Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 24, 1971 · Page 22
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 22

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 24, 1971
Page 22
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Entire Family Enjoys Two JVew Areas Adding a room is often the best solution when a family outgrows th6 existing home. Such was the situation with the Leon Titus family of Tacoma, Wash The teen-agers wanted a room where they could relax with friends. The parents wanted an informal atmos- p here where they could entertain. But there was more to the decision. Should they add a room or buy a new home? They discovered that anew home would cost more than they wanted to pay, that even if they could afford a new house, it would be in a suburban area away from old friends, work, school and church. • , Economically Sound Fortunately they didn't need to worry about whether the addition would have a . "tacked-on" look, thanks to advances in building technology and a growing fund of remodeling ideas. Today virtually any house can be moderni/ed to pro* vide more living space and more conveniences. . For many homeowners, remodeling makes sense both from the standpoint of better living conditions and sound family economics. So it was with the Titus family. •They carefully selected a local contractor who helped refine their ideas. He suggested creating a 16'x20' family room by tieing into the outer wall of the kitchen. The final plan provided a bonus— not one but two new living areas, one indoors, . one out. Paneled In Plywood . For interior walls, the contractor combined the advantages of cost-cutting plywood building techniques and new textured softwood plywood paneling. Exposed beam ceiling pairs with brushed cedar softwood ( plywood paneling to provide \a carefree entertainment center. The- natural relief pattern, accented by the brushed panel surface, joins with a red shag carpet to add informal ^waEtnth&to the room. *4 Room Creates More Living Space FAMILY ROOM ADDED. BY REMODELING project in Tacoma, Wash:, is paneled in brush relief grain CedaTplv wood paneling. One wall of room adds storagTspac" Too. EXTERIOR VIEW (above) after room was added to Titus family home ln,Tflcoma shows wood deck for summer living, adjacent to sliding glass doors of new room and to original back porch .of the home. . * * ... * HOW HOME LOOKED before room, was added is pictured at right. Note porch (left of photo) which now adjoins sundeck. Photos from American Plywood Association. Right Windows Become Perfect Decorations exterior walls was" achieved by repeating the white stucco used on the house and maintaining the roofline style. When it comes to windows, many home decorators draw the final curtain-^to cover up or camouflage—because the proper type was not cho- • sen before . the decorating was planned. , .Windows do need covering Siipi- & they^im?ft$ t$%ubUc to look in, exposepain ugly view, or let in cold air, dirt ordrafts. ; But carefully chosen windows, properly placed in the S« home, do not need camouflaging; Instead, they serve as part of the .decor, and expensive window dressing tan be avoided. Before remodeling, window styles should be studied in needs ^$0$ what will ; look ' the best. . Wood windows are effective for Keeping heat where it . belongs— inside in winter and outside during summer— be- ALGONA FLOOR SERVICE -Dealers and Installers ••o? -WALLS -TOPS and Jorges and Capitol VINYL FLOOR COVERINGS ' • By ARMSTRONG • NAIRN ' LURAN •:- ALL BRANDS CERAMIC TILE FOR FLOORS AND WALLS •:- TOPS BY FORMICA & GE TEXOLTITE FREE ESTHATIW I DEOQMTIN8 HELF IY APfOWTMEMT ALGONA FLOOR SERVICE cause wood is a natural irt- sulkting material. ? ; ": t»onderosa pine- windows with double glazing (two panes of glass with insulating air sealed between) are now available as complete units in all styles and stock sizes. They provide comfort and fuel savings and prevent- damaging condensation. A few suggestions for choosing the right windows follow. : ;> "V' Casement windows should be placed over counters, or in any other spot that is difficult to reach,, because their , rotary cranks make them easy to open and close. In a small room, a bow or bay window works wonders. With little or no added floor space, it adds considerably to the apparent size of the toom. When there's opacity, or privacy is preferred, ribbon strips of awning windows provide air, ana preserve wall space. ' . If the view is good, generous gliding or casement win- • dows and glass doors permit maximum visibility; The outdoors will be the window .decor, even In winter. A valance or decorative braid around the window trim —and perhaps an attractive window shade to block the hot sun—is all that's needed. • For a traditional look] removable grills in either diamond or rectangular patterns are available to snap over the panes, of all styles of wood windows. ' BULLETIN BOAHDS for fruit designs—apple, orange, lemon or lime sHces.^-brlghteh modern kitchens. .They're made from Fome-Cor board by Monsanto. ' New ,whttruction has given the area tboth of Algona a new progr.i- live lool^ Burr Oak Motel (top. photo)/ was completed earlier this yiar and ii locatedjMM adjacent to Gharlie'i Supper Club, The motel is owned and operated by Bennie and,Grace V/ibben. Just west of Burr Oak Motel is Al- Bonas newest mobile home court, Burr Oak Mdnor (bottom photo). The mobile home park is the development project of six Algona men and will oe completed June 1. Sixteen mobile homes are currently renting spaces at *tne courtt: -, '•... .~ ; i • •• ~ . ' • '••'•'• ' • • '.'.-. • • •' ' • . BUILT-IN vacuum systems offer cleaning convenience. Unit shown can be mounted In nearly any wall or enclosed storage .area, with remote outlets throughout the house! POtop RING MOWERS .To reduce air pollution and increase power mower -effi-' ciency, all 'service manuals for Torp Manufacturihg Company's 1971 mower line recommend unleaded gasoline. Low compression engines run ' better with the new anti-pol- .10 — Kossuth County Advance Monday, May 24, 1971 •-•'•' '-I '.••'• lution gasoline, and -spark plug fouling and valve deposits are reduced, Toro experts believe. . .MOVING OUT Look of the tropics moves out to patio or garden living -room, with "Tahitiah Bamboo," a new pattern^ tor Samsonite's "Cushionaire" outdoor furniture. Foam- cushioned flexible , plastic ; slats are covered with decorative vinyl and resist weather, as do the specially 'treated steel frames. ' . Now you can have the whole year round OnlYflimeless electric heating and cooling give you veir-round comlort condittoniiig...together with ^toesewondertoJ Count all the wonderful benefits you get with electric home heating and air conditioning! • •...'"•'• i .* * , * * • , < j« .^^ One energy source for all your needs! Everything in yqur home- heating, cooling} lighting and appliances V-can be run by, modern, efficient flame- less electricity. f A comfortable, healthy environment! Automatic humidity control adds moisture to the air, or removes it, to ensure just the right amount for a wonderful feeling of well-being. In addition, proper humidity balance keeps furniture from drying out or warping, and reduces mildew. And many people feel that it also helps to reduce the chain(<> of catching a cold. ', - , .7. Peace of mind and satisfaction! You'll he able to sit. back and enjoy the even comfort tot a springtime atmosphere year-round.\ln 'winter, flameless electric heating does away with Cold drafts and sudden blasts of heat. In summer, Proper insulation for any climate! The working partner of flameless. electric comfort conditioning is full insulation, conforming to the all-weather comfort standard for your location. In addition to increasing the value o'f your home, this is your guarantee of lower operating 'costs and greater comfort. Your fuel dollars don't go up the flue! Because electric home heating ' is flameless there's no need for any furnace -flue to waste heat. You get a'fulj dollar's .worth of hiat for every dollar you .spend. fi\ Room-by-room temperature con^ troJ! With most types of Slectric heat- 1 ing, thermpstats ip each ropn) throMghout. your house let you select''the degree of heating you want—when and where you want it. Bedrooms, for example, can be set at one temperature while living areas' are kept awanother. other foreign matter from the air. A home that keeps clean! Because banging, clanking, hissing, pr /umb|i'ng electric comfort conditioning uses no' on-off noises, fuel, but only clean, modern flameless elec- (K\ Extra space for living! By installing incity, even ligh>co!ored. walls, draperies' ^ orconvertrngtoelectriccomfortcondj: and fu,rnish.ngs will s|ay new-looking sea- tioning, you can free un space, for a family son after season, . - + room, recreation room, .workroom Or den,. Whether you're planning to modernize, build or 1mY/ flameless electric com!ort conditioning suits any swk of rvpe of home One of the most wonderful things about el^c- tric comfort conditioning is that you can enjoy its modern benefits in any home; new or old, ' anywhere. In most cases, converting to electric, healing and air conditioning is. remarkably fast and easyiand it's just the thiijgito give an . older home a completely new lease on life. • Over ,2,000,000 homis^ acrossrithe country , are.now heated electrically,: and this figure-if growing at the rate of over .800 homes a day.. Part of trjis increasing popularity can be attributed to the comfort, convenience andcletn- liness plus.the many extra benefits ohly elec- jricity provides. But there ar^ a|s 0 ; a number of hard-headed, dollar.s-and-centi reasons for considering electric'comfort conditioning. For one thing, over th$ yean the cost of elfCf tricity has beep going down while the com of other fuels have been going up. For another, . with flameless elwtn<! heating and cooling, maintenance and repair costs are almost at* ways minimal. Nfany building and loan «*• pens recognize that a home with electric heat^ ing and cooling stays modern!, Ret*le value it ennancpd^'Becausf electric comfort condition^ mg i|.)M newest and most modern way lo heat and cool a hpmej installing it is a good'way to |uprd against 9bsolescence, v " 7! 401 WAOONAL For mow infownation/itop In, call or write: ^ , t AL6MA MUNICIPAL UTILITIES

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