The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 2, 1890 · Page 5
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 2, 1890
Page 5
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cornfields of weeds, '— while the sun making rapid , except in the limited area -*S?* 1 iu eavy Bowers during the ftttd the present outlook for that as i ! av( ? rable ^ at the date i lasfc vear - This 4. a ' a f rv S loU8 resources of 0 ln Jo* 0 tor the proof that great staple. Other cereal crops are doine well: > "*.• i K? owfch of straw *« some counties. and the appearance of rust in the sections where the rainfall was heaviest during, the recent heated term. Gener- S n ^«» cr ? p Olltlook is l"gMy encouraging for,-a season of bountiful productiveness. The harvest of winter wheat, is begun in some of the southern -counties, and the yield is pod. Barley will soon be ready for fie reaper. . 'Tiie Bancroft 'observer for the Bulle- in reports that "The past week has een as near perfection for the growth bf all crops as possible. Eeverything owing rapidly, from, corn down to ptatabugsV" f A CHENEROUS GIFT. Through the kindness of Col. Com- Btock and other members of a former •reading circle, in Algona, the Algona ^Beading Room has come into possession of a number of copies of the popu- :lar Science Monthly, the Edinburgh Re-view, ,the Nineteenth Century and North American Review. These are •valuable periodicals and the thanks of •the ladies of the reading room association are due to those who so kindly donated the magazines. t The People's Favorite Remedy will positively cure catarrh, bronchitis, liver, kid- 'ney and stomach trouble or thr&at affection. _ The Infallible Rheumatism Reme• ay will positively cure rheumatism. For sale only by L. A. Sheetz. 33-42 Dressmaking. Also;all!kinds of family sewing done 'to order with neatness and'dispatch. 38-40 MRS. WM. CLEABY. The Show of All New Features. This may with Puritan precision be tsaid of the --Ringling Brothers United Monster Railroad Circus, Museum and Menagerie, the enormous institution which exhibits at Algona Saturday, July .19. .,' _^fci>regard to detail may it also be that this great show possesses great features than any other big railroad shows. Among their circus and hippodrome find -the names of the most /*. "dors, gymnasts, acrobats, • > >y ? hsts, charioteers, etc., among them ", ~.£Q. .Julia .Lowando, the world famous •Brazilian lady rider; Edward Shipp, the -great four and six horse equestrian; La Role Bros., the flying men of the air; Andrew Gaffney "the old oak." The Aflhtons,'the Japanese performers; the .Arab horsemen and scores of others. The .great double menagerie we find wonder fully complete, in fact a perfect innovation to all lovers of natural history. The imonster Hipopotamus, the amphibious •Bovolapsus'. the only .genuine African IZebras; the umbrella-eared elephant, the baby elephant, the clown elephant, the giant elephant, Babylon, besides the enormous collection of other caged and un•caged animals constitute a zoological collection that cannot be equalled by any other management and in which-the managers seem ! toi have actually outringled -le'Ringlings. When we take into con- ideration 'the great world's horse fair, ^he wonderful museums, the troupes of •performing animals, etc., and last but not least, the great, glorious, free street "larade it must be confessed that Satur<day, July 10, will be the greatest holiday •event that Algona will have for many ;years to come, or until the great Ring ling show again spends a day among us. At Galbraith's, job lot ladies fine shoes ;your choice for $3.50 per pair. Found Your Specs. A pair of stray spectacles are at the RE- TOBUCAN -office. The owner will prove •property and pay for this advertisement. The way to kee6 real cool and comfortable is to go to Howard's and get one of 'his Artie'Or Lightning Ice Cream Freezers. THE COONTY NEWS BOD6EI News Items From Bancroft Seneca, Wliittemore and Burt Neighbors. HANCttOFT. v , has bought the lot west of a. II. Breese s, andhas the carpenters at work on her house already, Se oounS 8 t0 b6 dmving dtt The professional card of T. M. Ostrander, veterinary, appears in this is?M 8 a r? e «J 8 * 1 i av ng so much to do in tins line that he has decided to uban- and Tuesday, lie has be- SK2 01 ^ n , of Chicago and took advantage of the lenient divorce law of Illinois to secure a decree of divorce from his former wife. I 'have the finest •shoes in town. line of children's F, S. STOUQH. Tli» Louisiana Lottery. Advance Thought: That •most infamous of all financial swindles in this country, the Louisiana State Lottery, clears $4,000,000 a year far its managers. This $4,000,000 a yew comes out of the poor dupes who feuy lottery tickets in excess of what ifttle it gives back, here and there in spots, as bait, under an agreement that 75 per eent. of the sum received shall be returned by the one who drew the When General R. L, Lee was $50,000 a year for the use of bis ....,..„Jan officer of this lottery, he indignantly spurned it and came near Peking his insulter into the street. Generals Early and Beauregartl had no euch scruples of conscience, or rather bad no conscience at all, and for $10,000 8 ye«r each loaned their names and notoriety to that which they know to l?e an infamous robbing of the poor Who are duped to "try the luck" that $9 steadily against them. If there is lip hell, there ought to be one for all gmjh swindlers, and for legislators who authorize them and provide for them a legal footing. Recollect that the only show ia Amer- that possesses real African zebras is jtgUng Brothers Measter Railroad »W8. At Algona Saturday, J w j y 19. -*-<»*"* r— , Special Correspondence m r£ he lifctle child of David of Seneca, who swallowed a coffee kernel last Wednesday, died in iS-Dn Tailor 8 Oi ' the famil An^iJ"?? ^owd gatliered at the bridge on the Buffalo Creek near Mr. Manley's farm on Sabbath last to witness tv m l:? tisma l services of candidates tiom the Hurt and Bancroft charges -five from the former and four from the latter were immersed also two in- fante baptized. Tins spot is to some because ot its frequent use for this round 6 ecoming sacr ed and hallowed .The residence of Mrs. Littlefield begins to assume proportions today. A. tr. Anderson has the job. Ye editor of the Bancroft Register has just completed an addition to his cosy residence near the Baptist church —a kitchen. Geo. Bliss was in town over Sabbath from Swea where he and his father are building a school house. . Pastor A. G-. Ward reports new potatoes and green peas for dinner on the ^9th from his own garden. Squire Mayne rides fast these days, speeding his young trotter which promises to be faster than the ordinary. SENECA NEWS. Special Huporter. SENECA, July 1.—Crops are looking splendid, corn will soon be too bic: to plow. There will be a picnic at Mr. Richmond's grove the Fourth of July. bamuel Goodspeed has gone to his old home in Illinois for a short visit. A sad accident occurred at the residence of Mr. Kyrks on Tuesday evening, their baby getting a kernel of green cotfee in its wind pipe. A doctor was summoned as quickly as possible but nothing could be done for it. It suffered dreadfully until about 4 o'clock Wednesday afternoon when it died. It was a severe shock to the parents. The Farmers' Alliance met at the Seneca school house Saturday afternoon, 3 new members joining. WHITTEMOljUS ITEMS. From Our Correspondent. -. BUjtne'e, famous reply to gladatoae h*e IW$_6»fift issued w pamphlet fpr«i. TMa * A4 "i4#tfce ablest presentation* of "-11. — m —Diction -yet pub ~ a ,/ read. Send iPeotective rttgA st,, - !P .. ,, June 30.—Our School closed last Friday with appropriate exercises. Mr. C. Thompson, the principal has given excellent satisfaction aud patrons and scholars deeply regret their inability to secure his services longer. We believe lie expects to spend several months in Idaho. Clarence Paul, of Algona, has been secured as his successor. J. Weihler lias purchased the large hay barn formerly owned by Brown & feon and moved it north of the track, where he may now be found ready for business. The lawn lishing party given by Miss Bertha Goetsch and Miss Delia Whitehorn was a very enjoyable affair. "When each one had caught a fish, refreshments were served, after which a general good time was had. Mrs. A. II. Hotelling returned last week from Mason City and Clear Lake, where she had been visiting relatives and friends for several days. Native grown strawberries, currants, gooseberries and cherries seem to be very plentiful about here. The Bovee Comedy Company played two evenings last week to good houses, Miss Gertie Hibbard, of Palo Alto, is visiting Elder Thrasher's family and other friends. A new ice cream parlor is opened over Farley's store, the Misses Whitehorn and Cole proprietors. May success attend them in their new venture. We heartily welcome all respectable business ventures but hope the man who would open an original package saloon in our midst will keep his distance. We have escaped so far and believe no property owner in this town will degrade himself enough to rent a room for any such nefarious business. F. Voght had the misfortune to get his right hand badly crushed by a car while handling coal for the railroad company a few days ago, Our drum corps is making One pro- jgress under the leadership of D. L. .Newton. They are engaged to play at Rodman the fourth, Elder Thrasher is suffering from dumb ague and was unable to fill his appointment at Ayershire last Sabbath, lie preaches at Whittemore each alternate Sabbath, to very full houses,. A good sized delegation of Good Templars attended the convention in Algona last Friday, Ail speak favorably of the meeting, as also of the hos* pitable manner in which they were entertained while there by the Algona people. Louis Adrian, of Emmetsburg, is making his uncle, H. Munch, a pleas* ant visit. Mr. Ilaghft has purchased a farm a few miles east of town and Nick Wagner one a short distance west of town. From our Regular Cojrrespouaeut. ««#*, July .f.-The gSSM. and festival of the German Ladies Society came off m their new church on the evening of the 8§th of June and amoj^njoyabtealteir. Spteftdid per and ice cream. Net prat _ about $48, They generously tendered fee todies of foe ^aaSSno&ii up of wen," church for a £amyf " * tiwtaftV ^ ! m festival. Ice cream and; strawberrie ami cream will be served* All invitee to attend. _ We are pleased to note tWe fact fo the readers of the lliiinJMjeuN tha Mrs. James Marlow's claim for widow' En on i ia ! been allowed. She draw $12 and $2 for each of her 5 children Justice is slow but is being meeted out This $22 per month is small for so many yet It will with care go a long ways in providing the necesarifs of CHUllCU DEDICATION. The new German Methodist ehurcl in Hurt will be dedicated July 13.1890 Rev. C. Schulx, Presiding Elder of the Upper Iowa district, will preach the dedication sermon at 10:80 a. m., aftei which the building will be dedicated te the Lord's service. At 2 p. m. Prof. Fr Schaub, president of the German English College of Galena, 111, will preach in the English language. All friends and those interested in the upholding ol God's kingdom are kindly invited to gather with us at these services. GEO. II. WEKBEL, Minister in charge. Republican State Platform. Eesoleed, 1. That we, the Republicans . C Iowa m convention assembled, reaffirm our devotion 1 to tho principles of the national Republican party; and we make no other test of fealty to tho Ro publican party of Iowa, 2. We heartily indorse the able, prudent and patriotic administration of President Harrison, with special com- mensation of the movement for closer and better relations, both business and political, among all American governments and people. 3. We do especially declare our adherence to the principle of protection in American industry applied wisely in view of the interest of all conditions of our people and administered in view of the oqual interest of all industries. 4. We agree that discriminations may Je wisely made, but never in behalf of .he strong against the weak—never igamst the masses. In this spirit we hold all legislation should be had, whether it concern the raising of revenues or the disbursement of the same by the general government; by the state or by the sub-divisions of local government— whether it concern domestic aggression or be m definition of the limitations upon foreign aggression. o. We are in favor of such an expansion of the currency as will meet the growing demands of the increase in >opulation and trade and offset the con- raction resulting from the continual vithdrawal of the national bank circula- .ion, That to this end we favor such egislation as will utilize as money the entire silver product of our mines, and we favor such laws as will aid us in the unrestricted use of both the precious metals as money. 6. The Republican party of this state s in favor of promoting in every fair and lonorable way the industrial interests of he people of this state. We believe the business interests of tho people are in- erchangeable and mutual, and that in- ustice towards one class must, sooner or ater, work to the injury of all classes, 'articularly do we belcve that the great ndustry represented by the farm stands t the head of Iowa industries and that a aithful guardianship of that interest is a >rime obligation upon those who make nd adminster our laws. 7. We congratulate the people of this tate, irrespective of party relationship, upon the measure of success attained in he contest in this state in behalf of the ust legal control of the railway corpora- ions doing business in this state; and we ppeal to the people to see to it that liere be no recession in the just policy of he state in this regard. We believe that fforts to nullify the inter-state commerce aw should be resisted, to the end. that ational protection and state protection may alike be equal to all communities nd among all classes. 8. The Republicans of Iowa offer their ympathy to the producers of the south tvho seek now for disenthrallment from; ndustrialbondage to the grinding monop- lies of the state andof that section protect- d and promoted by all the power of the. rganized Democratic party of those tales. We believe that in the breaking D of these systems, under which indus-. trial freedom is impossible and which ob and persecute the poor, lies one great ope of freedom of elections and popular overnment, social peace and general irosperity in these southern states. Recognizing revolt in the south in behalf i f liberty and justice, popular govern ment and popular rights, it is a matter-of minor concern in. what name the battles re fought and won. We welcome firat he growth and spread and power of tRe- ublican principles. 9. We cordially approve the purpose f the Republicans in congress to so mend and improve the pension laws as q make further and more generous-pro- 'ision for union soldiers, their widows, jarents and children; and we yet believe lie day is not far distant when a,general ervice pension law should andi will be assed. 10. We express our abhorrence of all rusts and trade conspiracies, of. every cind intended to destroy competition and reate and perpetuate monopolies^: and ive call |or the enactment andi enforcement for both federal and state laws to ompletely exterminate such institutions nd prevent their further organization. 11. We declare against any compro» mise with the saloon and stand by the •people of this state in theiu hostility to ts existence, spread and power. We avor such legisation on th» part of confess as shall protect the police power ot lie states ia their regulate, con- ine or prohibit the public bar,. and for pproval of the work aod record of the Republican party of t&a state to this great cause of temperance involving the nublic peace and the safety of good got- rnmeut, we appeal coafldently to the lectors of Iowa. 13. We congratulate the people of owa upon the promise of the year, upon tie treasure of success that hat attended he past, and upon the confidence and xwrage with whioh the «tate awaits the Uture. Hot an "original package" but good eold water in the red barrel in front of tie sash store on July 4th. Sayg 33 cents by buying our 9Qceat 'lowehojj, F. \8fouow. -.. .......JM.^^........ ......T. Match and Mouse. Times: Benwickhadacloso for a big fire Wednesday nhjht, aJJ " •" fcy a few partoj matches a»d 4 Mr. Dreuueu gives the facts aj follows; He left not over half a matches in one »n[ T^^R^ff^^PSpr *V" ^mwf^f YOU ARE INVITED TO SEE and BUY OUR ,adies' '.Shoes, £ens' Shoes, Joys' Shoes, Misses' Shoes, ds' Shoes, •low Shoes, 'low Boots, tip Boots, if Boots, 'ur Hats, Vbol Hats, jtiff Hats, virush Hats, fens' Hats, Joys' Hats, Misses' Hats, Kids' Hats. ••• ' ' •• • postofflfce gate, and the next morning waff -startled! to find only the charret remains- »ff the box left. Had th blaze been, six inches to one side i must havo- caught in papers and in a few. minutes beyond control. Mr.Dren nenchasmndie'tuBesolveto keep all the matches, im a. safe place, and to see tc it that they ju-e not parlor matches too.' He willj also make war on the mice. The'.Dimes- is glad to note that several of the business men have foi some time discarded these little lire- brands, It'sM.gocd example to follow it the cash store Just'now you can, gel a pair of ladies fine shoes fot.$l;50.peir pair at GALUHAITII'S. '—-—»<•>••« A (food Home Company. Dubuque Times:; The World's Industrial Accident Association of this city is one of the best in the ooantry and always pays claims against it 1 -without delay, as the following shows-.. § MINNKAPOLT*,. June 14, 1800. Received from the World's Industrial Accident; Association off Bubuque, Iowa, one hundred and sixty. (160) dollars in full settlement of my claim/for benefits under certificate No. 8,517. Proofs were furnished to the cotnpanv June 9 and checks drawn. June 10. I am well pleased with the<treatment I received from this company and can heartily recommend them to all who desire accident nsurance. JULIAN©. HAY WOOD. We can cheerfully certify to the above statement as'being correct and true. AMEB.-& ROCKFOKD, Attending Surgeons. The local agent for' this company in Algona is A. N, POmeroy, who will write you out a policy on shot't notice. $1,000 Address Oan be made In e months selling Tuiiison'g Atlases, Charts and "Wall Mnptv. Particulars free. H. C THNISflS, CMcigo, Ills, CHEAP, MEDIUM, AND HIGH GRADE. Largest stock in town at<the lowest prices. Best rubber goodd-made*.-. Good wearing hosiery. Beautiful dress goods. New styles of Ginghams. Custom made, overalls. Coats' thread at four cents. We offer no snide baits. We charge no-fancy prices. We can save you money. One price foirtown and,eountry. JOHN; REED. February I, I89O, JTHE ST. VAVt,, MINNEAPOLIS &. MANITOBA KY. AND ITS BRANCHES BECAME THE If You Are Coiner To the Free Farms of the Milk River Valley, take the GREAT NORTHERN BY. LINE. 'o the Gold, Sllver^Copper. Iron and Coal Mines of Montana, take the GREAT NORTHERN RY. LINE. To Great Falls, the Future Industrial Centre of the Northwest. Take The GREAT NORTHERN RY. LINE. To Helena, Butte.Spokane Falls and The Coast Cities, take the GRBAT NORTHERN RY. LINE. To Fanaro, CroaKston, Grand Forks and Winnipeg, take the GBEAT NORTHERN RY. LINE. To all Minnesota. 8«mtli Pjikota, North Dakota, Montana,: Jd^ijo, Oregon, Washington, California and Manitoba polnts.take the mm NORmiAiLf AY un For tickets, m^ps and guides, apply to your home ticket ageat pr wrue to *%*, WHITNKY, Gen. f aw. and Ticket Agt., ( , GWCAT NOBTHHUH B'r., ' Bt. Paul, Mine. Its own magnificent Dining K Oars, special Apartment wonlst Sleepers 011 Daily 3ars, ?alaoe ,„,„ wi, aud F»j» Through Train*. 18-ao lyr y '™~ ^fc* »••••. «r^- jmjm M,^f/ .LJB • HEADQITARTEB'S 'an supply yon with everything you want in building material and fuel, And Don't You Forget it, ATI T"1"T •* • i *•_. — _ . ^*"w^^ Save Money B1TPAYIN0CA8HAT ^ Townsend & Langdon JBT'Note a Few of'our Bargains: 28 Ibs. choiceRol led 17 Ibs. butter crackers 20 Ib. N. Carolina peaches 20 Ib fine rice Lewis Lye per can Clothes Pins per doz. Axle Grease per box 11.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 .10 .01 Ofi Climax Tobacco per Ib. Spearhead, per Ib. Choice-fline cut per Ib. 1 good ^ash-board for Dixon's stove polish Gloss Stttrch per Ib Saleratli* per pkg. .40 .40 .85 .15 05 .05 .05 AMKindsofScYfeastfor $ O 3 SS2^ e , Ha !; d Wlfeat Flour, Per Sack | .00 Half Patent Hard Wheat Flour Choice V.25 32 Bars of Good Laundry Soap * '.go ISrye take produce in exchange &r Groceries. Come in and get our prices befdre you buy elsewhere i Townsfind & Langdon. -—All ye. We'sleyites Call at And leave your Borders with Hume. ^^ *^o. A jc,. y»-coxt;^ii/BH \jaiij at Taylors New Office, farm Loans • ^ AT . °' £ 7and a lialf ' and » Per H f ent> ° n fiv ? to'tea years time with privi- Blege of partial: payments before duef Interest can be paid' at my office. Save money by calling 011 me before- you apply for Loan. ----- _ J. W. BARTLETT. LIVERY, FEED, AND SALE STABLE. /vyi ffr sfJ- LJs*i-*j*s* *+ ,« ff — _7 y"Y • — •• Best of Horses and Carriages Ihoringtoa T TP • JC* . Dealer In HARDWARE AND TINWARE ! I have opened up a new stock of Hardware in the Reed building; and will carry a full line of heavy and shelf hardware, cutlery, etc. Will attend, to the TINWOBK and will be pleased to meet all his old customers. GIVE US A CALL. J. F. GILMORE. Big Bargains in Remnants of Summer Dress Goods. Also Job Lot Ladies' Fine Shoes, $ 1,50 per pair at* Galbraith ! s,

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