The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on October 1, 1890 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 1, 1890
Page 5
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ley ft Nlcoulin art. Platform spring; wagon, Klcoulln 1st, also 1st premium tor iU'i'liifto, sliifllo carriage, and open bUf«y • Half dor. brooms John Holm 1st, 2<1. »1V. .t-r-Atfl'BY BTOttEH. 10 poiiftds oreumery butter, Kurt Co-opera* tlve Creamery Co ist. 10 pounds dairy butter, Mr* F Banna 1st, Mrs J H .Tones 2<1. Butter SW«ejrttftke», Mrs V Hnnna 1st, Mrs 0 Utckftrd !id. Home made cheese. U 8 Wright & Son 1st. Uop bread, Mrs U M Johnson 1st, Mrs.} H Jones 2d. Suit rising bread, J U Uawson 1st, W 0 Hart 3d, Loaf graham, W G Hart 1st. Mrs 0 ft Blossom 3d. Loaf oorn bread, Mrs 8 8 Potter 1st, Mrs J .f Wilson 2d. l,oat cake Mrs J J Wilson 1st, Mrs 8 S Potter 2d. Molasses cake, Mrs W W Annls 1st, Mrs J J Wilson 2d. Ginger snaps, Mrs J J Wilson 1st. Biscuit, W C Mart 1st, Mr* J K Jones 2d . Clilii sauce, Mrs G M Johnson 1st, Mrs J J Wilson 2d. Display of jellies. Mrs Jos Thompson 1st, Mrs G M Johnson ad. Preserves 3 varieties, Mrs o. M Jolm- son 1st. Tickles 3 varieties, Mrs G M Johnson 1st, Mrs 8 S Potter 2d. Display canned fruit, Mrs U M Johnson 1st, W U Hart 2d. Baked 'beans, Mrs G M Johnson 1st, Mrs W W Annis ad. Home made vinegar, Mrs 8 S Potter 1st, Mi* J J Wilson 2d. *i>iv. K--DOMKSTH;. Home made rag carpet not less than 10 yards, •3 G- Hawson 1st. Log cabin quilt, Mrs 0 God- •dard 1st, Lucy Caulkfns ad. Slumber robe. Josephine McCoy 1st. Crazy quilt. Mrs A B Boals 1st. Knit skirt, Mrs W 0 Bauson 1st. Woolen «ocks, Mrs J J Wilson 1st, Women and chllrt- i-en's kult stockings, Mrs Wilson 1st. Floor mat hooked, 0 D Ward 1st, Mrs A B Boals 2d. 1HV. F--VKOETAULEH, Peck -sweet potatoes. Mrs J A Mathers 1st, F M Taylor 2d. Peck Irish potatoes each variety A E Kennedy 1st and ad, A E Kennedy 1 st, 0 D Ward 2d, Maun Bros 1st, 0 D Ward three 1st premiums, B If Smith 1st. Half bu beots each variety, M Schenck 1st, Mrs M Salisbury 2d, H 8 JPotter 1st, Fay Keeil 2d. Half bu carrots, A B Kennedy 1st, Mrs 0 » Ward 2d. Parsnips, A E Kennedy 1st, Tomatoes, Mrs C D Pettlbone 1st J G Hawson 2d. Three cabbages, J A Kennedy 1st, A E Kennedy ad. A K Kennedy took 1st on three winter squashes, red poppers, and specimen cauliflower. ;i pumpkins, water melons .and musk melons, J Wlnkel 1st, W C Hart, D S Miller, J G Ilawson and 0 H Hutehins. Display of vegetables, J G Kawson 1st. Peck on- iions, A E Kennedy 1st, Alfred Leonard 2d. DIV, T,— FANCY AKTICLBS, Embroidery on flannels, Ollle Wilkinson 1st. •Collection crochet work, Mrs W W Annis 1st. Mrs G M Johnson 2<1. Worsted crochet tidy, Mrs 0 Ooddard 1st. Cotton crochet tidy, Mrs , -G Morehouse 1st. Picture scarf, Mrs L II Smith let, Mrs C 1) Pettlbone 2d. Fancy banner, Mrs L H Smith iHt and 2<1, Funcy tidy, Mrs L Dodge 1st, Josle McCoy 2d. Pin cushion Mrs C N Oliver 1st. Handkerchief box, Mrs 0 Storehouse 1st, Mrs 0 II Blossom 2d. Fancy . basket, Mrs .) W Wadsworth 1st. Mikado fan, Mrs C N Oliver 1st. Collection shell work, Mrs Oliver int. Variety oiitliniuir, Allie Wadsworth 1st. Crochud carriage afghan, Mrs F Taylor 1st. Embroidered table cover. Mrs L H Smith 1st. Lamp mat, Ollle Wilkinson 1st. Vsv- rlety needlr. work, Mrs G Johnson 1st. Specimen darned netting, Mrs M Salisbury 1st. Table scarf, Mrs C H Blossom 1st, Sofa pillow, MrsJ W Wadsworth 1st. Fancy sachets, Mrs Oliver 1st. Toilet set, jlfrs Blossom 1st. Landscape in oil, Josie Pettiboue 1st, jlfrs Danson 2d. Flower painting in oil, 3frs W 0 Dimson 1st. Josie Pettiboue 2d. Fruit iiainting in oil, Josle Pettlbone 1st, Mrs C H Blossom 2d. Crayon drawing, Mrs .1 Wilson 1st. Charcoal draw- in3, Josie Pcttibone 1st. Water color painting, Mrs J B Jones 1st, Mrs L II Smith 2d.' Painting on silk and satin, Jlfrs L H Smith 1st. Foot • rest, ATri S S Porter 1st. Greatest variety flowers, A 15 Kennedy \«t. liocuiet. M rs J Wilson 1st, Collection verbenas, and pausies, and petunias, A K Kennedy 1st. Phlox collection, 0 Cofllu 1st. Oil paintings, collection, AfrsDau- sonist, 3/i's. W V canlkins 2d. China painting, Mn L H Smith 1st. Water color, H.frs J H Jones 1st. Display photographs, J F Nlcoulin 1st. Paper (lowers, Cora Long 1st, J/rs Oliver 2d THE COUNTY BfWe would call the attention of our correspondents to the fact that all matter tor publication must reach us In no case later than Tuesday evening of each week, A I-.iv<ly in TUXIIS WrHos: My case is of long standing; has baffled many physicians; Lave tried every remedy I could hear of, but Bradrield's Female Regulator is alt that relieved me. Write The Bradfield Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for further particulars. Sold by Dr. I,. A. Slieetz and F. W. Dingley. 51-2 Buy your soft coal of Fred Willson. Farmers ! Fanners ! Don't grope in the darkness when you «an buy a good lantern for 50c at Townsend & Langdon's. To Kent! Comfortable living rooms. Inquire of tf M. STAHB. Always on bund a full line of our $2,25 Ladies' Shoes. Best in the market for the money. GEO. L. GAUJKAITH&CO. Fred Willson keeps the Iowa soft coal for sale. Best in the market. NORMAL NOTES. Special Correspondence. WESUSY, Sept. ao.—Farmera are jubilant over the fair weather and big prices realized for grain, making them feel happy to be able to get enough out of their cropa to pay all they owe. One of the best things happening in Wesley for a long time was a surprise party given by a lady to her husband on his birthday. Mrs. C. Corey, got to work last week unknown to her husband, Charles, and invited several of their friends to meet at their house Saturday at 7 p. m., and as per arrangements,all made by Mrs. C.,a large number of friends drove out at the appointed time, and after getting there, hunted upMr.Corey,who was at his father's threshing that day. not expecting anything unusual, was requested to pet home as soon as possible, and to his great surprise found over 25 friends to welcome him, which was a great surprise to him. It is needless to say that all enjoyed themselves. After congratulations, and the surprise having subsided, all partook of a bounteous supper already prepared. The granary had been cleaned out and was used foi a dining hall, which was all done unbeknown to Charley. After suppei and a social time in plays etc., A. K. Kennedy, being blind-folded, pinned a paper tail to the donkey, he says,in the right place, all dispersed to their several homes wishing the surprised Charley many more birthdays. The company left the following presents behind them: Mr. and Mrs. Heal, Mr. and Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Lr.iwson, Miss Sheiltz easy chair; Carl Oleson, shirt; Mr. and Mrs. Grove, watch chain and locket Mr. and Mrs. Smock, watch chain; Mr and Mrs. Kennedy, necktie; Mrs. F Corey, necktie; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas silk handkerchief, Mr. Sit'ert, silk handkerchief; Miss II. Heiuholt, pair o gloves; Misses Lettie and Lottie Thorn as, a doll. Mr. Carter is in Wesley congratulat ing bis friends this week. Guy Butts returned from the eas Sunday morning, after having a good time. J. L. Weishams and family, also J. II. Ford and family are moving to Plymouth, Iowa, and are going into the hotel business. We wish them much success in their new undertaking. Joe Brennan, who was working for Andrew Cosgrove, Jr., just over the ; line in Hancock county, in Orthell township, went to bed last night under the influence of alcohol which he was using freely during Monday, and shortly after retiring, as supposed, tumbled off the bed and expired. We understand he was from Eminetsburg, Iowa, where his relatives live, who were telegraphed for. There will be an inquest tomorrow which will bring forth the particulars. John Andorfer of Prairie township, southwest of Wesley 4 miles, expired Sunday, after being 'ill the past few months, and was buried Tuesday in the cemetery in Prairie township. Died, infant of John and Mrs. Gill, of Wesley, 2 weeks old; and was buried in the Wesley cemetery Sunday. Services held at the house by Elder Tryon, of Wesley. Z. S. Barrett, being iu need of a clerk at his bank, found one at his home last Thursday morning, being a boy of ten pounds, who will be hailed Laurence. Mother and child are doing well. This is tiie first in the family. The father came up to his office at the Bank of Wesley, in the morning feeling the happiest man in town, smiling all over and setting the cigars out in behalf of Barrett & Son. >een visiting, for a farewell surprise arty. By the way, our folks were pleased with the county fait this year. Our reamery boys are at Work today mak* tig a nice lot of first premium butter. ?hey not only feel gratified in getting irst premium but the general satisfac* ion expressed by the patrons and managers is pleasing to them. Mr. Arnold, of Waukegan, Illinois, s here noting improvements; greeting riends, and looking after his farm and stock interests. Arthur Stow, on account of his asthma trouble, has gone to the western mountains for a change of climate. All hope his trip will be pleasant and beneficial to him. Fred Nicholson has barge of his horses. A number of Illinois friends are here visiting the Hodgsona and prospecting about Burt. Perry McDonald is in Burt and is managing Mrs. J. D. McDonald's store and lumber yard. Success to him. IIANCROIT. Special Correspondence. BANCROFT, Sept, 30.—George Marble one of the Burt merchants was on our streets last Thursday. Miss Florence Thompson came up from Algona last Friday night to visit her manv friends at this place. Mr. John Lochtu and wife, of St. Paul, came down last Saturday on business. Miss Nellie Campbell was up from Algona last Saturday to visit her sis-, ter Mrs. Dr. Taylor. llev. A. G. Ward and family returned last Friday from a visit with their relatives at Iowa Falls. «e< been onlertd, or paid for by the Cobden Club, or anybody else. We can give names again if necessary. If Mr. Hinchon never solicited a subscription on the ground of sympathy, we are told that his agents did. These are a few facts that we have simply Mumbled across. We have made no canvass of the county for the purpose of exposing the Courier's methods and do not propose to do so. We might further call attention to the fact, if we had space, that the Courier goes to a number of families in Kossuth county that can't produce a single individual able to read or write the English language. What use such people can have for the Courier and how they came to be subscribers Ave would like to have Hinchon explain. THE U. D. Jf.'s MKTHODH. We haven't much space to waste on the U. D. M. this week, but will simply call attention to some of the methods we know it to be pursuing. Comment will be unnecessary. The U. D. M. is being given to new subscribers for a peliod of 16 months for the ordinary price of a year's subscription, $1.50. We have no fault to find with this, but are pu/,/,led to know how Harvey can reconcile his actions with his own philosophy as to the treatment old subscribers who have stood by the paper ought to receive. A FREEGffT! A Good Farm Journal. [Orange Judd Farmer] To be Rent to every home in Kos&u&fa County ABSOLUTELY FREE, if you wish, it. For conditions upon which this gift is made, please call at the Cash Store in Algona. W WE ARM PA yiNG 16 Cte* FOR EGGS. Few of our Baa-gains: WE ARE AGEN.TS- FOR ROCK SAKD. • All kinds of 5 cent yeast for Soda per package Axle G.rease per box Lewis Lye per box Gloss Starch per pound Clothes Pins per dozen .08 .05 .08 .10 .05 .01 The Courier's llcquest Granted. THK UNIVKJISAI. VKKDICT OF THK 1'KOPLE Who have used Clarke's Extract of Flax (Papillon) Skin Cure award'it the first and highest place as a remedial agent in all cases of Skin Diseases. Erysipelas, Pimples, Eczeraa,unsigutly blotches.humiliat- ing eruptions, Boils, Carbuncles, Tetter, etc., all yield to this wonderful preparation at once. Price $1 for large bottle at L. A. Sheets' drug store. Clarke's Flax soap is good for the skin. Try it. Price 35c. 1 We are still selling Boots and Shoes very cheap. Come in and let us; fit you. Townsend & Langdon The piano lias arrived. Prof. Dodge has kindly given it standing room in his home. Anyone wishing vocal or instrumental lessons can call on Miss Fahenstock at her rooms over the millinery store. Florence Thompson spent Saturday in Bancroft. Minnie and Zora Newman spent Saturday and Sunday at their home in Wbitternore, visiting with their brother and family, who have just arrived from Wisconsin. We had the pleasure of a visit from Miss Cora Wise Thursday morning. Miss Carter from West Bend, a former student, gave us a pleasant call. Abbie Goodwin has left school and gone to teaching two miles south of Burt. The People's Favorite Hemedy, the most perfect specific ever formulated for the successful treatment of bronchitis, catarrh, liver, kidney and stomach trouble, coughs or colds. Try it and you will never do without it. Ask your druggist, L. A. Sheetz. 44 tf Stock for Sale. Having sold my home farm. I now offer my entire h«rd of short-horn cattle at private sale i» lots to suit purchasers on the most liberal terms. I also have for sale a choice Jot of horses aod colts and fine young brood mares. Also Polan China brood sows and pigs. 46-tf J. B. JOJHJBS. Do you burn soft co»J? and buy of Fred Willson. Then be wise Prices low. caps- boy's and G. L. children's bats and CO. Large line of cheap cowtl« flood* jmt received at Galbraith's- HURT. Special Correspondence, BUUT, Sept. 29.—Wo are still trying to build up our town, The new meat market was commenced this morning, and we must have a parsonage for our M. E. Minister at once. Mrs. Josephine Pollard, of Maine, lectured on the temperance question two evenings last week to good houses, and was successful in waking up a good interest among the older people. Mrs. VanCleave, of Minneapolis, addressed our people Sabbath morning. She is 71 years old, has traveled in foreign lands and can tell what she saw and experienced in a very entertaining manner. On Sabbath evening the church was filled beyond its seating capacity to hear Prof. Ilarriette J.Cook. Miss Cook has devoted many years to educational and mission work. Home Missions was her theme and we are certain the audience was pleased with her able address. A good collection was taken. All ladies within reach of Burt who are interested in home missions are earnestly requested to meet with Missf Cook in the Presbyterian church, at 2 p. m.. to form a society in Burt. Geo. Eastman's house is being put in shape for occupancy by Rev. Faus. The M. E. ladies have arranged to paper and get it ready before tue family arrives. John Shaffer a»4 Will Easterly went to Winnebago City |o a.tten<j tb,e fair. TuemaoyyQuns friends Q{ Minnie White gathered at tfce cesWenee of her uucle, Ueo. E. Marble, wJiere she Uas Last week's Courier, under the heading,"The Statements are False." branded the BEPUHLICAN as a liar, and promised to make no application for the county printing if the "REP" could produce the slightest shadow of evidence that some of its statements were true. We will not hold the Courier to its promise if we do succeed in proving our statements. The editor of that paper is just as decent a man as the editor of the U. D. M. and it makes no difference to us which one we have for a partner in the county printing. We ask the editor of the Courier to remember that he fired the first shot over the question of the county printing, and that the REPUBLICAN would never have called into question his business methods had he not in the first place, and without any provocation, called into question ours and misrepresented us in the columns of his paper. 'Now B-L-U-F-F doesn't spell Courier with us nor tbe-nanie of the Courier's editor, •and we propose to give that gentleman what he asked for last week, in proof that we were not lying altogether. By way of retaliation for the unwarranted charges made by the Courier, the REPUBLICAN made statements to the effect that the Courier's list was actually boomed last year by methods fully as irregular as those which it falsely charges the REPUBLICAN to be making use of at present. We have some foundation for the charges. The Courier's list was almost doubled between the first of October and the first of January last, notwithstanding the Courier's statement that its list was "boomed but very little last fall." It is impossible for any paper to double its subscription in two or three months without resorting to heroic methods. We hinted at some of the heroic methods adopted by the Courier in our last week's issue and as the Courier wishes to have its memory refreshed on those points, we don't object to accommodating it. There may be no actual combination between the Courier and U. D. M. as charged by us last week, but it looks very much like it. When they both persist in systematically abusing and misrepresenting the REPUBLICAN, the effect is the same as if there was a combination in fact. Bro. Ilin- chon says he never heard of the idea of the Courier's being given with a purchase of goods before seeing it in last week's REPUBLICAN. Nevertheless, that very thing has been done and we can give the names of the parties if necessary. One man tells us that a year's subscription to the Courier was thrown in with a purchase of dry goods in his case, and another affirms that he got the paper as a premium with a corn plow. We don't care to drag a third party into a private quarrel and hence will not publish the names of these men but they can be furnished if necessary. We can give the name of another party who got the Courier for a year and paid for it with a couple sacks of oats. Oats were not 30 cents a bushel last year either. This man got an encyclopedia as a premium with the paper, and he was not aloue in his good luck, for a number of his neighbors, in Seneca, paid for the Courier with oats, butter, eggs, old iron, etc.— whatever they happened to have around the premises, fiemember we can give names if necessary, Another man whose name, we can furnish got the Courier for $1.29 and was promised two premiums, an encyclopedia a»4 & map, actually a SJAP! M-A-P-! "Guerilla, practices," This man is still waiting lor his map he teUs us. We know of other parties to whom the flarm Loans AT O, 7, 7 ami a half, and 8 per cent, on five to ten years time with privi- liege of partial payments before due. Int&rest can be paid at my office. Save money by calling o>n me before you apply for Loan. J. W. BARTLETT. .Pop corn Bricks at the Cash Store. Ladies Hiive Tried It. A number of my lady customers have tried "Mother's Friend," and would not be without for many times its cost. They recommend it to all who are to become mothers. R. A. Payne, druggist, Green ville, Ala. Write Bradfield Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by Frank W. Dingley and Dr. L. A. Sheetz. 51-2 Tho Pending Revenue Bill. It in said that the legislation proposed in the Fifty-first congress is even more restrictive than any previous legislation, and that if carried out it -will amount to little less than a "Chinese wall" around our coast line. The bill pending in the house, on the basis of last year's importations, places upon the free list imports to the virtue of §109,233,080, upon which the government last year collected in duties s?60,93(5,5;!0, \vhioh, added to the free impoz'ts of tho List fiscal j - ear, will amount to $300,800,710, and deducted from the dutiable imports of tho last Sscal year reduces the value of the dutiable $875,02J.-,687. ..Tile pending legislation, therefore, will make free, without restraint or bitrden, $300,806.710 in value of foreign products, and will diminish the dutiable importations from §484,431,398 to §375,024,087, which will make an average duty upon all importations of about 27 per cent, and a reduction of tariffs to the amount of about 10 per cent., instead of a large increase, as seems to be the popular impression. It will bo seen accordingly that about 50 per cent., on the basis of the importations of last year, will bo free and 50 per cent, dutiable, while the proportion of frjK) imports under the Mills bill (had it become a law) would not have been greater than 40 per cent.—William McKinley, Jr., in North American Review for June. LIVERY, FEED, AND SALE STABLE. Best of Horses and Carriages. West of Thorington House. M. Z. GROVE, MANAGER. We can now make loans on Improved Lands frosa one to ten year's time and give the borrower tlie privilege ol paying the whole loan or any part thereof in even 8100 at any time when interest falls due. This Is Iowa Money, and 110 second mortgage or coupons are taken. This plan o! making a loan will enable the borrower to reduce Ills mortgage at any time and save the Interest on the amount paid. Money furnished at once on perfect title. CaH on or address, HOXIE & BEAVER, Alcana, Iowa. Farm Loans, Abstracts, GO. At Lowest Rates and optional payments. Interest payable at our office. If you want a loan call on us. We can save you money. JONES & SMITH. Jumcs Madison. It will be worthy the just and provident care of congress to make such further alterations in the tariff as will more especially protect and foster the several branches of manufacture which have been recently instituted and extended by the laudable exertions of our citizens. —Special Message, May 28,1800. IT WILL PAY YOU TO CALL AT IF YOU ARE IN 'NEED OF Winkle Bro's, Stoves or Hardware. G. M. Howard -DEALER IN STOVES, TINWARE, CUTLERY Shelf ware, Belting, Paints, Glass, Machine oils, Iron and Wood Pumps. Repairing Pumps a Specialty. Algona, Iowa. sent during the past year, wfon it had ,-. A Students' Introduction. A theological student who was accompanied by his professor to a country place where the former was to preach prevailed on the professor to make the opening prayer. Arising to make the announcement, he amazed the congregation by saying: "Professor Smith will now lead us in a petition of the faculty of the H seminary to the throne of grace of which I have the honor to be a student. After accompanying him your humble servant will attempt to preach the word whose shoes he is not worthy to unloose." Whether the audience got his statements in reference to his professor and his order of service sufficiently separated to compref end the situation is not told. •—Youth's Cornpanjon. Original Notice. STATE OP IOWA, I «« Kossutn County, f no District Court. October, 1890, term. U, F. yanVechteu, Plaintiff, Against Greeiiup Scott and— Scott, his wife, De- •feudante. fo sivl& Defendants : «. You are hereby notified that there is now on file « petition of the plaintiff iu the above entitled action in the office of the Clerk of said Court, claiming to be the absolute and unqual- Idea owner in Tee simple of tho eist half of the southeast quarter, and the east half of the west half of the southeast quarter all iu section No. o, township 94, range 27. west of the 5th P. M. Iowa. tiud ask said Court that you and all parties clalnjing by or through you be forever barred ana estopcil from setting up or making claim thereto. And unless you appear thereto aud defend on or before noon of tue first day of thei ne*t October term of said District Court, to be begun and holden at the court bouse in Al- gona.ln said county, on the i-Uh day of October. 1880, default will be entered agaiust you. a»d Judgment rendered thereon. 48-68 J. B. JoMBg. Pig's Atty. man of good habits for a perma • itioB. Salary $65 per month; $35 required. If you can comply Above, call or address with ref- Boom 13, Ifefl^ Grand, Sioux Pity, New Goods. Galbraith is daily receiving new goods of all kinds. Everyone is invited to call and examine goods and get prices Large, new stock of cheap counter goods. G, L GALBRAITH & CO, HEABQUARTEB'S Can supply you with everything you in building material and fuel, And Don't You Forget All ye Wesieyites Call at—- ' MAW Hew

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