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Evansville Courier and Press from Evansville, Indiana • B6

Evansville, Indiana
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Extracted Article Text (OCR)

6B SUNDAY, JANUARY 6, 2019 EVANSVILLE COURIER PRESS On the Record BIRTHS DEACONESS HOSPITAL Michelle and Chad Offerman, Evansville, son, Sawyer David, Dec. 22. Sharona Morris and Cameron Banks, Evansville, son and daughter, Camari Lee and Cala- ni Rae, Dec. 22. Emily Harris, Evansville, son, Hudson Wesley, Dec.

23. Kaily Woodring and Kai'ven Hunter, Evansville, daughter, A'Yonna Dawn-Leshea, Dec. 23. Abihail Hernandez and Florisel Velazquez, Evansville, son, Joseph Caleb, Dec. 24.

Takeia Baker and De'Ariel Sim- mons, Evansville, daughter, D'Aubri Brielle, Dec. 24. Carrie and Shane Johnson, Poseyville, IN, daughter, Au- drey Rose, Dec. 25. Raechel and Alen Middleton, Evansville, son, Xavier Lee, Dec.

26. Michelle Cremeens, Mount Vernon, IN, son, Alex Joseph, Dec. 26. Brittney Jones and Brent Byers, Evansville, daughter, Lillian Grace, Dec. 26.

April and Nicholas Rooge, Evansville, daughter, Parker Lynne, Dec. 26. Melanie and Troy Anderson, Henderson, KY, son, Owen Thomas, Dec. 26. Tierra Morrow and Jeremy Norrington, Oakland City, IN, son, Remington James, Dec.

26. Mackenzie and David Barnes, Mount Carmel, IL, daughter, Remington Lou, Dec. 26. Jessica McKinney and Brent Carroll, Evansville, daughter, Emarie Kay, Dec. 26.

Katelynn and Benjamin Halbig, Francisco, IN, son, Wyatt Lee, Dec. 27. Kari Hawkins and Ryan Wilson, Evansville, son, Finley Douglas, Dec. 27. Adelaide Davis and Michael Busing III, Evansville, son, Che- vy Michael, Dec.

27. Kaitlin Antczak and Jose Tor- res Jr, Evansville, daughter, Izabella Elizabeth, Dec. 27. Brittany Quarles and Stephan Sims, Evansville, IN, daughter, Nayeli Rose, Dec. 27.

Katie and Kyle Hochstetler, Evansville, son, Oliver Michael, Dec. 27. Sarah and James Thiry, New- burgh, daughter, Sterling Hon- or, Dec. 27. Ariel Barker and Dacota Layne, Evansville, son, Kaidge Michael, Dec.

27. Tashawna and Aaron Neaveill, Evansville, daughter, Elaina Rose-Marie, Dec. 27. Megan and James Wahnsie- dler II, Evansville, son, Charles Arthur, Dec. 27.

Kaylee Hicks and Brandon Whittley, Evansville, son, Gray Alexander, Dec. 27. Erin and Michael Stinson, Mount Carmel, IL, son, Alden James, Dec. 28. Morgan and Colton Bottomley, Evansville, daughter, Reagan Elaine, Dec.

28. Jeanie and Aaron Gamache, New Harmony, IN, daughter, Sophie Grace, Dec. 28. Jennifer and Cody Elless, Ev- ansville, son, Grady Benjamin, Dec. 28.

Amy and Nicholas Deutsch, Evansville, daughter, Avery Lynn, Dec. 28. Amy Braun and Jacob Clark, Evansville, daughters, Magnolia Kay and Scarlett Leanne, Dec. 28. Jennifer and Joshua Keller, Evansville, daughter, Rylee Rae, Dec.

28. Karlinda and Abraham Schwambach, Evansville, daughter, Ariadne Quinn, Dec. 28. ST. VINCENT HOSPITAL FOR WOMEN CHILDREN Megan and Dean Sullivan, Lynnville, IN, son, Wade Jame- son, December 21 Danielle Mosby and Paul James, Evansville, son, Trace Alan, December 26 Erin and Michael Owens, Wa- desville, IN, son, Wade Edward, December 26 Molly and Samuel Galloway III, Henderson, KY, son, Samuel Lee IV, December 26 Vanessa Taylor and Jeremy Wood, Newburgh, daughter, Evelyn Renee, December 27 Morgan Shelby and Evan Doan, Evansville, son, Holden Scott, December 27 Josey and Adam Roth, Ev- ansville, daughter, June Ada- lynn, December 27 Elizabeth and Josh Gibson, Evansville, son, Leo Raymond, December 27 Katie Clemens and Clarence Ransom, Tell City, IN, son, Colt Cullen, December 28 DEATHS FILED (DEC.

17-21) Albright, Harold August; Feb. 24, 1927, Cadiz, exsangui- nation, bilateral femur frac- tures with femoral artery lacer- ation, multiple blunt force trau- ma, motorcycle versus tree collision, Dec. 16 Ball, Louise; Mar. 17, 1931, Evansville; myocardial infarc- tion, congestive heart failure, Dec. 6 Bender, August Mar.

30, 1924, Evansville; renal failure chronic, Dec. 11 Bennett, Harold July 30, 1950, Grandview, septic shock, Dec. 20 Berry, Edward Leroy; Jan. 9, 1937, Huntingburg, sub- dural hemorrhage, blunt force trauma, fall down steps, Dec. 12 Boring, William May 30, 1955, Evansville; pancreatic neuroendocrine carcinoma, Dec.

17 Cotton, Bryan Keith; Dec. 23, 1966, Evansville; seizure, down syndrome, Dec. 13 Forville, Donald Paul; Sept. 24, 1943, Newburgh, idio- pathic pulmonary fibrosis, acute on chronic respiratory failure, Dec. 18 Gilland, Kayla Apr.

11, 1987, Morganfield, aspiration pneumonia, complications of quadriplegia, blunt force trau- ma from motor vehicle colli- sion, Dec. 10 Goad, Robert Aires; Jan. 3, 1952, Evansville; myocardial infarction, complications of atrial flutter, diastolic dys- function, coronary artery dis- ease, Dec. 14 Harris, Doris Maxine; May 5, 1928, Evansville; metastatic non-small cell lung cancer to liver, cigarette smoking, Dec. 13 Hiss, Michael July 7, 1941, Evansville; coronary artery disease, myocardial infarction, Dec.

19 Hollander, Brian Mar. 31, 1967, Evansville; atherosclerot- ic cardiovascular disease, Dec. 2 Huckleberry, Stan Dec. 2, 1954, Evansville; ischemic cere- brovascular accident, Dec. 17 Hudson, Scott Evan; Nov.

25, 1961, Evansville; squamous cell carcinoma of oral cavity and larynx metastasis to lung, Dec. 14 Johnson, Alice Feb. 9, 1926, Evansville; hypertension, Dec. 7 King, Lavelle Sept. 29, 1922, Evansville; senile dementia, Dec.

10 Lockyear, Connie Nell; June 14, 1940, Cynthiana, systolic congestive heart failure, Alz- dementia, Dec. 12 Lucas, Shirley June; June 1, 1928, Evansville; malnutrition, senile dementia, Dec. 18 Martin, Mary Morton; May 13, 1933, Evansville; pneumonia not responding to treatment, Dec. 18 Martin, Tamara Diane; Nov. 1, 1950, Evansville; subacute to acute multiorgan failure, Dec.

11 Massie, Dennis Wayne; July 2, 1944, Mount Erie, acute hypoxemic respiratory failure, cardiogenic shock, Dec. 9 McConnell, Helen Ann; June 15, 1938, Marion, acute myocardial infarction, acute hypoxic respiratory failure, acute pulmonary edema, acute ischemic stroke, right occipital lobe, Dec. 12 Mehringer, Kurt Alan; Sept. 9, 1964, Evansville; asphyxiation, ligature hanging, Dec. 13 Meier, Richard Albert; Nov.

30, 1954, Evansville; cardiopulmo- nary arrest, atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, Dec. 10 Meyer, Mary Ann; Apr. 5, 1936, Evansville; congestive heart failure unknown etiology, Dec. 13 Myers, Glenna Feb. 14, 1946, Bloomington, septic shock with multi-system organ failure, peritonitis, bowel anas- tomosis dehiscence, peptic ulcer disease, Dec.

12 Myers, Gloria Apr. 15, 1936, Boonville, acute and chronic renal disease, Dec. 16 Nelson, Paulette Faye; July 28, 1950, Evansville; clear cell renal carcinoma with metastatic disease to the lungs and soft tissue, duodenal ulcer, gastro- intestinal hemorrhage, Dec. 19 Pierce, Nicholas Feb. 16, 1980, Oakland City, brain herniation, Dec.

14 Pressley, Deanna; June 8, 1940, Evansville; disease, Dec. 15 Riddle, Arthur James; June 21, 1933, Winslow, hemor- rhagic cerebrovascular acci- dent, De. 11 Rogers, Brad Mar. 29, 1973, Evansville; anoxic brain dam- age, multiple sclerosis, cardiac arrest, Dec. 7 Schnell, Viola Mae; Nov.

26, 1940, Chandler, lung can- cer, Dec. 13 Searcy, Emil Oct. 19, 1934, Mount Vernon, end-stage disease, Dec. 17 Siders, James Clifford; July 22, 1979, Poseyville, cardiac arrest, anoxic encephalopathy, Dec. 10 Sikes, Mary Linda; Dec.

24, 1954, Owensboro, sub- arachnoid hemorrhage, spinal fractures, blunt force trauma, passenger in motor vehicle collision, Dec. 12 Stone, Kenneth Dale; Aug. 25, 1954, Henderson, cardio- genic shock, non-ST elevation myocardial infarction, acute kidney injury, Dec. 12 Swope, Leon; Dec. 26, 1951, Evansville; metastatic adeno- carcinoma of lung, Dec.

9 Walerczak, Elizabeth Jean; Nov. 27, 1941, Evansville; con- gestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, dementia, Dec. 17 Whicker, Clara Doris; Mar. 18, 1925, Mount Vernon, de- mentia, Dec. 12 White, Raymond May 8, 1931, Evansville; dementia, squamous cell carci- noma of skin non-metastatic, Dec.

2 BANKRUPTCIES (DEC. 17-24) CHAPTER 7 Dozier, Tashara Lynn; 1631 Cass Court, Dec. 17 Collins, Sarah Marie; 2017 Cass Dec. 17 McClanahan, Shelly Marie; Owensville, Dec. 18 Michaels, Sadye; 903 Raven- swood Drive, Dec.

18 Pearson, Craig Allan and Kim- berly Ann; Mount Vernon, Dec. 18 Titzer, Chad Chandler, Dec. 19 McClanahan, Shelly Maire; Owensville, Dec. 19 Richard, Desiree Tell City, Dec. 19 Eckert, Edward Jasper, Dec.

20 Jones, Dustin Lee and Christe- na Lynn; Boonville, Dec. 20 Canaday, Thomas; Jasper, Dec. 20 Baughman, Cathy Lynn; Rock- port, Dec. 20 Harris, Barbara 4550 Church Road, Dec. 20 Cunningham, Susan Mary; Boonville, Dec.

21 McKinney, Wendell Marie; 1816 Hicks Drive, Dec. 21 Robbins, Derrick Lee and Ash- ton Antoinette; 3508 String- town Road, Dec. 22 CHAPTER 13 Kendall, Julie 1310 Queen Anne Drive, Dec. 17 Kasten, Melissa Jasper, Dec. 17 Wilson, Raven Ada; 1614 Foun- tain Dec.

17 Sittig, Jerry and Debbie Tennyson, Dec. 18 Wilson, Dennis 1814 Helf- rich Dec. 18 Saum, Judy 941 North Po- sey County Line Road, Dec. 18 McCarty, Larry 4808 North 1st Dec. 18 Pfingston, Matthew New- burgh, Dec.

18 Winerberger, George R. and Bridgett New Harmony, Dec. 19 Thompson, Logan A. and Re- becca Lei; Owensville, Dec. 19 Davis, Mike A.

and Dawn 1864 S. Weinbach Dec. 20 Cullison, Gary Ray and Cynthia Diane; Elberfeld, Dec. 21 MARRIAGE LI- CENSES (DEC. 18-25) Ruder, Mark Edward, 56, 7744 Primrose Lane, and Heidi An- drea Stewart; 45, of 848 Keck Dec.

18 Camp, Mills Hunter, 25, of 6810 Wade Park Drive, Wades- ville, and Andela Brgul- jan; 25, of 6104 East Oak Dec. 18 Alcorn, Karl Christopher, 35, and Ashley Kaye Hicklin; 32, both of 1758 S. Alvord Dec. 18 Maynard, Steven Edwin, 27, of 933C Pebble Creek Drive, Apt. Henderson, and Nicole Catherine Hensley; 26, of 2501 Baker Dec.

18 Pierson, Robert Dale, 32, of 101 Monroe Sturgis, and Amie Dawn Vailes; 41, of 1217 N. Second Apt. Dec. 19 DeJarnett, Julia 35, of 1014 Cherry and Cedric D. Bu- chanan; 36, of 2439 Monroe Paducah, Dec.

19 Akkad, Nasreddine El, 21, of 8158 Kenova San Diego, CA, and Hope Elizabeth Don- inger; 22, of 2771 Forest Dec. 19 Hurt, Isaac Dale, 20, of 718A Fairway Drive, and Tyler James Hurley; 18, of 1922 Knightstown Road, Shelbyville, Dec. 20 Ball, Jacob 22, of 7001 950 Owensville, and Courtney A. Greenbank; 24, of 1900 Schenk Road, Dec. 20 Titzer, Craig 54, and Shelly R.

Dickinson; 49, both of 4925 Big Cynthiana Road, Dec. 21 Marshall, Audrey 35, of 1005 N. Fairlawn Circle and Matthew R. Market; 36, of 2108 Lincoln Dec. 21 Wetzel, Dustin Lee, 25, of 5101 Hooiser Court, and Ashley Rena Berry; 27, of 4711 Rolling Ridge Drive, Dec.

21 Zavala, Ashly, 21, and Zackary Coy Bolton; 24, both of 537 S. Kerth Dec. 21 Henson, Kenneth 69, of 407 Lakeview Drive, Eddyville, and Janis G. Underwood; 62, of 187 Craig Road, Hazel, Dec. 21 Smith, Darrell Flem, 69, and Martha Jean Tipton; 79, both of 30 E.

Chandler Dec. 21 Sollman, Melissa Ann, 40, and Sally Ann McDevitt Burress; 59, both of 3108 East Chestnut Dec. 21 Hubert, David Stratman, 29, of 8001 Newburgh Road, and Alexandria Rose Osinski; 26, of 1581 Equestrian Court, Madi- son, Dec. 21 Mathe, Thulani Malcolm, 26, of 2007 Cheyenne Drive, and Jameika Dinita Johnson; 24, of 522 Apt. Jr Miller Ow- ensboro, Dec.

21 Stoker, Nicholas Allyn, 23, of 1660 E. Michigan Apt. and Haley Briana Long; 21, of 3706 Five Oaks Drive, Dec. 21 Erwin, Natalie Morgan, 19, of 313 Ladonna and Bran- don Micheal Slisher; 25, of 15353 Apt. Fort Polk, LA, Dec.

21 FOOD AND RESTAU- RANT INSPECTIONS Arby's, 1340 Green River Road, one critical violation: Sanitizer concentration for wiping cloths too weak (cor- rected). Busy Body Lounge, 1201 Columbia no violations. Catfish Willy's, 5724 E. Virginia no violations. Chavas Mexican Grill, 4202A 1st two noncritical vio- lations: Ice machine soiled; Reach-in coolers have ice build-up.

CVS Pharmacy, 4480 First no violations. Diva's Cooking, 1224 McAuthor Circle, approved for operation. Dollar General, 925 North Park Drive, no violations. Gas Food Mart, 2912 Lincoln no violations. Ginmiya Asian Diner, 4827 Davis Lant Drive, three critical violations: Sanitizer concentra- tion for wiping cloths too strong (corrected); Chemical concentration at dishwasher too weak; Food in walk in freez- not stored six inches off the floor.

Gracie's Chinese Cuisine, 12500 Highway 41, one non- critical violation: Dish machine not properly dispensing san- itizer. Food Smoke Shop, 3012 Covert no violations. Ice Cream, 800 Dia- mond one noncritical violation: Wall next to sorbet freezer needs repair. Lincoln Garden, 2001 Lincoln five critical violations: Bulk container scoops lacking proper handles; Improper stor- age of raw meat over vegeta- bles; Sanitizer for wiping cloths too strong; Bulk container scoop handle in sugar touching bulk product; Non food grade bags being used for food stor- age; two noncritical violations: Knives stored between prep table and wall and broken knifes discarded; Improper use of three compartment sink. McDonalds, 20 Main no violations.

McDonalds, 3704 First no violations. New Frontier Restaurant and Bar, 12945 Highway 57, no violations. Sports Bar Grill, 1801 Green River Road, one critical violation: Improper storage of raw meat; one non- critical violation: Floor tiles in the kitchen area need to be repaired or replaced. Panda Express, 2445 Menards Drive, one critical violation: Working container of toxic material not labeled (correct- ed). Papa Johns, 12414 Highway 41, no violations.

Penn Station East Coast Subs, 4827 Davis Lant Drive, one critical violation: Hose at three- compartment sink lacking air gap (corrected); three non- critical violations: Reach in prep coolers lacking thermom- eters (corrected); Reach in cooler in need of repair (cor- rected); Refuse area in need of cleaning (corrected). Pizza Hut, 1357 Covert one noncritical violation: Back siphonage device in need of repair. Pizza Hut, 4508 First one critical violation: Sanitizer con- centration for wiping cloths too weak. Chicken, 3300 1st one critical violation: Live pest activity present; one non- critical violation: Excessive build-up in and around equip- ment. Quick Mart, 2508 Washington no violations.

St. Vincent Evansville Auxilia- ry Gift Shoppe, 3700 Washing- ton no violations. Showplace Cinemas, 4200 Third two noncritical violations: Water not getting hot at hand sink; Tray in cab- inet under slushy machine heavily soiled and needs re- moved for cleaning. Someplace Else, 930 Main Continued on next page.

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