The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 16, 1890 · Page 1
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 16, 1890
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VOL. XIX. ALCHMSTA, KOSSUTH COTTNTY, ;1OWA, JULY 16. 1890. No, 4l. HtomsioiE & mmm DIRECTORY, B. J. DANBON. w . o. DASSON. DANSON BROS,, • <GKEO. E, CLARKE, A T|jORNEy. Offlce over the First National Bank, Algona, B.RBEED, --, Algona, Iowa. flce over the post office. Of- JA8. BARR, M. D., P HYSICIAN BBS SURGEON, ALGO ALGONA, IOWA. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., HYSICIAN <and SURGEON. Office next door to Food's Warehouse, Algona, Iowa. DR. F, E. V. SHORE, Algona, 0R. L A. SHEETZ, Druggist & Stationer. Prescriptions filled. Deals tapamts, otts, books, perfumeries, etc. 'Corn- State and Thorlngton -streets , Iwva, B.-E, Bayers, D, V. Yeterta 1 y Physician west oil the T Algona.Iowa. HOSPITAL A« Itvgton House, aeldatioDs. For information in regard to lamftita Northwestern Iowa, write tollie \ teal Estate/and Abstr»0fflce of GEO. C. CA&L, \ ALSONA.. - iIOWA, KEI't/MMCAN STATE TICKET, Secretary of State. . . ........ w. M. MCFAB^AND Auditor .......... ........... JAMKB A. LYONS Treasurer. . ...... . .......... B YKON A. BBKSOH Attorney General .............. JOHN Y. .............. . Supreme "judge. ... • .......... J. H. BO*HEOCK Supreme Gloirrt Clerk ........... ....Q. B. SupremeOourt Reporter ...... w. B. RAYMOND Ball way Commissioner ......... . . . J. W. LUKE PE&KINS FOB CONGXJ388. The eleventh district republicans last week mot at Le Mars to name a successor to Mr. Struble la congress. Something of a contest was had for supremacy, which narrowed to Struble and Geo.' D. Perkins, editor of the Sioux City Journal, the latter winning the nomination on the forty third ballot. Mr. Struble has represented the district four terms. He has made a splendid record and taken high rank among; the strong men of the West. He has usually been level headed and sound on the main questions. His constituents no doubt have acted very deliberately, =and while they were not agreed on the man at the start they were agreed On the measure of the man that was required for the succession. In their view of the situation their choice of Mr. Perkins is calculated to heighten respect for the gaily decorated with original water proof decorations of attractive colors and designs, and bearing in flaming letters the fact that it is a train-load of Quaker Oats from the Cereal Milling Company of Cedar Kapids. Iowa, bound for San Francisco, California." — , . - . - _., _ W __ VVBU UUU*\SMUA\S Ltfyfil Gi^ll.HH .Judgement and discernment of the repub- - ,or be in definition of the limitations upon Il/i*»*ifi r\-P 4-1% A *»1 ,*.»«_ J.I. Jf _4.~_' ^ A. •»*"„ I-W— ft .... ." G. *'l. ADAMS, HOUSE and SIGN P&INTEB- Country-work a speciality. (WGorn for :sale. Charles Rooswall 3 ' PAINTER <©rders by postal card tprompt- !y attended to. Residence so uth oflSponberg'stailorsliop, Algona Iowa. • Kossflth County ALGONA, IOWA. J Capital, - $50,000. Incorporated under general laws ol ihowa. D&pssits received, money loanetl, fore ign and licans of the eleventh district. Mr. Per kin is 1 the strongest editorial writer in the State,;.and he could not be that without being somewhere near the front among •its -strongest and clearest thinkers. A constituency withMr. Perkins for a representative in congress can sleep nights and nofrbe troubled with affairs at the Capital intrusted to his conduct. Though not much known as a public speaker, he is known to be as able and convincing on the platform ns in the editorial chair. He will contribute his share towards the success of the campaign and will prove, we pre- i diet, a great success as a congressman, j MAKING IT PLAIN. . \ 'SFhe Spirit Lake Beacon, responding to ths Courier's whining query : ' 'How comes it-that the sterile east is so rich and the fertile west So poor," verygood-humored- lyspellsit out for our neighbor. The Ueacon remarks by way of preface that ^his question should answer itself/' *ad then says: East, with its centuries of accumulation has a surplus -of capital. ?.T-b»MM8S' tHs. West -as a sect^ 50 meiyis.poor. Ifchas to a large extent been settled .1 by people of small means .who have left 'the eastern states or foreign ;'countries tie better their condition. In starting, men with atfew hundred dollars nave acquired-title to. property representing in many cases, more than double their means, and they then became borrowers. They might hare ikfpt out of debt* They could have lived •better than persons of the same means in. the East and owed no man a dollar, Gen. John 0. Fremont died at the home of his adopted daughter, in New York at 8:30 Sunday afternoon, of inflammation of the bowels. John C.Freemont in 1842 le.d the first expedition of exploration into the Rocky Mountains and by his actions won the sobriquet of "Pathfinder." He was bora in 1813. He was the first candidate of the republican party for president, in 1856. Mr. Perkins, the nominee of the eleventh district republicans for congress was the author of the State platform, which has so happily united the republican party of Iowa. We predict that he will make that platform talk when he takes the stump. Even that ambiguous, dark and mysterious clause of the third plank: "Whether it concern domestic aggression foreign aggression"—He will make that fairly luminous. w6uld have to be paid for the salt were it imported instead of being made here. As the Chicago Inter Ocean truthfully sa^a, the American farmer today buys the necessary machinery used on his fartn cheaper than the farmers of any oth.& country on the globe. He also 1IVW better, sleeps in a better house, weftrs better clothes, and is in every re- speii more prosperous than the farmer of an/|other country. We liave received from the publishers acdpy,of "Practical Sanitary and Eco- nottjc Cooking," written by Mrs. Mary HiriMian Abel. To this essay was awarded the first 'prize among seventy com- jots, and the unanimous opinion of the Judges of Award, and testimonials pet abl from He wo: fc of great practical value, and that it w mid in many cases assist in securing to f milies health, comfort, and happiness fe, if it could be placed in their hands. in 1 the , , domesMc exchange bought and a<m. Collleotions S a ««5^5 npt ^ r and » ? e "eral banking h.usiness toasaeted. ,/assage ticket? to wsfrom t lie old couatetes sold at lowest rates. W.H. OSNGHAM, President. J. B. JONES, Vice ProsSdent. LEWIS H. SMITH, Cashier, Ww«ik»ra-W. H. Ingham, Jno/G. Stndth. J. inuthe developing West opportunities for investment were too tempting to foe resisted and they gave their promises to pay -siipply that they might become larger' •shareholders in local prosperity. Herein; "they have displayed sound judgement,f or one case in one hundred has the There is now practical certainty that the senate will take up the house federal election bill and pass it. To do this a change of the rules will be necessary, as at present there is unlimited freedom of debate, and the democrats would talk all summer oa the bill to prevent its passage. They have threatened to adopt that expedient to defeat the passage of the bill, and the republican senators have determined to change the rules so as to give 'the committee having charge of any bill the power to limit debate to a certain •number of'flays and to bring it to a vote. Any change in the rules that may be necessary to give the majority the power •to act upon measures after reasonable time for ddbate will be greeted toy the country as a good thing, irrespective of the immediate object suggesting it. The object, too, happens to be a good one. The-election bill is being very strongly urged .by the republican press. k Speaking ef girls riding bicycles, the -Des Moines Christian Advocate «ays: It is becbmingtquite popular for a girl to ride a bicycle. At first the girls were slow, to take to bicycling in Des Moines, but they are gradually coming to it. A girl can ride a bicycle with just as msach propriety and a;great deal less danger than •she can ride « horse. The position on a bicycle is more graceful than the-one she occupies perched on a horse supported with one foot in the stirrup and hanging borrower under these conditions failed to profit by his venture. The poor man who All members of the American Public th Association prove that it is a COOKING ON A BIG SCALE, HOW FOOD IS PREPARED FOR AN ARMY OF HUNGRY GUESTS. Of immediate and permanent especially assist in bettering sondition of those for whom it is pru sipally intended, those of moderate and small means. May be hadfor 40 cents by iddressing, Essay Dept. American Pul lie Health Association. P. O. Dmwpr on by one knee, sq'uare with the while she tries to sit horse. The bicycle would get a start farming in the EasU.girth never breaks weaKs. can always be depended upon. It never kicks or shies sidewise and the saddle not borrow even at the low rates pre .^______ <vaHing, for his opportunity affords small' • . • toope of meeting any considerable debt. The republicans of the Mter the western farmer has; paid for His home he continues to borrow, as aa Iowa farmer recently put it, '*to buy mope land FOR SALE ! -180 ACRES OP- GOOD LAND In Germ&a township, Kossutiioounty, IOWA, described as follows: S-W^ar. Sec, 2 townahlpSTo. 98, range 37; «5V»crfts of new breaking. Will be sold on'long time witii smalliiJayment down. Address, WALLER to iMise more corn to raise more hogs to bujtimore land." In the Vest bonxswing by 'no means implies distress.: In eastern Iowa eastern money has been sent foaok andia surplus of capital is sent farther west. Thousands of I investment in ti*e newer etates. Q-iyaitiie West half the time for tteeuam- kvtion that the East has hadand there <wlll be IBO field here for foreign , M<eavwhile we insist that '^eastern money Ipdnelfl in the West" is not -"sappi'Bg ^ihe sappi'Bg life-blood out of the coua*ry," To f«et'tb&t eastern money bm come West at Jowrxates of interest is lately d«w the moatiremarkable strides of develcmwnt reecttdad in the world's history. GREAT FRENCH REMEDY, kJ»IBS iry«r. Lepuo's JPerlpdtcai mils, from France. Established — E«WB>e 1838; 418M .-'Canada 18781 United S«St*s JSST. iree boxes for $6. Positively remove all NEW SZEFJ5JI LAW. Tfceflllver bill passed the house laatSat- urdtyand went to tfee president, who <ab once eigoed it, It is now the !«w of dtte land. it.«alls for th| p«rflhaje of Third Iowa coagressional district have renominated Col. Henderson by acclamation. There •were some signs of opposition onthe part «of some whose "claims" had been disregarded in appointment, but the people at •large were evidently very well satisfied the Colonel's record, as they had Abundant reason for being. .<«F.,D, Hunter, editor of the Hamilton freeman, has teeeu appointed and con- postmaster at Webster City. Mr. •Hunter was bounced byCleyeland Sor"of• •fweive partisanship," and the terai-of his >sueeessorissoottito expire, The choice ieo»tld not have been better. ho Democrats Call them Paupers. Manchester Press: The Manchester Dei ipcrat copies into its editorial columns, this week, a long article from the New Yoi k World, the drift of which is that the armors of this country are a lot of pau] ers, fast going .towards the poor hou e, and wholly unable to support thenfselves and their families. Says the Wdr|d: If & first-rate western farm well stocked and appointed, and unencumbered, were to bqigiven to a careful farmer, in three years'it would bring him in debt, at present prices of farm product There is not the slightest need, here in Delaware county, of replying to such rot as this. The paper that knows no more thanfto/print such stuff, must be in the last Stages of mental collapse and idiocy. Thevwhole article from the World is of "a piece of the above extract, a mere mess of foolislifalsehood. Last'•week L _ a young man came in to see the editor of The Press, to leara where he could borrow a few hundred dollars. He is a farmer, Hying near Manchester. Two or three years ago he bought eighty acres of land, running in deb't for the whole purchase money. Now he wants to borrow four or five hundred dollars, offering to mortgage his land for security. He has the eighty nearly Ipaid for, and in fact has stock enough to sell to make his last payment. And h£ wants to. borrow, now, not because hjs* land "has brought him in debt," but because he lias his eye on another piece'of land ad joining his, which he intends to, buy, soon. §2 oi three boxes for 96, T8E itors, olesale Bobt. by J?r, I,. i9-4»-yr $1,000 Can be wade to 9 (months Address; tm, OUarto Particulars fcee. B. C TDIISOK, CUC1|9, (fc, 000 ounoee.of pllver, bullion every montb, and the issuance in payment therefor of treasuny notes which shall be legal tender for<t!l debts, both public and private exeqpt where existing contracts Stipulate f<W payment otherwise. , This means dlreetfly an increase of the volume of currency wnpuntiag (o f 70,000,000 an- npft?ly, while <fca bill provides for releasing » part of tlw redemption fund for national bank note*, so that a grand total of tt4),QOO,Q00 will be added to the To and For i&e People, Do you want a goM »o yo« want «oo4,' Do you want fo iaj|| A ° S»eaif fUJI or grass Bo you want to tra4% a? »W yoiw farnj oyothgr property? . * Oo you want to buy &, fajni or un|m- onion* UR8 W j^ but little payment: want to wateifttofinyijuf B^!*??" 6 *!^!^^ latioo wJtbln the «nsuing twelve months. TWs must have effect to mako money more plenty and cftKSftpen interest, fhe bill was, opposed by the solid democratic vote in both houses, The strongmen oa the Iowa delegation, aes either be)ng renowlnatwi this year or other strong men are najned to take tbelr places. Oapt Pull succeeds Conger In the sevon.ta district, Major Oooger de- Capacity of Spiders. Experiments on the mental powers of hundreds of spiders havp been made by Messrs. G, W. and E. <J. Peckham. Evidence iwas given that ttie faculty of smell is f iirly developed in all .but three out of ttfenly-six species, but the position of phe organ of smell was not found and is not known. Loud sounds were apparently unperceived; the epei- rids were sensitive to the sound of a tuning fork, while the spiders that do not moke webs gave no heed to it. Love of offspring was manifested in all spidery by .eagerness to receive* back cocoon?yjthin twenty-four hours, though few recognized them after a longer period, and none seemed able to distinguish their own cocoons from another spider's or frow pith balls of the same size. Sight appeared to be good, though from familiarity only through touch cocoons were found with difficulty, even when •within three-fourths of an inch. The ffibere are some (republican papeiwithat c °^ or senj^ seemed fairly developed, with •are naisled by tb« lies of the free feade Preference .--.for •r«U The authors dis- JQun*ls, respecting matters connected qr<?dit ?H4otfoa.tbat spiders feign death, with .*he tariff, Tfce Mitchell (Dakota) » c ^P^parwfc'» explanation that the Capital is one of tfep. Ta late iStt *£*,£••&» «<* i <» 1 «» **» been ao«ay«, peaking of f*poi machinery: Undoubtedly it would be in the inteoeat this class of machinerF&e reduced so &at ^ W**» Vted M » manufacturers wpula JJe compelled t« 1" ths north of China the climate is sell tbeir goods as> cheaply to home coa-j Quite cold, and there are no stoves or sumers AS in a foreign wwket. | fireplaces in, the wayside,inns. In some The Capital has bee»4eceived by the of th e g°«erai roo&ts are small charcoal •_. __ ft .... . . _ _ ' W?»*B V*«M«f»lrt— e 1>w«4t'£!..«. 1 3 They Sh«aia Tost Up, in different degrees to serve different purposes,—New York Oelegtaw. out by the $w Yor|5 World a*} other free tradu papers. The Pan» IwtJement News, puWiohed Jn Oh|, cago, prlots a long lis$«| articles witfc tiwir pr}ce« tere and abro»4ifbich proves, conclusively, that there i» apt asingie article made in this country U»at is not sold here cheaper than the saroe article is sold abroad. Jn like manner, another o| pur republi- C«B fiJidjaoges wants the duty on salt taken oft, in the interest of the we^fcpro farmer. How that wou!4 beneflj %& farmer ii well set forth in the late «ms& Ol Hon, $; E. Payne, of New York, in He showed 4)rwiiers, hut the bedrooms, which aae "very scaajfly (urnished, contain neither titovd nor ^edj' In thfiir placo is a brick platform fon* ewugu for a man to Stretch hinwell »t fuU length upon and vtiKd a foot o» two from the floor, with au opening in the side. Into this aper- tu<0 the sftrTftfiJi nujshipf ft pan of burning ooala, and wh^ the bricks are thoroughly felted "--•• ~ - • The Mystei-Jong PreclncU of a Hotel Where the Steward Is Autocrat — Everything Done by 'Wholesale from. Boiling Soup to Baking Pastry. Comparatively few people, as they sit at their tables in the Wg hotels, have the least conception of how the food is prepared by the small army of cooks. To prepare a dinner requires many hours' work, and a meal twenty-four hours ahead is being cooked as another meal is being served. In all the leading hotels throughout the country the kitchen is a most interesting sight, and yet it is the most mysterious, as it is only on rare occasions that a visitor is allowed in the sacred precincts in the rear of the dining room. The cooking department in all first class hotels is kept scrupuously clean, aaore so, in fact, than any other portion of the entire hostelry. The cpoks and ussistants are always attired in clean, white jackets and caps; the ranges, pots, pans and kettles are always shining, and the floors look as if they had been freshly polished each morning. It is a good cook's pride to have his kitchen as neat as a pin and as bright as a dollar. The entire cooking apparatus is heated by steam, which can be regulated as the occasion demands, thus insuring the proper cooking of the food. KITCHEN WONDKRS. One of the wonders of a hotel kitchen is the potato masher. The potatoes are placed in the boiler with the jackets on. When they have become sufficiently cooked they are put in a machine called a "peeler;" a few turns of the handle rolls them out as cleverly pared as an expert could do if the potato was hard and raw. From the "peeler" they are put in the "masher," and here, after a few revolutions, they are found on a plate beneath, neatly mashed and steaming hot. The egg boiler is a clever invention. When an order conies from the dining room for this product, thu egg is placed in a wire basket and set in what seems to be a pan of water. In u second the cook has turned on the steam from somewhere and the water is soon bubbling all around the basket*. But a "short space of tirAe elapses until the egg' is on its'Vay- into the dining room. Porterhouse steaks are broiled in an instant. Two large broilers are kept hot by steam pipes, and ivpiece of steak is cooked almost as soon as it touches the broiler. Toast is perhaps the only article of food not prepared by steam, save the bread, pastry and creams. The carving stand is one of the niost interesting sights in a hotel kitchen. When the meats are cooked the kettles are lifted from the large pot in which they were prepared and are set in large holes in the carving stand. Steam circulates all around underneath and keeps the meat warm. In front of each kettle is a small pan in which is kept the sauces which go with the different meats. The carving stand is presided over by two expert carvers in white jackets and caps, whose knives are as sharp as a razor. AU the roasts and boiled" food is served by them as the waiters call for them. - OTHER PKATOBES OB 1 THE ROOM. During the dinner hour the cooks are kept busy serving the entrees, but at breakfast and supper, and for several hours preceding the noon meal, they are engaged in preparing or overseeing the cooking of all the food, .The pantry room is presided over by girls. They serve all the desserts. The head and the second cooks prepare the soups and entrees.' The .third cook sees to the roasts and the boiled piece*. The fourth cook is known as the "fry" cook, and everything that needs to be fried is given to him. He has but little to do at dinner time, but has his hands' full at breakfast and supper. The fifth cobjc acts as butcher, and sees that all fowls and game are properly dressed and prepared for the pots. One assistant gives his entire services to the preparation of the salads. Two cooks preside over the vegetable department, and everything on the vegetable, list is from their hands. One woman presides at a-big range and cooks waffles and cakes at a rate so rapid that they can scarcely be counted. The griddle is three or Jour feet square, and a great many cakes cooked see, there isn't "any use looking for a loca* tion until we have money enough to pay for the land, you know."~New York Weekly. Horse Racing In New Zealand. A New Zealand paper reports something entirely new in the sporting line, At a horse race the course lay across the sands at Okaroa bay, and, through delay, the tide rose so high that the horses had to swim some distance before the •winning post was reached. The result was that one of the animals, which would otherwise have been beaten, c&mo off victorious, on Account of superior natatorial powers. Told by tho Sewing Machine Man. "Gentlemen," said the sewing machine man, "one spring father and I had a sugar camp down in tho edge of the grove. About half a mile from us was a corn field owned by a widow, and this widow never picked her corn clean. On the other side was a man who owned a blind sow. She had ono pig, and thc-v ; used to go over into that corn field every day to eat corn. Right in front of our camp was a creek. At one place about forty rods from our camp there was a tree felled across the creek. This was the only place that the sow and pigcould cross. Of course the sow could not see to cross on the log, so the way they used •to do was for the old sow to take hold of the pig's tail and the pig would lead her across. Well, one day we were sitting in front of our camp when the old sow and pig were crossing that log. I said to father, 'Hand ine the rifle and see me cut that pig's tail off.' I took aim and fired, cutting that little pig's tail ofl smack smooth. The pig ran for the corn field, but the old sow didn't know which way to go. So father we/it over and took hold of the pig's tail and led the old sow clear into camp."—Lewistoh Jour- iml. \Vhen Woman Mails a Letter. Femininity in the postofBce is an amusing study. In the matter of dropping a simple, ordinary, white, every day letter, for instance, she affords an insight into the character of the average woman. The looker on had nothing else to do the other day than to watch this little operation for five miswtes. Out of thirty young women who went to cast then: epistles in the slot, twenty-two, by exact calculation, withdrew the-letter Txjfore quite letting go of it to scan both sides of the note to be "very" sure the letter was ' securely sealed, properly addressed, stamped, and to be certain no one could look through the envelope its contents. Out of these twenty-two ladies three had forgotten to put a stamp on their letter, and two had to add something to the address on the envelope< while another carried off with her the letter she had intended to mail.—Bostonx Kecord. > j 1 Of Its Own Account. "Somebody has taken my revolver out of my desk," said the religious editor, glancing round the room. "You didn't know it was loaded, did you?' asked the snake reporter. , "No, I didn't think so." "In that case it probably went off of its own accord. They always do, you know, when you don't think they're loaded."—Philadelphia Press. Oil coats only f 1.50 at G. K. Woodworth s. The Great .Leaping Hors«s. Spider,- is the horse that leaps over the backs of a group of full grown Equines. Sultan dances the polka and Captain calculates in figures. All but a small part of the trained animal exhibits of the Sl nghng . *? r ° 8 ' lfc Morftl Kail Road Shows at Algona, Saturday, July 19. kome secKers wUI to* the l«st or the public domain of agricultural the A feature of the. entire kitchen is the dish washing department where girls am employed. The lejfirigerator is a department that is always well stocked, the supply, taken in on Saturday is always sufficient to last until the following Tues- the him, and lie has brought with down to rest oa his store, paly two train Central rairoj|4 flw robber* day, and at all times there is enough meat «a hand to last two or three days. TiUe Courier-Jpurnal. A ru>* BmtoMw. Mr, Qotharn— And so, nty b»ve been very suocessfuj ia the west. iodaed, t've become » city founder. "4 what? 1 busioesa, X can fell you. Hwpof Golden Eod Ci iiarkj, and boutevards, buildiogs, aod the % m. I Mid 1,000 lots wonth,

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