Nashville Union and American from Nashville, Tennessee on November 29, 1860 · Page 2
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Nashville Union and American from Nashville, Tennessee · Page 2

Nashville, Tennessee
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 29, 1860
Page 2
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jlTrHNTSSCC. jfji HI I I m ' I ITJJ" . (Successors to E. G. Eastmnn A Co.) jTT'oBirmn, r. c. dunnington.tjno. c. bubcii, LEON. TROUSDALE, TFIOJIAS 6. MARK. DAILY $8; TRI-WEEKLY $5; WEEKLY $2. INYAXIASLT IS ADVAKCIK. THURSDAY MORNING, NOV. 29, 18CO. . Take ttc Papers Keep Posted. In tlie present condition of the countrv, ovcry Min should take a newspaper, and thus keep posted. AVe are in the midst of confusion, civil strife stares us in the face, and financial distress and panic arc abroad in the land, and every man should be informed of the passing events as they transpire. Every one should take a newspaper, and a Democratic one at that. Let all who desire to he correctly informed take the Union- and Americas.; Insult Added to Injury. A day or two ago wo printed an extract from" an article -written by the redoubtable James Watson Webb, for his paper, the New York Courier and Enquirer, in which the most outrageous and insulting threats arc hurled at the Southern States. Our object in printing such articles is to show the animus of the lilack Republicans towards the South. The Courier and Enquirer is one of the leading organs of that party in the great State of New York, anl it is due to the Southern people that they should know the spirit that actuates the leaders of a party that has endeavored to establish a sectional rule over them, in order that they may act , understandingfy. Occasionally wo read in the Northern papers a badly concealed attempt at' conciliation and policy, by declarations that the Republican party desire to vroteet the riehts of the blaveholding States. If such declarations were not, on their face, hypocriti cal, in view of the volumes of calumny and denun- ciation that have been indulged in by their orators and speakers, they betray their own insincerity by the interpretation their own authors never fail to give to their ewn words. Scnater'TmniBULL tells us that Mr. Lincoln will protect the rights of the Southern States. IIow can any man of common sense trust such a general prouisc, when it is known that Mr. Lincoln was elected by a party, avowedly hostile to the interests and institutions of those he now promises to protect. iVhen"!!.' "Lincoln himself has said, in the most emphatic language, that this Union cannot permanently remain half slave and have free, and that a house divided against itself cannot stand. Protection, indeed! Such protection as vultures give to lambs ! No tyrant ever enforced his decrees without cn-doavoringito, exact his tyranny to the plea of right. Thor BrTtisli Government, in the American Revolu tion; claimed to be the "Protector -of the colonies, Thesame Government nbw claims to be the Protec tor of Ireland. Austria was but the Protector of Hungary when she murdered her citizens by thou sands and when her brutal and bloody hangman led her most patrotic citizens to the gallows. What tyrant cvar dared to proclaim his despotic and unrighteous purposes towards his victims ? Of all the apolgies that have been mado for Mr. Lincoln and his party, none so insulting, both to the manhood and the intelligence of the South, as the paltry pretence that he intends to protect her constitutional rights that he, the chosen chief of a hostile and (sectional party, is the best friend she has ever had in theeliairofGEonaEWASHiNaTOS.,AxiHiEwJACcsos,and TnoiSTjEFBERsox. And what are the constitutional rights of tha South, as Mr. Lincoln and his party understand them. " Aye, tltdrc's rub ?'' They may ho found in the Chicago platform, in Lincoln's various speeches, in the speeches of Scmnek, Wilson and Hale, in the editorials of Greelet, Webb, Raymond, and long John Wentworth. Is there any portion of the people of the South, who arc audi fools as to he deceived by such soft, unmeaning words as 'these f If so, let them read and learn. The following raving gasconade is taken from the Chicago Democrat, edited by Wentworth. We do not believe that all tlte Republicans endorse his open expression of these -views note . Many of them may not endorse them at all. Rut WEXTWORTil has more influence than CoRWLv.and therefore we think the larger portion of the party is with him : 'Thus tlie people of the free North say to the slave oligarchy, 4Wc will endure your insolence. Mifler your tyranny, bear with your assumptions, no longer! We have listened to your threats, as in-milting,as they wore cowardly, of what you would do, if wc dared to carry out our convictions of right, at the ballot box, and tied a man uJto wjutditot bow theknecio you, and who would place ytnir accursed institution o slavery where the public miml would rest in the belief that it would "become finally extinct. You lave sworn that if wc dared to olect such a man you would dissolve the Union. Wc have elected 1dm, and now wo want you to try your little game of secession. Do it, if you dare! So long as you remain in the Union, peaceably and decently, you shall enjoy your constitutional rights. But every man of you who attempt to subvert this Union which we prize so dearly, -will be hung as high as Hr-man. We will have no fooling about the matter! Br the eterxal! the Union most be it.eserved!' "Such is the lecture read by the people of the North to their Southern brethren on Tuesday. And now what will the chivalry do about it?" .NEwsPArw: Changes. The Evening Democrat. Charles M. Carroll, Esq., has disposed of the Evening Detmeral to Dr. W. R. Iiuhlet and Mr. T. J. Khij.v. Dr. Hirixt announces himself as editor. The paper has been suspended for a few days to perfect the new arrangement. i:tirj'ortl Telegraph, Mr. S. NoRTncorr has retired front the Teiegrapk and is succeeded by R. S. Ccriun. Esq., who introduces himself, as the now editor, in a modest salutatory. 'Anfissis: Hon. Hbxrt M. Rector was inaugurated as.Gorernor of Arkansas, in the presence of bo'thHousks of" the Legislature on the 15th. .MEMfHI3f ANf CltARLBSTON lUlLKlUl). SaHITI. Tate, Esq- lias been relected President of the Memphis and Charleston Railroad and his salary increased to Sfi.OOO. Mr. Tate is one of the ablest and most efficient Railroad -Presidents in the Union. Tins Memphis and Charleston Road will always be -well and efficiently managed, while under his drarce. both for the benefit of the public and stock-holders. WmUlnElon Items. Special Dispatch to the Chsrleston Courier. Washington. Nov. 25. The President is now considering the expediency of rccomim-nding Congress to call a 'convention of all the States, as the only way of preserving the Union. At a meeting held yesterday in Esse county, Va.. resolutions were passed requesting South Carolina to delay action for theprescnt. Perhaps they want to vend a commissioner to consult with her upon the propriety of waiting the co-operation of Virginia. There have lieen no resignations in the Cabinet as yet. Nose of the membors arc expected to resign befon March, unless at their State's request. ThcSouth Carolina delegation is now expected to resume their scats in the House, in view of the important measure that may come up for consideration. The question of the ' right of secession," and tlKSJpropriety f passing a "foive bill." may be the chief topics of discussion. A dispatch bas been reci ivod here from Norfolk. Va., stating that Ex-Governor Wise has offered his services to Gov. Gist, of South Carolina, in case of an emergency, if not required by Virginia. OmctAL Vote of GeOROiA. According to the official returns made by the Executive to the Legislature, the average rote on the Bkbckimuimje ticket is Sl.HW; on flie DoccLts ticket 11.55C; and on the Bell ticket 42,882. The majority against tli3 Breok-ixbibge ticket is 2,578. Hanks. There are two " institooshuns have done uwrotUan all others combined to retard and poison American pregrews. The "banking system" and the "credit system" lvc been, like another Guy Fawkes. moling ln-neath our national wealth, ready at a HHnnent'-s warning to blow our commerce, our manufactures and our libov into ruins. Banks and credit are a he and clieat- They are shadows false, hollow, delusive shadows. When wc are prosperous they cling around us like " summer Iriends." Tlicy inilate us with gas, like a balloon, and we are dragged upwards, not by virtue of our strength, but by our lightness. When wc are in adversity they iuccntincntly desert us like arrant cowards, the balloon collapses, and we are crushed in the fall. If the people had consented in the past to live on what they had earned, and refused to mortgage their future livesif they had now their hard and lioekt earnings in gold, they would have been a happy 'people. They could have defied political "motkHW, and " laughed a sige to scorn." But now wc arc trembling cowards in tin? hands of sltavers and shark. Slmll we ever learn sense .' Chicago Tftnte and Herald. Texas. The "oalveston Ck-iMcm says littBccix-thtBUE'i majority, over Unix and Dowlas combined, will be 30,800. Every county, as far as heard from, gives Bkkokinkhhje a majority. He received every vote cast in Braamia Munt.vt Nor tli Carolina. Gov. Ellis, of North Carolina, in his message to the Legislature, makes thcuouowvog salutiryirecom- : iSFf-i.i So,,.,t.-tt. ; i, .ilJUUUaUUlI. IUU .IVil LLi 13 vuvv& Roundest States imthc union with regard to .slavery,. and has always cherished a just atUchmentfto tha Federal Union, the Tecommendation of hefTGovei nor willbe-rcad with interest and respect: 'Ours is a Government of public opinion, and not of .force; and the employment of military force to control the popular will would, if successful, result in a galling and inexorable despotism. "The prevention, then, of civil war and the preservation of peace amongst us are the great objects which North Carolina should resolve upon securing, whatever clianges the Government may undergo. In view of the perilous condition of the country, it is, in my opinion, becoming and proper that we should havei some consultation with those States identified wifh-us in interest and in the wrongs we have .suffered; and especially those lying immediately adjacent to us. As any action of ours would of necessity materially affect them, it would be but consistent with the amicable relations that have ever existed between us to invite them to a consultation upon a question tint so deeply affects us all. From a calm "and deliberate consideration of the best mode of avoiding a common danger, much good might result and no evil could. In thus proceeding we would show to the world a disposition to exhaust every peaceable remedy for the solution of our difficulties, and a firm determination to maintain our rights 'in the Union if possible, and out of it if necssary!' "Such a step, too would be but a becoming mark of respect to that considerable porton of the people of the non-slaveholdin'g States who have ever been disposed to acknowledge us ag equals in the Unibn, and who hava, on many occasipns, gallantly struggled to secure our constitutional rights. "1, therefore, respectfully recommend that you invite the Southe' 1 States to a coherence, or such of them as may .e inclined to enter into consultation with us upon the present condition of the country. Should such a conference be found impracticable, then I would recommend the sending of one or more delegates to our neighboring States with the "view of securing concert of action. "I also think that the public safety requires a recurrence to our own people for an expression of their opinion. Tho will of the people onco expressed -will be a law of action with all, and secure that unanimity so necessary in an emergency like the present. "I, therefore, recommend that a convention of the people of the State be called, to assemble immediately after the proposed consultation with other South-cm States shall have terminated. "The subject of our military defences will require your early attention. I would recommend a thorough reorganization of the militia and the enrolment of all persons between the ages of 18 and 47 years. With such a regulation our muster roll would contain near a hundred and ten thousand men. "I would also recommend the formation of a corps of ten thousand volunteers with an organization separate from the main body of the militia, and that they be suitably armed and equipped. "That your proceedings may be conducted in a spirit of harmony and' conciliation, and that they will redound to .the honor and welfare of North Carolina and our common country, is my fervent desire. "John W. Ellis. ''Letter from General Lane. In reply to a communication addressed to Gen. Lane by Gcstavcs W. Smith, chairman, PmurW. Exes, Philtp Trotter, and Stephen P. Rcssell, members of a committee appointed by the Breceinridoe and Lane Club of the city and county of New York asking the General's views in regard to the present qrisis, the Senator from Oregon has written the subjoined letter : WAsmxaTOX, D. C.Nor. 10, 18C0. Gextlembx : Yours of the 15th inst, is received. The address embodying the views of the committee, which you say was enclosed, has not reached me. With your request that I should make " such suggestions as, in my judgment, would tend to preserve our institutions and our Government" I proceed briefly to comply. Nothing is plainer than that ours is a government of limited powers formed by States equal in sovereignty, equal in dignity, and equal in rights. This equality, in all respects and in all things, mu3t be maintained. Any act by the people, or by any branch or department of the Government, tending to impair this equality is usurpation, and the destruction of that equality is virtually a dastruction of the Union; have we not rcachedapoint in tho history of our Government when it may be said with truth 1 this equality has been seriously menaced, if not im-' paired or destroyed. Never was a proposition more plainly put, nor an issue more directly made, than that upon which the people have lately rendered their verdict Shall the people of all the States possess and enjoy equal rights and privileges in the common territory of our common country? By a majority almost fabulous a Northern sectional party have determined that the people of the Southern States shall not go into the common territory and carry their property with them that no more Suites recognizing property in slaves (as did twelve of the thirteen original States) shall ever be admitted into the Union. Can any man whose mind is capable of discriminating between right and wrong say that this is just and right, and in accordance with the spirit or letter of the Constitution ? To me it appears plain that the equal rights under the Constitution ! those States recognizing slavery, have been violatui by their Northern neighbors in the verdict which they have rendered, to the effect that the States are not equal, that the people of fifteen sovereign States shall not go to the territory with their property, that they nre inferiors, and must submit not only to inequality, but degradation. Now, can the Union be held together upon such terms? If we would preserve the Union we must maintain the Constitution and the equality of the States, and be just and deal fairly by every portion of our country. In my judgment, the Northern people are unjust and unwise in denying to the citizens of the Southern States the right to emigrate to and settle in the territories with their slave property. They arc wrong in holding that no more slave States shall bo admitted into the Union, for it is clearly the right of the people of a territory when their population entitles them to admission into the Union, to form such a government an may suit theui. and whether slave or free, it is the daty of Congress to admit them. And they are wrong in permitting to remain upon the stMute books laws obstructive to the faithful execution of the fugitive slave law. Let them speedily take steps to correct these wrtjngs. and maintain good faith toward all the States, as was manifested in the early days of the Republic Tins is in their power, anil m no other way can they avert dissolution; for no one, in my opinion, who is at all informed as to the framework of cur Government, can conclude that tho Federal Government has the constitutional power to use force against a State for resuming the powers -which it delegated to the General Government, when its rights have been infringed or equality refused; or, if the Government had the power, that it would bo wise or prudent to use it The Union was not formed by force, nor can it be maintained by force. It was a voluntary Union of sovereign States, and whenever tho rights of any of them shall be infringed, or equality refused, and they find it necessary and shall desire to part, there is no power that can keep them together, or that should attempt it. I am, gentlemen, with much respect, Your obedient servant, Jo.sEni The "Lone Star" Fho in Texas. The spirit of secession seems to be rife in the "Lone Star'' State We take the annexed paragraph from the Galveston A'eics of the 10th inst: On the 1st instmt a number of the citizens of Gonzales assembled on the public square and raised a lolty "liberty pole." from which the Texas banner of independence, the "Lone Star" flag, soon floated to the breeze. In Galveston similar Hags have been raised, and meetings for consultation hive been called in several counties of Texas. There was the most intense excitement at Houston when the election news arrived there. Business was brought almost to a stand still, and a paper, calling for a declaration of independence, was at once circulated, and received signatures rapidly, irrespective of the party proclivities of the signers. Many leading men. some of them prominent in the opposition ranks, we are informed, participated in the movement We are lurther told that when the news came of the Lone Stir flag being hoisted in Galve6ton. the excitement became more intense and wide-spread, and culminated in the hoisting, once more in Houston, of the flag. .71 r. Vallnndinzlium on t'ocrclin. The re-election of lion. C. L. Vallvndixuium to Congress from Ohio, having been the occasion lor somo spiteful comments upon his position by the Cincinnati Gaulle, he has written a letter to tin--Enquirer of the same city, in which he reiterate his formerly expressed opinions: And now let me add that .1 did say, not in Washington, not at a dinner-tablo, not in tho presence of tire-eaters,'' but in the city of New York, in u public assembly of Northern men,.and in a public epet-chat the Cooper Institute on the 2d of November. 1SG0, that. " if any one or more of the Sta'.cs'of this Union should at any time secede for reasons of the sufficiency and justice of which, before God and tho great tribunal of History, tbey alone may judge, much as I should deplore it, I never would, as a representative in the Congress of tho United States, vote one dollar of money whereby one drop of American blood should be thcd in a civil war. That sentiment, thus uttered in the presence of thousands of the merchants and solid men of the free and patriotic city of New York, was received with vehement and long-conti'iued applause, the entire vast assemblage rising as one man, and cheering for some minutes. And I now delibcratoly repeat and reaffirm it, resolved, though I stand abne, though all others yield and fall away, to make it good to the last nio-mont of my public life. No menace, no public clamor, no taunts, nor sneers nor foul detraction from any quarter, shall drive me from my firm purpose. Ours is a government of opinion, not of force a Union of fret1 will, not arms; and coercion is civil war a war of sections, a war of States, waged by a race compounskd and made up of all other races, full of intellect, of courage, ot will unconquerable. and when set on lire by pas.-ion, the most belligerent and most ferocious on the globe a civil war full of horrors which no imagination can conceive nd no ten nortrav. It Aoranam Lincoln is wise, looking truth and danger full in the face, he will take counsel of the "old men," the moderates of his party, and advise peace, negotiation, cccccs-sion; but. if like the fooli&lt son of the wise kic?,he rejects these wholesome counsels, anu ucarKcn omy to the madmen who threaten chastisement with scorpions, let him see to it, lest it be recorded at , last that none remained to serve mm. " save mo i house of Judea only." At least, if he will forget the ' secession ot the Ten Tribes, will lie not remember and learn a lcflcon of wisdom from the secession of the Thirteen Colonies ? C. L. Vaundin-qiiau. Dayton, Ohio, November 10. State Am DKfBATKn. After a very able discus sion ef nearly the entire day, the bill to aid the citizens of Georgia in the construction of railroads, was put on its passage in tho House of Keprcsenta-tives yesterday, and lost by a vote of fifty-three to vc M tXcdgewle Jtvoorder, 2tov. 21. . The ?ouiU ana West Their Payments. A merchant of this city, doing business -with the South and West to the extent of $420,000 a year, lias kindly answered our inquiry as to the relative suc-cess'.of collectors South and West. The case stands thus: he has had collectors in both regions during. tho same period, with the following result: i uRtc;Iptl from Flgrldi.TtiiQasiee Arkanm: 16G0. J -MO 00 2o no - 44.03 40 16G0. Nov. 1. Nor. 17.... Nov. 18i Nov ...31.3G3 50 Tfov. 0. 1,1P uu 483 CO Nor. 7 Nov. fi. Hov. 12. 338 73 1,!57 00 ToUt JlO.eSJ C2 From the Western tgest, cat at the tami time, $500 CO: In reading tho foregoing, it must be borne in mind that this sum collected is at the fag end of the year, from the leavings of previous collection. At only by the same rate per month as this tho whole would be paid; but the above is probably a very heavy per centagc of tha uncollected fialance of the proportion of the $20,000 sold to the South. The Western collections are unsatisfactory. Having seen in somo papers statements of the slow payments by the South in comparison with the West, we give the above statement, received from the only person asked by us, and suppose it to be a fair exponent of the punctuality of the South, and of its ability and willingness to meet its liabilities. Fh'dadelpldft Fennsylvan xn, 2fov. 22. A tVord to the National Democracy ol Tennessee. Wc have heretofore refused to urge our friends to attend the proposed State National Democratic Cor,; vention, to be held at Nashville on the Stli of January next, because wo have regarded the movement as entirely premature. In the present disordered itatus on political afiaire, when the Federal Government is upon the brink of an imminent dissolution we have thought proper to engage ourselves with weightier matters than keeping up the organization of a mere political party. The time which will elapse between the present month and the period for the usal gubernatorial election, wilTbo amply sufficient in wliich to take steps towards making L available and 'appropriate nominations for State omcers. xi is luipussiuiu lur ua iu iiiuiuipaiu mu future of parties in the country or the issues which may be evoked by the emergencies of the present. We therefore would venture to advies the postponement of this movement upon our individual responsibility, and without pretending to speak as the or gan of auy set of men or any party. Our thoughts of party success, ought at least for a time, to be swallowed up in considerations of mightier interests and of greater moment We submit to the suggestion to the calm and sober reflection of our political friends. Memphis Appeal. A Beautifcl Poem. Among the poems in manuscript left by the late Charles G. Eastjian, is one with the title of "The Orphan,' which we print below. From the freshness of the ink in which it is written, the Montpelier (Vermont) Patriot, of which paper he was editor, infers that it was one of the last perhaps the very last of his poetical productions. It is as sweet in conception as it, is Xlio Orphan. it cniaus a. zxitsii; Wc loved her & oar ova, poor child And through the w 7 yean We snrsei her life with constant And kisied her silent tun. She strove to sesra contented jrh! We cheered her through the d&j. Bat when a, toss nt night, poor child, She wept ter life away.";. We strove by every art, poor child, D every tendsrart, And every genUe means to win Uer sorrows fsom her.' heart, .; L-r But still she drooped heseath oar care, And sadder grew each day ; Her cheek was always wet, poor child, ,Sba wept her life away " Still while she wept and strove, poor child, --. To payour tore with smiles, . s ' ; Asd hide her sorrow from cur hearts With sweet and playful wiles, Her tip grew whiter and her check drew paler day by-day. And strugetlng with her grief, poorjehild, r., , he wept her life away. ( She died when summer came, poor child, i Thechild we could not save, And hardly mourning that she slept, We laid her In the grare. She never could forget tha da r Her sainted mother died ; - They could cot live apart, poor child, They slumber side by side Don gins Uall! Douglas 'Hall!! SIXTUES PEKFOKHEKS, lIVEQTJAii FiE D POSITIVELY FOUR NIGHTS ONLY. Monday i Tucsdavt Wednesday andtTIiun. day Evch'Rt, Nov. 2Gj 2" 2S and. 20. ' DOUBLE . TltOTJI'E AND iilEASS 1IAND. SIIOICCY, DUI'KEZ Sc. GREEK'S, rVutv Orleans Ac metropolitan Burlesque Opera Troupe, Will give Vour Grand Ethiopian Concerts at the above Hall, previous to their departure for the South and the Island of Cuba, introducing each evening an entirely new selecticn of acts selected from the ems 0r Ethiopian lllnitreliy A CABD. The Macageis be? leare to announce to their friends and patrons that they hays Improved and enlarged tbeir ISand for the present season, and pledge themselves nothing on their part will be left undone to please and miet the flews of an appreciating public, and hope to receive the same generous .pat-ronasebestoKed upon them heretofore. J"jr Grand serenade each evening in front of the Hall, previous to opening the doors, by the New Orleans Metropolian Troupe's llrars Band, led by Mr. J. Pratt. irj Doors open at 7 ; Concert to commence at a quarter to eight o'clock precisely. TrT Admission 5U cents. Chl'dren nnder twelve arid servants 25 cents. CIIAS. II. DOI'RKZ, novSS-lwd Manager ard Business Agent. Kap. OWING to the uncertain and depressed state of the Money Market, and the aggression of trade, we will In future only pay 2i cents for BAQS delivered at our store. nor2D-2 W. 8. VfniTEJIAN. SALE OF IOIS. WD. KoUINSON, Admlnijtratorvs.AngelineQuy etal. . In pcrsuance o( a decree of the County Court of Davidson county rendered In the above ciuse at the Norexber term, ibCO, 1 shall offer for rale at the court-hous'c in Nashville, on Saturday, 29th of December next the following lotsof ground: One hundred feet on the corner of Clay strict and the licena Vista pike teinglotsNo. 23 an.t No.24 of the Buena Vista plan of lots fronting each 59 feet on the Buena Vista pike, running back ITS feet to an alley. Also, a small lot ot ground on the White's Creek i Ike, near the first toll gate, being the remainder cf the lot owned by James Uuy, deceased, after lay ng oh the widow's dower. ihis property Is sold ror pajment oi deois againsi tne esute and is not subject to re it met on. Terms : $50 will be required in cish, and the balance cn a ci edit ore, 1.', and lsmontnswith Interest, notes wits tecurity required and a lien retained. F. K. CHEATHAM, nov29 'fid-dtd Clerk and Master. NOTES ON THE CITY BANK TAKEN AT PAR, IX EXCHANGE FOR Wines, Liquors, and Cigars AT THE LOWEST CASH KATES And In I'aynrent of Old Debt, J3Y A. BIVAiCO. Nov29-d?w No. 30, North Uarkct Street. Louisville and Nashville Kailroad. iswtd 1860 Fall and Winlcr Schedule. 1861 ftOMUKNCINO SUNDAY, November. 2oUi, lSGOf Trails j will run as follows: Train No. 1. Leave Nashville . .2:15 A 51, Arrive at Gallatin .3.35 " " " Franklin .4:50 " " " Bowling Oreen.iO, Breakfast, " " Cave City 7:45 AM. " - Louisville 11:45 I'M. Train No. 2. 8:15 PM. 3.3C 4:47 " 5:45 " 7:10 A II. 5:45 " KETURNINO. Leave Louisville .7.43 A il 7:00 P it. Arrive at Nashville 5:00 V il. 6:00 A M. GALLATIN ACCOMMODATION. Leave Nashville at 3:45 P M. arrive at Gallatin at 5:05 P M. Returning, leave Gallatin at 8.03 A M, and arrive at Nashville at 9:30 A il. TRAIN NO 1 runs daily all other trains dally, Sundays ex cepted. . TRAIN NO. 1 makes d:roct connection at Louisville for Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Pittsburg, Baltimore, Washington City, 1'hiladelphia, New York and Boston. Doth Trains make direct connection for Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Chicago, St. Louis, and all points North and Northwest. Through Ttrktli for sale at the Depot for all principal points East, North and West. J. B. ANDERSON, novStMtf Superintendent. HAVH YOU liSiriANJE Enough to Save You Fo?i loss ! 3XTa,sia. dU 1VL arr, Insurance Accntx, NovCSMf NO. 25, COLLEGE STREET. Tor Louisville and Cincinnati. muE regular packet steamer "JInl B cals Alaster, will depart as above nAn i. termediate landings to day (IhursJaviihe3i)tli in.f J at 12 o'clock. 1'or freight or passage apply on board ar to 11. u UAKKISON, BOV39-U A. HAMILTON, Agents. City BanK Money Wanted ! E will take Notes on the CUT BANK or Nashville, ,1 on all solvent Geoigla, South Carolina, and Alii,. mallanks,atpar,in payment of accounts or for FooksandSta-tionaryI F- "OAN & CO. novS-t? 41 College Street. To Bent. A COMFORTABLE family residence, No. 19, Gay, between Summer and Cherry streets, for the balance of this year and next. Price $350 or 4U0. It can be hid partly famished. If application be made soon at this office. Not23, "CO-tf Canes and Umbrellas. RECEIVED to day a handsome assortment of Cnncs rind Umbrellas, and a variety of """H'S Bags, Port Mon'es, Purses, Combs, Brushes, &e . &e. All selling at low rates. J. HS1C3ILL sepl-tf :IOSsS- riK IVANTEJU. rrUlE Nashville and North Western Railroad Company wish 5. to contract for 40,000 Cedar G'ros-rics. 8feet long, C laches thisk, well hewn, to face at narrowest place not less than 8 inchei clear of bark, timber to be sound, to be deliver ed at the grade line of the road in Nashville. The contractors want to contract for 30,000 White or Post Oak Tics, of the same site as above, to be delivered on the line of the road In piles from sectlen 14 ta section 24, rnougb on each section to aapply the same. Persons wishing to bid will direct to the President and Direct ors of the Nashville and rrth-western Railroad Company Nuh.llle.TtnD. aivm'-tf WM. D. ROGERS, COACH AND LIGHT CABJKLIOE BUILDER, SOOP and 1011 Cttcstiuit Street, l'IIr.ABEM'IIIA. Carriages of Eyrry Description Built to Order, and for Sate, Including the Subscriber's Celebrated . JjIiUUT T.UOrTJKG WAGONS.' Sr.nllt unierhii Imoediatcscmrtntcadcncg. triJ'Carrigescarefullybojedaads ptd. ag3-d2ci i3r 3 ' care Fine Groceries, Wines, e. Union ,tiu"d Ajticrictm Block. .' "STF TJB are Just In receipt cf a Urge and well selected slock of VV goods In our line, which we are EotorraiHcd to soil Ht loir Prices lo halt tlo Xlacii.kta.-Avi CountryMerehantsrlththecasU cannot, docetter than to calf on us, as we are offering extra. Inducements. Brandies, all vintages ,V in wool and glass.TtJwCaa.--'1--"-IrUh and Scotch Whiskey " " " ' Midelra, Sherry and Port, of tho best brands;, r Holland Gin and Jamalco Rum, la wo6d and glass; Champagne, Hock, Mosel and Clarets: Italian and German Wines, ef all- klida!'-' " ' Old Monongsiela, Bye, Bourbon and CornlWhisiy: Bltters-nostetter's,Gculey,s,Boker'r,01dSacbeai, Ac; Scotch Ale asd London Porter, French Cordials, Ligit Wines anl Strops. Italian Maccarobt, Vermicelli and Fasulce; Green and Black Teas, all qu illties; UemeUcally Sealed Meats, Fruits; Fish and "Vegetables; Preserves, Jellies and Jami Nut, Fruits aMCandled Fruits: i , . . Dried Fruits; Figs and Raisins; Extracts acd Perfumery;,, ioilet Boaps, Prunes; Brandy Fruits; Crackers, Arc, Ac. Fire Works, Rockets-and Roman Candles; -Havana Cigsrs.ChewlngTebaccoand Snuff.; Meerchaum Pipes, Cigar and Liquor Cases; Smoking Tobacco Turkish and Virginia.; Cranberries, Buckwheat and 8yrun: - - Cheese EeglishDalrytW. R. andPlne Apple; r Sugar Cored Hams, Beef andTongies: Wooden and Willow Ware and Brovms; New Tort Steam ReBned Candy: French Candled Irott, Apricot Paste and Nougat; Ground and Whole Spices. Olive Oil, Mackerel, Shad, Salmon, Roe Herring, Smoked and Esucei Salmon and tod Fish ; -Dates, Dried Fruit, Canton Oinger, ic, &c , &c. Together with r II articles pertaining to the supply of amities. It: B. SNOWDKIY & CO., oct31-2m No. 4 North Cherry Street. , BROADWAY HOTEL, Proprietor, NASHVILLE, rept2 TENNESSEE. E.J. LTTty sro. x. irrrcncfps. SLAVE DEAEEK!, No. 33 Cedar street, Nashville, Tcnn., WILL, at all times, buy Negroes suitable for the New Orleans Markets. We Invite all persons who have Negroes it to give ui a can. iy-n O.B. L20WI a. J . BOortR. MiZBLL HOOPER & CO., WHOLESALE GKOCEUS, FORWARDING AND Commission Merchants, AND DEALERS IN Foreign and Domestic .Liquors, To bacco, Cigars, Snuffs, &c, rVo.'s G and S Market Street, NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE. Jn20 jaJL333LGtXXa.O, ' 1861 ! just EECEirxiy ins GltjCFENUiatU A LiItlA V A Published Gratuitously to all Applicants. I N addition to the usual Astrcromical .calculations, tha At manac contains a larcer amount of useful and valuable In' formation than any other work of the same nature. We have received 100,000 copies. An person calling at our store can ontainacopy irec 01 cuarge, novl tf MACKENZIE & MINCHIN. ll.soctli!g instruments. A LARGE STOCK of Dissecting Instruments, manufactured Xa. nyneman.oinew acre, just received ana ror sale b uctll td .RAINS, BR0WN& 0 . Frasli Hominy, ,: . AVERY superior article, just received per railroad, and sale by the barrel - only, by ictl7 iENJ. F. SHIELDS & CO. Ladies Elegant Winter' Shoes imp Gaiters. LADIES FINE DOUBLE SOLE CALF CONGRESS HEEL Gaiters; " " Cat ' " " French Opera " " Glove Kid thick sole " ' Calf high Boots ; " ' double sole kid lace heel Boots Just received at No. SI Public Square. Novl-tf SNYDER it FRIZZ I'LL Twenty-Five t ollar. Steward. stop x ii e ii on si: timhf! STOLEN from my stable, at Florence, Alabama on TuesdUy night, 3i)th October, I8o0,a Eight Uuy llorac, about thirteen years old, one hind foot white- left eye sligVtly hurt and matters during the nigbt, if touched er punched behind the shoulders will bacc his ears and try to bite, trots and paces works well in harness, very gentle. The thief took a ligbtcol ored quilted seat Spanish saddle, about half worn, the seat tern loosx from the cantle behind, woeJ stirrups, old black leather bridle. If taken by a, white man I will give twenty fire dollars additiocal reward, for sufficient proof to convict the thief. JOI1N M DAVIS. P. ft. Writeme at Florence, Alabama, or apply to my son Wm II. Davis, at the Commercial School, Nashville. Florence. Ala, Nov C, 'C0-d2t&wIt J.M. D. Gazette copy acd send marked rPer, present bill to Mer-hanta' Bank JOITBS' 3r3I O TEL, ar. V. JONES, Proprietor. Corner of the Square, near the Wire 15 rid Re Convenient to Steamboat Landings and Railroad Depots, Nustivlllc? Tcnnossco, julyI2 '60-wtojanGl Georgia and South Carolina iTIoney FROM NOW TILL FURTHER NOTICE. Ewill take the notes of Georgia, South C.rolina and Alabama at par for all goods, aid for debts due us. Nov. 15, 'bU-tf SNTDKtt tz FRIZZELL. COOKiXti STOVES, WlCOUtillT IKON-STOVES, COAIj MOVES, . - H'UOD STOVES. WIS have a large supply of allaitei and styles cf Cooking Stores, both for Coal and Wood , we offer at prices tint defy competition, for Cash. oct3-tf MACKENZIE & MINCHIN. Philadelphia ill arte Overcoats and Kicn Silk Velvet Vests, AT private sale. An Invoice Jutt received per Railroad, which will be ofered for a few lays unusually cheap for BENJ.F. SU1ELDS & CO. novlK) Apples aad Potatoes. f BARRELS Neitsteook Potatoes; Pink Xro do: 41) Apples, very fine. Received "this day and for HUGH McCREA t CO. sale by nov!7 tf $30,000 IN CLOTHING FOR SALE AT COST. NOTES OF THE CITY BASK, AND ALL SOLVENT Banks in South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Kentucky TAKEN AT PAR. Numerous gentlemen who have lost ccntllence In Stste Bonds and the Integrity of the. Union, now hive an deck themselves out in .splendid style, and calmly await the dissolution of the Union and the day ot Judgment. I also have $30,000 worth of property to dispose of on the same terms L, POWKRS, No. 31, Market Street, uov28-tf Opposite Union Street City liank Notes 1 'iKKN at par for Clothing and settlerrent of Accounts, by fiju. runt its, 23-tf No. 1 1, Public Square. Notice to Stockholders of Jhc Nashville A: Chattanooga R. IS. Co. OrnciN.'fc C. R. R. Co. Nashville. Nov. 22, "CD. ( rltHK ANNUAL MEETING OF T11K SIOOKIIOLDKRS J3 will be LeH at Murfreestoro' on Tuesday, the 11th dayof Decomher, next, and on the following day an eb-ction will bs hell for fif tern 'Directors to manage the affairs of tne Company for the ensuing year. Stockholders, by showing their certificates of stock to the Conductors, will be carried to Murfreesboro'ot over the whole route as they msy prefer, and back home, on the 11th, IHh or 13th of December. W. A. CLEAVES. nov?8-td Secretary. New Magazines. HAItIEItS aiAGAZINE for September. HAKI'EIt'S CTACAZINE for September; IIAltPEIt'S aiAGAZINE for September; IIAltrEIl'S aiAGAZINE for September! JV&T RECEIVED AND FOH SALE JET JOHNSON Jc T1CEANOK, aug2I No. C Union Street NEW YOIIK IIEltALD nn4 LOUISVILLE JOUHNAL, received dally, b, novSO CUEKNiCO. IIAltPEIt'S NEW arONTjrLYJiTAGA'INE FOR DECEMBER. This number commences a new volume, and cowls the time to subscribe by the year GODEl'is LADILS IIOOIC for December. LESLIE'S aiAGAZINE OF FASIIION FOR DECEMBER. PETElt.SON'S MAGAZINE ror December. TOJZ SALE JIT JOIiN YOUK & CO., No 38, Union street. nov22 JAMES LOW & CO. Nos. 20S and 210 Sixth Street, llotvrccn Plain and "Market" Street, LOUISVILLE, ------ KENTUCKY, OA VE RECEIVED AAD IOR SALE, ISffk DOZ. Children's fancy Tuetlloie.assortel; OLF BW Jt)l Misses blue mixed Lsmbs Wool II oi-, ass'd: ISO dot Mlues mixed Merino Hose, assorted: l.'O " " Lambs Wool fancy Hose, assorted: ICO " Ladies mixed Lambs Wool lime, assorted; SO ' " white " " " " 50 " " black " " " " 300 gross Steel Dress Slides, assortedsixes; 50 Jett " 130 dos Bugle HairNetUl 200 " Ladies and Misses G irters; ItKJO Lang Shawls, trown, drab, grey, black andplsU; 1500 SquSre " " " " lOM) Chemle " COO Double Eeversable Shawls; 200 Gentlemen's Locg Shawls; 21X10 Brochsl, Stella, Embroidered and Fancy Shawls, ast'd ISO cartoons Mantua and Sitiu Ribbon;' IX) " Black Cotton and Silk Velvut Rt'jbon. no, 3 Negroes to Iliriy.:, A NEGRO WOMAN, a good Cook, house servant, be , with five children, the eldest a girl nearly' nlneyears old. .Said negroes will be hired for their board at a good home. Edgefield or Vicinity preferred. Apply lo J, L. es. It. W. BROWN, novSJ-dSw .41 ; Cherry Street. -,- -"W r r ODD FELLOWS" HALL, f FIVE D AYSJLOTSG'EK. Commencing MONDAY Night, No- vembcx QGtu. ID. Wonderful Panopticon, Or Lite-Moving Mechanical Exhibit: on cf The War In India and the Sepoy Rebellion, The most thrilling of all modern miracles, embracing an as toundlng combination of EigMy lhoiuanA iloxiag and Acting llo&dt of Mm. aorta and Anlmalt. s-It Is not a Panorama, painted on a few hundred feet of fiat can-. Tas, bus is a startling and lalthral representation of actual occurrences, re-enacted with bewildering accuracy, by mechanical models, endowed br renins with the enrrwt mntinn inHnnv .jloned volition of life. It la the mat complete and tipenilve .ft . -11x1 ever exiuDueu. 3Lr" Bxliibl lion every night at f be'ore 8 o'clock. Doors open at 7 a clock. Afternoon exhibition, Wednesday and .Friday, at' o'clock. ICpTIelets 50 cents nov2S-dlw Children 25 cents. D C. LABUF, Proprietor. MBS. WIN SLOW, - experienced Nurse and Female Physician, presents ta tH - ' ntlon of mothers, her SOOTHISG STETJP, FOR CHILDREN TEETHING, which greatly facilitates the process of Uethlng. by softening the gums, reducing all Inflammation will allay all pain and spasmodic action, and Is . ' SURE TO REGULATE THE ROWELS. Impend upon it, mothers, It will give rest to yourselves, and Itollcl und Hcaltu to your InTunts. We havepnt up an t sold this article for over ten years, and CAN SAY, IN CONFIDENCE AND TRUSIH of it, what we have never been able to say of any other medicine NEVER HAS IT FAILED, IN A SINGLE INSTANCE TO EFFECT A CURE, when timely used. Never did wr kno w as Instance of diisatlsfactloo by any one who used it. On the contrary, all are delighted with its operations, and speak In terms or commenda tloa of its migical effects and medical virtues. We speak in this matter "WHAT WE DO KNOW," after ten years experi-nce, and pltdgi our reputation for the fvZHilment of what ice here declare. la almost every Instance where the infant Is suffering from pain and exhaustlon.rellef will be found In fif teen or twenty minutes after theijrupia administered. This valuable preparation Is the prescription of one of the cost experienced and tkillful linnet In New England, and has been used with neter Jailing success In THOUSANDS OF CASES. It not only relieve the child from pain, but invigorates the stcmaeh and bowels, corrects acidity, and gives tone and energy to the whok a 'Stem. It will almostinitantly relieve Griping in tne Rowels nnd Wind Colic, and ovet come conrclsons, which. If cot speedily remedied, end In death. We believe it the lut and turett remedy in the world, In all cases of DytmUryiad Dlarrhaa. in CJiUdren, whether It arises from teething, cr from any other cause. We would say to every mother who has a child suffering from any of the foiegoicg complaints do not let your prefudleet, nor the prejudices of othert, stand betwe n y on and jour suffering child, and the relief that will be sur yes, aitolutely sure to follow the use of this medicine, if timely used. Full directions for using will accompany each bottle. None genuine unless the ttc simile of CURTIS it PERKINS, New York, Is en the outside wrapper. Sold by Druggists throughout the world. Principal. Office, I3 CcdurlStreot, N'.Y. PRICE ONLY 25 CENTS PER, BOTTLE. oct30 - YOU LOOK IN VMS-, For 8, Grey Hair on tlie Head of a person who Uses - t e IIEI mSTRLET'S JN1M TABLE , Ton will find on the beads of those who use it LUXUHIAMT C. LOSSY HAIR OF ORIGINAL COLOR. AND.AICLEAN SCALP NO MATTER AT WHAT AGE "eF LIFE IT IS USED. tux TOIXOWIDO TXJTIJIOI If coavTxctxo. Messrs. SxiwiiTi Uinua, Macox. Ga., March 33, 'CO. Savannah, Ga. GenU I received the package of Heimstreet's Inimitable Ilalr Restorative, and after using ene bottle, can safely say It Is the best article cf the kind I know of It will do all it claims to do, In restoring the Hair to Its original coler. Respectfully, Join V. Bxourr. Orncr Hove Mdtcii, Fiat ix Mazixx Iksuiixce Co.,) St. Louis, October 29. 1S59. We have used Heimstreet's Hair Preparation, (Inimitable Restorative) and find it to answer the purposes for which It Is designed, better than acythlrgwehave everused before, and ran recommend it lu tne nignesr. terms. u. u. hurt, it. J a. ) O. L. Cntmt. Q. V. Ckoss, Messrs. W. E. UiOiN tz Co., EaViskxh. Ga., May 19, 'GO. Troy.N Y. Cercij -Cur firm having sold large quantities of yourlirnrrr-aiix HilR ltrsTORATlvs. and hearing It so unlverialljr com mended by many ot our patrons In the highest manner as to its "IsmiTaaia" qualities, I was Induced to give it a trial, having for some years been troubled with falling cf the hair, dryness of the scalp, as cell as the addltionalannoyanceof many grey hairs, the scalp being apparently diseased. After faithfully using one smalt bottle ef the Restorative, and finding Its gocd quali ties apparent, I commenced the use of the second and my hair is now in better condition than ever before during my recol lection. It has stopped falling nut and the scalp has resumed Its functions. I most cheerfully recommend your article as having all the virtues you claim for It. In addition to my own ctM,J ran point out at Icattffty pertont in our city who iace had Ue tasu ejejierience in Ot ate as myttlf. You are at liberty to use this letter as you may see proper, ad I will be happy to recommend your article personally on any and all occasions. Yours respectfully, James Stowast, Of the Cm of Stewart & Butler; Rejoice! ye with gray hairs and bald heads, for the Inimttatle wil 1 restore the former to its original beauty, and cover the latter with luxuriant growth. Iroy Budget. "If you wish to have the rest color- Instead of the dull rough look which hslr-dje imparts, use Uelmttrecfs Retloratlte, which Invigorates the roott of the hair and makes it young again no matter hew much it maybe foded." Boston Iraceler. USE NOTICING ELSE. Sold every where Price fifty cents, and S I a bottle. W E HAGAN&CO.,Proprletois,Troy,NT.i Sold In Nashville by G. W.llendershott. Berry & DemovIUs, Ewlng U. Pendleton, Rains h. Brown,and all responsibls druggists.- oct30-d,tw&wy ins F LO U R fC BBLS Just received, which we can warrant to 8 3j super extra. OLD JAVA COFFEE. A large lot of the very best quality GROCERIES AT W HOLES,! CANDLES, Ac., 4 A general assortment, and constantly receiving . t , UGAR, COFFEE,' JIOLASSES, NAILS, S. & W. F.OUSt. Corner Broad and Market Streets, may-d,twi.w,tf Nashville, Tenn. Marble Monnments, ttc. -m T OlffT "T, A ! . I , . . . ... ... iwe oHJuiJAv.i luiurmsuis irienus ana inepublie gen Ivl. eral thatheis nowsrosecutlnirtheDIarbln I!ui- ness on Church street, between theFirst PresbyterlanlChurch and the Post Office, where he will be pleased to attend to the cr ders of all whomay want work in his line. lit has and will keen on hand a supply of MARBLE MONUMENTS, TOMBS,, c manufactured of the finest Italian and American Marble In the nesisiyieoi mcarr. ah nis work win be warranted April It), ie&8-wiy. J.OSt. A CHECK on the Bank of Tennessee for four hundred and iweniy-seven uonars anu etgniy-eigbt cents (Sin- 88) w..u i j iu v, u . uiuci a. m osier, Administrator, c, dated Nov. 21st. The public are notified that the psymentha wcji kj(ji,c-. uui--i. JAtuu MCUaYOCa. AUCTION SALE OF GROCERIES BY X.ANIEIC, PHILLIPS fc CO. On Tucsdars Bcccmbcr 4tU, at 10 o'cloclt f TE WILL SELL FOR CASH, In front of our Ware. w uouse,a urce anu comnieteassartmentnrnRnnrrrs.a coaBihiax JU pur. msiuiiowi, VIE 50 hhds Sugar 10 bbls Texas Pecans, 30 Gags Coffee, r-bucks Aimonas. Dbls Molasses, 100 H and U bxs Star Candles 100 bbls crushed aud powdered juu ddis wnite Whisky, 15 do NY Brandy, 10 bbls Holland Gin, 300 kegs Nails, 75 dot Painted Buckets 30 nests Tubs, ISO boxes Soap, "5 do Doyle's Candles, 100 dot Mason's Blackinr, 100 boxes Flasks, t! tierces Figs, ltaisins 20 Wis Filberts, Bugar, SO boxes Cove Oysters, 10 bags Pepper, 33 chests Teas, 20 bales Cotton Twine, 35 coils Rope, IS cases Matches, 150 boxes Star Candles ISO packages Uer Mackerel, kits, half bbls and bbls. 200 boxes New Kalilns, 200 a and boxes do iu boxes Kranay unerries. Together withnumerousotherartlcles to make ma ,min,. .!, r.ANlvp li,r.,Ti.o rtr bovCT td No. 39. Market street Lund lor Sttlc. JfF application bemade, In a short time, I will sell on accom-I modatinc terms. Forty Acres ol I-iin.1 . ti,... n.. iiuui utc vvrpvrauou i.uiim, uu luui ureeK, opposite Msj. GolTs. About cne-half of the land Is in timber, the balance In miri..! 1. 1 uuGIH MG UW.W.UUIUI IIKllluniin IllVllTInn mnnl. uuiu lucicoicuu lucfircuiiK, luuuurutuie caoins and a floe young orcoaru. Appiy .o jiaj uorir,near me place, or to my self for particulars. CIIAS. K. WIXSTOV jnlylt-tf DECEMBER, HARPER FOR DECEITIREH. HARPERIFOR DECEiflllER. HAIII'ER FOR DECE31UER. BEQINNINO A NEW TOLUME. BEGINNING A NEW YOLTJME. BEGINNING A NEW VOLUME Subscribe for JS(11' Subscribe lor 1801. Subscribe for 1801, At GREEN A: CO'S. At GREEN Jk COS. t GREEN & COS, No. u Union Street. No. il Union Street. No. G Union Street. P S. SUBSCRIPTIONS INVARIABLT IN ADTANCE. novJJ-dstw G. A: CO. JOHH tbixiilz. oiortoe a. nxAcroXD. iowiro ir. vast ritl.HIILE, UlCAOFOltD & EAST, Attorneys at Law and Solicitors in Chancery, WILL practice In all the Courtsat Nashville and surround-lugeountles. Office No 37 Cedar Street, Nashvi lie, Tenn nov22 2a ESTItAYS Dickson County. rinAKEN ur by Wm. Iliaair. In 7th District of said county, a .8. Hay Blare, 'AH handshlgh,Uyco:or.starlnforehead, about 13 years old, left hind foot white, sore back, and unshod. Appraised 23J October, UCO, to S"i A.J.ALLEN, nov23 w3l Banger. fir AKEN up by Jas Beows, Jr.. on Tambull, In 31 District n in saic coumy, rouneen mues oouui ast or Charlotte, a Durt llay Horse, 15 hands two Inches high, shod all round, scar on nose- nine or tea years old. saddle bolls on his back. Appral3eJ2Cth October, 1M0, to 3100. nov23-w3t A. J. ALLEN, Sanger. SHAKEN up by Axnaxw- Waixact, In 11th District of said i county; on bead of Tellow Creek, ten miles Couth-Westof Charlotte, s DarHIlay lCorse, sway-back, poor, bare footed, fourteen and a half hands high, asd about fifteen years old. Appraised 12th Novimber, IcVO, to 533. novSl w3t A. J. ALLEN, Ranger. ( MbWMMsss (Jlad News for tlie Unfortunate! THE LOSG SOUGHT FOE Discovered at IiAstI 4 . CHEROKEE REMEDY. ., An UBrailias Specific For nil Diseases of Use Urinary OrRnnx, and a General Alterative and Blood Purifier. THIS " REMEDY" CURES WHEN ALL OTHER PREPARATIONS FAIL. f !5. ""'' ou'lke every other medicine prescribed for Vene real Diseases, as It contains no mineral poison or naios drugs, being prepared from roo'J, barks and leaves, in thefom of a pleasant and delicious Syrup. It is "nature's own remedy" for Gonorrhoea, (Clsp) Gleet, Gravel. Stricture, and Is especUlly recommended far Fluor Al-bus, (Whites In FemalesJ for this complaint It is invaluable. As s general alterative and blood puiiSer. It has na equal, and does not fall to cure scrofula, secondary syphilis, glandular swellings, mercurial and all eruptive diseases, curing them more speedily and permanently than any other medl cine known. It docs this by purifying and cleansing the blood 1 Causing It to Cow In all Its original purity and vigor, thus removing from the system all Impure and pernicious causes which have Induced disease. In nil old cases of Gonorrhoea and Gleet, that have tafflsd all medical skill, It Is especially recommended In old cases It sever falls, and recent ones It cures from or,e to three days. A few doses posl-lvely reaovie all scalding heat, chord ea and pais. It does not effect the breath or interfere with any class of business. It requires no assistance from other tsedidnt. It on lay on the toilet t- ble, er in thecountlrg room. with, out its ever being suspected as a "remedy" for private dis-eases. A Treatise on Venereal Diseases, with full directions for their permanent cure, accompany each bottle. For full directions get a Circular free froa any drug store In theUnlted States, It is sold at retail for 2 per bottle, or three bottles for 5 by all responsible druggists and dealers In me I idnes. throughout the United States, and at wholesale by all wholesale druggists. POTTER A: itlERWIN, Solo Proprietors, ST. LOUI8, MISSOURI. Sold In Nashvlle by G. W Hendersbott. Berry Jr. Demoville Ewina & Pendleton, and by all responsible druggists everywhere oc3-d twfcwly ins Cure Cough, Cold, Soartenett, Jnitumta, any Irritation or tortnett of the 'Jhroat, Believe the Backing Cough, in . Con. sumption, Bronchitis, Asthma, and Catarrh. Clear and gice strength to Me. voice of PUBLIC SPEAKERS, , and SINGERS. Few are aware ef the Importance of cvesi log a Cough er "Common Cold" ta 1U first stage; that which in the beginning would yield to a mild remedy. I! neglected, soon attacks the Lungs. "JSrown't JSronchtal 7roehet," containing demulcent ingredients, allay Pulmonary and Bronchial Irritation. BROWN'S , -That trouble in my Threat, (br which the Troches" are a specific) having made ae Troches BHOWN'3 Trocltcs BROWN'S Troches BROWN'S Troches BROWN'S Troches BROWN'8 Troches BROWN'S Troches BROWN'S Troches BROWN'S Troches BROWN'S Troches BXOWN'rJ orten x rcere wnisperer. a. r. it 11.1.13 "I recommend their use to Pcruc Srnmi " BET. X. II. CHAPIN. 'Groat service In subduing Hoaxsuiss." BEY. DANIEL WISE,. "Almost Instant relief In the distressing labor of breathing peculiar to Arraxa. BET. A. 0. EGQLE8TON. "Centals no Opium or anything Injurious." DR. A. A HAYES, Chemist, Boston. " A simple and pleasant combination for.CoTsru, ire." DB. G. F. BIGILOW. Boston. "Eeneftcial la BsoxcniTn " DB.J.F.W.LANB, Bolton. "I have proved them excellent for Wnoor- uta C0C8U." BET. It. W. WAEJIEN, Batten. Beneficial when compelled ta speak, suffer ing from Cold." BET. S. J. P. ANDERSON, it. Lovit. "Irrrcmii. In removlne Hoarssness and Irrita tion of the Throat, so common wilh SrsAxasu and Sinexzs Prof. M. STAOT JOHNSON, La Grange, Ga. Teacher of Mule, Southern Female College. "Great-benefit when taken before and alter preaching, as they prevent Hoarseness rrom their put effect. I think they will be of permanent advantage to me " JtET. 3S.BOWLET, A. M. President of Athens College, Turn. rrpSold by all Druggists at TWENIi'-FIfE Trocbes novSf-dbwsm PROCEAirELTION. State ot" Tennessee, I Esrccnvt Dinai-JlxT., TT appears from the returns of UwOQlMrs holding tho Xlec-I tlon on the first Tuesdv,whichwss!theCth day of November. Inst., for the purpose ef electing Electors for President and Vice-President of the United States, that Balie Peyton, of Sum-nei , N Q Taylor of Carter. J W Deaderick cf Washington. 0 T Temple of Knoi, Alfred Caldwell of McMlrin, J S BUnton of Smith, Edaard I. Goltaday of Wilson, Wm F Kercheval of Lin coin, John 0 Brown of Giles. John F House of Montgomery, Alvin Hawkins of Carroll, and B D Nabors of Shelbybaving received the largest number of votes, wereelected. It is therefore certified, that the said Balle Pejtan. N Q Taylor, J. W.Deadrlck.O P Temple, Alfred Caldwell, J S Stanton. Edward I Oollsdyy, Wm T Eercheval. John C Brown, John F Uouae,AIvinUawkinsandBD.Naborsare duly and Cocstlta tionally elected Electors, for the tute of Tennessee, to vote for President and Ylee President of the United States. In testimony whereof, I, IsBak G. HaUis, have r ) hereunto set my band and caused the great seal of S V the 8tate to be affixed at Nashville, on this, 21th day I i of November, A D., 1SCU. I3I1AM G. HARRIS. v J E. R. Bav, Secretary of State. Nov2S-d&wlt Superior Envelopes at Wholesale. rjnnE subscriber begs leave to call the attention of Booksellers X Stationers. Dealers In Fancy Goods and all others, to the extensiveassortmentand superior quality of Envelopes manufactured by Mm The kinds embrace every style ef Letter, Note, Official, Wedd ng, Fort Folio. Drug and ether varieties Also, Parchment and Lined, all made and gummed In the most perfect manner on the best folding machines yet Invented. Also, Writing Papers of all kinds at. wholesale prices. Samples with trade list ef prices sent by mail, when renuestel. Dealeisare icvited to call and examine his stock, qualities, prices, styles. &c fce. SAMUEL RAVNOR, novS d2w 118 William Street, New York SEWING MACfTiNI i .it r o ict'i- A, ft fa Jt.'.: ,IM'()lt,llATII)IV fOUTlfOXili.lSHMItOt S- kp- rf i urctiiinlne r'aivllF .Sewlnj. .tluctn. .1 Tavist ,WhBv sW 'f. f . mv?,it -- rtt-' . - . i. t t; . v'", - " . ik-.-'- - 1st. ISr alt theSeii Ing ."tlnclilne In uc there are but three ttlnuw or Stitches made 'st. TheCrovcr Oc llalior Stitch. 2nd. Tho Shuttle Stitch. 3rd, The Slnulo 'Thread or Cl-ialn Stltch'J The iarover U Baker stitch la theonly patented slltch.and I strictly adapted to family use. The stitch Is double, can no be ripped. The machine making this stitch, sews from two common sposls uslngno shuttle, requiring no thread to be re-spooled, af-d finishes its ow n srark It Is the most simple, less liable to dranreasent,andmosteasytolearnndoperateof any In use, possessing a greater range of capacity for family purposes, than any ctherother or perhapiall other kinds. and. The Shuttle Stitch. This stitch Is made by the fallowing Hsl of math nes I I. Itl. SINKER A CO., WHEELER & WILSON WEAIy BTACIIIMFS, RAltTIItLF MACHINE. i f. 4 v i rm t c o . ; LAOD & AVEUSTER. A, R. HOWE, FINKLE A LYONS -t So far as tho stltcb Is oonoerned, this jlfst of macnlses are at precisely alike, arc all .Shuttle Machines, and for carrying the 'ower or nader thread all use shuttles, Into which all the sndej nread used on each and all of them have to be rv-wound The capacity of the shuttles usod In these machine Is very nearly the ivae tbey hold wbea llled oith Costs f-o Spool Cotton sot to exceed 14 yards. The shuttle Jtltch is lomettaes tailed the lock stitch for effect but It is all one and the same. The stitch Is made by merely crossing two threads. The ends of all seams sewed by the hhuttl Machines must be fastened by the hand needle to prevent ripping The Shuttle Machine Is better adapted to manufacturers thai, fo milyuse Jan3I-dtwcw EVANS &, CO Wholesale Dealers, So. I Nashville Inn Block ABE IN ItnCKlPT OF TEMtt ,T1LL STOCK Or eign and Domestic JDiry Grood, VARIETIES AND CLOTHING, ISoOtS, Shoes, IlatS, oUCtS, &C., . . - ' - HEW PUBLICATIONS. LUAIDLM ENGLISH SBOOKS;, i -A 5 j ' iy FINE BIKDIXGS. W. T. BERRY & CO. IIATB RECKNTLT RECEIVED z '-?l A Fine Collection Choice ENGLISH BOOKS. THE WORKS OF SAMUEL TAYLOR COLERIDGE. Complete In nineteen volumes. Umo, full calf. SOUTHEY'S HISTORY OF BRAZIL. 2vol quarto, hair calf. , - FULLER'S WORTHIES OF' ENGLAND. 3vuli. Svo. half calf. HON. EDMUND BURKE'S- DORICS ASD CORRESPONDENCE avoVeaif.' ' BOOKS OF COMMON PRAYER. 7 vols., folio, Fall Morrocco. - THE RETROPECTlVriR'EYIEW. lCvola, half calf. SINGER'S SHAKSPEARE lOvols., Svo.. full calf. SOUTHEY'S DOCTOR: lToL,-firo,t!r. SOUTHEY'S COMMON PL.VCE BOOK. 4 volst calf. ' j TAYLOli"S PHYSICAL THEORY Or4 ANOTHER LIFE, 1 vol, 12mo. - , TAYLOR'S LOGIC IN THiOLOGY,- ami other Essavs, lvol,Rmo. , : BACON'S ESSAYS AND WISDOMkOF TnE AS-CIEST3.1 vol. lino. BACON'S NOVUM ORG.VNUM, Translated by Rer A. J0H" M. TACES'.AND SKETCHES OF THE ETTRICK onEPHERD, (James UogO with Illustrative Engravings, fi Tols, 16rao, hslfcalf. IHSIORICAL TALES OF THE WARS OF SCOT-AND, andcf the Border IUIdj, Forays and Conflicts, 4 vols half calf. THE CASQUET CF LITERARY- GEMSr Edited by Alexander Whlteslaw, 4 vols, half calf. GEMS OF WOOD ENGRAVINGS. Selected from the Illustrated London News; Folio. THE SONNETS, TRIUMPHS, AND OTHER POEMS OF PETRARCn, with Life, by Campbell, 1 toL nALF-HOURS WITH THE BEST AUTHORS, with Biographical and Critical Notices, by Charles Knight; -I vols, half calf. SIR TOOMAS MOORE, or colloquies of the progress anl prospects of Sodety, by Robert Southey, Esq. DLTNLOP'S HISTORY OF FICTION, 3 vols., calf DUNLOP'S HISTORY OF THE AMERICAN THEATRE, 2 vols, half calf. THE SEGRET CORRESPONDENCE' OF MADAME nt MAINTENON, 3 vots, hals calf. THE POETICAL DECAMERON, or Ten Conversa. Dons of English Poet, and Poetry. By T Payne Collier, 3 vol:. Half Calf. THE ROUE; 3 vols, 8vo. half calf. THE ECCENTRIC TRAVELER, 4 voIg,half Jlcroc co, with 41 Engravings. EBERTS GENERAL BIBLIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY, translated from the German, 4 vols, Sro, halt More ceo. A vsiuible and well executed work, (oa tha plan of Bra-net,) necessary to all who cultivate Bibliography. MEMOIRS OF MARONTEL; written by himself, Indudiag Anecdotal of the most distinguished Literary aad Political characters who appeared in France daring the last Century, 2 vols, half calf. SPEECHES OF HENRY LORD BROUGHAM, 4 vols. Svo. Half Calf. GODWIN'S HISTORY OF THE-COMMON WEALTH OF ZNGL1ND, from the comineocement to the restoration or Charles II, 4 vols, hilt calf. PLUTARCH'S LIVES, Translated from the original Greek; with notes, critical aad, historical; and aNew Life ef Plutarch S vols, 12mo, calf. THE SONGS OF SCOTLAND, Ancient and Modern, with as Introduction and Notes, historical and critical By ' Allan Cunningham; 4 vols, half calf. XV. T. UEKItV CO., novlT-d&wtf Public Square. . d. w. mtEav. 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Our stock of "Medals" er 4 Charms, representing correct likenesses or ail int candidates lor President and vice Presides (except Lincoln,) Is very large, and we will sell theta cheap. THEATRICAL PLAYS A great variety. A'eivsnnptfrs, Newspapers, Ptetvspapers. Allot the leadinr Hews and Literary I' ft per and xarazlnes published is this country and Englaul, aie received Weekly asd jionuuy oy uuse.-s sr. uu. The IVcwJTorK: Bally Herald and the Lonis- Tille Sally Journal forsale by GREEN fc CO, Slibscriptloca received n all Periodicals atPobllsbers prlees. cy uaucr cu. (lODEY'.S sale by LADIES' ROOK, for November for GREEN 4t CO. LESLIE'S "MAGAZINE FOR NOVEMBER tor sale by Utttta et uu octSl tf No. (J Union Street iUaira zincs for December. HO. c, UNION STREET, STATE GODEDS LADY'S BOOK lor December. PETERSON'S LADIES' NATIONAL MAGA ZINE, lor December. LESLIE'S NEW FAMILY MAGAZINE lor Dccectber, Subscriptions received tnd single Lumbers sold at Publisher's prices, by GREEN k CO., Agents for all Periodicals, nov20 tf No. 6, Union Street. NEW PUBLICATIONS JVS7 RECEIVED Bi 41 College htreet. CO., 1. llerzoc's Enclyc'opedln; a work of rare merit. .svois. I 2. Knrtz'n CUnrcli Iliitory, from tie Beformation-I'JL J. Kurtz's Sacred Histdrrrhelrigaruldetothe un- derstsndlng of the divine phurof calTalioo. 31 23. i rrhn.iitifie,.! n, . . . . -, . nrmv - it. w i, r, r. . . 3. Isltiuall nnd tlie Church, cr the rise, progress ana mi oi Junambedaoism. By Lewis Chuseman, D-D. 125. 6. The Pilgrim' Progress for the Young; something nice and beautiful. 50c SCIENTIFIC. 1. The Five Senses, or Gateways to Knowledge. By Gecrge Wilson, ii D. COc. 3. I'ocket Anatomist; being a complete description ot the Anatomy of the human body; by H W Hilles. 73c aud $1 UU. LITERARY. I. Clare mount, or the Undivided Household; S. Lilian and her Cousin; a tale of the old Dominion. By the Author of Thos. Jackson," and " Walter Seyton." 3. The Younrx American's Picture (inllcry, withseventy illustrations. novlC-d&wtX Most xtcnxirc BrrT" JVR!V IAIVn ?sT J'!'? I W U A M 1 Hi H K.I.itil T A XTTT W A f ' n T) "C 1VX Zi- iv KJ X xl. J JL. J XX. A. i VTiryU. KNABE St QJ , Nos 1, 3. 5 and 7. Futaw strew. f Baltimore, respectfully inform their Southern friends that they have enurgeameir rarary anu are now prepared to tnnnlv the ereat demand for their pianos. Thrv am nrnn.iinn. ably the most darable and contain a 1 the latest improvements. iwDiwi7uiwi, - . wcxmM anu great power ui wjkmw wuvm, . ( c unequaiieu. Thai ben. mrakovh and other treat oianI,tihTin,i -.-. 1. their concerts, nd Lave riven ceiUScatea fcr their superiority. They have, for the last ten years, taken the first premium over aii compcuuou a , uic wucrcu. oLAics wnere tney nave bees exhibited. Last year they received five first premiums; two at Montgomery, Ala. One for the best Southern madenUno. and onefor the best against aUeotrpetltlon. A full supplyof the above celefirated Instmmrnt. wit: v.. 'vlirby J. A. McCLnKB, tasjSuO-dtwly Bole Agent, Nashville. Ghseai. luitST Cmci, Nasbvillx ash DxcATn B. K. Nasiviux, Nov. 17th. le0. I and after the 50th Inst., freights for Decatur, all points x 7 on Memphi, and Charleston and all other eonnecUnrltnds. will be received and sent forward without delay. To Insure prompt attention freights must hv.nliln ihfeatnv marks, the desUnaUonln full, and Initials sfjastroadea each package. Stoek sent through with care and dispatch. L Cheatham t Bro., IMPORTERS OF - WINES, BRAlVDlES .-Vo.9 College Street, Mo O XASttVIL j; J ESN. 'HStT'fi Wll i.-.'lw.- At of bny;.'"".'S" toekTfinegMds orfinaris1lnourti- V "J1V FINE COGNAC, Of Old Vintages and Welles tibtiahed Brands. Aacrgst wtlena- TIni ted Vineyard Proprietor's Copmac. Flno Old "Sazerad Ognac. Vallontln" Cognac Ol London Doclc Cognac. To white we would callthe partlcnUr attentlou of wonuissesrs and those wba want pare article of Brandy for judical purposes. Our brands ot CUumpugue are -!ery choice and well known: jladame T'e.CI ot Poarardla. Tha Uenuice "Jleldileek & Co." The Celebrate! " PaW Gieslert Co." Oold Labsl andWhita. Prince Iraperial,"and several others. Our Shorrlea and Madeiras are snnng'tiosahle la quality and flavor. Wo have 44 Edmony," "-ujf Gordon Geld," fine Table Sherry, Brown and Golden Sherry, linen Star Sherry, etc.. ite We always keeps large stock of Pan Robertson. Qtunty WHISKY, line OU Bourbon, By and Irish Whittieti rur Ilotlaad Gin; Scotda and English Ales; London Porter, aad Qilnness' eel ebrated extra Dublin Browr. Stout. Our patrons have Two- llundred Thousand Clears te select from from the cheap Oem an and flrstclssa Demestlc l the very choicest Havahas. Our stock of TOBACCOS, Ts very ex tensive, and einiot be excelled In quality. We ess give very great IndoceraenU to the trade In this txtlcU, as wt have made such arrangements that we purchase, from the mxcu facta-, rer direct, and so avoid the extra commission charred by the al. timore market. Our a oe Pancale, Rough and ody and ytat Plug Tebaecos are from the best manufacturers ia Virginia. Ws Lav s also good and ceuuisn Tobacco of our own Stats. Amongst our miscellaneous articles wc would call attention te s good selection of flue Gunpowder, Imperial und Tonne Hyaon Teas. Oolong and.Powchoog Teas; Pickles, Preservn, Oysters, Smok log Tebaeco and many other articles. iCT To aU cf which, we would call the especial altemlloa aad Invite the inspection of the trade, and assure theta we cam effer many Inducements not to lie feucd elsewhere. jan8-tf AEGIIER CHEATIIAH A BROTOEB. SSfORE TAKING TUB Elixir ATTES. TAKING SHE Elixir: DOCTOK RIGHT'S CELEBRATED KEJUVENATING ELIXIR! PreFcred on the strictest r hanaaceutleal pritciples by ene of the ablest Chenhta of the age. THIS Is altogether s ur medicine, the result of modern discoveries In the vegetable klsgdsra, entirely new and abstract method ef care. Irrespective t sil the eld aad worn out systems pnbllsbel by aceoraplished quack to the suSer Ing. Dr. Wright, w.ll knowing the deception practtied kpen the uninitiated, felt It his duty at once ts have IhisSUiir tested by the whole Hedicxl Faculty, who, without even oae cBssentiag voice, have given la their achert nee to lu perfect aid undivided control over the whola physical can when his frame has been reduced, and when all other medicines known ta tins Pharmaco posUhave been tried In vain. Long thought years of patiint Investigation, and a nfl detperandnm detertclasUnn have crowned the DoetrVs eSorts, and he now offers the Ktlitr to suf-ferlnr humanity as theonly thing thu eanenre It following diseases namely : General Debility, Jlental and Physical DejreSfiou, Imbecility, Deterssinatlon of Blood to the Head, Confused Ideas, llystrria, ,- Oeneral IrrttaUtity, Restleuness acd Sleeplessaess at Night, Absence ot Museultr HlSeiency, Lou of Appetite, v. Dyspepsia, Emaciation, Low Spirits, , Disorganization ef therrans.ot Generation, y Pal;IUtlon of the Heart, And, In fact, all the csne.jmltar.ts of a nervous antt.dcMMIated state ot the system. t r As a. Stimulant, It is quite different from Alcoholic nrenarations. It's not raw jectto reactions In sny shiipe; ir reottnues U eaert'lU Isasence graauai ly ana emeienuy, as long as the least neeest jty nlsU ror tupiesence. " As a Fenialo TTXediclne, . It Is equally powerful and effective, aad restores the.equtllbrturn sooner and safer than all the ether medicines which, tor years have flooded the market, and whfh are only Injurious. In place of assisting or renovating the censtltatlen . for a very good res. son. too, that they an made from the effusions of minds gnorant of the SJed'eal profesiien altogether. No SlineralsS Dr. Wright thinks It well to state his nrofessieaAl eharAeter on the fact, that na-minusls whatever furm the least xninaDnt parts of theb-credlents oeThla Buvenatlar Tgllxlr well know log what ruin has been en'-alled oa the community by opium aad mercury. Generally, to the debilitated. Dr. Wright would say. Never deopalr. No matter how Worn down oa may be, no matter haw weak you. are no matter what the caaae may have teen forsake at once whatever las led yon t-j ,!epart from nyg.ecle principles Rcjnvenatlnx Elixir, And you will soo'n Cn1 lonrself s new man a Bride IssUaiI s ; the reverse, to your frieuls, and a healthy, sound, and worthy ytmursi ui, ausisn LAaiiy. ITT Price Si per bottle, or three bottles for li .-vi hnu,l. ed by mall to all paps of the United States. Sold by all respectable dnggists throughout the United Sutes and Canadas. Tne trade inppKea at s Hberal dlscosnt ror sale oy inepreprietsrs J. WRIGHT 3c CO.. til and Ml Chartres street. New Orleans, La Sold in Nashville by 0. W. nendershott. Berry to LHmaville. wing a- Pendleton, and all response tUugglsts. - ' oc-t? The EHecl. ol the Pa'nic! IJLUCNSE DIST1IESS AUCTION SALE. BT HARDY IIROTIICRS, Auctioneers. ON Wednesday mjrnlsg, tath Nov. iSCO, at II) o'clock, we will sll -C assorttd eottan bedsteAir,: 4 tall rl.n table shelf walnut, oak aal rose wood book eases; 3 handsome hi canopy bedsteads: 4 do tmnd!eds,2 do fall canopy do; II assort ed marble top kareaos;l setts wood and eane-teai ehAtrs; II assorted wood and cane seit roekinr chairs: 18 assorted wmlnnt and cherry lounges aal lasttrasses; 3 assorted office desks; 4 handsome Misses Bureaus, 7 assorted setting tables; Sbmkfast tables; 3 setts rosewood parlor cfcaJri,parloruo sociables: l child's rim cribs; 3 handsome chamber sett cottage furniture; S new 7 octave rose-wood pianos; second hand A No. 1 melodeen; 3 new spring mattrassss, 40 shuck do, 18 cotton top do. textiles numerous articles ot furniture not mentioned. Also a large Invoice or cigars, cherlng and sucking tebaeco. whiskeys, wines, bran dies, etc. I bright and starr No 1 second-hand family rocks-way, new Prince Albert top buggy and harness; 14 assorted ciocss, jo no waicnes: v sells japan toilette ware; silver plated, knives, forks, spoons, tea setts, butter dishes. e,iin- da- r. ,!..'. Ice pitchers etc., etc. Terms sett cash in sunuix money. uaruii utAUTUstua, Auctionee rs t Gen'l Agts, 42 Public xiuar nov"!5-tf Late Arrival of Boots and Miocs AT NO Ig,. FDULIC SQUARE, NASHVILLE. T HAVE J03T BICIITKD AN INVOICB Or LADItS I Jnnch LastingCoogressGaiterswkhandwitltoutlteels: Ladies French Lasting Bids Laced GaMers, with and withoat ueeis ; Ladles' Fine Kid Congress Gaiters, with and without Heels ; Misses' and Children Bootees and Gaiter In great variety. In a word, the stock Is sew full and comolete of evarr dnrrln. Uoa of Boots and Shoe fr Winter trade. Cash dealers wili find It to theirletsrest to give me s call, as 1 am determined not to be undersold, eves by those who srotess t4 sell at cost. C. B. UALL. No. 18. Public Bnture. novgi-tf Opposite the Market House. R. C. ii'NAIRY&CO., SELLING AT COST FOR CASH! ALL GOODS. Carpets Iucludeil. EXCEPT STAPLE GOODS, Vont Prices Named lu all Cases. rftnOfB buying on Time will bt charged the Regular Prees. 1 North and South Carolina. Oeoreia. Atilm.. Tni.i.n. and Kentucky money received st euatomAry rates. actO-tt R C. IMcNAIRY tc CO. Insolvent IV o lice. A LL Mrsons having tlslms against the estate otl JAMES ADA MS, deceased, ar hersbr nmirn ni. ,s. legally autieoUcated, wUn the Clerk of the Cdanty Court of Weakley county, Tennessee, ou or before the nrst day of March. 1MI, la order that a seuleaent and dlvuion pro rata may be ruAe. JA8. H. BLAKkMORK. IJmV. NovemterlO.lBOO w4t . " TJ A f gi m I 7 T1 1ft "sTT er is -f. JL JL X, 3 ltX U O 1 V AT ITl'CJLUKES. fYATlNO assoclateil -with m. M. i,. Il MokTOsand Prof nsxscnirt. vm t I am Drensred ta attend n r.. 1 and Repairing Pianos. ,.ll,. ..j.n 1 of Musical Instruments. With mmntn. .r-.l m.k .w.I1m. as will give perfect ntirfamon. snosoinwantor Violins and Sul tars, can now have the aaisUnc of Prof. Ifsxros In thslr se'eeUoa. A Urge Stock of Sir Inwaj's and A. H. Gale & Co.'a PUto en hand, sold at New York prices regardlea of freight, te. I have also a Iaimpk nHihWnr?, c i ' n,. di- ... Bent If pirchajsd within one year, the rent applied a part payment. ' For thetest Pianos, Ac call at the leog established Musi Store. No. 33 Union street. JAS. A. M'OLTJKK. novs2 tr DR. KING'S DISl'ENSAIty 4 FOR. PRIVATE DISEASFS. DO. KINO, formerly of New York for the last four yean ef Louisville, Kentucky, and who haa devoted hie attention to the treatment of private disease for t thirty years, flatters himself, having studded to a practice for many years, and cured so many thousands, ha 1 enabled to cur. alldiseasesof a private nature, no matter hew bad they may e fnm lojndirion, Bedlcal treatment, or from neglect sf theirown Dr King Dispensary isna.-usaaerexs-reer,MtwenClri- andthe8quare,wh8reheiresil disessesof apvate natarce Gosoxbu cured wiiaour, nauctous medicine or Interima from business. Enic-mis of old or recent date, effectually cawd In few days, ny an opermuon wrucicaoses no pin. HQenj a Stricture exists, health cannot be enjjyerl. Perhaps no disease eacseaaiore mischief and undermines tho constitution so much. Srmui, with all the dlstaaes cf the skin, growing out of see leet or bsd treatment, can Meffectaallj cured In a few days, SncniAL Wu-ortss. particular attention having been rif ts to this disease, asd all the consequence growing out of It, brooxht an In many eases by the detractive- habits ef ln-onaiderate Tenths and ezressive Indulgence of the passion, s neglect ef which will undermine the ei institution, rendering the inbtV-t an lit for business or stelety, snd canaing premature old age Females who may be laboring wttaaay dUBeulty of thwWo-a!! may rest assured of Immediate relief. Perso nsreeidlngabrosd, by writing aad statlnr their ease ltk a fee ealosed. directe.1 to Dr. A. Kiag.No. DttrSisiTOi. Nashville, Tenn.. will havs the neeessary- ranSeUe Mat in till, addrwis.wlth necessary directions. StrlerSi2i;ImCJ TC3 hours from S o'clock in tha corning uasll 8 1 the eviiinr, I AIM Ssi aw s A Fair of Mares ror Sale, A?AIB of arte broismt lei brood mam, witw tvo qmu. Harold colts for i eaoap, eg wUl U ohsid Ii. t lit 0f ground. Apply ta I L ta W 1-BOW.V. AOV-SW Cherry f I Towbich they Invite tne alien uou or in trade. JUiiH w. ATCLIFF5, aug30 dfcwtf I novl9-dlm General Agent. IJS 1 LZ. . Js , -,-r.- n '''Jusk'J

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