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Mount Carmel Item from Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania • Page 6

Mount Carmel Itemi
Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania
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i MOUNT CARMEL. FRIDAY, JUNE 16, 1916. PACE SIX. ENGINEERS GET 8 HOURS AND 3 INCREASE VALENTINE TOMORROW BLUEBIRD PHOTOPLAY INC. PRESENTS IDA SCHNALL AND HER TWENTY-FIVE DIVING GIRLS IN "UNDINE" SIX ACTS-SIX "UNDINE" is the Artistic embodiment of beauty in water stuff This photographic gem was produced amid the caverns of I roe bound shores of San Barbndoes.

The Hea nymphs are visions of lov-lUietm never surpassed on the screen. This picture played one solid week in to large homes. Better than "NEPTUNE'S Hearst-Vita graph News Pictorial ADMISSION 5c 10c TFtiea tori uim TOMORROW Clara Kimball Young in "The Feast of Life" Five Act World Film Feature, Helen Gibson in "The Governor's Special" Special Matinee Five Cents To AIL TODAY SIS HOPKINS COMEDY DAY TODAY Shows Start 2:15, 3:45, 5:15, 6:45, 8:00, 9:30 'Rose Melville (Sis Hopkins) in a funny comedy "A Double Barreled Courtship" Nell Craig, Parwin Karr, Hugh Thompson and Edmund Cobb the. important icles in a three act Kssiyiay tlrsinri entitled "The Naked Soul" Pokes and Jabs ''HIRED AND FIRED" A Vim comedy that will drive away your blues. "His Lucky Day' A Vitagraph Comedy 'ADMISSION LONLY FIVE CENTS Coming Watch for Date Charlie Chaplin in a New Mutual Comedy "The Firemen" TUESDAY The "Who Will Be Flo" Produced at "Innocently Accused" LIUDSON MAXIM, arms and ammunition international authority on makes an earnest, patriotic plea in THEBA1 CARRANZA NOTE READY This call to arms against rear touches the heart strings of your every emotion.

It appeals to your sense of honor, your sense of duty as an American. It is an inspired revelation from the pen of j. Stuart Blackton and produced under his personal supervision. It is more than a picture. It is a great national propaganda which deals with the most important problem that has confronted this nation since the Civil War the problem of unoreDaredness.

Valentine Theatre MONDAY and TUESDAY Admission 10c 20c TlTAGKAPIl BLUE BUBBON FEATURE VALENTINE THEATRE COMING WEDNESDAY JUNE 21 The first showing in Mount Carmel, CHARLIE CHAPLIN the highest salaried comedian in the world, in his latest comedy, "THE FIREMAN" Don't miss this big hit. See Charlie do some hair raising stunts. JUNE BRIDES We have everything that you will need to furnish your house from dishes and kitchen furniture to all the little necessaries. Thoa. H.

Tiddy, Ad 12-tf 216 So. Oak Street. DR T. LAMA.1 WILLIAMS Eyo, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist 32 Bast Second Street 0 1 vi ii ii iii ii (By United Press Leased Wire) WASHINGTON, June 16 The Carranza reply Is ready. Developments reported yesterday regarding fresh handit border raids, it was generally believed, inclined Administration officials to trie belief that it Rhould be dispatched immediately.

There was strong probability that it would be sent today. This latest communication to Car-ranza is held by persons close to the President and Secretary Lansing to be the United States' nnal word in the matter of withdrawal of the expedition that crossed th border to hunt down Villa and break up border banditry. The note is in no sense an ultimatum, it was stated again today. It does state plainly and without any possibility of misunderstanding where this Government and Carranza's do facto government "got off" on the question of safety on the border and also safety of Americans and other foreigners in Mexico. Officials today said then ote calls for no answer and that none is expected.

Still Ammveirsairy OUR HOBBY Is to specialize on sample and standard make shoes. See us for your footwear before you purchase elsewhere and Bave money, 49c to $1.98. Kimmel, "Always Reliable" adl5-3t 10 North Oak St wool Suits at $10 this go a step further; we cut fancies, all (TO CA lfnrf .1111 of hand-tailored Suits, $22.00. Sale BISHOP HERE ON SUNDAY The United Evangelical church will be honored by a visit from Bishop W. M.

Stanford, D. of Harrisburg, the coming Sunday, which will be a great event for the people of that church. The Bishop, who is a wonderful speaker, will preach at the morning and evening services. DAMAGE SUIT IS SETTLED The damage suit of Ralph Horn-berger and his father, Curtis Horn-berger, of Kulpmont, against the Colonial collieries company, operators of Natalie colliery, in which they sought damages'' for injuries received to Ralph Hornberger has been settled through the company awarding the prosecutors $1750.00. The check for the money was received yesterday.

The boy was Injured at Natalie colliery in a fall. TROLLEY MEN TO PLAY SERIES The baseball team of the Shamokin and Mount Carmel Transit Company, expected to open their season this wfek. but had to postpone their scheduled games because cf the wpnthpr. Series of games will be arranged with Silk Mill teams from Kulpmont and Shamokin. The night shift at the mills are made up of male help and these men and boys have fast teams that play games in the morning.

The trolley nine will make things interesting for them. 17 YOUNG OSTRICHES ARE HATCHED Mark Walter. Deputy Receiver for the Ostrich Farm at Bloomsburg, has arrived home. Mark reports that durine the last two weeks 17 young ostriches were hatched out at the farm. They are large, curious looking birds and are creating lots of interest In Bloomsburg.

Mr. Walter has been elected a member of the High School faculty here. WRESTLING TOURNAMENT WAS POSTPONED Tho wrnRtlinsr tournament schedul ed to take place in the G. A. ft.

opera house last night was called rff be-nfinno nf lank of nntronaeo. Two ex cellent bouts were scheduled, but the weather was probably too bad lor people to go outdoors. Miss Beatrice Persing has gone to Allentown to visit iter aunt, Mrs. Aaron Weaver, wife of a prominent physician of Allentown. LADIES' SILK BOOT HOSE in white or black, tomorrow's price.

25c a pair. Ad It L. Grossman Mer. Co. Announcement was made this morning that all stationary engineers of the Reading and Susquehanna Coal companies, have been grafted the eight hour day and an increase in wages of 3.

MARBLE HALL HAD ITS FIRST GUEST Marble Hall, Mount Camel's new hotel, had its first guest last night Herbert C. Free, a traveling man from Philadelphia, had the honor of being the first man to register as a guest and spent the night there. He applied for a room last, night, but was told that they weren't prepared to receive guests. The man insisted on staying over night, however, and was accommodated. DROPPED DEAD ON STREET AT SHAMOKIN Michael O'Connor, aged 60 years prominent citizen of Shamokini, drop ped dead on the street at Shamokin He left his home to go to the home of his daughter when he was stricken with a stroke of apoplexy that proved fatal.

CURIOUS CORDOBA. This Spanish Town Is So Compact It Looks Like One Building. Cordoba is scheduled on the European itinerary as a half day stand. Those who go from Seville to Granada and those who go from (irnnada to Seville take Cordoba on their way. Fifteen minutes for the cathedra, five for the alcazar, an hour for luncheon and on to further discoveries that is the Cordoba program.

The hotels of Cordoba are, In consequence, unpalatial, a circumstance in itself which endears the little town to the Judicious. I do not believe there is a lift hi all Cordoba, and if your wife wishes for any reason to buy a new lint she must go out of the hotel for it, and then It will be three years old. At night ull the tourists are gone to Seville or Granada, and you and the Cordobans and the stars share the amenities of Cordoba's one boulevard, of which everybody is very proud, because it is much superior to anything that Paris or even Madrid can show. It was a lucky chance which caused them to build Cordoba so handily between Seville and Granada. It lias provided a still little backwater for the traveler's repose, a spot where he may forget that American bars exist, eat his meals untroubled by the squeaking of a tango band and adventure himself among the mysteries of bill of fare jelly printed in blue and illegible Spanish." You could put your hat over Cordoba, and very little would protrude.

It Is the compactest little town. From the tower of the cathedral it all looks like one building. You can hardly perceive the streets, so closely do they wriggle among the houses. The roofs are yellow, brown, gray, red; 'the walls and their shadows every color in the world. Among the buildings the green of palms, orange trees, lemon trees, chestnuts, soothe the glare struck eye.

The Guadalquivir snakes through its rich plnins from tb fnrawny flat hills (red, gray brown, yellow), and over all are the great sky of the south and the huge sun of the south, which imposes silence on the world till night shall set the guitars a-buzzing. William Calue in Century. CAUSE OF RHEUMATISM. Cavities Holding Pus, It Is Claimed, Breed the Oread Ailment. In the American Magazine is an article on rheumatism by Dr.

Arthur R. Reynolds, who says: "The cause of rheumatism is pus formed and imprisoned' in some part of the body. It gets into the circulation and is carried by it to the region affected. These pus places may be in spots more or less closed up, so they are not easily drained. They may be located ubout the teeth, at the end of the roots of dead or diseased teeth, iu the crypts of the tonsils, in some of the sequestered places in the nostrils, in the bony sinuses of the head.

They may be in the bladder, the kidney, the gall ducts or other places. The pus producing spot may be as small or smaller than a pea or it may be larger. Its existence is frequently unknown to the patient, especially if it be hidden in soft tissue like the tonslL It may even exist in the bony socket of a tooth without giving pain. "Several different organisms produce pus, and any or all may produce rheumatism when transferred to the joints or the heart. "The physician today seeks for the pus cavity when he meets a patient with rheumatism, and he endeavors to clean it up.

Rheumatic pains have been stopped with magical promptness by simply extracting the offending tooth. It is not always easy to find the pus places in the bidden parts of the body. The ray shadowgraph is essential in locating the trouble. It shows definitely and accurately all trouble about the roots of the teeth, and its use is therefore of the first importance in ferretfng out the pus in the deep structures." Clothing for Men and Boys Men You Can Profit Tremendously By This Sale EACE MAPLE HILL STRIKE IS CALLED OFF The strike at the Hill colliery, Ellengowan and Knickerbocker colieries lias been settled and the operation will re-commence work. The trouble started when contract miners were discharged for not working a full eight hours.

President Matthews conferred with President Wt J. Richards at Potts-ville yesterday and the clause governing this grievance was decided as follows. Miners required to work eight hours at working place exclusive of noon time, and can only be excused when abnormal conditions exist, as to ventilation, or when no other work can be prepared on that day to load cars; to advance the work; to timber or repair the place. Miners excused as above will be hoisted when they come out at the bottom of the slope or shaft. The miners of these collieries also had trouble getting their tools sharpened.

When they took their tools to the blacksmith shop after quoting time they had to wait for them or if they left them there over night they are sometimes stolen. A blacksmith will now be employed to work all night to sharpen tools. Checks will be given the men to prove thav, the company has the too'ls. PREPAREDNESS AGAINST WAR The following regarding the "Battle Cry of Peace," which will be seen at the Valentine Monday and Tuesday, was taken from the "Boston Advertiser?" "The "Battle Cry of Peace" made its first appearance tn Boston In the Majestic theatre last night to a crowded house. The need of preparedness, not for but against war, was greatly emphasized nnd made an impression in the mind of every thinking person present.

"Modern devices or war were shown and the inadequacy of the defense of this country was revealed. Scales are shown which compare the armament of this country with others, such as England, France. Russia, and it is shown how poorly we compare with the other powers. "The possibilities of a hostile army invading New York and the amount of damage that could be wrought is vividly pictured and, though it Is merely conjecture, the tremendous possibility of such an invasion is made apparent. "Peace contenders are severely flayed and a bit of humor is shown at a peace meeting "before the invasion which eventually ends in a melee to which the police are summoned to re store peace." E.

W. Biddle, Carlisle, and Mrs. Herman Birney, Philadelphia, have been appointed manager of the State Village for Feeble-minded at Laurel-ton. Governor Brumbaugh has forwarded an invitation to former President Taft to address the State Teachers' Association at Harrtsburg in December. Professor George H.

Zellera, of Lancaster a teacher at Franklin and Marshall College, has been elected head of the biological department of the Hazleton High School. CLARA KIM6ALL YOUNG DIRECTION OF WOPLD Clara Kimball V'oung, considered the loveliest and best beloved of all screen stars, will be the attraction at the Theatoriuni tomorrow when the Word Film production of "The Feast of directed by Albert Capel-lani, will be shown. In this picture Miss Young, is strongly assisted by Paul Capellani and Doris Kenyon. Helen Gibson in "The Governor's Special," a thrilling railroad story, special matinee, admission 5c. ad HAVE KITTENS WITHOUT TAILS Thomas Williams, 129 north Hickory street lias two freak kittens at his home, that were born about ten days ago without tails.

The cats are lively, healthy and strong, but are peculiar because of not having the usual long fine tail that cats usually have. The mother is also tailless and is a remarkable ratter. The animate are attracting considerable attention. Classified Advertisements MONEY LOST A roll of money lost on Iocust street. Finder will get reward by notifying ITEM office.

It WANTED Girl for general house work. Apply to Mrs. Carr, next t( Ithoades' green house, Kulpmont ad lti-iii WANTED Girl for general house work. Apply 229 south Market St WANTED A girl for general house, work. Apply to diaries H.

Bolicl 49 east ad 15-2' GIRL WANTED For light housf work. Apply to 351 west Avenue ad 14-4t AGENTS WANTED To solicit order for men's clothes from factory died to wearer at wholesale prices Reference required. P. O. Box 52.

Pa. ad 14-3t WANTED A few intelligent Englis speaking Polish men for a payin proposition. Salary to start. App to Chas. Gutkowski at the Locu Mountain Hotel, between 6 and p.

m. ad FOR SALE A second-hand organ ai a bicycle. Apply at 223 south street. ad 15 (To Everybody wonders how we could offer all 4O.OU seasonwonderful values. In this sale we out all profits.

This week we say $8.50. Serges and rr 1 witn tnose oirerea eisewnere $15 Choice line valuesjup to iot sizes. Compare these suits $12 Hand tailored Suits, made of fine fabrics 13 Quit-? if C9 One or two pair of pants, bplendid isuits JjOyS OUILS dl p.4rO in fancy mixtures. up to 16 years Save Fifty Cents on any Straw Hat $1.50 Hats, $2 Hats, $2.50 Hats, $2 At 59c: Men's Athletic Union Suits, worth $1 At 39c Men's 50c Balbrig'n Shirts Draw's At 79c Nice line of $1.00 Shirts $1.15: Cluett and Fairmont $1.50 Shirts At 47c Princely Sport Shirts Mens Furnishings Coats and Suits for Ladies and Misses Half price is the rule; judge by window display ARCADE TODAY All Ballots for the Most Popular Boy Contest from now until the end of same can be secured at the ticket office of the theatre. There will be no more ballots in either paper.

Three Reels "THE WHTE GHOST" Two Reels "BEGINNING ATTHE END" TOMORROW For the First Time the Great Thought Photoplay "THE MYSTERIES OF MYRA" Matinee. 2:30 p. 2:30 p. Coats for Little Girls, values up to $2.50 Coats for Little Girls, values up to $4.00 Any Coat in the store, values up to $7.98 At $1.00: At $2.00: At $3.00: COUPON THE MOST POPULAR BOY I Vote FCH 10 VOTES SIGNED.

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