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The Washington Herald from Washington, District of Columbia • Page 21

The Washington Herald from Washington, District of Columbia • Page 21

Washington, District of Columbia
Issue Date:

Phone, Mail or Bring YOUR WANT ADS TO THE TIMES-HERALD PAPERS FOR ONE COST Phono Main 51S0 RENTED 2 Rooms Light-Housekeeping to Very Desirable Tenants First Day Advertised in The Times-HeraldEl Phone, Mail or Bring YOUR WANT ADS TO THE TIMES-HERALD PAPERS FOR ONE COST Phono Main SttO WAjrr Harvard Man Is Charged With Giving Bad Check NEW YORK. Dec. Rail, said by the police to be a graduate of Harvard University and formerly an instructor there, was arrested today charged with getting $3,500 worth of Jewelry from John Pyne, a dealer oiy Fifth avenue. with nothing more than a bad Hall maintains a nandsome apartment. and when detectives found him there, he invited them into his library to talk the matter over. The detectives found a bracelet worth $1,500. and refused to do any with him. Ckf UDashlngton terrain Classified munset BUILDING. WASHINGTON. D. C. TELEPHONE MAIN mm. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING and Sunday ratea. par una: I day. 24c; 3 daya. 21c; daya. lto. ko ad taken for than two llaaa. aunt aix average to the Una. Aa Average word haa about atz lettera. All ada run la Tba waahington Maratag Herald run again in The washington Evening Timea. one prlca for the two Ada ordered for seven daya and atoppad i that time will be charged for the i number of tlmea the ad appeared, aaarging at the rmte earned. contract rates given upon re-1 PHONE MAIN 5260 ANNOUNCEMENTS 1 BIRTHS 1 card OF THANKS CEMETERIES I DEATH NOTICES FUNERAL NOTICES FUNERAL DIRECTORS FLORISTS IN MEMOR1AM LODGE NOTICES if Lost and found 111 legal NOTICES 12 MONUMENTS 13 PURELY personal 14SPECIAL NOTICES is BUSINESS SERVICES 2 BUSINESS SERVICES 16 CLEAN ino, id TAILORING 17 contracting AND BUILDING is DRESSMAKING if PLUMBING. ROOFING 20 insurance 21 MILLINERY 22 moving, trucking, storage 23 PATENTS AND MODELS 24 PAINTING AND PAPERING 26 PRINTING 26 professional SERVICE 27 RELIABLE shops 28 UPHOLSTERY AND AWNINGS 29 WANTED SERVICES 10 EMPLOYMENT 3 help WANTED MALIC si help WANTED FEMALE S2 melt WANTED male FEMALE EMPLOYMENT AGENCIES 14 HE1.P WANTED AGENTS 36 help WANTED SALESMEN 16 SITUATIONS WANTED male 38 SITUATIONS WANTED FEMALE 39 SITUATIONS WANTED male 40 AND FEMALE FINANCIAL 4 BUSINESS CHANCES 41 BUSINESS CHANCES. HOTELS. 42 ETC CHATTEL COLLATERAL LOANS 43 FINANCIAL LOANS 44 mining a OIL ofporti NITIES 45 mining INVESTMENTS 44 real estate LOANS 47 STOCKS BONDS a mortgages 48 WANTED TO borrow 49 LIVESTOCK, POULTRY 6 CATTLE AND hogs 61 HORSES AND WAGONS 62 HARNESS AND SADDLES 63 PET STOCK 64 POULTRY AND EGGS 66 POULTRY SUPPLIES 67 WANTED live STOCK 68 WANTED POULTRY MERCHANDISE 6 BUILDING MATERIALS clothing. ETC. FARM AND DA IKY PRODUCTS 13 For sale miscellaneous 64 i FUEL. WOOD. coal 66 HOUSEHOLD goods JEWELRY. DIAMONDS. 67 WATCHES MACHINERY AND tools 68 MUSICAL instruments 49 MUSICAL RECORDS 70 SEEDS NURSERY STOCK 71 a OFFICE EQUIPMENT 72 TO SWAP 72 typewriters A SUPPLIES 74 WANTED miscellaneous 76 ROOMS AND BOARD 7 ROOMS TO RENT furnished 76 ROOMS To KENT UN fl knished 77 ROOMS TO RENT WITH BOARD 78 moo MS TO KENT HOUSEKEEPING 79 ROOMS TO KENT SUBURBAN 80 BOARD SUBURBAN A COUNTRY 81 i TABLE BOARD 82 WANTED TO RENT. LIGHT housekeeping WANTED TO RENT ROOMS 84, Wanted rooms and board 86 RENTALS 8 APARTMENTS a FLATS TO 86 RENT FURNISHED apartments a FLATS TO 87 RENT unfurnished BOUSE To RENT furnished 88 HOUSES TO RENT 89 UNFURNISHED WANTED TO RENT APART- 10 MENTS WANTED To RENT HOUSES GARAGES FOB RENT 92 WANTED To RENT GARAGES S3 OFFICES for RENT 94 STORES for RENT 95 WANTBD TO RENT STORES 94 wanted to rent offices 97 OUT OF TOWN PROPERTY 98 FOR KENT For RENT 99 WANTED to rent FARMS 100 61 i AUTOMOBILES automobiles FOR SALE 101 AUTO TRUCKS A TRACTORS 102 AUTO TIRES 103! AUTO ACCESSORIES 104 AUTO GARAGES 105 AUTO SERVICE STATIONS 106 OIL STATIONS 107 i air mkjj 108 BICYCLES A 109 want automobile trucks no REAL ESTATE 10 APARTMENTS FOR SALE 111 bl sin ESS PROPERTY 112 FARMS FOR SALE 113 HOUSES FOR SALE 114 INVESTMENT PROPERTY 116 lots FOR SALE 114 TO EXCHANGE REAL ESTATE 117 WANT) RKAI. ESTATE 118 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 119 AUCTION SALES 120 EDUCATIONAL 121 PROPOSALS 123 clairvoyants 124 SPIRITUAL SCIENCE 123 ANNOUNCEMENTS Fl DIREC TORS 1 THOS MALLET A SONS. lertv kere and embalmere. 131 11th et. Lin. 480. Homelike funeral parlara FLORISTS GEO. C. shafier Expressive Flora i Em r'oone M. at Moderate Prlcea. apritcmiate Funeral Tokens. Gude Bros. 1212 st. N.W. fcouipt a.n.erjr mnlcc I Belmont rd. to Prl-l? Wondl.y rd. lUward. NOSE with black rlma: lost In front of M. C. A. Thursday. Call Columbia pair of dark ahell-rlmmed Slaaaea. In marked Dr. Claude S. Phono Col. FOX TERRIER, white with black apota; answers to name of "Jack reward. 2625 Georgia ave. Phone Adams 1231. VEST, tweed, on Georgia Ave. Colorado and Sheridan Sts. N. W. Liberal reward Welner. 5917 Georgia Ave. Phone Columbia 0134. pup; 2 collar; no tag; strayed from 104 Garrison Clarendon; reward; no quea. Clar. 370. PACKAGE. containing old material, black roods and cuffs on bet. 14th and Vermont Ave. and Thomas Circle. Reward. 1227 St. N. W. or Phone Franklin 6806. and collie, red fox; female; Nov. 30; reward. L. 7376. Academy pin. Its 1. Tuee-1 day a. m. Reward. 1th at. N. E. rim; between and 17th on rd Wednesday mornIn(. Please call Col. Sli. Alias Edwards. KAPPA BETA PI sorority Monday i night; liberal reward Call Main 3091. Saturday afternoon. between I 1501 Mass ave. and Scott circle, diamond hematite earring. Liberal reward If returned to K. L. H-. Ib2fc at. N. leather. Saturday evening. o'clock. 15th and or on 15th between and Y. 'ava. finder please return wedding ring? 1502. 9 to reward. BLACK and white setter, female, lama left front leg. liberal reward for information which will lead to holding thla dog. 2207 14tt? at. N. W. and white female setter, lame in left front leg. Liberal re. ward. 2207 14th St. N. W. roiryp -1 poodle. Phone Lincoln 37111 I with sewing machine supplier Call Mr. LUCKEL Clifton Terrace Service Room. 14th and Clifton sta. BI 8INES8 FEKHONAU CALL our day and eve beauty shop for appointment; ladies and gentlemen Scalp treatment a specialty. private. North 6349. MANICURING Amy MAIXHjVJIUiNU 11th at. rI REI PERSONAL 14 MILTON MOSES. 145: Clay ave. Bronx. New York come home, your mother Is aick and your father I will forgive you. HARRY. SPECIAL NOTICES THOMAS NALtET SONS. UNDERTAKERS. Ill ELEVENTH STREET S. E. The undertaking h.retofore carried on by Thomas A Sona at the above address is now being conducted by us. and we will continue to furnlah aatlafactory service to our patrons. WILLIAM J- ALLEY. THOMAS NALLEY CHARLES NALLEY.9 THE ANNUAL MEETING OF 1 Hh STOCKHOLDERS of the Franklin National Bank of Washington. D. for the election of officers for the ensuing year and for the transaction of auch other business as may be properly brought before the meeting, will be held at the bank at 1 o'clock p. Tuesday. January 9. 1923 The polls will be open between 1 and 3 o'clock p. in THOMAS P. HICKMAN. Cashier. ROYAL RESTAURANT- 30? 9th at. N. we are not responsible for debta of the former proprietora after Dec. 15. 1922. THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE stockholders of The Washington Market Company will be held in the office of the 11th and sts. S. in the city of Washington. at 12 o'clock noon, on the FIRST MONDAY, being the first day 1 of January. 1923. for the choice of thirteen directors to serve the ensuing year, and to act on any other subject within the powers of the corporation that may be brought before the meeting. R. D. MARSHALL, secretary. Washington. D. December 16. 1921. BUSINESS SERVICES 2 BUILDING If CONTRACTOR AND specialty; $150 up; prompt service; free estimate; call Main 427 10th St. N. W. WANT A build all types to last; cash or terms. E. C.Tho. wesson. 227 9th si. N. E-. Lin. 171. RELIABLE SHOPS ft The shops below have been recommended to The Washington Herald aa being reliable; It will save you time and money to patronize them. All complalnta of aervlce and all requeata for admittance Into this column must be made to the Reliable Shop Editor of The Washington Herald. 1 ASK your grocer for floor oil and furniture polish. Don't accept any other. Estimatea furnlahed; first-class reasonable; all work guaranteed. AMERICAN DECORATING 22 02 Georgia I ave. ANYTHING IN I ANYTHING IN picture, automobile glass; furniture top our specialty. prompt moderate prices. CAPITOL GLASS COMPANY. N. M. CARPENTER AND JOBBER. BRASS letter slots put in doors. McClure. 1407 N. Fr. 1199-J. FIKMTIKE REPAIRING. Upholstering. chair caneing. spllns canelng. i ARMSTRONG'S I2S1 10th st. N. W. Franklin 7481. HEMSTITCHING. HEMSTITCHING. HEMSTITCHING and picot edging, prompt attention; 24-hour service. Lincoln lftft. I HOUSE WIRING GET our price on wiring; we save you half. E. HEITMULLER. 1314 9th st. N. W. North rAINTINO AMI PAI'ERH ANCilNO. ROOMS up. J. A. Jonea. 1415 11th St. W. North FOR QUICK AND COURTEOUS SERVICE AT reasonable prices, call Line. E. Phillips. 217 Ml St. 8. E. ROOMS PAPERED, UP Metropolitan Decorating Co. (16 N. W. Franklin If MIRRORS RESILYERED. Yea. Guaranteed. Renewed lastingly bright. Send them to Harbec. 41 st N. W. PAINTING. THE PAINTER who knows how to mix colors tastefully can chaae gloom from your home; my price is so reasonable you will smtle; for immediate aervlce, phone Franklin I7I7-W. after p. m. WANTED MALE II I MEN learn tho banking business. you can Join our class In Investment Banking. Monday night at 7 o'clock. It's free; It paya big. It takes Just one week. Our graduates make bis money working for us. You can do it. between 9 a. m. snd 7:30 p. m. WM. L. MOORE COMPANY. 710 14th 8t. N. W. Qround Floor. PIPE rate. 66c; report to Construction Company. College Park. Md. OFFICE BOY Munsey Building. this ad. and receive one cabinet. We have moved our studio from 421 to 41S Ninth st. N. W. Photos, civil service, passports and I postal cards while you wait. ART STUDIO. 411 Ninth 26 floor. I YOUNG men. neat appearance, who can travel; age not over 21; ex-service men salary or commission; expenses paid. Mr. Fitzpatrick. 421 Oxford bldg. EXCELLENT opening for "three young I men to work with manager calling on I in residential section. Mr. I eidy. 208 Bond Bldg. 1 FARM HAND with family. Employment for man and son. JESSE L. HEISKELL. 1116 Eye si. N. W. DRIVER For truck. Apply Oallagher. 2120 I St. N. W. PAINTERS WANTED Ten first-class: winter's work: apply to engineer. Employe's entrance. 10th and sts. N. W. crew taking orders on highgrade article with big giveaway; no experience necessary; no cash bond roqulred. 421 N. ALL-ROUND MAN for grocery store. st. 8. EXPERIENCED meat cutter; S40 week. Apply 700 4th st. S. after 6 p. m. SALE8MEN to sell coffee, butter and eggs to consumer. Apply before snd after 6 p. m. 70 New York Ave. N. E. OYSTER MAN. steady; call afternoon. 426 12th st. N. W. BUSINESS positions; rwg. fee. 26c. Washington Employment Exchange, operated for the public by Washiagton School for Secretaries and Nat. School of Commerce. 1410 St. for colored trade. 1903 st. N. W. CHAUFFEURS FOR TAXIS. WHITE MEN with references; JO per cent commission. Apply 712 St. I E. 7 S- m. to 6:30 p. m. WANTED FEMALE COLLEGE-BRED WOMEN! The Investment banking field offers you a splendid opportunity to make use of your education, refinement and culture. For further details call and ssk for Mr. Freeth. The time set aside for interviewing our Mr. Freeth will be from 3:30 to 4 p. m. WM. MOORE COMPANY. 710 14th St. W. Ground Floor. EXPERIENCED coat ironers. Apply at EAGLE LAUNDRY. 2122 st. N.W. TWO young women. IS to 26. intelligent; office. 426 oxford 14th snd V. ere this sd. and receive one cabinet. We have moved our studio from 421 to 418 Ninth st. N. W. Photos, civil service, passpbrts and postal cards while you wait. ART STUDIO. 418 Ninth 2d floor. GENERAL houseworser. colored. Good home-reference required. 2827 16th St. N. W. Apt. 22. woman to do housework for two Apply st sest Pleaaant District Line, Md. Mrs. A. Welch. SETTLED White Women for light housekeeping in apartment. Stay nights. Call North 1186. Women to canvas for orders for coffee, butter and eggs to consumer, salary and commission. Apply before 9 and after 6 p. m. 70 New York Ave. N. E. young Women Telephone Operating Offsra PERMANENT WORK lasy to Learn Good Salary Frequent Increases Opportunities for Advancement Wo aro confident that yon will find interest In ao Interview mtk our Application Supervisor ROOM 1 IJth M. W. CHESAPEAKE AND POTOMAC TELEPHONE COMPANY I COOK or general houseworker. 1400 st. N. BUSINESS positions; reg. fee. 26c. Washington Employment Exchange, operated for the public by Washington School for Secretaries and Nat. School of Commerce. 1419 St. SHORTHAND in 30 days; easy to learn; rapid; touch typewriting. Boyd Bustneos College. 1IM st N. M. SITUATION WANTED MAI.B Sft CLERK wishes work of some kind. Just discharged from Army 2 years' I college education, will furnish best of reference. Address BOX 129. TlmesHerald Office. SITUATION WANTED FEMALE St EXPERIENCED DIETITIAN would like responsible position with hotel, tea shop, cafeteria or club; I Box 13ft. SITUATION WANTED MALE 40 AND FEMALE FOR QUICK results for help or employment. The Busy Employment Bureau. 621 Hth st Main 8430. FINANCIAL nt'SIN CHANCES. I Interest a few responsible! parties In a natural gas development 1 adjacent to a large city In the South; will give'a substantial Interest in the lease acreage. Box 132, Times-Herald. A I MANUFACTURER of established line of Ford truck bodies requires competent and responsible concern or individual for agent. Box A-8S. Times-Herald. MARKET paying. Apply Stand 6. Rlggs Market. CHANCE for A light lunch doing good business. Sanitary Home Bakery. Mt. Ploas. st. Col. 1069. BUILDER'S construction shed for sale, resr of D. A. R. Building. 17th and sts. N. bids desired; inquire on ie-s. WHY vs 16 years for money in bank to earn what It wHI In one year Invested In 860 nnlts of hens in our fsrms? Psrtlculars and application forms en request. Co-Oporatlvo vlneland. N. J. LIVESTOCK. POULTRY 5 merchandise 6 cmiiTMAH rowawiom. "WHAT SHALL I GIVE?" nift SuKireitloM alphabetical oroer that you may instantly run your Sw? doin th. column, t. that that TOU ar? In ourta rom mm. WEBSTER ELECTRIC COMPANY, tit JTH 8T W. MAIN A ROUNDBACKED. ov.r.tuffed cKalr, covered In tapestry or "'our- J. HOLOBER, st. N. W. Zeis. and othjr mahl. make a dandy bla Phtoto Supply 1414 Naw Torn ave. N. W. CHIN AW A RE. toy i. dolls. gifts. Bato's Japanese Art-Shop. Z--2 Hth COMFORT ty Shoe Store. 417 11th N. rnoCHETED powder-puffs, lingerie garters Hurrto Hat Ffme Shop. 1010 DO TOUR Christmas at tba Huntington Needlework Shop. lith st. N. W. IlFELONO GirT rOR rouree in designing. llnery. Prof. Livingstone's. ljll Q- OUR STOCK of children's wear is best for gift ing. Kornhauser's Variety. ISth.j THIS IS A STUDEBAKER YEAR 14TH ST. N. run gsSMt A COMFORTABLE chair In? estry or velour will pleaae him. an.l up. HOLOBER cinn rn? THE CHILDREN. FOR THE BOY: A KEN-WELL "BOY'S DELIGHT" SPORTING OUTFIT. Contain. all-leather of four boxing glovoe. a play Bat Sold In a nice Christmas Special 'tt N. WALFORD, Pennsylvania ave, N. W. GENUINE IMPORTED TOYS FROM RUSSIA, MADE by starving children. These toys do tne most unexpected things J1ny JbeJltfiul' carved, many are the moat beauui and cleverest toya These toy will make your children moat su premely happy. All the relief of starving Columbia road, near lftjv HAND-MADE bonnet and for the baby. Senorita Shop. 1304 at-. 2d FOB THE HOM8. ANTIQU1C cut itlaefc plate. and ornaments. 601 st. N. wHANO-EMR LUNCHEON SET bedb pro mi a Ho crocheted apread. 1 Pc OVERSTUFFED julte or velour. S126-H0. r. taken for Chrl.tmaa delivery. HOLOBER at. W. RUII.niNC. iuiLDlNO for Tlvoil Theater. 14th rinxHiNO. trrr. the Or? and Immediate concern for u. to more trade to buy this fin. used suits at up. alao have several hundred pair, of good shoos; men with small feet, from Stto 12 should see us; shoes. fl up. Justh Old Stand. fur; slightly coon collar and cuffs; reasonable. St. Call Clarendon TOK BALE MWKLI.AMCOtg. SOFT Shell Pecan, from my ow" ful groves in Georgia. they last. F. C. Greene. 363 Munsey Bldg TA I.KING machine. Pathe. fine condition. 1426 st. S. E. Lincoln S459-J. CHILD'S roll-top desk girl'? and white fur set. good condition. st E. BABY carriRge. reed, block; two folding Bulkles. prsctically new; will ascrifice. Apply Morton pi. N. ONE-FOl'RTH horse power, direct motor Call North 9917. FEATHER FAN. flame color, cost III. tlQ; evening dreew. Adsnis KITCHEN 6 caps, cheap. 713 A st. N. E. 'rkaUTIFUL box suit, trimmed in fur; cost $186; will sell rensonable; beautiful silver lace dress an.l black canton crepe beaded dress; all size 16. Call bet. 9 and 6. Col. 3781. or 1313 Quincy st. N. W. DRESS blue tricotine. size 46; 122 50. Call 33 I St. N. E. COMPLETE SET. mechanical engineering books. International Correspondence School 2602 R. 1. Ave. N. E. ONE-FOITrTH horse-power, direct current motor. Call North 9917. new. freight power elevator, steam radiators and boilers; pipe, engines and lot I other articles cheap. Herfurth Engine I foot of Duke Alexandria. FOR linen lace bedspread. bolater piece, and 2 dreaaer scarfs, imported. 3118 19th St. N.W. feet new framing lumber. Can be seen in Convention Hall. Submit your offer to 1126 18th st. n. W. Phone Franklin 674Z. MrSHAL 1NSTB1MKXTS. COLUMBIA PHONOGRAPH, mahogany I case; little cost $160; sell for $50. rail evenings. Georgia ave VIOLIN, case and bow. in good Armltl model; $25. 2127 at. N. new; cost $160; with records. 1119 4th st. N. E. PIANO, mahogany, upright; in good condition. 617 st. N. W. melody; cost $66. John Sewaro. cor. Meadow lane and Woodside Chevy Chase. Md. Clev. 1078-J. ALTO. SAXOPHONE, with case, brand new. coal $140.00. Will sell for $100.00 cash. Phone 7376 or call 136 St. N. W. sacrifice a $260 Victrola with a lendid collection of records. Phone spl Columbia 9726. upright. In good condition. N. XV. SA-XOPHONE, new soprano; violin case; 2 bows; bargain extraordinary. Col. 814. korl iikU GAMBi-KJsS piano. $225. ARTHUR JORDAN PIANO CO- at Hth. BRADLEY piano. $70. ARTHUR JORDAN PIANO at llth. J. P. HALE piano. ARTHUR JORDAN PIANO at C. K. BYRNE piano. $lti. ARTHUR JORDAN PIANO at 12th. HUNTINGTON piano, ARTHUR JORDAN PIANO at 12th. HALLKTT DAVIS piano, ARTHUR JORDAN PIANO st. at llth. KURTZMAN player piano. $296. ARTHUR JORDAN PIANO Wisnoff gHADEa quality of I Good quality opaque opaque, hung I fitted to your; free SI.HI windows I Ws csll with samples. Phone Line. Brf KLEEBLATTT'S. aft IND MERCHANDISE WANTED M1WWU.A Wftl 'H Jf once to furnish iptrtwl Colt Ftawa WILL pay highest prtcea for Md nwB'a worm WrfU or phOM D. Wf In. 131 7th st. North 4a RO0MS FOR RENT 7 wag ltth ST. rl. rooms for housekeeping: also bod rooma 4th 8T. N. furnished front room, near both. If monthly. 7TH 8T N. large roofne. suitable for 1 or 1 pooplo; sloctrlclty snd phone. VARNl'M 8T. N. Mostly famished rooms snd privets both, second floor, two front rooms, one bock, sll hsvs three windows esch. large closets, electricity, statn hoot, no linen, bed clothing nor sliver-. 34 suitable for light housekeeping for fsmlly of thros; near Homo and Georgia sre. car lines; family of nvothor and daughter. Call or phono any evening, or Sstfedsy or 8tmdsy. Utono Colombia 16M-W. ST. N- room; bath same floor; 11 per wooh. (INDIANA front room; 1 1. h. k. or alooping; for men; alao email eleeplng room. A ST. 8. 4 with largo cloaot. porch; water on couple employed. 8 ST. N. sultabls for 1 or 2. North Mil 12TH 8T. N. furntehed front warm; reasonable. M. LA MONT 8T. N. rooms I with prlv. elec. lights; h. w. h. ST. N. rooms; fll, per month; slap room, 112. 14TH 8T. N. delightful prlv. beth telephone, strictly prlv.1 gentlemen only. Adams 2277. ST. 8. rooms; kitchenette I private bath; 2d floor; completely furnlshed; porch, piano, elec A gas. ST. N. roome. private family; near departments. I III NT WOOD bright communicating rooms; double room 3d floor; breakfaat if desired; private family. Adama lilt. 1 ST. N. floor front. Frank. Hil SID N. lot floor. I. h. w.lktns dutioce, boat. tli por wM. RHODE ISLAND AVE cur 14th St 1 N. second floor, separate or together. I.h.k. optional, elec. Fr. Iff I 749 6TH N. large, bright, beautiful rooms, elegantly and completely furnished for housekeeping. very able. Apply 722 tth N. E. Line. 300t. A ST. N. furnished rooms. Lincoln 3612. 3TH ST. N. housekeeping I rooms, heat, gaa. run, water; I 14TH ST. N. beautifully furnished, sunny front rooms; 2d floor. I nesr bath; gaa. sloctrlclty; phone; reasonably It ST N. large rooms. 2 on second floor. 1 large attic room for rent. 1. h. k. If deeired; walking distance to departments; newly papered. electric llghta. well heated. Main 3364. ST N. 1 k. rooms. completely furnished. Weat 2116-W. 16TH N. elngle. 3d fl. 13 vk heated. clfan; others. RHODE ISLAND AVE. N. second floor front, modern home; gentleman. North 4476. LARGE south front room. s. m. 1.. suitable for 2. private family; meals optlonal L'nc. 7724. CRITTENDEN ST. N. front room, suitable for 1 or 2 gentleI men. Col. 3377-W. RHODE ISLAND AVE. N. 1630? Square room for lady or gentleman. aunny. well heated, gas; reaa. 137 8T. 8. front room. board optional, one or two persons. 1303 A. ST. S. heat, electrictty. next to bath, aultable for two. reasonable, convenient. 13TH ST VT large rooms, single or ensulte. sll front. with or without housekeeping. ST. rurnlshed front room, electric lights, use of phone; sultsble for one or two men; reasonable. Lincoln 6400. FAIRMONT FT N. front room, twin beds, continuous hot water, electricity. Columbia 2323. 6TH ST. N. large furnlshed. llghthousekeeplng room. ST. N. wsrm room; quiet home; tit per month. Frsnk. 6436. I NEAR 14TH A SHEPHERD ST. N. I One furnished room for gentleman. Call Columbia 146t. after 6 o'clock. MASS. AVE. N. E. front room convenient to 3 car llnea. Lin. 6364. ST. N. and other rooms, a. m. reasonable. IlTh ST. ii. W. Blcolr large rooms, one with two beds; electricity; steam heat; reasonable. ST. N. nice, large, comfortable rooms; single or together; l.h.k. If desired; reasonable. 1113 10TH ST. N. v. I rooms, nicely furnished for gentlemen. 110 to 320. ST. N.W:, furnished rooms near bath. Franklin 1286-J. KALORAMA RD. N. llll-Um 2nd floor room, next bath; a. Adama 265. ST. N. front room for 2 or 3. 1. h. k. prlvilegea North 4IM. INDIANA AVE. N. rooms; 33 per week and up; L. h. garage In connection. ROOMS TO KENT I'Nn iVfflfyj) 77 3th ST. N. large room and kitchen; convenient to car line. TWO ROOMS; three rooma; heat and gas; reasonable. Frank. 6632. 9TH ST. N. unfurnlahod rooms, steam heat, gas, bath. 346. MONROE ST. N. rooma. with private bath, heat, elec. and gaa ST. N. or three unfurnished rooms; suitable for light housekeeplng. ST. N. rooms, hot water gss; reasonable. UNIVERSITY PL. Euclid two outside, sunny rooms, kitchen snd bath; a. m. adults. Owner. 3TH 8T. N. Isrge unfurnished front room. 2d floor; largs front pprch adjoining; heat, gaa and bath; rouaonabjo. Frank. 3240. 316 ST. N. 4 rooma. bath. heat. light. 340; or 2 front 326 monthly. Telephone. 4i? COLUMBIA unfurnlshed rooms. 1. h. entire second floor 340.00. ilTH ST. N. 2 or 3 rooms. 2d floor, bath, gaa; call after 6 p. or Sunday. A ST. 8. or 3 unfur 2d-floor 1. h. k. rooms; am. employed couple preferred no children. ROOM? TO RENT WITH BOARD. MASS. AVE. N. room. running wster, hot and cold. A REAL home, southern cooking. Iarg? sleeping porch, adjoining bedroom; prlvilegea. North 6343. For the few who prefer the beat THE HOTELITO A Private Home 1467 Rhode laland cor, ltth St A PLACE like home; private family; centrally located; It and It. weekly Fr. fit. RETREAT for women, commencing Friday. the ltth of December. 7:36 p. ending Sunday evening; the Retreat Maater will be Carmelite Father; rates will bo ft a day. North ltlSL ROOMS FOR "RENT kOOMM TO mff 7t! ST. N. H- rom heal: hot wfcfr; roanonabls. Ill ST. N. I 1. h. B.v 111 ITH ST. N. kuimiQt I Lh.lL, autlontry tnho, electricity, h.w.-h.t fralriMd. Ill; MafwnMwd, If. ITK ST. N. frost MaaT nicatlng room? for h. sink, gaa electricity. h. w. $40. Line. 4II4-W. WANTEB TO BENT BOOM1 III room in vicinity I of 14th and Randolph N. W. Phone Hun im SEE US for room apta; for hoot ro- aulta Hat yonr room a A opto, with as; wo rost than. APT. AND BOOMSEEK AID. Ill MoOlli Bids. Main Till 1 WANTED Utttt BOABII. ROOM and hoard wan tad for two young gentleman coins to achooi. in privatd family, near Dupont circle. Addroaa BOX A Tiniaa office. RENTALS APAKTiaeXTS PLATS TO M.NT FTRMSHKP. ENTIRE 3rd floor, private bath; bed, sitting rooms, kitchenette, 3 closets; well heated; fully equipped for housekeeping; a. $14 per week. 1511 St. M. W. NICELY furniahed apartment; 4 rooms, let floor; houaekeeping; til per month; alao alnfle room, $4.10 per week; call at til Eye at. N. W. Phone North 4141. THE PLYMOUTH, APT. rooms. bath, kitchen; nicely corner pt; warm snd reasonable. Main 4444. ST. N. of 2 large, nicely furniahed rooms on 2d I floor, next to bath, linen, diahea and silver; ronaonsble. APARTMENTS A LATS TO 17 RENT IMTBXWHED PA. AVE. N. rdbms and bsth. 3d unfurnlahed; scroaa from Bo- tanlcal Gardens; priv. Apply Leonard A or store address above. 17TH ST. apart ment. 2d floor; Immediate newly papered snd psinted; low rent; s. m. t. North 42H. TWO OR THREE housekeeping rooms; N. new home, s. m. I. I474-J. I MYRTLE ST. N. rooms snd kitchenette, for white poople. ST. N. front, with hath; roaoonahlo; a. m. I Fr. H4I. SIX ROOMS AND BATH 24 TODD PLACE N. Phone Main 1110. 21ST ST. N. fur- nlshed downtown. Wnt 124 to n-txump ss FURNISHED house for small family or club; row boat, ducking skiff Included. near Alexandria. Inq M4 Ith at. N. RIOGS PLACE houos. I rooms. 2 baths, electric lighta. completely furnished. Including linen and blankets; if you are looking for a real home don't tall to I see this house. MOCSES TO RENT UNFURNISHED. NEW HOUSE. 7 rooms snd bath; rooms papered; all modern Improvements. one car fare, dealrsble location; S40 per month; 20th at. and Bunker Hill Mt Rainier. Md. I-ROOM MODERN Hoom. next to Preabyterlan Church. Arlington. at 140. On macadam road, near car line, acfhoola snd churches. Geo. H. Rocker Court HOuae. Clarendon. Vs. TO five-room freme dwelling tn Hyattsvllle; rent, $12.40. Apply Room 701. 710 14th at. N. W. GABAOBS FOB RENT. PROTECT your car against freezing and fire; hollow tile. 14th bet. Newton and Sheridan Frank E. Altamua. 2744 14th at. N. W. SPACE Ford car. $10 par month. Rear 1115 14th at. N. W. Apply Service Pharmacy. 1100 14th at. N. W. of Mil Cot or Frank. 21. ST. N. W. garage. $10 month. OFFICES FOR RENT DOUBLE GARAtlE for rent. Inquire at houae. 1842 16th at. X. W. DENTAL or commercial. 3 large office rooma, newly papered and painted; a. m. 1 North 17th at W. LARGE outside roome and desk space in 8tsr Bldg Inquire 001. WTORFM FOR RENT TWO for barber shop, cleaning and pressing or other commercial purposes. North 4264. 193a 17th at. N. W. AUTO REPAIR location; 2 stories 762 Park rd. Adams 2428. MT. PLEASANT 3142 Excellent location for any business. Col. 4442. OUT OF TOWN PROPERTY FOB RENT. 7-ROOM house, furnsce heat, large lot. garage, electricity. Take District line cars (H st.) to 41st st. N. E. See SIMPSON, drug store. COMFORTABLE home. 7 rooms, electricity. garage, large garden lot. one fare sone. See Mrs PRE1NKERT. The Colonial. 14th and sts. N. W. AUTOMOBILES AI TOMORII FOR MI.E Our Stock of Used Cars Is Covered by a tive Guarantee as To Condition. Type 19 Csdlllsc 7-paaa. touring. 1922 Franklin aedan 1921 Single Six Packard $-paaa. touring Type 47 Cadillac phaeton $1,400 1920 Jordan 6-pass. touring $760 1920 Bulck touring $690 In addition to the above cara we have a number of others, including type 67 Cadillac sedan. Peerleas sedan. Hudeon coupe, type 69 Cadillac sedan. Locomobile touring. Lexington touring. Terms to Responsibis Parties. The Washington Cadillac Company, 1131-1140 CONN. AVE. Franklin 3900. 3901. 3902. $10 DOWN. PER WEEK. Ford $30 Reo touring. 7-passenger 176 Buick touring $115 Dodgs touring $166 MR. SLATTERY ,1. N. w. BUICK 1921 5-passenger touring; if at once will take very low price. Call Clarendon 278-W-l. BUICK TOURINQ, model, trad, tor roadster, or sell cheap. i430 lSth WESTCOTT CHl'MMY-Blf. powerful Continental motor. In splendid condition; for sale chesp. Phone Col. LEXINGTON BicDANETTE Officer ordered away; bargain for quick sale; terms CoUnwbfa lOft. I touring for $121 cash. S11C lith st. Anacostia. D. C. AUTOMOBILES 9 ggjjggg ng to GOOD VALUES IN USED CARS. 1921 Velie Touring in firstclass mechanical condition; papain ted. 1920 Buick Roadster in fine condition. 1922 Chevrolet Touring. 1921 Reo Roadster in perfect condition and repainted. 1920 Reo Speedwagon with 'canopy top, in good condition. 1919 Dodge Delivery Car. Ford Panel Body Delivery" Car. SEMMES MOTOR COMPANY. Used Car Department 613 Street N. W. Main Open Evenings Until 9 o'clock DODGE $276. Phone Franklin 4485. 1741 I. eve. FORD SEDAN. 1921. In fine shape, till Terms If deaired JOHN A. WINEBERGER 2799 Georgia are N. Col. Ml. STANDARD 8 Almost new; cash will buy cheap. E. E. COVERT. Ht St. N. W. Studcbakcr A 1200.000 used car business writes your guarantee. SEDANS Chsndler, 1921. sedan. 7 psssenger? I interior of this'csr in perfect motor snd general sppesrsnce is far 1 abovs the average; terms to suit; $1,969. I CHALMERS Smsll 7-passenger car; try to find bet- ter value in a car of this type anywhere; $476. AUBURN BEAUTY SIX Five-passenger; late 1920 model; remember this car ss you would upon seeing a new one; $960. Stoficbakcr 817 14th St. N. W. Main 2646. PIERCE ARROW TOURING condition: new paint; good tires, with two extrss; trunk rsck; tire I drums; spotlight parking light, runs like new. Will consider smaller car I in trade. Room 668. Munsey Bldg. DODGE ax. cOn; cord tires. 1211 Fla. are. X. E. L. 7992-J. CHEVROLET AND FORDS 2 utility coupec. demonstrators used 49? touring cars. 2 F. B. Chevrolets. 2 F. B. Chevrolet sedsns. 4 Ford touring cars. 2 Ford coupes. 1 Ford sedan. 2 practically new 1922 Ford tourlnga BARRT-PATE MOTOR 2626 Sherman ave. N. W. Mr. Shot-key and Mr. Campbell Open Sundays and evenings. i thorns Franklin Franklin 6472. ELL 1920 model. good condition; fully equipped; good tires; will dsmonstrate. Line. PACKARD USED CARS! WE HAVE THE FOLLOWING CARS TO SELL FOR PURCHASERS OF NEW Psckard Twin Sixes. 1919 and later Packard Single Sixes, open and closed. Cadillac Touring; new tires. Cadillac Roadster; a bargain TERMS ARRANGED. P. W. MOTORS. INC. Packard Distributors 1707 Kalorama Road N. North 600. CHANDLER A beautiful car. but must aell. Call Adams 597. handsomest in WashlngI ton; run 6.000 miles; can be bought very reasonable; can be seen rear 16IS st. N. W. FRANKLIN1919, closed car. Am very anxious to sell this car before Christmas. Columbia 8437. FORD COl model; In good condition; 9250; must sell at once 21S 4th st. S. E. 1922 WILLIS ST CLAIR touring car; new; $2,000. selling to close sn estate Call North Big Variety of Used Cars. 2 Oldsmobiles, 4 cylinder, 1921. 1 Buick Coupe, 1918. 1 Dodge Sedan, 1920. 1 Ford delivery, 1921. 1 Ford Coupe, 1921. And many others in good condition at a great sacrifice for immediate sale. Oldsmobile Sales 1016 Conn. Ave. FORD COUPE in utras; cash or terms. HANDLEY MOTOR CO. ave. y. W. Col. 2322. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 119 FOB SALE 191 AUTOMOBILES HERE THEY ARE! 1422 DO DOB SEDAN 1424 DODOS SEDAN BUICK 7-PASS WINTER TOT. BUICK l-PABS WINTEB TOP. lttl HATNBS TOURING. BUICK TOURING. 6-PASS ltfl FORD TOURING. FORD TOURING. FORD SEDAN 1424 FORD SB DAN. lflT CADILLAC COUPE 1917 DODOS ROADSTER: Winter Top. STANLEY H. HORNER, ltn 14th R. w. Mala MM BUICK ROADSTER. 1424; -claas condition, mlltacc under recently overhauled, new battery; and horn, front and roar bnmpers. lifhU. tlree run Aofw owner lea city: lent buy at caoh. balance term a Wee Mr. BRADT. American Motor Sorelc-. Hit ot. N. W. FORD DELIVERY Demountable rlma and otartor: ecreee new cord tlrea; caah or terms HANDLEY MOTOR CO, Georgia Cot tilt. AUTOMOBILES FOB BULK FOR HIRE by the month, cloeed car. Private family. Call Franklin 2624 AUTO HIP MS TIRES from to price. $2 64 to $4. ot. N- W. BICYCLES I MOTORCYCLES 1SS lee; rood condition. John Seward, cor Meadow and Woodaide Chevy Chaoa. Md. Clev. 1471-J. GIRLS' RANGER oale. like new. full equipment. Bos 122. REAL ESTATE 10 OUT OF TOWN PROPERTY SS FOR THE FINEST paper ahell fiovea. aee me. F. C. GREENE. Munoey Building. Main WHY not buy a home In where the cool problem will not bother? I have city, town and country properties. large and email. Let me know what you want. Nicol. Monroe ot. N. W- City. Br SI NESS PROPERTY lit NEW YORK AVE. N. AND 1217. Excellent aite fbr any kind of busineaa. opposite A A. terminal; can be bought reasonable CALIFORNIA ST. N. Phone after clock. North CHAS J. GAISBERG Owner. HOI EES FOB BALK. 114 SOUTHEAST BARGAIN. pre-war boilt. modern tapoetry brick. 4 noma, bath, furnace. 2 porchee garage, oppoelte homos building, snsp; investor's attention 422 I7tn. FOB lllh N. rooms, bsth. la robe heat; terms. Inquire A. D. Smith. Century Bldg Franklin HOME REALTY CO. Extra Special. NEW HOUSES. HAMILTON ST. BET OA. AVE AND fTH ST TWO SECTION; 4 ROOMS. BUILT-IN BATH TUB. SHOWER BATH. PEDESTAL WASH STAND, ONEPIECE SINK. WHITE ENAMEL GAS RANGE. LARGE PANTRY. BUILTIN ICE BOX. AND MANY OTHER NEW ATTRACTIVE FEATURES ONLY POUND IN HIGH-CLASS PROPERTY. MATERIAL AND WORKMANSHIP THE BEST; THB FLOOR AND TRIM OF HARDWOOD. THE BEST GRADE: LARGE LOT. W1DB ALLET; WE CONSIDER THB ABOVE OUR BEST; CONVINCE YOURSELF. COME OUY TODALa SALESMAN ON PREMISES; ThM PRICE AND TERMS ARE IN REACW OF ALL; ONLY A FEW LEFT. HOME REALTY CO. COL. 14464. 2407 GA. AVE. XT Of 4 rooms snd bath, sleeping porch, hardwood hot-mater heat, beautiful eurroundings. etrictly white neighborhood. Coll or write 417 Elm eve. Easy terms. FOR COLORED. A bath, brick. 14 500. cash. t'lTY SUBURBAN REALTY CO. Contlnenial Trust Main 1241 SUBURBAN Washington a World Thousands of people in Washington ars seeking auburban homes nesrt.v ginia Every available acre in Arlington county will be required to accommodate theae and other thousands throughout America who contemplate locating here. We have only about home sites left at Alcova which can be bought on monthly payment? of $16. Phone, write or call at my residence. New. modern bungalow now ready. J. CLOVD BYARS. Arlington. Vs. $300 CASH. New bunga.owa of 6 rooms; nearby Virginia. $6,600 CITY SUBURBAN REALTY CO. 244 Continental Trust. Msin 1IM Takoma Park. $2,044. Unfinished small house. $204 cash ana $20 month. Unfinished 8-room house. $244 caah and $40 month 4. $44. New 4-room and bath bungalow. n1co? I ly finished: block from car line. 1604 cash snd $40 month. New fc-roorn semi-bungalow. well built. block from car Una. $2,404 caah and $75 monthly 16c Per Foot Lots Vi block of 14th st csr line to Takoma; easy tepna. 1 secure building loans I Fraoer. Elm Takoma Park Phone Col. 9472-W. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 119 lorgnged by District ColmsBg 1 M. Carda fvsll 4th and MADAM Gifted clairvoyant. "Advice on business. love, health, marriage 416 7th between and hours 12 to 4. MADAM ISth Crystsl gaser snd clairvoyant. Advlce on all affslrs. a MADAME JEANETTE Guarantees to reed your entire life, giving names, dates and lacta. 434 St. N. H. a MME SELI A. PALMIST. Advises on sll affairs In life. ft readings 64c. $21 7tk. n.w.. cor. 7th A MADAM JULIA, the oueen of all palmlets. first time doing bus.noes In Waahlngton. she is a wond.r, come and eee her. 440 N. Y. eve. AUTOMOBILES FOR SALE. 141 A HARPER MOTOR COMPANY Established Guaranteed Used Cars and Service. Vsed cars sre nt their minimum price, ss you will note our prices below. We mark the price on every car and Invite comparison anywhere la the city. Our service includes, upon delivery cars. gmm. on. loo.s and driving iessotts and securing tags snd permit. Ford '20 Ford Sedsn '19 Dodfe Tour Dodffe Tour '17 T)odffe Tour '20 Moon Tour '20 Cleveland 1400 176 S36 276 S71 360 Chevrolet ster. F. Studebsker Tour i '17 Rds. Tour. Pa ice Tour 'II Maxwell loo 1(1 160 lit 1C? Any Many Others DURANT DEMONSTRATORS Touring. $726; Coupe. I1.1M. Many Bxtraa. MOST LIBERAL TERMS IN CITY 1221 Connecticut avenue N. W. SEE MR. BARNES. Franklin 4 307. Open a. m. to 1 I

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