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Mount Carmel Item from Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania • Page 1

Mount Carmel Item from Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania • Page 1

Mount Carmel Itemi
Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania
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1938. VOL NO. 275. rvn ES BREAKDO WNISFEAREi FLOODS BRING Combined Wrath of Wind and Tidal Wave AS CHAMBERLAIN AM NEWTERRORTO HITLER FAIL TO MEET STORM SECTOR Pilot Falls Out, Radio Man Lands Death Toll Along Atlantic Seaboard Reaches 480 Governor Issues Peronace Respite Until October 31 Airplane Safely THOUSANDS ARE WITHOUT HOMES Nations Shudder As Situation Takes Grave Turn; Fighting Occurs Along Czech Border; France Moves Up Troops FUEHRER REFUSES BRITAIN'S DEMAND FOR HIS PLEDGE AGAINST INVASION By Joe Alex Morris (Copyright 1938 by United Press) Europe's desperate struggle for peace slipped to within bayonet-length of collapse today. Fighting spread along the tense Czech frontier and ce-gotiations between British Prime Minister Neville Charci-berlain and Nazi Fuehrer Adolf Hitler at Godesberg seemed HARRISBURG, Sept.

23. (U.R) Gov. George H. Earle, on recommendation of the Pardon Board today issued the following respites for murderers sentenced to die in the electric chair: Antonio Peronace, Kulpmont, from Oct. 3 to Oct.

31; John G. Polens and Joe Senauskas, Warren County, from Sept. 26 to Oct. 31. It was the eighth respite granted Peronace who was convicted of killing his wife and father-in-law.

CAPE MAY. N. Sept. 23, (U.R) The courage of a radio operator, who never had piloted an- airplane, was credited today with saving one of the United States Navy's speediest fighting planes from destruction. O.

W. Phelps, Radioman Second Class, U. S. landed the ship safely from an altitude of 7,000 feet after its pilot was tossed from the cockpit by a lurch of the plane. Phelps and Lieut.

T. G. Ash-craft were aloft In maneuvers with Scouting Squadron No. 5, stationed here while the mother ship, U. S.

S. Yorktown Is In drydock at Norfolk, Va. The ship lurched In a power dive and Lieut. Ashcraft was thrown out, landing safely by parachute. Phelps took control of the plane, circled slowly and landed bumpily but safely.

He stepped out of the ship and collapsed from the strain of his first solo flight. River Crest Creates New Menace At Hartford, Mass. (By United Press) The death toll from Wednesday's hurricane and tidal waves mounted slowly toward the 500-mark today as rescue workers spurred their efforts in the face of new flood threats. By midday the number of known dead in New England, New York, New Jersey and Quebec had reached 480. The revised toll by states: Rhode Island Massachusetts 137.

Connecticut 54. New York 49. New Hampshire 13. New Jersey 3. Vermont 2.

CARSON NAMED WU VAJ. Hitler was reported to have told Chamberlain that German troops must march into Czechoslovakia because "there is no alternative." The Fuehrer claims that the new government at Prague headed by the pro-Soviet Gen. Jan Syrovy plus the firmness of Czech troops in the Sudetenland have Intensified the "Communist" danger. He believes that disorders are inevitable. Chamberlain appealed for oioer, COMMANDER OF LOCAL LEGION APPROVAL IS postponed this morning's talk with' Hitler and asked the Fuehrer to guarantee that he would not strike during the peace negotiations.

As Hitler replied, German sources said that the Reich found it difficult to give such a guarantee under the circumstances, but other well-informed sources said they believed Hitler's Installation of New Officers Elected Last Night To Be Held In October GIVEN TO TWO CO. PROJECTS "The first thing I knew, the ocean swept into the house," said a housewife survivor of the tidal wave that roared In from the Atlantic Ocean to tear completely across Fire Island, off Long Island's south shore. Multiply that dramatic description by hundreds. Fully two-third of the 6ummer homes on the flat Island, went down under the force of the wind and water In the great hurricane. In the airview above, the calm ocean.

is In startling contrast to the scene of extreme devastation of the land. Addition for Ralpho School reply would permit resumption ttf negotiations. The threat of breakdown in the negotiations sent a new war shudder And Eight-Room Building In East Cameron WILL REMOVE HAIRPIN TURN AT $2000 COST Hazard Is A Turn At Crest Of Hill Near Farm of John A. Ferster F.D.R. RELATIVE Quebec 2.

Massachusetts believed she had her rampaging rivers under control, but a flood emergency was threatened at Hartford today, eight New Jersey towns were under water, and rivers were rising in upper New York state. The threat of disease and famine hung thousands of refugees In Rhode Island, the state worst hit by the hurricane which tore across Long Island and up through the New England states Wednesday afternoon and night. The Connecticut, New England's largest river, and the Merrimac were brimming their banks and a Stamp of approval of the Pennsyl vania State Authority was given two more Northumberland county scnooi COUNTYYOUTH IS FOUND DEAD IN AUTOMOBILE Verne Carson, north Oak street, a member of the Bell Telephone Company's servicing department in the Mount Carmel district, was named Commander of Harry Geist Post 91, American Legion when election of officers was held last night. Other officials elected by the post were Joseph Porembo, senior vice-commander; Frank Lubold, Kulpmont, junior vice-commander; B. Earl Fagley, adjutant; Ray J.

Howells, treasurer; Daniel Zieger, Daniel Houck, John Ze-biak, Harry Ossman and Harry Klein, trustees. Installation of officers is scheduled for Thursday, October 13. Carson will succeed Walter Hammemick, present post commander, whose term expires. huildinz DTOjects, in Ralpho ana across Europe. In France, fresh troops poured into the great Magtoot Line along the German frontier to put defenses at double strength.

Reports were that Germany had troops mased near the Caet'h frontiers where Sudeten 'Tret Corps" fighters already are in conflict with the Czechs. At Prague, the new government adopted a firm attitude. President Eduard Benes appealed to the peo IS APPOINTED TO CURRENCY POST East Cameron townships it was announced by County Superintendent C. E. Hilbish upon his return from Harrisburg where he conferred with officials of the Authority Wednesday afternoon.

The RalDho township project calls ple to maintain order and to put Member of Well-To-Do Family Believed Victim of Carbon Monoxide Preston Delano Named By President As New Comptroller of Currency for the building of an addition to the Dresent high school building their faith in the defensive ability of the military. Czech soldiers moved providing four more class rooms and back into Sudetenland sectors pre gymnasium. $65,000 is appropriated viously taken oyer by Sudeten Free Corps men and reported a long seJ- for the project. DENTAL SURGEONS TO In East Cameron township, a new ies of clashes and kidnapings by Nazis. eight-room school, with assembly HOLD FALL OUTING hall, will be constructed, for wnicn Removal of a highway hazard which has caused at least one death, as well as a number of serious accidents Is the purpose of a relocation Job on the Sunbury-Augustaville road', contract for which was let by the Pennsylvania Department of Highways Wednesday to Harry S.

Goetz, of Green-castle for $24,723.57. The hazard is a hairpin turn at the crest of the hill near the farm of John A. Ferster, a mile north of Augustaville. The section to be located is 495 feet in length. The approach from Augustaville is by an easy grade antil the top is reached, when there are several sharp turns, which are very dangerous in winter weather.

The construction win be under direction of the district office at WUliamsport, and is not in the jurisdiction of the Sunbury maintenance office. At Stadt Jaoernig, west of Giaz on the frontier, a series of clashes oc $85,000 is provided. Sixth district meeting of the curred between Free Corps men and Pennsylvania Dental Society will be held at Harriso State Park, near Wellsboro, Wednesday of next week, I looa crest ueatcuucu field, where an army of men had reinforced Dykes ana authorities had moved all residents from low-lying areas. Authorities believed only a small section of the city would be flooded. The Connecticut river crest was due at Hartford at noon and there was no certainty that it would not cause a major flood.

Residents had been forced to leave their homes and emergency conditions prevailed. In New Jersey, Rancocas creek rose 14 feet in 25 hours and flooded eight towns. No one was drowned, but hundreds were made homeless. In upper New York state, the Hudson and Mohawk rivers were brim full and still rising. It was feared that they would flood at any moment and hundreds were evacuated from low-lying sections of Troy, Waterford, Albany and Rensselaer.

But most pressing was the needs and the sufferings of thousands crowded In refugee camps in New England particularly Rhode Island, who had no homes to go to because they had been wrecked by hurricane, were, In many cases isolated, were on short rations because communica- WASHINGTON, Sept. 23, (U.R) The White House today announced appointment of Preston Delano, governor of the Federal Home Loan Bank board, as Comptroller of the Currency. Delano's appointment was announced by White House Secretary Early who met with members of the press at the hour of President Roosevelt's customary Friday morning press conference. Early announced that Mr. Roosevelt had cancelled' his conference at the last moment because of the head cold from which he has been suffering this week.

Delano, a distant relative of Mr. Roosevelt, will assume his duties as comptroller within the next 24 hours, Early said. He is a native 'of the Czechs. Maohine guns, rifles and armored cars were involved in the fighting. In Berlin, German official carries denounced the Prague cabinet and threatened that German, Polish and Hungarian Free Corps would mow across the frontier.

with the Tioga County society as hosts to the various dental surgeons. This event will be the annual Fall nntin of the sixth district, compris Funds will be provided by the State Authority and the Federal government, the former furnishing 55 per cent of the appropriation and the latter 45 per cent. The State Authority win collect yearly rentals from the districts for the state's share in the appropriations. The districts need not pay fsack the 45 per cent provided by the Federal agency. Three other new school building projects have been approved to date including: A new four-room building ing northern and eastern central Pennsylvania.

The Tri-Qounty Dental Society, comprising Northumber-and, Montour and Union counties cancelled its September meeting Tuesday of this week in order to In Moscow, Russian officials advised Poland that any invasion of Czechoslovakia in support of Polish minority demands would cause the Stock Market in Washington township, an addition Soviets to denounce meir non-ag take part in the affair next week. Oversleep Costs Life LANCASTER, Pa. John Stickler Forry, 30, lost his life because he overslept. His wife, Ruth, arose before him yesterday" and left for work after lighting a gas heater for hot water. When she returned 10 hours later, she found the heater still burning, the house filled with' carbon monoxide fumes and her husband dead in bed.

Killed By Auto PITTSTON, Pa. Walter Pil-tovitz, 60, of Sucon, died at Pittston Hospital today of a skull fracture suffered when he was struck by an automobile. A man. identified by police as Harry Angelo of Hughestown was held as the alleged driver of the machine. Legionnaire Dies PHILADELPHIA James C.

Purcell, 47, former Philadelphia County American Legion Commander, will be buried tomorrow. Purcell, a native of Tama-qua, died Wednesday of a heart attack. He leaves his widow and a seven-year-old daughter. Reading Co. Income lip PHILADELPHIA Net operating, income of the Reading Company for August totaled $906,958, an increase of $66,653 over the corresponding month last year, the railroad reported today.

The total for the first eight months of the year was $5,450,073 a decline of $4,370,701 from like period of 1937. Girl Driver Exonerated LOCK HAVEN, Pa. Margaret S. Rich, daughter of Congressman and Mrs. Robert F.

Rich of Woolrich, today onerated by a coroner's Jury which found that the death of Doris June Wurster, 5, was "unavoidable." The child allegedly ran in front of Miss Rich'a automobile. Bandits Get Payroll PHILADELPHIA Two bandits, masked and armed, held up the office of the Dearnley Brothers Worsted Spinning Company today and escaped with a $3,400 payroll. A young man was found dead today in the upper end of Northumberland County, an accidental victim of carbon monoxide, authorities believed. The victim, Ralph Schreger, 29, member of a well-to-do Milton family, was discovered in an automobile at a garage in the rear of his parents home. Discovery of the body was made at 8:15 o'clock this morning by neighbors.

Schreger had been last seen alive at 2:30 p.m. yesterday when he went to the garage to wash an automobile. When the body was found, the motor of the car was not running although the ignition was turned on and the gasoline tank was three-quarters full. Doors of the garage were believed to have been blown shut by wind. Northumberland County Coroner Sidney Kallaway, Shamokln, was notified and he said today he planned to go to Milton to make an investigation.

Schreger, until a year ago, was associated with his father, Henry, in a department store business, the largest and oldest of its kind in Milton. Only recently, the young man had returned from a motor trip through the New England states. In earlier years, he attended four different universities, Bucknell, Cornell, Virginia and New York. Besides his parents, he leaves two brothers and sisters. to the present Lewis township-Tur-botville hieh school building and the gression treaty with Warsaw.

Both Poland and Hungary are vig Fairhaven, Mass. RESUMPTION OF FORT new Upper Augusta township school orously pressing their demands that The White House explained that the nost had been held- open for J. Closing NEW YORK, Septl 23. (U.R) A j-, i vn Wurnnpan Bitua- they get a cut of Czech territory by return of their minorities coincident F. T.

O'Connor, who had resigned PROJECT IS ASKED building approved through WPA County Supt Hilbish conferred with the Riverside-Rush township tion brought selling into the StocK with surrender of the SudetenJiiid the office to run, unsuccessiuiiy lor the Democratic governorship nomination in California. O'Connor in Market today ana pnus ft.rtvic after ooenine fractions to to Germany. Objects of historical value to the school boards relative to a new school project in that district and Thursday night will confer with the more than a point lower. Conversations Hit Snag GODESBERG, Germany, Sept. 23.

formed Mr. Roosevelt two days ago that he did not desire to re-enter number of 250, in addition to many cannon balls were recovered from the excavation of the site of Fort Aueusta. it was announced at the Turbot township board while Assist U.R) Negotiations between Prime the Federal service. Bonas aeciuieu, wiuu -vak issues at new lows for the year. Wheat gained cent to 1 cents, while cotton lost about 50 cents a ant County Superintendent John B.

Boyer will meet with the Jackson township directors to discuss school September meeting of the Northumberland County Historical Soci Minister Neville Chamberlain and Fuehrer Adolf Hitler struck a snag today and a grave, tense atmosphere prevailed in this Rhineland center. -The scheduled second meeting be MARQ01TI TESTIFIES buildings. Monday is the last day that Drolects for new schools, funds ety at the fort. The nrolect closed last Thursday tween Chamberlain and Hitler did ON TRUCK 'DEAL7 HARRISBURG. Sept.

23, (U.R) when the allocation was exhausted. for which are provided under the recently enacted Thompson Act, will The historical society, its sponsor, not take place this morning. Instead, Chamberlain sent Hitter be received at Harrisburg, it was an has made application with the WPA Former Attorney General Charles nounced. Several highly favorable business reports were issued, but were ignored marketwise in view of the unfavorable European news. Car loadings for the week ended last Saturday, reported today by the Association of American Railroads, totaled 660,142 cars, a new high since November 13.

Automotive Reports, reported automobile production for this week at 20,390 cars, against 16,100 in the preceding week, and 28,030 in the corresponding week of 1937. It was announced that projects alreadv on hand insure the passing for a supplemental allocation in order that it might continue. It is one of the most worthwhile projects of a letter. It was five hours before Hitler replied at 3:35 p.m., after constant consultation with his entourage across the river from Chamberlain's hotel The prime minister be J. Margiotti told the legislative investigating committee today that near the end of the 1937 assembly session a fellow cabinet officer, of all one-room schools in the state.

the WPA in Central Pennsylvania and has attracted wide interest CENTRALIA, CONYNGHAM WPA WORKERS ORGANIZE gan immediate study of the reply. Chamberlain's letter, it was believ among state historians. All the objects recovered are the. property' of ed, demanded a pledge in black and Colliery Working Time the Historical Society. white that Germany would not move President Frederic A.

Godcharles wniiowln? in the foot steps of Sha FOUR YEARS A PATIENT of Milton, presided. Eugene Garde into Czechoslovakia while negotiations are in progress. tlons naa oeen omy iiahu ly, and were threatened with dis- i So' pressing was this problem, that president Roosevelt, responding to the appeal of New England Governors, ordered federal agencies the Red Cross, the Coast Guard, the Works Progress Administration, the Civilian Conservation Corps, and the Army and Navy to mobilize their full facilities. Harry L. Hopkins, WPA administrator, was to fly to New England from California to take personal charge of WPA activities.

The situation in brief by states: Rhode Island: Dead, 217. Missing, approximately 300. Homeless, 5,000. The hurricane center apparently passed through this little but thickly populated state and a huge tidal wave rolled over its coast. Providence, its largest city, suffered frightful damage.

Banks and stores still were closed. National Guardsmen with bayonetted rifles prevented looting. Doctors and nurses administered serums to the homeless and rescue workers fed them. Water had to be boiled. A dozen small communities were partially Isolated and where it was possible, drinking water was sent to them in railroad tank cars.

In virtually all of the state, there was no electricity and the power cannot be turned on until the wrecked wirings of partially ruined buildings and torn-down power lines have been repaired, lest there be an epidemic of electrocutions and fires caused by short circuits. These cities and towns suffered most: Providence, Charlestown, Mis-Quamicut, Island Park (sections of (Continued on Page Eleven) mokln and Coal Township, with whinh etoud thev intend to cooper ner, archaeologist at the project Scheduled to Work Saturday There was no official confirmation, but a semi-official German source ate, WPA workers of Centralia and spoke on the work he had carried on during the past summer. He briefly Stevens said: IN WARNE HOSPITAL Mrs. Lucy Schnerring, of Hillside, who observed her seventy-third birthday Sunday, 19th, has hnn ft naUent, at the Warne sketched the background of tne Cameron. Conyngham Township met last night and formed an arganization.

Officers elected were Michael finntrVi TvrMirfpnt: Michael Moran. GIRARDYILLE FIREMEN work, telling of the building of tne fort in Colonial days, and its occu Sterrick Co. pancy over a period of years. He told William Perm. Hospital, Pottsville, for the past UVUgu, I vice-president; James Rhodes, financial secretary; William McAndrew, Henry Miller, John Long and Ed WILL USE OLD SCHOOL The Rangers Hose Company of Arthur Colegrove, advised mm "some terrible things were happening" and expressed fear he was hazarding a Jail sentence in acceding to truck purchase demands of Democratic leaders.

Margiotti said Colegrove, then property and supplies secretary, revealed to him that truck companies from which he purchased equipment for the State Highway Department during the 1936 campaign under pressure from Democratic leaders boosted prices from $700 to $3500 per vehicle to make up a $50,000 contribution to the party's state committee. The pressure was Margiotti testified, by Matthew H. McCloskey, then finance chairman of the State party organization, and Commonwealth Secretary David L. Lawrence, State Democratic chairman. Relating his conversation with Colegrove regarding truck purchases, Margiotti said: (Continued Oil Pate Eleven) in Interesting fashion the signin-raince of the obiects recovered from More Colliery lour years, cue la an acciaenw She is the widow of David G.

Srhnp.rritisr. who died 23 years afro. Kehley Run- ward Sinkiewlcz, grievance the excavation. The method of exploration of the ground with tiny Girardville will hold future meetings and is the last of her family. She "Just how do you answer such a letter? How can we guarantee not 1 march into a country where such conditions prevail?" News from the Czech border and from France added to the tension and to fears that the crisis may reaching the gravest point since it rjegan.

Fighting between Sudeten Germans and Czechs was reported alont the border. From France came new that heavy French troop movements were in progress along the German frontier. Despite the difficulties, there wa (Continued on Page Elevei HOME FROM HOSPITAL Miss Rosella Reiner, 350 south tools in order that no rare treasure be lost or broken was described. in the school house to be abandoned by the Girardville School Board as soon as the borough's new high has one son, William R. Bcnnemng of Allentown, two daughters, Mrs.

Bertha, wife of Rov Brown, of Hill ANNIVERSARY Dr. Donald Oadzow. archaeologist Chestnut street, has returned home side, who resides in the old home from the Shamokin State Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Louis Gazda.

resi of the Pennsylvania Historical Com school is completed. mission, who has been in charge ol dents of an apartment at 129 south in a much improved condition following an operation. the work, was unable to be present. stead, and Marion, wife of Charles Fuller, of Anderson street, Pottsville. There are five grandchildren.

The whippet is said to be the fast The firemen asked WPA authorities at Washington to be permitted to use the school building instead of demolishing it as provided in the terms of the PWA grant. The firemen meet at present In an old barn. Oak street, this city, yesterday observed their second wedding anniversary. Mr, Gazda is formerly of Centralia and his wife is the former Helen York, of Midvalley No. 1.

The Atlantic coastline of the United States is 1888 miles long-that of the Pacific, 1366. Land crabs crawl out of their holes and steal golf balls on the golf courses near Sydney, Australia. est thing on legs. This dog can travel 200 yards in from 10 to 12 seconds..

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