The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 22, 1890 · Page 8
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1890
Page 8
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SUPPLEM ifARM IMPLEMENTS. EXFOB.T PRICES. »enroeratlc Lies Abont tbe Export Prices of Farm Implementa Bn- Urely Refuted by Reliable Authorities. 'There has been so much misrepresentation K|n the.BUbject of prices of farm machinery " 'the free trade advocates that the public ieuould be thoroughly Informed as to the real irtnteof the foreign and domestic markets, ilfr this as In all other matters the Republican party Invites the most complete tavestt- igation. The<8eplember number of the. Iron Age, ixpnt hardanure prices of practically every ar- tojfle, machine .or Implement In domestic use exported from this country, giving prices to ttbe retail trade, «nd then discounts toihe libers, Tarring from 5 to 86 per cent. &» tno instance Is there discrimination against {the domestic and in-favor of foreign trade. aSttller Bros. Cutlery Co., of Mertden, Conn., fwdte expressly denying that they have ever «lven greater discount to the foreign than to me home trade. A careful examination into fHw domestic and foreign price lists discloses ftbe following: Twtoe binders, standard efees, ratafl, United , About $145; England, $225; France, In Italy and otter coumrie8fitUlhls;liei mtlces. itowere, standard sizes, Mtail, United States, about $59j England, fJSO to ISO; In France, 480 to t99. Sulky hey rakes, ratan, United States, $18 to 5, *ccordiiij? to Bleeand quality; same rake <^^tjU llnj/ljVLVH Jf, VI f W*»W <••*«.<* •*£»*~m»*y ^ -mj^mmm** - *•••• InJtamce, f 40 to «50; nearly SB England. • praweB; steam power, retail, United C15D; In England, 4750; in France, Sty presses, horse style, retail, U: ' So. 40 OlUver plow, with wheel and joint, United States, «14; 3n England, »16 to other foreign coo&tdes, «U2l Jiigner. «ajvma at proportionate advances on borne hoe, retail, United States, In F»nce «nd Italy, 1140. ,**> A MWUtw ipp»*«» <*imiir*yq i^r*.«-w ««, way we might *o throughcthe list ot agricultural implements fix- So foreign GountriBB. In every case find the exported uiKiuu prices abroad, and that the ^t to jobbers taJfre countries, respeo- »,«y, iiad been based upon the length.rt (ttne jSven^ wad amount .ff sales and,anl- 'tonnlif, torixesabDB wMoa -are obvious, 41s- «ounte*re larger here than to foreign pur- *ollowlng^e«ar. addressed to. tte teoltor «f ibfl JIpw F«r|c World after Itapub- fimtttmi lOfalalsB statement otoomparattTO attaefittf aoan. machinery. In the United countries; . . (Of AOBIOTiTDBili. . 18»ft. JSdOor Jfen .j . we topay in receipt- of, a to «n ttfi S^annere."* 1 Promlnent^entlon t" are cU&er irflfally or Wmce eo entirely late, we«lu« » JoBHce to ^oarsdvee you pubUBb In order tbe tf. <«r aw , tnat-wie'fieB eiittle max I»t*2ioie6ale to Bie dpmeBtte buyer, rflwiveseU'to ibe domestic ens- i pronDunce as absolutely lalse tiie Mcuw>nt1iiat1lie discounts wnicnyou quote i «ur«oodB are <jaot«a to tbe retail buyer; —- *a&y Are twfle priceB and are^urt j quoted toJaraAody not in the trade.. - • »a5rflllB*wr quoted 4 L».W«.^— Abroad. rw«deny a»t-our«ombinea drill, rake and _____ „. quoted tolfoe •^Tdeny Sat our fire Fly wheel toe and- riia evarquotedlor tS.50tothe retail buyer ??.' I*', u** J-" than we sell** |tteie«t^t61eBale,oraB<ae»p. ^_^, » Under tbe neadtoK "OalttyMoxB proteeted ," you five two columnBof Pdcea, tt>be*>ricelnHie nome maiiet lot »t' qrboleaale mndtme column ^o etve retail prices mbrpad. We : Sonpnnee both flgans absolutely incorrect bstnfl»4iC quoting flic domestic wholesale i price, sou qaotellonieatlc retail prices and not witH iorelm retail prices, TnelBjustlcela . BO flagrant that we do not think « needs any K^enton our part ^o fflibatanttale It, and 5«tni«tyouwaiplac8«»ese tacts before vour rS^Tln order to aSabuse them or the false den JOB* *HBcle may hayecrea- f)o., of Toledo, We make it a point to EiwxBE^iuaw«rflteadJe£xBt4ndJoranio8t4- idl eraortlQkde, ira^o IB done at prices * g«t least «t»ercent*Igheriihan our Bjtradfe. TlWien terms arelour«rfilx i«n various ]>Uls of goods to the do- _ 4i -V iA- ^ * • f.'ttmm fttf ^^*S*»a JVnf mnnsy mestlo trade, In the majority of oases our imento «e <&**** " L- «• if ¥ r I ML1Q "Mllr -"-—"— ^-— — , w , «el«the letter of <aedB 06 that »e «et, «oon as Uie goods areahlpped. Theorat tothe«Eporterls made attll greater by tin 4taot that «11 our goeds shipped «st lor ex: —Tftsetobe dose'boxed,-Hie expense™ hi together. I*!!* » reasenable profit an if. OsborneAOo. of Auburn, N. Y., iflujturersofmewers, re»pers«ndblnd- *», Wltes «• follows- We beg to a«ate«i«tlor|he»a8tflf6Bensyear8 tw haw '—innfaotured-mowers, jeapera andnarvee- 8tei» for «rpor4 andtlnring that time we —.—._ 1^ ^ machine in ;onr export gotten B *Vw AODD a»*w*»»/j' •••^•* ^••P— - — - --- t for our machines in ttds «ountry; contrary, nmeh t»f the time we ha?e i nywmnmg* jm»w»» ••»• «» .— — - — T * hlgtor prices than in this country, i not believe tfiat any other manu- ^w^ucf of «ur class of harvesting machin- .exy Itos ever sold an export machine for less -^ —ey^antothetaome trade. Our busl- faas 4»en done In tbe folloV»ng conn- ~ .Australia,New Zealandand , of Chicago, manufao- Mnds of implements! the ln bsnresten «nd«raM ^ow Zealand anaBouth other foreign .countries, doneao tor =aeroral years. Tne«t»te- lass of «ooo8 la sold at yers than to domestic tiie j c«Mot any manutacturo: Ol class of agrlcnlturalmacIilBerj'. SoMi «r««nn**. ,fltomachP Have you eatm THE NMW TV™* C2^*«i ir^f^'V 1^1 ex*v~t ir*w tiQ 9 &ST ^ AJ* *B>V*«A «* 4*v£JL ^T^AcfZJL. »~jr ^ar- ^i»^' This WiU TeUYou Wiiat the McKinley Bill is, Wliafc & Oon- .tains, and What Its Eesults Will Be. B: is a Fair, Brave, Wise American Law— It Will Cause the Estalb!ishment of Many New -Mnstocies, ; It Will Secure Work For Thousands of Icfie Men and Women. It WIU Materially Reduce the Farmer's Expenses and ' Cfcreatly Increase His Profits. But It Will Not Raise the Price to tiae Amerideat GonsTuner.bif Oner Article, 53iat Can oeiTermed a ^Necessai^ Expense. . . ... ,. .• . ITS GREAT OBJECTS ABE TQ RECOVER LOST MARKETS AND TO OBTAiN NEW .ONES. ; A Tfd^Ie Showiiig tke Bates Under tte Old Law, the New lam, and What the Democrats Offered in tee Mills BUI, In the CongreBBlonal elections now pending nothing Is more clearly, an Issue than the tariff bill just paBsed by a Republican congress [and approved bT a Republican president The nec%asity of a iiew ad jufltment or tariff rates has Jong been admitted by both political parties. THtt .QtFESTION AT ISSUE IS POBELY ONE:OF ETJBP.OSa In the fiftieth congress the house'was Democratic *nd the senate Republican; Each passed* tariff bUl, but each bill was .so unlike the other, bothdn the principles that JM controlled Its iPBfcf"K and In the results It contemplated, as to-render an agreenjeni between tiie houses wholly Impossible, The only thing that could be done waa to taKe AN APPEAJi T6 THE PEOPliB; The people raHponded promptly, THE DEMOCRATIC PAETY, ITS CAN] ASS^TWKLPJAN WBEE JtBplOTED. THE ^BPtWUOAN ^ CAND WAS EVES' TARIFJ 1 - PLAN TWSS SUSTi ERDICT THAT IT TORE EB H8 POT^aa THEY HAP PREVZ TBSANDH OF THE FEDERlfti ' oommlBBlon, then, was Indisputable. It was directed to frame Jald.dAwnEin Its platform pledges. Those lines are "--'--"—'IHHiSINGIiY 1ST- FAsVOR- PF- 1 x* MJTST BE. MAINTAINED; WE—«. :OCRATIO PARTY TOPLAOE ^OOL: ON A3J TflBJHJTnES TflEREQK &R&I&> ]— _ AS TO FURNISH FULL AND .ADEQUATE ^^'-DSITED^SIATJIS. THE REPUBJKJAN Pi. . fiKED BEDUCTION'OF THE JTATIONAC RE¥ENUE B5 [ HB TAjRIt-F LAWS AS WILL TEND-TO CHECK IMEOl— ILEB AS 'A®! PBODUOED' BY-OHB PEOPBE, .AND AS WILL B 3BTJDIIITIES.THO|E ARIBSLES,OF-FOBElGNPROl>JJOTI( ifTHELIKE^JF WJBCH<JHNNOT BE PEODUOED AT HOr OP THE LAW. BFFECT SEVC3ION SUCH ART* (EXCEPT Lt Iiite?3J»l Taxatio%:B6duc6d, the Trep^Iiist Enlarged^ and*1fce able itast Revised. lefc—TfiE DUCED.ofi'the literally. Their commission has been execnte* law whfch TET . ON TOBACCO HAVE-.BEEN MATEKIALLY r olrect'taxaUon should be brought down to tBft. . BEEN ENORMOUSLY INCREASED EVERY ARTICLE KNOWN TO OUR COl-,,--.™. IS NOT OB CANSer JS* PJBOFITAJ§LY PRODUCED. LN THB COUNTBY^ uu^oip toeorFiHial the;i»rope^'6Ubjecte of Importation Into a well ordered country are-not- those articles that Its people can supply to themselves; but .those that they- cap« n * jm«»»iw. and that gcbda of this tfaaracter should be brought to the consumer at LIST HAS JBBEN THOSOUGHLY BEVJ to carry tin fite government-SHALL- BE.-y,—__~.^_ . FOREIGNERS In return for the privilege WsefllbK COMPETITION—which means A competition tompensron m nwsu auu blood—SHALL BE CHECKED wherever, M er the American standard of wages and to drive American producers oni NUHEBOUS BRANCHES OF INDUSTRY, NEVER HERETOFORfl: UAKKUSU va iN AMERICA, JSHAliL ^BE ENCOURAGED.-'-TO'-: •T3$DS&TAiB&iXIi&' : DUCm»N. thus tocreaBtagaeopportuniaestor the-profitable Investment of cRpl^i and tte proflteW«ccnpationttf:laborT(d) THBtJOSTOT NECESSARY SUPPLIES TO THE AMERH3AW OQ3S8U1PB SffiaLL DfiNO CASE BE BAISED, but ahall, to; re- sponsetothelaw of free^omestte competitipni go on deereasing In the future, as If alwayahas. under tteyrpteellVepelley, totha-paafc of LIES, J3xea£Ly ^Fooled.; ;ii ^ YbttSupposei that ^he^ Bill tlie This Is the McKInley WIL It Is not the MoKlnley bill that the Damoorats are now acd JftViogjiboat THAT McKtNLEY BILL HAS NO EXISTENCE WHATEVER, IT JSA-HU^. UNPAJ&DONABLE LIE. It IB a most knavish lie, for Its? pnrposfris^BBentlally corrupt. It ias been sent out over; the country as the servant of the Defflocratlo party and'Of a «roup . of Eastern importers who have .COMBINED IN A DBLIBEBATE EFFORT TO DEGBIVE THE AMHfilCAN PEOPLE as to its contents, purpdseai and effects of theMcKinley bllL In carrying out this scheme they have net neBitatedtoattrlbnte to the McKInley blU provisions that It does not contain, and that its authors never dreamed of; and by an Ingenious and utterly fanciful system of what they call^equlvalent ad valorem," based on impossible prices, they have diSlortefl Its rates ,beyjond recognition. £fflB JtfADE THEIR EABLffiST APPEARANCE! BEFORE ;THE . TEE LAST JANUARY IN THE ABGUMENTS ADVANCED BY THE IMPORTERS why Qie-duaeB on their merchandise should not be Increased. ThwRepublican^party has no quarrel with the importers. They perfgrm a great and unquestioned service to the commerce of .the country. But the fact Is not to be ovarlooked thht among them, In-the Eastern-capltals, is a large company of foreigners, not natural?. leed, who Are here simply as theiepresentatives of, foreljjn.manufaoiurers, and WHOSE Sai^sMaS^ESTjHEREaB 1O TASEAS JiUOH ^ AMERICAN GOL OLD^AWAT WiTH TSEM ASTflEYCAN4POSSIBLYGET H0LD OF; It Is^hese excellent persons who sapalled the material to-DeMocratlc Gongresamen and' Democratic Jiewepapera for their niisrepreEentBtlons of the McEtoley bill. Itls they who hare made the falae accusation: that the new duties will :iBcrease the cost to the American consumer of almost every article Jn general use. It i* they who have supplied the alleged facts In support of this charge. Tnelr motives *nd those of toelr Demooratlo allies are equally obvious,! & REMARKAB^LE FREE LIST. More ^HiaaiHaM' J QiB Total Importation Wm Hereafter Gome In Free— BraxjticaUy AU Direct Taxation, Except on "Whisky and; Tobacco, is Abolished. The Republican party has enacted -the MeKinley bill after ten months of profound and elaborate debate. IT UNDERTAKES TO SAY THAT A WISER, BBAVEfl'AIEER REVENUE BILL HAS NEVER BEEN PROVIDED IN ALL 1 THE HlifOBY OF THl^REPUBLIP I- IT UNDERtEAKES, TO SAY THAT UNDER: THE OPERATION OF THIS NEW TARIFF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILL PAY A SMALLER PROPORTIONS OF THE .GOVERNMENTaESPENSES THAN EVER. BEFORE. Tfhis concluelon wiU be ^force4 open any t ^air-minded man who takes the trouble to examine its provlfilons. In the not place, a large part of the internal .revenue taxation on tobacco has been remitted, and all those annoying special licenses for the sale of tobacco have been abolished. 'THE AMERICAN FARMER AND RBTAILES WILL BE AS FREE TO SELL THEIR TOBACCO AS THEIR WHEAT. Inthfr*ext place, practtcally aU'dlreot taxation, except the Internal revenue taxes on -whisky and tobacco, have been remitted to the people. This has been done by means of a remarkable ehlareemeBt of the free list, It Is practically true to say that everything, the like of which Is not or cannot be largely produeedji this OffUfnr. hw bee?i placed on the free list. ADUTY ON THIS CL AaS OF ABTICL|S IS AMlVENUa DUTY ANDtJSrPAlD BY THE CONSUMER. IN THIS RESPECT IT DIFFERS ENTIRELY FROM A PROTECTIVE : J>UTY, WHICH IB OFTEN WHOLLY, AN& ALWAYS LARSELY PAID BY THE IMPORTER* By Its addlttonB to the free list, then, the Bepublican party has Jef tin the people'Bpoeket§ a sum which last year amounted to more ihan$65,i)00,000, and has opened our ports tomerchandise— upon which the American eonromer^as heretofore been paying a tax— which ww last year Imported to •"value of *365,406,000. THIS IS NEARLY FIFTY PER CENT OF THE -- PORTATION, AND IS TEN PER CENT GBKATER THAN "^""^1 ...... TION PROVIDED IN.THE MILLS. BILL. When iJL^JSSiUBiKatamong th e tfi- selgn products transferrefl by tte ^PaMoMflSle Ustto tti! fteelt dried currants, round or : ftJ jaa fonnelf f E allk-*- 3 111^ -' Pi *•&"£«' llllff & ! ? Thaf B SpanJab, hirt'Bitallan. Th*f a Baton; FREE SUGAR. wm ire. Klnto M1M. re. MS. muie eoo,, tltkra with our farmers, TO THE INEVITABLE DESTKUCTION OF QUIT WOOL IF- DU3TEY, and to tax sugar. The Republican policy proposes to send no more money out of the country than is absolutely necessary. The Democratic policy proposes to send ont as Esueh ss possible, Jind needless!? to tax the American consumer as well. With wool on the free lief every advantage is -handed over to the foreign producer, and with a dnty ou sugar every hardship is Imposed upon the American consumer. With wool protected every advantage Is held for the American • -producer* and wlOi sugar free eyery advantage la left to the American consumer. ...... Is Is* especially to fee noted thst in this cpfcning cCcnr ports to tfee snaat of tile world, WE HAVE JFREgp THE PEOPLE FEOST ALL DANGER OF EAY1KS- -TO PAST TRIBUTE TO A TIiU3 C. fba.suKar thai comes lu, ua t<j Xo. 16, is;*; white e-setHsnt aussnv/it icsr.ip.ble cso taj^ttie. Tlia peopLo we, literaC-wre, fceyecd i&e of any combination of rcflaers. THE DUTIABLE LIST. • :_ . ._. • „ ... -- . - 9 Prices of SJeqessary Expa-sss- Will Not Be Increased. — A Full Ebe- of Where the Increased Duties FaJL , BB to the goods that remain.OQ the daUabie list, the Republican party 'under- dertakes to eay : • '"..-.•. let.— That the effect of Its .cnangerlitrates will be In no -ease to Increase the- coat to the American consumer of ^ single article which cau with any, propriety be called a ne: pessary household; expense. ..'..., •" 3d;— That so. iar as increased cost to retail buyers ireoneerned the people wlfl never Imow'that a tariff bill fiss been passed. 8d.— That all this Democratic talk about "increased taxation to the people" Is notfa- Ing but downright falsehood. . ' > 4th.-»~Thafrthe eoasnmer will appreciate the existence of a new tariff lasronly bjrlts • results in the radutstioa of hia neeeasary household expenseg. Ifndonbtedly manyrateg have been-ralsed; many-renialn-a&'they'weret many- haytf been lowered. Butthe^clnimajustmade are established, by the faetthafr every increased! rate must be placed iaone ef these five classes-: ~ , a First,, THAT: WHIGH COSSISTS'IN THB-GOaKEOTIO^ OF EBROR3. Tfite, la a small class, rendered necessary by the Inequality In rates bafewean the raw material and the manufactured article, or by treasury department regulations, or by a failure in the language of previous nets to express the congressional will clearly and accurately. Theiflterestaof the 'consuicer are affected by this class, if at all, only in an Infinitesimal degree.^ , . . •-•". . - - . .-. ..• , • - . . -„ . ; - / Second, THA.T WHICH CONSISTS IN THE REVISION OF AD VALOBtf* KATES hlTCHERS, BY REASON OF THE GREAT FALL raPEICES, THEY HAVE' LOST THEIR PROTECTIVE VALUE. This la also a small class. It has resulted largely from new and Improved machinery and front the great fall in transportation, prices, so that the moderate ad valorem levied In former tariffs no longer possesses any protective strength, but signifies less by from 30 -to 75 per cent thaa It signified when- originally levied. Third, AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS. An important and general increase In duties has been provided for all farm products. The tariff of 1883 has been found by experience wholly inadequate for the protection of the farmer. Although, under toe protective system, hla expenses for necessary supplies, such as farm Implements, hardware, clothing, dry-goods and groceries, baa been constantly decreasing, HE HAS BEEN UNABLE TO OBTAIN FOR HIS OWN PRODUCTS • A--- FAIR LIVING PRICE. Importations of farm products into the United States have increased front SiOiOOQ.OOOt In 1850 to 8256,000,000 in 18S9. The purpose of the McKtnley bill Is to CHECK THB IMPORTATION, and to hold, the, Amerloantmarketfor ihd American farmer* •Fourth; LUXURIES, WHETHER THEIR LIKE IS PRODUCED HERB OR NOT. Champagnes, brandies and- cigara are Illustrations of this class. The theory upon which 1 these articles are made to:pay a heavy duty lg conceded,to be correct, even by -the advocates of a "revenue tariff." It insists that people who can afford enoh indulgences en afford to contribute through them to the support of the government. _ Fifth, THAT GLASS OF FINE MANUFACTURED GO:OD3 HITHERTO 'NOJ PRODUCED IN. THIS .COUNTRY. The American market lor these goods has hitherto been conceded to foreigners. Theyconstitute the largest and by far the most Important of these five classes. They Include such articlearas fine lacea, fine linens, Ine finest grades ol woolen goods, of satins and- velvets and the most highly deeerated pottery. The want of protection is the only thlng-that has stood In the wayof the/manufacture of thesegoods In America. Into thek. manufacture THE ELEMENT OSr^tTMAST ItABOR ENTERS ENORMOUSLY; AND IT. IS THE REPUBLICAN PARTY'S PRPPOSITION^'-BT IMPOSING SUCH. A TARIFF ON -THE FOREIGN ARTICEE AS WE&LTOaLEE*W FOR THE DIFFERENCE "BETWEEN TH1T PRICE OF LABOR HEKE AND THE PRICE OF LABOR ABROAD, TO ENABLE -r OUR PEOPLE- TO' ENTER' THIS NEW KIND OF MANUFACTURE. To one otlhsse five classes every increased ddty ID the McEMey bill must be assigned. NEW AMERICAN INBHSTRIES, '\ * -_m~-»-r — How the McEonley BUI "WJU Encoiiraga.tlie cabled over to the New York Herald, the leading speaker, who was a Sheffield manu* facturer of entlery, after stating saat HE RBMEK8ERSD THE TIME WHSS-TEEB AMER,ICAN SUPPLISO WORK FOK THE ENTIRE CITY OF SHEFFIELD* WjJiBy Q V TO DECL^KE TSAT TH2J JtfoKlNLEY BILL-WAS A BULL T»BlAlSK AlfEBf* CAN TAXES OUT OrTfflB POCKE-T3 OF THE SHEFPIELD-IMPOKTER3. &SR£ THAT SHEFFIELD WAS NOT GO1N» TO PAY BRITISH:TA^KSASffAliESKaffl^ TAXES TOO! This statement shows very clearly that the.foreigners- know wfto-p»F oar piuteettw duties! S^ ^ffi'ald as she~plen3ea sboas if, but under the MUKinJeyr b!H», If- SesireSito sell her goods In the American market, she wtllhareetopsg and the amonnrof her payment will be exactly that su the c&esin labrr'of ShefflBld and the expensive labor of America. Some ti^c ago, In a speech delivered in the Canadian parliament, Sir Jehn the premier of the dominion goreinmen*,. gave's-m^t of how our protectiveteriff works. This was hf» exact language r "Sappose- Ota man- has TOO ' acres oa tne Canaa&a side the American side ofrtaeHlne.. Suppose ha«gro««l,ooa bushefe farms. He Jakes hia 1,000 Amerteaffbuaheis to-fta Atnerteati" matket 8B4 gets- ft af. bushel for ft. He fakes 'his l^OCOr bosttels of Canadian. barleF to tSar AaaiiciBSttaaiuim andfgeteibnt 8S cent* pet.bushel, because haJiaa to pay. thellne^ How-can It, la thlscasev besald'snatfthe^'caaiBtnner out of tne pockets What better proof la= wanted. *-*£ '...- t Tbe Republican Party, Jast What Its Tariff Law la. In praBeatlng=to the people to the folfest possible: exfent lost, wi^ tta: tariff law Is, the party that gawffrtO'thftcountry«iames entire respo—" There i& to be no dodgiagof Issues, or any part of an. &stt£< Bewrtrfit: can party has nothing to conceal. It& work Is d<ae 5 In^n^Hgbt can see it. Voters of aU-patSeff are anxiouab will not find outfroni any Dmfloaratib sonrceF. as in every other year,-iB tMBlsrepreseneaie w to plcfeouta BSsttoncherft and a sentence there,, arranged to t to deceive rather than to iftform the'people. On tHfroffier fianfci does not seek to cover up anything ft has doue, but* late toft case ort&e> fatfCtt^Qgar Bents Its work to the peoplfrand.aakaonly thatthejtbfr,!allj Informs* aa to w&a* it.Itv r Th0 f Brand old t^^of progrees haffnofeaiarronttheaetlottof ttepeopteapoaKiiiABit anditSorongh-inforniatton. Below will be found: a tabKwhlehstowB the iato»ee dn^ff oiualEarliieles under, the old law, the ne» law whfeh wentlnteeffeet OBlDbeti«,aaaf»fiitt what the Democrats offered through the Mills bill, which passed tl» Democrat The figures are from ofacial.sources and'ehaltenice dispute. the new rate compared witlE _._.„ duce tfiearevenueand equalise duties on and after the slstli day of shall be^evied. eoUecteda tloned itt^he schedules Tiepefii cont graphs, jeBpecttvely pretcSIBea:" air . the rateaqf i ' Chromio acid, per Ib . 4- *^^ .-.-«»— »-j* perlb .-...-—••-"--•—• s -—-« -—«".-•»'••—""~»-—*g- Tannieacld, or tannin.nerntr.ii.—,.,.•.,...:«..«.» ,.»„..,.-.,...,.«»» TartBri«acid;;pefcpoim*.i--......-~..-«r^^ Bry, includlngtoologna watepandiotaer.^iie* , - cate; and a«m«lQ ciya$*toor Ammonla— Carbonate or, ThfiHslassifiCAtion o« the Increased duties' throws a^Ight-llght'ow the motives <— have prampted.the curcentlieJEfaboQtt.sebill:. It.iaplain,thatzthe bill can*be profitably attacked, only a& to this-finali class of, hfghet tarffb,-and as to .that class.-onli, by representing: that the people will haw to- -p»F' higher- pricesr thehl supplies now than* formerly. ' Here, then,, Is. where- "tHiar attaek-^r being made, and It^has tafeeo ihe natura ofian.ARTBFL MIXlJSrQ-TJP'OETHK; VASlBriES QF<OO0DS-SOIiDiI$ OORnteARErST, MAKIN©' THE HIGHER ..T-^ffi* WEB APPLY APPLY TO THOSEJ HITHERTO BEES' CONCEDED TO FOREIGNERS. US ilXORBLTAST PRICES: and .the new tariff will operate only, to THESE PRIOE3;untn our Own people can'get to worlt naat goods, etc,, upon which, WEALTHY PEOPLE CAN, AFFORD* TO, RATES until domestic competition has had its Inevitable result. The tin schedules will Illustrate these points. We are now buying all our tin plate from England. Last year she sold us 742,136,640 pounds of tin plate, and It cost us $21,786;- 70T. In the last TWENTY-FIVE YEAR8-WE HAVE SENT OVER TO ENGLAND THE TREMENDOUS SUM OF 8320,037,363 EOR TIN PLATE, every penny of which might, as well-as not, have been Kept here In the employment of our own people. We can make our own tin plate just as well as England-, Ifrthe price can be kept where It is to-day. TtieEogUsh plate iamafle In Wales, where CHEAP FEMALE LABOR, COSTING. FBOJt THIRTY TO SIXTY-FIVE CENTS ADAY, IS EMPLOYED, .thl the basis of their net coat, the English are charging us 300 per cent profit on A common tin enp, for instance, that retails all over the United Statesfor FJ^ coste the, Welsh, manufacturer ONE AND, ONE-THIRD CENTS. ~T&e dinner which the American laborer carries his roll and bis coffee, and for which he pays twenty- five cents," coats the greedy Briton less than twelve. Now*, then—despite the disparity between the thirty-cent female labor of Walej and the expensive labor of this country—OUR PEOPLE CAN EASILY MAKE THO! SAME ARTICLES AND SELL THEM AT THOSE PRICES, AND EARN A LIVING; but the mischief of It Is, that every time thejfctry the Briton lowera Ms _ aa he can well affordito do, and drives our people out of the business. Tin-plate works have been established In America again and again, -BUT EVERY TIME THE" FOB-r SIGNER HAS SEEJT THE MARKET SLIPPING AWAY FROM HIM HE HAS CUT PRICES,: AND HAS KEPT THEM DOWN UNTIL HIS;AMERICAN RIVALS WEBB FORCED TO -SUSPEND. Thereupon, however.'and Instantiy, he has put up his rates again. The net result of this is, that although American consumers are forced to pay, high prices for tin-ware their money-all goes to employ British labor, to reward British capital and to pay British taxes . _ It Is now proposed tfureverse this business. MILLIONS OF CAPITAL ABU "AT THISJipHfiNI— THE NEV^ TARIFF BILL HAVING PASSED—ENGAGING IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE BLACK HILLS TIN MINES AND IN THE CO|T- STRUCTION OF. TIN-PL ATE FACTORIES. The duty has been raised from a merely revenue duty of one cent a pound, which .the .American consumer has been paying, to a protective • duty- of two cents a 'pound, which the British-producer will have to pay If he , wants to sell Ms tin-plate here. He will no longer be able to chase our people out of the tlmjbnslnest; and; without adding a aointiila to the price ottin.ware, we will hereafter supply our own work. Think- what this new Industry; will mean to American. labor! It will mean an addfc tionatannnal Consumption .of 1,000,000 tons of Iron ore, 300,000 tons of limestone, 2,000,000 tons of coal and coke, 400,000 tons/of pig iron, 5,500,000 pounds of lead, 18,080,080- pounds of tallow-and oil, 40,000,000 pounds of sulphuric acid, 12,000,000 feet of lumber, and will give .direct employment to 35,000 work-people, to whom will be paid In wages 823,000,000 . Airthls In a single year! • - • GREAT PROTECTION FOR FARMERS- And Cheaper Prices Guaranteed:IJpon.all. Their Necessary Expenses*The lies that are belngitold about the tin-plate schedule are a fate sample of the weapons employed.against the bill throughout. It Is alleged, for instance, that the Increased: woolen.and linen duties will inevitably raise prices upon the consumer. Now, it Is Plata that they can have that effeet, if they have Jtat.all, only upon, those varieties of good* on which Increased duties have been.Imposed. THOSE VARIETIES ARE ONLY TB3T FINER-GRADES, such as persons of large incomes will use. The duties have not been raised, but LOWERED INSTEAD, UPON THE ORDINARY GRADES such as are la common use, and the prfcea^f these cannot.poaaiblygo up,.because the market for them la already In the possession of-American manufacturers. THE EFFORT OF, THIS BILL IN ALL ITS DEPARTMENTS IS TO RECOVER TO OUR PEOPLE MARKETS THAT THEY HAVE LOST AND TO OBTAIN FOR. THEM NEW MARKETS INTO WHICH THEY-HAVE NOT, HITHERTO, SOUGHT AN. ENTRANCE. The dutte* on iron ore, pig Iron, scrap Iron and scrap steel, and all the various forms of bar iron, have'been retained as they are In the present tariff, except where they have been slightly reduced. So have those on iron and steel forging, on steel ingota and on copper. With the exception of the duty on tin, the metal sohedulea have been subjected to a general reduction. . M The extent- to which, the. bill. has. gone to protecting the products of the farm and, to reducing the expenses- of- the- farmer Is a striking witness of the the-Republican: party has always exercised over mense portion of our population engaged in .'•twine has ^placed at seven-tent^of a °^^^|gS^^S,^^ilbHoimess ot duty fixed In thff Mills bill. The ^FjjyHgMfe £ e ^± C Ja n ±^£^^^ «" free thati where^g^ei^H^ 1 !*:""!!:!":,:^^..^ aTmnst nil of'their neoessltieaheavl- ; >ycfcA<* **%•*«•• Mv»«Bgfc*ww^**^^-g^^ f^mmf^-^if ——-»x •-—i —• • gto Aupreparationa of coal-tar, notootoraotdyefl^ spleefl,.' vegetable^ _. and but "wMct have or other;proeesa,of.manufacture^ in tniffact, ad valorem. « -. „ athers^&aHitlBHBtnot spedaiuypraTifiea'farin toteaat ----- ^us Bxtraet&iMBaifiBcoctiona.oEtogwood and other dye-wooos, extracfroe- sumao and extracts of barks^snch as are commonly ftsea for 'aye- ing or tanning-,, not egpeciaUP -pravliiejtlor ia this, act, per ID --------- »ov ' not above Y UMttpe ftew freer .......... ... ..-..«. .»w... -«..-...«-..•.•••-• Yalueiat atoov* T cents; per Ibandnat above 30 oenis perlb ad** ""'*"" Garmined per-lb Ink an<J Md^eT Iodine, resnbllmed,perll> .,..... ............... . ............ .. printers' ink and all other ink not specially P«> HmpM^'roiis or' other fora* par Bk.... Idcorlcejtaee t advatorem........ ----- ^....... ........... - ..... • ..... Magnesia, oarbonateor, medfolnali per Ib. Calcined, per Ib ........ . ................... -«- .................... ••• Sulphate, orEpaom salts, perlb..,. .... ..................... — Moipn^ or morphine, an* all salts thereotperpHBoe-... ..... v-«. Alizarine assistant; or soluble ott,; or oleate of soda. TurSey red! oil» °on- 50 per centum oc more of castor oflr per ualtonv. ......... Mitts bill Alazarine free; the other* 85-p e.) par-sfauon., ... - (By the Mitts bill Alazarine free; the other* 8 Gontainlnsr lesBcttiatfBft peraeatuni of eststor ^ 11 OulQlTS* &u TtUOiOn* "•* •*•••"T,"~ """»"»" "~ *"i. ~**& ~ ~ ~ \ (Bythe-Mflls bffi, Alazarni&lreej theothers 85 p e.) Castor oil, per gallon • • • Cod liver oil, per gallon.......................... ••••••••Cottonseed oil, per gallon of 7H Ib weight. ......«..—— Croton oil. ner Ib.... ..:...».. ..^.......«...»...•---•••"••-••-' Hax^eed or Unseed and poppyseed oil, raw, boiled or osydteed, per gallon : of Ti4 Ib'welght..-.. (In the Mills bilk flaxseed-or linseed oil 15o } Fusil ofli or amyfte aloohol, ad valorem^. ....." Hempaeed oil and rapeseed oil per gallon...... Olive oa.flt,for salad pnrpoBeSi per gallon.. — „,.......,., Fepperniint oQ. per- ID.;-............. —.-.... SeaX. herring-, whale and, other flteh oil not specially provided for, Opiunvaoiieons extract otior 'mediciaai uses v and-att ottffltJlo^dd,psep- aratlons or^opimn, notspeelaByprevideai'or, advalorem.«. ~~* Opium containing- leas than 9 per centum of morphia and opium p» pared for smoking-, perlb -.;....... .........„....».-.—,.• But opium-prepared f ot amokmR and other preparations of opium -T---J-- houles shall not be removed therefrom -without payment o£ duties, and aactt refunded. PABSraS. • OO1.OBS AHB VAE5ISHBS. Baryta, .sulphate--of, or : barytes,- -Inelodlngr baarytes earth; unmarnr- faccured, per ton — —"«£•;£ Manufactured, per pound .- —•«— vfjs Bluea, such as Berlin, Prussian, Chinese, and all otters, containing ferroeyanide of iron, dry or ground in or-mfcted -with onyperponnd. -v** Inspnlp- or mixed with water, per ponnd- on tne material •contalnea therein when dry - "° Blanc-nxe, or satin white, or artificial sulphate of barytes, per Ib..—.. Xo Black, made from bone, ivory or vegetable, under--whatever name known, including bone-black and lamp-black, dry or ground n>ottor. water, ad valorem.... --—•• ......»po Chrome yellow, chrome green, and all other chromium- colors-in which lead and bichromate of potash- or soda aie component.paitBiF.dry.Qr ground-irr or mtEed with oil, per Ib 7-~*n-r»ttlp or mixed with water, perlb on 1 •-Ochre anddohrey'earths, siennaandeartha^umber and umber earth» not specially provided lor in this.act. dry, pee Ib "j:.v^;:t> I (*B3:c8Bt sienna and earth, which •« c _e left at J4c. in JSJitls hilt) i Grouna.ln oil, per Ib — r, per Ib ^ ,-....4H« *-Varnisl:e8, ad valorem — * »»< ; So-called gold size or Japan.... I' On spirit varnishes for .the alcohol contained therein, per gar add!-. f Vermilion,' red and colors containing quicksilver, dVy or ground. ii» ofl or in water, pur Ib JSo Wash blue, containing-ultramarine, per Ib .........80 25no SSp,* Be- Iead,:dry, per Ib . GronndittOil, per Ib.. JeiylestabHshed, giving employment to'thousaiiaBOf woibmen TtiE A TAX, At All Events Not Upon the American Cons-omer. Among thajreckless/assertlons of the free traders oftenestmat tnat the tariff Is a tax upon^tbe>canaQmfiri "Ot"coatse IttiSi •" lau't. A revenue tariflStHHloQbtedly -tsxes^-tlw HAS PRECISELY THE OPPOSLCS EFFECT, deac^of this iStthe testimony of tbe impoiter himaelf. ing debated in.Congresa a great mass meeting was ~ to pattest against it, and-Jdrdemand that the: BrltU- 0 _. „ , > ventr it from becoming, law. Jugt • what the -snemeia to i fio affonls - a large at she meeting, -aroordtdf to «» •y ••&v>. . ............................. .. - rNitrate of lead, perlb. ...................... ^."^'.'."^'.rj^: .......... " I Orange mineral, perlb..... ............................ "...... "..VT.V.V" Wltogleadrd^'oVnVp^ periD'and^^ ............ |? Phosphorus, perlb ............ . ............................. "I"II"I"IIirs§e Bichromate and chromate of. perlb ............ ... ...* ...... n"• " fill medical I Ho medi £ al ,,P'? pl ¥ a £ 0 ??' tooludlnsr medicinal propr • k?^ f which aloohol Is a component part, or in the lAiT&SS2te!J"!SiJi 0 *???^? 81 ^ Provided tr r. pe PREPARATIONS. •letary prepar*- i preparation of •atiqna, moliiduig^mettiblnal "proprietary 'prepara- _V_, , ... par( .^ andj j ot 8pea i flcaU y j^uomet andothermereurtalmedicinal preparationi' ad valorem"!!"!a So r2r« ? or preparations fcnown as alkalle?, alkaloids. Uistilied oils, ea* seniaal ous, expressed oils,^renderefl oils, and !>}l oornbinations of the iSi S 0 ] 11 * 1 aJnd ^ chemical compounds and salts, not specittcaUy pro- j.py3 ae d for, ad valorem, . . ... t -r «paratlonausedaaapplicationstotbebair. nipu.ih. ttti'b.'b'r"Xfein in«i,lf C08 ™« tl 08, dentifricea, pastes. ponmd«*, i-..iw^«i- s M{ j tonics, adval ° WD ** loUet Preparations, sot #i>.f!;i,:> pr.>viiled for. g?Jp. nu ^t and'aiisaite thereof containic? f6'peV i~mui'ti' or over of oontontne. a^ KA no»«. fi ... ••-*•*••.-•.--•.....--......-.-... VM OU Ib. ji^c tall descriptions of toilor soa p. por la Mo- nofc specially -provided f«n »<i va'oi^ni yhs 60o 26 PC z&pe see so p 9 86pc 'lWtboQft.te ot 8o4a.or. super-caibonate of soda or"s'aleratus, per Ib... . Itfft. V

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