The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 16, 1890 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1890
Page 5
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NEWS OF THE WEEK. . .•Stfft* 1 jfeettfli O&Mftyor Jones' Fath- nformation on er Signals. te Wanted Money but Get It-Tiie News At Washington, OJ? MB. JESSti JONES. ,yor Jones arrived home from tt, Canada, yesterday morning, to hloh plttce he was called Monday the iek before by the illness of his father. e did not get there in time to see his ther alive, as he died the same clay 6 telegram was sent. The Dumfries former gives the following sketch of Jones: On the forenoon of July 7, at Boon, 'X • Jesse Jones, in the 81st year of his , died in the triumphs of the Gospel, '.ch he so faithfully preached for fifty-five years. His last sermon, mch he intensely longed to give), was\on the 28th of June. He led his ^.. (w Class for the last time on the evening Of July 5, tlms fulfilling his life-long desii'e to "cease at once to work and live/' Mr. Jones was horn in the year 1809, in the Township of Whitchurch, County of York. His father came from Wales to the United States, but during the Revolutionary war removed to Canada, built the old fort at Amherstburg, and added another name to the long list of worthy U. E. Loyalists. His mother (the sister of the benevolent and beloved Jesse Ketchum, whose name will ever be revered by the citizens of Toronto and Buffalo,) was an American by birth. Her family gave to the United States two of its presidents, and to the world Elizabeth Wetherald, or Susan Warner, author of "The Wide, Wide World," "Queechy," etc. Jesse, the third son of this worthy couple, was the father of eleven children, ten of whom grew to manhood and womanhood. 1VKATHKR SIGNAL NOTES. The weather forecasts are made up for the twenty-four hours from 8 p. m. to 8 p. m.- The report is received here between 8 and 9 a. m., so that the day for which the signals are displayed is If gone before they are run up. This et should be borne in mind in deter; the correctness of forecasts. nother thing to remember is that- jlue flag means rain, and for this seaspwi usually only showers. The ;s being for a wide territory— the Yi'Biple state—its display does not signUyfrthat every locality will be visited W a shower. But when the white ',or fair weather flag is rained on there 'is something wrong with the forecast. The black triangular flag stands for tembernture. It is placed at one end •or the other. .When at =the north end as the Algona flags are displayed it indicates warmer, and when at the south end it means colder. When not displayed at all the forecast is for stationary temperature, or a variation from the preceding day of not more than four degrees. With these explanations kept in mind there will be no iccasion for excited discussions about ie interpretation of the signals. ATTEMPTED KO1JUEKY. An attempt at robbery was carried -into execution Saturday night in'the home of Charley Bronson in the south•-east part of town. Mrs. Bronson is -away visiting and Chas. had a friend, Henry Newman, to stay with him that night. During the afternoon and after ~the banks had closed, Mr. Bronson •came into possession of a sum of money which he had in his pockets. Along about half past two, young Newman, who was sleeping in another 1 bed in the .same room, woke up and saw between him and the window a figure fumbling with the clothing. He gave a yell that woke Bronsoii up and.made the intruder drop the clothes, Bronson quickly jumped up and gave chase, running the would-be robber down stairs, and out floors, where he was lost. Luckily he did n9t get hold of the money, and unluckily, he was not captured. ference, and which is certain to become a law, like all other compromise meastirea fails to please the extreme loiastftndttttlmM, or the free colniM silver caen» but it seems to suit the av» eraj$ man pretty ftell. It provides for the purchase of 4,500,000 ounces of Bllvet' each* month, which is said to be slightly in excess of the entire output of all the mines in the United States* Notwithstanding the extreme warm weather the President, since his return from Cape May Point Tuesday afternoon, has been working like a beaver. After many delays Wyoming is a state although the forty-fourth star will not be placed on the flag until the fourth of next July. The senate by a majority of a refused to open the debate on the tariff bill this week. Five republicans voted with the democrats in this, because they were opposed to taking up the tariff bill until the silver question had been finally disposed of. Representative Perkins of Kansas, has introduced a bill in the house to establish public schools in the territory of New Mexico. The house committee on invalid pensions has made a favorable report on the bill to pension army mu - ses. The bill only affects about 900 women, and it seems but tardy justice that these women, many of whom are destitute and in bad health, should be provided for by the government for the rest of their lives. There is an ugly report floating around here to the effect that representatives Hooker and Catchings, sitting members from Mississippi, had retained their seats by obtaining the influence of ex-Senato Bruce and Auditor Lynch, two Mississippi colored men now in office here. This may or may not be true, but certain it is that the house committee on elections has made a report against the republican contestants of Messrs. Hooker and Catching's seats. More than one hundred members of the house are absent from the city and Speaker Reed has the hardest kind of a time to keep a quorum present. In fact he doesn't do it. The unimportant business is allowed to go through without haying the question of "no quorum" raised and when anything of importance is to be acted on the members are drummed up until there is a quorum present. The original package bill was, according to the program of the committee on rules, to have been disposed of by the hpus.e this-week, but the house got contrary and refused to adopt the resolution submitted to it by the committee on rules. This is the first time this session that the house has refused to follow the program adopted by that committee. Chairman Belden of the republican congressional campaign committee has sent an appeal/to the republican editors of the country asking their aid in arousing public sentiment to the necessity of a federal election law. Thef house lias passed a bill containing the regulations adopted by the recent International Maritime Conference to prevent collisions at sea. We shall keep a full line of staples to sell at cost until we close. G. "R. WOODWOHTH, WASHINGTON BETTER. • From our Correspondent. WASHINOTON, D. C., July 10, 1890. Senator Quay, who has returned from Pennsylvania, siiid today: "Yes, the democrats are claiming a great deal in Pennsylvania this year but they will be wofully disappointed when the returns ~" " all in. My confidence in republi- fiucceas is unshaken; it is founded rook, and when you have sand in ltlo» to the necessary rpck you are pretty well fixed, and that is fust the condition of the republican party of Pennsylvania." That was a pretty long speeoft for Mr. Quay to make to a newspaper man. Taere ip not a word of truth in the statements made in democratic papers that the republican senators had made a bargain with the democrats by which the federal election bill was to be shelved for the session in return for democratic prpmpes of not obsfructing or delaying tne passage of the McKin- Jey tariff bill. Wluch bargain has been made, and 90 nuch bargain mil *b$ made. The republicans nave a large majority in the senato, and feo intimate tHSfc they would allow tlie minority to dictate what should or should not be done by that body is simply to insult of the brainie^Hyemlewoftbe n party. The tiriff bill will Pass before a detaei-mination bas «t ye* " ~ >n the federal electi another repijMtea . _ called before &i what shall be do»g wi$fe held last njgnt and aem& bad been credited afi 90^ * on bill. Don't forget that the Ringling Brothers Big Kail Road Show, which exhibits .at Algona Saturday, July 19, has the .greatest variety of elephants of any draft in this county. Among them are Babylon, the largest elephant on earth; Fanny, the baby elephant; Spot, the lilliputian clown elephant; Jewell, the Umbrella-eared ele- phat, also the greatest performing herd of elephantine actors on this continent. ' ' • •• > ^^» ^ • i -.-.i.^j Beal Estate Deals. Following are the real estate transfers for two weeks ending July 14, furnished by C. M. Doxsee, abstractor of titles and real estate agent: J M Kalley Jr trustee to Geo Wells w d SW 8W 31-98-!27 3 227 (Kl Same to same w d ne 23-98-27.... 1040 ot A Boysen and w to H Klemeyer w d w ' llfnw 20-98-27 080 01 H Nlemeyer and w to J Banholzer \v d same ... 120001 1) W Toder and w to G Wittuulra w d ne 18-100-27 2240 OC Andrew Trulson to t> T Fnetz w d aw i nw 21-09-28 9500 J M Bailey Jr trustee to Geo Weils w d S6SW 1-98-28 200 OC Ella G Vaughn and h to Geo W Hauna •\vd\ymv 0-94-27 5250C Same to 8 K Chambers-w d nw 11-94-27 900 OC W K Spencer and w to Geo 0 Call w d nhf S.W 28-96-28 400 OC Callanan & Savery to B 8 Paukuk w d 11 \V 20-98-27 14400 A J> Clarke and w to Andrew Miller WdSllf 2-1)4-30 30000C Sewall Gower to Geo W Hauua w d e h lie 36-94-27 : 467 0 A Larsen to Otto Nielsen w d s hi sw 12 -98-28 WOO 00 Same to Louis P Hausen w d w Uf nw 22-05-30 • 1600 W L 0 Dunton and w to Peter Bowen w d senwand Lot.'tst»o25-95-29 2000 OC Frank Smith to K Ja.cksou w d sw 12- joo-28 21000C 0 8 Ben tley and w to Frank Smith w d whf nw and senw 29-100-27 076 M G K Woodwoich and w to J Goeders Jr wdwKlotlblk 28 Algona... cooO-OC Same to B Kappln w d lots 1 and 2 blk I870all's Ad. 600 W. EB Reed and htoCoonan& McDonnell w d mid W lot 2 blk 30 Algona., 186000 : , KH»t~«_^ , A few bolts of Jamestown goods wil be sold at lOc per yard. Call early. G. B. WOODWORTH.. Just now you can get a, pair of ladiei flno shoes for $1.60 per pair at Drink ice cold water and buy, you: groceries atTpwnsend & Langdon T s. Mr. Wm. DeBoe, the great Parisian aeriallst, whose marvelous feats of jug ling, eating and drinking while bftlancwg fceadbowaward, o» a frail trapese bar feighup in the dome of the immense hippodrome tent of the Ringling Bros Enormous Shows is the French jsymm wbQ fixated such ft fwrore m Paris, six mouths ago. The Ringling Bro have "got W» on their flst"%f si attractions andithe way to see Wm is visit the great Ball Road Shows at na, Satvtfftay. July 19r The People's Infallible Rheumatism Remedy, the only positive and certaii cure for, sciatica, inflamitory, or chrom* rheumatism on the market It fails If properly used. L. A. Sheets. Be sure to come to July 19, and see the Wo , Saturday ew«ating bebe tfVMjr +wi auv tv*f WHY *•"«"«• <**wi-,.^. nwSb.tblwgWtUvlngWpBojigiajaus in Anwrfoa, Wto.&S&.m&t3** llMH?»QU§JifewH*U orld's THE COliTY NEWS BUDGET - •' .' ''•• '' '-.''''•'• •>*-!.'•• --(],-t - __ _ f ^_ . . tfeway Lstters from Olif Corps of Bttsy Correspondents— Tha Field at Lauge. f ttwn Whittemdfte, Burt, Ban»roft and Wasley. ITEMS* Our Corres|)ontf«nt. July 15.—Book agents are becoming quite a nuisoatee in this cotomunitw. A mueh larger delegatioa than was expected came to attend tihe meetings here last week. All reported a very oyable time. . M. Barley and familj*spent a day or two of last week at Spirit Lake. H. Goetsch is building;; a fine new •esidence in the east part of town. When completed it will flu* quite an im- provenaaat. Mrs. S. Carlisle and 1 , daughter re- iUrned Sunday morning from a several weeks sojourn in Chicago where C. has been receiving treatment for hea-eyes which are ranch improved. Those " who listened* to Rev. El- Iridge's sermons Thursday and Friday evenings enjoyed a ricXtreat. Dr.. J. M. Pride left Tuesday morn- ng few a Hying trip to J)es Moines on business. Miss Daisy Hatch'is young friends gave' her a pleasant surprise Monday evening. >• Prof. Gardner, of $ie State Normal School of Plattsyille, Wis., is spending a few days in this vicinity. O. T. Denison and 13. Gamidge, of Vlason City, visited A. II. Ilotelling last week. Haying .has commenced in good earnest about here. Several men and teams started out tMs morning. Mrs. D. L. Newton expects to start in a few days to Nebraska on a visit to friends. Mrs. Newman started Tuesday for Gushing, Iowa, to visit her son Will Muiidou. Arthur Tellier, of Algona, was seen on our streets tins morning. Mr. and Mrs. E. Chrischilles wish to extend their thanks to their friends for their kind attention during the illness of their daughter. HURT HAPl'KNINGS. From our Regular Correspondent. Buux, July 16.—We are pleased to note that all kinds of crops are looking very fine, except a few pieces of barley which is attacked by an insect that cuts off the heads. However it is being harvested and is a good crop. Ad Wheeler is visiting his father and family and other friends during a brief vacation. Miss. Ida Chapin, of Humboldt, is visiting Mrs. Mayhew. Hardy Buell put in a good sidewalk on their vacant lot between the store and post office, which is greatly appreciated by all. By the way, our post office which has heretofore issued postal notes only has been made a money order office. Our supervisor has been doing some good work this week grading up the streets and repairing the crossings. The new German Methodist church w'as. dedicated Sunday. Revs. Jones and Day preached interesting sermons to good audiences. G. F. Barslou and mother, of Bancroft, paid our town a visit last week, O Sheldon is building an addition to his residence 14x24 feet in size. HANCKOFT. Register, July 9: R. M. Richmond is having an addition built to his hotel to give them a better chance to keep cool this warm weather. Geo. C. Call was up from Algo again looking after his prospects for good flax crop. > He says it is nearly perfection. The race track here will be put in shape for driving thereon, and then the fast horses of northern Kossuth will exhibit their speed. Harvest will soon be in full blast. Oats and wheat are ripening fast and some will be ready to cut next week. Then the greatest rush of the season will commence and last until the grain is threshed or stacked. John A. Winkel has brought his horses home from Algona,'and will give Kossuth just enough training this fall to keep his muscles hardening. He has decided to wait until next year before putting him into a race. B. F. Smith, of Ramsay, received a letter last Wednesday stating that a telegram had been sent him announcing the death of his father. He had not received the telegram at the .time though it, was sent the Friday before. His father had been in feeble health foi some time, and his death was expected at any time, yet it brought the same sorrow to the bereft ones. Special Correspondence. BANCBOTO, July 13.—Permit me to say the concert of last Friday evening at the Baptist church here was a success in every way. This concert was §iyen by a chorus class drilled and con- uctedbyProf. J.B. Babcock, of the C. E. Leslie Corps, No man ever forth a graater influence for good in so short a sojourn than has this man dqr- ing his stay of one week here instructing, drilling and enthusing a class of forty voices, His manner has been most pleasant, bis instruction thorough and impartial. The beginners learned Me rudiments readily, the more advanced were freed from many errors and developed in thjB art, while our , accomplished singers say that they "would not have missed it for the world." (Should the Prot return to Bancroft in the future we will give Mm a hearty welcome and a clasa double in number of the one of July, '80, A roy* al entertainer, a thorough instructor in music, a Christian gentleman; God speed him in bis work. R, M. Richmond has added a pleasant reading room to his Commercial a$ei. Tfte I. 0. (x. T's. flourish h«fl$ under the leadership of 0. T. Skianwr T&W will soon move fi-om the sjchool ball to better rooms on the street;. There is a move in Seneca township to compeli the mo4er» epeam, - " " to cease oDei-ations on Sunda., Mias Ljfgg Ward white at pli n bed, frflleepless night for the family; one wrist bandaged and the othw? in iplints aw sHii? and a cessation of Jimbiilt«reth» results so for, Mr. antt Mrs. Whitehitt lost their 'oungfesfejChilu from scarlet fever on Mdaylalt. fi, iVWfckwinehas a new. clerk, a foUHg ttfdffl M>ia Eltnore, M» Byreffl. Mrs. W*:.E- Jordan, when.Has been quite sicKis again able to be-»ut. Hanerdil's packages musfe be "erig* nal" foij'tney ate put up rigfeb here. We leatn that L'rof. Lumbar has ac 1 cepted ffie prinoipalslilp ofi a school icar Des/Moines. Mrs. R*|M.-Riolimond i» on a visit lear DetflMoines*. Miss Ida Swnhson lands oufctlie casli at the Commercial )&nk dariner Mrs. R's. absence. GM-JANOtiNGS. :froni our-Qorrespondont. July 15.—Tlwj pleasant ivarm weather ifr beneilcial to liay makers afid growing crops. We are ni'orrnea"that crops of alii kinds are •emarkably good-there will be a large ield of olts. Fawners an* beginning ,o harvest;- their barley crop which is •eported (jxtra wsod; Married' Wefalians—Ifbnl, last Sunday, July la. Mu. J,as. Welshans to Hiss Lottie Fbi;d, botlt of Wesley. They haye/the best wishes of all the community. New liay is. coming in fast and ready sale.for it a<t $2.50 per .ton loose. Now is;itJie time for fanners to buy heir in'aohineiiy. You can buy tlie jest mowej.' in tld« world at Wesley for $40, andf Miiwieapolis. Steel Binder complete -^ISt*,. which can't be beat. Who says git ,;i* havd times, when you 'jan get suj|hbargainsV Improved land is getting scarce. We ire informed that a highway supervisor after being complained to by certain parties to mend the highway in Wesley to|vi*shi.p, preceded to do so, finding thfijoud sown to grain on both sides making it nearly impassable. We .would refer parties to section 92£ of tne code in relation to obstructing highways without consent of the road supervisor. Also as to fast driving on th| public highway, we would reter those who do so in the streets of Wesley to4071 of the annotated code of Iowa. it The neyr Bank of Wesley building is just receiving its finishing coat. It will be opened in a few days. We noticed that Mr. Thomas Way is up from Eritjt with a sack of money to start in With. Mr. C. |E. Olson's friends are here visiting for a few days. There 'vras a christening party at the home of A. J. Wrights last Sunday and an enjoyable time was had by some of the Wesley invited guests. They had of their children baptized. Sfeemsithat the elite of Wesley are going to take in the circus at Algona Saturday. 18 pounds Turkish Prunes for $1.00 10 pounds Dried Apricots for 1.00 10 pounds California pitted Plums 1.00 At the CASH STOKE. YOU ARE INVITED TO SEE and BUY OUR Ladies' Shoes, Mens'. Shoes. 13qys' Shoes," Misses' Slices, Kids'-Shoes, Plow Shoes, Plow Boots, Kip Boots, Calf Boots, CHEAP, MEDIUM, Fur Hats. Wool Hats, Stiff Ilats, Crush Hats, Mens' Hats, Boys' Hats, Misses' Hats, Kids'Hats.- tt ; AND HIGH GRADE. Largest stock in town V at the lowest prices. Best ruhhe^ goods made. Good wearing hosiery. Beautiful dress goods. New stylos of Ginghams. Custom made overalls. Coats' thread at i'our cents. We offer no snide haits. We charge up funcy prices. We can save you money. One price for town and country. >JOHN REED.* « warranted, and, every pair has him name ana price stamped on bottom* W. L DOUGLAS $3 SHQE OEN/MIMEN. fiat Calf aa4 Waterproof Gr*in. ttrons «a4w*»- yr«M««. w 4SSf^ WSHES! DISHES! DISHES! • GIVEN AWAY ,•* f A and GLASSWARE wemsh to dose out som of our Octdb and JtLnd&w, this Department With $8 worth of Groceries at one Purchase, ' ONE LARGE PLATTER FREE I With S7 worth of Groceries atone Purchase, ONE COVERED TUREEN FREE I With»j&6 worth of Groceries at one Purchase, SET TIN SOUP PLATES FREE I W'Jhj&g worth of Groceries at one Purchase, SET 6 IN. TEA PLATES FREE I ' with $4 worth of -Groceries atone purchase, A DOZEN FRUIT SAUCERS FREE I With $3 worth of Groceries atone Purchase, ADOZ. ICE CREAM DISHES FREE. With $2 worth of Groceries at one Purehase, ONE MUG FREE I We do not expect to continue this long. Come quick, get dishes for harvest. Townsend & Langdon. HEADQUARTER'S Can supply you with everything you want in building material and fuel, And Don't You Forget it, All . TCT" V * l ^*u *• •• • i Tayl All ye Wesleyites Call at- flP <i NPW Off IPO And leave your Ul O I1CW Ulllbt/orderswithHume "j 1 ar I TY1 I A H VI C1 AT °> 7 ' 7 and a half, and 8 per III III I/I. I I X cent - on five to ten y ears t im e with privi- XXX *J\/MIXXKJj|lege of partial payments before due. Interest can he paid at my office. • . Save money by calling on me before you apply for Loan. ___^_^ J- W. BARTLETT. Bieos. JOHNGBOVE LIVERY, FEED, AND SALE STABLE. Best of Horses and Carriages. West of Thorlngton House. M. Z. GROVE, MANAGER. T. Dealer In HARDWARE AND TINWARE ! I have opened up a new stock of Hardware in the Reed building, and will carry a full line of heavy and shelf hardware, cutlery, etc. Will attend to the TINWOBK and wiU be. •pleased to meet all his old customers. GIVE US A CALL. J. F. GILMORE. Big Bargains in Renvr nants of Summer Dress Goods; Also Job Lot La* cries' Fine ihoes, $ 1 ;5Q p$ir£ pair at ! irfit''\ f -&>,^.,w,

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