Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 19, 1896 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 19, 1896
Page 2
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.f 4s comfort' la. —™ a ~ t VTnany forms of UB/are, not doe to any actual'dis- Jbut simply Ito'a constipatedcond 1 - •ioi the ,sys»«mi .which'.the -pleasauo. ly lawdtWe, Syrup of Figs, pr.ompt- sven.- . That is why. It is the .only rwiih mUlionsof families, and is ._.™jjhere esteemed so higMy by all .. vWValne good health: Its beneficml «flect£ are dne to tho fact, that it is the Wremedy which -promotes internal ^Muliness without debilitating the mftDS on ;which it acts. It is therefore •U Important, in order .to get its bene-. V effects,, to note when you pur^ .we, that you have the genuine arti- •*. which is manufactured by thei Cali- itwnlft Fig Syrup Co. only and sold by Ittripntable druggists. .. ^ If in the en-ioymeiitj of good health,. ••d the system "is regular, laxatives or •ther remedies are then not needed. II ••tcted with any actunl discase,_c.n8 •AT be commended to the most skilllul iSmicians, but if in need of a laxative, SB should have the best, and with the ^nil-Informed everj-n-bcre, Syrup ol ~ istands highest nncVis most largely 1 and gives rnnst. peneral satisfaction. ••T. B. P. itLOTZ: PASTOH 0. B. CHURCH. v / n»ienoo, ind., Sept. 8,1800. Peptln Syrnp Co.: Dear:8lr:-I. have been afflicted over Hweity: years with dyspepsia or §onr •tomach. I have tried different reme- fU«g without mncb benefit. Finally I • ifcongnt a 10-cent-bottle of Syrnp Pep•In and fonnd that It benentted me. 1 v «m convinced that it will do what It to-recommended when taken according to directions. I ha^e taken nearly one bottle and feel like a different person. S. P. KLOTZ. fter sale by B. F. Keesllng. VIA " rioUNTAlNS, LAKES and SEASHORES Solid yeBtlbtitedTrainfl W-ltb. Wagner Sleeping Cars .,;• .:: - : •-.-.- •' i ' tw". ' : - •' • • •'• • '' ---.':"•:_..' frolri 1 ••;•"' . gt, iLomte, : Peoria, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, t)aytoin v , ; Colnmba*. OLByBLANDl'rANb BTJPFAliO "The Knickerbocker -Special." "The So'nth*estern 'Limited," r fjji' Terminals at;the' Great LakaK 1 ' Chicago, B»lon Harbor, Toledo J>etrolt, t SandnBky; : Cleveland. E. O. McCormlck, Pasi: Traffic Manager. D. B. Martin, GenL Pass and Ticket Agent. Keep Cool by Using THE KELLEY Sower Bath .. /. , RING I Hot Water . , . r Proof Hoie :fr«tent« Wetting H , • moor or Walls. Hornlws Water. 8«ndlorc«taloca0. ProoJ wat« ;cios«U, He«-»cting Cloteti. »>n» 8U>P •»* WMta Cockl ..;; THOS. KELLV &|BROS., Me. aoi MadlBOtt Street, Chicago. , Jowpb to t moit delightful reiort daring ^il" txtnatiy torrid wMtlwr jiw tor the wood trip, IZ.OO. Train IHITM Vandalta station at 7XK) a. m r Sunday. Aich'it^s brijWit'hafPen been ,ns•a that, when several •a in one stream (as t BonSrT&rldge; tor Sfample^), the Bal-; :;: ' '"" in each riverAvill pass back, own water land will avoid the ,, B v otrcoms... The .late Frank Buck- I, a strong believer in.this!n*tinctof., he fish, regarded tlie eense-of smell as hat which led it tolls native river. Per-. »ps tl>c "truth is that for the most part almon do return to their own river,;but he practice and hablt'are riotnecessari- y invariable. We know tke flshe« cer- ninly swim »reat distances along const ines where they 'ore captured iu stake and bnjr nets, nnd it may well be the cose tfcat now and therva fish'will turn nto a river that te near, in preference to necking its own and distant water. Arrived in her river, the mother salmon begins to scoop out a kind of trench n the gravel of the stream. This she effects by plowing into the gravel with icr bo<1y. This trench is to' be the nursery of her young. The eggs BTC 1 aid n the furrow, and are duly fertilized by the male salmon. Then the trench is filled in by the effort* of both parent*. :he eggs arc covered with gravel, and •he mound thus formed is called, in'flah- er's language, a "redd." How many ecrgs a, mother salmon will deposit ia, of course, a difficult question to determine, sut a stock calculation maintains that ehe produces about 000 eggs for every sound she weighs. Each egg in its diameter measures about a quarter of an inch, and it is estimated that 25,000 eggs go to a gallon. LAY .PREACHERS. English Lords .Who Deliver Sunday Discourses. Emperor William's taste for preech- ,4g, even where there is a duty qualified ecclesiastic , within reach, is far more common fancy : than most-people might be willing'to imagine. Under the circumstances it is. difficult to under^eland the surprise which hns been caused by his insistence In delivering the Sunday discourse "during the recent yachting trip in the Mediterranean, although he had on board with him the chief of the court chaplains. Thus.iji England .there are at least a dozen secular members of the house of-lords wbo,-not.contentwlth preaching to their .own households and tenants, actually; travel .aboui'in.England and on the continent preaching wherever they can.find either a congregation or n pulpit ai their disposal. Several of them-,''such as, for instance, Lord Eadstock';havb incurred the wrath of foreign g'overnpients.in consequence ol .their religious-zeaL" The young 'Earl.Beauchamp .is another of these ]a.y.'prea'cheTs,buthe confines his ministrations.ito the East end of London. Theh : th"ere is;Iiord Btnnet, married 'to an American, wife 'and heir to the earl;of Tankerviiie, who has been arrested for street preaching on seveiml occasions. . ./.;,',. .•• ,;; .: .,. '.:-.• . The present duke .bf;Hamilton does a little in the preaching •'•'•_ line, : chiefly arnohg the..poorer' classefl'^of,'^London. But none of'these. peerBconJe anywhere near the late: earljif Shaftesbury"so ior aspulpit'pratofy^ i» concerned; the; eairl being knoym by the.nicknamo of "the lay bishop." . , : ...'.'.,,. . " TWO THIEVES: They TooU • Bloycl* from lihf.KWn on ' " ' '' " ,» Bet. ' ' ..The:-bicycle.'thief i«".inven.tive. t ; vear. • A young man was practicln^cir- cles in front of Us:hous^ .when two fellows stopped on the pavement to admire him.' One-'of;them, say'S the New,York Herald,' : asked bow much; the', w.h»« weighed, and' 'the young man. said .it weighed22pounds.' : '''-';- : The smaller' cTTihe'two said that \ir__ too light, and that he .believed In wheeta •weighing at least'30 founds. Al»o, he- mentioned, that he once'-came In .first in a ten-mile race and code a wheel weighing 38 pounds. 'A : t'thU'the'larger of the gtrangers laughed'derlsiyely; and "Whit do yotf know' about wheels?" "Whyj I've ridden inore; wheels Ui'ai you ever saw," replied'the bthcr. ^ ' "I dou't'beiieye you can ride at all. '"I'lVbit'you flycdollars I can. Let : m< >how him on your wheel, I won't hurt He could fide all' right. B£ wobbled Blowly on tlie wheel fora.short diatanc*, arid then swlJshed around the corner and was away like the wind. • ••;••; "You'd better run -after that fellow, inid the stranger.;'"I don't.know him; The owner'of the wheel set off;'but the short"stranger must-have, been a inile away by that time. 1 'Then when the owner came back the stranger also had gone.- 1 - ' " "'... •'•. . '....• .,..':', Common Fool lit. '.' , • A pretty story of 'the young emprcs of Eussia is going the; round.-Before leaving, Tzar»kOTSelo. her ImperlaJ. maj esty .gave »* reception; at' the palace .to some>ladies,-,who iad taken part'in a charitable. : bazar:;ln: which -she ;wa« sr inuch -interested. One :Of ::tbe;ladle*ii I 'aeems, was mother to a baby exactly the same age as the envpress' lovely lit tie dauf hter. : "When If cam*' Her .turn Tsre- your i6 : -B P e'a;k ;; ':fo'--the :«%P~^' .^S^] 'hltherl6' J a ;i 'stringeri 4M»- ;mot,H«rly yoiinfflwonian. •inqnfrea riifdaenly.'wHb iisslBie^fiifeWat: *> u #a»i't; . ; :yonT rr . baby?" ' 'tfie empress! sniflea/niia wa«, «; i^aii' delig1iiea:ia'^'n1dV^v ''Bh told tli«'wbm'ao'ai J aboutth;eroyM;tot of t'-'-'ma hnr^Ke'nfB.foitg held up'ut'ine ••window'eyery mornlB by her ntirBe>for,alI;ihV.'irorld to'%et; w^ne who will use systematically the remedy hat has permanently cured thousands.. SIM- HOOT LIVER REGULATOR Is no drastic, violent .urge, but a gtntle assistant to n»tar». CONSTIPATION SHOULD not'b«'regarded «• •"' triflinn dllment-in (act, nature demands the almost re«->t»rity °t the bowels,, and any.idevmtion from'this demand pave* the way . often to serious-»anger. : -H Is • quite .as -necessary.:to-.remove Imoure accumulations,from,, tne. .bowels a's it is to eat.or sleep, and , no health can be expected when. . sostive habit of body prevails. BICK HEADACHE I ;r This distrsasinif. affliction occurs most in-. quently., The disturbance oj.the stomach, aris- nB from the imperfectly .d^csteej contents, causes a wvere pain in the head/accompanid with disofrrecaoUj nausea, and this constitutes what is popularly known as Sick Headache; tor he relief of which TAKE SIMMON. UVCB iEGLLATOR. : • " • MANUFACTURED ONLY BY J. H. ZEILIN * CO., Philadtlpnia, Pa. ) ..e the only all' rail route to Fie City and the seashore. Trans-. pMsengers and baggage kiThl'la-' ffJTla-Market: street Ferry and- oi«1|en;V avoided, as seashore trains of pi8w:ears and Coaches depart from ^Broadlitr^'stotion, at which passen- gew ifotm !the west over the Fennsyl- •vanIa^Boute\ arrive ,ln that. -dt^.. Througlt-trailis from Chicago, Indlatta-' polte-Gbiiii.b08, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh .and lutenneblate points .on the Pennsylvania Lines%iake 'convenient connection with:'thSjseashore traihs. ; ' For d&tails rarol^V'i- nearest Pennsylvania, Line Ticket Agent ' ' '-• WUAVUt-WUCWMgV^* «» -—•«- « • .... ,. ion, No. 0+7 Weist Harrison streot. ^Tbe i voung woman is anxious 1O re-, ove'r her' tresses, and in the laudably ffortV that end reported the matter- o the police of the West Lake street tatioh. • . . Mis8,JacksonwM .vtrhw home alone ibout noon wbeijja mahiailled with the Bteiwible .purpow! of • .'selling, ter a magazine. When she open'ed'the doSr- n response to the ring of the bell tfi* allcr announced his business as lt - t " MEETING, KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS UflMprro Ronkt'Clevelaid, .p., August 1 23 'to.30,' 1896. Y The,'Watoask'.will sell tickets Auguet'22;fia,,apd,:H to Cleveland, at one .tore for ; the round, trip, with, choice .of routes !by. rail. or. lake. Tickets will be good'to return to and tocttatas'Augus t 8ir-1806.> 'For full particulars Inquire o^Wabasb Ticket Agent '. ' •; ;'y :'..;• ; "BIG FOUR" TO ST PAUU . On account of the Thirteenth Encampment G. A. R., at St. .Paul,. Mian.,. Sept. 1 to 4, the Big Four-route will The Kev. W. R. Halstead, D, D., pre- gell tlckcts at one cen t per mile from siding older of the Evansvllle M. E, | gtat i ons on its lines. Tickets good going „,......,„* i,.,o ™™r,to,i n niisrnrfil cnll Augus t go and 31 and September 1; good returning until September 15, with privilege of extension uptU Septembe district, has accepted a pastoral call :o Lincoln', Noli., find will remove there October 1. RIGHT AND LEFT Paralyzing blows are being den.lt at disease by the great tonic and regula- or, Hostetter's Stomach Bitters, ?ever and ague, general debility, rheumatism, nervous ailments, constipation and dyspepsia, are among the maladies for which experience has proved t a specific. Its work is thorough, its effects are prompt. It is not, however advertised to produce immediate cures though it affords speody relief, and will, If given a reasonable trial, such as any standard remedy deserves, root out the maladies to which It 3s adapted. In emergencies arising In families, it Is particualrly serviceable, and It is esteemed throughout the land as a medicine of comprehensive uses, wholesome vegetable composition and unobjectionable flavor.' It has risen to pop: ularlty by purely legitimate means, and only well substantiated facts, are alleged in regard to It. Use It systematically. . 30,1800. See nearest agent for particulars as to routes.- > HALF RATES TO MILWAUKEE. On account of the National convention of Republican League Clubs, August 23, 24 and 25, The North-Western (Chicago & North-Western" Railway)' will sell excursion tickets from Chicago to Milwaukee and return at rate'.'of ; one fare.for the round trip. For tickets and full Information apply to ticket agents of connecting lines, or address W. B Kniskern, G. P. & T. A,, Chicago, III While the family of Frofessor' I WlIsou of Versailles, were absent from home, an Incendiary tried to burn the house. Mr.. Wilson's fortunate return alone interfered. ; . if yon have ever : Been'a;ftttle child In' the agony -of summer complaint,, 'you can;; realize:, the; danger 'of. the .'trouble and appreciate the valueof instantanr eoiw*ellef ialwayrattbrded .by'D.eWitt'8 CtoMe-&''Ghoiera: Gure. For" dysentery; and.^dlariihoea, It is a reliable; remedy; We :could> not afford to recommend'this arf'a'ctire .unless.lt were a cure.-^-Jrip. MJ Johnston. • :• •• . . : ' Daniel McLaue,"either of Ontario, Canada, or' Syracuse, N; Y., attempted to Jump on a moving freight train near South Bend and was killed. 'i-BUGKLBWS- AENIOA!:8ALyB. n':. The;b^8t salve iln [the ^orltf.Joi cfltg, falaeW'fores^cersv gaitrlieoin;: fever '^ _ . band*. : cfc ilblalns Wns-end ;ali'Skin eruptiohs randi posl-! jveljf'cibtlsj:pjles.or. 'n(i;;p'ay"reqtJire<Jl : 'ttiillii guaranteed ito" give p?rfect tatte, [iicttori : -o'r' l: inoaey '-refunde^ eeritB-'per bos. For sale i, by CeeBllng. ' '•;''._, , ' •';''..'' B. F. George Knelpp has been .appointed trustee :of Montgomery-.township, Gibson county,- vice •Howard Mauck, removed! for-alleg"ed'.'ext.r'av.ag'ance. •'.,; EXCUESION TO MILWAUKEE WIS., .VIA PENNSYLVANIA LINES. . August 23d and 24th, excuirsion tick eta to Milwaukee, Wls., will be Bold via ParmBylvanilfl Lines, for Republican League National Convention; return coupons valid Saturday August 29th, Inclusive. Polsoa Ivy, Insect ,blteg, bruises, «calda, burns, are quickly cnred i: by DeWitt's Wlteh Hazel Salve, the great pile cure.—Jnb. M. Johnston, Frank Tuba, of Lodl, Is accused of attempting, to kill John Bolinger and wife, firing into their .bed-chamber after they had retired. , Many a day's work to lost by sick headache caused by'.Indlgest'Ion/arid itomaclJ troubles'. DeWItt's | 'Little Early Risers are the moat effectual pil for overcoming, such, difficulties.—Jno, M. Johnston. :. ' Pulney Smith,'attached to a show has been arrested at Ft. Wayne, accused .of criminally, assaulting Lizzie Burns, ten years old. . : •'Boys ; will be'boys,'.'.but you can't afford ,tcr'loee any of them; Be ready for the .green apple season .by having DeWltt'8. Colic ,&; Cholera' Cure In the honse;—Jno, M. Johnston. Gabriel w|hitseli; .of Miami county who receDtiy.. committed suicide', was an old and intimate frlenil of the late Isaac P. 'Gray. whole ^ drained., and sores . /DeWItt;s; Witch;: .Bw$;; Salve _ ha* ; Men :.uiwd" for -oyer; fl'f ty;'yeani',by, 'mtt-j iloa*': T or mother* ' for; vthfeJr Children while • teething, with perfect'inoceiii.' [f iobthes'the child; Boftens the gnmg, sjlays all pain, cnrei Wild colic,, and; li- the -'bent remedy for diarrhoea,. -'-It jrlll relieve the poor little rofferer im-' mediately. .Bold by druggists ln>every p»rt .of the world.. Twea^;-flVe; cents » bottle. •'Be'sure; and "as*;'for;''Mrs; Wlnalbw;*'Soothing Syrup.'' arid take to other kind. . • V. ' ;••' •,-•'"-, Joseph Hubbard has been appointed receiver" of the,.Wessell .curled glass factory at North Judson,-owing to differences in the 1 management.- r '•:•:' ••. '•' It-doesD t matter.'innch-' : whetlief .sick headache, blllotwnew, ;^g<wtibn;and.;[ l speedily heals them. ! It M-tlie beet pile onre known.— Jno! M. Johnston. . ; Joseph Turner, of' Rising Sun, accl dentally shot himself "w^ 116 in pursul of a horse thief, livlng-but a short time ; ttyu'-t trifle, away .time-when you. ?iave cholera ":mprbusVor : diarrhoea. Flffh them. In. the'begl'nhtog' vflth' DeWItt's Colic & Cholera Cure. You don't have to; wait for results. ^'They are Instan ianeoua:and;.it.leaves;the .bowels In healthy condition.:-Jnd.,M. Johnston, .Con Sullivan, n man of family; wa . accidentally drowned lu the TIppeca hoe river near Pnlaskiville. i Theories of 'cure <majr.be dtocuased a length ibyipbyfUdans,>nt'^;;j.;i»i«« by.- VdW^ Subscribe for The Journal, ; ^ <xJabj ' <xJabiai M"6yer;:i _ ^benallothef: It iiJthfi One " _/^C^; wja^ve! ; tt ;tb; tabm. .• ^ B^^etfor'<Miaren; ;jtj«< ^the 'only .'^iSeswj)^B^.t3^ip«dn|M^miiMdi i : / ; ubiicatt.voiiiib fo^wardei.vjto: McKinley; a^ .( CUT OFF HER LOCKS. a book agent, 'meanwhile edging hii way inside. Before she had time to close the door second man appeared on the scene and. followed his companion. The fire* intruder seized the young lady by the throat, and, cautioning her against making any -outcry, pushed-her backwards to n bed on tlie opposite side of the room and gagged her. The second man produced a piece of clothesline,, and with this the two intruders bound the young woman's hands in''spite of her struggles." With a towel: her feet were tied together, and after she had been securely fastened the two men produced a pair of scissors and a butcher knife and deliberately: cut off her hair: • , Miss Jackson's brother "appeared an hour, later and gained entrance to the place by cutting open a screen door in the rear of the house. He found his sifter bound down with cords and lying on the'bed. He loosed her bonds,, heard her story, and then went out to notify: the police. No arrests have as yet been made. The police of.'the" West Lake street police station, to whom. Miss Jackson reported th"e : affair, are-working on the; theory that the hair-cutting was planned by a jilted lover and executed by his friends. Miss Jackson does not deny that this may be the case, but she,. wiJl not reveal,the Identity of tn> jilted lover in'"question; •:: ' ' i "question A FRENCH INCIDENT. Cyclist with n Broken Race. Wins • . ^ „ A fatal cycling accident : liBppen«Are- cently nt Mai son Laffitte.^ T*-Or:y.oung Englishmen, F. Morrte, the steeplechase jockey, and F. Davis, first stableman in the.ewploy; of, L. .Robert, the trainer, had : 'arruiig«t' a"'bl<v« le match of B« kilometers from theMaison Laffitte railway bridge toithe Grobc de NooiHes and back. They hod almost completed the race wh*n Morris, who was a Httte vlooVtefl i'ack'to ; »e«>-how, faJF aid bbttfM* Wiu3> DeamHl. HiU« Al * »^«*«($ ™ — •« machine run against the curbstone. The unfortunate rider came to the ground arid''broke his leg below the knee.- Morris, who was following close behind, could not avoid trf« fallen opponent and w««.thrown heavily to the ground; where b« remained insensible. l^regnrdlng^Oi.his^wnbrpken leg •ad 'his friend 'lying motionless on tii* ground, .Morris,, .in. his.anxiety,to wia the race, mounted his bicycle and eoM reached the winning post, with .one J«rt on the pedal, the other hanging use>« on''' : ihe-opposite ••id*. Davis waa-th— carried home, but h« died during tb» nigbi '• '' "_^._"" '_'.'''.'., •.'•''"• Vlt.llty of Whoit sWd'fc. ,; .Wheat •eeds retain theU-vit»ll.ty.f»!PW three to ten yean. THE DISOOVEiRY SAVED HIS LIFE " Vllle, 'ill.', says:" "To Dr. King's New Discovery, I, owe my. life. Was .taken with la grippe and tried all .the physicians for miles about; but q£ no. avail and was given up and told.r/could not live. Having Dr.' KlngVNeJr Discovery in my store I sent for a, bottle and began Its use 'and from the first _ dose began to get better, and after using three bottles was up and about again It: IS: worth. Its weight in! gold. We won;t,keep store without ( It" Get a trial bottle ; at B. F.-Keesling's drug store. ;• Miss Nellie.Scaggs, ofi'Crawfords ville, 'was stopped In the]suburbs of that city by a trnrnp and searched foi money. , SOMETHING TO KNOW: It may be .worth something to know that the very best medicine-for restoring the tired out nervous system to a healthy^ v/g4i'to v • medicine is purely, vegetable, .acts, by giving tone to 'the nerve Centres Ini the stomach;:gentlyvstlmulates<:the 1 •.Etver '' :ioss l: -w:ho : ;;^TC(te^;.K;j^: :1 *^t^ :T^ttti : ;Sc^-for|^:or.l^;^r botfle • Y$. ii*l'*«. J '-rf:L-A~\i^ ,!•»«•'. Atnt'ir'^'mi-<(\V£t'* ' ••' '-'"'s'* oat W It ii often the i or the trouble.. ItU ; «|| w««dc, import) BSWtalty of tekil tor thkt tired Je to«y«y.one,andi Sarsj Hood's PiHsl ASHOI FIRST CL^ The Souther^ "SUNSET i»v« the Sunset 1 ; Lo» Angeles J WM discontinue mperlor accommo jreat number of. ;r»ln during 'the. tho tnno '•qnipmenf supertof^ <nown In^transcojoUl Look.for early:. SUNSET 'LIMIl For Home] The Southern tonte" in connection! ud -Crescent Eonte'll >niy''llne of ;through 1 deepen leaving Clj rhnnday- evening lor-! ten Francisco. Thine' eicuriloni tncted, and the object I who do not care to "onnd trip or one Wi » comfortable ride wltj jrlvllegeB and no chanj ^•ry low second-cUM _" fat fnrfter litforniatlo U. CONNOR, Comme •o., Cincinnati, O. ; B. F. MORSE, O. P.* •o., New Orleaui, t*.; •• Graham &J tWIOB DAILY I tAGO. CONNBOTINO . .Beginning. •Btll abouj betweeafj mtnetolloT p. m., on I •. m., le»T«:CUc*gort«tV.I •" -" < ^ rr ^-£*<2i$;^'% The equipment of thtei the side wheel steaniert City of wbnUt propeller City! of ;?fi»lirrtlli| ^ • ,' jU • •'- '• .» ' .,(:»• »•-»'.' i •sVW, Service flnt-claw. OonnecOon randalla trains. Tlcietoi oiy Fandallft Line statJows. (3hlc*gb; •>^m ! &mm fw^H^ ifyoUitsitoasi'.iMfijSv^.t.'i^J^fcl • •.-; ',}'' :•• -vi^v^tiSiS ^^fem ;.•%•.",^ i';jKrfr^m^$&$

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