The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 22, 1890 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1890
Page 5
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J)OLLIYER IN ALGONA iifif-- -^- - - - HON,J.P. DOLLIVER /111 cHscifts the issues of the campaign ' at CWirt House Hall, Algona, today, October 23, flt 7:80 J M. All are invited. The Baptist Association. Ifo the Editor: Beginnings are proverbially small. But no one of the del- egaltes or visitors at the Baptist association meeting of last week could be persuaded that it was small. Upwards of a dozen ministers and at least sixty delegates and visitors gathered from a small scope of country, and, full of enthusiasm and hope, made the meeting * notable one. local Baptist association may ba large or small, to suit the convenience and wishes of the churches. In this case the organization of the new body was made advisable by the doubling of the membership in about three, years. The Upper Des Moines association in its recent meeting at Ilumboldt took the steps necessary for setting off a portion of its territory for the new body. Four counties join Kossuth on the sides and two at the corners. These constitute the new associational territory. Yet from Winnebago no delegate came to the meeting. The meeting opened on Tuesday evening, the 14th, and continued with unabated interest till the following Thursday evening. The introductory sermon by Rev. J. Schutz, of Ilumboldt, was a practic.- al plea for truly spiritual work and worship, founded on the words, "God is a spirit," and was well stated. The sermons by Revs. II. Tlumley, of Goldfield, L. A. Cummins, of Bancroft, and A. Whitnan, delivered on Wednesday afternoon and evening, and Thursday evening respectively, swelled the vol- ,me of instruction anel devotion. The Sunday School address by Rev. N. Bldredge, of Vinton, was a mas- ;erly and eloquent presentation of facts ,nd persuasions to work for the chil- !ren. District missionary, Robert Car- [ oll, gave a telling address on state fissions ,and took collection and pledges^ amounting to $26.50. This, however, was only a part of the $125 or more raised, in this associational district for district missions alone. So successful has Bro. Carroll become in his missionary work that over 100 invitations to hold meetings in Northwestern Iowa, await hij_decisiou_^.nd,9BP-Qrtunjty. The discussion most interesting to the writer was opened by Jiiin<on our educational interests, and followecTby both brethren and sisters with such deep interest that the dinner hour was for the time forgotten. When the call was made nearly $200 were pledged for >es Moines college, which fund receiv- ^another $50 or more from pledges re- itly made. The great Chicago uni- •ersity movement with its nearly three lion endowment was referred to and ihe claim was made that the grade of the Des Moines college is the highest of any in the state, no other requiring so much Latin, Greek, French, German and mathematics to enter the Freshman class. An educational revival most thorough and general has struck us. Pastor Thrasher, of Whittemore, ably led in a discussion of young people's societies and was enthusiastically followed by others. Later this discussion was crystal ixed into a young people's associational society, formed of several local societies, with Pastor Thrasher as moderator, and Miss Clara Burroughs of Algona as clerk. The society also appointed delegates to represent it at the state meeting at Red Oak next Friday, the 24th, and among these was Sidney Rist, of this city. The Women's meeting on Thursday afternoon created a deep interest and fostered a desire that much might be done in the home work for foreign missions. Mrs. Whitman and Mrs. Schutz gave addresses. Mrs. F. M. Smith read an encouraging letter from Mrs. Camptell, state secretary for foreign mission circles, and Mrs. Brooks also assisted, address of Pastor "Wilcox, of ick, on "Giving," will bear fruit lives of the hearers. Others part and strong words were utter- in favor of God's tenth for use in a istinctly Christian way. The spirit of the meeting may be characterized as hopeful and enthusiastic, friendly and kindly, with an utter absence of any striving after position, but with a preferring of one another in honor. The meeting was larger and better than .was anticipated in the smajlness of the territory, and m.any old workers were strong in its praises. From the visitors come well- merited words of praise to the people of Blgona for the entertainment in tneir homes ann at the Grange hall, and for their unwearied dilligence therein. I thank you, Mr. Editor, for the privilege of giving these words from an inside standpoint. F. M. S. here with the intention and purpose to invest in city and outside property. He desired for himself a home in town and for his son a farm near by. He was in town over Sunday and thus became a witness to the brutal orgies and disgraceful and riotous conduct of some of our transient population. This so impressed him that, remarking to the proprietor of the hotel that he did not wish to surround his boy with such associations, packed his grip and returned home. How longl O, how long, shall these things be allowed to continue unchecked and our town compromised in its good name and reputation by those in no wise interested in its progress and welfare. NORMAL NOTES. The students will give "The Festival of the Seasons" Thursday evening, November 7th. Mrs. McCollum and baby Iluflh gave us a call Tuesday morning. Come again, baby. Miss Amy Clark, a former student from Livermore, has l>eeii visiting us. Laura Batterson spent a few days last week at her home near Bancroft. THE COUNTY NEWS. County Corre«i>on<lci»(,H, plcaac remember that copy muHt i-ciicli. us not later than Tuesday evening. Copy in Home CHSCH linn failed to reitcli us until after the ItcpublU ciiii had been Issued. WHITTKMOBE. Special Correspondence. WIIITTKMOUE, Oct. 21.—E. A. Carter is spending a few days in this locality. The new doctor and fjjinily have arrived and :ive settled in rooms over Goetsch's store. Miss Maggie Farley, of Racine, Wisconsin, is. visiting relatives here. Married—October 15th, at the Tennant House in Algona, by Rev. Thrasher, Mr. Martin Sabin and Miss Estelle .Thompson, of Whittemore. • Both parties are well and favorably known and have inany friends who wish them much joy and happiness. The happy couple went immediately to housekeeping in their new home six miles north of Whittemore. C. A. Ilotelling is attending the Iowa Business College at Des Moines. Our hay dealers are paying five dollars per ton for best fancy hay. Louis Kempka is building a neat residence in the south part of town. Dr. Pride expects his successor in the drug store to arrive today. Wheeler Wolf is building a neat and commodious house on his farm about 2i miles northwest. We expect to hear wedding bells again before long. All delegates ami visitors attending the Baptist association in Algona last week report a very enjoyable and profitable meeting. They speak in glowing terms of the very hospitable manner in which they were so pleasantly entertained by the Algona people. Rev. R. Carroll preached to a large and appreciative audience last Friday evening. THE REPUBLICAN CONVENTION. lirnliflott foe Clerk, Randall for ftecorderr. Quartan for Attorney, Peter* nml Heto- ftchoter for Hupervlaors In the Ticket. The Republican county convention met in the court house hall last Friday afternoon at one o'clock, and transacted its business with the usual good order and decency of a Republican gathering. In the absence of Chairman Chubb the meeting was called to order by J: B. Jones, and Bro. Ingham, of the U, D. M., was elected temporary chairman of the meeting and Ernest Bacon, of Burt, temporary secretary. A committee on credentials and one on permanent organization'was appointed. The report of the committee on credentials was adopted and every township in the county was represented in the convention. The committee on permanent organ- isation reported in favor of making the temporary organization permanent and the report was adopted. B. F. Reed was elected assistant secretary and the convention got down to business. Geo. Hanna moved that thff convention proceed with the nomination of a candidate for clerk and A. A. Brunson was named on the first ballot and the nomination was declared unanimous. Gard- Cowles moved to proceed to the mittee on credentials, which consisted of a representative from each delegation found every township to be represented itt the convention but Hebron. Several townships entitled to more than one vote were represented by but one man, but each delegate was allowed the full namber of votes'to which its township was-entitled. Rev. J W. Cfteiger of Mason City preached to a good audience in the Congregational church last night. 1 The delegates to the meeting of the Mitchell Assocata'on were served supper in the parlors of the Congregational church last night. Try some of that Choice Strained Honey atTdwdsend &:Langdon's. WANTKI). A girl to do housework. J. K. FILL. A FREE GIPT! A Good Farm Journal. [Orange Judcfc Farmer] To be-sent to every Koine in Kossuth Countty ABSOLUTELY FREE, if you wish it.. For conditions upon wMch this gift is made,, please call at the Cash Store in Algona. &TWE ARE PAWING 16 Ota. FOR M6GS. Fred Willson keeps the Iowa soft coal for sale. Best in the market. The People's Favorite Remedy,' the most perfect specific ever formulated for the successful 1 treatment of bronchitis, catarrh, liver, kidney and stomach trouble, coughs or coMs. Try it and you will never do without?it. Ask your druggist, L. A. Sheetz. 44 tf A complete stock of millinery poods for the fall'trade-. Matson, McCa'll & Co. a Few of our Bargains: WE ARE AGENT& FOB ROCK SALT. All kinds of 5 cent) yeast for Soda per package Axle Grease per bloc Lewis Lye per box-. Gloss Starch per poun<J Clotlies Pins per dozen .03 .05 .06 .10 .05 .01 , _ T 1$[4-X*. JlTlfV JxLVf-I. . -,*. *»*»v»**si,jvij.jr y f iij*r -**:J J sliire, have been visiting mends here. The ladies of the Baptist society will hold a "County Seat" sociable at the school house next Friday evening. A good supper and a good time promised to all who will attend and everybody- invited. The I. O. Gr. T. will meet next Saturday evening. It is hoped all members, will be present for election of officers. WANCROFT. From the Koglster. Mrs. W. E. II. Morse came up from Algona on Thursday last to visit her sister and many friends. Rev. Williams is off to Burlington this week to attend the Presbyterian Synod. He goes from there to visit some relatives in Wisconsin. Last week as Oscar Carpenter was being hauled up out of a well on Edward McElwain's farm in Burt township, the ropo broke and he fell a distance of about thirty feet to the bottom. The same rope was used only a few days before in hauling Henry Smith up on top of a bucket of stone and was thought to be perfectly safe. Oscar was not hurt so but what he could resume work next morning. The Lutheran church has been repaired since the damage by lightning and the insurance company will probably have the cost t paid by the time this paper reaches its readers. COB/WITH. Crescent: Stilson & Co. have so!4 within the past thirty days twenty quarter sections of land to actual settlers who will at once commence improvements. L. N. McFarland brought a living curiosity to this office last week in the shape of a dove with four perfect and full grown legs and feet. The bird was full grown and lively as a cricket. Mr. M. thinks a great deal of his beautiful pet, and will keep it as one of the many queer freaks of nature. ner nomination of a candidate for the office of recorder, and M. F. Randall, was nominated on the fifth ballot, receiving 88 votes. W. B. Quarton was nominated for county attorney on the fourth ballot, receiving 39£ votes, the half vote coming from Cresco. Mr. Daniels, of Bancroft, got the floor as soon as nominations for supervisor were in order and made a speech which resulted in the renomination of G. II. Peters, of Ramsay, by acclamation. Mr. Daniels is the right kind of a Republican. He is a new man in Kossuth county, and we are glad to know that he is one of the faithful. A number of names were fwrther proposed for supervisor but the convention finally nominated Grant Beaschot- er, of Plum Creek township, and adjourned. The convention was. attended by seventy-four delegates, the full number specified in the call. Every township, ward and precinct was rep 1 resented. 'In its personel the convention was one of the finest ever held in Kossuth, and it is gratifying that at this large representative gathering of Republican hosts there Was every sign of good feeling. There were no contesting delegations, a fact attesting that the primaries had been conducted fairly. The convention, it was plain to be seen, was not controlled by any combination nor by any faction. The ntmiimitioiis were 'made without the lengthy contests and dead-locks which have been a sign and a provocation of bitter feeling in some conventions. Kossuth county never had and never Small in'Size, great in results; DeWitt's Little Early Risers. Best pill for constipation, best for sick heiid ache, best for sour stomach. Sold by Dr. Sheet/. Polilllt] CllillllH. Prime Poland China boars for sale by Ernest Bacon, 1% mi; east of Burt. 1-4 We-are still selling Boots and Shoes very cheap. Come in and let us fit you. Townsend & Langdon Our friends should give DeWitt's cough and consumption cure a trial. No disappointment follows the use of tbis reliable medicine, ani5 it merits the praise received from all wfco use it. Sold by Sheet/. Choice now Buck Wheat Flour and Maple Syrup at the Gush Store. Headache is the direct result of indigestion and stomach disorders. Remedy these by using DteWitt's Little Early Risers and your headache disappears. The favorite little pill everywhere. Sold by Sheetz. Organs. L. Leasing has several styles of organs which lie will sell at low figures. Also sewing machines on good terms and cheap. 47-tf Buy your soft coal of Fred Willson. Johnson's pure cider vinegar at the Cash Store. "farm Loans AT O, 7, 7 ami-a. half, and 8 per cent, on five to ten years time with privi- •lege of partial payments before due. Interest can be paid at my office. Save-money by calling on. me before you apply for Loan. J. W. BARTLETT. M. Z. GROVE. JOHN GROVE :BIEBOS_ LIVERY, FEED, AND SALE STABLE. Best of Horses and Carriages. West of Thorington Rouse. M. Z. GROVE, MANAGER. Notice for Tax Deed. To Charles .T. Clarke : You lire hereby notified that cm the nth day of December 1887 the following described renl estate, situated in the county of Kossuth and State ot Iowa; The northeast quarter and the northwest quarter of section thirty-four, township 98, range 29 was sold by the treasurer ol said county to Geo. C. Call who is now the lawful holder of the ceitilleate of purchase thereof. That the right of redemption will expire and a deed of said land, be made, unless redemption from such sale be made within ninety days from the complete service o£ tills notice. Dated this loth day of-Oct. A. D. 1890. G EO. C. CALL, Holder of Certificate. We can now make loans on Improved Lands from one to ten year's time and give the borrower the privilege of iiaying the whole loan or any part thereof in even $100 at any time when interest falls due. This is Iowa Money, and no second mortgage or coupons are taken. This plan of making a loan will enable the borrower to reduce his mortgage at any time and save the interest on the amount paid. Money furnished at once on perfect title. Call on or address, HOXIE & REAVER, Algona, Iowa. Farm Loans, Abstracts, .A.. ID. OL-AJEtlKE «&c GO. Fou SALE—Two storm windows 80x 49 inches and two 27x64 inches outside measure. The four windows will be sold for $5.00. Inquire of Willis Hallock at REPUBLICAN office, A Temperance Lesson. 'he following clipping from tine Cor* Crescent of last week is full ot ling and points its own moral. Let \ better element of every coramujaity I it th*t t&£ laws are enforced; [fpr days ago a geutlewan came |j Acts at once, never fails, DeWitt's cough aud consumption cure. A remedy for asthma and that feverish condition which accompanies a severe cold.—Dr. Sheetz. lauUeB Have Tried It. A number of nay .lady customers have tried "Mother's Friend,' 7 and would not be without for many times its cost. They recommend it to all who are to become mothers. R. A. Payne, druggist, Greenville, Ala. Write Bradfield Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by Frank W. Dingley and Dr. L. A. Sheetz. 51-2 DeWitt's Little Early Risers; ouly pill for chronic constipation, indigestion, dyspepsia. None so good. Sold by Sheet*. From many hundred rheumatics comes the welcome news tbat the Infallible Rheumatism Remedy is the best they ever used, for rheumatism, of all kinds. Rheumatism is a blood disease aud to be cured rauat be treated constitutionally with this the only sure remedy on t&s market. For sale only by Dr. "" will have a fairer convention. The ticket nominated is a strong one, and one which should command the full party vote. Mr. Branson's nomination has all along been conceded. He has filled the office of clerk, for which he was nominated, since the January meeting of the supervisors and has filled it very satisfactorily. To the public Mr. Brunson made no canvass for the nomination which came to him, as did the appointment by the board in the first instance, without solicitation. His integrity and ample qualifications are recognized by all, and there ought to be no diversion in the republican ranks in his support. Mr. Randall, the candidate for recorder, is a man of the highest qualifications and the highest personal worth. He is very strong in his conviction as a Republiban and a consistent and hearty supporter of Republican principles and candidates. He is a miller and a good one. He is a fine penman and will do the work of the office in excellent shape. Mr. Quarton, the candidate for county attorney, is recognized as an attorney of ability and experience. He is a man of untiring energy and in his record as an attorney he has well exemplified the "get there" spirit. He has been constantly employed in the courts of record in the most important cases, and if the county has an important case he will need no introduction to the court. The candidates for supervisors, Mr. Peters and Mr. Benschoter, are good men who will fill the important position with acceptance and credit. Mr. Peters is the present chairman of the board. H»>-« „ ,—. The Democratic Couveutioiu The Democrats met in convention at the court house yesterday afternoon and nominated a candidate for the office of clerk of district court, for recorder and two candidates for the office of county supervisor. No nomination was made for the office of County Attorney. D. 3. Ford was nominated for clerk, receiving 55 votes. L. C. Smith received 85 votes for recorder and the nomination was made unanimous. J. B. Mousell and Nathan Studer were nominated £01* supervisors. Jas. Taylor called the convention to order on time and called J. J. Wilson to the chair. Mr, Wilson accepted the chair and favored the con- Notice for Tax Deed. To Mary C. Farlivnd : \'ou are hereby notilied that on the 5th day of Dec., 188", the following described real estate, Nitrated in the county of Kossuth, and State of Iowa, the south half of the east half of northeast quarter ol See. No. 34 township ICO range 29 was sold t\y the Treasurer of said county to Geo. C, Call who is now the lawful holder of the certificate of pui chase thereof. That the right of redemption will expire and a deed of said land be made unless redemption from such sale be made within ninety days from the complete service of this notice, Dated this 15th day of Get. A. D. isno. 3-5 (iEO.C. Call, Holder of Certificate, At Lowest Rates and optional payments. Interest payable at our office. If you want a loan call on us. We can save you money. JONES & SMITH. IT WILL PAY YOU TO CALL AT IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF Winkle Bro's, Stoves or Hardware. Notice for Tax Deed. To Andrew Fulton: You arc hereby notified hat on the 5th day of Dec. 1887 the following [(escribed real estate situated in the county of Aossuth, and state of Iowa, the north half of so ith west quarter and southwest quarter of sout west quarter of Sec. 28 township 100 range 29 w is sold by the Treasurer of said county to Goo C, Call who is now the lawful holder of the certificate of purchase thereof. That the right of redemption will expire and a deed for said land be made unless redemption from such s le be made within ninety days from the complete service of this notice. ' ! Pated this 15th day of Oct. A. D. isoo. 3-5 GKO. 0. OALL, Bolder of Certificate. G. M. Howard -DEALEB, IN STOVES, TINWARE, CUTLERY Shelf ware, Belting, Paints, Glass, Machine oils, Iron and Wood Pumps. Repairing Pumps a Specialty. Algona, Iowa. Notice of Tax Sale. To Adeline Rallinger, tup widow of Thomas Winder, deceased, Deborah Sharp, Esther Reams, Olive Spain, and (Howard L. Winder, heirs at law of Edward Winder, deceased, John W. winder.Aaron Wlnder,£lizabeth W. Young, A. G. Winder, Win. H. Winder, Maria W. Pen- ningtou, and Beth S. Winder, being the widow and all the heirs at law of Thomas Winder, deceased, and to all whom it may concern : You are hereby notilied tbat on the 7th day of December, 1885, the following described real estate, situated In the county of Kossuth and state of Iowa: the southwest quarter of section 26, township loo, north of range 27, west of the 5th Principal Meridian, was sold by the Treasurer of said county to A. D. Clarke, and the certificate of purchase has been duly assigned to W. B. Gibbonev, who is now the lawful holder of the certificate of purchase thereof. Tbat the right of redemption will expire and a deed for said land be made nnless redemption from such sale be made within ninety days from tho completed service of this notice. Dated this 7th day of October, A. D. isoo. 2-4 W. B. GIUONEV. STATEMENT -OF— THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK, At Algona, In the State of Iowa, at the close of business, October 2, 18UO. KE80UECES. Loans and discounts .................... $70,309.91 Overdrafts, secured and unsecured. . . . 1,020.64 U. S. bonds to secure circulation ........ 13,000.00 Due from approved Reserve Agents ............... ...$11,352.24 Due from other Nat'l Banks. 6,439.39 17,791.63 Banking-house Furniture, and Fixtures 6,'JOO.oo Other Real Estate, and mortg's owned 6,608.oo current expenses and taxes paid ...... 630.95 Premiums paid .......... . ............... 2,000.00 Checks and other cash items 9 998.34 Bills of other Banks..-. .... 5,938.00 Fractional paper currency, nickels, and cents ......... 86.27 Specie.... .................... 2,024.40 Legal tender notes ........... 3,000.00 il,990.9i Redemption fund with U, B, Treasurer (5 per ceut. of circulation) ............. 585.00 Total ............................... $131,333.04 LIABILITIES. capital stock paid in. .. ............... 50,000.00 ' " ' ' '' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '' ' Clothing We have just added to our stock a fine line of Men's Clothing which we will sell at bottom prices. If you are in need of a Suit or an Overcoat call in and we will try and suit you both in Quality and Price. / -* Our Stock »the blood ;DeWitt'« veutioo with * speech. J. W. Sullivan wa* elected secretary and Mr. Wsujson, secretary. 11,700.00 National Bank notes outstanding Individual deposits subject to check ............... • . .$57,214-13 tes of 4ei«*« 7,276.81 CM90.M Of Dry Goods, Notions, Boots and Shoes, etc., etc., is. more complete than ever before. G. L GALBKAITH & CO, Total ................. • ........... $131,333.04 ssutU- -S3. of the above uam- HEADatTARTER'S Can supply you with everything you want in building material and fuel, And Don't You Forget it, All ye Wegleyites Call Taylors New Office w \--- -.^-

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