Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 29, 1971 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, March 29, 1971
Page 2
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Woman Of The Week A Mother's Ingenuity Reigns When Power Fails IN OUR WORLD of electrical conveniences, last week's power outage during what we hope is the last snowstorm of the winter, caused some problems among the rural families. Some, naturally, were more inconvenienced than others, but hardships and unusual situations were the order of the several days this occur red. Telephone service was also in- terruped for even a longer length of time, completely isolating many families from contacting the outside world. At the home of the Delano Grimms, eight miles southwest of Algona, the electricity went off at about 9 on Thursday morning, with the raging wet snow hanging heavy on the lines and it was not turned back on until the next Tuesday afternoon about 4. Now just stop and think of what one would do for that many days in a house with four small girls and the majority of appliances 'electrically operated . . . Well, the Grimms really didn't become too concerned right away, buK- ; after the-first'day or so, refrigerators and deep freezes do need attention. They had been very careful not to open the freezer so things wouldn't start to thaw, but after two days they trucked the meat and other frozen items to West Bend where they were fortunate enough to have a locker that wasn't full. This was not just a simple operation and the roads were much less than desireable for traveling, but that problem could be eliminated, anyway. THE GRIMMS also have a gas log in their new fireplace which proved to be a good way to try and keep the family warm. Slacks and sweaters were still the "dress of the day", but the girls did realize a desire during this time - they had always wanted to sleep in front of the fireplace, so were bedded down for one night. This really didn't prove to be as glamorous as it had sounded, and they readily asked to sleep in their own beds the next night, The girls are Joan, who is almost 9; Cindy, 8; Jane, 4 1/2 and Dane is 1 1/2. One of the biggest problems to overcome is cooking. Mr, Grimm brought the Bar-B-Que grill out of winter storage right away, put it up on the patio and took over as Chef. By the first evening Mary Ann had some steak in the refrigerator which had started to thaw and had to be cooked, so as the wind howled and snow blew, he fixed baked potatoes and steak for their first evening meal. Discomfort from the storm? No, this doesn't ex- actualy sound like it, but this also was the end of just the first day. There were overnight guests that first night, Adam and Dorothy Berte and their two sons who had no heat or water at their nearby farm home. The next day Adam put up a gas space heater he had stored in his basement and they moved back to their home. Grimms also had borrowed a gas space heater to help warm a portion of their large rambling home. Many others had to live in one room and heat with their gas ovens - a dangerous situation which can easily remove oxygen from the air, so takes special precautions. The Grimms had water as they have the type qfjwater pump where he could remove the electric motor and put on a gas one. Many many others had to haul water to their livestock because of electric pumps which could not operate. NOW, DAYLIGHT hours are more easily coped with, but as darkness falls and the house cannot be flooded with light at the snap of a switch, it takes a great deal of ingenuity from a Mother to keep the children occupied, both mentally and physically, to help avoid fear and restlessness. For a few hours or one day, this is not difficult, but almost a week - that's a different story. No television to enjoy for the evening's entertainment, as one usually depends on - and the limits are severe when candles offer the only light. One reads many books aloud and plays games to help pass the time, but only so much sleep is required, even by children, so Mother does have to invent a lot of passtimes for the waking hours. Of course, clothes continue to be soiled and laundry has to be done. Mary Ann, like many others, brought hers into Algona to the laundromat, grateful for their service. In a house completely carpeted and no electricity to operate the vacuum cleaner, things do get a bit untidy. A relative donated Mary Ann one of the push type carpet sweepers which did help considerably and a friend came forth with an oil lamp to provide more light. A family party was held in the evening with hot chocolate made in a fondue pot. Another of the "tricks of the trade of Motherhood". SO TUESDAY CAME and the electricity was once again turned on. This unfortunate family could not stay to enjoy its luxury at the moment, as they had been called out of town due to the death of a relative and had to leave within minutes of it being turned on. So on Thursday after they had returned, the big task of cleaning out refrigerators and deep freezes had to be done and much food thrown away. The whirr of the vacuum cleaner was a pleasant sound once again and the telephone service was restored about noon that day. So things are once again back to normal at the Grimms, as well as at many other rural homes, after one of the longest periods ever without electricity. ANY ONE FOR THE GOOD OLD DAYS B.E.(Before Electricity) THE BOB KUHNS, Ankeny, were Sunday guests at the parental Gordon Kuhns. BISHOP JAMES THOMAS of the United Methodist Church will be at Grace Church in Spencer Sunday, March 28. He will meet with the ministers and their wives at 4:40 p.m. and at 7:30 he will address the lay members of the congregation. THE MARCH circle of the W.S.C.S. will meet Thursday p.m. at 8:00 with Mrs. Jerry Anderson. MR. AND MRS. Paul Saxton and David have moved here from Cylinder. ALFRED A. ANDERSON is now residing at the Good Samaritaa Geriatric Center in Masonl:ity. I Mom needs lesson in 'public speaking' By Abigail Van Burtn I® Wl by Chltifo Trlkmi«.N. Y. N»wi Srntf., Ine.l DEAR ABBY: I usually agree with you, but not this time. You said, "the old lady must be off her rocker," because she wanted her married son to come to see her alone some time so just the two of them could talk without the daughter in law being present. Did it ever occur to you that the mother and son might like to visit by themselves? I have three married sons and I rarely have a chance to talk to them alone. Their wives stick to them like glue every minute, and there are some things [strictly family matters] that I don't want to discuss in front of their wives. Why can't daughters in law realize this and g-t lost once in a while when they visit their in-laws with their hU3bands? PHILADELPHIAN DEAR PHILADELPHIAN: I fully understand that mothers [and fathers, too] may want to have a private word with their married children, but In the case you mentioned, the mother [In bidding good-by to her son and his wife] loudly said to her son, so that both could hear, "Next time, come alone so we can talk!" Now that wasn't very nice, was It? The lady had to be unbelievably unkind, Incredibly Insensitive, or she wasn't playing with a full deck. DEAR ABBY: I am a single girl of 28 who has been in love with a married man of 60 for eight years. His wife pays no attention to him, but she refuses to give him a divorce. He has told me he would marry me if he were free, but I shouldn't waste any more of my good years on him. I love him, Abby, and have decided that even if he cannot marry me, I will continue to love him. Now he is telling me to forget him because there is no future in our love. I can't forget him. He has even suggested that I find a younger man. I don't want a younger man. What advice have you for me? SAO PAULO LOVE DEAR LOVE: One does not "forget" on command. Neither does one "stop loving" on command. Just make sure It is "love" and not an eight-year habit. When a man tells a woman to find a "younger man" It could mean that S£!*i$!^ he would prefer an older woman. DEAR ABBY: Are you a man? I can't believe that you're a woman the way you put all that stuff in your column from mistresses and "other women" warning the wife to always be Johnny on the spot whenever her husband decides he wants a little loving. I have been married for 22 years and have seven kids, and I have never said no to my husband, no matter how I felt, but it doesn't mean a thing. A wife can be clean and decent and willing, but all man are alike. Just let some good-looking gal come around and show a little interest in him, and he's ready, willing and able. There is nothing wrong with me. Believe me, I've had my chances, but I'm not the type. I know my husband loves me and I'm not afraid of losing him permanently, but he's no different from any other man. He Just likes a change once in a while. I know you won't print this, but if you do, please don't use my name. I don't want my husband to know how well I understand him. WACO WOMAN CONFIDENTIAL TO M. R. IN MEMPHIS: Marry him! What's your problem? Yon'll feel better If you get It off your chest. Write to ABBY, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal. 90069. For • personal reply enclose stamped, addressed envelope. For Abby's new booklet, "What Teen-Agers Want to Know," send $1 to Abby, Box 6t700, Us Angeles, Cnl. 10069. 2 — Kossuth County Advance Monday, March 29, 1971 TUESDAY, MARCH 30 7 p.m. - LEAGUE OF WOMEN Voters will have their annual meeting at the Congregational Church. WEDNESDAY, 6:30 p.m. - T.O.P.S. meet at St. Ann Hospital in the Staff room. THURSDAY, APRIL 1 2:00 p.m. - W.S.C.S. of the Wesley United Methodist Church meets with Darlene Smith, hostess chairman. Gladys Detmering and Neva Robinson are assisting hostesses. Marilyn Weiland has the lesson and Marilyn Schipull, Devotions. MONDAY, APRIL 5 9:00 a.m. - ALGONA GARDEN Club meets at the home of Maybelle Gellendfeld with Shirley Hedlund and Jeanne Reynolds assisting. Roll call is Arrangement Tips and the program on Japanese Arrangements will be given by "Mickey" Lowman. Pauline Batt is program chairman. 1:30 p.m. - ST. ANN HOSPITAL Auxiliary board meeting in the hospital staff room. 1:45 p.m. - FARM BUREAU Womens Day will be held in the Farm Bureau meeting room. Mrs. Ernest Van Weelden of Wesley will give her . Inspiration Through Music, "America The Beautiful". There will be special music and a style show of the pajamas made for the Shipe Hope. 7:30 p.m. - DEGREE OF HONOR Lodge meets at Bernetas Lynk home, 209 So. Williams, for business meeting and practice for Inspection. Vivian Skogs- trom is hostess. i Guest Speaker At GOP Womens Spring Meeting MRS. ROGER JEPSEN Kossuth county will host the sixth district spring conference of Republican Women at Charlie's Supper Club Tuesday, April 6. Mrs. L. L. filter, Algona, sixth district president, will preside and the business meeting is K. 0. P. S. Queen Is Crowned CATHERINE JOENS, K.O.P.S. Queen for the year, waspresented her diploma by T.O.P.S. Club president, Darlene Feaster, during special graduation exercises held inCatherine'shonorlastWednes- day night. Mrs. Joens had a total weight loss of 56 pounds for the year and maintained this weight for three months, giving her the K.O PS status. To be a "TOPS" means to "Take Off Pounds Sensibly," but when one has reached the goal set for her by her physician and has maintained this, she is then a K.O P s which means to "Keep Pounds Off Sensibly." Mr. Joens and'their five children were guests for the ceremony which was followed by a tea "Tillie" Ristau was runnerup for the Queen honors with a 55-pound weight loss and Sharon Hahle has been the best loser but has not reached her KOPS status as yet. ' Home Furnishing - Decorating Class THE HOME FURNISHINGS and Decoration Class of the Adult Night School program visited the mobile home of Mr. and Mrs. Roger Jacobson during their study. They also went to various home furnishing firms and other homes, in addition to their classroom instruction. A portion of the fifteen class members are shown seated left to right: Karen Hammer, Mrs. Marine Brones, Swea C ty; Patricia Jacobson, Helen Riedinger, instructor. Standing: Carol Elmore, Beverly Buscher, Gini Buscher, DeLores Winkel, Helen Collins, Ardis Reynolds, Swea City; Florence Darby, Delores Holm, Swea City and Rosemary Matthews. Class members not pictured are Helen Casey of LuVerne; Minnie Studer and Ruth Frambaoh. • • scheduled to begin at 10:15 in the morning with a 12:30 luncheon to be served. Mrs. Roger Jepsen, Davenport, wife of Iowa's lieutenant governor, will be guest speaker in the afternoon. Mrs. Jepsen, the former Dee Ann Delaney, was born, raised and educated in Davenport and is the mother of six children. Special guests will be the Kossuth county Republican office holders and representatives in legislature. The Sentral High School "Swing Choir" will also entertain. Advanced reservations may be made by calling Mrs. Russell Buchanan at 295-5462 on or before April 3. Jean Miller Is Bride Of Roger Brandow Jean Marie Miller of Greene, la,, daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Daniel Miller, and Roger Wayne Brandow, son of the late Mr. and Mrs. Harold Brandow, were married Sunday, March 21, at the Little Brown Church, Nashua. The Rev. Heinz performed the double ring ceremony at two o'clock in the afternoon. Mr. Miller escorted his bride to the altar where she was attended by her sister, Mrs. Ervin Uhlenhopp of Greene, as matron of honor. Mrs. Richard Nelson, Greene, sister of the bride, was the bridesmaid. Friends of the bride, Joan Schuster and Donna Van Deventer, were her beautician and personal attendant. Michael Gilbert of Ames served the groom as best man and Donald Lynch, Parkersburg, was his groomsman. Billy Miller and Terry Brandow, cousins of the bride and groom, ushered the guests to their seats. The reception was held at the Vets Club at Greene. Miss Becky Brandow, sister of the groom, was in charge of the guest book and the bride's grandmother, Ida Darby, served the punch. The wedding cake was cut by Mrs. William Stohr and Mrs. Galen Schulz, Jr., aunt and cousin of the bride, Mrs. William Miller, aunt of the bride poured coffee. Dana Shroyer and Vicki Legler were the waitresses. The wedding gifts were opened by the bride and groom. The bride graduated from Greene High School and her husband is a graduate of the Algona Community High School. Both attended and graduated from Hamilton's Business College at Mason City. They are at home in Algona. Prudence Lodge No. 205 Jerry Anderson, Master Charles D. Paxson, Secretary April!, 6:30 p.m. April 2, 8:00p.m.-ThirdDegree } BUY NOW AND 5 AVI 1 Lidlei your cholct of tlthtr • 18,5 cu. ft. rifrl|»r«tor or 30" rtnf* with Mlf- c)e«n!nf oven (color no txtr* charge) for I28B.M, ALOONA, IOWA UNIFORMS PANTS COLORED WHITE TOPS AND SLACKS ARE MIX & MATCH (NOT PANT UNIFORMS) VARIETY OF STYLES AND SIZES. PANT UNIFORMS TOPS AND SLACKS 6.99 - 8.99 MODE-0-DAY ALGONA, IOWA Carpet Cleaning Made Easy A unique appliance and a duitleii drycleaner called . HOST enable the homernoki'r, to clean wall-to-wall cdrpet-. ing easily and thoroughly. This .new machine, called the HOST Electric Up-Bruih. has been tested by leading Carpet Mills. It's a» .easy to' use as a vacuum cleaner. HOST cleans without water. The carpet is dry and ready tc walk on immediately — no donger of shrinkage or ru»t spots. And HOST works on all fibers—wool, nylon, cotton, .acrylic, rayon, etc. READ'S FURNITURE Algona, Iowa (Rent for $1,00 per day.) ENDS WEDNESDAY SHOWS: 7:00 A 9:00 They faced jrnphalleng an untamed land WALT DISNEY Children - 75c SCREAMING SKULL \

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