Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 19, 1971 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1971
Page 7
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H^P^^^»«|^ AIN STEM BY JULIAN CHRISCHIUES "Twice Honored by State Awmb" • _ the A Cttv E o7S ea !n an ^ lB ° naattorney wltha Perplexing problem wrest on non^nf 11 ?; W * S ab ° ut t0 serve a warrant f ° r "• Sh JLn *$ 6nt u°, f four ov erP«*ing tickets during a four- SaTato Tin, £ Pr ? b ] 6m u Was ** hls car had n °t been near Mankato during the period when the tickets were issuedi the lirSSl? °n! m? iCe 5! Ma , nkato ma contacted «* he confirmed hL,,J r I number ' the dates durltl K a Period of November through February, and even the officers who ticketed the car, ^IVffiT ? lffe " nt PMS ° nSl The ^se against him app ared airtight until the lawyer happened to think that possibly the tickets were written against 1970 license plates rathe? than tie I new 197? piates. So he checked the registrations at the court house and quickly solved the dilemna. The 1970 license plates were registered to of his " mh ° WaS attending Mankato sta *e College -the son * * * A LOCAL BUSINESSMAN made a rather sizeable wager he could lose 35 pounds- in a period of a Couple of months but as the deadline drew near, he found he was far short of the magic figure. , But it so happened that he was scheduled for surgery just a ! ..° r 1 W ° prlor to the ^ dead «ne- And it also so happened that his doctor put him on a strict 1,000 calorie diet during his hospital stay, He won the bet but the question is, did he lose the weight voluntarily or by necessity? He got paid anyway! * * * A BRIEF NOTICE In our Iowa Press bulletin last week brought a few chuckles from members receiving same. It seems the ladies and gents have individual stags the opening night of the convention in Des Moines and this year a "wine-tasting" event was scheduled to precede the ladies' dinner, Originally, the honorable Iowa press Director Don Reid, who is possessed of a keen sense of humor, had scheduled the wine- tasting to begin a 5 p.m. and the dinner to begin at 6:30 p.m. The 90-minute interval seemed reasonable, to Reid, who admittedly is no expert on wine-tasting. He reported in the bulletin: "But the nice lady who will conduct the clinic says I must be off my rocker to start wine-tasting at five unless we want the ladies to get stoned, which of course we don't, and besides they wouldn't anyway. • Hanging my head, I confess my error." The wine-tasting event began at six, which still seemed like plenty of time to get plenty of tastes. Don finished up his memorandum with, "For the men-fold, however, the beer tasting will begin at 5 p.m. as scheduled. I am on safer ground there." * * * THE BILL PASSED by the Senate abolishing JP, police and mayor's court is long overdue. Justice of the Peace courts, not only in Iowa but across the country, are archaic. Many set up in south and southwest states are merely used to bleed tourists out of money when they are brought inafter being nabbed in-"speed traps." Which brings to mind the statement of a JP some years ago ... he was ruffled because an accused asked for a jury trial. When we , asked him why, he, was adainant: "He's .guilty or he .wouldtft,. be: in here in the first place!" ' '"*.** ' •••'•••• MY BARBERS always have a gullible ear from this writer when they spring their funnies . . . "Soup" Briggs commented as he clipped the other day that they weren't selling beer at the Twins gajnes this year. "What?" I exclaimed. "I hadn't heard that. Wonder why?" "They lost their opener," said Soup. * * * Q. A. Bjustroms Travel 6000 Miles In 14 States Mr. and Mrs. Q. A. Bjustrom have returned after seven weeks of traveling In their camper for nearly 6000 miles, touring 14 states enjoying unequaled hospitality along with the warmer temperatures of the south. The Bjustroms left Feb. 8th, spending the first few days with their daughter, Jeanette and family, the Jon Petersons at Crystal Lake, 111. From there they visited near Macomb, 111., then drove to Carlyle, 111. to visit a nephew, the Ronald Har- lans. From there they traveled by way of Kentucky and Tennessee, but continued to follow just behind a snow storm in each state. While in Tennessee they spent some time at the Shiloh Battlefield where they visited the National Cemetery, noting the Iowa section. Many from Iowa gave their lives in the battle which was known as the turning point of the Civil War. A visit to the Pickwick Dam on the Tennessee River was next on the agenda and they watched extremely large barges pass through the locks. The Bjustroms spent a week in Mississippi and visited the Piney Wood School for a day. This is the first school started for .the education of the negro. Here they were invited to lunch and taken on a tour. One of the major oil companies is In the process of drilling for oil on the school farm. There is an enrollment of 300 pupils from all corners of the world. One surprising fact was that several children had come from Mexico to live at the school and attend kindergarten. All 300 of the students held a lively community sing following their lunch and were enjoyable to hear. At Jackson, Mississippi they toured the city and visited the Old Capitol building which is now a museum, The Representatives meet here and were in session at the time. At Lucedale in the southeastern part a visit was made to the Palestinian Gardens where a minister and his wife purchased a 17 acre plot and have built a replica of the lands of Palestine, digging the Dead Sea, Jordan River and Sea of Galilae, using a shovel and wheel barrow. True to scale buildings and mountains have been built by the couple who guide tours, and narrate the historical story of the Bible land. The Belllngrath Gardens near Mobile, Ala. Is another beautiful sight. The Bjustroms then spent the weekend on islands off the south coast of Alabama and found Fort Morgan, which has been fought from under seven flags, a very interesting place. After leaving the islands they visited the Gaylord Shumways who spend their winters in that area and learned that they, with Dr. and Mrs. Bourne and Mr. and Mrs. George Sefrit, had also visited Fort Morgan the same day as the Bjustroms. Traveling along the Gulf of Mexico, they went to Tallahassee, Fla. for a few days before going to St. Petersburg where they visited a few days with. the Cecil Bjustroms and Durwood McArthurs, who were vacationing, and the Ray Smiths, former Wesley area residents who now live in St. Petersburg. The remainder of their stay in Florida was spent near the Clearwater and Tarpon Springs areas. At Clearwater Mr. Bjustrom had his birthday dinner at the Kapok Tree Inn, a very large place and one of the only two of its kind in the United States. It is open for business at S p.m. each day and they serve from 4 to 5,000 people every evening. The inn is within beautiful gardens and marked by a huge Kapok tree for which the seed was brought here from India by missionaries about 100 years ago. The Great Stone Mountain at Atlanta, Ga. is the largest granite piece in the world. A huge carving is being done on the mountainside of three Civil War Generals, each mounted on his horse. To give an idea of the size of the carving, 'it was said that a picnic was held on the shoulder of one of the Generals and visitors are taken to the top by. cable car sky lift. The travelers viewed the still visible damage from the hurricane in Mississippi before visiting in New Orleans and its famous French Quarter. They toured the 3000 passenger ship, "President" and viewed many foreign ships anchored in quarantine before entering coastal waters. The largest shipping elevator in the world is also located here. After traveling west along the Gulf and through Louisiana to Texas, they turned north and when reaching Iowa, stopped to visit the Earl May and Henry Field. Seed Plants. At Oakland they visited the Donald Bjustroms and a niece, the Jack Thompsons at Council Bluffs. 6000 miles of good roads and not a scratched or bent fender, even after some heavy traffic. The Bjustroms were glad to be home. Many interesting places were visited and fine people met along the way, much poverty was seen and the way of life for many observed. •«. --The -Bjustroms haye -trailed nearly 30,000 milesliuring their' winter vacations of the past five years. This is not just an escape from the winters of northern Iowa, but is truly an educational review of early ancestoral history and the geography of the land studied in school, and no matter where you travel, many friendly, interesting and gracious people are met. Flower Land Ponce de Leon named Florida ' after the beautiful wildflowers growing there in abundance. Ice People Within the frigid Artie region live a million people, mostly Eskimos and reindeer herdsmen of Siberia and Europe. St. DIAMOND'S For Western Boots By Justin, T«x«, Wrangler. Free Hearing Aid Workshop Available to All Muring Aid Users. At HONSBRUCH DRUG - Algona _ D. y THURSDAY _ Date APRIL 22 Time 10 a.m. to 12 noon _ _ if you hear, but do not alwayi understand what people are laying .., wordi run together ... people leem to mumble ... you have to aak people to repeat... you have trouble hearini when So!? l h Jf?« ne '• MWni ••• there are other noitea... YOU'RE SSS PJA&JF 1 . YO H R HEARING MAY HAVE SUPPED OUT OF FOCUS, Stop In our itore and diicu.i it with the con- imtant. PROFESSIONAL HEARING AID CENTER 125 E. Walnut Mankato, Minn, 123 E. Blue Earth Ave. Fairmont, Minn. OAHL.BERO Mf ARINQ AIDS AUTHOHI1KO DCALC* HONSBRUCH Rexall Drug Store Bisenius Baby Baptised At Whittemore WHITTEMORE - Thomas Clement Bisenius, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Clem Bisenius, was baptised Saturday evening, April 10 In St. Michael's Catholic church, at Holy Saturday services. Sponsors were Mr. Ralph Simons and Mrs. Jim Cowan. Guests at the Clem Bisenius home following the services were Father Staber and Mrs. Lydia Bisenius, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Simons and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Cowan, Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Elsbecker and Cleo Elsbecker, Bancroft, Mary jean Kavanaugh and Elaine McCormick, Lohrville. * * * Mr. and Mrs. Jim Dahlhauser and family, Whittemore, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dahlhauser and family, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dahlhauser and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Montag and family, West Bend, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mertz and family, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Dearchs and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Mertz, and Mrs. Jack Dahlhauser and daughter, Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Dahlhauser and family, East Moline, and Mr. Francis Huber, Aitkin, Minnesota were dinner guests Sunday of Mrs. Josephine Dahlhauser, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Dahlhauser and family, and Mr. Francis Huber were weekend guests of Mrs. Dahlhauser. Miss Mary Foley, Omaha, Neb., and Miss Ann Foley, St. Paul, Minn, spent Easter vacation with Mr. and Mrs. Dan Foley. Easter Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Duwayne Germann and family were Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Trebus, South Bend, I"d., Mrs. Laura Brogan and Kate Weir, clear Lake, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Schmitt, Algona, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kratt and family, Davenport. Miss Jean Germann, Iowa Falls, spent the weekend at the parental Duwayne Germann home. Jerry Besch, Ames, Mark Besch, Iowa City, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Shaver and Scott, Sergeant Bluff, Miss Lynn Boloshen and Miss Donna Skuodas, Sioux City, were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Besch. Mr. and Mrs. Walt Boloshen, Sioux City, and Ann and Jane Eischen, Algona, were also Easter Sunday dinner guests. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Elbert, Jr. and daughter, Farmington, Minn., were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Elbert. Miss Shirley Elbert, Ames, also spent the Easter weekend at the Harold Elbert home. Mr. and Mrs. William C. Elbert and family were dinner guests Sunday. Visitors later in the afternoon were Mr. and Mrs. Walter Elbert, Algona. ' Mr. and Mrs. Ed Immerfall and family, Algona, Mr.andMrs. Charles Baker and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Miller and family, Mr. and Mrs. Garry Thilges and family, and Miss Kim Baker, Mason City, were Easter Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Thilges, Miss Jean Nauholz, Algona, was a guest several days this week of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Origer. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Kollasch and family, were Easter Sunday guests. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Zimmerman and family were Easter Sunday dinner guests of Mr, and Mrs. Tom Burtis, Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Fritz Oilman and Jim, Estherville, and Rudy Berninghaus, Whittemore, were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Schmeling. Chris Gade, son of Mr. and' Mrs. Wayne Gade, was honored at a birthday party Wednesday afternoon by his classmates. Guests were Jay Miller, Mark Meyer, Darren Krumwiede, Rodney Bierle, Brian Tigges, Michael Schmidt and Bobby Burt. Miss Cheryl Gade assisted her mother with games and lunch. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Greinert attended the wedding of Jeanette Ruhnke and Ted Greinert in the Immanuel Lutheran Church at Lotts Creek Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. will Lauck were Easter Sunday dinner guests at the Rudolph Rode home at Welcome, Minn. The Neighborhood Sewing Club met Wednesday with Mrs. Richard Lane hostess. Enjoying the afternoon were Mrs. Wm. Meyer, Mrs. Richard Arend, Mrs. Marvin Erpelding, Mrs. Louis Greinert, Mrs. Charles Baker, Mrs. Oswald Thilges, Mrs. Gerald Erpelding, Mrs. Ray Zinnel, Mrs. Garmon Adams, Mrs. Willis Struecker and Mrs. Wilbur Knecht. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Arend and family were dinner guests Easter Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Arend in Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Duane Arend and family and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Arend and family were also dinner guests. SERVICEMEN Kosiuth County Advance — 7 Monday, April 19, 1971 Algona, enlisted in the Air Force on Feb. 8, 1971, and took his basic training at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Tex. He graduated two weeks ago in the top five percent of his class and is now taking medic training at Shepard AFB, Wichita Falls, Tex. His address is AMN James M. Devine - Sqdn. 3796 - CMR #4 McCullough Hall - Shepard AFB, Texas 76311. MIKE DEVINE James Michael Devine, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Devine of PLEASE! Do not burn leaves on the street. ALGONA STREET COMMISSIONER (16A-16U) Know the EXTRAS you get from FARMERS MUTUAL HAIL • Immediate Coverage • Catastrophe Clause • Fall Premium Payment • Guaranteed Rate • And Many Others Ask Your Local Agent HAIL INSURANCE IS OUR BUSINESS! L. S. BOHANNON 6 N. Dodge 295-5443 •*• OOOD/YEAR \ SERVICE STORES DEIMBRAKE OVERHAUL !•«•*• ft*7*.' Except disc brakes and foreign cars - Master Cylinder, hoses, or return springs extra cost - if needed. "SNAP-BACK" ENGINE TUNE-UP 12088 Includes all labor and these parts: • Now spnrk plugs, condenser, points, rotor. any 6 cylinder U.S. auto r- add ••••• $4 lor 8 cylinder cars WINTER TIRE TAKE-OFF 48* Tues., Wed., Thurs. other days by appointment • 2 wheel winter tire removal, regular-tread tire replacement • Install premium brake linings on all four wheels • Lining is properly "arced" to fit drums • Remachlno nnd truo all four brake drums • Remove, cloan, inspect, repack and adjust front wheel bearings • Adjust all four brakes INCLUDES NEW WHEEL CYLINDERS we replace all four wheel cylinders from your car with factory- new wheel cylinders, bleed and flush hydraulic brake lines and fill with heavy-duty fluid. OIL CHANGE LUBRICATION '560 add $1 If premium oil used • Price Includes ill Itbor and oil • Transmlsflon and differ- fintlal chock • Chassis lubrl- cntlon • Full oil change FRONT-END ALIGNMENT my U.S. car plus p«rti |f nitdid. Add »2 lor tlr-cond, ciri • Complete front-end Inipoc- lion and alignment to mnnu- facturor'i specification* ALL-WEATHER BATTERY 19* 12-Volt with exchange Group 24, 24F • Dependable dry-charged performance gives efficient cranking power for sure starts BIACK/WHITEWALL USED TIRES as low as no Fed. Ex. Tax or Trade needed • 40% or more of the original Irnfld depth remains • Tube- litss or Tube type available in a wldn range of sizes • Dressed up, cleaned up- they look great! BLACK/WHITEWALL RETREADS FOR COMPACT CARS: 6.00x13 thru 7.35x15 '1OOO II^BJ P" Uri per tire Same type tread design as our 4-ply "Power Cushion" bias ply tires with 4 retreadable trade-ins *plus 27<f to 46tf EST Fed, Ex, Tax recovery per tire (depending on size) 3 WAYS TO PAY AT GOODYEAR BEST BUY IN ITS PRICE RANGE 6,50 x 13 tubeless brickwill plus (1.76 Fed, Ex. Tax indold tire. 4 PLY NYLON CORD "AII-WMtfurffi:" Blackball Tlra ANY OF THESE SIZES f 7,75x14 7.75x15 8-25x14 Plus $2.14 to »2,32 Fed. Ex, Tax and old. tire 17 Now at your nearby GOODYEAR SERVICE STORE ACROSS FROM THE ALGONA POST OFFICE ALGONA, IOWA 295-7281 (TUES. THRU SAT. - 8:00 A.M. . 9:00 P.M. MONDAYS - 8;00 A.M. TIL 9:00 P.M.)

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