The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 24, 1890 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 24, 1890
Page 3
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INGALLS' SHARP FLtNGsT Kansas Senator Opens the Campaign in Pennsylvania His Sarcastic Shots at th« Uemocfnuy tt«. «elvoii with Tumultuous .--.-.. -" Tnxt of the MU_. • »» Delivered. Prrrsmmcm, Pa., Sept. IB.-Sonator ingalls. of Kansas, ope.iod tho Republican Gubnrnatotial campaign iri Pennsylvania at tho Grand Opera House Saturday evening. II 6 had an audlonco of nearly 3,000 persons, all of thorn voters Save a few ladies in the boxes. The Senator was in splendid voice and good humor. His sarcasm cut like a razor and ho scored the Democracy unmercifully. The reception accorded him was overwhelmingly cordial. Senator Delamater, tho candidate for Governor, was present with Senator A. L. Watres and Colonel T. J. Stewart, tho other candidates on tho Stato ticket. Henry W. Oliver, tho millionaire stool manufacturer, presided, and a hundred or tnoro leading Republicans occupied the platform. In the course of his address Senator Ingalls said: "Fellow-Citizens of Allegheny County: In a popular representative form M government political parti are an Indispensable necessity. When there is no dynasty, reigning family, no hereditary nobility, no prerogative nor Class distinction, tho government is the party in power, and hence it is that every American citizen should bo a politician. Not in the sense of being a candidate for office, but in the larger, In the wider sense, and in the nobler sense of taking an intelligent interest in public affairs. [Applause.] And not only should every citizen be a politician, but a partisan politician. I never have learned the lesson of belonging to the Republican party a little. I never have learned the lesson of voting for tho candidate upon the Republican ticket occasionally. [Applause.] A man ought to bo a politician as in every thing else, a partisan politician. He ought to believe that his wife is the best, his children tho most attractive, bis city, his Stato nnd his country tho noblest and most deserving of his'devo- tion, or ho is not worthy of having .a wife, children, city, State or country, f Applause]. • "There la a certain class of politicians, sometimes belonging . one party and sometimes to the r, who are BO extraordinarily perpendicular that they lean over a little backwards [applause], who are never quite sure that they are belonging to a party unless they are voting foe the candidates of the other, and giving aid and comfort to their adversaries. [Applause.] Therefore, Mr. President and fellow-citisens of Pittsburgh, I confess to being a partisan politician, and I have no sympathy with ( those who roll up thoir eyes until you can see nothing but the whites and hold up their hands in holy horror and enlarge the borders of their phylacteries and stand on the corners of, the streets magnifying their own virtues . and thanking God that they are not as other men and as* other Republicans. [Applause.] If a man is a Democrat, in God's name let him be a Democrat. [Applause.] Ho that is filthy, let him be filthy still. [Laughter and prolonged cheering.] And if he is a Republican, jn God's name lot him bo a Republican in off years as well as Presidential years.' [Applause.] "I am asked what is the difference between a Republican and a Democrat, or tho difference between tho Democratic •nd the Republican parties. What odds does it make except that one or the other shall have the offices? I have one observation to make on that point, fellow-citizens, I have one slight difference to suggest as to the difference between tho Democratic and Republican party in tho off years as well as in the Presidential years, and that is that upon every issue, upon every question affecting the honor, the welfare and tho prosperity and the existence of this Nation for the last thirty years, tho Republican party has always been right and the Democratic party has always been wrong [applause], and it is just ex- actty as wrong at this particular moment of time as it was in 1861 or any time since 1861. "Slavery, secession, State sover- oignty, reconstruction, the public credit, the National currency, the resumption of specie payment, the coinage of silver, protection to American labor [cheers and applause] and tho tariff for the protection of American Industries—I say to you that upon every one of these questions from tho beginning down-to the last syllable of the record of time—even so late as Thursday of last week the Republican party has always, been right and the Democratic party has always been wroner [applause], and it will continue to be wrong, world without end, am on. [Prolonged cheers.] "The Democratic party is the political dumping-ground of politics in the nineteenth century. [Laughter and applause.] "Every excluded heresy, every abandoned heresy, every thing that tho Nation has got done with and tirwj of and has cast away to bo trodden und«r tho foot of man. in the heritage of tho Democratic partv, "My fellaiv-eitizons, l have erred in calling the Democracy a party. It is an aggregation of the ignorance, th« imbecility and the disloyalty [applause] of this Country. [Applause. I Strongest whore public morality is weakest, reinforcing all tho dangerous and destructive agencies of society and having neither conscience nor courage of convictions, it Js the per* petual and constant menace to prosperity, .\b* honor of the American people, and y<*t, fellow-citizens, I oo* OH*ionally hear BOUJH poor mortal com* plaining of the Republican party be- cuuse it has liiwi tpany indefeasible policies. Well, I (iftve been somewhat of a Dicker myself. (kutfgfejmf,] There haye been Republican lexers th»t I did- not like; Jfcsre uave " •-•••• eieft that (did uot nwtimo f audl think best Democrat that eter lived. [Applause.] "There was one, Mr. President, who betrayed his master, and there was one less wicked, but weaker, Who, when in« terrogated an to the Master, denied Him; and I have no doubt that all the brutal, savage, sensual, soldiery of the army of Herod and tho entire Democratic party of Jerusalem [laughter] and Pontius Pilate and the Independents [laughter] and all tho civil-service reformers of Palestine inveighed against Christianity and appealed to their false and abominable idolatry ; but Christianity survives and tho sun still shines. I want to make one statement, and that is that in my judgment tho election—no, not tho election, for he never was elected; it was a bold, bald usurpation — but tho induction into office of Grover Cleveland was productive of two inestimable benefits to tho American people. It was for tho present time not joyous, but rather grievous, but it got out a far more exceeding eternal weight of glory. [Laughter.] It showed in tho first place, fellow-citizens, that every accusation that had been talked for nearly a quarter of a century into tho ears of the American people about the extravagances and tho corruptions of the Republican party wero not mlsropresentations, not misconstructions, but to use the good old Saxon phrase, that they were absolute falsehoods and lies. "It conferred another benefit also upon tho American people, and that was tho exhibition of the total incapacity of the Democratic party for administering tho affairs of this Government, and so it came to pass that under a policy that was feeblo and weak at home and paltry and shuffling and contemptible abroad the administration closed as tho most himlllatlng epoch in American history, to which no citizen can ever revort without a blush of shame and humiliation. Under the readjustment of tho political force of this country, that will occur under the eleventh census, that Teat region between the Alleghenies and tho Rocky mountains extending :rom the British possessions to the Gulf of Mexico will hold the purse and the It will ha ro a majority of the in th? lower House of Congres?, soul. of , t will have a majority of the votos in the. Senate of the United States. It will have a majority of the votes in tho Electoral College for choosing tho President and Vice- President. "When the free trade and slaveholder Democracy was permanently do-" ihroned that great procession of h'istor- .cal events which has brought us to our present unapproachable heights of ma- ':erial grandeur was begun. The statistics of this census are not yet accessible. We shall have about 64,000,000 of jeople, and our assets upon tho National lodger will not be less than ono hundred billions of dollars. Since that iime to which I have referred, when under the sublime incentive of the doc> ;rine of protection to American labor, the Republican party took control of thd affairs of this country, there has not been an hour in which the clock has' struck, day or night, Sunday or week day, in which there has not been added "the material accumulation of this country $250, 000. [Applause.] I think, Mr. President, thatols a record to which we may, in tho language of State plat« forms, point with pride. But tho Democratic party, true to its instincts of criticism and censure during all that period, has performed the [unction of a brake upon -the great ;ar of National progress, the only function of its leader being to hold on and holler whoa, and is to-day engaged in an attempt nefarious, infamous, dangerous, insidious. An appeal to tbi» worst 'and most degraded oleni&nts of society claiming that this majestic record of progress has been against the la« terosts of the people, and in the interest of corporations, monopolies and cap itallsts" [applause], Mr. Ingalls was given a tumultuous applause as ho closed. Then a telegram was read from Speaker Reed, saying that Pennsylvania was counted upon to stand firm at this crisis. The three State candidates and Adjutant- General Hastings 'also made brief addresses. Senator Ingalls in an interview when asked what ho thought of the numerous alliances tho Democrats wero making with different parties over the country, cynically remarked: "What else Is to be expected of them? The Democratic party is the street-walker of the nineteenth century." RELICS OF A HERO. of aa IOWA STATE NEWS. A QUEER LAW SUIT. G. O. Pierce, Evidently fnsanc, File* * Novel Suit Ht Kookttk. Giles Otis Pierce, held to be insane by commissioners at Davenport, from which decision he appealed to the di8* tricfc court there, has filed a grotesque petition in the United States Court at Keoktik against William Purse, a Davenport newspaperman, and numerous other defendants, claiming damages. Ho sues tho State of Iowa for §5,000,000, and makes Grovor Cleveland, ox-Governor Larralfo and a number of prominent people defendants. He wrote letters to the clerk of tho court- urging immediate action. He acts as his own attorney ami alleges that he is compelled to dance to tho tune of "Yankee Doodle" and carry thn American flag. He is evidently insane. TO REPRESENT IOWA. The State Columbian Commission Organized at Dos Molnos n Feu- Oiiyg Ago. The Iowa Columbian Commission met recently at Des Molnes and organized as follows: President, Judge Edward Johnstone, of Keokuk; Vice-President, James Wilson, of Traor; Secretary, SY N. Chase, of Cedar Falls; Treasurer, W. H. Dent, of Le Mars; Executive Committee. S. H. Mallory of Charlton, J. W, Jarnagin of Montezuma, and J. F. Duncombe, of Fort Dodge; Committee on Rules and Plans, H. A. Seaman of Clinton, Charles Ashton of Guthrie Center, J. O. Crosby, Garnavillo. Took Her Own Life. Alice Matchett, an idiotic inmate of the Mahaska '.County poor-house, com* mitted suicide in that institution recently by hanging. She had torn a sheet into strips and made a rope, one end of which she tied around her neck and the other around the bed post, and by throwing her full weight upon it she succeeded in strangling herself. She was about 30 years old and had been confined to the home for a long time. Her case had been a hopeless one and abe required constant care, as sba-^at times was vicious and almost unman? ageable. Some Queer Evidence. A dead body has furnished the con_ vincing evidence in a.strango dispute at Port Dodge. The trouble arose over the ownership of a grave. A few weeks ago William Oben bought a monument and had it placed over the grave, as ho supposed, of his mother. A few days 'ago he received notice from Thomas Griffon to remove the monument, which Griffon claimed covered the remains of his son. As a compromise both parties agreed that tho grave should bo opened and the body identified. This was done and Griffon proved to be correct. Charles XII. Wag Not the Victim ABHassm's Crime, On the 81st of August, 1859, another King Charles stood surrounded by some of tho highest in the land in tho cathedral of Riddavholmon, in tho Carolin- gian vault, by the Bide of the open sarcophagus of his renowned namesake. A conscientious examination corroborated on this occasion how groundless were all the suspicions that our hero fell by the hand of an assassin. Let us thank God for the certainty that his life, so full of great deeds, bad a better and, for him, more worthy ending. I, too, was fortunate enough to be permitted to glance at the remains of .this remarkable ma.n, before whom Europe once trembled and above whose blanched temples innumerable trophies float high up in the dome, so eloquent in their silence. The moment is aa memorable fas it was solemn, and the. features of- Charles XII. are deeply impressed on my mind. Leave was Riven me to break oft a leaf of the laurel wreath which shadowed bis forehead and to out off a lock of hie) hair in remembrance o f the day. To these treasures 1 can add two more symbolic of Charles, namely, one of the trusty swords with which he so utton fought his wuy to victory, and his Uible., from the pages of which he derived those precepts that impart strength, in alj vicissitudes, and, which «re so beautifully expressed in the famous old war cry of tbe Carplinffians: "With Clod's help!"—Qajsar F«MJ,rik, King of Sweden and Norway. got- Suicide of a Postmaster. Arthur L. Flint, of Ryan, shot himself through the heart and was found dead tho other day. Though only 84 years old he was postmaster and a leading business man in Ryan, and conducted a bank, a general store, a livery, a wagon-shop and bought grain and stock. He left a note saying that he was tired of business cares, but it is thought he was disappointed in love. Will Not Carry Liquor. The Rock Island road has issued a circular declining to transport liquors from any point outside to any inside the State of Iowa unless furnished with 'a certificate showing that the receiver had the right to sell liquor in the county to which the goods were destined. This applies to original packages. News in llrior. Hog cholera has been raging in the northern part of Monona County. The books of the State Treasurer were recently unexpectedly demanded by the Governor, who examined them and found them correct The result showed cash on hand $02,688.51. A hail-storm passed over the northern part of Adams County recently, leaving drifts from eight to nine feet deep, A week after the storm driits over two feet in depth wore found in galleys. John Marcus, of Marshalltown, was killed by tho cars recently. Work has commenced on the foundation of the now. main building of the Davenport Orphans' Home. A. H. Faircbild, of Tama County, has probably the largest flock of sheep and goats in the Stato. He now has nearly 3,500 head on the pasture lands in Howard township. Petitions asking to have the Columbian Exposition closed on Sundays have been circulated by the Presbyterians of the Northern Iowa district. Frank Brown, alias Frank Miller, wanted in Battle Creek, Mich., to answer to a charge of horse-stealing, was arrested at Council Bluffs recently. Fabius Forrester, of Anita, narrowly escaped asphyxiation at Des Moines the other night. He turned out the gas and then turned it on again. .A great well of natural gas has been struck on the farm of J. F. Reece, five miles southeast of Ottutnwa. The Highland Park Normal College at Des Moines formally opened its first term the other day with 305 pupils enrolled. The building was just finished at a cost of $100,000. Prof. O. H. Long well is president. Lightning struck the barn of Dick Hart roan, near Peterson, recently, killing John Wbitmer, a hired man, and burning tfce -barn. A bolt wtauok MJV Hartman on the head, burning a streak to bis toes, but doing no other serious injury. William Ryan, the well-known pork- packer of Dubuque, died the other afternoon after an iUtjess of several weeks. He was about TO years of age. The German baengerbund, of Dubuque, are to build one of the handsomest halls in that city. Over $8,000 had already been subscribed for the purpose. Tho most, successful exhibit of the State fair ever held was the one jost passed. Toe receipts were aJbout $68,000, whkl) is remarkable when i$ is considered .that it rained every day. The expenditures were a WUe less than baH tbo receipts, which shows % great flow A SEW use for electric lights has been revealed by an Idahoati. tr^o says that at homo ho take's tho chcortui little electric bulb to bed With him. Ic koopa him warmer and snugger than all tho rubber helps and tin boilers known, and iho look of it alone on a cold night is, ho thinks, as good as a roaring fire in a room. Ho considers it an altogether goodly thing to have around when tho thermometer is forty degrees bolow zero, ftnd ho many a time goes to sleep with it between his foot. ttow't ThisJ We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward lor any case of Catarrh that can not be cured by taking Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. CUENEY & Co., Props, Toledo, O. Wo, tho undersigned, have known F. J. Cheney lor tho last fifteen years, and believo him perfectly honorable in all business transactions, and financially able to carry out any obligations made by their firm. West & Truax,Wholesale Drugglsts,Tolodo. Wulding, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, Ohio. Hall'o Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly on the blood and mucous sur» ac , 09 of tho system. Testimonials free. Price, 7Bc. per bottle. Sold by all Druggists. IT is difficult for a lady who paints to keep ocr countenance when out iu the rain.— Texas Sif tings. Investments in tlio South. Tho "EvAjrsviLLE ROUTE" will sell tickets from Chicago and all stations on its linos, on Sept. 9 and 83 and Oct. 14, at rato of one fare lor tho round trip, to points in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas. Tickets will bo good for return passage 80 days from date of sala Solid trains are run from Chicago through to Nashville, whoro connections are made in tho Union Depot for through trains running to every citv of any importance in tho South. For pamphlet descriptive of the South or Information as to rates or tickets, address WILLIAM HILL, Gen'l Pass'r and Ticket Agent C. & E. I. R. R.. Chicago. You can generally Ret a point on insect life by making yoxxrsclf familiar with tho bee.—Texas Sittings. Home-Seekers' Excursions via the Chi. cago, St. Paul & Kansas City B'y. On Tuesdays, September 9 and 23 and October 14, 1890, agents of the Chicago, St. Paul and Kansas City Railway will sell Homo-Seekers'Excursion Tickets toprin- cipalpoints in the West, Northwest, South and Southwest at rate of one fare for the round trip, tickets good returning thirty days from date of sale.. For full particulars call on or addrega agents of the Chicaero. St. Paul and Kansas City Railway. • THE day of premise is always, at hand. It is the time of f ulJillment that seems a long way off.—N. O. Picayune. • '' • .... WHO is Dr. A. T. Shatlonbergerl He is a prominent physician of Rochester, Fenna., who graduated at Jefferson Medical Collego in 1847. In 1847 ue announced tho theory that all malarial disease was caused by living germs in tho blood and demonstrated its correctness by his Antidote for Malaria, which cured when all else failed. The microscope now reveals these jgerms, and Physicians accept the fact. If: you have Malaria in your system, get the medicine and be well. THE good die young, but the average boy is making strenuous efforts to live a little longer.—Terro Haute Express. J. H. McVicKER, tho veteran manager of MoVicker's Theater, Chicago, which was destroyed by lire August 26, has his architects at work on plans for an entirely fireproof structure to take tho place of the one destroyed. Iron trusses and steel beams will enter largely into the construction and tho cost of rebuilding 1 will exceed two hun- . dred thousand dollars. We've heard of a woman who said she'd walk five miles. 0 get a bottle of Dr. Piefce's ^avorite Prescription if she :ouldn't get it without. That woman had tried it. And it's medicine which makes itself r elt in toning up the system and correcting irregularities as loon as its use is begun. Go to your drug store, pay 1 dollar, get a bottle and try t—try a second, a third if necessary. Before the third one's been taken you'll know hat there's a remedy to help you. Then you'll keep on and a cure '11 come. But if you shouldn't feel the iclp, should be disappointed n the results—you'll find a guarantee printed on the bot- :le-wrapper that'll get your money back for you. How many women are there vho'd rather have the money han health? And "Favorite 'reacription " produces health. Wonder is that there's a woman willing to suffer when there's a guaranteed remedy n the nearest drug store- Dr. Pierce's Pellets regulate :he Stomach, Liver and Bowels. Mild and effective. No, HELIOOABALCS, tho crewbar la not the place where the crow pleads his caws.— Bingbamton Leader. A Pleasing: Sense Of health and strength renewed and of ease and comfort follows tho use of Syrup of Figs, as it acts in harmony with nature to effectually cleanse tho system when costive or bilious. For sale in BOc and $1.00 bottles by all leading druggists. Tnai'ace isn't always to the swift. Sometimes it is to the pool-sellers.—Rochester Post-Express. No SOAP in the world has ever been imitated as much as Dobbins' Electric Soap. The market is full of imitations. Be careful that you are not deceftwd. "J. B. Dobbins, Philadelphia and New York," is Btamyad on every bar. A TELEPHONE clerk dismissed for inefficiency found that ho had missed his calling. —•Texas Sittings. HARSH purgative remedies are fast giving way to the gentle action and mild effects of Carter's Little Liver Pills, If you try them, they will certainly please you. MONET has some human characteristics. It talks and it gets tight.—Pittsburgh Chronicle. • * PEOPLE Are Killed by Coughs that Bale's Honey of Horehound and J'ar would cure. Pike's Toothache Drops Cure in one minute. IT is easier to livo within your income than it is to live without one.—Boston Courier, FOB any case of nervousness, sleeplessness, weak stomach, indigestion, dyspepsia relief is sure in Carter's Little Liver Fills, J THE MARKETS. NEW YORK, Sept 30. LIVE STOCK— Cattle .......... ja 50 @ 5 00 Sboep ....................... 4 00 <u» 5 S3 Hogs ......................... 480 ©540 FI4OUR— Pair to Fancy ........ 4 00 . 5 40 Mliinesotiv Patents ......... o 85 © 0 35 "WHEAT— No. 8 Ited ............ 1 03&© 1 OS No,3Befl .................... 98 @ 97V COBN— No.3 .................... 60 @ 5flV Ungraded Mixed ........... 65%® 58 OATS— Mixed Western ........ 4-3 ® 48 KYE— Western ................. 6'J @ 71 PORK— Mess .................... 11 50 ©12 25 LARD— Western Steam ........ b 47H '• 0 48 BUTTER— Western Creamery CHICAGO. BEEVES— Shipping Steers... Cows IS @ «3 83 25 @ B 85 1 DO <a 8 a5 2 40 @87S Feeders ...................... 375 <«r300 Buichers 1 Steern ............ 800 <•' » 53 Bulls ........................ 8 W © 8 W 4 US 4 75 HOGS— SHEEP B UTTER— Creamery t.o Choice Dairy 400 300 10 10 <§ BKOOM'COKN J8 ......................... Self-working ............... Crooked. .................. POTATOES (per bu.) .......... 75 LA RD— Steum '.'.*.".'.'.'.".'.'. T...... 0 B2' FLOUB— Spring Patents ....... ftOJ Winter Patents ............. 4 «) Bakers' ...................... 340 461) S No. 3 ye, No. 8 . .............. Barley, No. 2 September MBElt — Si<Ua 43 f 1 , Kl K no $j 00 Board* 13 OU jreapiMg 11 50 Lath—pry !MO «•••••"•' ojy ST. LOUIS. J—Steers »8 83 _;ksrs unU Feeders S 85 -rFuir lo Clipine Heavy., i 5U xed Grades 4 U) IP 400 OMAHA. &S1 OU ©3400 MMMMt — nilW . to Cootoe Cows Stoers. 400 ^440 BAlfER «£ CCV3 I» absolutely pitro •«"<* No ara used la IU prejtotioa. .It h»» mmtthaH three (l~el llm ttreticta »f Cocoa mixed With Starch, Arrowroot i of Sngaf, and Is therefore far h«»* I economical, totting tosi thm «:>e cent la tup. It l» delicious, nourlahiiiXf I strengthening, EABllt iJia-orr.o, I Uiil admirably Adopted for invalid* r _ IM well u for perrons in Sold by Orocors qyarytrhora* W. BAKER & CO* Dorchester, Mass. 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CHESEBROUGH MANUFACTURING CO., 24 State Street, NEW YORK. Can bo easily and perms* neatly reduced iii size ttr one package o ( Dr. Arrmud'a PEniSJB, By mail, securely sealed, £0o. Pamphlet Free. Sample package on* dime. THE) PEUINB CO., »S8 Broadway, H. T. •3-IU1IE TUB FAPSU.TOT Urn. jouwnt*. YOUR FEET JOHN W.MORHIS, Washington, It. O. Suoowafully PROSECUTES CLAIMS. Thousands under the WBW i BLANKS tea applleOn Won. J.B.CBAO,E«t-CO.,lV " - -^S^S 1 rNAMJI THIS PASfcft «wi tin* joamu* OLD CLAIMS Soldiers, Widows, Parents eond t PLICATIONS 4ND INPOBMATJON. ' Ciroulu Bhowlug who «n entitled under FL'.EK. Chicago, HI.,* WiuWj>»lw»,».fi» PENSIONS New 1.AW CLAIMS. St. CHICSBO ATHENAEUM SSI! BUSINESS COUIWBB. Scbuui of huon Ing, Elocution, tiinguaBOB. Eu>. tiiitur* fta til uew builUlng In Jfti ftouwr;. t^Nii MUlCA-MlA-ap*.; ASTHMA ' . 'Will mall nut. . tomvs woTwtait MUB or property, or in straight bualoeaa of rtroos for BJtplwuitory Circular, Mat viwis«,*s|^r& iwW.aSr, »»*

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