The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on November 10, 1912 · Page 33
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah · Page 33

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 10, 1912
Page 33
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ttjlald fffiSamK. Sunday, November 10,1912 WfcsMust Have Been Finnegan Jeff Tackled :: :: :: :: By "Bud" Fisher j S'- ' -SMfc, -ib. jjjulder Checks Victorious March of the Utah Eleven j M III . mjaa !tim vers Team iftpre of 26 to o in Rdgod Game, fTRR CONDITION ,BfyooI Students Show ' jBht Form and Hold -ISjBteshmen Safe. jaiS' rtoiftf of p.n undirputrd fctBtp-'of tho Rocky monntalnu rtiRtKl-fai by Boulder yestor-IWBlLike hl?li school wau mak-iKi'd'iublv bitter by trimming jfKC frwliniPii by the score of BT3 a ooniest or n wall yffptoltted against eleven .good ntVfn who were in poor condl-'iiPCPjrsc the former won. Tho ltttKL& "'ondcrrul interference, ,:3jKujns and peedy forma lions of the best teama that yB?Il the liiph aohool. SJIVRUi hare Fomc splendid t'ool-their team and Indlvidu-Wod 'as their conquerors, but .i'vB,1? 1'"lo like the nlsli school (jABWtoer In lining up and after VtY'Er?1 n advantage had not JK)SBR.',nA to follow it up. ,TB$.'VsmarUng under tho dc--JMwvm llip.m by Boise recent-J'SMermlncd to win bark thu l3'fiKLirto acs not represent U'v-e Ktrength or the learna ' rtiKfu "fShment were masters (rK .am1 had 1'iey been nblo , ..r''ly the samo stylo of to-fK&W .lUe,c '!VOlIt Rt 'nler-prtjjKlula have befn a. muoh 3 WB5L, "OUgh victory was .(s Msh echool. The absence .BJrll"' .drP kicker, and uiKi2LJIC;n08h- wno wove ruled .Swp Vrthc credits commit- Je freshmen teum. ri4K. thd dHy --aa AVard of tho "oalKr-ri.9 falrictl ver time but ir,HMl:t$Bn ''hnn j;lven thn ,ELV"C P11"""?: and the hlclt-, ? accuracj-. ayK'rterback for tho high 1 l.5tsadcii running hiB team ?5B8rat h!UfbacU and Jesaeii 'HS)i1.ii,pi,,nts of decided lllBll HCllOoI. bHnih i2r,en,r Paya veil for -JHfr42Hi' 7,lh a thai llK!lhftt' exhibited rare iai&4,w??? c,li,l!JtcnL wWmLh11'' of hI" rc-puta- ItHBmiU c Hue the freshman 2VR? T?h i?01- "oon of the KS- hi2,nd ?arry at guard JiBv. 0 opcn a hole usually WB hLnsr.,tt spectator WWnatorV. BOn,e resentment HiMP i Ti K,i 0 1)1111 on " forward aJH tMnrp,BU?trte tho' dubious for llfcte",n which the ttJrfc-!!!igttv high achool RESULTS m1' 1' '' M'S41'3 Cnrollua. U; Freshmen Eleven of University of Utah I " i I"rom Left to Right FirBt Row: - Yeates, Daly, PotGrson, Eichnor, Pany, Brodaneyer, I,iUie. Bax;k Row: Ferron (Manager), Margetts, Fred Stack (Captain), Gardener, Travcrs, W3lt Stack, Olosen (Ooach). PEKYISWIIEI II Mill CIE Snatches Victory Fi'om Defeat in Battle With- Michigan Eleven. By International Ncvs Son-ice. PI1ILA.DBT.PHIA. Nov. 9. Pennsylvania won the most sensational lootbuu game in lior history this afternoon defoat-In!j Mluhiean C" to 2t. In roveraals of form thla wme even excelled the sensational same with Cornell In W2- MIchlgnTi had scored three touchdowns and kicked all 1 tie goal.-i. making the i:core 21 to 0 before Pennsylvania had registered a point. Then, by a marvelous display of football of the fireworks ordei. Pennsylvania scorwl four touchdowns In Hiiccewalon and hold Michlsan scorelc&H the remainder of tho tiny. Michigan Krew ntcadily wenher tmUei Pennsylvania's fierce. assattU nd as the Red and Blue score- mounted hlghei , the crowd became unmanageable in ua enthusiasm. Tho Quakers scored one touchdown in thn necond neirlpd, ono in the third and two in tho fourth. Looks Like Michigan. On tho. third touchdown It looked like a Michigan victory, for Minds m nnerf the coal. Wnloh left the BcnrB 21 to 20 In Michigan's favor and with but a few minutes to play. -v. Marshall, who ficored tho final yuch-dowji in tli closing minutes of the game, will live forever In PcnnRylvanlas football history, for tie snatched vloto. out of almoitt certain defeat by tnk ng. Thompson's punt on his own fi-yl,d,J,"e and. dodging in and out among Urn whole Mir hlgan eleven, ran Mly-flvg yxtrda for the rw. Tilo touchdown, though, was hardly lcoa wonderful than that of 'our-.let. who had taken a to ward Pass for nearly forty yards and a touenrioxsn. Michigan Goes to Pieces. Tho manner In .which thn Michigan team" wont to pieces was wholly unexpected. pSSvanla. WilHon, Kelllhcr. . . .It Cola Say"'.: 15 Qulnn, Slmnnon . . . - -. . . . . c . . Pattewon, Muner SS" " . . . . . .re Almondlngor Sr," " : . rt - - - PontluB C7rfehCaW!:..flb..Hueboll. Bunhndl Minds.. Ihb Qralff "fiaK"'. rhb Wughltt. uoylo Morcer. ; . . . ....... .fb T mntpson Scoro Pennsylvania, i": Michigan, -J. rouchdownVMcrcer, MMj, 1, Maraluill, ThumpHOii 1 (2), i?"- OfalB from touchdowns Minds, ii: Patterson, 3. Refer-LaTigVora of Trinity. ITmplrc--ThompHon of CJcorgclpwn. Head Jlnco-man Covcll of Swarthmore. WISCON EASILY OMJfSSIfliSSS Secon'd and Third Squad Men Prove Too Much for . Razorbacks. . By Jnternalional News Service MADISON, Win., Nov, n. With Eddie Gillette, "Wisconsin's kIx quarterback, adorning tho sldclinea and a bunch of second and third-string men finishing the game, the Badgcrn thl.T afternoon cut circles around tho Arkansas Raznrbacka. Tho final scorn was C-l to 7. Captain Hoeffcl. Samp, Butlur. Tor-mey, Tanberg and others of tho Badger regulars remained In tho contest only a short, lime. The lone score made by the vlmtora camo as a result of a fumbled punt by Tormev, Martin running forty yardn before he wa3 brought down from behind by Halfback Berger. Arlt?j:sas took It over for a touchdown on Uvo-llno plays. That wa tho only fi:mh shown by the visltorH. -who wc-ru outclassed and completed' overwhelmed. Frazler, May and Martin were tho 3tar mpn for Arkanisa. Tormy, Bcrgcr and Bellows did spectacular work for Wisconsin. Njar the close of thn gamo. Bellows Interrupted a forward paps on his fivo-yani line and dashed the full length ot the field for a touchdown. "Wisconsin mixed a few flmplo forward pauses with line plunging tactics and the visiting lino was too weak to stand the attack. The dav was colrt and thn contest was -witnessed" by a small crowd. The lineup: . , AVlsconsln. Arkansas. Hoeffel le Budd Breckcnrldgc. .. . Samp. VanGcnt, Phillip, i:eRd Oeleln, Mellg. ....... Ig 1 Jiibba VT. Powell, .Schmidt.. ,c .. Uhyne Keolcr. T. Powell,... tet , Hart Butler, Zlnke rt I-Iliiton Offitel, Lange- , .. Bradford Bellows, Castle ah... Scliulch In Tonney, Hlnmann, . .Ihb Fruzlur Bright. Alexander.. rhb May Borger. Tanbcrg; Moffott To , Martin Touchdowns Tormoy. - Alexander, 2: Berger. 2; Bellows, Bright, Tanberg, Martin. Goals from touchdowns Bellows, C; Cnatlo, 1: Schalchlln, 1. Goal from field- Bellow". Iteforee HaJnea of Yale. TJmpIro Hammond of Mlchi-inui ITcad linosmanBonbrook of Michigan. Time of halves 25 mlnut-s. Cornell Runners "Win, PLTir.AD-EIjI'tllA, Nov. 0. Cornell today Won the animal dual cross-county run from Philadelphia by the scorn of 22 to 42. Tho race was five and a. quarter miles through JIrmont purk. and John Paul .Tonus, tho individual Winner covered tho distance in 27 minutes 25 seconds, establishing a now record for tho course. Tho former tlmo waa 27;19. made b5 Berna of Cornell YE HOLDS 101 HI II SCORE Opponents of Eli Come Near to Getting County in Second Period. By International News Seivic. , NEW HAVEN, Conn.. Nov. 0. Tale defeated Brown 30 to 0 today. ".Lefty" Flynn of tho IClis made a thirty-flvc-yard run around the end, Phllbin a fifteen-yard tackle plunge and Flynn took tho ball over in tho second half. Flynn also kicked goal, PumpclJy kicked a field goal for Yale from the ten-yard line in thu final few minutes of tho game. In the first quarter Brown kicked off to Flynn, who ran tho ball back forty-five yards and, following an exchange of punts. Yale got the ball on Brown'w twon-ty-five-yard line , following a fumble by a Brown man. but Yalo wat held for downa. In a mlxup Gallauer was Injured about the had, but continued playlnff. When play wax resumed Crowther punted to midflcld and Yale returned the compliment. Brown eanio back and Flynn made a costly fumble, which Brown recovered. Ashbaugh attempted a goal from field and missod by a few Inches. Brown made several big gains during the remainder of the period and the "play ended with the ball in Tale's possession on tttf own ten-yard line. In .the third, period Flynn'a line bucking, first for thirty yards and then for ten, went him over the goal for the firot score of the game. He followed up by kicking goal. Pumpelly'3 goal from field was the only thing out of tho ordinary In tho final oa-alon. Lineup; Yale. Brown. Gallauer, Sheldon.. .le , Langdnn Talbott. Manden-. . ..It. Murphy Arnold, Honey Is Kulp Ketcham c -,. Mitchell Pcndlnton rj? . . .... .... , . . Gottsteln W. Warren i t , . Kratz Avery re.. Aahbaugh (Card.) Cornell, Dyer nl Crowther Fhllbln Ihb,.. Tenny Spauldlng (Capt.).,rhb Barllett Flynn. Pumpelly. ...fb , Henry Touchdown Flynn. Goal from touoh-down Flynn. Goal from flold Pumpelly. Umpire Crollus of Dartmouth. Befereo -r-OkcHon of Ijohlgh. Head linesman Galllnrter of Pennsylvania. Tlmo of periods IS minutes. Nebraska Winn Handily. LINCOLN. Neb., Nov. .1.-Nbraka scored an easy victory 5? to "--ovcr Doane college of Crvte, today, but bc-i:aiisn of overconJldenco iul earoltssnysr;, permitted her own sokI litis to be crossed, liscopt for on 'brlt- pprloil Uoanc was on thn defensive.' 2-fIjbraska atartcd wltJi a niah that c.-irrled tho lighter Doane men off thnlr f(jet. tho Nebraakans scoring threo touchqownH in tho first quarter and two in the second. r VIHILI MEETS HER FIRST DEFEAT Champions of South Beaten , by Harvard Team by the Score of 9 to 3-. By International News Service. CAMBRIDGE, Mass., Nov. 9. Tho Vanderbllt football team, tho champions of tho Sunny South, met, defeat for the first time this season this afternoon when It lost the game with the Harvard team,) which was composed mostly of substituted, by a fl to S score. . Although dc- j feated. Vanderbllt was not outplayed, for never was a gamer team seen In tho stadium Dining the first period no less than five of he'.1 men v. rc knocked out and two of them were carried from the field, including her captain and star, Hardage. With thla setback, Vanderbllt went Into tho fray with even more, vigor and it. was not until late In the second quarter that her lmavluV opponents managed to score. Then Harvard with the. ball In her possession at mldfleld brought the oval on her famous march down the field, being torced, however, to make four attomptfi to score. Whon Harvard reached the five-yard line, Bottle finally put tho ball about ono fcot over tho line. Curlin Kicks Goal. j Curiln, Vanderbilt'a quarterbxok, made tho only score, for his team when he booted ihe hall for a field goal from tho twcnty-flvc-yp.rd line after Grausteln had fumbled a punt. Not to be outdone in this department. Coach Houghton sent In his second string flold goal kicker. MUholland, to try his ton and he successfully booted the ball from his twenty-yard lino nf tor Harvard had brought the ball to hr rival's five-yard line, only to be held and forced to kick and make the final score of tho game In tho last quarter. Vanderbilt Is Strong. Harvard made hut one attempt at tho forward pass. which was successful, Freedley to Felton. It netted twenty yards. Vandtu'blll. on the other hand, tried ten and succeeded In only throo for ten yards apiece. Although the Commndorea' line was outwelglied. their back field time nnd again broke through tho Crimson line for long Kalnif. After .Harvird had mode her score In the second . period .Houghton pulled out Harvard RuuncrB Defeat Yalo. BUSTON. Nov. 51. Tho Harvard crosscountry tooju continued lis victories to. day by dc-feattng Yale in a, five-mile rnco over tho Chestnut Hill cpurao by a score of ill to 65. Tho entire Harvard team, which won from Cornell laat week, fln-Ischd before the lale men, Colorado Wins, 3 to 0; ! Le Romney Breaks Ankle j Hartman's Goal from Placement In First Quarter Is Only . Score of Game Special to The Tribune. . DENVER. Colo., Nov. 9. Brilliant football characterised the game between Utah and Colorado today, gained bv the latter because a kick In tho first part was so well placea that it meant a scori. Both teams gathered sufficient nonor for a T'hole season, and the immonso crowd that -watched the game was brought to Its foet in loud cheering again apd again. No better exhibition of tno college game was over seen on a Colorado field. Though Utah was defeated, an analysis of the play is nowise to the discredit of that mighty eleven. Rather, experts are Inclined' to give the Utah men credit for being just a trifle better at the technique of tho game and to believe they should have won by one touchdown. It was only the fortune of war that cave tho Colorado men the victory. L. Romney of the Utah team was taken out during- the-thlrd period with his ankle broken. Hartman's field goal, the only scoro of the game, was made from placement on tho 37-yard line lata in the first quarter. First Period. Utah kicked off out cf boundary. Eoulder was given the ball on the 20-yard line and made eight yards and fumbled, but recovered. By a series of plunges Colorado got the ball to the middle of the field and Ivors kicked to Sutherland, who oaughJL the ball on the 20-yard line. Utah lopt the ball on her 20-yard line and Hartman tried for a goal from the neld, but failed. Utah was given the ball on her 20-yard line- Ben-nlon punted to Hartman in the middle of tho Held and ho returned eight yards. Donovan went through right guard for five yards. A. forward paBs, Hartman to Kemp, netted twenty-five yards. Slat-tery and Donovan made six more. Hartman, after three downs, kicked a goal from placement, which made 3 points for Colorado. Bennlon kicked off to Ivors, who relumed fifteen yarda, Ivers went around left end for twenty-five. Donovan went around right end Tor twenty-three. Ivers went through center for five. Donovan started through center and fumbled, hut Kemp recovered the ball. Donovan and Hartman made small gains through center and Hartman tried for goal from the seventeen-yard line, but missed. Tho period ended with the ball in Utah's possession on her forty-yard line. Second Quarter. Romney made eight yards and Sutherland four. Ftah tried a forward pass, but lost the ball on a fumble. Boulder was penalised fifteen yards for holding. Hartman went around left end for threo. Slattery made a slight gain through center. Jvers punted to Komney Fltzpat-rlck got the hall In a scrimmage on Ulah3 thlrty-flve-yard lino and ran forty- EASTERN RESULTS At Philadelphia Poun. State. 72; Villa Kovii. 0. At. Mcdford, Mass. Springfield, 7; Tufts. 6. At Princeton Princeton, .51 ; New York University, 0. At Cambridge Harvard, 0; Vanderbllt, :i. At New Haven Yale. 10; Brown, 0. AT West Point Carlisle, 27; Army, 6. At Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 27; Michigan- 21. . At. Annapolis Bucknell. U; Navy, 7. I At Swarthmore Lehigh, Swanli-inore. 0. At Amherst Worcester Polytechnic, 11; Amherst. I?. At Kaaton Syracuse, 30; Lafayette, 7- At Ithaca Dartmouth, 21; Cornell. 0, At Hartford Trinity, :J2; IJnyer-foid. 0. At Wllllumtown Williams, 10; Wesleyau. 7. At Andover Andover, 7; Exeter, P. A I Worcester Harvard Freshmen, 16; Worcester Academy. 7. At Worcester Holy Croas, 13; Vermont. 0. Yale Freshmen, S; Princeton Freshmen. I . . the fe.w regulars who started the same, making a team uf all substitutes. Lineup; Harvard. Vanderbllt. Holllster. MUholland'. ......, ., .t E. Brown T Frothlngham, Bonbo rt ..-.,T. Brown Drlscoll. Weston... .rg Davis Wlpgloaworth ...c Morgan McGuIrr, Pennock, Wlthtngton Ig: Covington, Swafford Storrer It .i.. Shipp Felton.- Dana le. , . . , . ..- Turner Logan. Frcedlcy. . ,0b Ctniln LIngaid., ,...rhb Collins GraiiHtcln, II. lothlngliam.lhli.. nubbins, Hardau Bettle fb SykeH Score Harvard. 5); Vanderbllt. ;i. Touchdown Battle. Goals from field Curlin, Mllholluud, Referee Poudleton of Bowdoin. Umpire Moiico of Poiinayl-vanla. Head linesman Oadmun of Wor-I oester. Time 12-mlnuto pexiudu. WESTERN RESULTS j At Denver Colorado, 3; Utah. 0. At Lincoln Nebraska. 54; Doane. 6-At Chicago Chicago, 3; Northwestern. 0. At Madison, Wis. Wisconsin. 64; Arkansas, 7 At Lafayette. Tnd. Illinois, 5); Purdue, P. At Dos Moines. Ia. Missouri, 17; Drake, li. At Cleveland Case, 27; Kenyon. 0. I At Columbu3 Oberlln. 37; Ohio J Stale, 23. At Denver Denver. 4-1; Baker. 0. At Los Angeles (rugby) Occident- J al, 25', Whit tier, 17. At Laramie, Wyo. -Wyoming. 14; Sputh Dakota Mines, 3. Washburn, 10; Kansas University. 0. " f Nebraska, 54: Doane. i., , Iowa. 13; Indiana. 0. ; Sr. Louis;, 7; Noire Dame; 47. At Spokane Whitman, 30; Washington State. 0. At Missoula Montana University, 1 38: Montana Aggies. 3. l Colorado Mines. 17; Colorado Col- t I lege, 7. ; ' ,. I five yards down th6 field. He was downed j on Boulder's twenty-five-yard line for a j total of eighteen yards' gain. Ivers punt- . ed fifty yards to Romney. Bennlon punt- 'J ed back to tho middle of the field. Hamilton replaced Hampton at right for Utah. McCrady replaced Slattery at . , right half for Boulder. Hartman tried li a Princeton from the fqrty-flve-yard line, but failed and Utah took the ball in J scrimmage on the twenty-yard line. ' Hamilton went forward six yards 11 through center, placing tho ball in the h middle of the field. A forward pass. L. j, Romney to O. Romney, netted Utah n twelve yards. Donovan intercepted L. t Romney's forward pass and was downed h on Boulder's thirty-yard line. Ivors punt- rh ed to Sutherland. A forward pass, O. Ui Romney to Sutherland, netted Utah flf- J teen yards. ? The half ended with the ball on Utah's ; field. Second Half. ' Downing replaced Hartman at quar- fo ter for Colorado. Slattery went to right H half. Ivers kicked off to L. Jtomney, who returned fifteen yards. Bennlon punted - Hi to Donovan and Ivers returned the punt- f ' Hamilton made three yards through can- i; tor and Fitzpatrlck eight yards. L. Rom- ney made seventeen yards around left i ! end. A forward pa6s, Romney to Pita- 5 Patrick, netted seventeen yards Boulder j was penalized fifteen yards for hokjlngr f and getting tho ball on a fumble. Ivers. punted twenty-five yards to Fitrpatrick- S Utah was penalized fifteen yards for trip- k ping. Romney and Sutherland gained ten j through center. Bennlon punted -to L Downing-. Donovan carried the ball flf- f teen yards around right end. Ivers punt- is. ed out of bounds, Utah gaining; th ball on her forty-flvc-yard line. v Sutherland made fifteen yards, Hamll- M ton thirteen through center and Rom- ttii ney. seven. Sutherland tried a Prince- ton from tho fifty-yard line, but Ivers got jhe ball on the fifttcn-yard line. Th 5 quarter ended with the ball in Utah's possession on Boulder'a fifteen-yard line. s Fourth Quarter. f McCrary replaced Downing at quarter jj back for Colorado. Slattery went seven f yards through center. Ivers punted for- .j ty-flvfi yards to ' Sutherland, who ran T through Boulder's field for a return of forty-five. McConnoIl went In at. right end for ,' Glendcnnlng of Boulder. L. Romney suf- fcrcd a broken onklo and was replaced 1 hy Holmstcad. FUnpatrlel: failed qt a kick for goal. Ivers punted to Suthor- P- land, who made a fair catch on Boulder's al forty-yard line. sg'- Hutherland tried a free kick for goal W but failed, apd Boulder took the ball on Bi her twenty-yard line. Donovan mad X. twelve yards around end. Boulder was r. penalized, fifteen yards for holding; 11, Boulder advanced tho ball to their, own JS, forty-yard line but lost it on-Donovaa'a tt fumble. Holmsteud mado an eight-yard J i'oln and Sutherland ran twelve yards. Bj rvers punted flfty-fivo yards to Holm- E stead. Tho game ended with the ball on K Utah's twcr.ty-rard line. Score i 3 to 0 j7 In Colorado's favor. o The lineup: . , - Utah. Colorado. W Bunnlon ,l.e Ivemp Peterson , '. U Sloan y Cole l-g" Knowles r? Ganlner ........ ...c Eckbi Tolman r.g Crouter Oicson ' -r.t Gartland O. Romney,.,. :..-.r.e McConnoU fc Fltspatrlck -q.h Hartman k; Sutherland Lb Donovan Hamilton r.h McCrary ffi Holmstnud f.b..... ........... Ivars 5it Offlclalti C.-Honry Smith, refereo. Lm- m pirc Bansboch, Head linesman Stew- (Of art. S fiubstltutcs; , d Hnmilton for Hatnutvn. & HohtisteAd for L. Ropuicy.. t Mei.'Vary foi4 Xtattery, , 9 V)nvnlug, for Hartmati. 'W. McCuliucll for Glendennipg, ft. Brown and Brock Matched. jitf CLEVELAND, O.. No. P. announce- W$' ment was mftdc today that "Knockout J!j- Brown" of New York had been matched. r to fight Phil Bror-k of Cleveland here oa In 1 Thanksgiving day. v

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