Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 19, 1971 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1971
Page 11
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State F.F.A. President Guest Banquet Speaker IN THE TOP photo, Wayne Hannover, right, is shown with Tim J. Burke, Iowa State F.F.A. president, who was guest speaker at the annual F.F.A. banquet. On the left, below, BobDoddsis receiving a Certificate of Merit from Barrel Neuhring of the Pride Seed Corn Co. for entering that company's essay contest THE ALGONA F.F.A. Chapter had their 20th annual banquet in the Algona High School Commons. The Invocation before dinner was given by Rusty Gourley and the meal was served by the Algona High F. H. A. girls. Scholarship Awards were presented to eight boys who maintained a "Straight A" average in Vocational Agriculture. They were Mike Devine, BobDodds, Les Erickson, Mike Vitzthum, Dick Haag, Pat Woods, Mark Taylor and Dave Miller. Bob Dodds was presented a certificate of merit for his entrance in the pride Seed Corn Co. r; .essay contest; an, .qqr.n nutrient uptake. Chuck Bell who was" the top judge at the Kossuth County Hog and Market Show, received the Judging Award and Steve Wolter was presented with the Leadership Award. LesRich- ter was recognized for ushering at the 1970 Iowa State Fair. Supt. p. B. Laing received a Certificate of Appreciation for supporting the chapter over the past years and the custodians were also commended. Tim Burke, Iowa's State F. F. A. president, was guest speaker for the evening, followed by the installation of the new officers who are; Steve Rochleau, president; Les Richter, vice presi- , dent; Kevin Hensley, reporter; Lynn Burns, sentinal; Bob Dodds, urer an advisor. . Burlin is the " — i—ii ii iii^t_rx-»X. State Senate Summary By State Senator Wayne Keith Recently I have received a number of petitions encouraging the State Department of Agriculture to continue the meat inspection program in Iowa. I support the continuation of state meat inspection over federal inspection.. We have only been in this business for two years and I think it would be a mistake to change at this particular time. There is evidence that the federal government may in the next couple of year, be willing to increase federal funds for state meat inspection. Therefore, I believe we ought to continue to fund our present meat inspection program for the next two years. Last week the Senate acted upon some of the governor's economy measures which are necessary. Senate File 428, the Court Reform bill, passed the Senate on Wednesday. This bill does away with the lower court system and places all violations under the jurisdiction of the district court system. I had no qualms about doing away with Justice of Peace courts but I did feel ,we do have some fine municipal, police and mayor's courts in our state that could continue to perform valuable service in the communities in which they serve. While I did not support this bill, I am not opposed to some court reform. I do feel that maybe we went too far, too fast, under this recommendation. Only time will tell whether this bill will improve justice over our present system and how expensive this move may be to the citizens of our state. We also spent considerable time on Senate File 335, a bill to require higher bail for persons accused of violent crimes. So far as I am concerned, we spent far more time on this bill than it justified. We spent more than one day in deliberation on this bill. When the final vote came it only received twenty-three of the twenty-six needed votes for passage. Another one of the governor's economy committee bills brought before the Senate was an act relating to the reorganization of the Liquor Control commission. This bill was not completed and was carried over into this week. I believe there could be improvement in handling this large industry within our state and I hope to be able to support the bill. A great deal has been said about property tax relief and school aid as they have been considered by the Senate and House Ways and Means committees. I am sure there are those who wonder what is being done about those properties that are not on the tax rolls. I can say that bills are being drafted and the Ways and Means committee will be considering this issue in the very near future. Some of you may be wondering what is happening to the personal property tax issue. That issue also will be considered very soon by the Ways and' Means committee and I am hopeful that these issues will be voted out of committee and considered by each body of the legislature. Seneca Youths On 2-Week Trip, U-N Seminar SENECA- Seneca Progressive Farmers 4-H Club met at the home of John Nyman April 12. . Twelve members answered roll call by naming a kind of meat. The pledge of allegiance was led by John Nyman after which the business meeting was called to order. Members were handed the project enrollment sheets which were to be filled out and returned to the leaders. The group voted to send in their basketball tournament dues. The business meeting closed with the 4-H pledge led by John Nyman. Jerry Bernhard talked on the subject, "What Kind of Meat For You?" after which John Nyman discussed meat composition. Steve Madden was welcomed into the club as a new member. Tom Bergum will host the May 12 meeting. - o - TRACTOR SAFETY SCHOOL Jeff Bauer and Lee Bergum have been among some of the 4-H young people in Kossuth county who have taken advantage of the tractor safety school. The boys have completed the 24-hour training course and will take their driving test April 17. Dennis Lynch has been one of the instructors. PORTLAND By Mrs. Victor Fitch PORTLAND - Mrs. Doris Holtapp of Pmeroy and Mrs. Elsie Nelson of Fort Dodge came up to spend the Easter weekend with their sister Mr. and Mrs. Vern Shipler. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Holm and daughter of FortDodge and. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Volk and Paul of Humboldt were Easter Sunday dinner guests. Max Shipler, Mrs. Frank Coco, Pam and Nathan of Waukee, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Mankle and boys of Curlew and Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Shipler and Jennifer of Burt were Easter Sunday dinner guests in the Earl Shipler home. Mrs. Sarah Stewart of Burt was an afternoon visitor. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Donnelly of Fairmont entertained her mother, Mrs. Sarah Stewart for Easter Sunday dinner. Mr. Levant Moore and girls and Leona Haase, Mrs. Martha Haase and Bernice Haase were Easter Sunday dinner guests in' the Emil Haack home at Lone Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Haack and sons of Jesup, Iowa were weekend guests in the Emil Haack home. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weber and Melissa were dinner guests in the parental Frank Meyer home at Fenton, Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday dinner guests in the Bernard Phelps home were Mr.' and Mrs. Leroy Phelps, Gary, Doug and Kevin and Mr. and Mrs. Merle Phelps and Michael. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Phelps attended the funeral of Mr. Phelp's cousin, Bernice Koch at Humboldt Monday afternoon. Mrs. Dennis Meister, Brett and Corey were dinner guests in the parental P. w. Marlow home Easter Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Eckels, Monte and Michelle of Britt were supper went to Templeton Wednesday to bring her mother Mrs. R. B. Cox up to spend Easter with them. A sister, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Neaves of Beverly Hills, California,, flew to New York, Boston and Washington, D. C. on business, then flew to Minneapolis to spend Easter in the Bernard Meister home. The Neaves left Monday morning for Templeton taking Mrs. R. B. Cox with them. They also visited the Cecil Cox family at Harlan, Iowa, leaving Omaha, Nebraska by plane for their home in California Tuesday evening. Mrs. R. B. Cox, Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Neaves, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Meister, Brett and Corey and Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Meister and Bradley all enjoyed Easter Sunday dinner in the Cunningham Cafe in Burt, guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Meister. Easter Sunday dinner and supper guests in the Frank Becker home were Mr. George Becker, Steven and Susan of Fort Dodge, Mr. Ray McWhorter, Nancy of Carroll, Linda of Knoxville and Janet of Ames, the girls were also weekend guests. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Sheir- bon and family were Easter Sunday dinner and supper guests in the home of Mrs. Sheirbon's mother, Mrs. Jessie Long at Al- MOST COMFORTABLE • HOB Iowa 50511, ROBO CAH WASH A ROIO Waihtd And Waxod Atrt* Ii Moro Corrosion toilitant. Two Mlnutoi It All It Takoi. ROIO Waih S, Phillips St., AI0ona gona. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Long, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Plemel, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Merrill and Christofer, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bjustrom and family and Mr, and Mrs. Howard Long. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Meyer and family spent Easter Sunday in the EuClaire Meyer home, this was also the birthday of Brenda Meyer, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. EuClaire Meyer. Mr, and Mrs. Roger Scott and family were guests in the home of her sister, Mr. and Mrs. Phil Eischen at Whittemore, Easter Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Art Baum of Minneapolis spent Easter Sunday weekend in the E. C. Schwietert home near Burt. Another brother, Verdean Baum of Blue Earth came Sunday. Mrs. Art Baum broke her ankle and has been on crutches for the past ten weeks. The men folks made the dinner. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Ringsdorf and boys of Estherville and Mr. and Mrs. Bob Seefeld and Brett of Wesley were Saturday evening supper guests in the Donald Ringsdorf home. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Arend and family of Burt, Paulette Arend o Buffalo center and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Arend of Algona were dinner guests of Rose and Christine Arend of Algona, Easter Sunday. Mrs. Paul Arend andLindaand Paulette went to Blue Earth Saturday where they visited Mrs. Arend 1 s mother, Mrs. Lou Junkermeier in the St. Lukes Nursing Home. Mrs. Hazel Ruse, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Grosser, Randy and Kent Mrs. Florence Grosser and Gary, and BenieLeeck were Easter Sunday dinner guests in the Victor Fitch home. .,.Easter Sunday weekend guests in the Harold Lampe home were Mr. and Mrs, Duane Smith and Teddy of Pontiac, Mich., Mr. and Mrs. Joe Boles and Lora of St. Louis, MO. Mr. and Mrs, Tom Aures of St. Paul, Minn., and Mr. and -Mrs. Bernard Brandenburg and Vickie of Des Moines. -Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Harms and family were dinner guests Easter Sunday in the John K. Harms home In Titonka. Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. Martin Harms, Allen and Marvella, of Britt, Mr. and Mrs. Herb Adams and girls, Mrs. Margaret Harms and Johnny, Maude Etta and Grady Stecker, and Mr. and Mrs. Gerhart Classe of Knapp, Wls. brought the food for a pot-luck supper and a social evening was spent. Present were the two mothers, Mrs. Dora Gronbach, Livermore, and Mrs. Rose cran, Humboldt; the Harold .Gronbachs, Kelly Gronbachs, Allan Sinclairs, Tommy Browns, Dean Zemans, Andy Crans, the Duane Saathoffs, Humboldt, and the Don Collins, Livermore. Koisuth County Advene* - 11 Monday, April 19, 1971 Mrs. Julia Behounek is a medical patient at the Humboldt hospital. Mr. and Mrs.'Dean Paener attended funeral services for his autn, Mrs. Maude nines, at S a c Livermore Mr$. M«ym« Scott ++*+»+»«»»»««•»»»»+»»« 25TH ANNIVERSARY A surprise party was held, at the Ray Brown home April 12 in honor of the 25th wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gran. The guests '""BLAKE*" 1 Funeral Homes "Completely Appointed Homti" ' IUVERNE ' WESLEY * TITONKA CURWITH ninniun I ROOM AIR CONDITIONERS CASH REFUND DIRECT FROM GENERAL ELECTRIC LIMITED TIME ONLY FROM APRIL 19 TO MAY 1 CASH REFUND ON THESE CAPACITIES 27,000 to 32,000 BTU/HR Model No, AGGS627DA-AGGS632DA I DUAL THRUST • Dual Slide-Out Chassis • Dual Independent Air Direction System • Ten-Position Automatic Thermostat • Giant Cooling Capacity YOU PAY $529 . 95 YOUR CASH REFUND - 50.00 YOUR COST $479.95 (AdditionalflOoff to Algona resident* from AMU) CASH REFUND ON THESE CAPACITIES 18,500 to 24,000 BTU/HR Model No. AGFS819DA CUSTOM SUPERTHRUST • Fine Furniture Styling with Simulated Rosewood Panels • Quiet Slumber Speed • Air Ventilate & Exhaust • Comfomatic Automatically Adjusts Fan Speeds YOU PAY YOUR CASH REFUND $3 2!*J YOUR COST $319.95 (Additional »W off to Algona rwldtnU from AMU) CASH REFUND ON THESE CAPACITIES 11,500 to 18,000 BTU/HR Model No. AGFS415DB CASH REFUND ON THESE CAPACITIES 6,500 to 10,500 BTU/HR Model No. AGCE808FA ! v^f/?;;,t A. 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APPLIANCE HEADQUARTERS 310 E. State Algona, Iowa 295-3818

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