom-houses of the United States, such Improved wools fihall be classified for duty either as class one or as class two, as the case may be. The duty on wools of the first class which shall be imported washed shall be twice tte amount of the duty to which they would be subjected if Imported unwashed; and the duty on wools of the first and second classes which shall be Imported scoured shall be three times the duty to which they would be subjected if Imported unwashed. Dnwashed wools shall be considered such es shall have been shorn from the sheep without any cleansing; that is, In then- natural condition. Washed wools shall be considered such as have been washed with water on the sheep's back. Wool washed-in any other manner than on the sheep's back shall be considered as scoured wool. The duty on wool of the sheep or hair of tic camel, goat, alpaca, and other like animals which shall be Imported in any other than ordinary condition, or which shall be changed In its character or condition for the purpose of evading the duty, or which shell be reduced In value by tie admixture of dirt or any other foreign substance, or whish has been sorted or Increased in value by the rejection of any part of the original fleece, shall be twice the duty to which It would be otherwise subject; provided, that skirted wools as now Imported are hereby excepted. wools on which a duty Is assessed amounting to three times or more than that which would be assessed if said wool was Imported unwashed, such duty shall not be doubled on account of Its being sorted. If any bale or package of wool or hair specified in thia act Imported as of any specified class or claimed by the importer to be dutiable as of any specified class, shall contain . . i heads, " other toys not wuiposea or,., >. vffim 0 '" 0116 ™ 118 - "«5S? ,B£ 8 J^L" J?«?j« aiS "toys.-So p e.i aoo- ••• •^-»« --••**•..».,• *.9^J} <1 • »-•«.. »..^.».........10Q ft6fif*"" ^*»*:_ 60 pc- Coal slaqkor culm, such as wiu" pass "through ahaifffich^screenl'Der «32 a S*!??*?? 1 * 11 * bushels, eighty Ibs to fiie busnel.7.77.7777777:. ~j sVper»"....I.7."I..';K;"!;."^."""7,"!rJ ^aaiwaitod^p^'anTbagatene erial^adjrelorem., j^ &#* mred, K^u^p^^^^^^. :i^ecraokera'bfa"u'kinds,"perp'6und" •'•^T^TTTT'lic Weathers and downs of all kinn'o 'Am-,'^l'AU'^»Vj'"iiv •••:•_• ••-: 25po 300 free Z5po SOpo So posed?not and fl< ™^ ™ ^^^^^^/^^^o™? 1 ? 611 ^ 100 po SOpo 60 100 35pc 35po 40pc SOpo 60 lOo 25p 0 25po free . .- . -. t.i ». " ••*•!•*• WUW ^MkflUU U«^ WpW%M'^W^*t »*»^ ?1 ** - n «i, n^o,, Bsnlgect to the higher rate of duty chargeoble on wool of the class ^-MJ J?,?? * |8 « er , r * te °* duty ; and " ? ny D8le or package be claimed by the Importer to be shoddy, £»;f£iL'£ V? ol> a , r> ° r ° ther materlal OI '«ny clsfa spec-fled In this act, and such bale aoy admixture of any one or more of eald materials, or If any other material, the whole JEWELRJ-ASD I'RECIOtTS STONES in this act, composed 35po 20 pc 40pc 25po 20P° 3 ° D ° ),-cameos or other precious aiouea 9>

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