The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on September 10, 1890 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 10, 1890
Page 5
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J. from Webster City, where she had been several days with a sister; aw has seemed much pleased few days whenever asked the day. The reason is he has a W silver watch and chain pre- by his friends on on his 45th . Sampson made the presentation speech. The affair was well planjflid and a complete surprise to J. Dr'-Tlie drum corps contributed the musical part of the program. L. Tuttle, a former business man of Wnittemore, has recently moved his family to South Englewood, Chicago. MrTr. belongs to the commission firm Of Tuttle & Foster, with office on Pacific avenue. Folks are all home from the state fair again and they all report a fine time with plenty of sight seeing. Mr. Farley lias a brother from Kentucky visiting him since Friday. Tile new steel hay press works like a charm. So the proprietor, Ilotelling, says. A very pleasant surprise party was given Ouy Farley last Thursday afternoon in honor of his seventh birthday. His little friends and schoolmates gathered at his home immediately after school and were made happy by being liberally treated to ice cream and cake. G. E. Boyle has been absent from town, out hunting, of late, and it is feared lie might miss seeing some of those interesting runaways lie enjoys so hugely. „ MANCKOPT. Special Correspondence. BANCROFT, Sept, 9. — In our baste we can pen but few items this week, and first we notice a few improvements in town. The much needed crossings are being laid in our streets. • Dr. Cutler's barn on his lots by the Baptist church, looms up in large proportions. Oscar Pierson is building a house in northeast Bancroft. A. J. Berryman expects u brother from Montour to visit him today. Our public schools opened yesterday and a lull attendance is reported. Only one of the original teachers is retained, that one being Miss Byrne. Miss Flora Jordan goes to the southwest part of the state to visit for a few weeks. She leaves today. Also the Misses Stella Kinney anO Iiillie Ward leave today for school at . Glenvvood and Council Blnife. Sickness still prevails in the family of Mr. Streater. Luther Bingham, of Gettysburg, S. D.. has taken up his abode among u and is ready to do any work in bis line — carpentry. \ Grandpa Wickvvire is out again aftei p severe sickness. Such men are a sunshine in the world, and while the busy world lias lost their activities because of old . age, yet we miss their cheery presence, when they are confined to the Louse and are glad when we can greet them again. The I. G. G. T. entertainment was success all round and should they attempt an entertainment again will receive a larger patronage. In the late storm the Lutheran churcl was torn by lightning damaging it to the extent of $25. Starting at the point of the spire the bolt ran down the belfry tearing the lumber in shred' both inside and out, parting at the iront entrance it destroyed the casing on botli sides of the door inside am • out, yet though it made fine kindling while passing down no trace of fire ciu be seen. The curious are now flocking to the barn of Mr. Tallman, our novelty man who lias now in his possession by pur •cbase, the wonderful eight-footec borse from the Black Hills, also the six-legged calf. The horse is not an il shaped animal but, on the contrary, is rather pretty. At each ankle the leg •divides ami each branch has a perfec loot. The calf has t\vo fore legs am feet find four perfectly formed him legs and feet located side by side am is a rare curiosity. iiuivr. Special CoiTi-spomlonco. BUKT, Sept. 9.—Our town and vicin ity is ut this time enjoying good healtl and prospering linely. The new. im provements are being completed as fas as possible. Dr. McCormack's bouse Avill be occupied this week. Our new meat market will be commenced a once and the livery barn is to be buil as soon as possible. Fred Nicholson's BOAttO PROCEEDINGS* Offl«lfil tteeofrt of thn liy the County Supcrvlnors lU tlto barn will soon be finished and it will be a credit to the town, as it will be handsome, commodious, and substantially built. George Eastman is building an addition to his house. A special train brought the officials to our town last week, and brought two gentlemen here to look up a location for a grain elevator. They leased the ground and the building is to be put up at once. All our neighbors are rejoicing in the prosperity of our town and this part of Kossuth. In fact we believe we are as prosperous as any county in Iowa. Rev. Jones returned from bis eastern trip last week and brought a helpmate •with him. All join in wishing them a happy future. The public school commenced last week under the management of Miss Sallisbury. 'Mr, Buell, of Algona, is here helping Steve Nicholson in the store during Hardy's stay in Minneapolis. W. B. Quarton spent a few hours in town today on professions) business. The sociable and ice cream supper at Mrs. Bunker and Wooden's will be the social event of this week. Wednesday •evening. We were not able to be present at the sociable at the Mayhew House last week but learn it was an enjoyable one. Benny Mayhew and Will McDonald liave gone to Winnebago City to attend •school this winter. A graded school is one of our necessaries that should be looked after, as it would enable us to keep our cuildreu at home until they are farther advanced than they can be in our one room school. GOOD ADVICE, SHOWING RESULT. Edward Silvey, Chicago, gives .testimosy: "My wife bid Catarrh twenty- five years; suffered severely for six yews before she began to use your remedy. Unable to breathe except through the mouth; in a most critical condition. Tried everything without relief, when Dr. Streeter advised her to buy Clarke'* Extract of Flax (PapiUion) Catarrh Cure. Belief followed immediately. She continued to use it until she is now entirely Per heftllfc has not teea w goo4 Price $J. W * AI.GOXA, MONDAY, Risirr. l.— Hoard if Supervisors met in regular session ,t 1:30 p. m. Members all present ex- cptM. O'Roiifke. Minutes of June adjourned session were read and approved. On motion the Board took up the nattnr of vacation of road petitioned or by M. dc L. Parsons and others and icard arguments for and against said acation. On motion tho petition was aid on the table. On motion the petition of Christine (Vndcrson for assistance, was not al- ow ed. Resolved, That D. A. IJucll and G. T. Peters bo a committee to View road petitioned for by Wm. lladig and others, and all other bridges and rades petitioned for at this meeting. Vdoptcd. Resolved, That $J2.'70 tax of J88», be ibated on Southeast i of sec. 31, twp. 0(5, range .'JO, on account of exemption 'or trees. Adopted. On motion the report of the Soldier's Relief Commission was accepted and placed on file. On motion T. II. Lantry was appointed a member of the Soldiers' Relief Commission for the term of three years, expiring Sept. .1, 1803. Resolved, That petition of Conrad Herman, L. 11. Ward and others for road in Union .township on west line if section 22-9(5-29 he not granted, tho costs assumed by the county. Aclopt- id. Resolved, That the petition of J. M. Farley. E. Chrischillcs, and others, for road in Whittemore township be not granted, and costs assumed by the county. Adopted? On motion the Board adjourned till 8 a. m. Tuesday, September 2. Tuesday, Sept. 2, board met at 8 a. m. Members all present except M. O'Rourkc. On motion the petition of M. de L. Parsons and others was taken from the table. Resolved, Th'at petition of M. de L. Parsons for vacation of road be granted us follows: Commencing at the northwest corner of the southwest i of section 24, township !J"), range 29, and running thence cast about 20 rods, thence in a southeasterly direction to the south line of said section 24, township 95, range 29 and terminating at that point. Adopted. Resolved, That C. L. Lund, C. H. Blossom, and John G. Smith be appointed judges of election in the 1st Ward, in Algona. and C. Byson's office the place of holding the election. A. W. Moffat, I). .A. Bucll iindJ. W. Hinchon be appointed judges of the election in the 2d Ward, and Glim ore's hardware store the place of holding the election. John Wallace, Frederick Dormoy and J. B. Winkel be. appointed judges of the election for the 3rd Ward and the Normal School Building the. place of holding the election. H. A. Clock, J. F. Niconlin.and F. M. Taylor be appointed judges of the election in the 4th Ward and tho sheriff's office the place of holding the elec- tKms» Adopted. -^•'Resolved, That C. A. Olson, P. J. Byrne, and Nels Monson be appointed judges of the general election I'Qr Harrison township and the Benson school house the place of holding the elec- 4iojj. .- Adopted. On motion the auditor was authorized to receive bids for coal for the court house for the winter. Resolved, That the auditor advertise for sale all school lands that are now subject to sale. Adopted. On motion Mattlloltzbauor was employed as janitor for the court house for the coming winter at $2(5 a month, to commence his duties when notified by the auditor. Resolved, That $800 in tho Domestic Animal fund be transferred to County Fund. Adopted. Resolved, That Carl Miller's family be allowed $6 per month until April 1, 1891. Adopted. On motion the following levy of taxes was adopted for the year 1890. GKNIMAI, VUNDS. On motion the claim of Spefry, Watt & Garvor for remission of taxes was not granted. Resolved, That Mrs. allowed $12 per month until April 1st, 18»1. Adopted. At 12 in. the Hoard adjourned till 1 p. m. Board met at l p. hi. as per adjournment, and proceeded to the consideration of bills. Resolved, That school fund loans made by auditor be approved. Adopted. The report of Auditor of fees of his office $50.7/5 transfer fees, and $8.00 redemption was accepted and placed on flic. On motion the auditor was authorized to draw warrants for all bills allowed at this session. Resolved, That D. A. Buell be ;i committee to employ a steward for the poor farm. Adopted. Claims of Mrs. Mary Palmer for care of poor and Dr. F. II. Cutler for medical attendance on family of Andrew Johnson were not allowed. Claims of F. M. Butts and E. J. Gilmorc for goods furnisned poor were continued xmtil properly presented. On motion the members of the Board were allowed the, sums set opposite their names for services at this session. «. H. Peters, 2 dnys, 10 miles * 0 02 D. A. Hue] 1,2(lays 8 00 C. A. Olson, adays, 25 miles 11 00 J. Holt/,, !S days, 1U mllos (i «3 State I'/j mills; County 3 mills; Poor 1 mill; Bridge ii mills: School 1 mill; Insurance Ji mill; Soldiers'Belief 2-10 mill; Poll tux50ots.; Dog tax, male SO ota., female MOO. TOWNSHIP FUNDS. *Al#oua City '18.1 Algona, lud. Dlst "~Burt liuffttlu 13.1 18^ Kontou !18.i Greenwood. Geruittii Garflold West Betid lud. Hebron Irvlugtou Letts Creek LuVerue tLuVerno lud. . Portland Prtiirto .., Plum Criiek..,.. Humsay Elverdale 80Q6Ctt Bwea...... Union Wualoy- Wesley lud Wlilttomoro ...' Whittemore lad , ^ »!> 11 ilk. ft 13 17.7 9.0 if:? 0.1 4.i i6,D 10.1 WH 7.0 7.0 a.i 6 5.8 8.8 5.6 i.4 8 <j i a.t £i a.> «.8 7.1 7.1 5.8 t.S 5.0 8.6 o Health, Schedule of Claims, COUNTl" FUND. Upper .Des MolncM, printing M3 71 J B Hollus, postage, express, supplies... 1125 WE Wnrd, painting court house. HW.60, FOR STOCKMEN. HOW FARMERS ARE CHEATED IN PURCHASING MARE8. less lloblusou bill *3.50 Kifl 00 S I Plimilcy work at court house 80 42 Uerthu Carey, salary uml postiijre 2l)U 'Mi Horace Mann, commissioner on rends 28 00 Albert Ojfi'cn. trustee Humsay twp 2 00 Matt Pavrott & Sons, supplies for c h fi 7(1 Curtor & Hiissny, supplies for oh 64 TO I, J Nowell, clevk Kenton towhsliip 10 00 Mutt Holty.baucr, work at court fiouse.. 25)25 J W lloblnson, hardware and work on court house roof 011(4 F W Dlngley, paints and oils for c h 0!) 50 Wm Shannon, trustee Portland 3 00 Wm Lamcrcux trustee Huffulo 200 AKKIimcy, trastce Gurtteld 300 Max Miller, trustee Uivcrdulo 8 01) I) A Wallace, trustee Irvlnif ton 4 00 Frederick Mincer, trustee Gurtteld 2 00 H Ij Wurd, trustee Huffiilo 200 Goo B Ludwi«r, clerk Pniirle 7 00 A L St John, cleaning water closet 10 00 Mrs Shenslcy cleaning olOccs in c h 400 .T W Hinchon, printing 4218 Perkins Bros supplies for court 1 00 Egbert, Fidlar & Chambers, same '.. 21 40 T H Lantry, postage 3 00 Starr & Hallock. printing 7 25 Verne S Ellis & Co printing- 81 87 Jos Thompson appraiser on road 3 iiO W VHoilus same 3 30 Myron Schcnek, same 3 30 A Kunk, printing 500 Samuel Mayue Co. Atty, salary for July and August and expenses of 3 trips to Wcsloo and 1 to LuVerne 110 27 I'OOR I'UND. Wm. Hublwird, work on poor farm 0 87 Mrs. J. S. Gallagher, clothingforpoor 6 20 Freernan Asli, sr. care of poor 51 00 Mary Cooper, care of poor 325 1<" M Uutts, goods furnished poor 37 8i A J. Cole M. 1). medical attendance on poor, claimed $170.50. allowed 90 05 J E Hill M. It. mouical attendance on poor claimed $00,05, allowed 51 7i> Frank Heal, drugs for poor 34 4r» Geo Milieus, work on poor farm lii 12 W H Mariele, work at poor farm, claimed HO, allowed..;..'....'. 780 A Hough, coal for poor 4 811 Frederick May, cutting fi-rain on poor fm 18 50 Jus Taylor, goods for poor farm 2 75 S. Benjamin*, care of poor 3 25 1*) A litioll, com on poor furui 1 67 Taylor & H nine, coul for poor Ji) 95 Lewis H Smith, corn for poor farm 30 00 Henry Munch, goods for poor 10 00 Wartnmn liros, goods for poor. 4 iKI John G Smitli, goods for poor 38 25 Dr. Cutler, medical attendance on poor, claimed $11.50, allowed 750 MuinoK t'imn. . G F Hollow-ay, building bridges 03 05 0 E Bliss ropnlringGroenwoodbridge— 10 00 Frank Curoy. work on grade H 75 H Austin, building bridges 141 60 Taylor & Hume, lumber for bridges 11(1 85 C F Brooks, bolts and washers for bridges 17 1)8 Alphous Jolmson, repairing bridge 1<1 50 D Tall man, ditching east of Burt 40 50 M B Dulton, work on grades 13 15 J Holte, committee work and mileage— 8 10 John Paul, lumber for bridges 3 17 Taylor & Hume, lumber.for bridges 1 35 Geo F Holloway, hauling lumber 14 00 Thomas Henderson, grade, Calamus ork. 20 00 C H Hanson building In- on sec 25-97-30.... 34 60 Clias Winkle, work on Dos M. river grade 1 25 Geo Slailo, sumo 1 60 Alphous Johnson, work on grades 10 50 Geo H Peters, committee work 27 19 1 J Brner, hardware 3 28 Taylor & Hume, lumber for bridges 2 30 -Hruor Bros lumber for bridges 140 50 J) A Biioll, committee work 5 60 Campbell & Heynolils, hardware 8 88 Chas Winkle, hauling piles 9 00 J M Farley, lanibor for bridges 183 28 H Austin, repairing Dau Bridge 10 50 H Austin, building bridge 49 00 H Austin, blacksmith work 1 35 On motion the Board adjourned sine die. J. H. HOFIUS, G. IT. PETERS, Clerk. Chairman. tt Coftta Young Farmer* of Good Taste •ad J*«»gr«jMlvo Tend«nel<!8 Something: to CWt Their Eye Teeth Cat—Some of the J?*«na»ive Horso Trader's Trick*. There is a doctrine set forth every now and thett by city editors of farming papers that it costs no more to raise a colt than a steer after the colt is once started. The real farmer knows a good deal'bet- ter, but the pleasing fiction is useful for some people, and abundantly quoted for this among other reasons, that it brings fresh grist to their mills. Every young farmer of good tasto and progressive tendencies wants to trade off his homely yoke of oxen or pair of old plugs for a team of young mares that will do all his farm work quite as well as the old set and raise new colts at the same time. This doctrine has made the trade in Ontario mares for the last three springs a very lively one. But somehow it does not result so well in fact as it did in promise. Some of these nice young mares that cost over $500 a pair have never dropped a foal yet, and he would not be a very rash prophet who ventured to predict that they never will. A capable fanner the other day pointed to a good; looking mare and said, "She is a good mold, but she has never had a colt that liyed a week." Such cases as these are only too numerous, and where the bed rock of facts is got down to it is found that it is only the old fraud in a new form. Those mares had been tried «md found incapable of producing a colt worth anything, incapable sometimes of producing any colt at all. But they could be fitted for the western market, and now that people here have paid sweetly once more for cutting their eye teeth they understand the trick. Some farmer within a few miles of one's own door may have a useful mare or filly to sell, but she has no style or "finish," and the prospective buyer gets the style and finish in a sale stable; but the ragged filly next door, sound as a bell, cannot be sold within $100 of the price got for the imported article, whose good looks are the only good thing about her, so far at least as breeding is concerned. "Far away fowls have fair feathers" would be a good saying for the man to remember who wants to steer clear of paying fancy prices for the thing he does, not get. There are no doubt honest horse traders that would not knowingly put a barren mare into a customer's hands, but ought they not to get a step higher than that and make sure before they invest in breeding mares for this market, not only that they do breed, but that they will throw colts likely to justify the high figures put upon imported eastern mares?—Nor'west Farmer. Mule liaising. The reason the mule brays so is owing to a peculiar construction of his larynx, the encyclopedia says, which is quite satisfactory. These braying animals do not begin to be raised to the extent they might profitably bo in this country. The reason the mule is not handsomer is that his asinine ancestors have been half fed and cuffed and abused for ages and kept on scant food till they are undersized. It is quite possible that if the business of raising pure blooded donkeys were pursued in this country with a view to the breeding of large sized mules both the size and beauty of these long eared animals would be increased. At any rate wo think it would pay to make the experiment. In the illustration is seen a recently imported Spanish jack that is really a graceful beast. The true mule is a cross between the jack and the mare. In utilizing the mule southern farmers are wiser than northern. The mule is •Municipal tt. tMuulclpttie. liejjolved, That D. A. Duell l^" 4 committee to inquire into tfesneeds of Mrs, Lemke aod tlie audlwi 1 1# a ~ orjjed to draw warrants fo* * aa ordered l>y Wiu- Adopt Miss E. Keeve is in Des Moines selecting her stock of autumn millinery. , i A trtdy In South Carolina Writes i My labor was shorter and less painful than .on two former occasions; physicians astonished; I thank you for "Mother's Friend." It is worth its weight in gold. Address The Bradfleid Reg. Co., Atlanta, Ga., for particulars. Sold by F. W. Dingley and Dr. Sheet//. 48-50 A good lantern for only 50c at Townsend & Langdon's. To reduce our stock we wilt offer goods at greatly reduced prices for a time. G. L. GAKBBAITH & Co. The People's Favorite Remedy, the most perfect specific ever formulated for the successful treatment of bronchitis, catarrh, liver, kidney and stomach trouble, coughs or colds. Try it and you will never do without it. Ask your druggist, L. A. Sheetz. 44 tf Inquire of . STABS. To Comfortable living rooms, tf Go to Walbraith's remnant sale. Organs, L, Leasing has several styles of organs which he will sell at low figures. Also sewing machines on good terms and cheap. 47-tf Woodworth's stack of pound goods, just received, is immense. Go and see them. Notice to Bidders. At 14c. Per Dozen. M Are what We Want in -FOR- Groceries, Provisions, Crockery, Boots and Shoes. WE ARE AGENTS FOB ROCK SALT. All kinds of 5 cent yeast for Soda per package Axle Grease per box Lewis Lye per box Gloss Starch per pound Clothes Pin&per dozen .03. .05 .08. .10. .05, .01, We are still selling Boots and Shoes very cheap. Com® in and let us fit you. Townsend & Langdon HEADQUARTER'S Oan supply you with everything you "want in building material and fuel, And Don't You Forget it, All ye Wesleyites Gall at Taylor s New 'farm Loans AT 6, 7, rand a half, and 8 pet- cent, on five to ten years time with privi- •lege of partial payments before due. Interest can be paid at my office. „ Save money by calling on me before you apply for Loan. J. W. BARTLETT. LIVERY, FEED, AND SALE STABLE. Best of Horses and Carj i ia<?es. West ol Xhorington House. M. 2. GROVE, MANAGER. Y We can now make loans on Improved Lands from one to ten year's time itud give the borrower the privilege o£ paying the whole Joan or any part thereof iu even §100 at any time when interest falls due. This is Io\va Money, and no second mortgage or coupons are taken. This plan of making a loan will enable the borrower to reduce his mortgage at any time and save the interest on the amount paid. Money furnished at once on perfect .title. Call on or address, HOXIE & REAVER, Algona, Iowa. Farm Loans, Abstracts, A I \ /" "N I /V TZp "T^- La" 1 J^T" l^"^/"""^ ^a.. JLJ. V^/JLJl^cA.J.VpJiS r 1 ii OO V.XV-/. SPANISH JACK. hardier than the horse. He hardly ever goes lame, so solid and hard are his strong, upright hoofs. He does not eat more than half as muck as the horse, is not nearly so liable to disease and has much more strength in proportion to his size. If treated kindly, too, we have undoubted Authority for saying that he •will prove himself thoroughly docile and aa intelligent as a horse. Again we •would urge on stock raisers the importance of raising large mules for the market. We believe there is good money in it. The desired result can be obtained by breeding large sized mares to the largest jacks. It would be money in the pockets of our farmers aod stockmen it they had mules to do most of their farm work and hauling, particularly in hilly and stony districts. Another good quality of the long eared animal is that he is surer footed than the hone. As a rule the mule, like most hybrids, is unable to reproduce its kind, but there are two or three instances on record in which the female mule has given birth to a cojt. Mr. Timothy Dyer has at present » ma^e mule and colt m his VyowingfWigk. Tempting offers from freak muaomns have been rejected by Mr. Dyer, a* he intends to raise the colt. It is pi)rtt-c«lored ( being brown and white. ^ _ ^_ machine has been in- whence w> many come. This wacbifte IDA *«K*» ***** «** At Lowest Kates and optional payments. Interest payable at our office. If you want a loan call on us. We can save you money. JONES & SMITH. IT WILL PAY YOU Winkle Bro's, -TO CALL ATIF YOU ARE IN NEED OF Stoves or Hardware, -* G.M Howard *- -DEALER IN• STOVES, TINWARE, CUTLERY Shelf ware, Belting, Paints, Glass, Machine oils, Iron and Wood Pumps. Repairing Pumps a Specialty. Algona, Iowa. BIG vented i| Remnants of all kinds, BEG-ARDLESS OF COST. Also bargains in otker kinds of goods. A few pieces Dress Goods at three cents per yard. Ladies and Men's Shoes,choice for $1.50, worth $2 to $3. Ladies and Men's Shoea, oboioe for $3, worth $31© |8, . ^xW * •wpw™ %™ w i^^ppH^'p^ipw^feflfcHiP ^WMHIpp ^*Wp s,

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