Shamokin News-Dispatch from Shamokin, Pennsylvania on April 15, 1957 · Page 12
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Shamokin News-Dispatch from Shamokin, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Shamokin, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, April 15, 1957
Page 12
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SHAMOKIN NEWS-DISPATCH, SHAMOKIN. PA.. MONDAY, APRIL 15, 1957 PAGE TWELVE TODAY'S CHANGING WORLD By CHARLES M. McCAXN United Press SUff Correspondent Soviet Russia is undergoing an economic upheaval. It appears to be one of the biggest in the 40 years since the revolution of 1917. The extent of the upheaval has been disclosed in a series of announcements in the last few weeks. . What it all adds up to is that the Soviet government, while it continues its program of subver-inn all over the world and now is threatening Allied countries with j destruction by nuclear weapons, is in trouble at heme. It was announced in January that Russian production for 1956. under the current five-year plan of industrial development, had fallen behind its goals in some important fields, including steel. As a result, it was necessary to cut back the goals for 1937. On March 30. Communist Party Leader Nikita S. Khrushchev announced a revolutionary plan for, decentralization of control of industries. Last week Khrushchev announced the government would postpone for up to 40 years the redemption of bonds to which all ; Russian workers are compelled to subscribe. It is significant that most of these developments have been announced by Khrushchev, the Ccm-munist leader, and not by the So-viet government, though they all" concern the government rather, than the Communist Party. This has caused a revival of the speculation current several months ago that Khrushchev may assume the prime ministry in place of. Premier Nikolai A. Bulganin. If he did. Bulganin probably j wild be given the figure-head j post of president now held by Kli-ment E. Voroshilov, who at 76 is ready to retire. Khrushchev seems to be taking all the major responsibility for changes which will affect tens of millions of Russians. The cutback in the rate of industrial expansion was an admission that goals had been 6et too high.' The recent announcement that foreigners in Russia could get 10 rabies for $1. instead of the official four to the $1. was a tacit admission that the official rate is unrealistic. The plan for decentralization of industrial control was an admission that the Soviet bureaucratic system is inefficient and must be altered radically. Under this plan, many of the so-called industrial ministries in the cabinet are to be abolished. Central control will still be ex-. ercised from Moscow. But executive control is to be centered in the areas where good3 are actually produced. This means countless thousands of government employes mill be moved from Moscow to other cities. . The decision to suspend redemp-t'on of government bonds amounted practically to a capital 'levy.; The Russian people hold $65,000.- O00.C0J of them. Few of them will CTer get their money back. Radio Time Table This Evening VRCAmm m mm WOR n ITABCimi WXl'CMl WCKlMkl fM Jm I 1M I ft ITJfc I MOiNew, K. Bantfurt News. lyle Van. . 1:151 139 .7.40I 7:15 7 30! Spertj, J. fmn Tax and Jim new. THrea-Star Extra Johnny Andrews Shut? Morgan Butty. 7:45 Ona Man's f way I WHm-Bccton 1:15 Symphony On. T30 Charles MOncn. M5 8:55, news.... 0:MiTetephm Chorus, Hi! Donald Voorhees, l:30jljghtMu$K M5 " " 1J-0CS;lt.Mc0ormicl IfhlSiThttWorMef Muscj 1 0:M' News: Don Roprs; IMS Tn and Jim.... f1J0;Ne,KBangrt ii:i3.innaraiy mq 11:30 JmtFaftenourg: 118 News. John Wmfate; Henry Gladstone.. Sports, Stan loom Fulton Lewis jr. . . Gladstone: news Gabriel Heatter. ,j News Travel . IAIKhi Jeffreys Show: M. Died. News; Sports... Frank Smatra. . . TmeDetactnc.. 825. news.... The Lives of Harry lima . . . News, Music from Studio X: John . Gamblmj. host, resents uninterrupted . recorded music . . Edward P. Morwi Sports. H. Cose) Johnny Cuba . . . 7.55. news Window on World. Local Dent Office. New Writmt . . . Weather; news,.. The Louis SoW Show Voice of Firestone, Howard Barlow. American Muss Ha: news.... FredWarinf ShOW: )WS . . IfewUvttVM. Musk from StwttX, continued ... Vandercook; Geo. Goffibt: COfflW . a CM Series... Henry Milo News. M Broohv hmapnitien: neors The World Tomorrow Masterwork Hour; Jewish hWiday Music: Sacred Service by Milhaud... . . . . Queen CoHes Forum news . . News, A. Jackson Hickman; weather Martha Wright.. Lowell Thomas . . Sports; Amos 'n' Andy Music Hall Edward R.Murrow. Velvet and Gold Opera House.. CCNY Adult Course; news , , FM-ConcertHalr. Trors Poems Jwfs, by Block.. 10:55. news . FM-Chember MoicTime: Biocn work U:55. hews . . Roberto. Lewis Snow, with Judy Johnson, Richard Hayes News; The World Toniiht: Sevareid Capitol Cloak mm . . . News; Melody in the Night, recorded music. with Peter Thomas, News Ths Is N.Y, BUI Leonard Music til Dawn, , com. to 5:30 a.m. Station WISL - 1480 . Shamokin This Evening 6:00 News Report 6:15 Dinner Time 6:30 Sports Time 6:40 Music for ListeniM 7:00 Fulton Lewis, Newi 7:15 Jazz Roost - 7 :30 Gabriel Heatter T:45 What's Your Opinion? :00 True PetectiTe 11:25 John Scott 8: JO Lives of Harry Lime 9 M News 9:05 EN Radio Review :15 Dinner Date 9:30 Reporter's Roundup 10:00 Gabriel Heatter 10:05 Music From Studio "X" 1:.M M sic From Studio 11 ;00 Virgil Pinkley 11 15 Music From Studio 12:00 Sign Off X" X" Tomorrow 6:00 Sacred Heart 6:15 Farm Fair 6:30 Wislin Time 7 :00 World News 7:f8 Sports 7:15 Wislin Time . 8:60 World News 8:05 Wislin Time 8:45 Neighborhood News ft 55 Weather anit Road Condition! 9:00 Robert Hurlelgh 9:15 Chapel of the Air 9:30 Time to Hav Fun 10:00 News and Sports 10:15 Beauty Alert 10:20 Musical Interlude) M f News 10:35 Here's Hollywood 10:40 Lullaby of Broadway 11:00 News 11:05 Parallels in the News 11:15 A Woman's Decision 11:30 Queen for a Day 13:00 Capitol Commentary 12:05 Gabriel Heatter 12 10 Gaylord Hauser 12:15 Millie Considine 12:20 Interlude 12:25 State News 12:3 Local News 12:35 Music For You 1 :WI Mu'ical Miles 2:00 Sam Hayes News 2:05 Musical Miles 3:00 News ' 3:05 Concert Show 4:00 Tune Shop ' 4:4" Eddie Fisher . 5:00 Tune Shop 5:45 Hornier of the World 5:50 Harry Wlsmer 5:55 Cedric Foster News Capitol 'Pitcoirn Island Women' To Be Shown Tomorrow Only at Local Theatre The epitccne of adventure on the high ssas was the mutiny that took place aboard the HMS Bounty in the year 1787. Hollywood told this exciting story in the film, "Mutiny on the Bounty." Now, Regal Films picks up where that all-time favorite left off in "The Women of Pitcairn Island," to be shown tomorrow only at the Capitol Theatre. Released by Twentieth Century-Fox.' "The Women of Pitcairn Island" stars James Craig as a lustful pirate, beautiful Lynn Bari as the wife of the leader of the mutineers, young John Smith as her handsome son and fiery Ar-leen Whelan as an unscrupulous renegade.rThe Wisberg-Yarbrough production was filmed . in Regal-scope. Many have wondered what became of those mutineers who took over command of th.e Bounty from the tyrannical Captain Bligh: This production tells that story. It -tells tow the Bounty stopped at Tahiti, where the men picked up supplies and a group of women, and then drifted in the tropical currents until it came across the Island of Pitcairn. Here the ship was wrecked, but the men and their Ta-hitian women safely made - the beaches to start a civiJJZition on the wild, unfriendly island that has amazed modern biologists and scientists. In the story and original screenplay by Aubrey Wisberg, the plot is developed through a revelation1 of the inner conflicts and moods that befell this long lost civilization. James Craig, who usually fills the hero's shoes, does just the op posite ,in this film. He plays the Victoria George Sanders Stars In Unusual RKO Movie Now at Local Theatre "The Loves and Death of a Scoundrel" has exploded on the screen of the Victoria Theatre. It's the story of a suave, twisted genius who races ruthlessly to the top of the financial world and finds a bullet waiting for him there. '. Set in modern-day New York, this RKO movie portravs a man who divorces himself from humanity and- auctions his soul to the highest bidder. George Sanders, as the scoundrel who discards simple decency in his frenzied rise, does a fascinating job in revealing the emotions that drive ambition. "Scoundrel" also stars Yvonne DeCarlo, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Victor Jory, Nancy Gates and Coleen Gray. Featured in the star-stud ded cast are John Hoyt, Tom Conway and Lisa Ferraday. The story begins with the scoundrel's sensational murder. We follow his career back to the day he renounced humanity to seek his fortune. The tricks, the crimes he commits on his way to the top all these are pictured with brilliant realism, as the man draws his net of destruction around everyone who falls for his bait of quick money. From first to last, "Loves and 1 r .... -L A .i.' rrencn Ainnoreu Near Death After Automobile Crash PARIS OJ.R) ' Francoise Sagan precocious French authoress who "loves to drive 12a miles an nour barefoot," hovered near, death sin hospital today as the result of a highway accident that may have broken her neck. The 21-year-old author of "Bon jour Tristesse" was seriously in' jured when one of her five sports cars ran off .a country road soutn of Paris and rolled over several times in a field. . , Three passengers in the British made Aston Martin, Veronique Campion, Bernard Frank and Wal-demar Lesrienne, also were injured in the crash. They were, reported in "satisfactory" condition today, Miss Sagan was in, a coma for more than nine hours. She recovered consciousness early today, and was able to mumble several words- When doctors promptly put her back to sleep with a shot of mor phine to ease what they said was "severe pain." All of her face, except her .mouth and eye, was swathed in bandages. 'There has been a very slight improvement, but her life is still in danger," said Dr. Jacques Li? Beau, v'au is attending Miss Sagan at a hospital m suburban Neuiliy. Le Bsau said it will be' two or three days before anyone -can tell whether she will live. Miss Sagan'3 tasce for speed is well known. Paris police officials warned her last year that if sue didn't slow down they would lift her license. She complained , of strict speed limits during a visit to the United States. "I love to drive 125 miles an hour barefoot," she said. "I think they should let you drive at least 90 miles an hour." leaaer oi a group or piraies no Death of a Scoundrel" will have 'u catcmng your oreain. Max Stelner's background music mvaae tne lsiana. For Lynn Ban, 'you catchin? your breath. a favorite of long-time standing, "The Women of Pitcairn Island" also represents a departure from her norm. A relative newcomer to the screen is John Smith, young and handsome, who created a sensation with the teen-age set in "The High and the Mighty" which sent him into the top ten popular newcomer polls of the major movie magazines. His fans will delight to the news that he is the hero of "The Women of Pitcairn Island." Rounding out the starring cast is Arleen Whelan, one of Hollywood's most successful stage and screen stars. Sweden Arrests 2 Government Men STOCKHOLM OJ.PJ The Defense Ministry announced today that two government workers a naval draftsman and an official of neutral Sweden' Atomic Energy Commissionhave been arrested as spies for the Russians. A spokesman said the secrets the two men are suspected of betraying to the Soviet embassy concerned "conventional military questions" rather than Sweden's atomic "en-, ergy program. v The official announcement Identified one of the prisoners as Robert F. Damstedt, an assistant secretary of trie local AE3. The other was described merely as a "military official." Informed sources said the second man works in the naval bureau that processes important blueprints including the plans of new submarines. - ' The submarine plans were among the secrets handed over to members of the Soviet embassy staff, these sources said. has caught the mood of the scoundrel and the women around him. Credit Charles Martin, who wrote, produced and directed "Loves and Death of a Scoundrel," with one amazing feat: Despite the scoundrel's crimes, he is consistently believable and understandable. So, in a way, we feel sorry for the j man. Largest, But Extinct Valle Grande, high in the Jemez mountains of New Mexico, is the world's largest extinct volcano. It contains a 166-square-mile crater, filled with rich volcanic ash, nurturing grass and rolling forest. VICTORIA o NOW Ulili I"'' paj- f' life itiiiR tfii& A DRAMATIC COMEDY FOR ADULTS! n in ii tnimniiriiTiti.Ti ir-iii ill tnmmmmumtimtmiumu GEORGE SANDERS YVONNE DeCARLO Motf romonfcc few al oil luw! liar o 'lht rn CHmxdaM' ZSA ZSA GABOR victor jory COLEEN GRAY NANCY GATES THE rT J and "DEATH OF A i !" Jim mr SI Shamokin's Leading Theatre tMr-Uiftijm LAST TIMES TODAY vGHtfalv II I 14 JC Of , lemnooucTiiM - TOMORROW ONLY - LW tsJ LOVE PARADISE Cl ) OF THE l lrrkf S0U SEASI J J'SK' ( l jamesIraig i U G vUil LYNN BARI TUESDAY IS "THE BIG DAY" AS USUAL 1300 BIG BUCKS - 5 BIG CHANCES feast for' Hhfe.-eyes us mil Easier D O e appetite 'OA Lamcmier E SHANKLESS SMOKED V . V Ui-AjjULlcLJ . STORE HOURS ?V All of our markets will be A . jr 4 i CLOSED GOOD FRIDAY " i! 12NOONTIL3P.M. .. fH i ' CLOSED ALL DAY ' f 1 EASTER MONDAY, ' APR'L 22"d " ' : Your "bunnies" will really enjoy Easter or any other time when you serve a luscious Lancaster Brand Ham to the Family. These delectable smoked hams9 from cornfed young porkers, are perfect appetite-pleasers. whenever they9re served they're so tender and lean. And the shank is removed, along with excess fat, to give you even better value. ' Finally, special Lancaster Brand "Custom Curing and S-L-O-JV Smoking" adds that distinctive, delicous flavor folks can't resist! Plan on a Lancaster Brand Ham for a gala and appetizing feast. Man, that's real ham! I i 1 f wr SELL f I MIS SHANK 1 Af 30f IblfSS I THAN OUR HAM PRICE j CMS I VASTf momt wit- fjl SMOKED EHX iVgyv HAMS Jlgy) lb. 99c Shankless Half lb. JJ CENTER SLICES We remove fhis boney wasly Shank and sell it at 30c a pound less than our Ham price You get proportionately more center cut Tender Lean Ham when I IHf HStCr you Buy Lancaster Brand. Whole Ham lb. LANCASTER BRAND-Sold Only at i iV5T vcf II Olll .u . m-.; , . I a FEATURE: 1:50, 4:15, 6:35, 9:00

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