The Richmond News Leader from Richmond, Virginia on October 2, 1945 · 10
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The Richmond News Leader from Richmond, Virginia · 10

Richmond, Virginia
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 2, 1945
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A 2 Local Businessman fo Teach Bookkeeping at J.Mlat Night J bookkeeping bourses at Two Richmond businessmen will teaek bookkeeping - 1 John Manltall Niht High School during the October-April session . which opens tonight, W. C. Locker, dmitk of adult education. an- Bounced todays - , I , I I . These new classes have been instituted to provide practical bust- '1 Convict Back In Cel) After Third Escape ir-oid: iaonjc ; convict. who hap camp guards thn Irion State Penitentiary authorities, to day. A. harboring .Charge agams . the convict's 2 year-old, sister In-law was sent on lor Hustings deurt. Part 1Z. grand Jury action after hearings before Justice I Harold . C. Maurice, in escaped prii time in lSrrtonihs. was ordered : turned over police Court. Fart 1L i, Walter Broin and hia sister-in-law. Mqs Alide Broun, were arrested at the woman's home In the 23 (JO block Hargrove Ave, by a five-man police squad yesterday afldmoonJ I he off K-er-participating were Sergeant . W. 1l. tin roughly, Detect ive Sergeaats If. E. Taylor and . J. E, Berry fend Police Officers IL M Rouae ahd'E. L. Hightower. Officer Rouse also participated in VOCAT two'pievious raptures ol Brown, . . acmcoin to fellow police officers. Crown's most recent escape was ; "lent In Janies 'City. County May 12 when he escaped custody of. Camp .17 guards. L ' According t4 State. Penitentiary records. Brown first escaped the ramp while working' in York County March 28. 1944. and was apprehended May 4 of :tha year Ills second rpape. I ln York County, occurred December 18. and he was recaptured lour days later,'- V Brown was first turned over to the State penitentiary authorities after a total j of five years was given him on (two grand larceny ebeeCea heard bv Judge Willis C. Pulliam. In Hustings Court. Part . U- An additional year was Inv posed upon him June 12 1944, after a trial in James City County on tjie first escape charge and a seventh year wa asaesaed against him April 2 of. this year In York County,. . ( ' '! r ! " Mayor Designates Week for Partially Disabled Workers . Ceiling on l&chmnnd employers to give, physically handicapped workers' an j equal Job opportunity, Mavodlleihert has Issued a statement designating the week of October 7-13 as a time to fm r.phasize the auallflcationa for and need of Jobs ibv partiily hand!-, capped workers. The national Congress has adopted a resolution naming the week National Employ the Physically Handicapped Week. , . I The local office of the United States Employment Service, managed by A. ,Y. Clopton. has arranged ;a special, display illustrating that . office's selective ; placement program - I . ! This program. Mr. Clopton said, fa concerned with placing partially .disabled workers in Jobs workable despite each Worker's particular handicap. . Mayor Herbert's stale m e n t real in part: . i-1 During thef war, thousands of handicapped workers performed Jots vital to ivictory. and many other mm and women became disabled id the service of their country In the fighting forces. . Ail of these Xhterieans deserve not only our appreciation but an equal Job opportunity. t Is hoped that all Richmond employers will co-operate fuUy with the United Slates Employinent Service in its efforts find j satisfactory Jobs for the of this city. a 1 tabled Abgi Gas Receipts Pess-2-Million Mark Montjily ' rlcelpt. of gasoline mnotintM to more than $2 million In August for the first time slnfe 1941. Commissioner C. F. Joyner,, Jr Division of, Motor Vehicle, saidttoday. A total of ItK, 156, 58 1.84, representing; the tg on 43.127.598 gallons of fcaaolin. was collected during August. This was an increase of $67 M776.R&- over the collections of Augiist. 1944. - During tod first eight months of the dilendgr year SI 3.320.570.12, anjinedrase ft $1,163,146.63 over i tod previous (eight-month period, was colectcd ; Commissioner Joyner explained ( that Id 1941 jover S3 million was collected in gasoline taxes in every month cxccptj lour. 1 6 Housebreakings Charged to Man Ten idiarffi of housebreakini and onfc of attempted housebreaking were ratified to the November grand July of Hustings Court H iA today against Joe Thomas, Negro,, RV 18,: of the 1 block South rfrst!fti' PhlicU Justice Jewett. i Thonuu ws arrested early to-, day hV Patrolmen S. W. Jennings . and (S A. Drlnson, who reported they (fund hah In the act of breaking bjto an Uiuto supply stole ini blodk Chamberlajme Ave. ; the 11 Tharrest Jof hifniiUf several detectives, pankmh of been house! a Thomas ended a weeks by police alleged com-already have With several cases The alleged crimes In toe Northside. (Advertisement) a GRAYS oiutueut t t 'FOR YOUO SKIN ekan aootklng aad comforting to; externally, caused itching; rash, tattarj pimptaa. Irritation, minor homa,; cuts, sprains aad kralsea. Omtafns wboMsoma and soothing plaa .lx. ISeat afi drug item -i'- i , . ness application taught by practical businessmen, ML Locker explained. ' i -1 instructing a beginner's . book-kerpinirlus will be 111 D. Long, of the Otesa peake- and Potomac Telephone Company, while Hugh C. Birrvt, of Reynolds Metals, will uadi an advanced bookkeeping courte. i I - Ij ' These! wiQ! be the only courses pffered by the cimmercial department of the night school for this! session, unless there is sufficient 'demand tot warrant scheduling of other clfeue. Mr. Locker said. 1 Threefnew courses of study have been prtainzed in thel academic iMti department. where students will have , ak opportunity E to study Spanish (with Miss M. Louise Robertson. lof JoJut Marshall High School, kind English and spelling under Miss. Karma D. Ogden, also of John Marshall. The third j t qusrier new tlm will he an I ungraded ! confirmed rfimors that course torovidnlg firs! through might be madr to question th-seventhfgrade training and will authority of Judge Gunn to order he au4ir bv Miss Irk Crutch-? reprinting of the ballots. These. field. School. . j A elags in filing and office practice will .bei organized ill enough are Interested. XAL CURRICULUM 0 the yocatioijal depart-rricuium Is a course 1 cover cooking, menu and marketing. It will be taught by Mrs. Mary F.JSmith, of John Marshall. I . A tuilipn-free clinic on handwriting (techniques will be conducted at 7 JO p. M.. Thursdays, by Mr Laicker. This clinic, .he said. VI1I be a free-for-all workshop designed t mospher In w! problems of anyone, teacher or learner, can be ascertained and worked ouL" j Other courses to be (offered at the niglft - school Include rcial Department Beginner's! typing and Shorthand, taught ky Miss Ann Northington and MrS. .Dorothy P. Trible refresher shorthand and typing. Mrs, Mary r 1L ! Waddill; inlermediate short ha nff. end typing. Mrs. F. 1L Kobinsog: refresher In dictation, Hhortharjd and typing,. Charles P. Trihle; business training, typing, and spelling Mrs. Minda Y. Woodward and 11. G. Whitehom. and typewriting. Mrs- F. Hi Robinson and Mr Woodward. ;J, Academic- Business English and business arithmetic; IL Hill Flec public speaking and! current events, p. E. Brayt Americanization. Miss Mary A. Mains; mathematics and science. T. Preston Turner; history and civics. Miss Iris Crutchfield, and lip reading. Miss Myrtle Crump. j I . Vocational Sewing. J and II; Miss Angelina S. Kelley. . I 1 . REGISTRATION BEGINS -Registration wilt begin at 7:15 P. M. today at John Marshall and a S2 50 ( registration fee. ' which will notf be refunded, is required for each course, except -the handwriting (clinic. i . Classes will meet from 7:15 P. M. tu 9 JO P. M. Tuesdays and Thursdjtya. although two typewriting glasses and a history and civics class have been scheduled to begin it 6 P. M. for special groups which prefer tjie earlier hour.- -' .-ji The Virginia Mechanics -Institute wil offer courses in engineering science and various trades. -Special coaching classes will be arranged If necessary. and It is expected that, veterans; returning to night! school to complete their secondary education win find' this service particularly helpful, Mr. Locker Mid. I Mr; Lbcker acts as principal of John Marshall Night High School, assisted by O. H. Parrish.- . Night school for Negroes began yesterday, when 463 persons registered fjw-classes kt Maggie Walkertand Armstrong High Schools land Webster DsviaSchooL Negro registrations win continue tonight,! when Buchanan and George Mason Schools will accept students for night study. -At Maggie Walker, 408 students, enrolled for training Ini. barbering, beauty rulture, bookkeeping, typing. shorthand, accounting, dressmaking elementary sewing, tailoring. practical nursing; shoe re-palring.chcf cooking, waiting, and elementary' classes ln( academic coursesJ including Spanish. The Maggie Walker program Is being expanded to offer a business institute in distributive education and high school subjects providing credit: toward fgraduaton. James! IE. Segear. principal of Maggie? Walker and assistant to Mr. Lorker In charge of Negro night schools, said, ( ! , . v Armstrong High School la offering wily one course this year. This aigto mechanics class attracted 15 Students, according to last nights (enrollment figures. At Webster Pavla. 40 persona hhfilvt Poor soul! fehek la her 40V' mndm and people talk behind her back aad make faa of her hot flashes nemus tensioa; and crxnklnem canmd by the functional aiMifia ass jfrriod to n lhit tir ftsr Itk nn Jnta Andtf soxlrvbetvaaatheacm taaa Ztk oda of the best of SS and S3 aad suffer Uka tola msdlcfiimfdr tola popoae. Toil try ZjdlaX.Flnkliaak Vega- too; abotdd find this great nedL tabia Onmpound to NUofe suck dna toy hcneflcial if joule tzoubtod this way. Follow UmI i r ! , VlOITABLi OMPOUHD 4 'K - uauui viiaiiyc Ordered After Gunn Decision Letters to the 124 electoral boards in the Stpte. directing them to substitute the name-of L. Preston GoUias for that of Charles R Fenwick as Democratic nominee for the lieutenar. t-govemor-ahip in November, today are being prepared by 'Jesse W. .Dillon, Secretary of the Commonwealth. Mr. DU Von said he was merely enlist a letter to this effect and enclosing a copy of the order entered yesterday by Judge J alien Gunn in Qty Cirtuit Court throwing out the ballots of Wise County and thus overthrowing the results of the primary election in August. Judge Gunns order said that pnn with! the substitution f ' Mr. Fenwick. wbo- lost in the election contest, said he; had tskf his attorneys to make no further move in the case and also Mid he would not ' become an' Independent candidate for Lieutenant-Governor. ! i From some quarters came tin-an attempt however, were discounted . by informed political xircles. I Health Department Of City Acquires! ; One Extra Room ! . j The City Health Department, now occupying overcrowded quarters on the fourth floor of the City Hall Annex, will take over one of the four rooms used by the Department of Public Welfare.! ( ' The problem of providing space for the Health Department staff has been under study for several months. Consideration was given to moving the Director of Pubijc Welfare and hia office staff to tW Broad Street Methodist Church Annex.' where the Social Service Bureau 'and the Employment Bureau. both under the Welfare Director. are now housed. ' ' I It was decided inadvisable to make costly alterations to the rhurch annex,, which la rented by the city. One of the rooms occu pied by the. welfare staff, on the fourth floor of the City : Hall Annex. is being fitted up -as an office for Dr. W.i A. Browne,! assistant city health director, .who! has been occupying cramped quartets with Ciptain Robert' Hopson, .chief sanitarian for the HeaJth Department -' . ! T Tax! Driver Says He Was Robbed i ' I I" 'I I ' W. A. Mitchell, 38. a takf driver who Uvea In the 1300 block Floyd Ave., reported to police yesterday he was attacked '.and robbed by a sailor he had picked up. j The taxi J driver said he picked up the tailor, a white man about 20; at Harrison' Ind Main Streets and was told to tike him to Chamber layne and Claremont Avenue. When they rekehed Lombardy Street and Brook Road the sailor drew a knife and cut off the taxi drivers money, belt police were told. ' MitcheD said toe sailor tried to get out of the car and he attempted to hold jilm, but was cut on toe arm by the knife. He was takes to MedicaL Col lege Hospital, where five stitefcs were required to close the woujjid. : 3 Henriccl Home I Club Meet mgs Set Three meetings of. home demonstration clubs fog the west end of Henrico County! were announced today i by Miss' Rixth Hunter, county home demonstration agent. The first of these was scheduled 1 at the Lahrel School at 2 P. WL today, whkre a demonstration on packing butritlous lunches and the election of officers were planned: Thg other sessions were scheduled for1 10:30 A. M. tomorrow when the Ridge Chib holds an upholstering clinic at the home of Mrs. E. R. Lindstrom and at 2 P. M. Thursday when the Creighton Club will nieet at (the dub-room on Byranj Street fop a demonstration on lamp shades ' I -j I haw registered lor classes in sewing, knitting; nursing, handicraft and elementary subjects. I . QOimies shays ntrsk fife pw!n fur COUGIIStCOlDS iCMJsMU MUSteroLE imiiU Jt f r ui vi I This may benne of the ks. but th post office seems to have run head-on Into a postwar problem. : vIt started like this: Men went overseas aad everybody wrote them lots of letters. Ernitoh was hanpy about! these letters, par- a received tsnilariy the men abs Beaumont Issue May Be Public Thd much-publicised educational problems of the 235 youthful in-mktes I of the SKkte Industrial School at Beaumont in Powhatan Qxinty were expected to come up for , discussion at the public hearing this aftemook in the bid Sen: te chamber before the special commission engaged in a study of the educational (needs of public wards. The commissicin. headed by Delegate Edmund T, DeJamette, of Ashland, met la executive ses-slon at 10 o'clock today, prior to Its afternoon public hearing. The executive session appeared to be mi full-scale public session as more than 30 visiting vtted to 'attend speak privately the problem. i - , (3TT OFFICIALS , . , , Bernard Glam. Richmond Director of Public Welfare, was among those who attended-this semi-public i executive - session, which was alosed to the) press. Jesse IL EBnford. Richmond Superintendent of Schools, and G. K. Holsinger. Henrico Schooj Superintendent, ah were there, r The attendance of the. local officials at the (session made it evident that the commission was considering the dispute that arose a. year ago between school authorities of Richmond and Henrico. The two governmental bodies disagreed over i whether a tuition should te paid by .the city for the educatii n of children placed in custody of the Department of RiUic Velfare by the Richmond Juveaili Court, bkt placed in Henrico homes. Thb ritv contended Henrico County) should provide education without special charge for the wards, but the county contended that it ahbuld provide education only if toa city paid for IL DUTY, OF COMMISSION rThe DeJarnettle commission is charged with making a thorough and careful studY of toe educational needs and problems arising therefrom ft . thie wards off the State Department of Public Welfare, Including the contributions the public schools are making to sech educatiba and welfare, whether thd public education system lin the respective counties is presently qualified to make proper contribution to the education uf such children and what If any additional educational facilities should be afforded such children la the public Schools or else-where. -' 1 The language of this resolution embraces the situation in Powhatan County. ' Where the county school board ousted from county schools 10 boys Who were attending school as initiates ti the Beaumont institutionJ Governor Darden haa said that he hopes county authorities iav see their way dear to protridifig education for the youths, since (facilities for high school education! are almost nonexistent ' at the Industrial school Adjutan Second Lfeutehant Robert H. Crenshaw, of 35$2. Hanover Ave.. has been named assistant adjutant of the. 142nd Infantry Regiment iw at Kirchetffi. Germany, according to an announcement from hia unlL' . ' - ' i 1 1 ' : aji' a a Tended wh ' 6.1 Preef - Grain ;Neutrol Spirits -.liv u MgiiM coaraasma fL 6S . -id. nyo i ivi The post efioe too. aa It watched the mounting poatal reeripta-. ( ' Oocnea redeploymeoL . 'Men being sent back to the United States. People aren't writikg so many letters because their correspondents arejbock home. Everybody's happy kgaio.' partleklatiy the men who are coming home. But the post office well it's not that the poet office Is unhappy about these homecomings perish that thought! Its Just that postal receipts are bumbling down as war-ewollen mailbags are jbeing deflated. : j,-. !,, . Ik Richmond for Instance; poatal receipts last month were) $10.-837,43 less thhn in Septrinber. 1944. This is ja drop of 3J per cent, a report issued today by Postmaster Fergus McRee Shone. StlMF (ULCji DROF I All this :cant he : ; blamed ' on service mail, of toe. lack off IL of course, but the largest single item of loss .was In to sale of stamps, a directreflectlon of j the. degrease in the - to j and fro I sen-correspondence; - This stamp kale dropped $163274.05 In September. ' $146.16934 last month. Acting as somewhat pf k balance to the' loss of : stamp) sales la the Increase in metered mail revenue. which! rose; from 3104,-634.64 in September1 of last year to $112,731,61 hi September. 1945. Metered mail it used for the most part by business offices. . 1 . Other losses (were shown In excess mail nonhietered mai , box rents, and kecopd class fees. Gains were registered in second class mail nonmetek fees, and miscellaneous items as i well as in metered mail (according td Mr. McRees report) Total receipts for1 September, 1945. were $2M41A5. whl e receipts in September, 1944, were S28S.379a28L i i So you see, while the post office isnt unhappy t all about the return of : servicemen I and the ensuing drop in niaU. who can Marne it If it looks jiack a little wist- when fully on the. good old days stamps sold like hot cakes? I We Need Seyenl Additional Experienced CARPEHTER FOREMBi Permanent Work for Right Men Who- Want Steady Year . Round Work in Richmond r- ! . i- Apply Fifth and Cary Streets l KENNON PERRIN tO. Iff Costs LESS whoa yoo DECORATE WITH Boi' ; r M'i Thins with; water! (Applies fast! Dries In an hour! I Better one-Coati coverage even over wallpaper! No painty smell! Ten pastel shaoest SUede-like finish! WASHABLE after 2 weeks nj wall! V j f ' - ii . V; ,,.S FE C I A LIS) dll jPchf Saaooaeoaaxaseaxe OtthM lACMlateaeoeoeoeeaeoageo S RfclSWe IhmIm ftf Rtfrliercfer. Ante, cHm 4w py CtiHt, v. At the low inopthly rate of 2 SHORT of cash Household Ftna: has a wnpleiloan plan to heqi y i you. To apply for $59. $100, $200 or; more, just telephone or visit the Household office. 'Or: if more Conveniefft just mail the coupoa below. You nted no ( endorsers, no help bom outsiders, to get a salary, atito or fumituxk loan from Household, i j i cawvumirr pair urn. Notice that ; you may choose the payment plan ; FIND KIRI TNI CASH LOAN YOU 0 $2$ M 71 ' isa I2S 1M HOUSEHOLD FirJANCE ; rii . i J w ,-r - Broad at 3rd SL,.Ceribal National Bank Bldg.; -' 1 10th Rloar.lRklinioad 15, Vknia Phone: 3-4775 v Rep'ort Attack: by Rat City. Health (Department offi-iala said Ciala said today they will inves-tirate the report that an 11-year-old girl living Oo the 1900 block W'est Cary SlIwss bitten by a rat in her home and given emergency treatment- at the Medical College Hospital. j The case, be the tenth rat attack to : occur here Since August 15. has! not vet bred reported to the Hralth Department, said Dr. W. A. Browne, assistant City health director. i Health Director Porterfield is out of toe city and it could not be learned whether he . has requested the City Council Ordinance Committee to take from the committee table the proposed -at control ordinance which has been pigeonholed for several months. . Mayor Herbert, announced, when! the last! rat bite case1 was reported, that; he had Instructed toe health director to take action to revive the proposed rat control measure. . ( 1 Montvalo Ave. Girl Is Polio Victim I : i i p. i I ' ! There were Fno I new leases of polio reported ki Richmond today, but the City Health -Department I Added a lOryear-old white girl liv-, Jng on Montvald Avenufe to the list of local polio patients late yesterday. - . ! : I I" ' So far thia year 68' residents ofv the dty have been stricken by1 polio and 107 persons living: outside1 the city have been brought here for treatment making a total of 175 on the City Health records. , The State Health Department had nO new cases of polio to report today . from Virginia counties and- the State record for the year stands at 280 eases,: of which 106 were reported in September. . it- '-'...1 U ' PiriffCLUD DISTIL1ID DRY OIN - i Jlfwrt 90 prf Distilled from 100 Grmix Neutral Spirits TfttLmmmtMUmSfMM NsjMCh ...iL 2.9S. 9 Sr 9Sc US 9ow m mmm m mm m m mmm m 2SR that best fits your own income. The sooner you repay the lees your loon costa. Payments shown include principal and charges at the low monthly rata of only 2. You pay no fees or otherextraa. ; j ,(j I qmck mam scrvscc. If you need money for almost any purpose, visit Household Finance. If you telephone , fint, we can Rave your loan ready when yon call at the office. I NOT WlliliMidwefMcki dm Mreb. EHUar mr pajrawats rcdaca the to fa I chnpi an4 latar or liar aroMBCa iacraaw thn. Houbmols's omlt cxtacs h tha oatHr nw of 2 vm paid halawa This nt is oa-Aflll Iw ihao tha paraattaSbrtha: panaiUaobrthaaoaulLi ariiiriaal balanr aa i ferpawata TWaaarai hatMNMKXlv .-IL-I- . i 1 1 - i ' JSTATB. ..V. .. .... iwiiva Dedication of Station WLEE Richmonds new radio station. WLEL broadcast special dedtea-tionceietncnies from the Monue but- night, featuring leading radio, stage and screen stars and rrpre-tentative! of all branches of i the Armed forces. j ' I The toastmaster. Lewis I G. Chewning. president of the Richmond Chanfoer of Commerce. Welcomed to Richmond the Mutual Broadcasting. System's new radio eutle.L I . The program featured Bob Russel as singing master of ceremonies. He introduced Guy Rib-beg and Jean Parker; of j Hollywood; Sylvia FTnos. radio sing-fr; Nads Norxkaya. Rinxian operatic singer: Master and Collins. comedy team; FultinlLgwis. Jr- Washington news analvstJand k grand finale number with Waes. Waves, marines and Spafs. ,and jour returned veterans. . !: 1 1 Station WLEE has its studios fend,-office In the Broad-Grace Aracde. Irvin C Abelolf. Who Was with WRVA for 14 years, is the genera 1 manager. The ! station is owned by Thomas Tinsley. Because It ;Tops Everything ' You'll Want This Fbll A truly versatile ebat with fashion emphasis on jha lapel , treatment, the j high i soft fevers ' and dfefep armholes.. Jaliaaa l.aLa.x l.f L in ami : a f I I aa Colors gabrer-fuchsia, black, browns, gray', American Beaetf, natural and came(. 10 to 20 and 38 to 44.t 1 Sable Dyed hteeetala Sables i 'i ji Cleverly arranged - id fpurf five or iix-slt dres-up, for flattery, -with 'suits, coats.! I. Leak iWkat We Offer Yap I 6DUY-VVAYS Cash Coupon Account Charge Contract Co II and - Pay -if. Budget Tlafftatrs lesemet Ceefs aedars j SL L. Farrar, and clerk of the Amelia County, mg for all fimdi custody In 1944, Gordon Bennett ernor Darden t: was comi manner in whic Jr, counl ty ckirk Circuit Oiurt chade fuQ feccount-coming jbfo 1 its State Auditor J. reported jo Gov-4day. Thpi clerk fop the excellent of PE) h 'I I. jlues, greens;' Sizes 9 to 17, n scarfs for Skin 15.00 ria Kt Taf N i . i I 'S .i . . it ... . t r It J $ I jli i j 1 ii i I J J- i vi' j - r M i- i i . : .1 .. i r- i ! i s - ! 1 : ! i 1 ! .i.iM V - I ! V - i I.

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