Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 17, 1971 · Page 13
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 17, 1971
Page 13
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EDITQ EUJU KCjSSUth County AdvAnr* 2 — Kotiuth County Advance idvance t T |* A JL i\J JL-, • ^^^^^^•MMMMMMMMMMM Postpone Home Rule Monday, May 17, 1971 The legislature has decided at least for the moment, to hold off considering the "home rule" bill for cities. The time is growing short and leaders in both houses fear consideration would take too much time this session. The proposal was deferred until next January when the second or "annual" session of this legislature takes up. The move did not meet with unanimous acceptance and some city legislators were a bit bitter. The bill changes the laws on cities and towns in conformity with a constitutional amendment adopted in 1968. UP TO NOW the cities and towns could do only what the legislature permitted them to do by law. Under the new concept the cities and towns could do anything not prohibited by law with the single exception of some tax and bond matters. The bill has 228 pages. It is complex and technical and though a committee has worked for a couple of years off and on to perfect the bill there are still many problems connected with the turning over of rule to cities and towns. The present session is bogged down with consideration of taxes, reapportionment of the legis- lature, appropriations, and "must" legislation. It is now into May and the leadership hopes to be able to adjourn by May 28. This is an ambitious date and probably cannot be attained. DEBATE OF THE HOME rule bill is anticipated to take several days in each House with numerous amendments to be presented. There is a feeling among legislators that they are over-staying their time in Des Moines. Many feel the people have become restive hoping they will quit and go home. The tax, reapportionment and appropriation proposals are still unpassed and debate on each is expected to take considerable time. The tax biH is plagued by consideration of school financing and in preliminary maneuvering seems an almost hopeless task. Representatives worked over two weeks on it and it must still go through the Senate. Next January the tax, reapportionment and appropriation bills will be out of the way Appropriations are for a two-year period and taxes once passed are out of the way for two yeais also. The legislature next year can give better consideration to such intricate proposals as the home rule bill. (D.E D ) Washington Mayday Perhaps the best response so far to demonstrations that seek to disrupt normal life was shown in the reaction of the government to the Washington Mayday demonstrations. In the first place no government could tolerate the kind of action the radical demonstrators planned. The government could not permit the work of the city and national government to be halted by traffic jams and street closings. The idea was billed by the promoters as nonviolent but by the very nature of the promotion it was forced to become violent. People Just plainly resent being told what to do by protestors who violate the rights of people to use the streets. DUMPED GARBAGE cans, park benches, roofing nails, tire slashing and burning cars are not "non-violent" actions. Tying up traffic at the sixteen or so bridges in Washington just could not be permitted even by so-called "peaceful" means. The very act is not peaceful. Those who violated the rules set up by the police for an orderly demonstration were loaded into buses and taken to open enclosures such as a football field to be processed rapidly and then released. There was use of tear gas and some clubbing was necessary. The mass arrests removed most of the more violent. Washington handled the situation nicely as compared with excessive use of clubs and gas and even some deaths in some previous demonstrations. Most of the demonstrators were somewhat naive to think it possible to tie up a city and government without counter measures. SOME WERE NOT NAIVE, however, and were violent in intent. These had to be dealt with and they were, quietly and efficiently. Out in the quiet places in this country there are many who wonder where the money comes from that supports the demonstrators and the material used in these demonstrations. It costs money for transportation. It costs money for food, it costs for lodging if the open spaces are not used. The promoters seem well- financed. It might be a good thing for the investigative branches of the government to look into this financing, probably most of the people paid their way and were somewhat sincere if misled. But those who promoted the event were not naive and knew what they were doing and had the funds to do it. (D.E.D.) New Trespass Proposal The Senate approved a conference committee report of a bill to curb criminal trespass. The Senate and House had disagreed on the original bill and the conference committee re-wrote the measure. The Senate has passed it and the House is expected to also approve. The proposal Is aimed at trespass including campus demonstrations though that part is not spelled out. Opposition was from Union sources who feared the bill would hamper strike activity. The proposal calls for a criminal trespass for persons entering property without legal Justification or without permission with the intent to commit a public offense. Also persons entering or remaining on property after being asked to leave by the owner peace officer or public employee supervising the property. Also enterting property to interfere with its lawful use by others. This is aimed particularly at the sit-ins at public buildings and at the universities where students block entrances. And also being on property and using, removing, altering, damaging or harassing. Conviction could result in a fine of up to $100 or 30 days in jail. However, if a person was injured, the fine could be $300 and six months in jail. The proposal was fought by some Senators who come from districts where Unions are strong. They felt the Union would be hampered in its strike methods by being banned entirely from any part of the property of the company against which the strike was called. The bill closes a loophole through which many escaped punishment after rioting and disrupting use of buildings such as those at the state universities and draft board offices (D.E.D.) Truman Right Former President Truman has told Congress that he would not accept a Congressional Medal of Honor. A Missouri congressman had introduced a measure to award Truman the medal on his 87th birthday. The Congressional Medal of Honor is awarded for valor on the battlefield. Former President Truman took the position it should remain only as an award for war-time valor. There is no need to further honor a former president of the united states. He has been honored by his election and his service and to confer further honors would be gilding the lily. There are many nations who do make awards to those in control of the government. Hitler's regime was particularly partial to giving all kinds of awards and some of his lieutenants seemed weighted down by the display of metal on their breasts. Turn On Red Light The senate has passed a House bill permitting turns at intersections by cars coming mm n e J H? M ~ " the turn to toe rl e ht ^ Permitted by the city or town. The driver making the urn to the right on red would have to give right-of-way to drivers proceeding on green and would also have to come to a full stop Many nations also have military uniforms for their chiefs-of-state, but the United States has always taken the position civilian dress is proper for its leader. It is noted that the leaders of Russia wear civilian dress but they do doll up a bit with medals on their coat fronts. Truman wrote to those who proposed the idea that "To deviate by giving it for any other reason (than for combat valor) lessens and dilutes its true significance." Presidents are often the recipients of many honors, particularly those given by colleges and universities. The honor is somewhat nebulous and the degrees indicate little more than the desire of the Institution making it to get some publicity and standing among other similar institutions, it is not an academic earned badge of competency. (D.E.D.) before going on. The bill originated in the House and the Senate only made one small amendment which would require the red-turning car to give way to pedestrians. ' There was some debate on the kind of signs to be erected advising drivers of allowing turn- Ing on red or signs which would prohibit right THE DUD Says CIA Is Involved In Moving Heroin To Troops CIA PLANES FLY DRUG FROM LAOS POPPY FIELDS TO BATTLEFIELDS; KOSYGIN FAVORS DISARMAMENT, NOTE U. S. TO SPEND MORE IN '72 . By Jack Anderson WASHINGTON - Royal Laotian prince and the Laotian Army commander have now been identified as the principal traffickers in the heroin used by U. S. troops in South Vietnam. Furthermore, a congressional investigation has confirmed our earlier allegations that the Central Intelligence Agency is involved in the Laotian heroin operations. The investigation was made by Congressman Bob Steele, D- Conn., and Morgan Murphy, D- 111., both members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Steele is preparing a report that will allege CIA "Air America" aircraft have been used to transport the drug from northern Laos into the capital city of Vientiane. It says, however, there is no evidence that the CIA had any official policy of letting its planes be used to move the drugs. Furthermore, it adds that the agency has now cracked down on the practice. According to the draft report, prepared by Steele for the House Foreign Affairs Chairman Tom Morgan, D-Pa., the deadly drug is transported from opium fields in Laos to the battlefields of South Vietnam in the following manner; First the raw opium is hauled from deep in northern Laos through Burma and into the Lao- itan town of Ban Bouei Sai, with former Nationalists Chinese soldiers-turned drug smugglers riding shotgun on the shipments. At Ban Bouei Sai, Laotian Army Commander Gen. Quan Rathikoun takes over. He supervises the shipment of the opium into Vientian, using American- supplied planes and protecting the smuggled cargoes with U. S. supplied arms. Once it reaches Vientiane, ~the morphine base is processed in turning on red. >• r ••••«•-•••• t Mftrry-Oo-Round Gen. Rathikoun's labs into "number four" heroin, a pure grade of the., deadly drug almost unknown , ,in southeast Asia until traffickers began turning it out especially for American troops. -PROTECTION AND PAYROLL- Throughout Laos, the heroin operation is protected and abetted by prince Boun Oun, Inspector General of the realm. The prince gets part of the take from the drug running. Once processed, the heroin is flown into South Vietnam aboard military and civilian aircraft from both Laos and South Vietnam. Some of the carefully wrapped packages of the white powder are air-dropped near u. S. troop emplacements in the fields. Others reach the troops after being landed at outlying air strips or flown directly into Saigon's Tansonhut airport. With Vietnamese custom officials looking the other way, the herion passes into illicit channels. The Congressman identifies South Vietnamese premier Tran Thien Kheim as the man behind the corruption of the customs agens, but they stop short of calling him an outright trafficker. The angriest language in Steele's draft report is reserved for U. S. diplomats who have failed to use their leverage against such men as Rathikoun and Prince Boun Oun to get the drug traffic cut off at its source. Steele points out that in Turkey some progress has been made although slowly, through diplo- matic channels to cut off the flow of heroin to the U. S. In the future column, we will detail how American ex-GIs and deserters, assisted by corrupt Thai officials, are beginning to move huge quantities of heroin into the U. S. to replace the Turkish supply. Footnote.- In a March 22 column, we cited a letter from a former CIA employee, s. M. Mustard, who charged that South Vietnam's vice President Ky once flew opium out of Laos. Afterward, an off-duty Air Vietnam stewardess was arrested at the Saigon airport with close to 20 pounds of heroin in her possession. Significantly, she was carrying names of prominent South Vietnamese politicians who apparently are implicated in the heroin traffic. -KOSYGIN ON DBARMAMENT- The U. S. embassy, reporting to the State Department from Moscow on Senator Ed Muskie's confidential conversations with Kremlin leaders, gave this account of the discussion on disarmament: "Muskie began by talking about desire to reduce military expenditures. He said in the past two years, Senate had subjected defense budget to great scrutiny. , As result, administration's budget in 1969 had been cut by six billion dollars. "He expressed interest in MBFR (Mutual Balance Force Reduction) in Europe as part of desire to reduce armaments. He also advocates broadest possible agreement at SALT (Strategic Arms Limitation Talks). "Kosygin responded that USSR The bill provides that signs must be maintained if a right turn on red is permitted. One 5™ T ted the signs onl y " the turn were prohibited, A great many towns already have had for some years a sign permitting right turns on red after a full stop. However, this has been held IS Und ^ Iowa Uw by "» attorney-general's opinion. The question of liability in case of crash by a right turn on red driver with a car going on the green has been raised. Fortun- cturt™ SUCh ° raSh haS yet been brought toto J ,L W » n ? kes " man <fct°ry that positive * **» ^ the city, town of other in control of police actions such as a county to pass an ordinance regarding the turn. .I Warned that unl ess there are toe ri £ ht tur " on red is permitted that such a turn is ille The inter- Why is it the shows and performers you like do not get the Oscar and Emmy awards? * * * * The legislature set a target of May 28 to adjourn. Anybody want to bet on it? * * * * What are you doing with the time you saved by going on daylight saving? * * * * Experience is a mellowed mistake. * * * * Everyone is parted from his money these days - you don't need to be foolish. * * * * Europe has found out what most Americans Ssed to be! * ~ ** ^^ ^ W ° rth What " * * * * has always favored disarmament. He asserted that soviet military budget was 25-27 per cent of US military budget, and nothing, was hidden in other parts of budget. "He said Soviet noticed and 'appreciated' Senate's action in cutting military expenditures by six billion dollars. Soviet also noticed President's statement that military budget might have to be larger next year. "Soviets 'follow these events closely,' said Kosygin. specifically on SALT, Kosygin said both sides are approaching question differently, with 'ereat wariness and care' but 'with great desire of finding a solution in limiting strategic armaments.' " Footnote: The hush-hush report noted that Muskie had emphasized the "unofficial character of his visit and fact he carried no message and was not negotiating any agreement." | For And About Teenagers ] OUR. OLDER. SISTER PESTERS oc ME ANP MY BROTHER ABOUT THE WORK WE PO... THE WEEK'S LETTER: I live in a family of five. I'm fourteen, a girl, have a brother who is thirteen and an older sister. The problem is that my brother and I are always stuck with the work in the house and outside in the yard. The older sister doesn't do anything around the house. She was "thrown out" of school for being a pest and, to tell the truth, she still is a pest. She pesters me and my brother to death around the house about the work. If we don't do something for her, she goes into a tantrum. She does the same thing if the work we do doesn't suit her. Our folks say the work we do is alright, but she will still go into a tantrum. If we just look at her, she will go into a tantrum. What can we do? Our folks said we could get an outside opinion, but to use no names. Can you help? OUR ANSWER: if things are as you picture them, you can help yourself. Ignore your sister's tan- truhis. If she fails to attract attention, she might stop acting as if she were younger than you and your brother. If your parents have given her the responsibility to supervise what you do, they should let her approve the work, or take over that chore themselves. ' If you hav« a iHnag* prebltm you want to dlieuii or an oburvatlon te make oddrtii your letter to FOR AND AIOUT TEENAGERS. COMMUNITY AND SUMJft- BAN PIIESS SERVICE. FRANKfOUT, KY. Second class postage paid at Algona, Iowa 50811 ALOONA XOBSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE ,,, » ub ] l8 J5 e « & the A1 « ona Publishing Co., Mondays, office and ihop 111 East Call Street, Algona, Iowa 80511 v Issued weekly Mondays R. B. Waller, Executive Editor Julian Chrischllles, News Editor Denny Waller, Advertising Mn Tom Waller, City & Sports Editor Gary Rich, Classtfied Adftir ' Dorothy Muckey, Women's Editor Jack Purcell. Plant Foreman OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER KOSSUTH COUNTY MEMBER Atioclitton • Found* 1MB Professional Directory Insurance Insurance , ALOONA INSURANCE AGENCY „ J. R. (Jim) KOLP Surety Bonds — All Lines of Insurance 206 East State St. Ph. 295-3176 BOHANNON INSURANCE SERVICE 6 North Dodge St. Hail Insurance Ph. 295-5443 Home — Automobile — Farm KOSSUTH MUTUAL INSURANCE ASSOCIATION Over $124,000,000 worth of insurance in force. A home Company. Safe, secure. Lola Scuffham, Secy. HERBST INSURANCE AGENCY For Auto., House, Household Goods, and Many Other Forms Ph. 295-3733 T«d S. Herbst SUNOET INSURANCE AGENCY Harold C. SuncUt 118 South Dodge Algona, Iowa Phone 295-2341 Real Estate Chiropractors A GEELAN INSURANCE AGENCY All Types of Insurance .Phone 295-5529 or 295-3811 Algona Optometrists • '•••••••• • CLEGG:; .;,:•• CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC Algona, Iowa 124 N. Moore 295-5235 DR D.D.ARNOLD Chiropractor 120 N. Moore Monday - Wednesday - Friday 9 a.m. — 5 p.m: Phone 295-3373 DR. M. R. BALDWIN * DR. D. N. JOHNSTON Chiropractors Office Phone Res. Phone 295-2378 295.3306 Office Hours: Monday thru Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5r30 p.m. Saturday — 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. MILTON G. NORTON JUSTICE OF THE PEACE COLLECTION SERVICES Home Phone 295-2548 Office Phone 295-3836 2tt East State St. Box 460 ALGONA, IOWA Farm Management CARLSON Firm MANAGEMENT COMPANY UK N. Dodg* Ph. US-till ""• GLASSES FITTED CONTACT LENSES Phone 295-2198 Hours: 8:00 A.M. "- 5 00 P M Closed Thursday and Saturdays afternoons 115 East Call St. Algona, la. WON I M. LAIRD Farm Management Good management ia Good Business 820 So. Harriet Phone 295-3810 Dectort tt088 do ^ oned were put up and now they have to come DR. DONALD J. KINGFIELD Optometrist Visual Analysis and Visual Training ,,„ ., Contact Lenses 115 N. Dodgo Algona Phone 295-3743 DR. I. I. SNYDER 113 East State St Dial 295-2715 Closed Saturday Afternoons Credit Services CREDIT BUREAU ' OF KOSSUTH COUNTY Collective Service A , Algon? "8 No. Moore St. Office Phone 295-2345 Residence Ph. 295-2277 522 E. state St. Pnone 295-2334 . Moore St Phone 295-3131

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