Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on April 19, 1971 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1971
Page 2
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Fashion SUSAN GODDEN, in the top photo, is delighted with the polka dot lined white cape and its matching dotted dress she modeled, which gave her the "big girl look". Seated in the top photo is Mary Kay Scherer whose cape was lined with a geometric black and white print, worn over a dress of the same deaign and fabric.. Diane Kenne .modeled a lemon yellow pantsuit with a sleeveless midi coat over a black long sleeved high neck sweater. SUE BLACK and Erin MacDonald, on the left below, are seen wearing shorts and ponchos edged with fringe. Sheila Burns will play comfortably in her one piece slacks of a brilliant rose and white while Mary Lou Boudewyns wears a gay patterned slack topped with a brilliant pink midi length short sleeved coat-dress. JENNIFER MEYERS feels and looks like the professional miniatbxe model in her black and white print maxi, but I think she ; secretly surmises it isn't the thing for tricycle riding. ; Other models for the show were Kathy Murphy, Ann Kollasch, Joann Hrubes, Mary Muehe, Jo Skogstrom and Marilyn Peterson. FASHIONS AND FABRICS for spring, two of the things a woman finds uppermost in her mind at this season, were modeled and discussed at the luncheon and style show held Friday at the Algona Country club. The gay spring scene, enjoyed by more than 200 ladies, was sponsored by the Home Economics Committee in Kossuth county. A colorful display of fabrics from the Eli and Walker Co. was discussed by George Brown, representative of that company, who told of their uses in the spring and summer fashion world. Eighteen garments from the most popular Simplicity patterns were modeled by Sister Mary Janet's junior and senior homemaking students from Garrigan High School, with children's fashions modeled by Erin MacDonald, Sheila Burns, Jennifer Meyer, Jo Skogstrom and Susan Godden. Also included in the style show were those who participated in a sewing contest held at Bomgaars in February; Mr. and Mrs. Mayland from Titonka, Debbie made a suit for her husband; Mrs. Joe Kollasch, Whittemore; Mrs. Sylvester Berte, LuVerne;' Mrs. Bob Gerber, Algona; Mrs; Larry Rochleau, Ft. Dodge; Mrs. Duane Lieb, Lone Rock; and Mrs. Richard Wolf, Algona. The Selection and Fitting of Pantsuits was illustrated by Miss Lois Ingels, Iowa State University clothing specialist, following the style show. * * * NEWCOMERS will meet on Wednesday evening at 7:45 in the Home Federal Savings and Loan Community room. The program will be a Cancer film. Hostesses are Marcy Ogren, Dee Lenz and Rosemary Matthews. BELTED CLEARANCE SALE IN PROGRESS I END MAYS...ON EARLY SPRING AND SUMMER [0 2 - Kossufh Counfy Advance Monday, April 19, 1971 NOW . .. 30° o OFF ON VALUES REGULARLY PRICED FROM , . . 9.00 TO 24.99 SIZES 10- 24J* IN A VARIETY OF STYLES AND COLORS. MODE-0-DAY DOWNTOWN - ALGONA PUNIC Hubby's family takes over social scene By Abigail Van Buren Ic 1»71 by Chlcato Trlbimt-N. Y. N«wi Syn*., Inc.) DEAR ABBY: My husband comes from a very large family and they are very clannish. The only social life anyone in that family knows is to get together with their relatives. They don't need any outsiders. I am not criticizing them, but I am not all that thrilled with a gathering of the clan every weekend for 16 years. The Women's Liberation thing got me to thinking. Why should we restrict our entire social life to my husband's family? I have met several interesting, attractive women my age who have invited me and my husband over, but we've never gone because my husband chills the deal. .. I have had it! I think more women could "liberate" themselves if they just told their husbands that they were through being pushed around. That's what I intend to do. Starting Monday! LIBERATED DEAR LIBERATED: Good! And. let me hear from you on Tuesday. A DEAR ABBY: I have been going with a wonderful ' Italian girl for the last two years. She not only has looks and personality, she is smart, thoughtful and kind. It's funny, I have no trouble writing this to you, but I can't tell her how I feel about her. That's my hang-up, Abby. She is always after me to tell her I love her, give her a compliment, or show some affection. I am just not the type I can't help it. I am no kid. I am 27 and she is 25. s r , •" She claims she loves Tine, but isn't love accepting a> ' person, the way he is? We were thinking of marriage but she says if I am like this before marriage, what would I be like afterwards? She says she needs to know that she is loved and appreciated. She IS loved and appreciated. Can 1 help it if I am not the lovey-dovey type? Am I wrong in just being myself? Or should I try to give out with the "I love you's" and compliments like most guys do? My friends say if I call it quits with her I'd be giving up a good thing. She doesn't smoke or drink and she's saving herself until marriage. NOT DEMONSTRATIVE DEAR NOT: Her needs are more normal than your hang-up. I suggest that you try to be more affectionate, and make a real effort to demonstrate your appreciation of her A woman can live without hearing that she's loved and appreciated, but she'll soon grow to resent you. Right now you're a poor match. Get with it, young man! DEAR ABBY: Am I wrong to be annoyed when a casual acquaintance asks me where I bought my dress, shoes, or some other article of clothing I happen to be wearing? Some even have the gall to ask me how much I paid for it! I pride myself on being a well-dressed woman. I shop in the best stores-not in bargain basements so it's not that I m ashamed to tell people where my clothes came from By the way, I always give them the information as pleasantly as possible even tho I am boiling inside. Maybe I'm too touchy, but I would like to know why so many women ask, "Where did you buy it?" OFTEN ASKED DEAR ASKED: They asked because they probably want to buy one like it-or similar. And possibly to get a lead on where to buy unusually good-looking clothes. I'd regard the "where" question as a compliment. "How much" is rude. DEAR ABBY: Why does everyone discriminate against fat people? I love to eat, and since I got this way eating in restaurants, I think the very least the restaurant owners can do is put in chairs that are reasonably comfortable for a fat person to sit on. When I have to sit for an hour and a half on a little dinky chair that's not big enough for all of me I m sore the next day. And while I'm complaining, I may as well mention booths that are so close to the table I can barely squeeze myself in. ^ Please print this. We fatties deserve a break. FAT FANNY Titonka Girl Will Be Bride Of Burt Man MR. AND MRS. Harold Ricklefs of Titonka announce the engagement of their daughter, Karen Sue to Mr. Roger Giddings, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Giddings of Burt. Karen is a senior at Luther College of Decorah and her fiance is employed at the Forest City Light and Power. A June 12th wedding at the Immanuel Lutheran Church at Titonka is being planned. Flower Show School Course Starts Apr. 28 The final Flower Show School Course to toe held in Algona by the Federated Garden Clubs of Iowa will be in the Home Federal Civic Center April 28 through the 30th. Mrs. Delia Pannkuk of Algona is the local chairman for the school and Mrs. Gladys Kiburz, Afton, i s the State chairman. The school is open to all who are interested in flowers and those wishing credit must attend all lectures and write the examination the third day. Wednesday, Apr. 28 - 8-30 a.m. - Registration; 9 a.m.' Design of Plantings by Mrs. Merwyn Cramer of Des Moines;' 10:15 a.m. - Horticulture; 1p.m.- Lecture continued with one hour supervised practice in point scoring and judging plants; 3 p.m. point-scoring by students for credit. Thursday, Apr. 29-8:30a.m.- Registration; 9 a.m. - Artistic Design by Mrs. Gladys Kiburz; 1 p.m. - Lecture continued with one hour supervised practice in judging and point-scoring free form and abstract designs. 3 p.m. - Point-scoring by students for credit, Friday, April 30-8 a.m. Written examination for Federated Garden Club members. The 10th question on each subject will be taken from the required reading list. TUESDAY, APR. 20 2:00 p.m. - WESLEY TOWNSHIP Homemakers meet with hostesses Esther Christensen and Phyllis Zwiefel. Roll Call What I Need Fixed. The lesson, "Mrs. Fixit" will be given by Grace Simpson and Esther Christensen. Mary Ann Van Weelden will have the lesson oii"musicr ""-"-'••••' " •"-•* 6:30 p.m. - XI XI CHAPTER of Beta Sigma phi Progressive Dinner starts at the home of Ho Utterback. They will then go to homes of Irene Kollasch and Ruth Jorgenson, finishing with coffee and dessert at Alma Marshall's where there will also be a business meeting. 6:30 p.m. - REBEKAH Birthday Club meets with Bertha Spear for annual special dinner. 'Bring your own table service. Members are to bring the covered dish they were assigned. WEDNESDAY, APR. 21 12 NOON - SOROPTIMIST Club meets for lunch at the Home Federal Community room. 2:00 p.m. - ffiVINGTON TOWNSHIP Homemakers meet with Dora Weber, Evelyn Ruhnke assisting. Roll call will be a bulb exchange. There will be a Style Show and leaders are Karen Gardner and Dolores Bormann. Eunice Wickwire and • Ellen Raney will have the surprise number. 6:30 p.m. - T.O.P.S. meet at St. Ann Hospital. 7:45 p.m. - NEWCOMERS will meet in the Home Federal Community room. 8:00 p.m. - WHITTEMORE LADIES Golf Association Style Show. All members and their guests are invited. ALGONA T.O.P.S. Club met on Wednesday evening with the new officers in charge. Clara Keith is the president; Eileen Muller, vice president; Doloris Winkel, secretary; LaVonne Me Vay, treasurer; Tillie Ristau, weight recorder and Elizabeth Grill, lessons leader. It was voted to have a Club picnic in May and several other items were tabled until this week's meeting. ELLEN WIBBEN of Omaha, Nebr. was a weekend guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wibben. Joining them for dinner on Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Richard Countryman and children of Titonka. Mrs. Countryman is also a daughter of the Wibbens. MRS, JACK HERNON will be hostess to her Business Womens Bridge Club on Tuesday evening. Jean Marie Taylor To Wed MR. AND MRS. Mitch Taylor of Algona announce the engagement of their daughter, Jean Marie to Gerald Pratt, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Pratt, Sr. of Fort Dodge. A July wedding is planned. Woman THE MODERN MOTHER is a busy one and Sue Anderson is no exception to this rule. The mother of three teenagers and a Registered Nurse, she has, for the past five years, worked three days a week at Good Samaritan Home I where she is a Charge Nurse when on duty. Sue is a native of Lourdes, la., where she attended school until her junior year, then graduated from Cresco High. She went to Dayton, Ohio for nurse's training at St'. Elizabeth Hospital School of Nursing. Following her graduation, she came home for a visit and was introduced by her mother to Nels Anderson, a young man who had just returned from overseas duty with the armed forces, and later became her "I see by the Advance ..." — NEWS BRIEFS FROM AROUND ALGONA - husband. Sue did private duty nursing in Des Moines for a time prior to their marriage. While Nels finished his college at Iowa State University, Sue worked at Mary Greeley Hospital in Ames. From there they went to Fort Dodge and for two years she was Public Health Visiting Nurse before their son, Neil, was born. She also did some Staff duty at both Mercy and Lutheran Hospitals. In 1955 the Andersons moved from Fort Dodge to Algona where he is with Farm Management. Neil is now a freshman student at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minn., Mick and Liz attend Al- gona'High where he is a sophomore and she a freshman. Sue does take time for hobbles and enjoys reading, bridge and sewing - especially with the new knits. A SPHAGHETTI cooking trick is one that Sue always uses to keep from serving sticky spaghetti. Bring the salted water to a boil, add spaghetti and boil .for 2 minutes, stirring several times. Set the pan off the burn• er, cover and let set 10 to 12 minutes. Drain and rise, then add a small amount of butter. An Anderson favorite dish is to simmer the cocktail size smoked sausages for two hours in two cups of tomato juice. Put the sausages over the boiled spaghetti and top with your favorite .sauce. WILD RICE CASSEROLE One package of Uncle Ben's Wild Rice and Long Rice with Herbs - cook as directed on box. Brown with onion, 1 1/2 Ibs. ground chuck. Heat 1 can Cream of Mushroom Soup and 1 can Cream of Chicken Soup, add 1 can drained mushrooms. Mix the cooked rice and meat with the soup mixture. Put in greased casserole and bake 1/2 to 1 hour at 350 degrees. • ••••••••••••••••••••••••.......... &::£:£: j;t-: ; y;!i:^ BRIDGE ROUND ROBIN" " Opal Bourne and Lucille Hutchison are in the lead after the completion of Bridge Round Robin Play at the end of March in the St. Ann Hospital Auxiliary competition. Their score is 24,710. Next in line are Flora Bradley and Hazel Welp, 19,690; Erma Bunkofske and Lillian Frederickson, 19,580; and Helen Foley and Mary Elbert, 18,960. - o - LAURA LYNN GERBER, infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gerber, was baptized during Easter Sunday services at the First United Methodist Church. Easter Sunday dinner guests were Mr. and Mrs. Ervin Gerber, Algona, and Mr. and Mrs. Wilford Ward and Melvin, Norway, la. MR. ANDMRS.RichardDreyer, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Claude and Chad, all of Cedar Falls, were Easter' weekend guests of their respective parents Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dreyer, Mr. and 'Mrs. Dean Parrott and Mr. and Mrs. John Claude. Mrs. Dreyer and Mrs. Claude are the former Judy and Marne Parrott. MRS. MARY WARMBER spent Easter with her daughter, Mrs. Dale Goetsch and three granddaughters at Altoona. MRS. CLARA THIEL entertained her bridge club on Wednesday. High and second high score prizes went to Elsie Dugan and Anna Nelson, with Bertha Pommer receiving low. THE BUSINESS and Professional Womens Club entertained the members of the Soroptimists at dinner last Wednesday evening in the Home Federal Community room. Hostesses for the courtesy were Wilma Cooksey and Helen Comfort. Lelah Henderson was in charge of the program with AFS students, "Johnny" Ndugwa and "Charlie" Duca, showing slides and telling of their homelands. MR. AND MRS. Bill Naylor had their son and family, Mr. and 'Mrs. Gary Naylor and three children as guests over the Easter weekend. Sunday dinner guests also included their daughter Judy and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Garner; Bill's sisters and niece, Mrs. E. W. Anderson and Mr. and Mrs. Ray Brockman of Beaman, la. and Beverly . Brockman, Mason City.. BERNARD "BUD" Briggs returned last Monday to St. Mary's Hospital in Rochester where he had major surgery on March 30. He had come home on Good Friday but returned for further tests and treatment. The Briggs daughter, vicki and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Mergen and sons, are staying at the home of her parents caring for Bruce and Troy Briggs while their parents are away. "Bud" is the manager of the Arnold Motor Co. MRS. JACK MAIRE of Monticello was guest of her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Wilson last week. This was the first she had made the acquaintance of her grandson, Eric Wilson. 4 TO GO MATCHED LUGGAGE SIT Pullman 'Weekender 'Vanity Can Tote ,? ag U, Z2 Owtsandtng feature.! On Display and In Stock. AIGONA, IOWA FABRIC SALE HUNDREDS OF YARDS OF NEW SPRING BONDED ACRILANS AND POLYESTER KNITS AT SPECIAL PRICES - SEE THEM TODAY - WE ARE OVERSTOCKED CHRISCHILLES

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