Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on March 15, 1971 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
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Monday, March 15, 1971
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woman Betty Schutter of Algona last week was named A Merit Mother in the statewide competition for Iowa Mother of the Year. Jointly sponsored by the Algona Branch of the American Association of University Women, of which she is a charter member, and the Women's Society of Christian Service of the First United Methodist Church, Mrs. Schutter commented, "It is a great honor to represent all tha mothers of this area who have had faith that families are still important in this doubting world, and who have done their quiet, daily best to bring up their children "in the way they should go". If there is any good to come from recognizing one particular family, may it be to call attention to all families and to the responsibility each family has to provide love, security and the opportunity for each member to grow in loving kindness and concern for others." The qualifications for nomination are numerous and precise, but most of all, she must be fully qualified to represent the Mothers of America in all responsibilities attached to the role as Mother of the Year. She must be a successful mother and homemaker as evidenced by the character and achievements of her individual children, as well as an active member of a religious body. A sense of responsibility in civic affairs is also a requisite and she must be active in public service to society. The traits highly regarded in mothers, courage, cheerfulness, patience, affection, understanding and a homemaking ability must also be prevalent. The youngest child should be over the age of 15. Betty has gracefully met all the qualifications, though extremely modest about her achievements - indeed an asset. She is constantly active in the First United Methodist Church, as well as civic affairs. She helped lay the groundwork to organize Girl Scouts in Algona, St. Ann Hospital Auxiliary and worked diligently on the Citizen's Advisory Committee for the Algona Community Schools, Community Concert Association and is fifst vice-president of the Iowa Federation of Republican Women. Mrs. Schutter graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in Speech Pathology and has kept active in teaching both the young and adult. Dr. and Mrs. Schutter are parents of five children, two of whom are married. John, Jr. received his BA from Cornell College and his MAT from Colgate University. He and his wife live at Shaker Heights, Ohio, where John teaches physics and is Junior Varsity swim coach. "Liz" teaches third grade in the Shaker Fenton Girl Wins A Second In Contest FENTON - Dianne Uthof, of Fenton, a student of Cosmetology received second place for her creative hair style at the 18th annual student hairstyling contest, sponsored by the La'James College of Hairstyling of Mason City, Iowa. The contest was presented Tuesday evening, March 9 in the Newman High School gym. The hair styles, derived from the new "Fancy Free" trend, were combed in view of an audience of some 600 guests. Alice Condon Honored, ISEA Life Membership A life membership in the Iowa State Education Association (ISEA) has been granted to Miss Alice Condon, Algona, la. The announcement was made today by the ISEA headquarters office. Miss Condon has taught in the Algona school system for 30 years and is now retired. The life membership certificate entitles an educator to regular membership privileges in the ISEA without further payment of dues. This includes free subscriptions to official ISEA publications and free admittance to the ISEA Convention. It is based on at least 20 years of active ISEA membership and the meeting of other requirements set by the ISEA Executive Board. SOMETHING TO BUY, SELL OH UK NT? AUVKKTJSK HIGH']' HKKK Heights School system. Margaret, "Peg" as she is more familiarly known to Algon- ans, is Mrs. Gene Kiekhaefer of Iowa city, she is doing graduate work in Micro-Biology at the University and her husband, an Iowa grad with a Masters degree in Business Administration, is employed at a Cedar Rapids bank. Jim Schutter studied for three years at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minn. He is presently a first year Bethany Fellowship student in Missionary Training. Steve, a senior at the Algona Community High School, is a Merit Winner in the National Honor Society and Anne is a Junior at AHS where she is a provisional member of the honor Society. Yes, it is a mother's responsibility to look beyond her dishpan, to tune her ear to sounds more meaningful than the whirr of the vacuum cleaner and to seek for herself horizons of inspiration. TUESDAY, MARCH 16 9:30, a.m. - AAUW BOOK Dis- cus'sion group will meet 'with Mrs. Charles Beringer. The book "A Quiet Voyage" by Richard Jessup will be reviewed by Mrs. James Andreasen. 12 noon - SOROPTIMIST Club meets at the Home Federal Community Room. Alice Wilkins and Ann Clopton are in charge of the program. 1:15 p.m. - DELPHIAN SOCIETY meets for dessert luncheon with Helen Hutchison. Ella Love will give Now-Wake Up and Read. Roll call will be a one sentence book review. 2:00 p.m. - WESLEY TOWNSHIP Homemakers meet with Marilyn Tjaden, Ella Beenken assisting. Roll call is an antipollution idea. Lesson on Safety, leader is Thelma Blain. Irene Muehe and Marjorie Goetz have the recreation. 7:30.p.m. - REBEKAH BIRTHDAY Club will meet at the home of E Stella Seip on West Nebraska St. Hostesses are Esther Barton and Rose Smith. Come A Wearing of the Green. 8:00 p.m. - XI XI CHAPTER of Beta Sigma Phi will have a party meeting at the home of Lynn Dole. Lessons are by Jean Thompson and Ardis Lande. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 17 2:00 p.m. - IRVINGTON TOWNSHIP Homemakers meet with Eunice Wickwire, Ellen Raney Assisting. Roger Wilson will give a talk on Drug Abuse. Nita Loss and Nancy Shipler are in charge of the Surprise Number. 6:00 p.m. - TOPS at St. Ann Hospital. ELECTION OF OFFICERS, everyone please attend. 7:30 p.m. - PEO SISTERHOOD meets with Margaret Herbst, Grace Chrischilles assisting. Shirley Koob will give Friends in Medicine. THURSDAY, MARCH 18 2:00 p.m. - ST. THOMAS EPISCOPAL Guild meets with Jeanie Bangs. Lenten Sewing and Lenten Meditation will be led by Father Gwinn. SATURDAY, MARCH 20 2:00 p.m. - PARENT-TEACHERS League of St. Paul's Immanuel Lutheran School will have a bake sale at Schumacher's TV in Whittemore. Coffee and do- liUta Will IX; JitlVI;(j. Irvington Couple Report Middle School Anxious Moments In California Science - Art ~~ Fair March 16 1 — Koisuth County Advance Monday, March 15, 1971 Waco woman's ideas about infidelity whacky By Abigail Van Buren tS' mi by Chlctto Trlbune-N. Y. Ntwt Synd., Inc.) DEAR ABBY: In regard to WACO WOMAN, who claimed that her husband was no different from any other man—he just likes "a change" once in a while: My husband and I have been married for 26 years and have six children. We not only love each other—we like each other. I am considered a very attractive woman and my husband is handsome, intelligent and a good provider. My husband is also no different from any other man, and admits that he has considered infidelity just for the novelty of it. For that matter, so have I. We have resisted temptation [and at times it hasn't been easy] out of sheer will power. We know that the true joy in living comes to those who do right for no other reason than the right thing to do is the wise thing to do. BEHAVING OURSELyES DEAR ABBY: For the information and enlightenment of "Waco Woman," just as all women are not opinionated martyrs as she is, neither are all men alike. In my 25 years of married life, perhaps to the credit of my wonderful wife, I never have cheated on her. There have been many opportunities, and i would be lying if I said I wasn't tempted from time to time, but [and here I know there are many men like me] it isn't worth losing a lifetime of joy and love and everything my wife and I built together for a few minutes of ecstasy with someone who may not even care how I like my coffee. HAPPY HOMER . ' "' ••--,--•• - : ,. ; -v. . - .^ , £ DEAK HOMER: Now, let's hear it from the distaff side! ' DEAR ABBY: The letter sent to you by "Waco Woman" [or was it 'whacky'?] has prompted me to ask you a question my mother and I discuss often. Is monogamy natural for the human male? Being newly married, now I wonder if I should expect my husband to stray? My married brother has had some extra-marital affairs, and he brags about these conquests to my mother and me, and mother just laughs. Yet if I were to do the same thing my mother would lock me in the cellar for a month! The preacher says, "What God has joined together, let no man put asunder." Doesn't that go for women, too? MRS. L HEAR MRS. L: Yes. The mating game has the same set of rules for the goose as it has for the gander. But for some reason, society has never really ostracized the goose who flies the coop, but the gander gets her wings clipped. This is known as The Double Standard. |0r more appropriately, The Double Cross.) DEAR ABBY: So "Waco Woman" says her husband is just like all the other men. He would like a "change" once in a while. Well, ain't that lovely? I would like a change once in a while myself. And the change I would like is Paul Newman. But if my husband ever caught me with Paul Newman he would break my neck. I don't need to worry however, because if Paul Newman wanted a change, he sure wou'dn't P ick me - DREAMER Capped Petra Wingert of Wesley, a student at the Iowa Methodist School of Nursing in Des Moines, was capped during ceremonies held Jan. 22. Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clare Wingert and their daughter, sister saint Clare of Storm Lake, attended the ceremonies, petra is a 1970 graduate of Garrigan High School. COINS A wishing well placed in South. Amana near a restaurant a year and a half ago has yielded 162 Ibs. of coins. Money, totaling $364 Coffee Honors Bride-To-Be Of Roger Brandow Mrs. William Dau, Jr. was hostess at an afternoon coffee on Thursday in honor of .Jean Marie Miller of Greene, la., bride-to-be of Roger Brandow. Other guests were Mrs. Ellsworth Brandow, Mrs. Harvey Larson, Mrs. Lloyd Broesder and daughters, LeAnn and Laura, all of Lone Rock; Mrs. Tom Vipond, Mrs. Tim Vipond and sons, Mrs. Mildred Fraser and Mrs. Terry Brandow. The honoree was presented with gifts. Jean Marie Miller and Roger Wayne Brandow will be united in marriage on Sunday, March 21, at the Little Brown Church in Nashua. Adopt Daughter Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Peterson of Algona are parents of an adopted daughter born Feb. 26. She weighed 6 Ibs. 12 ox. and has been named Tara Michelle. Mrs. Peterson is the former Joyce Ludwig and the maternal grandmother is Mrs. Carl Ludwig. Mr. and Mrs. Orie Peterson of Burt are the paternal grandparents. Mrs. Peterson was formerly employed at the Buchanan Abstract and her husband is with Jack's o. K. IRVINGTON - Mr. and Mrs. Herman Becker recently returned from a trip to San Francisco, Calif., and Las Vegas, Nev. In San Francisco, they visited their son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Becker and Mrs. Beda Watson. It was during the visit to Mrs. Watson that an incident occurred which Herman says he will not soon forget. The Beckers had called one forenoon and had visited for some time. Mrs. Watson had put the tea kettle on preparatory to making coffee. The Beckers suggested that since they had promised Paul Watson, Algona, they would bring back a picture of his mother, that now would be a good time to take the photograph. The entire group stepped outside. Mrs. Watson, the first one out, warned that the lock was on and the door should be left open. Whether the last one out didn't • hear, or whether the breeze caused the door to slam shut, is not clear. Ordinarily, there would have been no problem, since the landlord would have opened the door. But the landlord was away, and the small store next door was also closed. A phone call was made to the fire department from a neighbor's home across the street. In the meantime, the landlord came home and opened the door, after which the fire department with hook and ladder and screaming siren, dashed up. The Beckers also saw one of Mrs. Watson's neighbors, a man, 104 years old, who still holds down his job as a waiter. He is much younger looking than his age and attributes it all to eating organic foods on which no sprays or insecticides have been used. He has a god-father, who is reported to be 129 years old: - o - ELEVATOR BANQUET The Irvington Co-operative Elevator held a banquet for patrons at the V.F.W. Hall, Algona, Tuesday evening, March 9, with about 160 persons attending. The banquet was followed by the annual '•:. business meeting and election of ; , officers. Board members re• electedjvere Richard Mawdsley and Eugene/Lenikeer /, '. """"•" $•• pne*new menilSer, 'Joe Divis •'•was elected. Other board mem- ",. bers are Hugh Black, president; Howard Raney-Secretary; Edward Arend, Raymond Harig, Bernard Capesius and Alvin Klein. Earl Ogren, Fort Dodge, Felco Land O'Lakes, was guest speaker. Other guests were Barry Whitehill, Fort Dodge, field man for this area, and Bill Campbell, also a field man and Don Brown, Des Moines, of the Grain Dealers Association. The financial report was read by Ed Immerfall and the minutes were read by secretary - Howard Raney. New manager, Dennis Cumberland, gave a talk on Looking to the Future. Ed Immerfall, bookkeeper, who recently concluded 23 years as manager of the Irvington Elevator, was presented with a plaque and a recliner chair. Door prizes were given and dinner was served by Sid's Cafe, Algona. - o - COLORADO TRIP Mr. and Mrs. George McVay, Algona, left March 8 for Ft. Collins, Colo., where they will visit the Floyd Coopers. Mr. Cooper was formerly associated in business with Mr. McVay in Algona. The McVays also plan to visit other former Algonians, the Wilfred St.. Johns, at Denver. Mrs. St. John is the former Ruth Minard of Algona, and is a niece 01 George McVay. Mr. and Mrs. George Pertl, Armstrong, visited March 7 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Sabin and family of this area. The Perils were enroute home from Ames, where they had visited the Ronald Perils. - o - BAPTISM Chad Michael Froehlich, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Froehlich, Algona, born on Feb. 24, was baptized Sunday, March 7 at St. Cecelia's Catholic Church, Algona. James Froehlich, son of the Gordon Davisons and Betsy Best- enlehner, daughter of the Wm. Bestenlehners, Algona, were the sponsors, The grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Davidson rual Algona, and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bestenlehner, Algona. Following the baptismal service, they were all guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Best- enlehner and family, Algona. ' - o - CANADAY BABY Mr. and Mrs.Steve Canaday, Algona, son and daughter-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Canaday of this area, are the par- ents of a daughter, Laura Lee, born March 4 at St. Ann's Hospital, Algona. The Steve Canadays have two other children Christi and Brian, who stayed with their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Canaday and family, while their mother was hospitalized. - o - YOUTH GROUP- The Irvington Youth Fellowship met Thursday evening Mar. 4 with all members answering roll call. A guest was Mr. Brygger, teacher of Spanish at Middle School, Algona, who talked and showed slides of Mexico, where he and Mrs. Brygger have done missionary work. - o - - CHANGE GAME DATE The Irvington Pioneers 4-H Club will play the Buffalo Jr. Boys at LuVerne, at 6 p.m. on Monday, March 22. The game had been advertised for the 25th at St. Joe. - o - Phil Richter of Wesley accompanied by John Winkel and Steve Mergen both of Whittemore and Tom Froehlich, rural Algona, spent the weekend of March 7 at the homes of their respective parents. The boys are all students at Peru State Teacher's College at Peru, Nebr. Mrs. Ann Taphorn and daughter Mary Jane and sons Wayne and Steve were Sunday March 7 dinner guests and afternoon visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Siemer. Sunday evening, they visited in the home of Mrs. Nelle Frimml at Wesley. Thomas Coleman, 92, is now a resident of the Good Samaritan Home in Algona. Mr. Coleman had made his home with his son David, of the Livermore area, for many years. Before going to the Rest Home, he was a patient at the Humboldt Hospital. He is the father of Gerald Coleman, Irvington and many years ago the family lived on the Harr farm here, where the George Olsens now reside. Evening guests at the Ed Schmitt home, Irvington, on Mar. "7-.were.Mr,"and Mrs. Don Schmitt 'and Kimmy, Whittemore, and the Arlan Schmitt family, Algona. The Arlan Schmitts had spent the weekend with the Richard Schmitts at Chariton. John Schnakenberg took one two-year-old horse, "Be A Joust", to Sioux City March 1 for training and brought another two-year-old "B Gina" home. On March 3 John accompanied by trainer Don Haley trucked six race horses to Cahokia Downs, East St. Louis, m., where the racing season will start April 12. Horses taken were, "Miss Algona" "RobutO""DocFristedt" "Plum Forgot" "RealPack" and "Four Rings". Mr. Haley lives at East St. Louis, but had come to the Schnakenberg farm to see the horses and accompany John on the trip. One of the Schnakenberg two- year-olds "Hawkeye Chief, was taken to Denver, Colo., last November, by trainer Bob Ring. Mr. Ring has now taken him to Grand Island, Nebr., to start racing. March 5 evening guests of the Robert Smiths, Algona, were Mr. and Mrs. Bill Larson, Britt. Guests the following Sunday were Mr. and Mrs, Floyd Fisher, Ft. Dodge, and Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Olson and Sherri. On March, 9 the Smiths were supper guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Guy and Billy at LuVerne. Mr. and Mrs. John Norris Jr., Minneapolis, Minn., left for home March 7 after spending a few days visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reaper in Irvington and other relatives in the area, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Black attended the Master Farmer's Banquet at the Savery Hotel, in Des Moines, March 12. Marilyn Dau On Dean's List At Minn. College ST. PETER, MINN. - Dr. Daniel A. Ferber, Vice President for Academic Administration and Dean of Gustavus Adolphus College has announced that Marilyn Dau, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William p. Dau, 15 E. College, was named to the Dean's List for Fall semester and Winter term. The Dean's List is composed of students who maintain a 3.25 grade point average or better and includes about 20% of the 1650 member student body. Donate $35 To St. Ann Blood Bank The Kossuth County chapter of the National Hairdressers and Cosmetologists Assn. plans to donate $35 to the St. Ann Hospital Blood Bank Tuesday. Ginger Krebsbach, treasurer of affiliate No. 75 of the association, was to present a check for that amount to Elsie Broesder. The money was raised from a Feb. 13 dancs sponsored by the group. Honor Woman At Livermore On 90th Birthday LIVERMORE - The Neighborhood Birthday club met at the Ernest Haack home Monday with 11 members and two guests present. The guests were Mrs. Ervin Emick of Humboldt and Mrs. Mary Sittler of Nebraska, who is here visiting in the Ole Sittler home at Humboldt. Mrs. Maggie Schrieber was the honored guest that day observing her 90th birthday. She was presented with a gift from her secret pal. A social afternoon was spent followed by a pot luck lunch. -o- PLAN BAZAAR Guild met in the parish' hall at Sacred Heart Tuesday with Mrs. Clarence Eisenbarth and her circle in charge. Mrs. Lucille Lenertz, president conducted the business meeting. The afternoon was spent in tying a quilt and working on articles for the Bazaar they plan to have this fall. Coffee and rolls and various items were to be finished by Mrs. Eisenbarth's circle after Mass Saturday evening and Sunday orning. The April meeting of Guild will be held in the evening again starting with the April meeting. At the close of the afternoon lunch was served by Mrs. .Eisenbarth and her ' circle. •'•'• -o- OES MEETS The Order of Eastern Star held its regular meeting in the chapter room Tuesday. Due to the absence of Alice Rummens, Worthy Matron and Elwood Rum- mens, Worthy Patron, MaraTep- ner and Herb Raney pro-temmed in their places, other pro-terns were Vivian and Irvin Friday Associate Matron and Patron, Dorothy Vaughn as conductress, Martha King as treasurer, Gertrude Qually as Martha, Jack Vaughn as sentenel. Lunch was served by Dorothy Vaughn and Esther Armstrong. -o- Mrs. Charles Chaudoin of Humboldt, the former Northa Smith has returned home after having major surgery at Bethesda General hospital in Fort Dodge. Her mother, Mrs. Burrell Smith has been staying with the grandchildren. Jacob Michelson entered the Humboldt Memorial hospital last week as a medical patient. Walton DeWitt is also a patient there. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Wonderly went to Des Moines Thursday to pick up their daughter Sherri, who attends Drake, to bring her home for her semester break. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Boosalis returned the first of the week from McAllen, Texas where they had been vacationing for the past several weeks. A pot luck supper was held at the Methodist church Saturday evening by members of the congregation with films being shown afterwards by Mr. De Boom on his recent world trip. Mrs. Frank Sprong who has been a patient at Bethesda General hospital in Fort Dodge for the past few weeks is now at the home of her daughter, the Roy Salmons. Mr. and Mrs. John Olson drove to Austin, Minn. Saturday evening where they visited in the Johnny Faith home until Monday. The science and art departments of the Algona Middle School will play host to the first annual Art and Science Fair Tuesday, March 17 from 7 to 9 p.m'. On display in the gym of the Middle School will be approximately 50 science projects that students have been working on for the past several weeks. The highlight of the Science Fair will be the awarding of trophies to the individual who presents the best project at the fair, as well as to those students who have the best project in each division or have done a commendable job. It is hoped that the judges will have finished their work in time to allow the awards to be announced around 9 p.m. All first and second place winners will be eligible to compete in the state Science Fair in Des Moines April 2 and 3 if they desire. Also in the gym of the Middle School will be a varied and interesting display of art work that has been completed by the students under the direction of their teachers, Mrs. Foley and Miss Eigen. They have been working diligently to finish their projects. The hours have been set from 7 to 9 p.m. to allow individuals who may have other obligations to stop in and see the display. It is hoped that the public will show real support by their attendance at the first annual science and art show. Livermore Women Return From Hawaiian Trip LIVERMORE - Mrs. Violet Frederick and Mrs. Jessamine Miller have returned after a two week trip to Hawaii. They joined a tour group at Cedar Rapids and flew directly by jet to Hawaii from Chicago on a 747. Some of the high lights of their trip besides seeing many scenic attractions was a cruise of Pearl Harbor, attendance at the Amphi-theater for an evenings performance with a cast of 150, a bus tour along the Kona Coast to see monument in honor of Captain Cook, coffee plantations, Orchid and Anthurium nurseries, sugar plantations, old missionary family homes, volcanos and many beautiful flowers, banana trees and other exotic shrubbery. While there they were also guests in th home of Mrs. Miller's son-in-law's sister, Mr. and Frank Gibbs. former Renwick residents. -o- WSCS MEETS The W.S.C.S. met at the church Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Dean Paeper as hostess. Mrs. Dale Joiner the president conducted the business meeting. Mrs. Dick Schultz gave the lesson. Lunch was served after the meeting. -o- Mr. and Mrs. Louis Carman recently drove to California where they visited her sister and husband Mr. and Mrs. Charles Clark, who live at Chula Vista. While there they also visited Mr. and Mrs. Karstin Kvitli and family at Imperial Beach. Mrs. Kvitli will be remembered as the former La Viva Bordwell. After spending a day at home they drove out to Green Bay, Wise, to visit their daughter Judy, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wagner, who both teach there. Mrs. Carman was enjoying a two week vacation from her duties at the Post Office. Mrs. Daryl Frederick substituted for her. Mrs. Martha King entertained the Twentieth Century Club at her home Tuesday afternoon with six members present. The president, Mrs. Jessamine Miller conducted the business meeting and each member participated in the lesson, which.was followed by a social hour. Lunch was served after the meeting by Mrs. King. Mr. and Mrs. Martin Miller returned home from McAllen, Texas Monday after spending the winter there. SHOP YOUR CATALOG!

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