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Evansville Courier and Press from Evansville, Indiana • B6

Evansville, Indiana
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

6B Sunday, September 25, 2016 Evansville Courier Press BIRTHS DEACONESS HOSPITAL Tiffany Wright and Jordan Cobb, Evansville, son, Jaden Douglas, Sep. 10. Ashley Weber and Joshua Owens, Evansville, daughter, Gracie Ann, Sep. 10. Jessica Duggins and Michael Wet- more, Chandler, IN, daughter, Az- dextria Supreme Dragonslayer, Sep.

10. Amber and Jason Boyle, Evansville, son, Jaxon James, Sep. 11. Falan Miller and Lucas Pace, Ev- ansville, daughter, Lily Raye Anne, Sep. 11.

Morgan and Tyson Meador, Mount Carmel, IL, son, Zed Kenneth, Sep. 12. Caitlin Heard, Evansville, daughter, Sawyer DellaJean, Sep. 12. Jessica and Robert Zimmerman, Owensboro, KY, son, James Robert, Sep.

12. Madison Barnett and Devin McNabb, Chrisney, IN, son, Ryker Lee, Sep. 12. Julie and Matthew Berberich, Oak- land City, IN, son, Paxton Lee, Sep. 12.

Jennifer and Jeffery Williams, Princeton, IN, son, John Ray, Sep. 12. Jacquelyne Lewis and Kyle Favreau, Boonville, IN, son, Cooper Jay, Sep. 13. Tiffany Krauss, Evansville, son, Ca'rai Parice, Sep.

13. Ashley and Dustin Hawkins, Albion IL, daughter, Harmony Jo, Sep. 13. Crystal and Richard McCarty Jr, Haubstadt, IN, son, Cooper Allen, Sep. 13.

Elizabeth Hornby and RonRico Hassell Sr, Newburgh, daughter, Denise Michelle, Sep. 13. Ashwag Alallasi and Mahmoud Alharbi, Evansville, son, Ibrahim Mah- moud, Sep. 13. Kelly and Spencer Evans, Evansville, daughter, Scarlett Grace, Sep.

14. Megan and Johnathan Cusic, Ev- ansville, son, Jude Henry, Sep. 14. Rebecca and Erik Belford, Newburgh, son, Declan Grant, Sep. 14.

Kendra and Aaron Luttrull, New- burgh, daughter, Libby Raye, Sep. 14. Layna and Kyle Dickey, Mount Ver- non, IN, daughter, Aven Layne, Sep. 14. Brittany and Austin Barnhart, Ev- ansville, son, Oliver Scott, Sep.

14. TaShawna and Aaron Neaveill, Evansville, daughter, Maddison Diann Grace Sep. 14. Danielle and Cory Reisinger, New- burgh, daughter, Quinn Avery, Sep. 15.

Ashly and Steven Beal Evansville, son, Kyler Anthony Ryan, Sep. 15. Samantha and Ryan Hoefling, Ev- ansville, daughter, Alice Monroe, Sep. 15. Betty Jones and DeMarco Davis, Evansville, daughter, Amira Lynn, Sep.

15. Kasandra and Kristopher Davis, Fransisco, IN, son, Weston Elijah, Sep. 15. Andrea and Kevin Hobgood, Ev- ansville, son, Jordan Michael Gene, Sep. 15.

Brittany and Ryan Weinzapfel, Haubstadt, IN, son, Noah Matthew, Sep. 15. Megan and Patrick Septer, Hen- derson, KY, son, Wyatt Thomas, Sep. 15. Veronica Coll and Kane Vincent, Newburgh, son, Cyrus Alexander, Sep.

15. Lori and Nicholas Beloat, Princeton, IN, son, Crue Michael, Sep. 15. Fallon and Tristan Holmes, Madi- sonville, KY, daughter, Oaklee Logan, Sep. 15.

Tonya and Jeremiah Tooley, Ev- ansville, son, Easton Wayne, Sep. 15. Shelby Ellison and Brandon Whit- field, Boonville, IN, son, Xavier James, Sep. 15. Daniele and Caleb Daniel, Princeton, IN, daughter, Presley Arianna, Sep.

15. Tabitha Mullen and Kyle Maurer, Evansville, son, Ryder Thomas, Sep. 16. Sara and Jason Feulner, Newburgh, son, Eli Thomas, Sep. 16.

Jennifer and Shawn Koss, Evansville, daughter, Adalynn Jo, Sep. 16. Cassandra and Cody Foster, Otwell, IN, son, Caden James, Sep. 16. Kyndal and Nathan Wedeking, Evansville, daughter, Emery Josephine, Sep.

16. Kelli and Craig Bohannon, New- burgh, daughter, Kamille Louise, Sep. 16. Tara and William Shane Gibbs, Wadesville, IN, daughter, Eliza Suzette, Sep. 16.

Courtney and Tyler Davis, Washing- ton, IN, son, Brody Wayne, Sep. 16. Stephanie Winiger, Evansville, daugh- ter, Sadie Marie, Sep. 16. ST.

HOSPITAL FOR WOMEN CHILDREN Cathy and Terry Matthews, Ev- ansville, son, Dalton Lee, Sep. 10 Gretchen and William Baumgart, Mount Vernon, daughter, Mag- dalena Katherine, Sep. 12 Amy and Clifford Whitehead, New- burgh, son, Colin Daniel, Sep. 12 Michelle Yates and Nicholas Trav- elstead, Norris City, sons, Tanner Aaron and Austin Nicholas, Sep. 12 Samantha Mosby and Michael Allen, Evansville, son, Brayden Michael Lee, Sep.

12 Emily and Greg Gardner, Haubstadt, son, Grady O'Neal, Sep. 13 Shyla and Joshua Adler, Haubstadt, son, Liam Joseph, Sep. 13 Julia and Brandon Cox, Mount Ver- non, son, Camden Louis, Sep. 13 Christina Miller and David Helfert, Mount Vernon, daughter, Trinity Rae, Sep. 13 Amber Smith and Richard Holland, Oakland City, son, Hendrix Haze, Sep.

13 Jamie and Roger Adkins, Princeton, daughter, Channing Josephine, Sep. 14 Elizabeth Oran, Evansville, daughter, Nevaeh Joy Marie, and son, Alexander Thomas, Sep. 14 Leeanna and Tyler Adkins, Lewisport, son, Mason Stephen Lee, Sep. 14 Jaclyn Bechtel and Edward Fergu- son, Elnora, daughter, Abriella Lucille, Sep. 14 Amanda and Chris White, Evansville, daughter, Kaylee Robin, Sep.

15 Nikki and Dustin Priestly, Fort Branch, son, Kyron David, Sep. 15 Naydean and Larry Cox III, Carmi, daughter, Mackenzie Renae, Sep. 15 Emily and Bryan Moorhead, Ev- ansville, son, Grant Alan, Sep. 15 Jessica and Louis Volz, Mount Ver- non, son, Leo Joseph, Sep. 16 Joanna and Christopher Wagner, Princeton, daughter, Kinley Rae, Sep.

16 Susan and Michael Swope, Evans- ville, daughter, Ava Ruth, Sep. 16 Cassidy and James Brown, Waverly, daughter, Hazel Grace, Sep. 16 Breanna Buell, Evansville, daughter, Amira Grace, Sep. 16 DEATHS (July 4-Sept. 7) Arndell, Alton Gene; May 1, 1937, Evansville, acute renal failure; essential mixed cryoglobulinemia; MPGN (Mem- branoproliferative glomerulon ephri- tides); anasarca, Sept.

5 Bass, David Scott; Feb. 4, 1969, Wash- ington, acute systolic heart failure; pneumonia; septic shock; acute renal failure due to sepsis and heart failure, Sept. 3 Bassett, Lenabell Frances; March 12, 1921, Evansville, dementia, Sept. 3 Belcher, Larry Joe; May 28, 1965, Evansville, respiratory failure from multiple sclerosis, Sept. 4 Buchanan, Billie Ray; July 8, 1933, Evansville, respiratory failure; acute myocardial infarction; coronary artery disease; hypertension, Sept.

2 Burns, Shannon Janice; July 30, 1931, Henderson, hypertensive con- gestive heart failure, Aug. 14 Clark, Phyllis Aug. 2, 1949, Ev- ansville, chronic congestive heart fail- ure, July 4 Crecelius, Doris Nov. 18, 1942, Milltown, respiratory arrest; femur fracture; fall, Aug. 18 Curtis, Charles Edward; Oct.

19, 1949, Evansville, acute severe hypoxemia, Aug. 29 Davault, Esther; Oct. 17, 1928, Ev- ansville, sudden cardiac death, Aug. 31 Evans, David Ray; June 9, 1945, New- burgh, non-small cell lung cancer with brain metastases, Aug. 29 Harris, John Robert; July 12, 1941, Mount Carmel, aspiration pneumo- nia; Lewy body dementia, Aug.

29 Hyneman, Thomas Lee; May 1, 1940, Princeton, perforated duodenal ulcer; sepsis, Aug. 31 Johnson, Rebecca Ann; Jan. 8, 1975, Mount Vernon, necrotic bowel, Aug. 19 Knepper, Elouise April 2, 1921, Evansville, dementia; cerebrovascular accident, Sept. 4 Lafferty, Mary Louise; March 12, 1931, Newburgh, sepsis; probable empyema, Sept.

7 Lamey, Darvin Aug. 3, 1927, Haub- stadt, adenocarcinoma of the colon metastatic to liver, Sept. 1 Lee, Yvonne; May 20, 1930, Evansville, chronic renal failure; diabetes mellitus type two, Aug. 27 Mayhugh, Joyce Nell; Jan. 24, 1939, Evansville, coronary artery disease; hypertension, Sept.

2 Merritt, Ira Garrett; Aug. 21, 1958, Fairfield, severe elevated anion gap metabolic acidosis; acute ischemic right leg; severe peripheral arterial disease; tobacco abuse, Sept. 2 Mortis, Frank Oliver; June 9, 1940, Evansville, respiratory failure due to morbid obesity; severe bipolar type one disorder with psychotic features, Sept. 3 Nuffer, Philip Thomas; Feb. 13, 1942, Evansville, congestive heart failure from ischemic cardiomyopathy; Dobutamine drip stopped, Aug.

21 Patel, Kanchanben; Aug. 26, 1943, Evansville, respiratory failure; ovarian cancer with metastases, Sept. 3 Pinkston, Raymond; Feb. 25, 1964, Henderson, subarachnoid hemor- rhage; blunt force trauma to the head; car versus motorcycle collision, Aug. 13 Randolph, Devonte Cortez; May 29, 1995, Chicago, pulmonary throm- boembolism; deep vein thrombosis, Aug.

12 Roberson, Gerald David; July 11, 1960, Evansville, pulseless electrical activity; saddle pulmonary embolus; hyperosmo- lar hyperglycemic state, Aug. 5 Robling, Jason June 19, 1976, Winslow, cardiac arrest; acute respiratory failure; pneumonia; seizure, Sept. 5 Rush, Howard Nov. 19, 1985, Mount Vernon, small cell lung cancer, Aug. 9 Scarbrough, Patricia Jane; June 8, 1943, Evansville, metastatic small cell lung cancer to brain and paraneoplastic syndrome; septic shock; clostridium difficile colitis, Sept.

6 Schwab, Damon Baird Lee; June 4, 2016, Evansville, traumatic positional asphyxia; placed in bed between par- ents while sleeping, Aug. 1 Scraper, Guyla Sept. 22, 1963, Evansville, exsanguination; self-inflicted gunshot wound to chest, Sept. 2 Shrode, Jean; Aug. 15, 1923, Evansville, respiratory failure; dementia, Sept.

7 Stewart, John; Feb. 21, 1956, Ev- ansville, disruption of the brain; contact gunshot wound to the head, Aug. 18 Stolz, Pauline Geraldine; June 24, 1967, Evansville, cholecystitis; cardiac arrest; renal failure, Aug. 31 Taylor, Timothy Bryon; Jan. 23, 1964, Harrisburg, cardiac arrest; pulseless electrical activity; anoxic brain injury, Sept.

5 Thomas, Rosa Lee; Jan. 4, 1916, Ev- ansville, pneumonia, Sept. 3 Thomas, Larry July 23, 1967, Ev- ansville, anoxia; ligature hanging by neck, July 30 Thompson, Forrest Wayne; May 25, 1929, Wadesville, became unre- sponsive following stroke; aspiration pneumonia; peritonitis from feeding tube, Aug. 31 Tison, Carolyn Sue; Dec. 9, 1951, Evansville, respiratory failure; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; obstruc- tive sleep apnea; morbid obesity, Aug.

30 Tucker, Emma Ilene; June 8, 1930, Evansville, carotid artery stenosis, Aug. 29 Upton, Viola Jean; Oct. 2, 1929, Ev- ansville, pneumonia, Sept. 7 Wenderoth, Donald Eugene; April 10, 1931, Wadesville, end-stage Alz- heimer; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Sept. 2 Wilson, Lloyd Jan.

15, 1957, Loogoo- tee, pneumonia; acute respiratory failure; hospice, Sept. 3 Yeager, Charles Lawrence; Feb. 24, 1929, Newburgh, sepsis; aspiration pneumonia, Aug. 12 BANKRUPTCIES (Sept. 6- Sept.

12) CHAPTER 7 Payne, Nathan Edward; 2541 Caribou Drive, Sept. 6 Bryant-Smith, Jodi 402 Reis Sept. 7 Nellum, Leroy J. 1930 E. Blackford Sept.

7 Loveless, Beverly Charlene Riesen- beck; Oakland City, Sept. 7 Moore, Christopher James II; PO Box 4856, Sept. 8 Miller, Douglas Oakland City, Sept. 9 CHAPTER 13 Ennis, Peggy Winslow, Sept. 6 Dillon, Nichole L.

and Carrie Princeton, Sept. 7 Wheeler, James 8322 Lincoln Apt. Sept. 7 Spond, Kenneth Jasper, Sept. 9 Jones, Bridgette 2824 Ravenswood Drive, Sept.

12 WARRICK CHAPTER 7 Batton, Jamie Newburgh, Sept. 7 Hunt, Steven Chandler, Sept. 8 CHAPTER 13 Murray, Amanda Newburgh, Sept. 9 MARRIAGE LICENSES (Sept. 6- Sept.

12) Wagoner, Adam Mitchell, 24, and Brianne Allison Stuard; 21, both of 902 Douglas Drive, Sept. 6 Wagner, Amanda Marie, 25, and Robert Alton Redden III; 27, both of 5720 Ohara Drive, Sept. 6 Schaefer, Ashley 24, and Brent W. Bartlett; 24, both of 505 Boehne Sept. 6 De Leon, Jose Manuel, 36, and Jacqueline Torres Parra; 20, both of 2821 Washington, Sept.

6 Singh, Jaswant, 21, of Bronx, N.Y., and Bianca Miller; 27, of 1500 Taylor Apt. Sept. 6 Wambach, Shannon Rae, 47, and Edna Gwen Bruner, 62, both of 4540 Moray Drive, Unit 9, Sept. 6 May, Donald Wayne, 52, of Holland, and Rhonda Faye Blackburn; 52, of 1817 N. Fares Sept.

6 McDaniel, Michael Dylan, 23, of 5003 Oakwood Place, and Brianna N. Wedding; 21, of 2601 Roxbury Road, Sept. 6 Kuntz, Christie 39, and Aaron S. Grubb; 40, both of 1623 E. Illinois Sept.

6 Mathies, Jessica 26, and Derek M. Burton; 28, both of 1929 Theater Drive, Sept. 6 Persinger, Anthony Wayne, 34, of 20 E. Franklin and Staci Blair Moore; 25, of 2517 S. Rotherwood Sept.

6 Prewitt, Anthony Delano, 54, and Brenda Gail Gunn; 47, both of 838 Adams Sept. 6 Moody, William E. 52, of 2601 Margybeth and Detrea Denise Hatchett; 51, of San Diego, Sept. 6 Holt, Allison Brie, 27, and Eli Chris- topher Richardt; 32, both of 4350 W. Baseline Road, Sept.

7 Stafford, Melissa Rose, 45, and Jimmie Brian Russ; 52, both of 424 Stanley Sept. 7 Below, Michael Wayne, 61, and Suzanne Marie Davoust; 63, both of 764 Cardinal Drive, Sept. 7 West, Misty 35, and Devin E. Blair; 37, both of 2201 Speaker Road, Sept. 7 Walsh, Ashley Nicole, 32, of 818 Jackson and Derek Royce Ash- by; 32, of 841 Douglas Drive, Sept.

7 Miller, Shella Denise, 46, of 1216 S. Cullen and Tracy Konrad Clark; 48, of 710 Senate Sept. 7 Stasi, Rocco Elijah, 23, of 2220 Margy- beth and Linda Kaitlin Fisher; 21, of Chrisney, Sept. 8 Attebery, Eric Wayne, 19, and Desti- ny Nichole Allen; 18, both of 706 Rheinlander Sept. 8 Fellows, Stephanie Lajoyce, 45, and Carlos Alexander Miller; 54, both of 3733 Arrowood Court, Sept.

8 Schaefer, Jamie Irene, 26, of 5125 Kasson Drive, and Shawn Lee Robey; 26, of 18 E. Tennessee Sept. 8 Pollard, Taylor 23, of 2901 Wash- ington and Brandon L. Whipple; 21, of Thornton, Sept. 8 Sutherland, Demetria Kay, 34, of Indianapolis, and Leslie Watts 45, of 160 North Park Sept.

8 Tisdale, Basil David, 75, of Dalevile, and Janie Lou Delano; 73, of 1107 Harmony Way, Sept. 8 Hite, Charles William, 37, of 1513 Lincoln and Martina L. Evans; 31, of 1515 Lincoln Sept. 9 Rodgers, Emily Adair, 26, of 6411 Broadway and James Bert Mar- tin; 29, of 1506 Irvington Sept. 9 Scroggins, Zachary 31, of 1117 Mary and Elizabeth A.

Shofner; 36, of 1317 Uhlhorn Sept. 9 Schneider, Amy Jo, 44, of 5626 Harmony Woods Lane, and William Frederick Egli, Jr; 43, of 1357 Mesker Park Drive, Sept. 9 Burkhart, Bradley Allen, 30, and Julie Lynn Speicher; 32, both of 615 Mels Drive, Sept. 9 Smith, Thomas Daniel, 42, of 1311 W. Virginia and Stephanie Marie Brown; 38, of 820 S.

Barker Sept. 9 Morris, Kevin Leroy, 58, of 1218 E. Indiana and Wendy Michelle Morris; 44, of Henderson, Sept. 9 Frohbieter, Shana 37, and Mat- thew R. Ramsey; 40, both of 7304 Everglades Drive, Sept.

9 Doerner, Benjamin Seth, 23, of 3300 Edgewood Drive, and Sarah Chris- tine Hayes; 29, of 1022 N. Third Sept. 9 Misialek, Chester 36, of Creston, N.C., and Madison A. Railey; 20, of 1717 Covert Sept. 9 Brown, Aaron Douglas, 24, of 1946 Seasons Ridge and Danielle R.

Meyer; 24, of 2518 Westchester Drive, Sept. 9 Meeks, Alicia 26, and Nakul Sharma; 27, both of 1027 N. Fourth Sept. 12 Rammal, Hussein Chadi, 21, and Betiana Maria Paz Stelatto Irraza- bal; 25, both of 1137 Leicester Square, Sept. 12 Chapman, Heather Michelle, 26, and Dakota Tyler Scheiber; 29, both of 359 Dreier Sept.

12 East, Robert Jennings, 25, and Lindsey Marie Clayton; 26, both of 3004 E. Cherry Sept. 12 Pruitt, Otis 32, of 5701 Beaver Trail, and Lesleigh E. Berry; 28, of Henderson, Sept. 12 Martin, Christopher Eugene, 31, of 5026 New Harmony Road, and Leslie Michelle Brooks; 41, of Haub- stadt, Sept.

12 Hall, Joshua 39, and Morgan R. Haskins; 28, both of 823 N. First Sept. 12 Bittner, Luke 25, of 13030 Darm- stadt Road, and Taylor E. Ostendorf; 25, of Vincennes, Sept.

12 Bender, Morgan 28, and Stepha- nie Michelle Reininga; 26, both of 2424 Curran Drive, Sept. 12 Philpott, Kyle Ann, 33, of Boonville, and William Joseph Prifogle; 32, of 513 S. Evans Sept. 12 Zapata, Isidro III, 27, of 940 Camp- bell Road, and Clara Jean Bates; 25, of 323 E. Eichel Sept.

12 DIVORCES FILED (Aug. 29-Sept. 2) Joest, Maryum A. from Scott Aug. 29 Rice, Walter Cleveland Jr.

from Sabrina; Aug. 29 Brown, Pamela from Ricky; Aug. 29 Shelton, Jesse from Chasity; Aug. 30 Schurman, Daniel from Rebecca; Aug. 30 Graham, Sheila from Dejuan; Aug.

30 Stewart, James Warren from Amy Lea; Aug. 30 Bland, Kelley R. from Michael; Aug. 30 Hatfield, Denise from Steven; Sept. 1 Young, Byron from Jenny; Sept.

1 Moore, Taylor from Steven; Sept. 1 Persinger, Wendy from William; Sept. 1 Statdfield, Jacqueline from Mat- thew; Sept. 2 Montgomery, Anastasia from De- rek; Sept. 2 FOOD INSPECTIONS Buehlers IGA, 4635 First two critical violations: Out of date baby formula (corrected); flies and gnats present in receiving area; one non- critical violation: Condensation and water puddles in stock rooms.

Burger King, 1301 Covert one critical violation: Flies by cup storage area in back; one noncritical violation: Fryer hood vents heavily board piled by dumpster attracting flies. Caze School, 2013 S. Green River Road, no violations. Cheddars, 2100 N. Green River Road, two noncritical violations: Reach-in coolers lacking thermometer (correct- ed); soap not provided at hand washing sink (corrected).

Cold Stone Creamery, 5435 Pearl Drive, one noncritical violation: Grease trap log not up to date. Culvers, 1734 Hirschland Road, no violations. Dexter Elementary School, 951 Dexter no violations. Evansville Basketball Academy, 2800 Kotter no violations. Evansville Christian School, 4400 Lincoln no violations.

Happy Garden, 1927 Pollack one critical violation: Tin cans used as scoops (corrected); one noncritical violation: Outside of equipment soiled. Harrison High School, 211 Fielding Road, no violations. Helfrich Park STEM Academy 6-8, 2603 W. Maryland no violations. Holy Rosary School, 1301 S.

Green River Road, no violations. Iwataya Grocery, 8401 N. Kentucky one noncritical violation: Pre- packaged baked goods lacking labels. K.C.’s Time Out Lounge Grill, 1121 Washington Square Mall, three critical violations: Fruit flies present through- out bar areas; can opener soiled; facility is without a certified food handler; two noncritical violations: Floor underneath fryers soiled; hand towels not provided for hand washing sinks at bars. Tavern, 2659 Mt.

Vernon no violations. Lucas Oil Center LLC, 2650 N. Green River no violations. Madeleines, 423 S.E. Second no violations.

Montessori Academy, 4661 Adams no violations. Oak Hill School K-6, 7700 Oak Hill Road, no violations. Bar-B-Q, 5416 E. Indiana, two critical violations: Fruit flies present in bar area; can opener soiled (corrected). St.

Episcopal Church, 301 S.E. First one noncritical violation: Hand water not being delivered to hand sink. Original Una Pizza, 1101 Har- mony Way, no violations. The Duffy Shuffle, 1203 E. Baseline one critical violation: Hand was sink obstructed (corrected).

The Flying Pigs, 625 College one noncritical violation: Clean utensils handles need to be facing up for verti- cal storage. Thorntons, 2401 Morgan one critical violation: Flies present through- out establishment. Trinity Lutheran Church, 1403 W. Boonville-New Harmony Road, no violations. United Methodist Youth Home, no violations.

550 N. Green River Road, two noncritical violations: Temperature measuring device missing from walk-in and various reach-in coolers; tile, grout and coving needs to be repaired or replaced in various areas of the facility. REINSPECTIONS Buffalo Wild Wings, 5405 Pearl Drive, corrected all violations. Dairy Queen Grill Chill, 2720 N. Green River Road, corrected all vio- lations.

Donut Bank, 5 N. Green River Road, dishwasher is now reaching appropriate temperature. Hucks, 3951 N. Green River Road, corrected all violations. University Food Mart, 1701 Lincoln corrected all violations.

ON THE RECORD INDIANAPOLIS A plan is taking shape to consider putting a citizen commission in charge of redrawing legislative district boundaries in Indiana, a change that lawmakers and others say would make the process less po- litical. Members of a special com- mittee created to study the is- sue have started discussing how such a commission would work, The (Northwest Indiana) Times reported. The committee is ex- pected to endorse a plan at its fi- nal meeting Oct. 17. It would still need to be approved by the General Assembly.

Right now, Indiana lawmak- ers redraw U.S. House, U.S. Senate and all legislative dis- tricts every 10 years, using up- dated census population data. The system allows the political party in power to draw the maps to their benefit, helping that party keep its majority. Lawmakers created the spe- cial committee last year to study whether Indiana should move to an independent redis- tricting commission, as several other states have done.

State Rep. Jerry Torr, a Re- publican from Carmel who is chairman of the committee, suggested that legislation he proposed and that passed the House in 2014 could serve as a starting point. The measure, which died in the Senate, called for creating a five-person commission. The Republican and Democratic leaders in the state House and Senate would each appoint one member. The fifth member would be selected by the other four commissioners.

The panel would draw the new maps in 2021, present them to Indiana residents that sum- mer and submit them to the General Assembly for approval in a special session. is clear that Hoosiers want this study committee to take a bold step forward and recommend to the General As- sembly the establishment of a politically balanced citizens re- districting commission that will draw maps according to com- mon sense said Julia Vaughn, policy director for Common Cause Indiana. New system for Indiana redistricting taking shape Rep. Jerry Torr is chairman of a special committee created to study independent redrawing of legislative district boundaries. ASSOCIATED PRESS.

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