The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 15, 1890 · Page 2
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 15, 1890
Page 2
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«= THE REPUBLICAN, •TAttft A ttAlktiOOK, ALGONA, IOWA Epitome of the Week. INTERESTING NEWS COMPILATION. DOMESTIC. , «T. H. KAISKU, an aeronaut, made a Tjalloon ascension at Louisville, Ky., fttvd when half a mile high dropped from his air-ship, but liis parachute would not open and he was fatally injured. Bir,ii HOWARD, under sentence of death for murder, escaped from tho jail in Greenville, S. C., by donning his wife's clothing 1 , she having 1 been permitted to visit him. WHILE trying to arrest some colored toughs who were fighting two St. Louis •policemen were killed and two negroes •were fatally hurt. THE visible supply of grain in store in the United States on tho Oth was: "Wheat, 17,050,092 bushels; corn, 8,721,426 bushels. DmtiNG a flro in a St. Louis grocery store a twenty-five gallon tank of coal oil exploded, blowing an entire wall into the street and injuring eleven persons, two fatally. Tun annual report of Commissioner Green B. Raum, of the Pension Bureau, shows that there were at the end of the last fiscal year 537,044 pensioners borne upon the rolls. THE issue of silver from the mints during tho week ended October 4 was $201,524. The issue of standard silver dollars during the corresponding period of last year was $1,254,025. THE foundation of tho first German colony in America, 307 years ago, wa' celebrated by people of that nationality throughout the country on tho 6th THE Census Bureau gives tho popula of the following States: California 1,204,002; increase, 339,308. Michigan 2,089,792; increase, 452,855. Indiana 3,189,030; increase, 210,729. Territory o New Mexico, 144,862; increase, 85,207. IN a shooting affray growing out o politics at Livingston, Tex., one man was killed and three fatally injured. PRESIDENT WOODP.UFF, of tha Mor man church, issued an order lorb?|?ding further polygamous marriages i«fetb( church. AT St. Louis Alice Grabriel was over by a construction train at a crli ing and ground to pieces and her mot in trying to rescue her was fatally hu A SALOON at Morgantown, Ind., wa)* »1 BUJIHOTVS, the noted utlaw who* was Cftptured -by officials, was shot dead at J*lnden, AU., by one f his captors'%hil0:tryiBg t&,escap& .,.: mitters w0fei|iistafitly killed; ind afeothei 1 twaa seriously "Wounded afr : , BouldSr, the;o^plostqn o^SOmf ack» of giant pow'dot. l " v AN assignment was made by Forestal iros., contractors, of St. Paul, Minn., with liabilities of $200,000. THE Census Bureau gives the popula* on of the State of New Jersey at 1,» 441,017; increase, 309,901. State of Nebraska, 1,050,793; Increase, 007,431. WILLIAM SHUMM, a printer at Muncio, nd., laid his nock across a rail and was lecapltated by a train. He was driven nsane by setting up the description of i murder case. NELSON, the great Maine stallion, trotted a mile on the Torre Haute track breaking the world's stallion j Southern teenth, W. re- , .'en* .frhltty- if*lhird, fourth, ^Second I)*;., Mis- Meredith Eleventh (Rep.) re- record. Hal Pointer, on the samo track, )acod the three fastest consecutive icats ever made; time, 2:09%, 2:12% and 2:13. Mas. DAVIS, aged 71, was found mur; dered in her house at Loavonworth, Kan. A MAN named Dandy, who lives in Tecumseh, Ala., killed his wife and beat his daughters, one fatally, because they had discovered him in criminal acts. JOSEPH T. CAPPELL and his throe brothers, all poor men of Trenton, N. J., received information that they were heirs to an estate in England worth 580,000,000. THE weekly edition of the Atlanta (Ga.) Constitution was seized by tho postal authorities for violating the anti- lottery law recently passed. PUESIDENT HARRISON was on the 9th the guest of Ottumwa, la., visiting tho coal palace and reviewing a big parade. He left for Topeka, Kan., in the evening. AT Louisville John Schmidt confessed that ho had counterfeited 352 silver certificates to the amount of 84,000. THE United States dynamite crusier Vesuvius attained a speed of twenty knots per hour in a trial trip. AT the annual session of the Union Veteran Legion in Fort Wayne, Ind., G. J. Miller, of Philadelphia, was elected National Commander. THE United States Court at Boston decided that George M. Pullman was entitled to the patent on vestibuled cars. A FIRE destroyed the business portion of Pickrell, Neb. JUDGE MASON, of Lynn., Mass., enjoined the Cutters' Union from intimidating men working in Rumsey Bros.' factory. A IJRAKEMAN was killed and thirty G. SUhlneoker (De>_ nominated; John G. Seventeenth, T. C. To ty-fifth, flfs^ M. tf. .. _... F. Li Hunting (Bern J. tt Rogers (Prd.'}, disfeict, jl. R. Bo-i sissippi, '.^SiJventh district, Matthew* (Rep.). Michigan, district, S. M. Stephenson nominated. Ohio, Fourth district, W. P. Orr (Rep.)/ South Carolina, Fourth district. G. W. Shell . (Farmers' Alliance). Utah, Charles G.> Goodwin (Liberal). CAPTAIN PETER FOSTER, tho oldest member of the G. A. R M died ab Mount Pleasant, la., aged 00 years. A CONVENTION of Democrats opposed to B. B. Tillman for Governor of South Carolina met in Columbia and nominated a full State ticket, led by A. C. Haskell for Governor. THE Congressional nominations on the Oth were: New York, Second district, James Oresham (Rep.); Third, William C. Wallace (Rep.) renominated; Fourth, Andrew J. Perry (Rop.'); Fifth, John R. Smith (Rep.); Nineteeth, Edward A. Durant (Rop.); Twenty-third, James S. Sherman (Rep.) renomi- nated; Twenty-seventh, E. _K. Burnham (Dem.); Dr. Mary E. Walker (Ind.); Twenty-eighth, Isaac B. Andrews (Pro.). Massachusetts, Eighth district, N. A. Glidden (Pro.). Connecticut, Second district, J. M. Ilub- bard (Rep.); W. T. Wilcox (Dem.); Third, Charles A. Russell (Rep.). Tennessee, Eighth district, George T. Me- Call (Rep.). Missouri, Ninth district, Seth W. Cobb (Dem.). North Carolina, Sixth district, R. M. Norment (Ind.). Utah, John T. Cain (Mormon). GAIETY AT GALESBURG. Boswteri h Portsm 6 tons lu 'n£ a , rmer named Nicholas ' ' ving 1 in his field near PortsmV bui ". '^ >\eavy rust- eaten iron* aggregating 16,76b .^ a. vessel contain^, a British publication old coin, mok over a like the total abandorim. in this country. said Itis 1 ' 1 PERSON* rket for f a™ products worth the 1 ^^ AT the Ky., J. T. city' . ' nclltl8grow ' ngl blown up by a heavy charge of dyna^ aL- s o f freight were destroyed by a col- mite said to have been placed by resi- \o\\y on tne Roading road at Paul dents of the village. ' "*" THE _ Census Bureau announces the population of the following States: Iowa, 1,900,729; increase, 282,114. West Virginia, 700,448; increase, 141,991. Ohio, 3,066,719; increase, 468,057. JAMES M. FORTNKH, treasurer of Riley County, Kan., pleaded guilty to tho em- bezzlem ntot §30,000 and was sentenced to five years in prison. PRESIDENT HARRISON and party passed through portions of Indiana and Illinois on the 7th en route to Galos- burffh, 111., to attend the reunion of his old brigade. All along the route tho President was received with cordiality. THE Dupont powder works near Wilmington, Del., were partially destroyed by explosions on the 7th, and sixteen persons were killed and many others were injured. Over fifty houses were wrecked, and the property loss was estimated at $500,000. THE trotting mare Naiad Queen (2:20>jC) broke her leg in the pasture of her owner, George G. White, in Bourbon County, Ky. She was valued at ^5,000. PRAIRIE fires in Morton County, N. D., destroyed property valued at $100,- OOO. A herd of 500 fat cattle was burned. Many farmers were rendered destitute. IN his annual report Governor Prince, of New Mexico, estimates the population of the Territory at 185,000. Tho financial condition of tho Territory was excellent. The total output of gold, silver, lead and copper was valued at $4,023,884. The Governor strongly urges the admission of New Mexico as a 'State. ESTIMATES place the wheat yield of Minnesota and the Dakotas at 90,000,000 bushels. LYMAN E. KNAPP, Governor of Alaska, in his annual report says that fourteen Government day schools are in session, eleven of which wore attended wholly lay natives. REV. P. J. MULDOON, chancellor of the Chicago diocese, says there is no foundation in the report that Catholicb will be allowed to join any secret society except the Masons. THE defalcation of Fitzpatrick, city treasurer of Terra Haute, Ind., was stated to be $15,523. PRESIDENT HARRISON was entertained at Galesburg, 111., on the 8th and the city was full of strangers to get a view of the chief magistrate. He laid the corner-stone of the alumni hall of Knox College and attended the reunion of his old brigade. A PEARL found in the Pecatonica river near Galena, 111., sold for $5,000. THE steamer City of New York reached Sandy Hook on the 8th in five days twenty-one hourj3 and nineteen minutes from Queenstown, beating the Teutonic one hour and lowering her record forty-eight minute*. THKKIE mea were fatally hurt by the collapse of a flue in a boiler in a rod mill at Newcastle, Pa. NATHAN WII.LET, a farmer living near Norwalk, Col., was arrested on the charge of murdering B. B. Woodward in Anderson County, Tex, seventeen years ago. C. C. SCANTLKUURV, of Brazil, Ind., on returning 1 hoiuo from the funeral of Fred Naue©, who bad dropped dead of paralysis, was stricken with tho same diweaso and died almost instantly. THE visible supply of <'.oifeo in the United States is figured at 2,214,544 bags, against 2,19:3,47a bags on the 1st of Beptewbor. THE National camp of the Patriotic Sons of America was opened at Boston. The order has 1,200 lodges i« the country aud over 350,000 members. FOREIGN. IRISH Nationalists hold a meeting at Dublin and appointed a committee to visit America. An appeal for help was made. THE Guatemalans and Salvadorians are fighting again on the frontier, owing to tho inability of the Guatemala Government to exchange prisoners with San Salvador. THE British steamer Ouse collided with and sunk a bark off Flushing, Eng., and tho whole crew of the bark, numbering twelve men, were drowned. NINETEEN HUNDRED emigrants from Russia have sailed Cor New York from Bremen. THE house of Mathias Gagon was pushed into tho river by a land-slide near St. Pierre, Quo., and three persons were killed and eight injured. FAMINE continues to prevail in the Soudan, and Suakin was thronged with the orphans of those who had perished through war and privations. HoimiBLK accounts come from the Red Sea of the condition of the cholera victims. In the interior of Arabia the victims wore numbered by thousands. THE Canadian Government has decided to expend 5250,000 in promoting emigration from Europe. MR. BALFOUR, Chief Secretary for Ire- that tho report general famine that there in Ireland . tb 'E ThoatvM. . mayor by a majority of •]„.,,. • AIX, „•»,„, ,he first Republican mayor in twenty- live years. EI,LEN GREGORY died at Knoxvillo, Tenn., aged over 100 years. She was born in Ireland. GOVERNOR CAMPBELL has called an extra session of the Ohio Legislature, to convene on the 14th inst., to deal with members of the Cincinnati board of public works accused of boodling. SPEAKER DANIELS, of the Oklahoma Legislature, was at his homo in Oklahoma City on the Oth and would not return to Guthrie. as his life bad been threatened in case he should do so. Tho threats grew out of the contest over the location of the capital. CONGRESSIONAL nominations on the 6th were as follows: New York, Fifteenth district, John F. Helvin (Pro.); Sixteenth, W. W. Smith (Pro.); Twenty- ninth, D. Page (Dem.); Thirty-fourth. Hiram Smith (Dem.). Wisconsin, First district, L. M. Miller (Dem.). Kentucky, Second district, H. R. Rowland (Farmers' Alliance). PROF. HEWITT, of Baltimore, Md., known as the father of the American ballad, died, aged 90 years. ISAAC FJIAZIER, a negro 106 yea,rs old, died in Montgomery, Ala. He was married after having passed his 95th year. THE nominations for Congress on the 7th were: Now York, Seventh district, William Morgan (Rop.); Fifteenth, Clarence F. Lexow (Rep.); Sixteenth, John H. Ketcham (Hep.) re- nominated; Twenty-second, S. T. Woolworth (Dem.); Twenty-fifth, James J. Belden (Rep.) renorainated; Twenty- sixth, Thomas H. Boal (Dem.); Thirty- second, Daniel N. Lockwood (Dem.). Massachusetts, Eleventh district, F. S. Coolidge (Dem.). Rhode Island, First district, Henry J. Spooner (Rep.) re- nominated; Second, Warren O. Arnold (Rop.) renominated. Mississippi, Third district, James Hill (Rep.) renominat- ed. Ohio, Eighteenth district, J. H. Wallace (Dem.) South Carolina, Fifth district, G. G. Alexander (Rep.). Virginia. Second district, J. W. Lawson (Farmers' Alliance). Wisconsin,Seventh district,Sylvanus Holmes (Pro.). Iowa, Seventh district, J. H. Barnott (Dem.). THE People's party of Indiana has selected Martin B. Kindle, of Johnson County, as a, candidate for Secretary of State in place of Leroy Tompleton, of Ben tori County, who declined. THE following nominations for Congress were made on tho 8th: Connecticut, First district, S. B. Forbes (Pro.); Third, David A. Wells (Dem.); II. J. Crocker (Pro.); Fourth, Frederick Miles (Uop.) renorainated. Massachusetts, First district, Charles R. Codinan (Dem.); Ninth. John W. Candler (Hep.) renominated; G. F. Williams (Dem.); Tenth, H. M. Small (Pro.). New York, First district, James \V. Covert (Dem.) renominated; John L. Child (Itep. ); Seventh, W. T. Crosdale (Deua.); Edwin J. Dunphy (Dem.; Eighth, T. J. Campbell (Dem.); Ninth, Arnos J. Cuni- ings (Dem.) renoininated; Tenth, Frank B. Spinola CD cm. ) renominated; Eleventh, J. D- Warner (Dem.); Twelfth, Roswell P. Flower (J)ein.) renominated; Thineentti, Asel P. Fits (DernO; Four- centenary anniversary of the the very poor and • °f Father Matthow was celebrated • j.a.^n,^.—* ;~ork, Ireland, on the 9th. DOCTOR ROBERTO SACAsAhas been reelected President of Nicaragua for a term of four years. BY an explosion in the Rocario gold mine in Mexico ten men were blown to atoms. NEAR Cumberland, Ont., Mary and Eliza, aged 14 and 12 years respectively, daughters of James McGonnigle, were criminally assaulted and murdered. A man named Narcisse LaroquG had been arrested for tho crime. LATER NEWS. WILLIAM O'BRIEN and John Dillon, on trial at Dublin, Ireland, for conspiracy, forfeited their bail bond of 85,000 each on the 10th, and it was said they were on their way to America. THE census office gives the population of the State of New York at 5,981,934, an increase of 899,063 in the past ten years. C. J. HAMLIN'S team, Belle Hamlin and Justina, driven by J. W. Andrews, trotted a mile on the Torre Haute (Ind.) track in 2:15, beating the world's team record. JUSTICE SAMUEL F. MILLER of the United States Supreme Court was prostrated by an attack of paralysis in the streets of Washington on the 10th, and his condition excited tho gravest fears. A coMMEnciAL agency in New York reports improvement in all branches of business throughout the country. THE 0-year-old son of James Niblich, of Docatur, Ind., fatally shot his baby brother with a revolver as tho little fellow lay asleep. WILLIAM A. SCHRIEBER, who robbed tho First National Bank of Columbus, Ind., of 8300,000, was sentenced to twelve years in the penitentiary and to pay a fine of 8500. TEX persons were killed and many injured by an explosion in the pyrotechnic school at Bourses, France. THE business failures in the United States during the seven days ended on the 10th numbered 215, against 197 the preceding week and 214 the corresponding week last year. FLAMES at Fairfield, Neb., destroyed several business blocks, including tho post-office and News printing office. CLAYTON LLOYD, of Newton, Ala., poisoned his wife and four children. One of the children died. The murderer escaped. Ho was said to have another wife in Georgia. PRESIDENT HARRISON met with hearty receptions on tho 10th at St Joseph, Mo., and at Atchison and Topeka, in Kansas. THE dead bodies of Alexander Bartte- son and his 11 year old son wore found in tho woods thirty miles southwest of Re-public, \\'is. They had been murdered. FniE at Brainord, Minn., destroyed fifteen buildings, causing a loss of $100,000. P»ESII>|.:\T PALMER, of the World's Columbian Exposition, has decided not to accept tho salary of $12,000 per annum attached to his office. All ho asks is the payment of bis expenses while engaged in transacting business connected with tho fair. PM»Ulent Harrison M«et« ttlg Old Corn* milea of the Jlfjrt BflffAde, at ttholj- Reunion in the litfholi Cltf-±Ot1&r urea of Hla Vjilt. ' ^ f - '• GALBSBURG,?; 111., ^Ooti Q.^t'tei Harrison reached ,I>6tetajilt 14:85 Tuesday night and'^aS welSttme&fey M&yof Clark and the members of the city council, who escorted the party to their hotel. There were no speeches, owing'16 the lateness of the shout-. TttePres-; ident arose tiar- ly and at V a. m. was serenaded ' by a band of music at tho National Hotel. A few mi nntos later the mayor a and city council, President Harrison' at tlie accompanied by close of the War. the Grand Army of tho Republic posts and a company of tho Illinois National Guard, appeared to escort tho party to the train. The march was a triumphal one and all Peoria turned out to do homngo to tho Chief Executive. At the depot over 5,000 people were assembled and the President, being introduced by Mayor Starke, spoke briefly. At tho conclusion of the speech Elsie Leslie Lydo, tho child actress, on behalf of the citizens of tho Grand Army post of Peoria, presented to the President a beautiful bouquet. Tho President stooped and kissed her. Three hearty cheers were given for the President as Mr. Bishop gave the signal and tho train pulled out of the station. Breakfast was ready in tho dining-room of the car, and the President was served imm'edi- ately after leaving tho station. Tho reception at Galesburg was marked by the greatest enthusiasm. A tremendous crowd gathered at the depot and cheered as the train pulled in. The streets converging at the depot wore thronged with people. A grand stand had been erected. It was surrounded by tho crowd, and was bedecked with flags. On the top of each of tho pillars which supported the arch over the stand a young lady stood impersonating the Goddess of Liberty. Upon the vast arch beneath which the President stood were the words: "We Welcome Our President." Shortly after 11 o'clock there passed in review of tho President in front of tho stand, tho veterans of tho Twentieth Army Corps, 2,500 school children of Central Illinois, and thousands of citizens. At the conclusion of the. parade the party repaired to the speaker's stand in front of the court-house, where Mayor Stevens formally welcomed the President to Galesburg. The President responded briefly to the address of welcome, thanking tho citizens of Galesburg and Illinois for their cordial greeting. The President was followed by Secretary Tracy, who made a brief speech, confining his remarks chiefly to the silver question in its relation to the agricultural problem. General Grosvenor, ot Ohio, and others followed. The party now repaired to Knox College, where the corner-stone of the alumni hall was to be laid by tho President. Dr. Newton Bateman, president of Knox College, pronounced the invocation, and Prof. Milton Comstock read a sketch of the origin and growth of the college. Prof. J. A. Adams introduced tho President, who spoke briefly. Following tl)is the corner-stone wag placed in position, and the President, with a trowel, carefully closed it and covered tho seams with mortar. Great applause greeted this performance, which brought tho ceremonies to an end. In the afternoon the President mot his brigade in the opera-house, and it was to him evidently the most interesting of the proceedings. He walked upon the stage alonei and was greeted with a storm of cheers. President Harrison was notified by General Dustin, as he appeared on the stage, of his election as president o! the brigade, and was requested to preside. General Harrison's speech was filled with pathetic and amusing anecdotes. Among other things he said : "I do not anticipate that we shall have another rebellion in any quarter or from any cause. One attempt has thoroughly discouraged others. [Laughter and applause.] The futility of it was thoroughly established, us well as the fact that the overwhelming mass of our peopla will in any danger—I do not care what its origin, whether it be from rebellion or the uplifting of tho flag of anarchy—visa in their might with a weight of sentiment that, like one of the greut Alpine avalanches or tho glaciers, will sweep away any thing which is lifted against the orderly well-being of this country of ours. [Great applause.] There stand in our places young men, just such as you were when tuo last war broke out, filled just as you wero with devotion to the country, and reucJy to step into the ranks when any enemy, foreign or domestic, assails the houor of the flag.'" [Applause.] When the speech-making was over all gave three cheers for Harrison as President of the United States and three oheers for him as president of the brigade. Tho Phi Delta Theta banquet in Odd- Fellows' Hall next made demands on the President and was the most elaborate spread of the day. Tho brigade banquet at the First Christian Church, which followed immediately after, was given by the citizens and prepared by the ladies of the church. It was an elaborate affair and was enjoyed by 850 of the brigade. At its conclusion tho Presidential party left to take the train for Burlington. KvfiBi'BODt fenowB what & picnic 1% but most people wodl<jU,fiail it bard to tell bow it gofelts peoprjaf name. Yet the flet'ivatl|ft of. |BG word is simple .endup Jffide^stblefibo.' When a pio* 'hiclj/as $elngft arrayed, <fbi<, Iho custom ttrl$$ft&lj|t waj^'thatftnat those who in- terided''i6 be ; |>fee«jnt should supply the eaiablQS and drinkables. A list of these neccsSartea having been drawn up, it was passed round *nd each person picked out the article of food or ddttk that he or she wffs willing to furnish* and tho name of tho article was nicked, Or ticked oi! the list. . The,open air en- tettainffient thus became known as a "piok-and-nick." The custom is said to date from 1802, so that the picnic is wholly an institution of the nineteenth century. How'i Thlst We offer- One Hundred Dollars Howard for any case of Catarrh that can not be cured oy taking Hall's Catarrh Cure. P. J. CHENEY & Co.. Props, Toledo, O. We, tho u idersigncd, have known F. J. 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LOUIS, CATTLE-Steers $370 ©490 Stockors and Feeders 2 00 m. 3 00 HOGS-Fair to Choice Heavy.. 4 a5 © 4 45 MixedGnules 390 ©425 SUKKP 403 ©485 OMAHA. CATTLE—Prime 425 ©485 Good to Choice Cows 880 ©300 Good Butchors'Steers 370 ©415 HOGS 885 (a4SO MOTHERS' FRSEND MAKES CHILD BIRTHlAS? Rheumatism, N. Ogden, Mich., May 17,1890. "A half bottle of your invaluable medicine, St. Jacobs Oil, cured me of rheumatism and rheumatic swelling of the knee. It is the best lu the universe." J. H. L. POETEB. Qagerstowa, MJ., April 21,1890. "I, and others of my family, have used Et. Jacobs Oil for neuralgia and found It a speedy, effective cure." MRS. AGMES KELLET. IP USED BEFORE CONFINEMENT. BOOK TO "MOTHERS" MAILED FIIHE. BBAI»FI£U> REGULATOR CO.. ATLANTA, «JA. SOLD JJT ALL DRUGGISTS. euro SICK HE&QACHE. £5 Cents a Box. OB 1 ,AT-T- 3DHTTC3G1STS. GRATEFUL—COMFORTING. BREAKFAST. "By athorough knowledge of the natural law» ppl properties of well-selected Cocoa. provided our breakfast tables whlcn gOT«r» tEo operations of digestion and n»* * " -" "--- ... >iieutlq ~ "" " locos fi?y^?l?,i v eniio7whloh;£V? 9 ™ trltlon, and by a curoful application of the . ..»_.., ' A --)oa. Mr, BPPB ___ with a delicately PB baa! oii Saw-lUill Wrocked uucl Two Mea 1 aUUly Injured. o-jf, Midi., Oct. 0.—A terrible explosion occurred at tho Ducey Lumber Company's lower snw-mill on tho North side at 6 o'clock a. tn. As the fireman, William Yorgor, was getting up steam to start tho engines four of the six boilers exploded with, tremendous force, wrecking one-third of tho building completely and throwing the other two boilers from their foundations. Nine men wore injured. Yerger, the fireman, was caught under the timbers and escaping steam scalded him tembly. Ho will die. A young man named Hawkins is also ffttally injured. IT HAS NO EQUAL, •tlmnlates tbe torpid liver, strcnsrlti- e»i» Use digestive orsuiis, regrulutro One bowels, uutl arc uu«<iuiUe<l as uu In lualaHal district* their virtues are WiUu ly reuoguixcd, a* tliey pobsess pec- iiliar i>roi>«rticM iu freeing- ttregysVem from tUut |>t>i*ou. £leirauUy I»UB»* > Sold 'Everywhere, doctors' bills, if is by the judicious use of auc articles of diet that ft constitution may be gradually built up until strong enough t r > resist every ten» dency to aiseuso. Jlundrodsof subtle maladies are- floatfnt! around us rejidy to attack •wherever tnera is a weak point. We may escape many a fatal shaft by keeping ouruelvfs well lortifled with pure blood aud a properly nourished frame.''-"'' Owl Svrvtcv QtlZGttC," Made simply \vith boiling water or milk. BoUT only in half-pound tins, by Grocers, labelled thus: JAMES EPPS& CO., Homraopathio Chemists, London, England. HALF RATES ——TO THE PFARMING REGIONS WEST, SOUTHWEST, NORTHWEST. . yorpartleuJars coll on your Ticket Atrent or addrea* V, 8. EXJ6T13. Uca'l Poas. /gt^C. lif«?4 u. B.,OWolEs«: —OJ'TH* "Tbe greatest SHOW on Earth" To Hellove Heartburn, Aei.lity, Gastric Pressure, Diutrtas After Eatlut', V/o-ter Bi'oab, PiUnltaUon, uu» & 0 %&&^&^^*^&~ Comp. Pepsin Troches J "~ rnaUi«5cTW,6t &noW3

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