The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on July 2, 1890 · Page 3
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 2, 1890
Page 3
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AGRICULTURAL HINTS. A QREAT ECONOMY. A rnrrrter Who Think* If ay C<**eFi Al- ft»o«t ImlUponsable in Putting Up ttfty. Hay caps pay well. I have used them lor several years, and would as soon think of getting hay without a mowing machine as without hay covers. Thefe are times when they are ndt needed, and, of course, will not be used, but no tarmer is fully equipped for haying without them. In a season like'last year they word found indispensable. Hundreds and thousands of tons of hay will be badly injured without them this year, and this, besides the delay of cutting the grass when it ought to have been cut, and could have been secured with the needed protection. To be a good judge of the weather is a splendid qualification, but few men can tell the amount of sunshine to be depended upon when they enter their fields. With the aid of covers I have cut 86 tons of hay and 80 tons of rowen from 48 acres of land without getting it wet at all, and could but pity my brother farmers all about me, to see their delay, with hay spoiling, simply for want of protection. .1 have seen acres of nice grass cut and allowed to rot on the ground for want of covers. Some may ask: Will not the hay mold and sour, even covered, through a long storm? Certainly it will, if not put up right. I never allow grass to be cut in mdull day so as to be ready when the Bun comes out Never cut it unless you are sure of one good day, and then down with it as early as possible, say by 10 o'clock; then, if not too heavy, put tURNlNCl A Process CORN INTO BEEF. ttettar tJn- IIAY CAPS. «m the rake and get it into beds. If too heavy put on the tedder, and stir it lively until 3 p. m. Then put it into cocks and have the covers all on by 5:30 p. m. It is all right then for a five days' pull of lowery weather if it comes, and no storm can reach it to spoil it. Before that time, as a rule, the sun will shine enough to finish curing it This rule I i.avG adhered to strictly and certainly got well paid for it. Some farmers say it is luck. It is no such thing; it,is doing it by rule. Never leave one safe position until you are sure of reaching another before it rains. Some inquire: Do you put on covers •whether it is going to rain or not? As a rule, I do, certainly on. rowen; dense logs will permeate it as badly as a shower, and the less fog comes in contact with it the better. It requires some work and a ; little care to use covers, but in a rain storm it is like having your buildings insured, when the lightning is wildly playing about them —it makes one feel much better to know tbe hay is covered. The covers I use most are made of heavy cotton drill, 60 inches wide, cut into (54-inch pieces. These are hemmed all round and have •a leather or metallic eyelet in each corner with a heavy cotton cord 14 inches long, tied in it. Attached to this is a pin made of any tough wood. It is 10 inches long, five-eighths of an inch thick, and three-fourths of an inch wide. It should be sharpened at one «nd and have a hole at the other end to receive the cord. With such covers tons of hay can be well and safely secured in catching weather. They can be gotten up at a cost of 55 to 62 cents each, and if taken care of will last twenty years. I have used mine annually for nine years and they are good for ten years more. —W. H. Wilkinson, in Home and 'Farm. That Ottght to B» <ler»taod. 1'he temafks of M*, Stahl about feeding tbe refuse fodder of the corft fields along 1 with the cheap ttotn, and making a handsome profit from it, is one of the most complete answets to the inquiry, "why farming does not pay," that I have seen in a long time. I also notice, says an Iowa correspondent of the Country Gentleman, that last week 60,000 cattle were receited at the Chicago cattle yards, out of wjiich only 1,000 head were so excellent as to command $6 and better per cwt., the great bulk selling below $3.50; and why was this so, with corn selling at 16 to 22 cents, and 40,000,000 acres of corn fodder absolutely wasted? Why should not thd two have been combined, and the $2.11-per- cwt. steer made to bring 85.10 in the Chicago market? This recalls a remark made at a Minnesota institute. At a "recess" one of the corps workers heard a farmer say that the institutes did not pay, and further, that no "foreign" speaker could give the farmers any pointers that would benefit them; that farmers were doing all that could be done now to solve this problem. It so chanced that the "foreign" speaker overheard the remark, and "let go" something like this: "The counties in the southern part of Minnesota, no doubt, raised close to a million acres of corn, two thirds of which was wasted so far as relates to the fodder— which is the best half of the corn crop if rightly saved. Corn is selling for 22o. for 56 Ibs. Two-year-old steers sell for S2@2.50 per cwt.—about .$30 each at the best. Now if one-half of this corn had been ensilaged, ears and all—say 300,000 acres of it, at a cost of $5 per acre— every acre of this corn would have amply fed a $30-steer, 8 o that in March he would weigh 1,400 Ibs., and sell for $70@75. Instead of selling 40 bushels of corn for about §9, and throwing the fodder away, the crop could be sold for about $40 per acre and over, and the manure made would pay for the labor of feeding. These 300,000 steers t))STANT QkEANlNG>a THBHB are 00,000 families in London living in cellars, Pon twenty yeaM the City of &texioo has had a monument to Colutttbus; U was erected by * private oltlten ( and cost $60,006. THE King of the Belgians recently traveled 1,200 railed to present personally to Queen Victoria a bouquet measuring three feet across. IT will soon bo proposed that members of Parliament should be made to print and distribute their bills before they introduce them, at their own expense. i NEARLY the whole of Sennacherib's great palace in Assyria has been ol&anod out, and the result la that 1,700 new tab- lots, eto., have „ been secured fo» tho British Museum. THE British war office has decided, that when it becomes necessary to handcuff a soldier in uniform he must not be marched through the streets, but A covered conveyance shall be provided. VON Moi/ritfi In a speech a few days ago announced himself in favor of still further increasing"*the number, of men in the German army. He haa no faith in the peace of Europe, except on a war basis. TIIE Austrian and German press are hot with hostility to the introduction of English fashions for men. The German masher, who in Berlin is known as a "patent-falzke" and,, in Vienna as a "gigeil," is the victim of Anglomania, and his press is trying to save him. THE Kaiser's latest reform Is in naval uniforms. The new book of regulations says that an Admiral may, when at sea, wear an oilskin sou'wester and coat, but his shirt front must be perfectly plain and devoid of tucks or frills; and tho distance between tho rows/of gold lace on his sleeves must be .37559 of an inch. THE discoveries made by Stanley s-how tnat the Nile is the longest river in the world, being at least 4,100 miles in length. Were the Mississippi regarded merely as a tributary to the Mia souri, as some geographers C9ntend, the latter stream would surpass the African water-course, having a length of 4,500 A. Boon to Wive*. Having used "Mother's Friend" 1 would not be without It. It is a boon to wives who know they must pass through the iainf ul ordeal ot childbirth. MRS. 0. MBI^- BURNE, Iowa. Write the Bradfleld Regu- ator Co., Atlanta, Ga., for further particu- ars. Bold by all druggists. THE man who carries a ballot in one hand and a five-dollar bill in the other to-day should carry a ball on one leg and a chain on the other to-morrow.— Ashland Press. RBLIAKOB may be placed in every repre- lentation made by Maher & Grosh, Toledo, ).. whose ad, will be found elsewhere in this paper. No risk in sending them money; they will do exactly as they agree. oMpBTiTioff begeta enterprise and enterprise has Induced a grocer to advertise "genuine horse-radish, fresh from the horse."— Blnghamton Loader. Quick Haying. When grass was cut with scythes, mowing was best when the dew was on. With the mowing machines came other ways. A mower does best when there is no water on the grass, I have found grass cub between eleven and twelve o'clock a. m. is cured better at two o'clock than that cut between nine and ten and it makes better hay. My plan is to run the machine from eight or nine o'clock to twelve m. Between one and two p. m. start the rake and hands to put up in small cocks. As soon as done raking start the teams to hauling to the barn. If possible it should all be in the barn by sundown. If any remains over, that should be carted in the morning. If the prospect is good for another fair hay day, I sometimes mow two or three hours after noon, but never enough to risk having a lot ot wet hay to dry. This seems slow work to many, but I manage to get my hay into the barn in less time per acre than others who work all the time. It is as much work to dry a lot of hay after being wet as it is to cut and rake the same amount without being wet, and the hay is worth twice as much as after wetting. "Make hay when the sun shines." "The more haste the less speed." "Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well." These three rules are the rules to hurry hay making and good hay.—Farm and Home. . £•904 ana tbe Milk. "It is the breed that gives richness to the milk" has always been the cry of a certain class of dairy writers. It is both truo and false. If the cow has not the ability to convert rich food into rich Biilk, there is not enough of that kind of food in, the world to cause her to give rich milk. The machine we use must be abl§ tQ do thQ work which certain re- 8«4<$ require to be done. But the oow does not live that can produce good loilk from sawdust; the cow does not live that pan produce the best milk on inferior food, Qne cow may do better with food than another oow will do, in this rega?4, but etie must have tbe best feed <*» pa,kj) tfce best rcjlk. If H were not so, alljye would need to do would be to selecj a "gooQ, butter cow, *nd feed her on any thing that came handiest Beveral of tfc$ g?jM|-iajent stations have 4emo»$tr»^4 tt^ ^opep leading v«l increase tbe b«ttw fata in milk, but if never seuw iM «fegw ft |p fee would furnish Chicago with 20,000 head miles. .The Amazon is estimated at 8,000 per week for 15 weeks and sell for at ~ <1 "" "~ A ' " J '" -'---•*"- " least S12,000,000. The corn would barely bring $2,500,000, and where would the ranch men and their $2.50 beef be while selling the Minnesota steers?" It is no use to say that tar ming does not pay until we have proved th at all the farm resources have been gathered up and economically utilized, and the gross crops of the farm, like corn fodder, etc., been put to substantial use, and condensed into ' beef, mutton or milk. Politics, organization, or a man. who wants office, can not so direct a person as to make a good farmer of him. This element comes from the man who lives on tho farm, and it is he who must grow cheaply the big fat steer, milk the good cow, raise the large crop and administer the affairs of the farm. As Mr. Stahl says, it is more "grit," corn-knives, siloes and more good animals, that give the profit in farming; not grumbling, and trying to shift the responsibility of poor crops, thin steers, sixteen-dollar cows and eight-cent butter upon those on whom we are depen- dentfor tho consumption of our surplus farm produce. While they are asking us all the time for a higher grade of produce, are we always doing our best to supply that demand? PORTABLE SPRAYER. But Here Is One Home Made—It Costs Little and Works Well. We know of no perfect portable spraying apparatus put on the market, except the Eureka, whioh costs something over $20 each. To people of a little mechanical skill and inclination the description of a home made sprayer givon by Prof. R. Thaxter, in a recent Bulletin of the Connecticut Experiment Station (New Haven), and the accompanying illustration of same reproduced from same source, may "be of interest and help. The machine consists of an ordinary small copper wash boiler. The hose of a force pump (hydronette pattern) enters the water through a short collar of tin into which the HOME MADE PORTABLE SPRAYER. hose is pushed. These pumps do not throw a continuoes spray, and so a piece of flve-eight-inch heavy rubber tubing is fastened to a Vormorel nozzle a at one end and the regular pump nozzle at tbe other, by winding it tightly with small copper wire. The two nozzles are then connected by two heavy copper wires fastened by winding once around each nozzle. The following prices are quoted in the Bulletin, for articles sold in Hartford and New Haven; Sulphate of copper from 6>£ to 10 cents per lb., according to the amount sold; ammonia from 8 to 10 cents; carbonate of copper 75 cents per lb.; rubber tubing 18 cents per foot; wash boilers, $8,25; 'force pump, $4.00.— Popular Gardening. UVE STOQK NOTES. MR. GHBEI-KY once illustrated a point in his political experience with the story of the drover who, obliged to dispose of a herd of swine at a loss and ask.ed what be got out of the enterprise, answered: "I had the company of the hogs," HAVE a pen partitioned off from the mother sow, out into which the pigs caa go, where you can feed them a little milk »nd oatmeal, OF good wheat bran, by themselves, says t$.e North.western Agriculturist They will leapn to eat and it will be better for them when weaned? TjfB best way to increase tye appetite of a fconw, If snob a thing is. »eces- »ry, is to change 1 hit diet frequently, says m exchange, la the spring bows pf ten lose tfcejp and is second in size of>the great rivers of the world. TUB Museum of Antiquities at Gottingen has made a remarkable addition to its treasures. It consists of nothing less than the battered door of the university prison on which is cut in bold characters the nanxs of "Bismarck. It seems that the ox-Chancellor, in his law-student days, suffered a'-brief period of detention there for some trifling breach of discipline and amused himself by carving his patronymic with unmistakable clearness on tho door of his coll LONDON Industries says that "a very common impression is that Hong Kong is only a mercantile emporium or con- tor for the distribution of merchandise all over China and neighboring countries. It is, however, developing into an industrial center of considerable im portanoe. It has now throe largo sugar refineries, which have practically mon opolized the trade of refined sugar in China and Japan. There are factories for ioemaking, ropemaking, and there is also a company which has a largo establishment for supplying bricks arid cement" 8(x Free, will be sent by Cragin & o., Philada., Pa., to any one in the U. 8. or lanada, postage paid, upon receipt of 85 Dobbins' Electric Soap wrappers. Bee list of novels on circulars around each bar. TUB music that hath charms to soothe tho savage was produced by his victim while being scalped.— Binghamton Leader. A. M. PRIEST, Druggist, BhelbyviUe, Ind., says: ' 'Hall 1 8 Catarrh Cure gives the best of satisfaction. Can get plenty of testimonials, as it cures every one who takes it." Druggists sell it, 75c, « LABOR Is honorable; always excepting, pcsaibly, the laboring jaw of the demagogue or ignoratnos.—Olathe (Kan.) Mirror. You hardly realize that it is m«dicine, when taking Carter's Little Liver Pills; they are very small; no bad effects; all troubles from torpid liver are relieved by their use. EVEN when a rattlesnake, manages to keep its head all right it is liable to g«t rattled at the tail.—N. 0. Picayune. THE best cough med ! clne is Piso's Cure for Consumption. Bold everywhere. 25c. TIBBBB, Miss., Oct 6, 1886. Messrs. A. T. SHALLBiiBBBaER & Co. Rochester, Pa. (Jente:—The bottle of Shallenberger's Pills sent me in February last I gave to W. G. Anderson, of this place; a long-standing case of chills and rever. He had tried everything known without any permanent good. In less than ten days after taking your Antidote he was sound and well, and has gone through the entire season without any return. It seems to have effectually driven the Malarious poison from his system. Yours truly, V. A. ANDERSON. • THERE is a rumor current that a paper in this country recently printed a census joke, but it lacks confirmation. However, such a thing is liable to occtir almost any day.— Norristown Herald. ANT one can take Carter's Little Liver Pills, they are so very small No trouble to swallow. No pain or griping after taking. THIS reason most poets think to no purpose is that their thoughts are idyl thoughts.—Philadelphia Press. HALF-CORED eruptions will return. Eradicate them with Glenn's Sulphur Soap. Hill's Hair and Whisker Dye, 60 cents. MANY a man can Hell a fifty-cent article for a dollar and then not 'be able to hold on to tho dollar.—Puck. ». . It is blow for blow when the backers of prize-fighters are boasting.—N. O. Picayune. A MAN should be sure he's right, then follow his knows.—Yonkers Statesman. THE MARKETS. NBW YORK, June 3ft. C.IVK STOCK—Steers *3 90 @ 5 00 Sheen 440 ©570 Hogs 890 ® 4 85 fLOUR—Good to Choice 800 @466 Patents., 4 25 ® 5 as WHEAT—No. 3 Kefl 92V4® MM No. 3 Bed BOHto 87 3OBN—No.8 41 & 48 3ATS—No. 8 White 33 @ 86 RYE—Western 64K<5> 68 BARLEY—Canada 60 © 7SH POEK—Mess /18 85 fel3 75 LARD—Western Steam. ; 5 97 K® ft 00 BUTTEK—Western Creamery. 1 , 8 © 19 CHICAGO. / BEEVES-Snippimr Steers.../ $3 60 ® 5 10 COW8 f. 190 ((0 8 M Stackers J. 340 ® 3 86 Feeders \ 8 «5 ©400 Butchers' Steers I 3 10 @ 3 tO Bulls.. l 800 ©375 HOGS—Live—Good to Choice.? 340 ©370 SHEEP \ a 00 © 5 «0 BUTTER— Creamery . ...\ 8 © 15 Good to Choice Dairy EGGS-Fresh ...... ......... BROOM CQHN— Hurl ...... , Belt-Working ...... .... Crooked . , POTATOES— New (^ bW) 654® 8 to 3 25 &: 3! 3 75 LAKP-SDeam.. ................ 5 8S',,<® 5 0$ FLOUR— Spring Patents ....... 4 85 @ 8 85 Winter Pftteuts ............. 440 «•• 4 <B Bakers'... ................... $85 @ 8 fio Straights .................. .. 875 @ 4 86 GRAIN--Wheati No.S. ......... 85 (E " Corn, No, 8.,.. ........... ... 34K t i< Oats, No. 8 .................. Bye,No.8 arle Barley, No. 3 Northwestern LUMBER— Siding ........................ 1750 Flooring ..................... 31 00 Common Boards ............ 13 IW FenpiiBK,.. ............ . ..... u 60 Lath— Pry ........... ..... ., 88.1 Shingles ..................... 800 ST. LOUIS. CATTLE-Steers ....... ;..,.., WOO S) © 4# ©21QO 63100 ana Feeders HOGS— Fair tp Cfcplae Heavy. E>iTCJOY® Both the method and results "wheix Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 60c and |1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand \vill procure it promptly for any one who •wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL. LOUISVILLE. KY. HEW YORK. tt.V. CCVCKTCCN To ope Biliousness. Sick Headache, Constipation. Malaria, Liver Complaints, take the safe and certain remedy, SMITH'S BILE BEANS Use the SMALL SIZE (40 little beans to the boU ;le). They are the most convenient; suit all aces. Price of either size, 26 cents per bottle. at 7, 17, 70; Pboto-grarore. - - - 7- . panel eizo of this picture lor 4 cents (.coppers or stamps). J. F. SMITH & CO., Makers of • 'Bile Beans. •' St. Louis, Jfo, XJR. OWEN'S ELECTRIC BELT ^ . PATENTED Aim. 18, 1887, IMPROVED JULY 30. 1889. DR. OWEN'S ELBCTBO- GALVANIO BODY BELT .AND SUSPENSORY win Sour. All Eheumatle Com- eplaint;. tnmbago.Geaeral gand Nervous Debility, rOo»avenett, Kidney DUeuei, Jrervouinesi. Trembling, Ex- haustfoa, Wasting ot ON 10 PATS TEUi. JfTTO BESPOSBIBii'PABTl b%&w%*S ELECTRIC INSOLES,, Also an Electric Trues and Belt Combined, tend Be. poitage for »*« illutt'4 book, tit p««, whitb will b* Hot you In pl»ln felled envelope. Mention U>ti piper. AdOnf* OW&N EIEOTBIO BELT ft APPIIANOK 00. 306 Worth Broadway. ST. LOUIS, KO. 888 Brosdwey, WBW YOBK CITY. r ««I have been a vreat »aff«rer from Torpid I4ver and DysiteiwtA, livery thing- I ate ditmffreeu with me until t began taking Tun's Pills I «mi now divert any Kind of food! never nave a head ache, and li»ve vain* «d fifteen imuudtt in welurht." . • W, C. 6€MH,l ZE. <*l For BILIOUS & NERVOUS DISORDERS Such as Wind ttnil Pain in the Stomach, Fullness end Swelling after Mealt, Dizziness, and Drowsiness, ColdChills,FluMhlng» of Heat, loss M Appetite, Shortness of Breath, Costiveness, Scurvy, Blotches on the Skin, Disturbed Sleep, Frightful Dreams, and ad Nervous and Trembling Sensations, Ac. THE FIRST t»O8B WILL GIVE RELIEF IN TWENTY MINUTES. BEECH AM'8 PILLS TAKEN A8 DIRECTED RESTORE FEMALES TO COMPLETE HEALTH. For Sick Headache, Weak Stomach, Impaired Digestion. Constipation, Disordered Liver, etc,, they ACT LIKE MAaiC,8trtngilitnlng the muscular Suitem, teatoring long-lost Com- plexlon, brlnglngback the heen edge of appetite, and arousing with, the ROSEBUD Of HEALTH the whole physical energy of the human frame. One of the beat guarantees to the Nervous anfDebilitated Is that BEECHAM'S PILLS HAVE THE LARGEST SALE OF ANY PROPRIETARY MEDICINE IN THE WORLD. Frepnred only by THUS. BEECH AWT. 8t, He1«ni, Lnnea*h)re< Knftil»d, Sold bit J>int<igl»t* generally. B. F. ALLEN CO., 365 «nd 367 Canal St., New York- Sols A Bants for the United Stntet, wAo (If t/mer dranistdoM not keep them)' BEEOHAM'8 PILLS < — 'i. U-M 'U • ^^Hirl^BI ^^^^^.**Bi^ f fl^^B ^^W heki If the old proverb 5 APOLI0 is greater them royally itself: TVy *$• in your ra&xh* house-cleaning: Grocers keep ih DO YOU LIVE IN GREASE? As a true patriot and citizen you should naturalize yourself "by using the best inventions of the day for removing such a charge* To live in Grease is utterly unnecessary when SAPOLIO is sold in all the stores, and abolishes grease and dirt. Thio IfMIFC onrl 7 in (UCADQ iniS Milrt ailu HIli ontAno, Cut Is exact size; price 6Bc, our price fo» nwhilc 48 cents; 6 for 92.00; lieBt imjBot^ t utecl liladc*. Gent's fine S-blado, (1; boy'ft < lady's pearl, S5c; 7-inch beet steel shears. 60 cents. ICLirSTKATKP IJgT FKEE, nnd "HOWT* USE A. KAZOR." : Maher & Grosii, 6 S Street, TOLEDO, OHIO. THE BEST COUGH MEDICINE. BOM> BT DRUGGISTS EVERYWHERE. "THE BEST IS THE CHEAPEST." THRESHERS LECTROTYPING SAW MILLS iTEREOTYPING OF THE HIGHEST GRADE PROMPTLY EXECUTED BY A. N. Kellogg Newspaper Go. We offer to our Customers and The Trade generally the roost satisfactory work possible in these branches. Our facilities enable us to turn out work very rapidly, If you desire to release your type on some large job, send it to us for either stereotyping or electrotyping, and it will be returned to you promptly and in good order. We make a specialty of Newspaper Headings and Guts, and have the largest assortment in these lines to be found anywhere in the country from which to select. A, N, KELLOGG NEWSPAPER Co,, SOS & S70 DEARBORN ST., CHICAGO. ILL. B24 it S2Q WALNUT STREET, ST, LOUIS, MO. 71 ft 73 ONTARIO STREET, CLEVELAND, OHIO. 177 & 170 ELM STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. 4OI WYANDOTTE STREET, KANSAS CITY, MO. 88 i 40 JEFFERSON ST., MEMPHIS. TENN. 74 TO SO EAST 6TH STREET, ST. PAUL, MINN, DELIGHTFUL * VACATION * TOURS TourUt TlSketi, j both single and round lauibU, S. «, SOLD EVERYWHEEE. THIS IS THE CLASP Treated »nd cured witlw Book on V. BORE WELLS! ' wherever found, That Holds the Roil on which If wound The Braid that i« known the world around. SALESMEN. LAKE SHORE ROUTE (t. S. A M. 8. Ky,) tO CIUOTAUQUA, NUOABA FAWS, ITOKOSTO, THE ST, IA>VBENC8 BIVEB, THOUSAXD ISLANDS, MOMBEAL BA8 HABQOB. Etc., Etc. er AJJtSjatatlWketo via thin route ftdtoit of «top over at THE MOST TTNIUVE SITBUIEH, BBSOEr nr ISCB WOULD. ^^ CHAUTAUQUA! To which Special »*curfHow» will be run during the season. Send, tot Tourist yoldejr. ^ C. K. WHB?S, W. Paw. igreat, 0810400. For Pamphlets write to THE AUITMAM ft TAYLOR COMPANY. I CLOVER HUUERS MMSFIEIB,!./ WAN* PENS en 10,000 Soldiers imii TOAKPlTf FOB f f% • I f\ at once under NEW ONS Disability Law.'; Write me giving name, service and P. O. address. -, I W nillNRY «OZ FIFTH STKEKT,E I1 III (JUIIIU I; WASHINGTON, ». <£, (-NAME THIS PAPER RUSSELL & CO.'S WOW. BEADY. _ Describes their latent Hill* «nd Tbrcjherm ThrecMnvEndaei,Saw Htlli Hill Enjrinri, IIor*e Power*. Stationary Ptayi or Automatic, and BOILBR8. AcL. RUSSELL & CO., - MA88ILLON,< Wt<AMI THIS PArBRimj Urn. joumiu. iraprored;' FOOD . IT 18 C6E1> by Oil! IIMIEN'8 ClHLIUtfcfl.jj | Thouuuxlt of joung wen »n*| women in the U. B. A. their livei and their healti their happlneu to KUge'l B _ their daily dirt in Infancy! and Childhood bwintbe«n.g ' K>n/u * n ~ «-»--i-*- i^ _ By Drugglii HT1S TUB LEADING FOBD IK 35 «n« up. WOOI.IIK ALL ColOTKIES. CO.. Palmer, AMATFIIR Outfits from f« nmH I tun vx>. Photographl Supplies of all kinds. Develop Printing and Enlarging. Sena "HTAWtj* MflfeA VWAltAW«.«M.1 FKEE. R.P.HAUMSY& . and *4« Wabash Avenue, rtfAKi THIS P4PM.,« ti« nvmto. Ohii PENSiONSgT" 6 «n and Fathers are entitled to $ 12 a mo. Fee »10 when you get your raone 1 Blanks free. J08KPII II, HUNTKK, Attj,^TuIi(igt<W, I), I Kriuitx taw FAME mutmiwintt*, R P M e i o M J 9 HN W.WMJWI E W OIW HI Washington, ». Successfully PROSECUTES Cl ..ate Principal Examiner TJ. a Tension • y rs in last war, 15 adjudicating claims, »t AddroRB W. T. J-nTZGEBAlD, PATENTS! Address W.T.yn SL Til.LMAU«E I: TAIAJIiDfiB, Clilei HTMAMB TBIB PAfHUmi to»« ^wwrtU." CU11B J'UOSKCUTBB UW. Circular New Laws 59 PENSIONS B to j. L. MpB-ftriana. w 'orSoldlfrsL _ Writs H-t once to; ffKUU TBIB FAPJEtt »i«j «a* ;«init*. GANGERS P**tt%'* J*P»I». »

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