The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 22, 1890 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 22, 1890
Page 2
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THE EEPUBLICAN. -A ItAttOCK, fnblUher*. AtGONA, : t • IOWA Epitome of the Week. NEWS CQMPILATIOM. DOMESTIC. TITK Census Bureafa officially an- 'nounces the«populatit»i of Illinois to be 8,818,536; increase in ten years, 740,605. Louisiana, 1,116,828: increase, #76,882. Mississippi, 1, 28*, 8$*'; increase, >153,290. BY the falling of a wall at tbe Crucible Steel Company's works in Chicago three men were .killed and ifrwo other persons "badly injured. ALTERS W. THUBMAX, of Sow York, says th*t''tfae lowest possible estimate of the losses of the three leading base ball organizations for the>l<ast season is $600.000. J. H. llAofiKTV & Go's 'bank at Aberdeen, S. D., fr.iled, with liabilities of -3230,000 and assets the swne. Creditors would "be paid, in full. TKK visible supply of rgrain in store !• tire United States on the 13th was: 17,759,032 bushdls; corn, 8,304,bushels. AjjFHED Wn^KiJisoXi'of Syracuse, N. Y., admitted that the 'engagement between himself and Winnie Davis, the daughter of the Confederacy, had been broken -on account of Miss Davis' ill health. A Fine at Osage City, Kan., destroyed ten business houses i*n the center of the eity. AT "Valparaiso, Ind., O'Hearne and Sweeny, of Chicago, were fined S500 and sentenced to tho county jail for six months for prize fighting, and the ref- <eree'Was fined 3300. A WOMAN' who had opened a saloon at Birmingham, ono of Kansas City'; suburbs, was forced to go out of busi Tiess by the ladies of the Methodist •church. AN organization has been perfected at Washington under the name of "Daugh lers of the American Revolution " The -purpose is to secure the historical spots •of America and erect thereon a monument to perpetuate the memories of the heroi'c deeds of men and women who .-aided the revolution. Mrs. Benjamin Harrison was elected president-genera! »of ttoe society. E. M. BALDWIN', of Martinsville, Ind., -sustained a stroke of paralysis that lefi ihinvdeaf, dumb and blind. THE Andrew Carnegie Company o! Pittsburgh, Pa., has advanced tho wages of its workmen 0 per cent, al :a.round. A'DOZEX stores and dwellings at Fair•port, O. , were burned, causing a loss o -$100,000. THK Ohio Legislatures convened in extra session on the 14th, and Governor Campbell sent in a messsage alleging the criminality of the Cincinnati boards and asking that "home rule" be restorec to tho people of that city. THE police census of New York shows a population of 1,710,715, an increase o 197,214 over tho Government census. IT was reported that the Farmers' Al lianto of tho Southwest had securec fifty acres of land at Kansas City upon which they are to establish stock yard to^bo maintained for their own benefit THE Consolidated ICG Machine Com pany of Chicago has failed for $350,000 assets, 8475,000. .'DuiUNO the eleven months endec •September 30, 1890. the exports of pro visions from the United States were .-$108,587,000, while in the corresponding period ended September SO, 1889, the total was only $91,315,000. The same 'increase in the exports of dairy prod- •ucts is reported, the total for the nine 'months ended September 30 being $16, 674,000, as against $7,754,000 during the •corresponding period of the previous ;year. OSSAIH 'SMITH, an aged farmer from .-Split :Log, Mo., was robbed of his pocket ibookcontaining $4,785 at Portland, Ore A. M. McRAE, secretary and treasurer «0f the (Security Loan & Savings Com ipany of -St. Catherines, Onfc., has dis ^appeared. He is a defaulter to the ex tent of $25,000. THIIEK miners were killed and ten -wounded by an accidental explosion o igiant powder in a, shaft near Lpadvillo, tCol. UEAHJ/V all 'the , ranches in the val .leys of tho the Hart and Canon Bal rivers in North Dakota have been do vaatatod by prairie fires. THK Census Bureau gives the population of the State of Kansas at 1,423,485, an increase oC 427,380 in tho past ten jrears. •PHESIDENT HA.UUISON and his party returned to Washington from their Western trip on tho J4lh. THK railroads wore carrying on a bit- AerTailroad wur from. tho Northwest to •Chicago, and ticket brokers wore selling tickets for almost anything. FuuiiTEEN cents apiece was the available resources of 535 Italian immigrants who landod in New York from the steamship Alexia. ^T«E ;First Presbyterian Church of Cincinnati and the Presbyterian church of Pleasant Hidge celebrated tho 100th anniversary of thear organization at Cin.cinnati. I) it. McUoNWJAi,, the aged New York doctor convicted of causing tho death of Annie Uoodvin, the pretty cigarette girl, by malpractice, was sentenced to twelve years in tho penitentiary. THK twin children of Charles Aldrich were burned to death by a firo in their liorae in Brooklyn, N. Y. SJNCK January 1 tho total loss fay fire in the United States has amounted to Jp07.070,OOQ, aJi average loss per day of $i3tf.!KI0, TUB Camelite nuns at Baltimore tol- ebrated on Uit> 15tli the centennial .of the establishment of the Carmelite .warder in this country. Tun International Brotherhood of .Locomotive Engineer? began at Pittsburgh, Pa., on the 15th its tweuty-sov- annual convention. MOST, the Anarchist leader, a residence of eight years in this has become disgusted with politics ii»d will return to J» fiAti.RV, William ft. Davis and 0. Fishef ivere killed and two others hurt by * fall of earth in tU« Ludtngton mine near Iron Mountain, Mich. THE colored pebble of Richmond, Va., oft the 15fch celebrated the twenty- seventh anniversary of the signing of the emancipation proclamation by Pr66- ident Lincoln. GoVEitNOh STEEDS, of Oklahoma, haft been threatened with assassination for vetoing the bill locating tire Territorial capital at Oklahoma City. SPRAOCIK WILKES, a hotse owned by J. Wilson Bury, fell dead during a heat on the bexinglon (Ky.) race track. He was vataed at $6,000. SEN«R R. BEVOOCHKA, husband of General Barrundia's youngest daughter, has arrived in New York to make a demand of the Government of $100,000 damages for Barrundia's death. THK Brew Masters' Association of the United States in session at Philadelphia elected Christian Schneider, at New York, president As THE result of domestic trouble Gader Shrowdasb., <of Perth Amboy, N. J., shot and kilted himself, and his wife took her own life and that of her babe with poison. THE City of New York and the Teutonic left New York for another race across tho ocean. TWENTY-FIVE (persons were burned to death and m*ny others were injured in a fire that destroyed the Leland Hotel at Syracuse, N. Y., a few minutes past midnight on the 16th. The property loss was $500,000. Ix the streets of New Orleans Chief- of-Police Hennessy was fatally shot by assassins. THE barns of Fred Kroeger, A. B. Piper and W, F. Hanche, together with eleven horses, thitteen head of cattle, farming implements, grain and hay, at BerryviHe, Wis., were burned by incendiaries. THREE miners were killed by falling rock in No. 4 colliery of the Lohigh & Wilkesbarre Coal Company at Audon- reid, Pa. THE Government at Washington has notified the'Government of Italy that no Italian 'emigrants who have been sentenced in Italian courts will bo allowed to land in tho United States ports. RKV. J. N. LENKEU, of Denver, Col., the Western secretary of bhe Lutheran board .of church extension, says there are 50,001,280 Lutherans in the world, with 38,381 churches and 28,400 ministers. MRS. lElAKRisox, wife of the President, has accepted tho presidency of the recently organized society known as the Daughters of the American Revolution. AN explosion in the Bessemer department of the Cleveland (O.) steel works injured fifteen men, three of the number fatally. THK report o'f the Illinois State Board of Charities shows an expenditure for th'O quarter ended September 30 of SW85,- 301.37. THE steamer Columbia made the trip from New York to Southampton in six days, fifteen hours, twenty-throe minutes, and breaking the best record, her own, by two hours and eleven minutes. THE Census Bureau gives the population of the State of Tennessee at 1,763,723; increase, 221,3(54. State of Texas, 2,2*2,220; increase, 640,471. CHAHI.ES MILLER, aged 15 years, arrested as a vagrant in Manhattan, Kan., confessed that tie murdered Harry Fishbaugh and Frank Emerson, who were found dead in a freight carat Cheyenne, Wyo., September 27. JOHN LEE HARRISON, 12 years old, was accidentally shot and killed by his brother Douglass at Valverde, Col., and Douglass went mad with grief. AT the sale «f tho Ferncliffe stud in NeiW York, the property of Mr. William Astor, MX. William Walden paid $30,000 for the imported stallion Galore. A rocr.oNE in North Carolina wrecked houses and other property atllastieand Floral College, and two persons were killed and many others were badly injured. AN assignment was made by the R. G. Peters Salt and Lumber Co. of Manistee, Mich. The liabilities were placed at $3,000,000 and the assets at $0,000,000. Speculation caused the failure. MAKSH fires were raging near La Crosse, Ind., and 10,000 tons of stacked hay had been burned. THE strike of the 4,000 miners at Isphetning, Mich., has ended, the men returning to work on the old terms. THE annual meeting of the Pullman Palace Car Company was held in Chicago. Tho financial statement showed that the total revenue of tho company for tho twelve months was 88,800,9(51.2(i, of which $7,473,135.87 was from earnings of cars. The operating expenses were »8.274,604.87. Tho company employs 12,307 persons. During the year 5,023,057 passengers were cared for, against 4,242,542 the previous year. EiCiirr men were injured, two of them fatally, by an explosion of hot dust in a Pittsburgh (Pa.) blastfurnace. WIT.UAM Bui)i), who lived near Lebanon, Ind., dropped dead when he heard that his wife had applied for a divorce. ANNA BAKER, wife of Ma Foo, a Chinese laundry man at St. Louis, threw lye into the face of Walter Kelly, a 10-year- old boy, and he was totally blinded. THE loss of life by the burning of the Leland Hotel at Syracuse, N. Y., was on the 16th placed at ten. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. SAMUEL 3?. MILLKIS, Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court, died at his home in Washington on the evening of the 13th, aged 74 years. In 1863 President Lincoln appointed Mr. Miller as Associate Justice of the Su- premo Court. THK Congressional nominations on the 13th were: Kentucky, Fifth district, S. S. Boylo (Rep.); Eleventh, O. H. Waddill (Dem.). New York, Sixth district, John H. Fellows (Dem.). GoVKiiNiJK WAJIHEN has issued a call for the first Stale Legislature of Wyoming to convene at Cheyenne November 12. CaiAitLEs L. HDNTIVGTON, commandant of the United States nuvy y&rd at Pensaeola, Fla.. died in Saratoga, prings, N. Y., aged 49 years. TU.K nominations for Congress on the 4th were: New York. Eighth district. l\ J. Campbell (Dem.) reno.iiinated; Ninth, John '-Veiss (JJep.); Tenth, C. S. Vnn Renssslaef (Rep.); Eleventh, J. J. Qulnn (Dem.); Thirteenth, H. (X Robinson (Rep,). Pennsy)tani&» Ninth district, D. H. Wing^t (tie||). liassa- Ohusette, Sixth distlfe^ C, lL Rlmball (Pro.); Michigan, Fitst dUtrlct, Hib- bafd feake* {Sep.); Eletlnlh, John Lemet (Donv)- KenfctickJ/'tourtb district, JT. W. Long (Rep.). JPloiflda, First distrtct, Harrison tteed (Sep.). Missouri, Fifth district, G, fl. Hiffner (Detw.). Iowa, Seventh district (short term), E. R. Hayes (Rep.). Illinois, Fourth district, S. W. Packard (Pro.). JUSTIN S. Monmu. was on the 14th re-elected United States Senator over ex-Minister Phelps by the Legislature ot Vermont. OWING to ill-health Joseph Pulitzer has withdrawn entirely from the editor ship of the New York World. MRS. AOATHE RABAZA, of Washington, died at the age of 104 years. REV. D. C. KELLY, Prohibition candidate for Governor of Tennessee, has been suspended for six months by the Methodist Episcopal conference for leaving his post as pastor at Gallatin without permission. The nominations for Congress on the 15th were as follows: New York, Eleventh district, Charles A. Flammer (Rep.); Thirteenth, P. A. Adams (Rep.); Fourteenth, J. T. Stearns (Rep.). Pennsylvania, Thirty-sixth district, N. R. Critchfleld (Rop.). Massachusetts, Fourth district, Charles A. Copeland (Rep.). Missouri, Eighth district, Charles F. Joy (Rep.). SEKVICES were held on the 16th in the Supremo Court chamber at Washington over the remains of Justice Samuel F. Miller, and the remains were then placed on the cars, to be taken to Keokuk, la., for burial. THE following were the Congressional nominations on the 16th: Massachusetts, Fourth district, Jonas II. French (Dem.). Pennsylvania, Ninth district, Daniel H. Wingard (Rep.); Twenty- first, George F. Huff (Rop.). Kentucky, Ninth district, Alexander Bruce (Farmers' Alliance). CONHAD FOLZ. for thirty years the jailer of Cook County, III., died at his residence in Chicago after a brief illness, aged 64 years. THE funeral of General Belknap took place in Washington on the 16th, and the remains were placed in Arlington Cemetery. PAVMASTEH GEORGE A. DEERINO of the navy died in Washington of heart disease. lie was 46 years old. FOREIGN. THK physicians in attendance on the King of Holland had a consultation with two of the Cabinet Ministers and it was decided that the condition of the King rendered him unfit to reign. Six persons wero killed and thirteen injured in a fire in Rowley & Brock's hat, cap and helmet manufactory in London. THE Canadian bark Malmerby was wrecked off the coast of Nova 'Scotia and sixteen of tho crew, including Captain Olson, wero drowned. THE funeral of Mrs. Booth, mother of the Salvation Army, took place in London, and thousands followed the body to the grave. The burial service was read by General Booth. A PROCLAMATION has been issued by tho Canadian Government removing export duties upon pine and spruce logs and shingle bolts. STATISTICS show that 100,000 persons are out of employment in Lombardy, 60,000 in Piedmont and 50,000 in Romagna and Southern Italy. SECRETARY BLAINK has been informed by the Minister of the United States at St. Petersburg that the reports of the persecution by the Russian Government of the Hebrews living in that country are false. LATER NEWS. THE business failures in the United States during the seven days ended on the 17th numbered 227, against 215 the preceding week and 223 tho corresponding week last year. JUDGK AUSTIN ADAMS, formerly Chief Justice of tho Supreme Court of Iowa, died at Dubuque, aged 64 years. JAMES MAXWELL, alias Murray, who murdered Charles Decker on the night of June 25 last, was hangod on the 17th at Morris, 111. He died without revealing his identity. THE Census Bureau announced the population of the State of Pennsylvania to be 5,248,594; increase, 965,683. A KIKE destroyed tho works of the Cherry Morrow Manufacturing Company within the walls of the 8tate penitentiary at Nashville, Tenn. Loss, 8200,000. THE tug James A. Garflold was run into by another tug in the bay at New York and six men on the Garfield wore drowned. A imiLDEH named Schaaf, who lived in a suburb of Berlin, attacked his wife and five children with a hatchet. Three of the children died and the other two and their mother would die. AT Berlin Falls, N. H., unknown fiends blew up with a dynamite bomb the nouso of Public Prosecutor Con- uette, who had been waging bitter war on the liquor dealers. Three children were fatally injured. t 1 HE courts of Kansas and Iowa have decided that the Wilson law prohibiting the sale of liquor in original packages in the States named is inoperative without new State legislation. DUUINO the first two weeks of October 480 cases of cholera and 250 deaths from the disease were reported in Spain. IN an encounter with burglars at Ohio City, O., Charles Hover and William Place, two business men, and one of the robbers, wore shot dead. The other four burglars escaped. A r.Mtv of fire in St. Stanislaus' church in Chicago caused a panic among 300 children, two of whom were crushed fatally and many others wore badly injured. A UCSINESS agency in New York says Uiat the business outlook is improving all over the country, and that trade is strong everywhere. THE first game of the series for the world's base-ball championship was played in Louisville on the 17th between the Brooklyn club, winners of the National League pennant, and the Louisville club, winners of the American Association championanip. Score' Brooklyn, 9; Louisville, 0. and met his of tho Mafia, killing dates when certain A MURDER LEAGUE. An Italian High-Kinder Society in New Orleans— It Order* the Killing of Chief of Police Hennemy Hecante He Knew f 00 Much ofclt* A«fJ»ttt»j; ; NEW QHLKAXS, Oct. IS.—"fj^wft with, the Dagos i Down with the a6sa9Sinsl" : is tho cry of thousands of angry: tneii, > and it seems certain that the cityis on the eve of the bloodiest race riot ever known in America. Not only has it been learned that Chief of Police Hennossy was murdered by the Mafia, an association of Italian assassins, but the astounding revelation has been made that tho murderers had planned to kill a number of other officials. Public feeling is strongly aroused against the whole Italian colony at this place, and the Inast thing would precipitate a riot, having for its object the extermination of the Italians of this city. A steamship is now on her way up the river from Italy with over 800 emigrants on board, and a determination is expressed to prevent thoir landing. Tho police searched the residence of ono of the men arrested for the murder of Chief of Police Honnessy and found a detailed plan to assassinate all city or State officers who acted counter to tho wishes of tho Mafia, an Italian secret society formed for tho purpose of assassination. This society includes a large portion of tho lower class of Italians. Heretofore they have generally confined their assassinations to their own nationality, and this is one of the few instances of thoir applying their methods to one not of their own people. There is no doubt that Chief Hennessy was the victim of the vendetta that has been carried on by the Italian colony in this city for many years, death at the hands The cause of the back to last spring, members of this society, known as the Provinzanas gang, waylaid and shot into a wagon-load of rival Italians one night as they were returning from unloading a fruit vessel, Tho police of the city, directed by the murdered chief, after laborious efforts finally unearthed the plot and the workings of tho society and secured enough evidence to convict the perpetrators of the attempted assassination, who wore sentenced to life imprisonment A now trial was granted, and it was set for next week. Chief Honnessy bad possessed himself of important information in regard to the workings of the Mafia in bis efforts to probe to the bottom, and it was believed that on tho trial of the case he would expose the inside workings of this band of assassins. The possession of this knowledge, with their record from Italy and his avowed determination to break up the Mafia and put a stop to these assassinations were, without doubt, the causes that led to his murder. On Wednesday night shortly after 11 o'clock Chief Hennessy left the Central Police station in company with Captain Connors, a member of Boyland's Detective Agency, for his home. Connors went with him to within a block of his house where he left him, Connors going down-town and Hennossy toward home. Connors had walked about a block when three loud reports in rapid succession startled him, sounding like shotguns, in the direction in which Chief Hennessy had taken. In an instant these were followed by several pistol shots, as if from a return fire. Connors turned and ran in the direction of the firing. He found Hennessy sitting on a step badly wounded and asked him who had done it. Hennessy replied, "Dagos." Examination showed that Hennessy's body was fairly riddled with slugs and bullets. .He was removed to tho hospital, where he died the next morning at 9 o'clock. The post-mortem developed four wounds, either of nvhich would haye proved fatal, ono perforating the stomach. The block where the shooting took place was immediately surrounded by police and the gutters searched. One shotgun was found in the gutter with one barrel loaded and one empty. Fresh tracks in tho mud wore also discovered. Three more guns wero found in the gutter on the next block loaded with buckshot, the barrel of one having been recently discharged. Two more wore found in a gutter a short distance away, loaded like tho others, a barrel of one having boon fired. All of them were of a folding pattern and sawed off so as to be carried under the coat. Wholesale arrests of Italians followed, until seventy-one wore arrested and six held. Three of them wero positively identified by parties who were living near by the scene of tho crime. One of the men had a scalp wound, presumed to have been inflicted by Hennessy, who emptied his pistols at his assassins after he was shot down. Antonio Scafllde, identified as one of the assassins of Chief Honnessy, was shot and mortally wounded at 11:45 o'clock Friday in the parish prison by Joseph Duffy, a young man 18 years of age. The shooting was done in the corridor or "bull ring" of the prison, • and Duffy'B actions ware so quick that several deputies who were present knew nothing of what was going on until the shot was fired. Mayor Shakespeare has appointed a aommittee composed of fifty prominent citizens who are deputized to thoroughly investigate the case. They will bring before them former victims of the vendetta who have escaped death, and will endeavor to compel them to name their assailants with a view to reaching the bottom facts, A LOG cutter found a bottle containing $1,00.) in gold dust near Sly Park, El Dorado County, C'al. Ho was sawing a tree down when ho struck something. He could not imagine what the saw could bo striking in the middle of a tree three feet thick. After the tree was down and an examination made a ! bottle containing $1,000 in gold dust was found in tho center of the tree. It was probably put in there many years ago by some old miner. D'ALBEBT, the pianist, has built a villa near Berlin, and will spend the winter there. IJe will return to United, States loir a concert tour to SHOT BY SAFE-BLOWERS. two Ohio City BufttnAM-Men and One ttnrgtat- klllMf-~ifwo Other Citizen* Bftdl|; Wonndfiftf*An J&ettlng Midnight ' O., Oet 18,—As aeverat citizens ^fre ffcturaiflft tittme about 8 o'clock tfrldajpvmorliihg from a neighboring tdwn they detected'fSbbers in Franklin ft all's grocery and general store at Ohio City, a small town tvest of tbis city about thirty miles on the Chicago A Erie road. The robbers wero at work on the safe when they were discovered by the men, who gave the alarm, and a posse was organized to capture them. The town had been troubled with burglars and safe-blowers for some time, and when it became known that they had been discovered in- the act every one was anxious to have the burglars arrested, and accordingly they turned out on masse. The crowd was assembled at a given point and all arrangements were made for the raid. A guard was stationed at the rear end of the building, while double the force started in at the front entrance. No sooner had the first guard made its appearance than the robbers detected it and opened fire. A large number of shots were ox- changed. The noise of the battle attracted other citizens and additions to the force were made every minute. The robbers had the advantage, and while the battle was going on in front of the store blew open the safe. The ammunition of the crowd of citizens gave out, and tho robbers seeming to bo abundantly, supplied drove them back, but not until one of their number was loft behind, and Charles Hoover and William Place, two of the crowd who attempted to arrest them, were killed, and Adolf Kern and G. W. Sanders badly wounded. Tho four robbers then made good their escape. They were followed by the posse for some distance, but the latter finally gave up the chase. The town by this time had been thoroughly aroused, and the entire population had turned into tbe streets. The excitement knew no bounds. The corpse of the dead robber was taken to an undertaking establishment, but no one could identify the remains. The robbers only obtained a few dollars for their trouble, as Mr. Hall had banked his money, about $a,00fl, just before he closed up his store for tbe night. He had received the money in payment for some real estate. Officers are now in pursuit of the robbers. GAME TO THE LAST. James Miixwell Vies on tho Gallows at Morris, HI.—His Neck llrokeu by the Fall—Apparent Unconcern of the Condemned Mnn us to His Fate. MoKitis, 111., Oct. 18.— John Schroeder, the sheriff of Grundy County, hanged James Maxwell, alias .Murray, about 10 o'clock Friday morning for the murder of Farmer Decker. Maxwell retained his self- possession until tbe last. He walked from tho jail to the gallows between JAMES MAXWELL. two officers unassisted, took his seat on the drop, heard the minister's prayer, made a kick because tho windows of the temporary shed were not curtained, whispered to the death-watch and was drooped into eternity without revealing his identity. The condemned man slept soundly all night. He ate a light breakfast, and was as cool and collected as he has been any time since the sentence, and occupied his time as usual until led to tho gallows. This is the first execution of the death sentence under the sanction of the law in Grundy County. Many years ago a man named Tibbets was taken out of jail and hanged to a tree by a mob from south of the river because he procured his brother to murder a neighbor and on trial hung the jury. [Maxwell was executed for the murder of Charles Decker, whose house he entered Juno 4 last for the purpose o£ robbery. Decker was awakened by the noise and beaten with a club by a negro named Fltzhugh, a pal of Maxwell's. Fitzhugh pleaded guilty and was sentenced to Imprisonment for life. Maxwell pleaded not E'Uilty, was convicted and sentenced to be hanged.] AGAINST WILSON'S BILL. A. Court In Kiuis:i8 UociclcH That It Can Not Itevlvu Stuto I,aws Declared Unconstitutional—Defeat for the 1'rohibi- tionigta. TOPEKA, Kan., Oct. 18.—Judge Foster, of the United States District Court of Kansas, and Judge John F. Phillips, of the District Court for the Western district of Missouri, filed their decision Friday in the Rahres habeas-corpus case, which is a test of tbe Wilson original package bill. The judges did not enter upon tho question of the constitutionality of tho now law, but based their decision entirely upon the .question an to whether the existing prohibitory law of tho State applies, or whether additional legislation should be had to bring into action in the State the provisions of the Wilson bill. They held that inasmuch as the Supremo Court of the United States had decided the Kansas prohibitory law null and void, so far at it referred to original packages, the law was as if it had never been enacted. A law in conflict with the constitution is not only illegal and violable, but it is absolutely void, and "no subsequent change of the constitution removing the restriction could validate it or breathe into it tho breath of life." THE camera that does the work for the rogues' gallery is concealed. Tho prisoner hangs bis head and refuses to look up when asked to do so, or shuts his eyes and distorts bis face. The photographer makes a feint with thecamora in sight, takes out the plate and exclaims: "Oh, pshaw! that is spoiled!" or words to that effect, and walks hurriedly out of tho room. The prisoner raises his head at once and looks pleasant. He has outwitted the photographer. Then the concealed camera gets in its flue work, and the rogue, is still more surprised and pleased at being told tbftt he «an g Oi . f 1AM. "Wettt That's the -way you feel after one of! two of Df. Piofce's Pleasant Pellets have done their work. You feel well, instead of bilious and constipated ; your sick headache, dizziness and indigestion are gone. It's done mildly and easily, too. You don't have to feel worse before you feel better. That is the trouble* with tho huge, old-fashioned pill. These are small, sugar-coated, easiest to take. One little Pellet's a laxative, three to four are cathartic.! They regulate and cleanse tho liverj stomach and bowels—quickly, buti thoroughly. They're tho cheapest pill, sold by druggists, because you! only pay for the good you geW They're guaranteed to give satis-! faction, every time, or your moneyj is returned. That's the pcculia^ plan all Dr. Pierce's medicines arfll sold on. Can you ask more P Tjnometerjelow Freezing and a fierce storm ot cuuing sjeet which strikes Uie lace like a thousand needles. Wind forty miles an hour. You »ay a man couldn't stand such exposure? No, he couldn't, without just tlie proper clothing. And there's only one outfit that can keep a man both •warm and dry at such a time, and that is the "Fish Brand Slicker." They are- guaranteed _ storm-proof, waterproof, and windproof. Inside one of them, you are as much out of • the weather as if indoors. They are ligh^ but i warm. Being re-enforced throughout, tiey never • np j and the buttons are wire-fastened. No railroad man who has once tried one would be without : it for ten times its cost Beware of worthless imitations, every garment stamped with " Fish Brand" irade Mark. Don't accept any inferior coat when i you can have the " Fish Brand Slider ,t <i 0 ii T ^ r »d i without extra coat, particulars and illustrated cat-' tlogue free. A. J. TOWER, • Boston, Mass. Of Pure God Liver Oil with Hypophosphites Of Lime and Soda. There are emulsion ,1 and entvMonn and there is Mil much skimmed mttft which masqtieradea as cream. Try a» they win many manufacturers cannot BO disguise tlieir cod liver oil na to make it palatable to sensitive stomacJis. Scott's ¥'?£?£ > XS£ fVnE XOMWEQIAN COD , Y ER , OIL > comMnr.d with Hiipoplios- «**««»** almost as palatable as mills, Iflor thia reason aa well na for the foot «8 of th CONSUMPTION, 80ROFUT.A, BRONCHITIS and CHBOSIO COUGH or SEVERS COLO. All Druggists tell it, but be sure you get the genuine, as there are poor imitations.. ^*^^^*^**^^^^***^*^ fc *^-"»- j ^-~ii«r» •-••-• .1 n — _ . - _ __ IMPORTANT MEW DISCOVERY, forMkiii Ever Hade, • *• Perfectly pure and neutral aoop combining Jhe EMOLLIENT and HBALINQ properties ol XftS.TflP SrB> If your drueslEt does not keep It. FORWARD 10 CENTS W STAMPS. flS^K^^f^^^S^i 111 "!! 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