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Weekly Rogue River Courier from Grants Pass, Oregon • Page 3

Weekly Rogue River Courier from Grants Pass, Oregon • Page 3

Grants Pass, Oregon
Issue Date:
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Dried We're Headquarters tor them 40 Pounds New Petite Prunes, $1.00 Fancy Evaporated Dried Apples, 12 pounds $1.00. Navel biitswect) per 15c. Beardsley'sShredded Codfish, very fine, 15c. Heinz Apple Butter (it's good). Our Tomatoes are all strictly new stock and all good.

Jn Cum we are selling Maine Sugar Corn (new) at the same price as the common. Good Standard Peas and Beans, 3 cans for 25c. Oysters, Lolstei'w, Nlirinips Whole Codfish, Boneless Codfish, Mackerel, Salmon Belly, Smoked Herring, Salt Herring. May's Garden Seeds FREE whilo they last (ask about them, White House Grocery. AgentsChase Sanborn Coffees and Upton's Celebrated Ceylon Teas 10 2 8 0 a a -e o1 "1 Q.

CD 01 For Another Year Our line of Bicycles will be the well tried Colimilmi Line which has given such excellent satisfaction. The 1902 models are now on exhibition and show the same strong features which have made these wheels such favorites. Cactus Tires on all Ilartfords and Columbias. Cramer Bros. personal BICYCLES CLEANED.

ODD FELLOWS BLOCK REPAIRING. Wire At Once Union Lock Poultry Fencing. Diamond Mesh Poultry Netting. 1-Inch Mesh for Rabbit Fence. Barbed and Plain Wires.

lliiir-Itidillo Hardware Co. AT JEWELL'S OLD STAND. Don't Ruin Your Eyes With Poor Glasses Cheap Glasses and badly fitted frames cause headache and premature loss of sight. Let me test your eyes without charge and fit you with a pair of glasses that will Keep Your Eye Young. A full stock of Watches, solid gold and filled cases.

Jewelry, kept in stock. Fine Watch Repairing a specialty. JlSTCIIlCIt. Front Next to relace hotel. JEWELER AND OPTICIAN.

The Grants Pass Opera House ONE WEEK Commencing Monday, March 17th Judge lanoa wat hrc from Jacksonville on Hatarday. Mra. C. L. Bloom returned to Eugene Monday and will remain several mil.

A. Davia and Chria Marx of Eugene have been visiting Granta i'asa tliia week. E. W. Kuykendall.

now of Wolf Creek, waa io town Friday on a busl-neta visit. Hiss Stella Axtell returned on Monday from Portland where the baa been attending school. John George, W. D. and Ben George and J.

O. Turner were viiitora toGranU Past from Kerhy thia week. Stewart Blackburn, a former Granta Paia bor, haa gone to Peru with a party of mining men on a gold bunting expedition. lira. A.

E. Voorhiea and little Earle went to Colestin Tueaday to visit for week with Mr. and Mra. Telford and family. Mr.

and Mra. Ed. Binoa returned by team to Medford Tueaday after a viait with relalivea and frienda in Granta Paaa. A. Marsh and family, Mr.

and Mra. Tboa. Caldwell, and Mr. and Mrs. Mai colm Dix arrived here laat week from Butte, Nebraska, and will probably locate permanently.

M. Lnckett, of Chicago, arrived here Saturday to viait with his aunt, Mrr. tViedman. He expects to assist J. L.

Myera in the Front atreet barber shop. H. C. Kinney left Monday for an absence of several days in nerlhern California on business connected with the 8. P.

I), and L. Co'a new lumber plant. Mrs. C. A.

Ptirdora stopped here Tuesday morning to visit with lelatives and friends. She is on her way to Oakland, where Mr. Purdoin is now located. Miss Maggie Tack returned last week toCresent City, accompanied by Misa Gertie Marhoffer also of that place, who haa been spending the winter visiting at Gold Hill. Miaa Bertha Barrie relumed last Wednesday night after aeveral weeks in Portland.

Miaa 'Gertie Barrie, who haa been attending school there during the winter, accompanitd her to remain daring the sommer. J. W. Freter and Roy Bartlett have dissolved partnership in their Front street confectionery store and billiard hall, and the buaineaa will be continued under the firm name of Bartlett Co. Waldo Greene is the new assistant.

Miss Ida Weston haarecently returned from Portland with complete and carefully selected stock of millinery goods for the spring trade, including a full and complete line of street lists. She will be assisted in her millinery business by Miss Bertha Itarrie. Palmistry. Madame Lydian the world's greatest scientific palmist can be consulted daily during the remainder of tbia week. Thia accomplished lady has devoted ber entire life to the study of Palmistry and stands today at the bead of her profession, tibs has studied under the oldest and best palmist of the world.

hs baa been atudent of Professors Cheiro and Stowe. Her best recommendations are the people who have called to consult her, all of whom are well pleased and are now sending tbeir friends to consult ber. Bbe tells you just what you wish to know. She gives advice on business, law auita, speculations, health, divorce, marriage, lore and all family affairs never fails to please; no matter what your trouble is she will help you. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Parlora at Mra. W. J. Rogers on street next to Hotel Josephine. Hours 10 a.

to 9 p. m. MESSRS. PLATT THOMSON Present the well known actress Kathryn Wayne JSupporteo by surb company in the following repertoire: "WON BACK," "THB BLACK FLAG," "ALL A MISTAKE," "ESMERALDA," "PECK'S BAD BOY," "PECK'S BAD BOY." (Matinee), "THE GREEN EYED MONSTER," Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Saturday PRICES, 25c, 35c and 50c. Seats on sale at the Granta Pass Pharmacy.

tAn elegant prize will be given to the two children hoi ding winning numbers at the Saturday Matinee. Wind Storm Ashland experienced a fearful wind storm Wednesday afternoon, but the consequent damage vrae very light. The new residence of EJ Williams in leva town was blown from its foundation. with no material injury to the building. although Mra Williams ws slightly injured.

The roof was blown from G. W. Croweoa's woodhnuse. A Hililreth't home had a narrow rail, and the roof was blown from the shed in the rear of Hotel Oregon. An old house on the hill above town, formeily occupied by L.

R. TJIen, but vacant for many montba past, was torn into kindling wood. A F. Hunt's barn waa moved about on its foundation, and the grand stand and fence at the athletic grounds have die- appeared. Four large locust trees growing in the rear of James Thornton'a residence were toppled over, and out build ings all over town were put wrong aide np.

A few awnings in the business por tion of the city also suffered. Town Talk. The On account of the engagement of Nevada at Ashland on April 8, the choral union have changed the date tor the "Haymakers" until April 15th and 16th. The chorus is working energeti cally with two rebearsala week. The role of the "Dairy maid" baa been assigned to Miss Maggie Meade.

The other soloists are Misses Carrie White and Bertha Barrie and Messrs. Cramer, lehara, Cramer and Voorhiea. Kathryn Wavne ia entitled to much praise, she is the best actress that has appeared here this winter and there have been quite a number of good ones. Pet aluma (Calif.) Argus. Throwing Rica Tbe custom of throwing rice at a de parting bride, originated in China where it was first used to thwart the evil de signs of ths great Golden Pheasants who might destroy ths brids.

Rice wss thrown at the door of the sedan chair inwhlch she waa to be carried, so that she could pats unharmed while the 'tplrit bird" was eating the grains. Kathryn Wa.yno Dramatic Co. Grants Pats is to be vitited for one week beginning Monday, March 17th, by tbe Kathryn Wayne company under tbe direction of the well known theatrical managers, Piatt 4 Thompson. Misa Kstbryn Wayne, the leading lady, needs no introduction to the theatre going public as her success in her profession is well known on thia coast. Mist Wayne ia a California girl born and bred, bat received her thealri cal education in New York.

She has been laying leading parts in numerous popular plays and there it no doubt but that the success of tbe company ia assured by hsr presence. Miss Wayne la supported by a first class coinpaey. ber leading man being Russel Reed clever actor, formerly with John Drew, while tbe heavy parts are portrayed by Robert Lawrence, late of Ralph Cum mirjga Co. and it i safe tossy that the rest of tbe people in the cast are not la-king in anything to make up a first clats com pany. They are at present playing in Colusa, and the Daily Herald of that place baa tbia to say about them "The Kathryn Wayne company opened their week'a engagement Monday night in "Woo Back" a bright melodrama with an excellent plot.

Kathryn Wayne in the leading part was especially strong and won the admiration of the audience. She ia finely endowed as to faee and figure to which ia added a high order of intelligence in the reading of ber lines Uaaeel Heed, at ber hutbaod, tbe en graver, Georgia Francis as "Aunt Martha," and Bather Dukey, as "Joanna Lighlfoot" gave an axcellen rendering of their parts. Although the villain or bad man ol the play is osuslly biased Robert Lawrence was applauded time and time again for his clsver work Sidney Piatt took tbe part of "Jim" and played tbe "fanny man" to perfection. Tbe company opena in Grants Paaa on Monday in "Won Back Tuesday "Tbe Black Flag:" Wednesday, "All a Mistake;" Thursday, Friday, "Peck's Bad Boy;" and Saturday night, "Tbe Green Eyed Monster." "Peck's Bad Boy" will also be plsyed at ths Saturday malinee. Ce.II for Democratic County Convention.

A county nominating Convention of the Democratic party of Josephine county, Oregon, is hereby called to meet Grant! Pass, on Thursday, Auril 3rd, 1V02, for the purpose of electing six delegates to tbe State convention to be held at Portlaud on April 10th, 1902, and six delegates to the Congressional convention of the let District to be held at Portland on the same day, and also to nominate candidates (or the various county ollicers, vix; Member of the Legislative Assembly; County Judge, County Commissioner, 8heriff, County Clerk, County Treasurer, Assessor, 8upt. of Schools and Coroner. The several precincts will be entitled to one delegate at large, and one for each 20 votes cast for Tboa. G. Greene, for Supreme Judge, at the last State election, being as follows: North Grants Pans 6 South tiranta l'ae 6 West Grunts I'ass 6 Althouae 2 Malic 2 Kerby 4 Inland 4 Lucky Queen 1 Merlin 4 Murphy 4 Slate Creek 4 Waldo 8 Williams 4 Wolf Creek 2 Mt.

Reuben 2 Selma 2 It is recommended that the Primaries meet in the various precincts on March 22nd, 11)02, at 2 o'clock p. and the various primary Conventions will nominate Candidates for the various precinct Officers and road districts. By order of tbe County Committee, made at Grants Pass, March 8, 1002. W. F.

Hots, Chairman. T. Y. Dkan, Secretary." MARRIED. local tbappcnlng Dr.

Flanagan, Ki silent Dentist. Go to Corun for Plumbing. 1902 Bicycles at Cramer Bros. Lime and cement at J. Wolke's.

M. Clemens, Prescription Drumrit A splendid line of Royal Charter Oak Rangea at Coron's. Do not miss tbs sale of Ladies' Dress Skirts at Mrs. Rehkopt's. Buy a Roderick Lean all steel Harrow.

For sale by J. Wolke. New spring dress skirts at Mrs. Rehkopt's. A special value at Don't fail to see tbe Cake Walk at the St.

Patricks social Friday evening at the Woodman hall. Don't miss "Won Back" at the opera house Monday evening, March 17th; admission 25, So, 60s. Seats at Post Ollice drug store. IIsir-Riddle llaidware Co. will have a car of Wagons, Hacks and Buggies from ths East about April first and invite you to call.

The drama, "Santiago," to be given by Co. will not be presented this spring, having been postponed until a later time. Curtis Co' snd Jewelers carry a complete stock oi Watches, Clocks and Jewelry, All kinds of repairing done. All work warranted. Odd Fellows' building.

Tbe Relianco Wrappers and House Dresses hsve Cosset Lining. A new line in all aises, just in at Mrs. Rebkopf's. Scott Griffin handles Ashland flour, Utah alfalfa seed, Oregon red clover seed, winter oats, large Russian white rye, new crop timothy seed, wheat for seed also Wheat Hay, Alfalfu, Timothy Hay, Oat Straw, Chop Barley, Corn, Wheat, Frank McGregor has sold his interest in the barber establishment on Front street to his partner, J. L.

Myers. Mr. Myers will employ a good man to take charge of the second chair and will continue the business. Frank expects to go to Crescent City whore bis wife and child are waiting for him. He haa not yet decided where he will locate permanently.

This is the time to be looking around for a Spring Walking Hat. You can find an up to date line at Mrs. Rebkopf's. I'latt A Thompson present Kstbryn Wsyne, supported by a company of fourteen people, at the opera house for one week, commencing Monday, March 17th. A dangerous counterfeit is in circulation in the Willamette Valley.

It-is a spurious five dollar gold piece, snd is a perfectly made coin. The body of it Is nickel, gold plated, and with the exception of its light weight, is so perfect as to deceive experts when new. It bears the date 18U0, and has the milling of the genuine coin. Business men would do well to keep their eyes open (or this coin. The Beaumout, Texas, oil boom teems to have quieted down a little.

Oil from some of the wells is reported as selling low as seven cents a barrel. Oil guthers baying a capacity ol 50,000 to 70,000 barrels a day have recently Bold as low aa Lack of transportation facilities and refineries are two of Hie causes leading to the luw prices. From the California oil fields come more favorable reports. There has been an In-ci eased demand and a better price for fuel oil fiom that section. HOPFIKLD MYERS At the bride's home at the Huby mine, near Grants 1'aea, March Pill, 1Wi2, Miss Eva Myers to Mr.

J. W. Hoptleld. The wedding ceremony wss performed by Judge Axtell, at high noon, in the presence of a few relatives and friends. After the knot waa tied, all enjoyed an elaborate dinner.

Those present were Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Cornell, Mrs.

Louisa Cornell, Mr. and Mrs. II. R. Rice, Mr.

and Mrs. Ed llannuni, Mr. W. D. Shaw and Miss Marie Smith.

At 2 p. tbe bride and groom atarted for Grants Pats, in oompauy with ths visiting relstivet and friends, where they took the train for MuMinnyille, where they intend making their future home. The tiridf is well known in this commu nity and ia highly respected by all. The bride-groom, during his presence has made many friends, and all Join in wishing both a long and, happy life. CIIAUSSE DAME In tliia city, Mon day evening, March 10, I'HIZ, Jease It Chanane, formerly of Grmte Past, snd Mine Lu la I lame, of Ashland, Judge Axtell officiating.

Mr. and Mra. C'hauss left on Tuesday morning lor Ashland, where they will make their home, Mr. Chauue is now an S. P.

brakeman, runniog between Athland and Dunsmuir. BOOTH BOOTH In this cltv, Tues day evening, March 11, r.K)2, Jobs M. Booth and Miea Alice Booth. Mr. Booth is the son of Hon.

J. 0 Booth and baa for several years past been employed in the office of the 8. P. D. A L.

Co. as assistant book keer The bride is the daughter of the late Rev. Chat. Booth and both are among tbe very well known young people of thia cilv. DIED.

DOKWIN In Ashland, Thnrtdiy, Mar. l'JOl, Geo. W. Dorwin, aged 70 yean. Mr.

Doiwin was well known in Grants Pasa, having formerly operated the Jewett mine near town. For the past two years bs has held the position of astayer at the Aiuland mine. The remains were brought here on Thursday evening and the funeral was held on Friday under theautpices of tbs Masons of which order Mr. Dorwin bad lung been a member. He was a man who was held in high esteem by bis aequsln tances.

He wss born in Vermont and cans to Die Pacific coast in 1ST) and for filty years hat followed mining and at taying in California, Oregon and Nevada. He helped coin tbs first authorized money made In San Fran Cisco. During the period between 18G0 sod 1870 be lived in Nsvsda, having been led there by the Comttock excite inent. He returned to California and a number of years ago came to Oregon He was twice married, bit second wife dying at Grants Pais two years ago. tls hsa two sont and two daughters by bit first marriage living, but residing in wldsly separated sections of tbe United States.

Dime Social, A very enjoyable dime social was held on Tuesday evening at the Presbyterian church. A very pleaaant prcgram of en tertainment was tendered. Miss Ettie Hartinan recited and there wss a trio by Misses Ethel Hendee, Lillian Hour ku and Guttie Parker. Refreshments of coffee, cakes snd doughnuts were served at the conclusion of the program. New Medford The Southern Oregoman is ths title of anew paper soon to be published In Medford.

Tbe editor and manager it Sidney D. Charles. The paper is to be issued semi-weekly, and will be de livered in Medford by carriers. This is a leature that bat never been attempted in this section before. The Southern Oregonian it purely a business venture, and will be strictly independent in politics.

The first num ber will be issued within two weekt. Mr. Charlet, the editor, has had wide newspaper experience In the Northwest. He was connected with the Evening Telegram for a number of years, an 1 later was engaged in newpaier work in Baker City. Rummage Sale The ladies of the W.

R. C. will hold their Rurumsge sale March 27, 28 and 29 in the Josephine Ham pie rooms on 6lb street, next door to the candy kitch en. We have many new goods already donated and expect to get many more. We will have most anything you can call for and they will all he of some value to some one at very low prices.

Rummsgs Sales are especially a benefit to those of limited meant, and they can get many useful articles very cheaply Wiiich otherwise they would have to do without. The country people car. bring potatoes, apples, eggs and other produce, and get a fair price for them in exchange for something uteful or needful. Mont of our goodt will be new and all will I nice and clean. Fell From iv Trestle.

A man was killed at Leland early Thursday morning and the body was brought to Grants Pats on the samo day. lie was riding on brake beams and it is supposed that he attempted to get out from under the train while the engine was taking water, the car be was on standing over the trestle, and in so doing fell from the trestle and was killed. He waa 33 or 40 years of sge. No papers or other means of identification were found. He was buried In the county cemetery.

Hat Two Wtvea. Thos. F. Simpson, a book keeper, the husband of her who was foimerly Miss Kate De Peatt ol Ashland, is in jail in San Francisco, charged with embeiile-uient and since his arrest it haa ap peered that he has two wives, Kale De Peatt being tbe second. They are said to go together daily to the jail to visit Simpson and are on friendly terms.

Mrs. Simpson, nee De Peatt, explains that as long as they are satisfied it is one else's business. Simpson and Mrs. Simpson the firet are both wall advanced in age. Jeweler with ev.

Gun. H.B.Meyers, a jeweler of Medford, became hilarious in Helm's saloon in that city last Wednesday afternoon and began shooting at random with a revolver. Several thots were fired before he was suppressed by the police, He plead guilty in the city court and paid fines to the amount of $20 50 The Meneley Quartette. The Meneley quaitette of Chicago gave two very enjoyable entertainments at the opera house on Wednesday and Thursday evenings of last week. Their voicet are full of melody and ths music was lively and of the ringing sort.

There were no solos and no attempt at the more artificial styles of vocalism. W. Eugene Knox showed himself a master of the art of impersonating. He was thelileof the entertainments and prevented a monotony which otherwise must have prevailed. St.

Patrick's Dance. On account of a previous contract by which the opera house had been engaged for the week of the 17th by the Katherine Wayne Dramatio the Six orchestra have postponed their grand St. Patrick's ball from the Intended date, the 17th, until Thursday, March 27th. It la tli Intention to make this ths best dance of the season and "The Six" asaure a good time to all who attend. Senator Killed Panther.

Senator R. A. Booth, who has been spending a few days in this vicinity duck shooting with his brother and frienda, tells ol killing a hugo panther one night las. week while out hunting on tllo Belknap settlement, near Mouroe, in Benton County, Buys the Rosuhurg Plaindealer. The animal was treed by the dogt when the valiant Senator approached, a li Roosevel', and flrud three charges of buckshot into Its bead.

Tbe animal wat a vory large specimen, measuring over tcven feet eight inches in length. Lost River Suckers. Klamath county is famous for snakes. It has other marvels also, as the following story from the Klamath Falls Express witnesses: During the spawning season IheBiickore crowd Lost river at the Gap so thickly that people use them for a bridge lo preference to the one built by the county because they say it is solider. Ths people of the cnuntv throw them into wagont with pitchfork! without lessening the supply at thotu further down the stream crowd Into the vaoant placet.

Nearly any day this time of the year, a stream of double bed wagons can be teen coming from the "fishery" loaded to the top with tuckers. Ths only accident in yesrt that has occurred there was when one of the citizens trlsd to drive across on the auckara in a strong wind ttorm, when ths fish were blown apart and in the rebound caught the bortes and threw them with such force that they became entangled and upset the wagon. The fortunate pretence of sn Indian woman on the bauk reduced a probable fatality to a mere accident. To one who hits trail a sulky raks driven in and out of the it ream and duuied each time on either bank till two windrows of tinker! a half mile long whs tho n-HUll, it is not necessary to bring eorrohoritiiye evidence, hut the tenderfoot is very wury, and ws not expect the full credence to which we re entitled. I'rlce i'i 50.

To cloae out lest than CODt. JOKKI'M Most, Opposite Hotel Josephine. Might Be Bennett. A strsnger apparently about 40 years of sge, with that famous "droop" in bis right eye, we. ring a light gray overcoat derby hat and carrying an umbrella mailed a letter at the di-pot jutt before the arrival of the noon train, Saturday.

An embryo Sherlock Hulmet, who witnessed the proceeding, immediately apolU-d the man at Hawkltit, sli Bennett, ths mytleriout and elusive tssaaain of pretty Nora Fuller at San Francisco a month ago. The appear ance fitted the description which bad been scattered broadcast over the country. It wat alto known that Hey' mour, chief detective of the San Fran Cisco police force, bad pawed througli Ashland a lew nights previously on his wsy north in search of ths much wanted man. Everything conaidered it wat not improbable that Bennett might he in Athland. The mysterious mm did not leave on the train, and droppeout ol tight as suddenly snd unceremoniously at bs bad appeared.

Tidings. Everybody Come! I will be with you on March 17 18 SEE THE IMMENSE DISPLAY Or Woolens WE WILL SNOW THB ENTIRE LINE OP STRAUSS BROS. Oood Tillon (sr Twtaty.flvi Yaara, Consisting of nearly 500 up-to-date patterns of luitingi and trouserings ia novelty worstedsycaasflneres, vicunas, homespuns, eto. well as fashionable staples in all shades. The highest standard of workman, ship at prices so low that you will wonder.

STRAUSS guarantee of perfect fit and workmanship, endorsed by us, goes with every garment A SKILLED REPRESENTATIVE from Chlce-go, will bo present to assist ua in me.kirf this THE GREATEST SALE Ol TAILORING ever held here. Don't mlee thle che.nce of havinf your measure taken by sxn expert, even If not ready to order. Come In and letsome valuable pointers about good tailoring P. H. Harth Son.

Rental of Postofflce Boxes. Representative Stevens has come to the front with a proposition to telieve the residents of small towns from the annual rental of postofflce boxes. He baa introduced a bill authorising; ths poat matter-general to purchase for tbe United States all the postofllces boxes snd box fixtures now in uae in the several postolBces where a charge Is made fur the use of such boxes. Mr. Stephens takes tbe position that the citizsnt of these towns do not have the advantage of free delivery, and are compelled to rent postofflce boxes; and that tbe amount paid In rental by each citizen annually would often pay for his box.

lie further contends that it is unjust that the citiions of the large, cities should have their mail delivered to them free when tbe citizena of small cities and towns are required to pay heavy rental for the privilege of getting their msil when they go after it themselves, or elre undergo the inconveuience of waiting in line. On Sundays ani all 'egal holidays the mall ia not delivered at the general delivery window, but for a short time after the arrival of each mail, and if citizen should not happen to be on band at that hour he would not get his msil until next day. In a word, Mr. Stephens proposes that tbe reaidents of small towns shall receive their mail under the most favorable conditions, at no expense whatever to theuitolves. Close Season for Salmon.

Tbe S. F. railroad company hat called the attention of its agents to the foV lowing circular letter received from Mr. II, O. Van Duaen, master fiah warden "During the season beginning March 1st and ending April 15th it is unlaw (ul to take or fish for lalraon In the Columbia river or in any of the waters of the atate of Oregon.

In regard thereto I beg to notify you that during said named season It is unlawful for you to receive or have In your possession, or transportation, or transport salmon caught or taken duriug ssid named season. Section 23 of the general fish laws of the stste. provides that In all protections under ssid sections, "the possession by any person" during the close season named, of any species of talmon, shall be construed as prima facie evidence that the same were unlawfully caught during the taid close seston. It it aiso unlawful for you to receive or have In your poteeaelon, or transportation or transport aturgeon, during the seston beginning March lit and ending November 1st." Real Estate Transfers. Hattie Jackton, to 1.

II. and Elizabeth Ilium, 18x100 ft. ofT the west side of Lot 0, Block 411 O. T. 8.

Ths tale wat made by the energetic Iteal Ealate Agent, Joseph Mots. ADLETS. WANTED. TO rent a email furnished house. Ad- llrM.

11 ill '(i li ii ANTED Fifty bead or null, urcgon. VyORKKlta-I want one good worker in every community tot about four WM at. Trior a in i. ftwu latuiltjy 111 11 li YOU willing lo ru8U. i want a KwU person kerBy, Waldo, Alihuiwe, Browntown, wi none, 1'lacer, Ualice.

If you want lo work write limuediatelv. irtviiiv srencea. A. K. Vausmr.

JJOUBKKKEl'KR for family coasisting lady preierml. Jo hard work and reasonably good wagea paid. Write lor relervuces to Leland W. J. Kvam, Leland, NTEI.UGKNT youug men, from 17 to 111 VMMt-H 111 suucauuii, to learn mechauico) trades.

ii i or wnie vo IJuiou Iron Soma, 'tu Market el. buu rancitico. FOR SALE. A good 0-hols steel range, tide tprlng haok, two lota with house and barn. Inquire at Uilt emce.

AT TUB "Fllta" river road end Uranu 1'mw, two choice cows, half Jersey, half Durham, forward springers, price too each; one new tMoughlou wagon at a bargum; IMymouth Itec and white wyaiiuoue egga irom choice atock tl iwr eiung 13. Am now booking ordera ior lull blood I'ouuid China pigs at two months cJU, price SW each. Uruer uy mail or call ami let me show you slock. it. li.

Alviksos. CM ALL hand printing press with type, Jlora. At Cvuher oiUce. QUARTZ mine on Ml mile from Uie Lawrence mine, lo miles trum Leland. There is an open cut ol KU iMtL ill iHlllTLll llW 11 t'uflt in VAlKja UIK a vein ot over 4 feet wide assaying JO pur um, Anarrasire now being put up erly.

iuia properly can tie Uil tlm ItrnHMrLv i 'i tiiii ue i i. no UUW. in quire at this ollice or call or address J. W. bades, Leland, Ore-- ELECTRICITY.

AUK you sullering from Kbeuuistism, Weak bauk, Mervous trouble, ur Ueu-srally run-down system? Use Klevtrio Holla and batteries. Jfor Men and Women. Kleciria insoles keep Uie feel warm, and prevent caichiug cold, tot t-Hiklet and circulars, address, Eleclrio Appuauce Ateoiord, Uregon. BICYCLE REPAIRING. -TAKK your wheel to Cramer ltros.

for repairs. J. Wolke, agent. Order Factory Block Wood from Kinney and Truax the Sugar Pine Store. R.

L. COE CO. ARGAINS jZrjzrTor Early vSpring' Buyers Wall l'apcr 5c, 7c, 8c, 9c, 10c, 11c, 12c, 14c. This is a special lot bought ot a bargain and so quantity is limited. You will have to get them quickly.

Zfifi YardiCalico best quality doth OUU but last years patterns, at riflCl Yards ioc and lac light colored Uut-J'J inif Flannels' mill ends to to yards in piece, at OzC dozen Children's IJlack Hose, extra heavy, ()(JiUubti knee, heel and toe, worth joe; this lot only llC vSHOEvS Children's all solid calf Shoes sample cut open to show quality ol counter and soles. This is un doubtedly the best value to be found on the Coast for an all solid shoe 75c, $1, $1.25 Ladies, saute as aboye, in calf ot kid, button or lacc. $1.50 Men's Shoes, warranted all solid counters and soles, nicely made, congress or lace. Best value in America $1.50 Pingree's Gloria Shoe $3.50 For Ladiea In the Freak, Modern, and British last. We are showing 20 different styles, lasts and widths.

We are selling thousands of pairs of If you are wearing them, enough said if not, why not try them now? Pingree's Governor Shoe, $4.00 For Men Best in America. Have been worn here in Grants Pass by our very best people for more than live years. During that time we have sold thousands of pairs of them. If those who have worn them have any complaint to make we will make them a present of 4 pair. Don't you think you had better have a pair of Governor Welt R.

L. Coe Co.Sfie Big' Store. L. TJ. BA-TVIV-tVTlD, tlio Furniture nnd Iloune ITumialier Doalor, vill no tho toftom off IiIm pniro AVnloli if.

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