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The Washington Herald from Washington, District of Columbia • Page 12

The Washington Herald from Washington, District of Columbia • Page 12

Washington, District of Columbia
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NATIONA JOE JUDGE'S TIME1 IN NINT By JACK NYE. Joe Judge ippneitun sort rnt Whan ha mw Walter John the breach and brine a semblance of order eat of a wild aad wooly (uh yesterday. Joe arched to the plate, with the baaes la the ninth and fired a wlck drive right orer the head of the watting Mr. Cobb. It mlfht have three baaes or a home run.

a single waa all that waa needed to glvo the Grlffman a win la the flaal came of the series. Mr. Cobb had been having quite a strenuous day of It especially with the umpires, and waa feeling none too spry when the ball started hla way. He cave It a glance and departed for the bath without even offering to give chase. fffcergy.

pent up for two days as! thq result of enforced idleness, waa exaded In large amount! by both the Washington and Detroit pitch-' of whom there were I ntil Johnson and Dauaa finally went In to relieve the situation Iti looked like a contest of wlldness. Fourteen feases on balls were dished out during the afternoon, noaors being fairly even. Choices FalL Zachary waa Grillllth'a choice to' start but he lasted only four rounds. He was replaced by Erickaon. who the plate completely In the i sixth and waa yanked after hav-1 hig- iasued three tonsecutlve passes.

But first honors for lack of were unquestionably carried oft by Durk Glailer. who walked 5 men and permitted 5 hits in) the 4 Inn-1 ings he worked. In the opening frame Glazier banded out four passes and allowed three runs with the aid of but one' hit. Oldham attempted to southpaw the GrlfTmen Into submission when he replaced Glazier after the fifth, but laated only till the fading end the seventh when he shewed I unmistakable symptoma of trying1 to outdo his teammate in erratic Jennings then threw the Burden of work upon the shoulders of Dauss. but Joe Judge and others proved his to be a useless task In the ninth.

Jebaara Te Rnnr. Johnson wai1 sent Out to warm up 1 when Erlckson lost all control in I the sixth. Three runs In the first! Inning and as many more in the! fifth had given the Griffmen a three- I run lead the sixth rolled around. Flagstead inaugurated the Inning with a single and then stole. Hale fanned, but Erlckson passed Manage Shorten, who batted for, Blaster, and Toung In turn, forcing Flagstead across the plate.

-Th? still filled when! Johnson stepped to the mound with 1 SYRACUSE OARSMEN AWAITING REGATTA Md- May second cight-oared crews of Syracuse University and the first and second crews of Annapolis midshipmen are on edge for the races on Severn River tomorrow afternoon. The course will 1L distance of VlXt and five-sixteenths. JPfk viz JUL i ATTE i Red Ext Disre All Our Fine TAILORED SALE I 2( a limited tiae stock. Patterns and models elusive shown this seasoi B- ords, Browns, Blues, Her Pencil stripes. Shadow Higheat grade domest fabrics, comprising finei $75.00 $65.00 I $60.00 J5? Value Suil The balance of our with two pain of trousei Wy; worth over $50.

Now reduced to $3730 Oi Safe Tlw i ls' rall! LY DRIVE OVER TY FRAME WINS GA i Judge Delivers Punch. WASHINGTON. UIBMUPOl Jodge. lk 4 1 1 4 0 MUaa. 4 0 10 1 4 0 tin, ct 0 3 2 0 0 4ft.

i Koth. it 1 0 2 1 Hank, 2b 5 2 1 2 0 2 1 BOerbe, 3b 4 1 1 0 ri 1 Shannon. as 4 1 0 1 1 Gkarrlty, 2 0 1 8 2 Zachary, 2 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 a 0 Johnson, 2 O'S 0 0 2 ToUta 84 9 IS 8 2T DBTBOIT. IBS USOBBPOA Young, 2b 4 1 1 0 1 4 4 1 0 0 2 0 4 0 1 1 8 0 4 0 8 0 0 1 0 Hellman, lb 8 1 1 0 Oil 0 Flags tend, tt 4 2 1 1 1 0 0 Hale. 8b 4 1 1 I 0 1 0 Joan.

8b 1 1 0 Stallage, 10 10 18 2 xPlMlU 0 1-0 0 0 0 0 Alnamitk. 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 Claster. 2 0 0 1 0 0 8 xxSborton 0 10 0 10 0 Oldham. 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 Dauaa, 10 0 Totala 82 1 6-25 Scare by iBaings? Washington 80008020 1Detrolt 010205000illan for In aisth and scored. GtalMr to walked ai out when winning ran was scored.

Two-base Vaack (2) at (2). Jade Ellerbe aad riagstead. Sacrlflca rity Bath. Cobb, gtanage aad Hellmi (2). Doobla Young and Bel Zacbary.

la 4 Innings; Krickson, 1 in 1 1-3 lnoinfi; off Johnson, off Glasiar, 7 In 5 off Oldham, 2 in 1 2-3 innings; off Dauss. In 2 aad 1-8 Innings. Baae on off Glaieer, off OMham. off j. struck out-I by Brick son.

by Johnson. 1- Hit by pitch. -Krickson 1( Veach). Runs batted ln-l Harrla. by Ellerbe.

by Shannon. I Johnson. by Judge. by Cobb. I Manage.

1 mplr and Bran Stanage. 1. Winning pitcher. Johnson; 3 ot hoars and ter threw to the plate too late I get Pinelli. running for Stanage.

1 was then that Cobb grot his only of the same, a single to center, bi It was good enough to score thre runs, after Rice had juggled it bit. This inning gave Detroit a twe run lead, but marked the end their scoring for the afternoon. Barney Hits Timely. By dint of hard work and Johr son's timely single. Griffs' boj made it an even eight-all.

in til next Inning. Roth started thins by walking. Harris fanned, but lerbe's sharp single sent Roth 1 third, from whence he scored whe Ellerbe was squelched at second Sharnon's rap, and Young tossc low to first In an effort to con plete a double play. Qharrit walked, and Manager Jennins quickly lifted Mr. Oldham and southpaw slants in favor of Daus But Johnson's batting eye was wit hint, and he rapped a clean one I center which brought the efffrvei cent Ellerbe homeward.

Heilma crabbed Judge's fast one and ei tlnguished him at third for the flni out. Not until the ninth was side able to do anything with capable pitching of Johnson ar Dauss. It was beginning to loo like extra innings when Ellert faced Dauss In the ninth and rappe a single through third. Shanno Eleventh.and luction raordii Cost or st Clothes for Men an BY ROCHESTER'S F0REM0 0RS AND SCHL0SS every $60.00, $65.00 most ex- teds, blue unfi in Greys, Ox- homespuns, twi ringbone weaves. Deduct one stripes, etc.

marked prices, ic and imported the city, quali it smooth won- alt-wool, hand-t uits, Lest 20 PerCe uits, Less 20 Per Cei its, Less 20 Per Cei ts, $37.50 $35 Vali All-wool Suits. Young Men" Kmited quan- quantity. Size Size? 33 to 38. Now $28.00. free of charge Royal Men's I a YJOLTS TO COBB'S HEAD ME FOR NATIONALS i also singled to left and Gharrity I popped out to Jones, who had taken A.

I I Hale'a place at third. Johnaon was. i Implored to hit when he came to bat ') and compiled with a short rap 0 left, on which Ellerbe waa wisely held at third. This put the matter 1 entirely tw to Judge and 0i to time wfth a howling drive to cen-) 0 ter, which Mr. Cobb was lucky to 0 even see aa It paaaed ovrhead.

Mr. 21 Cobb decided to call it a day and everybody else waa In the samo frame of mind. Notes of the Game 0 EUerbe's steal ita the first as inspected the ball was prompted the fans, who thought he should have advanced before when Harris i 01 pilfered third. The success of the ft 01 third-Backer's daring turned critl- 1 0 cism to Cheers. There were two on ir the fifth d'when Cobb over01 head drive with one hand in non? chalant 1 Sam Rice covered a world of territory in the seventh, when he made alt of the put-outs.

'He took car-i of hard chances in center, right and id left Roth faced the pitcher five times and is credited with' but one time at bat. He waited three times, and hit into a double play on his attempt. II- Veach failed to go back fast iff enough for Harris' high cne in the 3 first inning and it gave the second- sacker two bases. On a fast field it would have been fairly easy picking. Jy Veach's first double bounded off A the right field wall.

His second was a drive over first i bas? Glasier Issued five passes and jachary foyr, while Zachcary and Oldham were credited with two apiece. Dauss passed one batter, "Mand Johnson wasn't troubled with lack of control. BRAVES ARE JOLTED IS I BY MITCHELL'S CUBS 7 7 a Chicago, May winning- the first game of the series from Boston today. 7 to 4. the Cubs gained a slight lead over the Braves.

THc score: Boston. Ah At Chicago. Ah II A 5 2 2 OlFlack.rf 4 1 2 Plek.Jb... 5 0 2 3 12 5 Mann.If... 3 0 1 4 3 5 0 I Cralse.rf..

4 10 0 1 4 313 4 0 3 0 BoerkcI.8b 4 3 0 ljttMl.Sb 3 0 2 1 4 3 0 3 0 3 0 OowHr.c.. 4 13 2 0 0 1 in I Scott.p.... 2 10 ltHendryx.p.

2 11 2 ei i Rudolph.p. 0 0 0 lttTwombley. 0 0 0 0 Hearn.p... 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 H'hrla'burj 0 0 0 oj I 1 29 6 27 11 ts 35 12 24 is Boston 00010300 s. I Chicago 00000250 (2).

Hollocber. Robertson. i O'Farrell. Hendryx, Twombley, Cruise, 11 I- Holke (2). Pick.

Two- a base Pasket, Holke; Muran- I Stolen (2). Sacrifices? Terry, Christenbury. Double to a Holke; Maranville to Pick to Holke; Flack to Barber. Left on Boston. 7.

Bases on Hendryx, Off Rndolph. 8. Seott, 4 in 6 in- le aings, none out in seventh; off Rndolph. id Bone In 1-3 inning; off Hearn, 2 in 12-3 ci It innings; off Hendryx. in 7 Innings; off Carter, 3 in 2 innings.

Hit by Scott (Hollocherl. Winning dryx. Losing Umpires? Hart and McCormick. Time of CENTER, jf 1 MEN! Sale 1: lary Value Young Men ci ST WHOLE- I BALTIMORE iff '11 r. id $75.00 Suit in our nished worsteds, vicunas, 1 teds, etc.

'fifth from our regular Always the lowest in Ity considered. Superior tailored garments. tit, $60.00 nt, $52.00 i it, $48.00 ue Suits, $28.00 All-wool Suits, Limited 33 to 40. Less 1 All necessary All sales final. I Main Floor I GERS-KU CLUB BATTING il.UBl wo Courtney ..4 I a 1 10 11? 8 1 100 Johnson 1(1 1 6 1 15 15 4 1 I 7 is 2 4 KMerto.

10 4 10 0 0 0 22 12 27 I 4 22 70 14 21 2 2 0 shannon 21 73 0 20 1 a a 2 22 i i 2 22 11 24 1 0 0 22 81 14 10 S. 0 0 15 10 12 4 1 0 f3i Piciaich 8 26 4 ft 2 i 100 Bhinki 5 10 3 2 0 0 0 JO Hcbach. I 10 3X 4 0 0 0 0 Shaw 3 2 0 0 0 ft A 0 0 23 744 100 200 2S 10 OppoMBto 22 701 00 208 32 13 4 Ito.trr.' Row. 1 got a swell chance now to cop with that stiff up at the bat; 'hy, say, that hobo couldn't hit the ball park with his hat; he was in a steamboat and it blew up in a zvreci couldn't hit the water if he turn- bled off the deck; ve paid my month's rent four times since he caught one on the log, Ind what I'm saying to you is that's slumping some, old dog; wo runs to bases choked-rwe got 'em to the mat, Ind then a piece of cheese like him comes wobbling to the bat ING! Oif the beak! wow I wow! Beyond the fielder's mitt! ay, where's the bloomin' guy what said that lobster couldn't hit guess he didn't get to that last bender with the wood, wasn't I just telling I knowed the hobo couldt 'hree runs across the bloomin' plate, and now the game's a cinch, here never was a guy like liim to soak one in a pinch; 'ight on the nose across the lot, beyond the fielder's reach? hid wasn't I just telling you that old boy was a peacht Buck anil Heinle. The third-base duel between Buck Teaver, the White and Oroh.

of the Heds, was eflnitely settled last season, each, arnest athlete having a long: array supporters armed with tatistics involving the rival status. On the pennant season Groh .310, while Weaver finished with This showing gave Heinle a istlnct edge. But when they came together in ie world series Weaver established mark of .324. while Groh finished 'ell behind with .175. So, for 1920, they decided start 11 again.

And this time it! like business. Up through last reek's compilation Weaver was .387, rith Groh ranked at .359. This is a trifle faster than either an show through the summer, but is enough to show that both are ff to a dizzy start. Logical Successors. John McGraw and then Jimmy ollins were the greatest of the old- me third-basing stars.

After these two came Bill Bradley, Cleveland, and Art Devlin, of ew York. Frank Baker thefc came long and, now the field rests etween Buck antf Heinie as the I lain contenders. They are the cfass in their respec- ve circuits, so if you are interested i individual contests, you might eep an eye peeled from time to me upon the statistics set down In type opposite their well-known ames. Eddie Collins' Rival. Eddie Colins has been the second ise king for about ten years.

Now ddie has a rival who will carry! im at a tidy pace. The bird in question is AFAYETTE DEFEATS CATHOLIC U. OUTFIT Easton, May 14. Coach ill Coughlin's Lafayette College i jam won its eighth consecutive vie- here on March Field today, de- I ating Catholic University by the verwhelming score of 10 to 0. The Lafayette batsmen connected ith Jackson's slants for 10 hits, hich, coupled with 7 errors by the isitors, gave the home team many importunities to score.

The score: I af'tte. Ab IT A C. V. Ab A 5 13 0 Parrott.lf. 4 0 4 0 5 110 Lyons, 4 0 1 Oil 5 1-22 4122 4 18 0

4 0 2 1 leber.aa. 4110 4 10 2: trney.p.. 4 116 3 1 0 0, 2 0 1 0

4 0 6 0 ooaer.rf. 4 2 10 Mack.e 4 10 1, 4 2 8 0 Jacfcson.p. 4 1 0 X' 37 35 5 24 711 Hit by batted ball. Score by innings? 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 ifayette ...02002 02 Wolbach, Gazella, Chilson 5), Reeves (2), Houser and Bradshaw (2). I Bieber, Lyons, Harrington, I eiberger, Roach (2), Griffin and Mack.

1 Raorifice ruck Carney, by Jackaon, 8. on Jackson. 2. Stolen banes Wolbach and Welles. Hit by Passed ild Mr.

McBride. 1 Today's Best Bet Men's I Chalmers' Knit Union Suits fit $-p5 I SBWWTE STREET ENTRANCE Tol I MENS SHOP 4 MAGAE A AND FIELDING I TIMIH IBIOII ro A a 1.000 3 4 1 IS 0 1.000 3 a i it i ju I mi 1 I I 4 I 1.000 i i I i a I 4 I MM IS JN 27 5 2 1 5 30 XI 1 1 21 4 13 12 31 27 0 3 10 TO 3 23 3 2 3 0 3 1 24 11 4 6 10 7 6 00 25 4 11 3 0 4 3 1 3 5 0 0 1 0 1.000 2300044 14 1 .047 000010030 1.000 1.000 0 0 0 2B7 31 T1 004 3T 278 7 20 82 MO JOT mm Grant land Rice Hornsby, who completed hti first work around aeconc (or the new season with a marl around .450. The Texan a flm lnflelder. and with his batting 071 so well adjusted at this soon may force the White Sox star to hli fastest clip. These two are the clasi at second.

Just as Groh and Weave; are the main around third Hagts Beeir. Walter C. Hagen, the open (oil champion of Uncle Sam's well bunk ered domain, is all set for his loni carry across the Atlantic. After his arrival on Brltlah sol he will have at least a month li which to become acclimated and get his same tuned up to Its pitch. If Hagen can't win over there haven't any one else who can.

He has the game and he has competitive nerve needed for such a test. His msin barrier will be the nu. merical odds, where Great Brltali will send a strong field to the start' ing tee in Mitchell. Duncan. Vardon Braid.

Taylor and eight or ten oth era of high golf rank. One or two of these may slip am no harm will be will other top-liners to fill the gap? But Hagen can't afford to slip. Aa OatsMe Verdict. I see where they're trying Dempsey? But what can the records show That everyone in the country Doesn't already knowT IVhat does the verdict matter When this is the record clear? Maybe he wasn't a slacker? But he wasn't a volunteer! DOUGHBOY. Speaking of the fighting men? how many still recall the record ol the First and Second Divisionstotal strength, casualties, The Reds batted around .267 last season, and so far this season the) are batting around .270.

If this li slipping, we need a new dictionary (Copjright. 1830, New York Tribsae Men Have Wished and Expected II That II Shoe Prices I Would Take I I Drop But they hardly hoped to save so I much money as we are making possible Pfi I- I These Two 1 Great Sales! 1 i. Jffll DOYLE Major League AMriaa Trtifna. Waahlajtoa. Detroit.

8. 1 other sum poatponad. Do Vatiaml ImCM. Chl Chicago. Boston I.

Ctoriaaatl, Philndelphia. S. rhi Brookljn. at. Loais.

2 (IS iaataca). the Maw bel ten QAMJM TODAY. tWMillll atr SL Louis Washington Detroit at Philadelphia th. Chicago at Booaoa Ckarclaa4 at Tart stisnnl lauat. Philadelphia at Claeiaivtt.

Saw York at Itttnbmf. Brooklyn at Bt- Laula. ual Boatoa at )o IRUioit or cuma. Amarioaa Laagaa. pu 1920 rat Pet.

Prt. Cleveland It 11 Boatoa 14 7 i Chicago 11 5 .7221 Washington 11 11 .880 8 Naw York 11 11 .900 8 4 .087 St. Louis 10 11 10 .878 Athletics. 13 .850 10 wil Detroit 5 .227 8 IS nlB I Bo I Vatianal Lssgns. Hui 1 1030 ms do: SV Pet.

Pet. I hi Cincinnati IS .028 12 .0071 Boston 10 7 .888 2 10 no' Pittsburg 11 0 Brooklys 8 U0 11 4 .733 I I Chicago 12 12 .500 for Philadelphia 8 IS .400 8 .8861 tak St. Loots IS 4 IS New Tort 8 .881 11 -TSS ENTRIES TOR" GOLF TOURNEY TO CLOSE ON TUESDAY NIGHT Entries for the annual Spring invitation golf tournament of the jff 8 Chevy Chase Club which will be held on Thursday, Friday and Satt urday, will close Tuesday night and present indications point to an un- usually large and classy field. 1 Many of the best of the local 1 players have already sent in their names and most of the others will have don so before the entriel In addition, the golf committee has the entries of a number of out-of-1 town players. The usual program will be fol-1 lowed with the opening day devot- i ed to the qualification round at eighteen holes.

The handicap event will be played in conjunction with this round instead of on the final i day as was the case in the recent Washington Golf and Country Club event. Four slxteens will qualify with the first and second rounds of match play stated for Friday and the eventI ending on Saturday with the semifinals and finals. Pimlico- Baltimore May First Race, 2:30 P. M. Special by W.

B. 1 ft A. Electric. Most Ai a Man Reduced For all oar regular $730 Oxfoi Spring High Shoes in tan and Plenty afl Also "short lines" specu chases and some value from $8 to $10. Styles include tan and black and Blocher nvodeL, and some of th conservative Also "Buck top other novel in spring high Don't Fai A TENNIS UMAGAE AND IN CHEVY CH chlya Kuwcm ud Conrad B.

cnwfed Wctoriom In tb? CUm Invitation round robin 'on the Chevy courts yesterday. conditions, were not of the it an excellent brand of WaT, ParticlItk All played raMseason tennis. i passing I Piscine accurately, living up reputation that has von them 1b previous yed. eUw KiuufM, the Japanese lB style. docoptlve.

disposed of 8am. FrlBco net man. straight sets. (.4. Kumar rfT plaJrKl court if- troklnc steadily and 5 tlme? maca? brought exclationa from the gallery.

Wlsa Two. 'onrad B. Doyle, whose particlion waa not expected, tops the mine column for the day. Wlllard Lsford. of New York.

t-l, and gh Kelleber, of Seattle. (-4. Kle's chop was difficult for opponeaU to handle, and It waa a hard task for him to emerge i-inner. the flrat fame to BoUd In his a ret sat. he rallied to seven straight games, lost tha it and ran Ave more for the tch.

Hufh Kelleher. his next onent, surprised all by winning straight games from the star al racketer. Both were winning ir services until the fifth same, QVALITY Rock an are being taken every day now want to mitt a out If you need anything in th we have everything a fisherman be had. Come in and look us Take 1 Few Blood Click "Everything W. F.

Rober 818 Fourteenth Street iy Sort of a 'feeds for Sui 1.2S to $4.00 a pels and For nearly all black. black Engfeh and High Shoes. Al tk Also broken Shoes that have be eluding some "TRI-V Included are and blltek vici and some plainer tto Get Here AL 4H Ik. Ave r. winners! fLE WINNERS IASE TOURNAMENT when Connie broks through to tako the hi at H.

Ths next ast Doyle took easily at 1-1 Both men played a slashing net throughout. Play will be on tta Chevy Chase courts today. Doyle will meet Saonaal Hardy la the morulas and Ichlya la the afternoon. which la expected to be the featurlnc match of the tournameaL William TlMaa aad Ksshlo wars uaable to I apart, notifying Cbery Chase officials at the last minute. WOMEN GOLFERS IN TITLE TOURNEY AT CHEVY CHASE CLUB Women rollers of the District will (ft their first opportunity at competitive play next week when the women's District championship event wlir be Flayed over the Chevy Chase coarse.

The event will be playad la the moralnrs of May 24. IS. M. and it. with the qualification rolls scheduled for the first day aad oae round of match play aach day thereafter until Friday, when the event win and with the final roaad.

This year's eveat should prove more Interesting thaa those of former yean as there are mora of the "fair sex" playlnc the mass now and each dab boasts of aoveral who are riaht now at the top of their came and who may turn out to be "dark horses." gjj SERVICE Perch along the Potomac. You don't after them over the week-ends, tackle line get it at Roberts', it's the best to ver, it will be worth your while. kiu With Fish Errry If ts Company Roberts Building 1 i Shoe 1 aimer Pair I i ur regular $10 tan and "Brogue" Oxfords aad to of High and Low en $12 and in High Shoes. irk aad light tan and i kid English models? jrles for older men. At AD Ow Foot Stores I Final I sr O.

D.H 'i.

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