The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 22, 1890 · Page 9
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1890
Page 9
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Sydrate of. or caustic soda, perlb WewBate. .Bichromate and chromate ofTper Ib 80 Bal-fioda or soda crystals, and soda ash, per Ib " "uo Silicate of, or other alkaline silicate, per Ib wo Sulphate of soda, or salt cake or niter-cake, per ton .".". 88.60 gponges. ad valorem 20po Strychnia, or Btryohnlne, and all salts thereof, per ounce...'.'.".".'...' ."400 Bulphur, refined, per ton , $8 Bublimed, or flower of, per ton •- .810 Burnac ground, per ton ."/...' "......".".".....4-10 Tartar, cream of, and patent tartar, per Ib*.* """I**"*II...IIII.""II.,"6o Tartars and lees crystals, partly refined, perib.".'.V.".V.V.".V.V.".V.V.*.'.V.V..4o Hamate of coda and potassa, or Boohello salts, perlb 80 SCBBDUI/B B. EABTHS, BABTHENWABE AND GLASSWABB. *««« v-t-x. _ *. , BB1CK AND TILE. jrare-DricK, not glazed, enameled, ornamented, or decorated In any manner, per ton fiX •wS^' |H a 5 1 $ ed ^ ornameil ted. or decorated; ad'valorem ; .....45pO sales and brick, other than fire brick, not glazed, ornamented, painted, «oameled, vitrified, or decorated, a •'valorem... .„. .20 po Ornaa.ented, glazed, painted, enameled, vitrified, or decorated, and all encaustic, ad valorem... .. ^^ 45po WSJ^*? 11 ^. Pft vingtiles, not encaustic, ad'vatorertC'a'p oj"" Jmcaustio tUes, not glazed or enameled 77.....T... 45po CEMENT, X.IHH AND PILASTER. and other hydraulic cement, in barrels, sacks, or , _ per 100 Ib. including weight of barrel or package....80 .»»./U.U., per 100 Ib ., 7o Other cement, ad valorem „ 20po l^me, per 100 Ib, including weight of barrel or package .. 60 **5fte. r °r Paris, or gypsum, ground, per ton 81 Calcined,per ton .7... v .7.;....., „..-. 81,78 fc_ —-CIiAyS OK HABTHS. to? ^oJSS 18 ' unwrought or unmanufactured, not specially provided Old Bate. lo 80 8S 80 po Wpo 60o fi° 120' 8-10 So JSU8 Bill. isopo 60o no 818 MO 60 40 80 SOpo SOpo 85po BBpO COpo Wpo SOpo 20 po Wpo WPO SOpo Wpc 85 PO 20 pfl SOpO clay, or kaolin, per ton ......... ."...„'.'.'.."..'.".'..'.. ."."..".. .V.V....V.... 13 „„ , __ , BABTHBNWABB AMD CHINA. "J?!" 1 earthenware, common stoneware and crucibles, not eopo !WPO frep n aopo 60pO MPO 65pO 40pC ner ^ . not out, engraved, painted, etched, . .red, printed, stained, silvered or gilded, ad valorem... 60 po .rton^+^i « 1 «8B,cut I engraved, painted..colored, printed, stained, ueeprated, silvered, or gilded, not induofflg plate glass silvered, or , and not otherwise specially ed for in this act ad valorem ..... .:....,...„ .......... ..„ ....... 46 po 1 SfeWittown with or with or without a mold, Incladlnar taeif manufactures of glass, or of which component material or chief value, not specially eO p o 45 po 45 po 45po 45pc 45 p* 45 po >C 45pO 46pO . . ^0Q«Q 45 jj 0 45 "p 0 , or otherwise ornamented or decorated glass bottles, decanters, or "' . toanyduty ohaKeMeon the con- «y]lnder, crown, and common window jrlass. not exoeedl 1nchessquare, perlb - '* -window «omputed«ooording totheactnaf weig Cylmder and crown «teafti5dlshea j notex per square foot. — Unpolished cylinder, crown, and common .— lanterning,60 square feet, as nearly assizes will permit, now known , —«, —^ — gjaa^singte thierand weighing not M exceed 65 poundf pntedAsSO pounds of glass only; and that said kind* assizes will permit, 60 feet of glass, now knowri - -*- -i-i". >sr— double thick and not .exceeding 90 pounds in «na computed _as SO pounds only; but in all other cases the duty shall be ?16 by 84 Inches square, 4o ... , «ot including, crown, cylinder, or exceeding IB I^IB Inches square, per "° 40 «0 990 to to S? Wo 8quare,per equare foot.lXo *".. if^.'i ', •;---jtA-*: ,.-.-- «V| y on the excess at the same rates lot *he above, plate glass, when olished plate glass, finished or i :erein imposed. (The existing ound,smoothed, or otherwise J"tfs6 PT*flf^ '^ *i pK I y QI ^uj t andunsuvered, not ox- 18byS41nches*quare,perfi(mare foot.. .*...... 7! ....60 ing 81 by au inches square, per square foot..8o " ----- - Above *h<it add not exceeding •Above-that, and not .MUatwye that, per square .60o platea Hot exceed- ~^.it*^iu.«.«....,.;—.80 60 So £50 COO 3 inches.equare per square f oot.lOo 0^6heefiqusre,per square foot 85o 60 ° no looking glass pl&tea or n that Imposed upon ~ 60 106 «50 JJOQ Jg(J ._ , when framed, shall pay a less rate of rglassoflike-deBcrjpttonnotframed.bnt.ehallpay in addl« " — T£pplieawe thereto when Imported separate. blown glass and silvered, •quarexoot. . Oast polished plate glass, eilvered or «ton«DOHnd, obscured, frosted, aa ornamented or On spectacle an »«u. crown or common window glan, .etched, embossed, engraved, ataioed. heretofore being subject to various Duties.) • ' ilan^^chemjcaUflaaiware,painted glassware, stained orof,which glass shall be the component meterial of -v.**»«., painted wlaa^gfass and band, pocket or table mirrors aot thOT without ftamesOT lensesof glass or pebble, 60 pc J .,...«) po «ronnd ot,toeveledto . .60 PC 45po 46po Krtnea marble, and jnarble paving mogh or squared, dressed or . otherwise, ' 45pO 45 po 46po 45PO 46pc 660 ••••ii-»»MM.yMig»i»TmJB <mon, ypr CUO1OlOTO...............I..... . 8110 flJO «fcSBSWESSE£S?^^ 400, 850 •valorem noNStones manu£actur stone, monumental stone, e ly provided .or bound up Into ne, limestone, _ xoarble. ztnznan 1 In this act; per ou «reestone, granite, aandstone. limestone and , except marble, not specially ,60 p o «d_valorem.».15p o - building' and or undressed. BOpo aopo" so po for ormonn- inthifl act, ^ manufactures of slate; not gpeolalry providedfor to'thls^ Aht«*4t»*tf*>^1lA**Aa* *TJ« V^l^ILT—****** **^" "••***•*"••*••• ••*••••* ••*•••••• and all other """" tip ton free 20pO 81.56 Mpo S5po , - *EEfflU23ASB MANOFAOTUBES Of 1 J ^^ _____ -^ . . *, - - " ZBOXT cnromateor iron, or chrondoore,aa Talorem.. 15po 16po frea to ite natural mte-contetol^'ln exc^s of sT£r except onJbhe copper contained "&-?•- ^^- ^*°*™ Bound Iron not <Quareiron not—_ __ Mats less than one inch, Upton ftjrtrt JLtfln * i or scrap steel Scept'waste'or refuse steel, fit only to 8-100 7-lOd _ -- lo lo 7-10o 7-100 811 p-ton 814 p ton CIS p ton ll-lOo lo ll-lOo 11-100 30 pc- 30 pc 14-100 14-10 11-100 14-lOc porcelain, parian, bisque, earthen, stone, and crockery ware, in- pifccoues, ornaments, toys, charms, vases and statuettes, tinted, stained, enameled, printed, gilded or otherwise deoo- lorem Whlto ' <Ulli not ornam enteao.r decorated in any manner,'ad va- poroelain, parian, bisque, earthen, "stone and crockery manufactures of the same, by whatsoever designation or "~ "~ '" Including .lava tips for burners, not spec*- If ornamented or decorated in any man- 60p0 69pO Wpo . ed, ad valorem 65po 65po 86pO each, IB 86po 86pO ^"l-White granite,commoh ware.plaJn white or cream-oblbred,lustered or printed ua- le color, eponged,-dipped, or edged ware, 85 pc.] «____„_, . . ,'•.-. • .. . GLASS AND OLA8SWABH. » ween and colored, molded or pressed, and Bint, and lima glass botties, hnwh,., , «.__ onepmt anfld6mljohnBi anacarixjys (eoveredor ,-, green and colored and flint . >videdfor, perlb. lo ^0 "M __,, -. -. -c-,-3r ••" Dressed, and flint and lime glass bottles, SSFJS^ 8 * olding not more than one pint and not less than one-quar- *•""*«pint,perlb. f .^ ..."„ ... . . . ijjo lo «1<I man _""g less than one-fourth of a pint, per gross 60o lott lo ^o pc when filled, exclusive of contents lo L^i "T* 10 ™ enumerated In the preceding panurraph, if filled, and not otherwise provided for In Jnts are subject toan ad valorem rateof duty based upon the value, the value or other vessels shall be added to the value of the contents for the ascertain- value of the latter; but if filled and not otherwi se provided for UVthls aot, not subject to an ad valorem rate of duty, or to rate of duty based on the «^T^»"lir*, v l"*- •Juty, such botties, vials; or other vessels shall pay, in addition to the duty, if «ny, on their contents, the rate of dutypeesoribed In the preceding paragraph. Provided,ihat «« .^ 5 »i= „ .- ;ia»jesOTtt^%ttepreoeqJEirpi2«g»pfi shall pay a lea rate 40pc band Iron or hoop or band steel flared, splayed or punched, with or without buckles or fastenings, shall pay two-tenths of 1 cent perlb more than that Imposed on the hoop or band iron or steel from which they are made. (The present additional rate is %o.) [The corresponding paragraphs in the Mills bill read as follows: "Hoop or band or scroll or other iron, eight inches or less in width, and not thinner than No. 10 wire guage, Icent perlb; thinner than No. 10 wire guage and not thinner than No. 20 wire guage, 11-10 cents per Ib; thinner than No. 35 Wire guage, 1 3-10 per Ib; provided, that all articles not specially enumer- atedor provided for, whether wholly or partly manufactured, made from sheet, plate, hoo p band or scroll iron herein provided for, or of which such sheet, plate, hoop, band or scroll Iron shai I be the material of chief value, shall pay « cent per Ib more than that, imposed on the iron from Which they are made, or which shall be such material of chief value. 1 '! fiailway bars made of Iron or steel, and railway bars made in part of steel, weighing more than 25 pounds to the yard, perlb 6-10o Iron or steel tee-rails, weighing not over 25 pounds to the yard, per lb..6-10o Punched iron or steel flat rails, perlb 6-10o Sheets of iron or steel, common or black, and skelp iron or steel, valued at 3 cents per pound or less; thinner than No. 10 and not thinner than No, 20 wire guage. per pound lo Thinner than No. 20 wire guage and not thinner than No. 25 wire _,guage, perlb.: ; ll-lOo Thinner than No. 25 and not thinner than No. 29 wire guage, per Ib 14-10o Thinner than No. 29 wire guage, perlb 14-10o All Iron commercially known as common or black taggers iron lo Corrugated or crimped, per Ib 14-100 _---,„_. Provided that alTxsommon or black sheet iron or sheet steel not thinner than No. 10 wire guage, shall pay duty as plate iron or plate steel. All iron or steel sheets or plates, and all hoop, band or scroll iron 01 steel, excepting what are known commercially as tin plates, terne plates and taggers tin, and hereinafter provided for, when galvanized or coated with zinc or spelter, or other metals, or any alloy of those metals, rates additional to those of the preceding, as follows: Thinner than No, 10 and not thinner than No. 20 wire guage 5£o sto 340 Thinner than No. 20 and not thinner than No. 25 wire guage 3£o |£0 jso Thinner than No. 25 %° %° *° And on and after July 1.1891, all iron or steel sheets, or plates, or tag- gers iron coated with tin or lead or with a mixture of which these metals or either of them is a component part, by the dipping or any other process, and commercially known as tin plates, terne plates, and taggers tin, shall pay 2 2-10 cents per Ib 22-100 lo -Iree Provided that on and after July 1,1891, manufactures of which tin, tin platea, terne plates, taggers tin, or either of them, are component materials of chief value, and all articles, vessels or wares manufactured, stamped or drawn from sheet Iron or sheet steel, such material being tne component -of chief value, and coated wholly or in part with tin or lead, or a mixture of which these • metals, or either of them, is a component part, shall Pay a duty of 65 tper centum ad valorem: Provided further that on and after .October 1,1897, tin plates and terne plates lighter In weight than 63 Ib per hundred square feet shall be admitted free of duty, unless it shall be made to appear to the sat- Isfootion of the president (who shall therelpon by proclamation make known the fact, that tne aggregate quantity of such plates lighter than 63 Ib per hundred square feet produced in tne United States during either of the six years next preceding June 30,1897, has equaled one-third the amount of such plates imported and entered for consumption, during any fiscal year after the passage of this act, and prior to said. Oct. 1,1897: Provided that the amount of such, plates manufactured into articles exported,.and upon which a drawback shall be paid, shall not be included in ascertaining the amount of such importations: And provided further, That the amount or weight of sheet lion or sheet steel manufactured in the United States, and applied or wrought in the manufacture of articles or wares tinned or terne-plated in the United States, with weight allowance as sold to manufacturers or others, shall be considered as tin and terne plates produced in the United States within the meaning of this act. Sheet iron or sheet steel, polished, planished or glanced, by whatever name designated, perlb 2Ko a»c .£»»"' Provided, That plate or sheet or taggers Iron or steel, by whatever name designated, other than the polished, planished, or glanced herein provided for, which has been pickled or cleaned by acid, or by any other material or process, or which is cold-rolled, smoothed only, not polishea, shall pay one-quarter of 1 per cent per Ib more duty than the corresponding guages of common or black sheet or taggers iron or steeL LThere is no change in this provision, and none was proposed in the Hills bill.] Sheets or plates of iron or steel, or taggers iron or steel, coated with tin or lead, or with a mixture of which these metals, or either of them, is a component part, by the dipping or any other process, and commercially known as tin plates,terne-plates and taggers tin, per Ib, until July 1,1891 ••••••. '•••lo Steel ingots, cogged ingots, blooms, and slabs, by whatever a process made, perlb and ad valorem lo free 7-lOc 45 po 45po 45po 45po 45pc 45po 45 PC So Die blocks, or blanks; billets and bars'and 'tapered or beveled bars; steamer, crank, and other shafts; shafting; wrist or crank pins; connecting-rods and piston-rods; pressed, sheared, or stamped shapes; saw-plates, wholly or partially manufactured; hammer molds or • swaged steel; gun barrel molds not In bars; alloys used as.substitutea for steel tools; all descriptions and shapes of dry sand, loam, or iron. molded steel castings; sheets and plates not specially-provided for in 'this act; and steel In all forms and shapes not specially provided for in this act; all of the above valued at 1 cent per pound or less, per lb.7-10o 45 p o Talued above 1 cent and not above 14-10 cents per Ib 6-10o 46 p o Valued above 14-10 cents and not above 18-10 cents per Ib 8-10e 45po Valuedabove 18-10 cents and not above 2 2-10 cents per Ib 9-10o 45po- Valued above 2 2-10 cents and not above 3 cents per Jb f 12-10o 45 p o .Valued above 3 cents and not above 4 cents per Ib - .18-lOc 45 p o Valued above 4 cents and not above 7 cents per Ib 2o 2o Valuedabove 7 cents and not above 10 cents per Ib 28-10c «so Valued above 10 cents and not above 13 cents perlb...... 3>4o 3J4o Valued above 13 cents and not above 16 cents per Ib 42-10c giio »/*° Valued above 16 cents perlb ;. 7c Sfcc 3Jao Wire rods; Bivet, screw, fence, and other Iron or steel wire rods, and : . nail rods, whether round, oval, flat, square, or in- any other shape, in coils or otherwise, not smaller tnan number slxwiregauge, valued at 3J4 cents or less per pound, per pound ;'...- 6-IOc 6-100 6-lOc Iron or steel, flat, with longitudinal ribs for the manufacture of fenc- • • . ing, valued at 3 cents or less, per pound .....M.0e 6 :J°° , * jao . Provided, That all iron or steel roflB, whether rolled or drawn through dies, smaller than number six wire gauge, shall be classed and dutiable as wire. • Wire: Wire made of iron or steel, not smaller than number ten wire '• gaugeperlb... .......l*o W»o i»0 Smaller than number ten and not smaller than number sixteen wire a gauge,perlb ...v...... ...:. -.15£o 20 So Smaller than number sixteen, and not smaller than twenty-six wire ' gauge,-perlb... 2)4o 2J»o gjso Smaller than number twenty-six wire gauge, perlb ........80 80 80 Provided that iron or steel wire covered with cotton, silk or other material, and wires or strip steeL commonly knowri as crinoline-wire, corset-wire, and hat-wire, shall pay a duty or oo per ID (the present rate is 60 to 7c per Ib.) And provided further. That steel wire or sheet steel in strips, whether drawn through dies or rolls, untempered or tempered, of whatsoever width, twenty-five one-thousandths of an inch thick or thinner (ready for use or otherwise) shall pay a uutypr 60 per centum M valorem. And provided further, That no article made from iron or steel wire, or of which iron or steel wire Is a component part of chief value, shall pay a less rate of duty tnanthe iron or steel wire from which it Is made, either wholly or in part. And provided further, That iron or steel wire cloths, and iron or steel wire nettings made in meshes of any -form, shall pay a duty equal in amount to that Imposed on iron or steel wire used in the manufacture of iron or steel wire cloth, or iron or steel wire nettings, and 2o per Ib In addition thereto; - There shall be paid on iron or steel wire coated with zinc or tin, or any other metal (except fence ' wire and iron or steeL flat, with longitudinal ribs, for the manufacture of fencing), one-half of lo' '• per Ib in addition to the rate imposed on the wire of which it is made; on iron wire rope and wire : strand, 1 cent per Ib in addition to the rate imposed on the wire of which it is made; on steel wire rope and wire strand, 2 cents per Ib in addition to the rate imposed on the wirje of which they or etuter or them me mado*—(Thqgo «rn-ih^preaer4jratea.iiProyided further, That all iron or steel v valued at more than 4 cents per Ib shall 'pay a duty-of-not less-ttian-46 per centmn (vJ^AJcirreiiii fpc-' : cept that card wire for the manufacture of card clothing shall pay adutyof 85 per centum ad va-" lorem. x • (The Hills bill provided that no duty on iron or steel wire, or the same galvanized, or on manufactures thereof, should be in excess of 60 per cent ad valorem.) } GENERAL PKOVISIONS- 'No allowance or reduction of duties for partial loss or damage in consequence of rust or discoloration shall be made upon any description of iron or steeL or upon any article wholly or partly manufactured of iron or steel, or upon any manufacture of iron and steel. > All metal produced from iron or its ores, which is cast and malleable, of whatever description or form, without regard to the percentage of carbon contained therein, whether produced by cementation, or converted, cast, or made from iron or its ores, by the crucible, Bessemer, Olapp-Grif- fiths, pneumatic, Tuomas-Gilchrist, basic. Siemens-Martin, or open-hearth processes, or dy a combination of two or more of the processes, or their equivalents, or by fusion or other process which produces from iron or Its ores a metal either granular or fibrous in structure, which is cast and malleable, excepting what is known as malleable iron castings, shall be classed and demonstrated as steel.*' • " -' v . . . "• • No article not specially provided for in this act, wholly or partly manufactured from tin plate, terne plate, or the sheet, plate, hoop, band, band or scroll iron or steel herein provided for, or of which such tin plate, terne plate, sheet, plate, hoop, band, or scroll Iron or steel shall be the material of chief value, shall pay a lower rate of duty than that imposed on the tin plate, terne plate, or sheet, plate, hoop, band, or scroll iron, or steel from which it is made, or of which it -shall be-the component thereof of chief'value. . : On all iron or Steel bars or rods of whatever shape or section, which are cold rolled, cold hammered, or polished in any way in addition to-the ordinary process'of hot rolling Or hammering,' ' there shall be paid one-fourth of one cent per pound in addition to the'rates provided in this act; and on all strips, plates or sheets of iron or steel of-whatever shape, other than the polished, planished or glanced sheet iron or sheet .steel hereinbefore provided for, which are cold rolled, cold hammered, blued, brightened, tempered, or polished by any process to such perfected surface to finish or polish better thantheCgrade of cold rolled»smooth! only, hereinbefore provided for, there shall be paidlJi cents per pound in addition to the .rates provided in this act npon plates, strips, or sheets of iron or steel of coommen or black finish; and on steel circular saw plates there shall be paid 1 cent per pound in addition to the rate provided In this act for steel saw plates. •" • " . •':; ...--. • .; . •' "••-•' MANUFAOTTTEBS OJPIEONAND STEKL. . Anchors, or parts thereof, of iron or s teel, mill-Irons and mill-cranks of .wrought iron for ships, and forgings of iron or steel, or. of combined iron and steel, for vessels, steam engines, and locomotives or parts thereof, weighing each 25Ibs or more, perlb .18-100 80 njo Axles, or parts, thereof, axle bars, axle blanks, or forgings for axles, . whether of iron or steel, without reference to the stage or state of manufacture, perlb... 2o * • 8tfo IKo Provided. That when iron or steel axles are imported fitted in wheel or parts of the wheels, or iron or steel, they shall be dutiable at the same rate as the wheels In which they are Anvils of iron or steel, or of Iron and steel combined,, by Whatever process made, or in whatever stage of manufacture, per Ib ;2)$O So l}ft Blacksmith's' hammers and sledges, track tools, wedges and crow-bars, whether of iron or steel,-perlb — ;•.. ; .£ Boiler or other tubes, pipes, flues and stays of wrought iron or steel. Bolts, with or wltnout threads or nuts, or boit blanks and finished hinfresor hinge blanks, wnetherof Iron or steeVper Ib 8Jfio gjfo Card-clothing, manufactured from tempered steel wire, per square foot.' • • ••'• 60o 75o All other, per square foot - '25o 25o Cast-iron pipes of every description,perlb. 9-10o lo Cast iron vessels, plates, stove platea, andirons, sadirons, tailors' iron's, batters' irons and castings of iron, not specially provided for in this act, perlb ••••—;...12-10o lo Cast hollowware, coated, glazed or tinned, per Ib 3o 80 Chain or chains of all kinds made of iron or steel, not less than three- fourths of one inch in diameter, perlb............'........., ........16-10 1X0 Less than three-fourths of one inch and not less than three-eighths of one Inch In dlameter, : per Ib .....18-10o 2o lj$o Less than three-eighths inch in diameter, per Ib 2Ko ' 2)£o So But no chain or .chains of any description shall pay a lower rate of duty than 45 per centum Penknlvesorpooketknivesof all kinds, or parts thereof.and erasers, » or parts thereof, wholly or partly manufactured, valued at not more than 50 cents per dozen, per dozen. •--•-•• ................12o Valued at more than 50 cents per dozen and not exceeding 81.60 per 6-100 lo Valued aor 'pOT^ .60o 50poadv50po SOpoadvfiOpo 83 Valued at more than 83 per dozen, per dozen. Andln aadltton thereto on all the above, 50 per cent ad valorem. Bazors and razor-blades, finished or unfinished, valued at less than 84 fifaf rinznn. .ner dozen ,..............'„.. 81 per dozen,per dozen ................ •- ...... Vtaned at M or more per dozen, per dozen And m addition thereto oh all the above r . .81.75 SOpo adv 50 p o EOpo adv 50 po EOpo adv 60po SOpo adv SOpo 1,50 30p-e 40po 60 So lOc 13e ........ ...... razors and razor-blades, 30 per cent ad valorem. Few Sate. Old Bate. JSmsBffl. of other materials, engraved or lithographed, for printing, ad_ Bauway flsh plates "or's'piicfrbars, made of iron or steel, per Ib lo Bivets of iron or steel, per Ib - • ,..-2J4 Saws—Bross-cut, per linear foot. , •*-••?? Mill, pit and drag saws, not over nine Inches wide, per linear foot .lOo Over nine inches wide, per linear foot 15o Circular saws, ad valorem ;,.........30p c Hand back and all other saws, not specially provided for. ad valorem. .40 p o, Screws, commonly called wood-screws, more than two inches in length, DPI* 1h •••• ...».»••••••-•••»••••••••*•••»•••»»••••••*••• oO Over one in'ch' and'not* more "than two Inches In length, per Ib .To Over one-half inch and not more than one inch In length, per Jb.....,..10o One-half inch and less in length, perlb 14o Wheels, or parts thereof, made of iron or steeL steel-tired wheels for railway purposes, whether wholly or partly finished, and iron or steel locomotive, car or other railway tires or parts thereof, wholly or partly manufactured, perlb................ vf'** 1 Ingots, cogged Ingots, blooms, or blanks for the same, without regard to the degree of manufacture, per Ib ,.15£c Provided, That when wheels or parts thereof, of iron or steel, are imported wKn Iron or steel axles fixed In them, the wheels and axles together shall be dutiable at the same rate as is provided for the wheels when imported separately. . MISCELLATTEOUS METAIS AHD MAKOTA-CTUKES OB 1 . Aluminium or aluminum, in crude form and alloys of any kind in which aluminum Is the component material of chief value, per Ib—15o Antimony, asregulusor metal.per Ib, —.3£o Argentine, albata, or German silver, unmanufactured, ad valorem26pO Brass, In bars or pigs, old brass, clippings from brass or Dutch metal, and old sheathing, or yellow metaX fit only for remanuf acture, perlblKo Bronze powder, per Ib -• •• 12o . Bronze, or Dutch metal*.or aluminum+4n leaf, per package of 100 leaves 80 85 pc 8-lOc IKo 80 lOe 15o 30pc 30pc 6c """ 8c 10 12c Zo [NEW REPUBLICAN MBASUBB3 2c lOpO 35po free free 25po , 16 po lOpo t46po For the Better Protection of The attacks of free traders on the MeKIof ley hfll nave been, almost entirely confined tq the assertion that it win injure agrfcnltural interests. They do no* attempt toshow how this Is going to happen. Xcee traders never allow themselves to be pinned down to facts and iiu stances. They revet In generalizations^ and their stock doctrine Is that protection Increases the cost of farmers* supplies, and, that protect tlon does not aftect wh&t the farmer sells. THE tJILVm BILL ASD THBNKWTJUBIOT'ACT So So ^ 8}jo to free free lo bee 9- Imported in the form ot ores, per Ib on each Ib of zinc copper contained therein... W£o Copper: Old, fit only for manufacture Jo Clippings from new, and all composition metal of which copper is a component material of chiet value, not especially provided for.per ft Jo Begulus of, and black or course copper and copper cement, per ft on each ft of fine copper contained therein Jo In plates, bars, ingots. Chili or other pigs, and in other forms not manufactured, not specially provided for, per ft IJfo Boiled plate called braziers'copper, sheets, rods, pipes and copper bottoms • 35 po Sheathing or yellow metal of which copper Is the component material of chief value, and not composed wholly or in part of iron ungalvan- ized, ad valorem 35 po [Mills bill: Manufactured articles or wares not specially enumerated or provided for, composed wholly or In part of copper, ad valorem, 35 p e.] Bullion and metal thread of gold, silver, or other metals, not specially provided for in this act, ad valorem .- -730po Goldleaf, per package of 600 leaves. 82 Saver leaf, per package of 500 leaves — 75o Ore and dross, per Ib IJSo ._ Provided, That silver ore and all other ores containing lead shall pay a duty of 154 cents per Ib on the lead contained therein, according to sample and assay at the port of entry. Pigs and bars, molten and old refuse lead run Into blocks and bars, and old scrap lead, fit only to be remanuf actured, perlb ." 2o 35po UEpe 35 po 35 po 35 p Jl.TH 76o 25 pc KM 75c Sheets, pipes, shot.per Ib Glaziers 5 lead 2o 80 So free free lOo 35 po 30 po free 25 p o IJio 2o OUVJlfl/UJ. £&/•••••• ..,.. and lead wrap, perlb Metallic mineralsubstances in a crude state and metals unwrought, not specially provided for, ad valorem 20 po 20 pc- Mica, ad valorem 35po free Nickel, nickel oxide, alloy of any kind in which nickel is the component material of chief valne, perft Me 160 - [Mills bill; Nickel in ore, or matte, per ft, 15c] Pens, metallic, except gold pens, per gross ^—120 12o Fen-holder tips, pen-holders, or parts thereof, gold pens, ad valorem. ..30 p o 30 p c t Fins, metallic, solid head or other, including hair pins, safety-pins, and * bat, bonnet, shawl, and belt pins, ad valorem... 30 pc SOpo Quicksilver, per ft • lOo lOo The flasks, botties or other vessels in which quicksilver is imparted shall be Subject to the same rate of duty as they would be subjected to if imported empty. Type-metal, per ft,'for the lead contained therein IHo 2upc lapo • New types,ad valorem 25po 25pc 15po Tin: On and after July 1,1893, cassiterite or black oxide of tin, and bar,block and pig tin,per Ib .* 4c tree- tree Provided, That unless it shall be made to appear to the satisfaction of the president of the United States (who shall make known the fact by proclamation) that the product of the mines of the United States shall have exceeded five thousand tons of cassiterite, and bar. block and pig tin in any one year prior to July first, eighteen hundred and ninety-five, then alt Imported cassiterite, bar, block and pig tin shall', after July first, eighteen hundred and ninety-five,be- admitted free ot duty. . „_,..'"-,, ,» .^ ,^r Chronometers, box or ship s, and parts thereof, ad valorem .lOp o lOp o lOp o Watches, parts of watches, watch-cases, watch movements, and watch ' glasses, whether separately packed or otherwise, ad valorem 25po 35pc Zinc in blocks or pig, per Ib. ....Hjo IJso Zinc in sheets, per Ib „«. 8Jfco WAo Zinc, old and-worn out, fit way to be remanufactured, per Ib IJfo Die Mills bill: Zinc ores, ad valorem, 20 po. Manufactures, articles or wares, not specially enumerated or provided *•• ,' for, composed wholly or in part of Iron, steel, lead, nickel, pewter, zinc, gold, silver, platinum, aluminum, or any other metal, and whether partly or wholly manufactured, ad valorem 45pc 45po 40 po SCHEDULE D. WOOD AND MANUFACTUBB3 OF. New Bate. Old Bate. Timber, hewn and sawed, and timber used for spars and In building wharves, ad valorem ...10 po Timber, squared or sided, not specially provided for in this act, per QUDlO lOOu** •••* »••••*••••*•*» • ••••••••••••"••^••••••••«""» • ••••»••«••»»•••• Sawed boards, plank, deals and other lumber of hemlock, white wood, sycamore, white pine* and basswood, per 1,0.0 feet board measure... .81 Sawed lumber, not specially provided for In this act,per 1,000 feet board . ... - , measure.. • ...83 83 free But when lumber of any sort is planed or finished, in addition to the rates herein provided, there shall be levied and paid for each side so planed or finished fifty cents per thousand feet board measure; and if planed on one side andtongued and grooved, 81 per thousand feet board measure; and if planed on two sides and tongued and grooved SLSQ per thousand feet board measure; and in estimating board measure under this schedule, no deduction shall be made on board measure on account of planing, tonguing and grooving, Provided, That in case any foreign country shall impose an export duty upon pine, spruce, elm or other logs, or upon stave bolts? shingle wood, or heading blocks exported to the United States from such country, then the rate upon the sawed lumber herein provided rf or, when imported from such country, shall remain the same as fixed by the law In force prior to the passage of this act. Cedar: On and after March 1, 1891, paving posts, railroad ties and . telephone and telegraph poles of cedar, ad valorem.... — 20po Sawed boards, planks, deals and all forms of sabred cedar, lignnm.- . vltse, lanoewood, ebony, box, granadUla, mahogany, rosewood, satinwood, and all other cabinet woods notfurther manufactured '.- than sawed, advatorem •:--,;-•—......15po Veneers of woodand wood .unmanufactured, not specially provided .-..-. ; for, ad .valorem —1' v .;.... 2?P° -Pine clapboards, p'gfr thousand .'.....,».„.,..................-....—-81 Spruce clapboards, per thousand....-..';............- ~. '.'..^.SUou BCubs for wheels, posts, last-blocks, wajfon-blooks, cap-blocks, ear- blocks, gun-blocks, heading-blocks, and all like blocks or sticks, xouffh-hewn or sawed onb. ad valorem EOpo Laths, per one thousand piebes .'. ..15 po Pickets and paling, ad valorem lOpo White pine shin " - - Not In many years has a law been enacted sflp fruitful of good to the farmers astneneent silver bin. This. ntU remonetized the whiW metal, gave It a market at home, supplied^ with a large and legitimate mission to owr earl rency and, of course, enhanced ita. value, silver rose—that is, as the metal English transactions with India are< because scarce—wheat, rose too. The valued} all other cereals advanced' sympathetically* Already, therefore, the condition of huabandr]^ Interests has been greatly improved by ] can sagacity. Bat so long as American markets were •to the products of Canada and the Bermudas^ the American farmer was placed at a seriou^ disadvantage. Mr. McKInlerandhIaBepubU4 can associates gave their most careful attention 1 to this situation. They consulted wltti tnei farmers of almost ever; agricultural states They Usteneo. to the argnmentst of mantf thoughtful men representing: sgrfcplturat assort ciatlons, and, In the end, they/ adopted too remedies suggested by the farmers themsetve*. It was ascertained from. Kovernment stotfetfeat that the Importations^of farm products Into th* United States had mcrea^d from. $4ftOOOf90Oi 1850, to $256 > 000,eOO In 1889. Canada 1 the last year had sent over ttter border i the value ot 12459,725; *•—~ — sheeivf918,3S*; poultty,* ._... : ., 918; barley, 16,454,603; beans, &S&Sa*i |32<J,381; mallei $105,183; pot'" — planks and boards, $7487401. While this ever-Increaat been going on in general 8fa and India have gnduaBy become growers and are to-day seriousIy^menaefDc our control of the wheat msrket. ___ r due to the greater coat of farm labor hm« In those countries. "But same ^bor tita¥ India costs IStt per year, and ni Sas tils country costs $380-. A greater protection to th» lore, clearly imperative; andt&f£th»] bill affords. It alms, by IncreasfBg; . duties on f arm productsVtOr shut out an sochj Importations as much a» posslbfe,8a as to leava the American martot far tnetexclnal advantage of our own fxemtm^ ^0* far goeslnthladlrectton te witnessed!)*- ~ * lowing table: - - 20po free* , lc 81-»W free nee flea , SSperMfree' . ,3Spc, i*?.[ --8l.Hr SSpc free- .„ ^ Singles, per thousand ." 80o AU other, per thousand 30o Staves of wood of all kinds, ad valorem .......lOpo Casksandbarrels (empty), sugar-boxshooks,and packing-bokes and • packing-box shooks. of woot, not specially provided for. ad valorem. .30 p o Ghaircan<vor reeds, wrought or manufactured from rattan or reeds, and whether round, square, or in any other shape, ad valorem*. 10 p o House or cabinet furniture, of wood, wholly* or partly finished. 35 p o Aianniaotures of wood, or of which wood Is the component material of chief value, not specially provided for in this act, ad valorem .".......35 po 25po 16po SOpo 35o 85o lOpO 80 po Mpo SQpc free free tree free free free SSpO SBpo SOpo titan three-fouraasof/ Sound iron, in colls or - «iam«ter,and' . torinthlsact, Jlrovided ~ partBOrwBcttons'of columns and posls, deck and j>ulb beams, aria buUdlhgr forms, together with all other -structural ahapasofironorjjteel, whether plain or punched, or fitted for,use. Baffler or otter plate iron or'steel vMed for. not thlnnet- than Nn. ^ ..saw-plates hereinafter pro. , not thinner than No. 30 wire guage, sheared or unshearedy «nd »ke^) iron or flteel sheared or rolled in grooves, valued at Icent «er pound or lees, per pound ............ .................... .....6-10o Vmiuea *bova 1 cent and not above 1 and 4-10 cents per Ib, per Ib....... .•65-lOOc Valued above land 4-10 cents and not above 2 cents per Ifa.per Ib 8-10c Valuedabove 2 cents andnot above 3 cents per Ib.per Ib ...,11-lOc Valued aboveS cents and not above 4 centa perlb, per Ib 16-10c Valued above 4 cents and not above 7 cents per Ib.per Ib .2o Valued above 7 cente<and not above 10 cents per Ib, per Ib ..28-10c Valued above 10 cents and notabove 18 cents, perlb. SMo Valued above 18 cents perlb,ad valorem „.. ,...45po _„_ __ rroTided, That all plate, iron, or steel thinner thanNo. 10 wire guage shall pay duty ail steel sheets. Svjririnraof iron or steel, or forged iron and steel combined, of what- ,erlror«hape, or In whatever stage of manufacture,not specially pro- Sm-olded, J Tha±noitorguig8or'"i»rior steeiorforgiDffs of"iron and steel combined, bri nooessmade, shall pay a less rate of duty than 45 per centum ed valorem.- r*^~- - \ or Bcroll, or other Iron or steel, valued at 3 cents perlb fc inches or less In width, and less than three-eighths of , w ,^». jkandnoWhinnerthanNo,10wireguage, perlb..., lo lo 'i-* ^SSer than No. 10 Wire guage and not thinner than No, 30 wire - "- -• ll-lOo ) guage. perlb.... 18-10o A cotton ties or hoops, for baling or other purpoees, iron, or hoop or band i for baling purpOBW, of. allied Iron, notepeoially provided caBtings, ahanybe ratedas iron in burnt •Ot 1 cent per Ib, and none of the iron a< shall - - payaless rate of du ttoadnty of not less .. Beams, girders. tannels, car^ruck Swords sword-blades and side-arms, ad valorem....*:.. ............ ^. ..... 35po ves, forW, steels, and aUbuwshers', hunting, Mtohen, bread. ^Ketobte, fruit, cheese, plumbers', painters', palette and ' knivesP at 'M stees, flnlahe^ or unfinished, valued at not more v^dozen pieces, jper .dozen... ..... ..... . ..................... ..10o lore than 81andnot more than 82 per dozen .................. 85o and not more than 88 per dozen..... .......... .,.400 3Jpo 85 .81 doz . r aoze Valued at more than St and not inoretntSff falned at more than 88 and not more than I Valued at more than *13, per doz pieces. . ...... ... ....... •» And in addition, upon all the above-named articles, 30 per bent' ad 'valor? Hies, file-blanks, rasps and floats, ot all outs and kinds, four inches in lengthand under, per doz, andad valorem ......................... 350 nd - 85po 85 po 85po 85 o 35 po 36po 85po 85 po 85 po 85 p Over-four inches in length and under nine inches, per doz 750 Nine inches In length and under fourteen Inches, per doz 81 30 jtonr teen Inches in length and over, per doz $a jjusketsandsporting rules, ad valorem. ,25po Ail double-barreled, •sporting, breech-loading shot-guns valued at • ; ~r*" not more than 86 each 4 81'filrruin>, OK Valued at more than 88 and not more than 813 each .84 each RK «i Valued at more than 812 each 88eanh fs pc And in addition thereto on all the above, 35 per cent ad valorem. -" eopo Single-barrel breech-loading shotguns jj ^ 35no an n devolving pistols valued at not more than 81.50 each.............. ^QA PR Valued at more than S1.50 ••••••••• -, ...'.:81 po And in addition thereto on all the above pistols, 35 per cent ad valorem Iron or steel sheets, plates, wares or articles, enameled or glazed with vitreous glasses, ad valorem ...45nn Trftn or steel sheets, plates, wares, or articles, enameled, or glazed as a£ive with more than one color, or ornamented, ad valorem..... i n,Vt nails and cut spikes of iron or steel, perlb ""in Bbrseshoe nails, hob nails, and allother wrought Iron or steel nails" not anBoSSy provided for In this act, perlb ./^ AH *„ speciauy *„_ ^ jj onor jteel, two inches long and longerVn'ot «0 So >po 35po 85p 0 lo wim one inch to two inches in length, and lighter than No. 12, and not ffrtterthanNo.16 wire guage, per Ib..... .....7.7.7..2}«e 4o hS-ter than one Inch and lighter than No. 18 wire guage, per Ib." . gr H p^. »its and washers, and horse, mule or ox shoes, of wrought iron *° (jStta^.^rads.'or sprJgs,'nbt exceeding sixteen "ounces to'the tiious- 18 " 1 °° ^ and, per>_ 0 ,^ ton n'niinnea to the thousand, per ib.. .V.'.V.V.'.V.V.V.V.""" & 40 IMo e, and bodklnsof metal, ad valorem ....... §Jsttang and all other not specially provided for in this abti ad ,'eterwtyp'e"p'iiite*i &35pO itee [MUlflblll: Manufactures of cedar, wood, granadliia, ebony, mahogany, rosewood andsattn- Woood, ad valorem, 30 pc.] —*».. -* ; [In the Mills bill It was provided that in case of an export duty by the country from which any article within this schedule Is Imported the old duty should be retained as to such country.] STJGAB. ' _ (See Free Wat) _ On and after July 1,1891, and until July 1,1895, there shall be paid, from any moneys In the treasury not otherwise appropriated, under the provisions of section 3689 of the revised statutes to the producer of sugar testing not tess than ninety degrees by the polariscope, from beets, sorghum, or sugar cane grown within the United States, or from maple sap produced within the United States, a bounty of two cents par pound; and upon such sugar testing less than ninety degrees by the polariscope, snd not less than eighty degrees, a bounty of one and three-fourths cents per pound, under the rules and regulations as the commissioner of internal revenue, with, the approval of tne secretary of the treasury, shall prescribe. The producer of said sugar to be entitled to said bounty snail-have first nave filed prior to July 1 of each year with the commissioner of Internal revenue a notice of the place of production, with a general description of the machinery and methods to be employed by him, with an estimate of the amount of sugar proposed to be produced In the current or next ensuing year, Including the number of maple trees to be tapped, and an application for a license to so produce, to be accompanied by a bond In a penalty* and with sureties to be approved by the commissioner of Internal revenue, conditioned that be will faithfully observe all rules and regulations that shall be prescribed for such manufacture and production of sugar. The commissioner of Internal revenue, upon receiving the application and bond hereinbefore provided for, shall issue to the applicant a license to produce sugar from sorghum, beets or sugar cane grown within the United States, or from maple sap produced within the United States at the place and with the machinery and by the methods described In the application; but said license shall not extend beyond one year from the date thereof. No bounty shall be paid to any person engaged in refining sugars which nave been Imported into the United States, or produced In the United States upon which the bounty herein provided for has already been paid or. applied for, nor to any person unless he shall have first been licensed as herein provided, and only npon sugar produced by such person from sorghum, beets or .sugar cane grown within the United States, or from maple sap produced within the United States. The commissioner of Internal revenue, with the approval of the secretary of the treasury, shall from time to time make all needful rules and regulations for the manufacture of sugar from sorghum, beets or sugar cane grown within the United States, or from maple sap produced within the United States, and shall, under the direction of the secretary of the treasury, exercise supervision and Inspection of the manufacture thereof. And for the payment of these bounties the secretary of the treasury Is authorized to draw warrants on the treasurer of the United States for such sums as shall be necessary, which sums shall be certified to him by the commissioner of internal revenue, by whom the bounties shall be disbursed, and no bounty shall be allowed or paid to any person licensed as aforesaid In any one year upon any quantity of sugar less than 500 pounds. Any person who shall knowingly refine or aid In the refining of sugar Imported Into the United States or upon which the bounty herein provided for has already been paid or applied for, at the tlace described in the license issued by the commissioner of Internal revenue, antjttny person not entitled to the bounty herein provided for, who shall apply for or^ecelve the same, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof shall day a fine not exceeding 1500, or be Imprisoned for a period not exceeding five years, or both, in the discretion of the court. All sugar above No. 16 Dutch standard in color shall pay a duty of : perft . JHcS—3j4c24-10&28-10c Provided, That all such sugars above No. 16 Dutch standard in color shall pay one-tenth of 1 per cent per ft In addition to the rate herein provided for, when exported from, or the product of any other country when and so long as such country pays or shall hereafter pay, directly or indirectly, a bounty on the exportation of any such sugar which may be Included in this grade which is greater than is paid on raw sugar of alower saccharine strength ;ancl the secretary of the treasury shall prescribe suitable rules and regulations to carry this provision into'effect. And provided further. That all machinery purchased abroad and erected in a beet-sugar factory and used in the production of raw sugar in the United States from beets produced therein shall be admitted duty free until the first day of July, 1892: Provided that any duty collected on any of the above described machinery purchased abroad and Imported .Into the United States for tha uses above indicated since January 1,1810, shall be refunded. Sugar candy and all confectionery, including chocolate confectionery made wholly or In part of sugar, valued at 12 cents or less per Ib, and on sugars after being refined, when tinctured, colored or in any way adulterated, per ft 5o All other confectionery, including chocolate confectionery, not specially provided for, ad valorem SOpo 60DO Glucose, or grape sugar, perft........'. ........Sto 20po [Mills WH: Sugar candy, not oolored, per ft, 5o; all other confectionery, 40 p o.l . fMiils bill: Molasses, testing not above 58 degress by the polanscope, shall pay a duty of Sfc cents per gallon: molasses testing above 56 degrees shall pay a duty of 6 cents per gallon: Pro™^ rrh»t,fM export duty shall hereafter laid upon sngaror molasses by any country upon ^^^•fcjnaybe Imported, such sugar or molassea so imported shau be subject to duty as provId^oTjpW^tthe date of the passage of'this act.] , J lwuutjr , -Chat the provision JJ - < *-v! J 4iLS c t providing terms for the admission of imported sugars and mo- lasses'and for the r ^entpjaTre^urjtvr oh sugars of domestic production shall take effect on the ^ J 8 *'flay of April. l^ r ^^^&^^^^^^^ 1st day of March, 1891. and prior to the 1st ^ day of April, jan^a™ »°* ^ h ^^l^ffia^mav 1 ^i illdard ln color =»? *» refined in bond prescribed by •<»' secretary or the treasury. 8CHBDU&B F. ,1 15 *£:i$ft a •*••**••* o-ero-ggg _ etftf K: IProvlded that horses valued at over fZ9§ 6haU pay an ad valorem duty •taftper cent. ^ 5-10o 40p o &ODC 0?OBACCO AND MANUFACTUBES OF. New rate. Old rate. 750 Mnisbm. Leaf tobiCO suitable for cigar wrappers, if not stemmed, per Ib 83^ 75o 75o 'fany portion of any'tobaoco'napor'tedYnw itfar wrappers, the entire quantity of tobacco contained in such bale; box or " " »ble as above. (Mew.) _ m j.« ai , uu^anufaotured and not stemmed, per ">••«» 3 " Ji of ail" des"criptibns,'not" speciaily enumerated^ 85c 40c 35o 40o 40e 50c 40o 50o in impo^upon cigars. SCHKUUiBG. ' AGRICUI/EUBAI, PRODUCTS ANB PBOVISIOWS. AKUULLS ALIVB. 30 pc SOPO £ffi^^ 1 year o:d. per head «° •Directly toed by the Mills

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