The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 25, 1890 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 25, 1890
Page 4
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1 *! FIRST NATIONAL BANK -'fW, WiV fWtVh The Grange Store ! CROCKERY, STONEWARE. A Good General Assortment kept at n all times. GRANGE STORE Don't Fomet that You oati Buy the hi loll utit' liiiiii tin 1 Itiill RiiUihln iti \\ lll^lUHi t".l \Vits litlitllH'l . itiliitinuitui Oltlh'l (tH lU 1 In-lit. 'l'Sii> umv ou G. M^Howard STOVES, TINWARE CUTLERY, AM0 t MWWMtl Hi Mb c nwr //$ r PRINTING, M rt wn MfllJI Hi IrH/fMV . lH(t'/l tl/('.V ('I' lillsU Itllll Pi (1 1 I'/W'/ 1/V \W\ HI'HI' mi- l ^'lil M dflll /W'/I iltlli I'llllll Wllff ('///Wl(ll'/'**ll II il lii ii. vl«l'(.u-y I'm- 'liiiu Ci'i'^ki Ity itiiii (III ftHitH !1M I lit, ,/tlf((- !/», Wet |H('f( . . R. V- It. )! /(/I/I ill i mo ililyHl II _ .. tlllill- Hll I'NllH 'IH'k. 'I'll*' '((Oil lllll' Illlll 'ml Timii ittiil jii.ql tvliitl Ilii' idil.M lien! llit'iii •Hdlilll (I I'HV tVN'ku ll(*l). I (Hid Hllle'l H'I'H'sllllH'fll'fl I III! lilt' jjHIIIflll. \- f^MUII'lll FKll'J- TIIH |iiiiUi'l|iiili'il III liy nil. Tlit'lt ft limn 1 ! 1 y ttiillt'l' ili (•(IIJIIIil'llllM III' (lll'illl-'lllHlllll Will) WlffiM!l.| [1M-- JHJlilll'll HlH't'. Tilt! It Kid tiltillM Illlllll' inti' Mini Mity tlii'.v iiml lulu til' I'tiii. Mi-tit, (HUH, .liitic i>ii. limns it) 1 ln- 'IMl lll'l' Mi'lU't't* tllt'Sl' Ulttl'M; Ulll'llt'ltt lit AJl'x BlpliV wtlFt Illi! itt- lil' !l HllHill blt.V ill'lll tfll'I Ht ills [' till RllllllllJ- IllHl. TIlO iMlllllilllOtt ill id'tlti- jii'Ht !« 14 itniiiulfi. Alt, iy HityH llu\v itrt> it llvt'ty |tttlr iuul I'lllkt'. Ill I'l'll'l;SU tWIt'11 HO Illlll; IT WILL PAY YOU — Winkle Bro CI OAf,f/ AT— FVOUABelN . . . /)/<* ttr«» f/Hff >» y I/V rtitf, /(•'(((•Id Hgrtff* V,, NEED OF Stoves or Hardware, nommui & mum DIRECTORY, - j, H, i* ittwhtu if»f»» litn<ntiu lit* ii TiiUlfof Alumni,, vtelM lifs A. M/ WAHIIINfiTON lilt- I/MTTIIII, •I- lllll I'H««<I'« Illl* Mcllrtll' Illlll IN III I III- HlHIMi-'I'lli'i'lU'lll Illlll Ollu't Ndttl 11 ('(Mi, Hill (till ll'SIKHHll'Ilt, J), U, .Jlllit! 90.— Bonnlor I'liim (tuil nil llio ttfBtor Ilia ftltvor soiitt' lift! vury ninoli ulittwt ovtit' their autv lit (IllUfllllllllt 1111(1 (HtWHlllg UiO lltlltSO c hill In it mitimet' which wiikus U, ('((!• lilt.' ft'tJO tllltl IllllllltUttll (!0lll- Of flitVt'f I>,V the fltllmUUlUul Y(l!.« (if <I'J in 'M FtumiUii' WuhltHti of UoltiHtthi, »till! last ppctiOlt In fiiVOf of fret! tinlti- Wliltilli liy tlio Wtty, WHS Ills inuktou ill Hit! puiwtu, ivtul lliet'chy placed tti ytttid In tltf! Fftmt t'ttnlc of BCU- , TltiB lUitloit hy tho Rt>it tunny ti«t)|tk') hut not yotit 1 who iifGiiicteu 1 1L In yowr tuiuty inontlip ttjio, the hill us itntomteit niut pi\ssci\ by the senivte is now B|icnkt»v Itocd's tivhltj M\\\ Its ills- \\m\\\ by tho bonac b going to bo Uit«ri>RUnn, to lota of folUn, ttltil tVnc pi\r!5rt\n«?ttli\vy \vovk b Hkoly bo. ( 1 xl\tl)itml fof tltc vnliilrtntion of those p^^Rt^>^i to cnjviy it. If in the sinvrttc ub is no cCrlrtinly tbftt the presUlcn \vtU si-in it. ou the ttonlvaty U i? vei-j thrtt hfi \ViM\U\ veto SL ThoNi •A oonseWiVVive ^Uni\ctU in tho house \Vutttb. will ttlioittpt t« hrtveAiV(wi'cn>ncc<>^\cr€v XM\ the H«\en\\«vouis. tc thi\t is sviccess 1>\1 some sort »^f si con\pi-on\Ssc f Avovabli to sUvev. bwt «ot, quite lo the evtent <v t, a, w, a. OANBON BROS,, A TWttWKVR AT J/AW, AI^»Hft, Itmn, Ofntto Ovoc A' VIBRATOR Every Enterprising Thresherman knows that the threshing machine that will work the most rapidly, clean perfectly, and save all the grain will bring him the best jobsrandbest prices,. and so he will Write now to at once investigate our claim that Ofttoe over tlio Klrst Nntloiidl (Kind, Alarum, (own. ItKBD, A TTOHNKV'AT-hAW, Algoim, lowiv. Him avur UIH pout onion. JAB, BARE, M, 1),, Of- miit ni' HtJIKIKON. Offloo uoxt P it 1 II Iv) I WlV (»i 11 • v • i i •' .....<-,-. ,.....,.,, (tool 1 to Foi'tVn WHi'oliinmis Aluontv, towiv. DK, F. E. V. SHORK, (own. DR, S. G. A, READ, Physician and Surgeon ALGONA, IOWA. tmltl lt» tllsoiwes of tlio Olltcc, liiturs f MM 10 to tBi Druggist & Stationer. rvescrtpllrtns lUVd. Deals tn patnts, oils, bv>i>k < * ( pcvtu»«ovl«», etc. Corner tit Slatfl and Thorhtgton streets Alfti>na> Iowa. E, E, Sayers, D, V, M., Veterinary Physician i Surgeon \v<«Nt: of the . honi \-;vist«s NV 1'i\vm iii Tlio grain ' X ami lots of <••;. 1>. Mc-Art.liuv lias his anil is lio\\- Iwi'inu; ;x woll. in this pavt of vf hT<^1<iiig is ll \\v avo RVlt iiVfi; h.Miso Also Prices Us Deering Flower brands of that defy oonvpetition. befOi*e Buying, Twine at and see "hi lies of llu 1 S ilint a I'd I | wcnvo it. j Fatlit'v Xfcliols is i tin's Nvock solii-itint;' ''* tlio luiildiut;' oi a O tm Xv ifh food Tirnc IS: Tin- young Baptist vhmvli have oloc-kk-i Tni'ist bo bad to <-all tli . and li;\vo sot out V up from Algona i subscriptions for stliolir clmixib at M'Klfind 1'liat !)(• is siKV'ss find tltfd Don't Forget Our Plow Shoe. i ^. m Aseni for the BRADLEY & ViETCAL.F boots and Shoes, and theW. L. DOUG LA'S Shoes, which are the host goods made. i IK- snrnc will l>o built this season. Out coinmunitA was shookod last T^rid.'iV morning to loans Vlntt Miss <'lruvt' ^'Iiilvotnb. of 'HMmsny. bnd took a dose of "rou;j;h on rat's" and cvptvtcd to go to slo(ip iH'Vor to "wake ai^ain. but from 11 o'clock a. rn. until bcnvccn .v and fi o'clock ,'ii iiiiflit sin- was in tviTibl<- pnin, btu diod without a irroan. About S o'clock. sbf told her pi;rents wliat sb(- bad taken suid H. 1\ Smith immodiatHy siartod for Han- orofi. He arrived iii hall an hour and •\vivh 'Or. i'uvlfr siud a new team made tin- return trip almost us quick, but 211 minutes after she bad died. Ilei mind <vas supposed to be clouded until she bi>e»m<- despondent and at lawt endod her own life. 'She Avas to have been married ne\i month but had reJ'iraeil to si-i She duy. onh tw> dayx before. She vns is years of ugo anil n member of itbe'M. K. church. The funeral WHS : behi at this place on Saturday at the i church. Tfev. Ward preaching the ser- jiuou. ami the remains were interred in i the eemetei'y at this place. F.S. Uiml.-. ffine ' froiu Oil' tin tfi. vhold iu fntercst f:ttis coii]>0!i> si t» I any flme vfnttt eeiid laortga^f. 01 •\!li iTisiblc tliV borrowft <"*rf^0! tMU*. (^:ill <>D <>! -KKAVKH, Altroim-, Iowa Abstracts, I From our Oorrespotnlcm, ' \VKSI.KV, ,'hnif -4. Wet wfathcr is jjilllbe su> now. Farmers an- eom- Jphiitniii; IhiU the> can't >vork their 1 corn. ; "l-M Kum" ImihiiiiR is neariutr COTH, nletioi), also the bank block. : ' Hurrah for the 4th: People nil have ! come to the conclusion to come and {celebrate the glorious. There \viii be ! the "'reatest time ever known in tin; !hi*t«H ; \ oi Wesley. Tin: Wild West 'stage conch wnd'Sioiix Indian warfare I ami thousands of other attractions will ! make everybody go home t'eelinp that '; Wfs!i>\ can hw»t tht worht foi hig- '•doitiV Come and brin^ you; families ami make it a day of rejoicing that vii! loiur be remembered asu hup- p> observance oi the jireav national 'Some torn: talk Wtfs indulged ii> OH our streets latcXaturday evening called on i bv statements made to the fdivor of' the Algonu Courier rpfleetinK °" oi our citi/eiis as u bf*ot iMfpei, false statement were A croAYn gathered nround t!u- chief isTMitants. own e rot lain! the wsuU. Vf a v<ne vm the A^vehd- mertts is I'oi-ce^ \\\ the IwifcC they \vti\ be in. the McKittVey tarit\" bill hfts been vc- novtx;A to the sertftte, but it will not be until Monday, live. SOt.^ inst. , 'Ohan^es which «uv <iewioo,VA't- friends hflVc beoft IVrediclin^ hftro «-o\ Tbei'e are tflvan&'os, -t">f course, qnit* ft Yinrfibev of them, 1>u't aye 'urtimpOVIfint aM do fio'l -In " •est xic^'ixje -AftcC't the tfhsVacter M ihe bill, which Will become a "law substantially as it passed the house, l^his has beeft said ^etV)re in tlW>se eoluWns, ^btit it is itfft'port- ant^'noush to ropeal. lioth house and senate have withdrawn 'their amendments to 'the &nti-t'rust bill'' Vv'hieh has now ROtie to the 'ipresident, in exactly the shape which ilfiret'passed the senate. It's a harmless document. 'OommissioiK'r-'Oi tV'nsions linurft lifts no klca of resigning,, althougu his posit.ion is one of the hardest and most unsaiis factory under the government. The river nnfl harbor hill has been reported to tlie senate. With the amendments added h'y the seriate-eommittce the •hill carries an appropriation of nearly 25 million dollars imrt there is much talk among the loaders of tlie party against the ndvlsahility of passing it (it the present session. iSuch talk however will not defeat the measure which re specially dear to the average legislator's heart, but •should it pass there will bo -groat pressure brought to bear on tlie president to veto it. Speaker Ttced. when asked 'when confess would adjourn, replied: "Thehouse can adjourn by the first el .Inly, and not leave anything ot pressing iiupoptanoe undone." It '-would require •some very lively hustling on the part ot the -house to adjourn by thai date, but of-course it opuld be done if the senate were rontly to adjourn, and the SpeBker^o willed it, but the senate will jvist be beginning its-con •siderotjon ol the tftrif!: bill on thftt datb. Adjournment will be nearer to Septfim- -her than July. The 'senate rejected two presidential nominations tht« week-—.1 oh n B. 'Buves, "to be oolleetor of internal revenue for the fifth district of Xonh ^Carolina, nnd H. ; JL Schoch, to be pO9tm«ster at TSelin*s ••Grov«. Pn. Both of these appointments wew made m<:re than u year ago. "Mrs. Hnrrtsou and heir family have left W«shington for the summer. They have cone to their new cottage nt ' , May Point, The president will pay them tiyisit tomorrow, returning Monday. The house republican oauous having finally decided that -u federal «lectiou shall be passed by the bouse at this session, the bill has been reported to the Pot tftft)M«sl*w in i-ftcrMNi tx>Uiv<te in l»>wa, write to tho Real Estate and Abstract Dice of em a CALL, beats anything heretofore made in all these and other points, The wide-awake Farmer will also get our circulars and satisfy himself whether he can afford to have his grain wasted by other threshers when he- can make money by having his grain threshed with the New Vibrator. Our pamphlet giving full information about Threshing Machinery and Traction Engines sent on application. NICHOLS & SHEPARD BATTLE CREEK, MICHIGAN . Farnii for Sale. 1*20 acres near the village of Burt Partly improved. For sale at a bargain. Inquire at Republican office. IOWA, C. J. ADAMS, SOT i a Charles Rooswali, PAINTER Ord ei-s lw postal card prompt- 'to. ^.sirlMioe 's tailor shop. THE CHICAGO AND NORTH-WESTERN RAILWAY. Affords wrtTOtlwl f A«ilmn«s tor 1a-«-nsiT between l*e Tnost iiiiponam ciiles jtml wwns in Iowa, Wisconsin, Kori;li(!vn JflJ<jUlCH.n, , Xonih -anti *ou}h DiikoTa. Xebruska n-Mn sm-ice is •fiwrctfaUy »cl.tnsr«S *o Mie j'eqiiJrejnenT> at ihrcmgli juid local travol, wifl Snclu/los Fast TestikaM 'Trains Of" , Steepiig 'Oars & Bay Konnhigsolid ti(<t«'«oii C!Uie!tgo;ttncl St. Paul, IWinneapolis, Council Siuffs, Omaha And Denver. iM CH3GAGO to PO93TILANO1, Ore. IOWA. S50,OOO. law* of Iowa. , mi>i'i(!> i loanprt, foreign and -bmiKlit ivn<l*olA. Collections timdc proiui>tly nnil Kfienersl linuUliiB business isnof.pil . I%ssiH;f tiRlcwtts to or from :the old iitrlPS'sold al lowest mtos. n. TOftH A"M, '"Presiilwit. .1 . H. JCWRS, Vice PrestilMit,. 'bKWrS H. KMIim, Ctishiev, : T)ir(>otiors--'\V.'H.'lnf!liani. .liin. (i. Smith, .1 ' SiLEEPERS to Portland, Oregon* San -Ctoimcil Itlults imfl Oniuliii. ^if ti'iuitti, tickets anil nil iiitonuation , or to the 'U«uerul .. B. .Tones, T.OlmsRliilles, pw AVart-sworth, Barnet Dovlne. , .). W. W, 1. 3te»man, 1. Ifiiitmaii Bass. uamns anil artdVRss of H 'few petinUt to whom -we nuvysend frp(--saninl<»s of our gooihi, «.t ev«ry pnstofltOR in flic IHitfwl "StHt-es wi^ will •SBIIU •sttaled Hi V«l««l»lc Tti'oelmn. wliinli isell ifov si fninli to any iMldress upon reo«ipt«f tliinottrd and 2ft pents, Wo one with totul intentions need H!>r»ly. Oiroolars frws, "TMtituw) •s>»i»}»Jjri<Joiii- l»»nj', Hiil)l>antstoii, 'Miolt. TM«ntion -tMn pa- PW. »}-*» FOR SALE! -180 AORES OS 1 LAND Mall twoen J.JIK- wltli VeiitllmltMi Trams . and liouse and ii will be pinned through «t on«t. It is not believed that tlie'senate will pass the bill, certainly not-at this session, and in the house those who aw most deeply interested, the southern republican*, are almost to ti mail opposed to the hili. though os course they will vote for iibecause the caucus has made! it»u party measure, \ Secretary l»Joble has transmitted throughrj the secretary of the treasury, to congress | fi Jetter froai comiui««ioitei of pension*, j ttttum. ftsking for an ttypropriatiou for j 4*J new employes hi hisemce. He esti- j ntfttes tAiai the services of that mam'will be ffl«de necessary by the '»ew di«w»ilUy pension bili. Viee-Presi<Jeat 'Morton bas returned to •Ws duties, «a<l is agmiu gwicefully «w4eld- Iti, tbc gavel ovei ^ oitniftad but per- In German township, Kossuth county, io wit. descrihed«s follows: is-W-flr.^«c.-£ township l^o. tfe, range -37; S5 acws «f hreakiuft . Will be sold on loug time with small payment dowu 37 52 TTlHMm-l !•>!! t tl»MI tul 1 S«\ltl > 1)6 1 W(»ell r :BUiW»,Omali;uuul tUeainctflc ooast. 'S'Htimiul lUmtc points in llHuni», WisotuiKiu. principal Formaj>i.,ltiii(>WI>l*»,Tate-- al fr«iatH,:6tc.,-*pi>lv to'tiMJ Jt «f tl»e OMeago. ItfttaegaOite. , *r to4UiyrAllrwul4M!«at.aj)ywliero iu tilt- Woriu. XlbarlesiSity, low*. inforoi.-iUoJi In reteaiwe -»ud towns owtmd Ijy tttf, you want 4t^ootl square Bo you want-good, reliable Insurance ? Do you want to rent -a farm or hindv Do you want to trade or«ell youi er other property V !><> y<Wi «Nwt to buy proved ktiwi «u ioog time witL but Httic or-noeasti payment Bo you Oan'l MauuB«. to toli. , -Xttutl Couuiiissiouer, write :*»t* v*ta*wm»vtf****-

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