The Richmond News Leader from Richmond, Virginia on October 29, 1955 · 19
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The Richmond News Leader from Richmond, Virginia · 19

Richmond, Virginia
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 29, 1955
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M, over the CBS radio network and WRVA.vv ' '--H The work will be preceded by a performance of the Wald-webenT (Forest Murmurs) from - Wagner's ! Siegfried.1 Axnohgf the soloist In ' the Goetterdaemmerung excerpt will jbef Astrid' Varnay,' as Bruemohpde. , Ramon Vlnay . as Siegfrie4r Luben. Vlchey as, Hagen, CUffard Harvuot as Gun-. ther, and Ludna Amara as Ge i f. ' ' . V1 ' ' CLASSICAL KEPCBTQXBE Four j famous dahcsr pieces from the classical repertdre win featured . by hlishel Piaitra icong iSympbonette tomorrow; (2 P. M,WRVA). . J Fiaptro win open his broadcast program with excerpts - from rchatkovskys Swan Lake Bal-et, followed v by . Salnt-Saem Dance Macabre. Durands Valse in E flat major And Col-erldge-Taylor's WltCheaT Danes art further danef rhythms to tie performed by the orchestra. Mil-ton Kaye will be piano soloist in a performance of the final movement of the Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto . Not 2 in C minor. ; V Thomas Xiv Thomas win sing n L Balen from ".Verdis . II Trovatore when he appears on the Voice of Firestone" Monday at 8:30 . P. TM. on i WRNL and WTVR. Other solos by Thomas win ha Marcheta"; In the Still of the Night., and Granada."' The . orchestra will offer , the Mesdcah .Hat Dance and the Finale from Tchalkowskys Fourth Symphony. - o ' f . , HALLOWEEN BAND, -The ' annual Halloween nolle at Hiawatha, Kans will be saluted by . Conductor : Paul - La-valte and the . Band of America with the traditional .Pop Goes the Weasel and Turkey in the Straw' Monday, at 9:30 P. over the NBC radio network add WLEEL ; This broadcast also signals the opening of the - Metropolitan Opera season, -with Ballet Music" from "Aida" by ' Giuseppe Verdi; and observes the 101st birthday of John Philip Sousa with the El Capltan Marth." The quartet will sing Alabama Jubilee" by George. Cobb and Jack YelleiL. . 'YOU ARE THERE - General Robert E. Lae, commending the Army of Northern Virginia, is portrayed hero discussing surrender terms with the Union commander. General U. S. Grant, In a docu-mantary ra-anactmant ef "Grant' and Lea st Appomattox" on "You Are Tharp" ever, the CBS ,A ii network and WTYR (Novambar 5, 4J0 P.'M.. ; ;; ii . . ' '- narworx -v' -. . . s", ; . 1 y ; n j "v ' - Nominations For Du Pont Prizes Asked i-5- LEXXNGTON, Oct 29, Leaders of the radio and. television industries, and the general public; have been invited to submit their nominations for the twelfth annual awards of the Alfred.L du Pont. Awards Foundation.;.) O. . W, Riegel, curator of the foundation 'and director of the Lee Memorial Journalism Foundation, said three awards - will again be given for outstanding radio and television-performance .in the public intereit';.';1;' fb? One award will' go to a radio or television station of larger power. Another will go to radio or i, television station - of cmaHer. power. A third award will go to the news commentator whose 1955 performance. In the opinion of the awards committee, la characterized - by ' aggressive, excellent, and accurate gathering of newa. ; -Nominations for' -. the awards will be accepted through December 31. They should be addreue: to. the CGrator, Alfred I,.du Pont Awards Foundation, Wa'shlngton and . Lee - University, Lexington, Va. . V.; ' Recipients of the 1955 awards wiU again have -the opportunity of creating educational scholarships with , the cash stipend o ' 51,000 that accompanies du Pont recognition; i ; Dr. Francis ' P. . Gaines, ; president of Washington and Zee University, which sines 1951 has administered the du Pont Awards, win head the awards committee again. .-' 4 -"a Winners wfll be announced in the Sprlng.';cA. -.W.': f ... No Hohoraiy Ranger? K A group' of Texans wanted to make Willard Parker, atar i of CSS-TVS new adventure series, Tales pf i the Texas Rangers,1 an honorary Texas Ranger, but were turned 'down. .It m theres ; a law which prohibits anyone from becoming an "bon orary. Texas Ranger." - ana WITH inovemDer B, i- 1 4i . - - '- ,J-V e -' . " T. A v 'W-1' i-. i .run; v-aw!35UGVG :J ii puurOUT samoa THE RICHMOND NEWS LEADER By CHARLES MEBCEB -NEW YORK, Oct. 29. 17 Tbs relstionihlp of husbands and wives, as viewed on television. becomlnc a boring stereotype. Ini this version, holy rnatrimony ia stats of perpetual conflict. . bf course; theres plenty ' of conflict.. in marriage. . If nuu risge were just one . big sweet eohfectlon, the whole institution might eventually perish of dis-hte8.-., :TC: So let me emphasize that I'm not plugging here for a perpetually sweet and totally unrealistic view of matrimony on TV. X simply protest the . depressingly large proportion -of. TV drama and comedy that tritely and with exaggeration treats the theme of marriage. '- Xts axiomatic that drama, has to havs conflict. Ifa axiomatic that the' theme of marriage commands wide interest. Therefore, you see ' the third step of this syllogism on your TV sTeenf so frequently," Not a night passes that at least one drama Is. not preoccupied with the bust-up or patch-up of a marriage. j - ' j - . ' ; .v. -- ; Vi i i d I'iv, usuAZxr aANAid'V,- v j Rarely does television : treat tha ' theme of marriage .without banality. Watch for these developments on the next televised matrlmonal tangle you witness:; The wife is usually, sensitive and perceptive.': The husband is usually good-hearted but Inclined to be rather a. slob because hes weak or crass or misguided. , Occasionally ' there's a reverse switch, but ln the general wives have better characters than husbands on TV. Im not sure why this should he.; But X . have theory. X believe ifa the advertising agency influence, which la enormous on file scripts of many fliows,' In the effort to please the ladies, we emerge aa heels, gentlemen.' : J At the : denouncement' of this typical marriage drama hi and wife are reunited thanks to some revelation" usually. Instigated by the wif eJ 1 ,5 .T Ive looked at quite a bit of daytime soap opera. In aome respects ; they are : more realistic than some nighttime dramas." In them, for example, people do separate - and' get . divorced one on one program three times. 'v' Y ... NOTUFE-LXKE Yet in general"the marriage dramas of TV are not life-like because their solutions are , contrived and do not stem from true characterization. The bickering la realistic enough.'' But between the bickering and the contrived solutions Ive had, more. than enough of em. V."- L J VO 1 The elements of drama Era carried into 'ituation - comedy.' Somebody ought to think up j new name for that;' by the way. Because. the situation of a guy and his wife bickering indefinitely 7 on the T screen : just Isn't comedy. It a as embarrassing as watching;' a guy; and his wife bicker indefinitely at a party. After a while you want to get out of there and go home.- And if it a a chronic situation with a couple you Just dont want to go back. ; ; All couples have disagree-ments,;but - if -..they .have good Judgment they agree to disagree in the privacy of their homes. There he can belt her with, rhetoric and aha can sock him with logic and no one' also will,; suffer. I wish soma of these people on television would try to be as considerate of the viewing au-dlence. ""v v V. v r. rn.f. j. -.- i-V ' C if . i. 1. NEW TELEVISION STAR-Jiminy irg to ba n w unv i . emargasajji fuB-fledgad star on tn new "Mick ay Mouse Chib" to ba'laan on WTVR boeinning Monday from 5 to A P. M. Haro Jiminy posss with CGn Edwards, who Is hoard but not seen as Jfrrfiny's vote. Tha cricket presents his 'own lerist of ear-toons every Thursday on tha new program. sIBCIGradua I ly T ai-Loca I Rad io v.; . ) , - B y VICTOR DORK :v ..Tha NBC radio' network; missing, from tha Richmond scene; since June 1, now is returning to arpa. broadcasting, with Radio : Station WLEE aa ita basic affiliate.,, ; ; ' ' " WLEE, a Mutual Broadcasting System outlet n the past, grad-; usUy hag been scheduling -NBGj SANDY STEWART Helps Station Calobrat V WRVA Marks -i in.u Special " Cfimasdng a. series of special events and programs commemorating WRVA : thirtieth anniversary on November 2 will be an hour-long variety program to be broadcast at 8 P. M. from the stage of fiw WRVA Theater and starring Galen Drake .wen known CBS radio .personality, as emcee. With Drake will be two members of his New York cast, songstress, Sandy Stewart and baritone-Stuart Foster, who also Is heard Sundays on CBS , radios "On a Sunday Afternoon,1 Dr. . W. , Taliaferro Thompson, of the Union.. Theological 'Seminary, who delivered the invoca-tlonon' WRVAs dedicatory broadcast in 19251, Vfill rededlcate the stations facilities during the program.' 1 The. 1'Acca Temple Shrine Chanters, vriio also were heard 30 years ago-'on the same program, will sing Winter Song and Cany .Me Back to Ole Vlr-glnny." " .. -i . : . i- . --V,.- - G ART TO SPEAK '-'V , Foster will; sing Love, Is a Many Splendored Thing" 'and "Almost- Uke Being In Love." M1s5 Stewart will offer Over the ' Rainbow"; and ' Sometimes Ita Hhppy-;;,.V . Tickets for tha show may be obtained without,. charge from the radio station. Doors to .the theater -open Wednesday at rj.; 7:30 P, M. Programs ; leading up . to the Wednesday- anniversary : Include Bishops Crackerbarrel" tonight at : 75 i on -i which Congressman J- Vaughan .-Gary- will discus with Walter Bishop politics during.-, the , past 30 years. It was on November's in 1925 that Gary was elected to the . House of Delegates, marking the beginning of his political career. V..' Tomorrow, at 12:15 P, ' M. Bishop -wiU - conduct o- roundtable discussion -during the program "A' Determined Purpose' Participating ; wCl v : Rev. A. Purnell Bailey, pastor of Gentenary - Methodist - Churqh - and WRVAa ! "Night , Psator"; ; Don Vest, producer. In charge of the station's religious broadcasts, sne Mn. William E. HUL whose late husband was the first - minister to conduct religious services on the station. . George Passage, WRVA news commentator, on his 7 and A. M, and 12:06 P. M. broadcast wiU salute 30 famous living Virginians ' between Monday ark Wsdnssday. . Alden Aaroe, fsnn editor, will review Wednesday at 11:45 A. M. 30 years of Fun Markets Reports. -A ,-. 1 . - s, ? - j f .r:r- I ,: 5 f- ; - 4. . -4 -at' '' -r. t . Criekat, jny psrformsr, new "Mickey M Is Returning 6n WLE E lv. programs since early' Summer and dropping ' Mutual ahows by ; s degrees at the aune time.' Many ; listeners already have noticed the change, hut the -action was ; announced officially this week by Lud Sterling, program director ' for the station. . , While.' the return of NBQ radio to the Richmondjaxea has ' been anticipated since the net-' .-work - changed its television af -" filiation from WTVR to WXEX4 TV (WLEEa television affiliate in Petersburg), It baa - been . longer , in . coming ' then mos v. listeners expected. Consequently; : full network service has not been available herb since June 1 when .. . NBC dechned - to - renew thf & WTVR-WMBG contract. . 1 ABC-CBS TIE-UP j ,' '.WTVR subsequently aligned Itself with the, American Broad- casting .Company and Columbia Broadcasting System television . networks, presenting many of the top glufwg offered by .those net-' works. WMBG now operates as an independent,; V;-.-' Steriing was relucUntto ei mate when the remaining Mu . ' tual programs -would disappear :rom WLEE logs. Its hard to ..v; tell," h said, .-because. of pre-,-; " vlous commitments. But in the not too distant future we wffl be completely NBC" -: t: '5 - j . 1 As th network gradually re- ';.'.' turns to local radio, old favorite -programs - also are reappearing. f:.1 ' Among them are Groucho Marx and You Bet Your Life, On ; ; ; Mans Family," a 23-year veteran 'v-of radio, and such daytime soap operas ' : as "Young W i d d r i Brown. Right to Happiness, and Pepper Youngs Family. S'sfa.'s i --f" ' BICSIO PROGRAMS Also back, are surii well-known music programs ag tha NBC Symphony orchestra on Sunday night and The Telephone Hoqr," ; and 4 Paul Lavalle's -fBand ; of America" 1 mi Mondays, i Morgan Scattys 7. P. M. Newa of tlx : World" again la heard on week days. -I' r A program new to Richmond -listeners is among tha highlights of tha network's return to area broadcasting.'- It is Monitor," special NBC. week-end - sendee ; covering a. variety of subjects bf general : interest news, . musle; v-T sports, A theater : and special : events. The fuQ. service extends . WV from Saturday morning to Sun-V V day night, 'with local programs k interspersed but WLEE usee it only sporadically at present toe separate periods of one and three hours on Saturday and for three one-hour periods on Sunday. f. Judy on Berle Show -3 Milton-Berle has ' sighed Judy. Holliday for one of his upcoming shows. '-: Ha- doesnt know what it will be and theyTl.get together to f decide on the - vehicle. ; ; rv-'&fe'u ' vT I ' "I 'i 1 Ajiy"v ' . V - TWs Is ;Ybur. r RADIO ; TELEVISION ' GUIDE r . or fif . X 1 .y V n r i I L E '? it s i r i v i J 1 , CS v . m t' -..lo 4. ' A ' i . A V-' - V A A . I- " 4 . p v j ;; -- . . 4 a- - - t -- a-h" rn m . mm ' mJT 4 . -Or Ho Jut, Y arWY fcF rji.JlM-' L ;

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