The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina on April 8, 1891 · Page 1
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The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina · Page 1

Raleigh, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 8, 1891
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4V. -I f i ' ! .: r-: , ,.f;; . I ';. Jf ' : l j .1 .jj.f-.: ! i ' H h f- 1 : A a r AN A3 VI I f. YYY RALEIGH, N. C, WEDNESDAY MORNING. APRIL S.ISy. NO. 70 O E jr. .; r OlVI3 ENJOYS " Both the method and results 'when Syrup oK Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts rently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels,! cleanses the sys-. tern effectually, dispels colds, head- u f aches and fevers and cures habitual constipation, i Syrup of Figa is the . tmly remedy of its kind ever pro-faced, pleasing to the taeio and ac- . ceptable to the stomach; prompt in Its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have' made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50c and $1 bottlesTby all leading drug-f gists. 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'Fancy Eoyal Eating r Prunes; Kraporated I Apples and Blackberries; Four Crown off Stem Eaisins at 13cts per lb, i CRAWFORD YELLOW I MARYLAND PEACIIES, 8-pomnd caus 30c WHTTK PEACHES in HEAVY 2YRUP. i 3-pound cans S5cta. ! 'i YIRaiNlA ROYAL SWEET, SUGAR i corn, . I t, n lcti per can., fl.BO per dozen, i NORTH CAROLINA MORNING DEW 1 WHOLE; TMOATOE3, i ' 8-pound cans at 15 cts. ?'. f j.- .-j . j ' ' J" C ' VORTH CAROLINA EXTRA CnOICE 1 i APPLES AND STRING DEANS, 1- ! W, O.1 & H. B. Stronaoh1 auocKRH. nKFim and candy i MANUKAOTUUKUH. JJE3T BEE AD III TUB STATE : Hot Holli Evtrj Atnoon. PIES & CAKES 1 ProU IUkl Evsry Dy. i I EALTKD UUaTKll AND NEWPORT The lope lleaetl at thei SlUo fil 1 tion. j . f , . By Telegraph to the News ian Observer. Kome. March 8. At receptic given to toe uouege oi uaram&is to-(t at the Vatican, his HoUneM, tl e rope, asked Archbishop Walah wl 0 wai also present, for the news in m gr to the situation of political at d ruiigiovs ansirs in ireiana. j . Pope expressed great satisfaction tne result or tne recent election icr a successor to the late Pete.r ;Mc Donald, as representative!' iu i'irlia meat of North Sligo, f whenl' tbe ParneUite '.candidate, AMIrmaa Vul entice B. Dillon, of Batrinda, Ward ct uuoiin, was deleated by th3dac Oarthvie Candidate, Alderman JBer uard Collery,of Sligo. I His Holiaet spoke with pleasure and admiraticL of the united action taken bypiej Irish bishops, and expressed himself as being in warm sympathy with the Irialr people, adding that he anxious ly hoped that the Irish people would maintain confidenca in themsl?tB and i'x their country in spite oiYtLe present trils and difilcaltie tc T iich Ireland ac d the Iriih were unfortunately snbjected. . . I : - - ':' I ' ' .' - Cold WcatUer iu Florida, r By Telegraph to the News aai DbserVsi i VVASHiKUTosr, April 7. At ll:30j a. m. today the special wlatter ibul-1 ie:iu signal cmce iurnisnea tne;ioi lowing special bulletin to, the prets Tne condition of the unusually Howl temperatare mentioned in tfce special bulletin of vettcidav arl nrfivailir.o set nonhern Florida 4n -SoutJtriiS ueorgia nas movea sou n war a ano -bis morning extetds over the wholtl of Florida, producing, except initht! extreme northern poition the qold I est weather ever knows there at -thi reason ox the year. The minimuor JuDiter a ure at Titusviile, Taipa piter ai d Jiey Wessatre 3i. t 68, 33 and 54 degrees respectively, being from 7 to li degrees lower than an? previously recorded duritg Apiil , rxuimg irosts occurrea tau nicricg as far south as Jupiter Inlet, . atd i is probable that the early-fruits fane vegetables throughout this .secfiicij hare been severely injured. tj v : V i ! ' i' : The Itevolutiau iu Val FuraLo. By Cable to the News and Observer. Panama, April 7-Passenger? just arrived by , a steamer from, Va Paraiso declare that the cause of tht revolutionists is 'making progress. They assert that in the city, of i Wi Parai8Q the sentiment in favor of the revolutionary party is becjming yerj strong. It was pretty generally ex- arrival of the fleet, that the troop now adhering to the Balmaceda gov-; ernment would renounce: their aile siance and go over to the opposition. Is i3 arcrried that Balmaceda realizes that his cause is waning from ' tht j fact that ho is recruiting, his. farcer from the nrisons. The-reports of rSlli which" have reached the outsidtl world, thesoj passengers declare! have been much exaggerated, fl ' -1 Resident Harrison to yisit Texa Bv Tegraph to the News and Obaer t. i Nbw OaLEANS, April f.A.5!imei Democrat Qa'veston i sjpecial jE,ays: Mavor Fulton yesterday lent a, imeaVj sage to the city counsel -reciting thf fact that President Harrison:; anf a ai8iinguisneu parky; wuuiu here on the 18th inst and lemaip until the 20;h. iAs this ;was thf fiftf time in the history oi me dli auu city that th j Chief Magistrate of the of the btate and Vatinn had eston bj a visit, he soggested thatj the council take such action as was necessary to accord the Jrty Tf ception commensurate; with: the giandcur ana aigmty ox ine di?b u. PnlitniniPf f em ftrA nrtw hfi ig taken and the presidential party Will D 8lTen n Kruu lwpuwui jiir . &..m -i vii Kv iiiaI Gen. Butler 1 aid tn uU py Hi? Government. . By Telegraph to the News and Observer. -' Washikgtost, April $7. Gen. Bj. F. Butler, of Massachasetts, re'eeiva rrnm thtk TTnited States :i Treasury to day $27,000 in I settiemenjt oi ai claims growing out of j f he PhrchsjeJ by the govemmeni oi,ine proper nmmfA h him at the corner of New; JC"SAelttl h & larcre eranite building; whic will hereafter be used for the workjo Congress. 4- Smashed Both llandsv; By Telegraph to the News 4nd Observer. KtiAir ivi PiTia. Wash!'. Mar. 7 Geo; Webber, of. St. Paul, and young namrmv . of the Calla Light Weights fought 17 rounds before the MbWiic (Jlab last night lor a purre ox onu. At the end of the 17th round; Deif ley threw up the fight, the hones both hands having hesh ' broken. The llebaQ on Tobacco. Dj Tlegrapb to ths Nsws fc'tul 0Urser, Washinotok, April 7.-cr thomand olaims for rebate ltd bttcoo hiTO boon paid by thil United States Trr Mtirer today. Trvero verio fthont 20,000 of theiS clalrni boforo tbo l)apir(mentrsingaqj!jiirngo rUf Tlwi)h toHls News ixA Otsrvr j l.w. . m a .? S m- si ... AtlamtAi us,. Msron 7 -rwrsi(?r Colquitt is not argareuiiy;.M we-l.nt Is In a uottrr 'condiUftn ihtn when lis left Wftihlr c.'on. HOY. 1 FOWLE DEAD, (HE EXPIRED SUDDENLY M- - LAST NIGHTS m II e Had ; Been Indisposed Duriug: i'tbe Iay Suflerlnar With Iiidigref- jtion, Bat Ills ;Complalut Wr s iJlOt Serious Deat h and Witboi-t .Cronies Suddenly jWarninff. ; . Governor Daniel G. Fowle "di d juddenly last night at the Governoi's I f -! - ,i ansion at 11:30 o'clock. 1 , " i ! I flhe announcement of hia death will be a profound shock to the public as lie has been in unusually good jitklth up till yesterday when he complained of indigestion and did not come down to the executive office jk3U8Ual. 1 f I His trouble was considered as on It temporary however, and he complained only of indigestion. During hfeday a question of law came up kad was discussed by the council of tate and it was decided to await P4t..Fow1's -opinion Upon it. On u(juiry a messiige was reoeiyed from hi4 mat! he was feeling improved aJ " would be down at the ifliecutive office tnis morning. Ui. Fowle remained in his apart-Indits ; l all day ytsterday at the mansion and most of the day was in bed! but Vesteraay evening! he Ifelt o i much better that he arose and was up till about 10-30 o'clock when he retired for the nigac - ' ' WEARING ZH.& CRlLD&Vi'a LESSONS. s Before, Uhe Governor retired his family were around him in his chan oetf andf he' was . ecgagei lei home time in hearing the ltwsons ci bis two jounger children Mary acd lan. At that time he manifested everj indication of feeling well and natn Jral and seemed to take an interest in he pastinLe cf, hearing the children's iotons V-! ; ..; y ; i. 1 About half past ten o'clock tie 'joking people all retired for the ,a;ght little dreaming that the Jngel of death was; hovering ,r ie4r.. Tnere was then no reason to Inspect that the Governor was at all hin well, he having manifested such lirouud Lim. ! - KA.NG THE XLECTBXO BELL. Ifithinjabout three-quarters of an, liour, about 11:15 o'clock, the Gov farnbr rang the electric button in his bhamber, whi jh communicated with ithat in ; which, were the youLg peo ple. OA-J,.-.. I tlis daughter Mary answered tht fbelf and when rhe came he rdmarkeu Sthat he had mag two or three timee -indjaid he was feeling badly acd : )TouldiiaTe to ask her to sit up with him for a while. I ( His daughter Miss Helen camt in I in a few minutes and soot after her entran-e the Governor said Ifeel faint?' She turned and got a iowell which she saturated witL cold water and returned to his bed side, but as sne did so it was at once noticeable that a sudien change for the worse Lad quickly set in. Us t uw - fw minutes. time Miss Helen, 'Miss Satterthwaite her cousin who is visiting her and Ms3 Mary and Master Din. 7 I HEART TROUBLB THE CAUSE. Death! was probably . caused bj nekralffiaof the heart or a sudden appoplectic attack; although a phy sfdian who knew the Govenor weli stated last nizht shortely after his statea last mgnt snorteiy nr m fa h g d . complained of any organic heart trouble j KOTBS OF OA YET Y HUSHED. 'The news of the cad event did not sriread over the city till more than d j , ftboTlk ont) o'doct the intelligence was carried to the ball lpom at the Uapuai (jlub, whre tbe Domino ball was in progress. The sad news spread like a pall over that gay scene, lhe notes of the music were hushed, and the rev- elers, with awe-stricken faces,8topped nuu 4uicnj leu sue hall. f- ; VISITOES AT THE MAKSI0N. I As the news spread many friends repaired to the mansion, a number who bad retired ior the night arose ind repaired to the mansion. Among those who hastened there at once were the State officers, Treaiu'er Bain, Secretary Coke. Auditor Ssnderlio. Attorney Oeneral Davidson, Judges of the Supreme Court and others. Thft Counoil of State held a con-ieronoa after mldgnlght. L1KUTKNAMT O0Y. HOLT 8UMM0XED, A ffeotlemtn who hesrd of the death shortly before 1 o'olook sent nottto Ltsat. uot, Holt tdTiilog him of ths iaew!,and ho ii ex-1 " .rV m a I u 1 f T ak 0 ,cb a rg I ins me nad bosn ipsrfd to mke I r 01 )Tl rhWe tC aM f Wfll Prf0Ot, WhOrt .l- Hf l u a " , '-',L" dent Uarnor nai icuioa m bun i v h at. fiorth.vVir..BaUh f the. jarlf thero.woa dn'l b. l!o :H7 tika Hidden lakli.. ff Tt U. SnOOgb Ml 0 01 D l JM I UUrj eola Sif Fowl wain u 14mi w ' to b0 Ww 01 c'sr,u h ' ? close upon the death of Col. W. Ij. O S O A m iia aannaers, oecreutry oz otate, ps a profound shock and overshadowing calamity. GOVERNOR FOWLK. Govenor Fowle was one of Korth Carolina's most gifted and . distin (oiahed sons and has for years been a prominentjfigurein her history. He vm born f.t Washington in Beufort jounty March 3rd 1831 and was just ptsw his sixtieth birthday. He was vail preserved and active and to all ippearence hearty and hale for! his age. ! lie was a graduate of Prince on, : in hiving taken his degree there 1351. He studied, law under Judge Pearson two Years, and was admitted ;o the bar in 1853, and in 1854 set- Lea in uaieigu. in moo, ne mar cied Ellen Brent, daughter . of Hon. it. M. Pearson, who died in! 1862, saving two children, Margaret j now the wife of Mr. Jf . H. Andrews and Martha, the wife of Mr. D. B. Avera. H 1866, he married Mary E., da.ngh-ter of Di. F. J. Haywood, of f this city, who died in 1886, leaving; now surviving her three children Miss Helen, Miss Mary and Master Pah. We psss over Gov. Fowle' s record as a peerless and brilliant Democratic leader, which will appear at a later day. On June 30, 1888,' he was uominated by the State Democratic Covention for Governor of Korth Carolina and after a brilliant canvass of the State he was elected bj a handsome majority. He was inaugurated January 17th, 18891 j. His administration which! has come to such untimely closed wii one of unswerving devotion to the welfare of the State and of unquestion ability and brilliancy and his taking away will be mourned from one; end of North Carolina to the other. ) THE VUfflBAL. ij . The funeral will be held, on ijbun-day. The body will lie in stake tc - day at the Capitol under Guard 'of Honor.. u-. ' -11 ! ' "'' '"i ' -.! ! ' SaT.raoT'tOuTdi AtUaUoa. W You are hereby ordered to meet at your armory at 8 o'clock this morn- ing.. - ij By order of captain '- P. T. Barnum Dead, jj , By Telecraph to the News and Obserrarl Bbidgbpobt, Conn., April 7.-Dr. C. C. Godfrey, who has been hi attendance upon P. T. Barnum all night, said at 10 o'clock this morning that the veteran showmah was fast declining and ' his death may te md pulse weie growing weakcil Up co 10 o'clock this morning he re mained conscious at times and recognized those about his bedside.! Dr. Godfrey aroused hi m soon after i 8 o'clock and told him that the city had gone Republican in yesterday's election, to which Mr. Barnuin replied "I am glad.". He thirk3 st ihis tinie that Mr. Barnum cannct last till midnight. Barnum's Jaugh- er has been trlegraphed lor ami will reich here this morning. Bridgeport. Conk., Arri 7. Phineas T. Barnum is dead. The Situation In Europe. By Cable to ths News and ObserTer. J Lonpox, April 7. -AdTicfes received from several of the principal jpitals of Europe show that the po litical situation on the Continent is regarded as serious by leadirg States -nen and diolomats. Several iignifl- cant moves hTe been made during . . j mi. - a.: .1.. tae past lew aays. ine cnon,w tui Russian authorities in doubling the itrentth oi the uussian iorces in Valmvnia is eravelv discussed! The neatest activity prevails among the troops garrisoning ine principal iur - tified nlaces in France; troops ire I being continually drilled in the usual l iniliiary tactics, and in addition they I have been subjected to a seines of i uw w .uvgv - "--j-- sudden night aiarns, betokening the anmoaehof theehemv, in such order! to test their ability, to rapidly !re - spend to the call to repel the foe. j Rttta.Pk5TH. ADril 7. The Pes- tViAr T.lnvd nubushes an article today atatinir that accordinz to semi - offi - cial news, which has been received from Berlin, the general European condition is regarded in the German capital as threatening. j j Pool Boom to be Opened in - Memphis. - j ! I r Telegraph to the News and Observer. 1 - jjaShvILLb, xeuu., April .r-A jk-mtneJK tViat. s r n mKar rt m an . IB 1DU01IVV W HW ViVVS . w m y who heve heretofore condacied pool tl. . itw will Ani . Anm rOOWS n mi" w. . j 1 vtiBii;" v"" in Memphis at the races, ind eu-dearor to make books, thi- object to test the constitutionality of sn act recently passed by the General I Assembly confining all betting Jon races to the traoKS in woipn tne races are in progress. The old law gsve raea raefis run in tbe Ststs, but itheintw laws give no suoh rights. " i ' . . ' .1, M ffi V 7 nf ' oawid t U tomorrow, when tbi proi; 0,;b7gVn to nllj Snndaj tnS con 9A?ft 1 MS1' ll i?tloa will oloss it. srguments, and ?i.t;llBpSv2 T a (oar thomndgassts . rsipcttdsd EXCITING. TIMES YESTEUDAY OVER THE CHICAGO MUNICIPAL, ELECTION. Other Municipal Elections at Variolous Points Most of the Returns Show Democratic Victories. By Tele rraph to the News and Observer. Chticago, March 7. The polls opened at 0 o clock and a sery heavy vote was polled early. The vest pocket vote waj unusually large, and no prognostication of the result is of ahy . value. Tne day opened With a fight in the 1st ward, j A ticket peddler for Harrison was set upon and his tickets torn up. A general fight followed. Voting in this ward seemed to be straight republican and straight democrat. Late last night 200 warrants were sworn out for the arrest of persons illegally register ed and put in the hands of deputy sheriffs to eerve. As was to be expected, in view of this many-sided aad heated contest, there were nu merous fijhta m the rougher wards, increasing as the day progressed ,ln an altercation in the first ward this morning one man was shot anl dau-gerously wouaded. Ah under-siz:d ticket peddler for -Elmer Washburn lenta frontier air to the polling place at which he was stationed by appearing with a huge revolver Strapped outside 0 his coat. Early m the day one of the "heelers" for the opposition candidate set upon him and destroyed his tickets. The revolver was notice to the big ruth u not to repeat the performance, and he did not. ' j WILD .WITH EXCIXEMEXT. ' By Telegraph to the News and Observer. Chicago, April 7.Xhe city is wild with excitement and the streets have not presented such scents since the Cleveland and Maine election. There are 547 voting precincts m the city and 300 precincts give Oregltr 23,605, Harrison 21,444, II. W'ash-urn 27,658, E. Washburn 187, Morgan 763. : 1 Mictaigpan Republican. By Telegraph to the N iwt aul Obsorvor. Detroit, Mich., April 7. The returns from yesterday a election so far received indicate.; that the Jie-publicaas have c-irried i the State by 5,000 plurality. There ara many districts still to bo heard from, however, and the vote may iun conslder- terial change. In themuncipalelec-tioha in the larger citifs, the Demo crats held their own audi made large gains. Grand Rapids, Saginaw, Bay City, Lansing, Marshall, Adrian, Monroe, Pontiac, EaSon Eapids, Mason, Hastings, St. Clair, Sault, Stemare, Marine City,1 Mnskeyena, hagmare, ,Manrster,j Chebygaa, Ionia and Menonine Willi elect Demo oratic mayorswhile the Republican candidates were saccesiol in Cattle Creek, Hillsdale, Charlotte, Grand Haven, Lapeer, Upsiianti, Flint, Big Rapids, fort Huron, Jackson, Kalamazoo and Corunna. . .. v : i 1 ' -; EvausviUe's Muuici pal Election. By Telegraph to the New "and Obserr. Evanbviue Ind., April 7 At a hotly contested municipal elf ction yesierdaythe followirg were elected a Board of Public Works : J-i Bear- borough and M. Stanchfiebi, Ri-pub licans, W. M. Madden, Damocra Treanurer, J. McUinr-ucn, vcm; eratr Survevor. A. Pafflin. Repub lican; Water Works ill Trustee, F. Urate, uemocrat. The Federal Court Took JurLdic 1 i 1 By Tekgraph to the News and Observer. Ghaklestonv S. C. April 7. L he case of the State vs. Cposaw Mining Company was cilled up in the U. S. t--" - - Court this mormog. Judge Semon- ton after examining the records as 1 sumed iurisdicton of the case and I ordered i it docketed in court nHet to the rieht of the State to I haVe it remanded to the State court. 1 The hearine was postponed until to morrow. Connecticut's Secretary of State. By Telegraph to the News and Olwerver. IIirtford, Conn., April 7, Attorney Hamersley, counsel for State Comptroller Staub, filed in the Supe rior Court this evening an answer to the applicatioh of the Executive sec- retary, Austin uramara. ine P- Austin lirainara. ine , wfonmwJd I Wilt OI manu to show; cause why tne amus shonld not issue against Staub. The answer denies gerTicet wiU conducted at the As-that Brainard is executive secretary Rn;MeOT1i church bv iEsr. and that Uttlk-eiey is uovernor auu Si?kb5knumonr,5 J?J IVZSZi Ko date has been fired for a hearing. The Klucaia-laulbee Case. Br Tslegraph to ths Nsws aad Obwrvsr. . . . in ' t md WASHINGTON. D. U., April 7. Arguments for the defenco in the Kinoald-Taulbee oase wero conoludod to la, after whion lh 00Wt (4U to thi caw will bo inbmittod to the UoUl far huropo. j TsWranh to ths News and 0brm. ivir VoitK. ADr 1 7, TUlrlfUi iianilrad thousand dollafs 1 in sold was ordsred lot iniptovni arops toiayrroWi A Dangerous Counterfeit. By Telegranb to the News and Obeerr ir. WASHINGTOS.Aoril 7.Tha conn terfeit two dollar silver certifllbate, heretofore ' described in these dis patches, is causing considerable trouble at the Treasury Departnjent. Not more than twenty of these cpud-terfeits have come into the hands Jf the treasury officials. The exteit of their circulation, however, is not known, as " they bear so close 1 1 re-eemblance to the genuine note that they cannot be readily detected , except by experts. The issue of the regular series of two dollar silver certificates has been suspended, and arrangements are being made for the issue of a substitute. The original bears the portrait of Gen. Hancock, and the substitute will have thai of Secretary Windom. ' While the old series have not been called in, none of the notes of that series coming into the treasury will , be .reissued. The department is also considering cue aavisaouuy oz discontinum use of distinctive paper on whic government notes and secaritie now printed. A commission has appointed to investigate the manu tacture and use of paper, and to port whether the interests of the go ernment require any additiunal safe guards m that respect. I' iu stated b iiie uepariment tnat the paper now in use nas never yet been ces8fnlly imitated, ' and that no sue- fears are entertained in that respect, is fel however, that no harm cah come irom : efforts intended to re move all possible doubt on the sub ject. Pairuell Married. By Cable to ths News and Observer. Loifuox, April 7.The lady td whjm riinell is said to .iavebeei bej.i privately married since th O ihea divorce suit is the elde?st Jaaghter cf Mrs. O Shea. The ex re me privacy with which the cere ibony was performed is attributed U ;Ue luct that the young lady is a ware! n chancery. Although sheis twenty one fears of age the marriage couh' r-ot be lawfully solemnized without tiie aasent of the. courts, and by' hn iction Parnelllay8 himielf open to e prosecution. Several Parnellite members ef the House of Commons affect to. believe that although they den) j any knowledge of the facts that Pr-I nell's unlawful commerce with Mrs.! O'Shea, and that hia secret visits to. the home of O'Shea ' were made for the purpose of meeting the daughter whom he jnarjriedjvithMthe consent supposed to know the truth of the matter, when quesuonea in regara to the marriage, declare their ignor ance of 1 the whole affair. UaptJ O' Shea's friends treat the story as a stupid canard Municipal Election in OhloJ By Telegraph to the News and Observer. Clncik 2i ah, April 7. Reports from the municipal elections in Ohio yesterday show that the Democrats carried the following named places Uavton (except city commissioner and six of the fifteen councilmen) Sprmgneid t&ayor eiectea;oy ouu mt onty), Circleville, Gahon (expept mayor and marshal), Ashland, Ma rion (except mayor), Kenton, Steu- benvilie (except mjyor ana lour caunctltneu), Zintville (except caayoi), Woodter (except mayor and street commissioner ), Uhuiicoine, Lincaster, Millers burg and Jackson. The Republicans carried the following named places : Coshocton, Belle- lonUiue, JLogan, London, Carroll- ton, Fremont (one half the offices 1, Fob tor ia, Arban, Dennison, Lebahoii, Hills boro, Elyra, Canton (except mayor ana marshal;, : xoungstown, Mansfield (elected Republ can mayor and street commusioner), Warren, Akron (except mavor.) ; Hamilton elected a Republican mayor by 1 23!B majority, - aid Schwab, Democrat, for councilman at large, by six! ma jority. . Gen. Pike's Keuiaina. ! Bv TeleeraDh to the Newsaod Obeerveer. Washinotoit. March -'7.4Tfee body of Gen. Albert Pike, the yete-l ran maaon. was removea ion evemn? ! . -a t r 1 . 1 from the House of the Temple ti the Scottish rite Sanctuary, where the remains will be in stato until Thursday evening. They will ; then be taken to the , first : Uongregational church, and there the SoottisbJ rite service uiw.. ti ucu uin ewi- 1 TI7I.. 1 Umn ceremonials at the church are - f ih9 Ttmmillt wiu be Uken ibsck aviOAO, rTliL n vriAJi ttJ At 5, 10, 15 and 25cts. n, .TClHfttt,' after ; which the bodi will be interred in , the Oak 0emetery in this city. Uill it ISUtbop Ullmour Iraproylni By Tslsgraph to ths News and Observer, St. Auoustxvi, Fla.. April 7 Bishop Gilmour, whose life on Batnr dsy night lut wis slmoit deiparied 4M DoAth of nn llx-Congreiuman. By TligrpU to ths Kiwi and Otmrtor.! ... . . ..... ... t 1 . . . ITrIu'iI Rtri. nnvraia. and alia xor the Gonfadirati Gonrrcsi. - - W f Bilf Wf V wm w-w wvfwi iSa7S WOO ICOtt & S0I1; QUIETING DOWN, j COKE TM EN SLOWLY. GOING BACK TO VOIlK. ! The. Rioters uliel ng Arrested and ' Stowed Safely Ueblnd, the Bars 7 'Some BadFeellue Still lnff Anion; Them. ' LJnjrer By Telegraph to the News and Observer. V. ' Mount Pleasant, Pa., Mar. 7 Morewood presented lively appearance today. Fiftt men went to r work this morning, making the total namoer, as the ovens about 100. There war not the timidity among the workers that there has been heretofore. 'The soldiers are still on; guard, but no attempt was made to molest the men who want to work, even when they are out of reach of the soldiers. The arrests of yesterj day were followed by several more today, and it is expected that by this evening tb t at least 35 of the rioters will be behind ithe bara:. Sheriff Cawson e dentiy fears trouble where there are do soldiers, as he ;has stationed deputies at the different works. Something important is believed to be on foot today, but the nature is not known.' Master Workman Ker-f )ot, who epsaka different languages, is at work this morijing. He went down to Spring Garden and called, on every Striker personally., IThe Huns are keeping exceedingly they fear they will be arrested. A good deal of ill feeling has. been developed towards Superintendent Ramsey, over the report that Frick was going to i m port aien. , Threats have been : made against him and this mornirg a number of strikers gathered about his residence. 1 heir tctions aroused aspxion end the militia was called out and the men driven away. Several shots were fired but not one was hurt. . Adjutant General McCIellan and Gen. Wiley had a consultation ;his morning as to how long the ) roops shn i td remain. G an. Wiley seems to be under the impression ' hat all ill feeling has about died out, ind it is thought the , militia will be withdrawn in a few dayai The re-, oort that the strikers were threatening to use dynamite on the soldiers does not seem to have any fouuda-. tion. ; In fact the dispatches from various sections of the region indi- ' oate a partial resumption at the different works, i The operators are en- Democrats AVlu in Dubuque. By Telegraph to; the News and Observer. . Dubcquk, la., . April 7. The entire Democratic city ticket was elected yesterday.' Stewart's majority , was 800. All the Republican candi-. dates : for Aldermen were defeat ea. Three Democrats and., two Independents were elected. . I i Absolutely Pure A cream of tartar bakinz Powder. H gbV est of all in leavening Strength. Latest U. g. Government Fofld Report, ' - New Arrivals ,7 Since Our Last Change in Ad: Ladies' Hats ' ' In Great Variety. Ohildrens' Sailors At 25, 50, 75 and $1.00. I We have a Good Qiality in T ;v TT1lrh; A New Lot of Hamburg and Torchan Edgings. Also Swiss EJgingi and Valenclsnei. Black snd Whits Embroideries for Ladies' sad Minos' Dretui in Isrgs Variety.! : Aik to let oar 40-oant Uns of Brilllantines, . . I m) m j - 4 , 1 , - ' Mmx of I' , VjllO. 1 flOO, Xi0UX0 iuidcu, if a ! WAFKrt3W0KNW AroUND, wsnl to Hot Bnrlrgi to rapcrnp t . - . . ' I

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