Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on May 10, 1971 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 10, 1971
Page 10
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Mobile Heart Watch Unit Is Goal Auxiliary's Tag Day This Friday Workers from St. Ann Hospital Auxiliary will be collecting donations this Friday, May 14, on the streets of Algona and other Kossuth county towns for the annual Tag Day project. If you gave 50£ last year, this would be an ideal time to break loose with a dollar bill. The Auxiliary's goal this year is a mobile heart-watch machine. To reach that goal, donors will have to dig a little deeper in their pockets. The unit costs from $4,000 to $6,000 dollars. The mobile heart-watch monitors heart beat and records the heart pattern- on paper. It will be used at St. Ann in surgery and on heart patients. If the heart should stop, the unit has anelec- trical impluse (defibrillator) to restart the heart beat if possible. Doctors and anesthetists will . \\ \\ ^ A group of St. Ann's Hospital Auxiliary captains for the upcoming Tag Day got together for a planning session recently with hospital administrator Sister Rose Marie. From left to right, Mrs. Charles Hinken, Mrs. Bill Sfuder, Mrs. Tom Buscher, Mrs. Ardeen Sampson, Mrs. Lewis Marshall, Mrs. Craig Smith, Kathleen McEnroe and Sister Rose Marie, O.S.B. In the foreground is one of two Mobile Heart Watch thus be able to keep visual contact with the heart beat during surgery. It will also be available to the emergency room and to all coronary or cardiac patients. The Auxiliary will contribute towards the purchase of the unit by the hospital if the group doesn't hit this big goal. The $4,000 figure is almost double the amount of collections from previous Tag Days, but about 100 women will be doing their best to accomplish the feat. Fourteen captains head up the Algona drive, while Mrs. W. R. Shoenhair is captaining the Bancroft area, as is Mrs. Joe Becker in Whittemore, Mrs. Rita Plathe in Bode and Mrs. Pat Bradley in Burt. Headquarters for the post-anesthesia carts purchoiedby the hoiplfal auxiliary several years ago. Other captains not present were Mn. Don Kingfield, Mrs. Ed Gllmore, Mn. Luke Llnnan, Mrs. Ray Gilbert, Mrs. Everett Barr, Mn. Dwaine Lighter and Mrs. Dan Bray. Mn. Smith and Mrs. Marshall are co-chairmen for the Friday, May 14, event. (Algona Publishing Photo) Tag Day. drive will be in the American Legion building in Algona. Undoubtedly the members of the Auxiliary don't exactly enjoy standing on the streets asking people for money, but they are aware of what their efforts can accomplish. Sister Rose Marie said there have been serveral instances within the past 18 months at our hospital where such a mobile heart unit might have been the difference between life and death. So don't think of a $4,000 dollar machine when you finger your pocket change this Friday. Next Year Registration Soon " ^><«^>^^™^. Pre-Schoolers To Graduate Summer vacation is just around the corner for the classes of St. Thomas Church's Guild Pre-School. The final sessions end Friday, May 21 and the respective mothers are undoubtedly anxious to have their pre-schoolers fulltime again. Most of Mrs. Terry (Dee) McGuire's Tuesday and Thursday afternoon youngsters will graduate to kindergarten next year, so they got together for a sunny-day group photo during one of the last class sessions. In the front row (L. to R.) are Sheri Farrow, Todd Davis, Jeff Klevos, Greg Tornberg, Teddy BEAR . Janet Origer and Annette Gilbride Bradley and Doug Plaehn. Middle row - Kim Immerfall, Timmy Vipond, Chad Thompson, Jennifer Kingfield, Chris Winkel and Jimmy Hutzell. In the third row are teachers Mrs. McGuire, Mrs. C. W. Fairbanks, Molly Willsher, Debbie Esser, Madonna Glaser' and Dawn Mittlieder. Registration for next fall's Guild Pre-School classes will be held Friday, May 14, from 1 to 4 p.m. and Monday, May 17, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at St. Thomas Episcopal Church, 213 East Call Street. (Algona Publishing Photo) Congratulations to the track team for their fine first place showing in the Bulldog relays Sat., May 1. Way to go, Bears! GHS Wednesday, May 12, will bring back memories with "Those were the days my friend" as the clothing and homemaking class present their annual fashion show. Father Stapenhorsts Religion classes and the Shop and Food's class will also participate in Display Night. GHS "Everything was beautiful!" Sucli were the sighs that escaped the lips of the Coffeehouse per!"!•!!•'"• ". it finished with a smashing success. A special thank you to everyone who helped with the Coffeehouse in anyway. GHS Curtis Hustrulid, an FBI agent from Sioux city, shared some of his ideas and experiences with various classes last Thursday, April 29. GHS Sighs of relief were heard from the juniors now that prom is finally over. All those last minute things finally did get done. Right, Fran? The banquet was at 6:30 followed by the dance with music provided by the Notorious Noblemen. GHS A pep rally was held Friday, April 30, in support of our track team. A plaque of appreciation was presented to "Papa Bear" Battani. The sophomore class also presented Mr. Stence with a gift for his fine job of coaching this year. GHS Monday, May 12, the GHS golfers will be traveling to Fonda for a C.Y.O, Golf Tournament. GHS A weekend of champions was held Sunday, May 2, at Dodger Stadium in Fort Dodge featuring one of the all time greats, Bart Starr. Friday in a general assembly, athletes participating in the event, spoke to the student body on the meaning of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. The highlight of the assembly was world trampolinist George Hery, performing some of his famous feats. GHS "I can't sit down," groans the girls who have been practicing with the drill team. The girls have been working after school to get the routines down pat. The girls are also looking forward to the possibility of going to camp this summer. Think instead of the critical four- minute period alter your heart stops before brain damage occurs. And just hope you're hooked onto this complicated little machine. - AUXILIARY MEETING- Don't forget the general meeting of the St. Ann Hospital Auxiliary to be preceded by dessert May 18 at 7:30 p.m. at the Algona Country club. Bridge and "500" will be played following the meeting. Reservations must be in to Mrs. LeRoy Strohman by Saturday, May 15, phone no. 295-2564. 10 - Kossuth County Advance Monday, May 10, 1971 GHS The band will present its final concert of the year Monday night, May 10 at 8:00. GHS Concert Chorus will be going on tour Tuesday, May. 12. The , choir will perform at ;EmmetsT burg, Granville Spalding, and Alrr ton during the day. Selections from Coffeehouse and the Sacre Concert will be used for the program, „• ,. _' i GHS ,' Speaking of choruses, the Swing Choir will be giving their final concert, Thursday, May 13. The Swing choir will also perform for a C. Y. 0. benefit in Royal, Iowa, on May 25. GHS Has anyone noticed the pretty flowers outside room 39? Alas, the dandelions have made their spring appearances. GHS PONDERANCE: I'm so glad lam! State Senate Summary By State Senator Wayne Keith The most important issue discussed in the Senate last week was how to get our business cleaned up and adjourned for the first half of the 64th General Assembly, our goal is the last of May. The main emphasis between now and then will be in three areas; tax measures which are on the calendar in the Senate, appropriations and reapportionment. Nearly all of the appropriations sub-committee hearings have been held and bills are presently being drafted so that we can soon be acting upon the major appropriations. As chairman of the transportation sub-committee on appropriations, we have completed all of our hearings. We have considered ten appropriation measures varying from a few thousand dollars to more than $120,000,000 in state expenditures. There is a feeling on the part of the general public that we ought to move faster with appropriation bills but it takes a great deal of time on the part of the sub-committees to hold the hearings and to come to conclusions as to the amoung of money that the various department and divisions of government shall be authorized to spend in the next two years. This process is far more difficult when the finances of the state are critically i ow Action taken in the Senate during the last week has centered around passing the Soil conservancy bill, this bill would establish six districts in the watershed areas of Iowa and try to slow down the erosion of our important top soil within our state. " The Senate also completed one of the final steps in the hog cholera eradication program. This step would require Iowa- produced pigs to be ear-tagged when they are sold any other place than to market. Imported pigs presently have to be ear-tagged. The bill requires all pigs to be ear-tagged. I Board Proceedings I ••••• • ••••••««...*£ Kemna Motor Co., BOARD PROCEEDINGS 7TH DAY APRIL 1, 1971 REGULAR APRIL SESSION The Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment. Present were Lawrence Newbrough, Chairman, and E. J, Kollasch, Ivan Parrott, Andrew Reislng and George Weringa, Absent: none, It was motioned that the following bills be allowed and paid. SECONDARY ROAD FUND PD R.O.W. to M. T, McGulre . . , ,2229.23 Leonard A. Schultz . . 249.92 Leonard Schultz , . , . .1050.50 T. C. Tokheim etal . . 309,97 Leonard A. Schultz . . 275.40 Inez Ramse etal , , , . 185,00 Martha Elckelcamp . . 490.48 Jean L. Shey 711.44 Walter Crahan 921.75 Walter Bradley 306.00 John Simon etal 378.14 Wm. Runchey etal ..... 856.50 Harry Thomann , 857.71 Mabel Shorey 905.91 Carl Badje 536.04 Emll Thllges 1108.39 Roger Bufflngton etal . .. .306.00 Marie T. Ford 730.49 Marilyn Rock 324.00 Willis Cotton . . . . . . . 281.25 Dean Swanson ......... 67.50 Walter Benjamin 1445.48 Carl Badje etal ....... 1094.71 Walter Benjamin 1144.01 Gladys Chrlstensen etal.. 100.00 Charles Kollasch 675.82 Tom Hlgglns etal 221.25 Geo. Greln etal 717.38 Badje Bros. 1106.98 Badje Bros. 1099.21 Joseph Rahm 289.11 Clayton & Esta Angle . . . 639.00 Robt. & Rich. Kain .... 506.52 Phillip Arndorfer 455.51 John Paulson . . . 45.00 Richard Mather etal . . . 125.00 Nick Arndorfer etal . .. 1018.59 Donald Crawford etal .. . 782.45 Nick Arndorfer etal ... . 272.16 John Kutschara 1134.84 Wm. Phelps 353.25 Daisy Erkkila etal 45.00 Irvin Huskamp etal . . . ..956.75 Kenneth Marty . ...... 893.48 Marie Marty '.- ....... 935.27 Marian'Marty 856.13 Douglas Wildin' ; . ;'- '. . . 560.84 SECONDARY ROAD 1 BILLS' ' ' CONTINUED " ' Jensen's Pioneer & Repair, Repairs 185.53 Truck 5109.00 W. E. Ley Motor Co., Parts 39.95 Kemna Motor Co., Parts ..43.64 P & M Stone Co., Supplies 44.56 Fort Dodge Mach, Co,, Supplies 90,33 Reutzel's Garage, Supplies 2.00 Koch Bros., Supplies . , . 171.40 LuVerne Bldg. Co., Supplies 64 Carpenter & Son, Supplies 7.98 Specialty Machine & Mfg. Co., Supplies ..... . 12.25 Herman Brown Co., Supplies 360.78 Wheeler Lbr. & Supply, .-. Supplies 2988.25 No. Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas 20.03 Thermogas Co., Algona, Gas 347.42 Bancroft Register,Notice..18.52 la. Elec. Light & Pwr., Elec 30.62 la. State Hwy. Comm., Supplies 41.82 Richard P. Henely, Expenses 18.75 Sleg-Ft. Dodge Co., Supplies ......... 409.23 Certified Elec. Div., Supplies 44.80 Fritz Newbrough, Labor.. 144.00 Merryman Bridge Const., Proj. LB 903509 5024.13 Electronic Specialties, Equip. & Installation.. 2327.60 NW Bell Tel., Tel 117.92 Dukehart-Hughes Co., Supplies 74.06 Ellsworth Lumber Co., Supplies 39.64 Leighton Supply Co., Supplies 4.98 Mid Equip. Corp,, Supplies 606.88 la. Machinery & supply Co., Supplies 23.95 Hancock Co. Treas., Taxes 235.69 Coast to Coast, Supplies . 10.79 Van Horn Enterprises Inc., Supplies 400.00 Cowan Corp., Supplies ... 175.08 Jo^'Bradley Equi^.; • ' " supplies .": ! .";..;'.. .27.40' Trupke Elec., Repairs . . . 44.93 Ternes Garage, Repairs... 62.49 Martin's Garage, Repairs 322.85 Goplerud Lubricants, Inc., Supplies 223.91 Pederson-Sells Equip. Co., Supplies 21.87 Brown Supply Co., Supplies 466.31 Cummins Mid-West Co., Supplies 113.52 H & N Chev. & Buick Co., ^PPUes 3.89 Marshalltown Mfg. Co., Supplies 60.34 John J. Butler, Supplies , . 17.25 Hilton's Sinclair, Supplies 831.99 Dudley-Jones Inc., Supplies. 3.30 Farmer's Coop. Elev,, Supplies 269.15 West la. Tel. Co., Tel. . . 6.40 Bltz Small Engines, Repairs . ....... 128.70 Alberts Oil Co., Supplies 2.58 Slifer Mfg, Co., Supplies ........ 85.40 Barclay Company, Supplies 231.38 Cook's Inc., Supplies . . 266.49 George's Body Shop, Services 70.00 Sun Oil Co., Fuel 80.05 la. Elec. Light & Pwr., Ele c 84.30 United Bldg. Centers Inc., Supplies B.21 Algona Auto Repair, Repairs 24.25 Town of West Bend, Elec 66.33 Gen. Tel. Co., Midwest, Tel 9.93 Central la. Rural Tel., Tel. 27.59 D.E.K. Rural Elec., Gibbs-Cook Equip. Co., Supplies 121.59 Standard Oil, Fuel 5.37 K & H Coop Oil Co., Supplies 1228.59 Henderson Machine Works, Repairs 152.86 Motorola Inc., Radio . . 1078.00 Johnston Automotive, Repairs 23.17 Mason City Blueprint, Supplies 1.90 United Bldg. Centers, Inc., Supplies 3.24 Algona Imp. Co., Parts 50 Lone Rock Coop. Tel. Co., Tel 25.22 Blair Welding, Repairs . 35.80 Frank Fisher Chev., Repairs 11.33 North Cent. Pub. Serv., Gas 119.20 Bancroft Mun. Util., Elec. 19.85 POOR FUND Wm. Wagner, Shelling . . . 12.25 Standard Oil, Fuel 725.21 Algona Imp. Co;, Parts . .. 23.72 Coast to Coast, ...,;.' Supplies & Refrig 362.96 Lindsay Soft Water, Supplies 37.00 Miller Lumber, Supplies .. 23.72 N.W. Bell, Tel 38.27 Rusk Drug, Medical .... 33.80 Honsbruch Drug, Medical 329.64 Fullerton Lbr. Co., Supplies 9.66 Louis Schumacher, Repairs . 133.13 Dept. of Health, Ins. . . . 66.60 Dust-Tex Serv., Supplies 17.60 Sec. Road, Transfer . . . 4628.48 C. Harold Peterson, Meetings 10.00 Orkln Exterm. Co., Supplies 22.90 Kossuth Co. ASCS, Fee . .. 10.00 A. E. Brlggs, Haircuts . . . 14.50 Gage Food Prod., Supplies .......... 37.83 Long's Dairy, Food .... 159.25 Swanson's, Food 153.75 Colonial Baking, Food . .. 67.65 Ervin Emick, Food .... 17.70 Thermogas Co., Algona, Fuel 58.19 K & H Coop Oil, Fuel . . 75.12 Bernard Thilges, seed .. 258.72 Welp's Mill, Feed 32.00 Whittemore Coop Elev., Supplies 331.80 State of Iowa, ADC, Blind, Emergency & Disabled 4650.56 Payroll Fund, Poor 2421.36 Marvel Immerfall, Mileage 34.80 William Boettcher, Rent Roelf Miller 40.00 Richard Moe, Rent Rose Hahle 45.00 Judd St. John, Rent Earl Stelnman 30.00 Mrs. Geo. Jentz, Rent Marie Denton 35.00 Hlllcrest Apts., Rent Ken Coles 35.00 E. J. Kollasch, Mileage Joe Duboskl 63.60 Glen Parcel 65.20 Mrs. Walter Adams, Mileage Ray Walker . . 15.00 Fern Robinson 15.00 Marvel Immerfall, Mileage Joe Duboskl 65.30 K & H Coop, Fuel Herman Boeckholt.... 48.54 People's Natural Gas, Fuel, Patrick King .... 15.94 Bancroft Mun. Util, Elec., Joe Rapp 8.65 Town of Whittemore, Elec., Myrtle Frost 72.54 Dan L. Bray, M. D., Medical Linda Schmidt 20.00 Rusk Drug, Medical Grace Adams 8.35 Ueweda Alvey 12.75; Chas. Fletchall 14.49; Audrey Frye 32.55; Chris. Hanson 8.98; Anna Ste- britz 1.65; Anne WeisnaarB.OO Jos. M. Rooney, M.D., Med., Ueweda Alvey 25.00 Welp Drug, Medical; Ueweda Alvey 14.45, Ed Sifert 1.25, Grace Ramus 2.74, Pete Bruer 9.05 CONTINUED ON . NEXT PAGE JUST LIKE THESE DUCKLINGS OUR YOUNGSTERS SOON GROW UP AND LEAVE HOME LOOKING FOR OPPORTUNITY. LET'S HELP THEM FIND IT HERE AT HOME THROUGH A STRONG ECONOMY! Let's work together so that our children will find opportunity her* in th. warmth olour own community. To make our community strong, we must trad* at horn*. When we strengthen our community through trade we are building an economy that can provide iuture opportunities for sons and daughters ... and for ourselves, HELP BUILD YOUR OWN COMMUNITY ... Shop at home! Start NOW to Save for Your Future • 1 Year Certificates: 5Vi% per annum interest compounded quarterly. • 90 Day Certificates: 5% per annum interest compounded quarterly. • .Savings Accounts: 4V4% per annum interest accrued, compounded, and credited daily. The SECURITY STATE BANK ALGONA, IOWA "ALGONA'S FRIENDLY PROGRESSIVE BANK" WITH OFFICE IN LuVERNE

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