Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on August 18, 1896 · Page 8
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 8

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 18, 1896
Page 8
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-.«.' -. -• ^:'.-;" was a time in your iinae, out for bargatos more than at thepresenttiiw ^^ stoclt of Summer Qooda at such prioes ; thal o^si^ /igack Memories of Cat Currenc^ The following are a few of the niaiiy^argains bifer^d: 'S : 'DUBLIN AND CASHMERE LAWNS WORTH loc A YARD -ONLY. ,.;,; ; .......:..:.,... :.^.-./ IN'FIGURES AND STRIPES WORTH 25C YARD. .<..:..••;..;...;,/.•:;.':,.•. :.r:- 30 YD. ^ SHIRT WAISTS 'ALL SJZESVORTH UP TO 75C ONLY.. ....\ •:... : iiil^E* WES AND : BEAVEXNS W6RTH UP TO 23C YD.^ON . LADlfeS' RIBBED tJNpERWEAR ; WORTH IOC AND 15Q ONLY . DIESVSII^STOCKTIE^ORTH 250 ONLY:.;.,....^.;-.. •'.'..' . A iWPARASOis WB ; WII-L .CLOS^OUT AT A .VEBY i^OW FIGURE AND IX FACT •'aOODS MUST.GO. ••' ''• '/'-'v ''. .'-... ' '- ' -••:• .':' ' : - "• • ••• SOUND MONEY PICNIC. ? flasket Meeting at Qottshair* Grove, September Third. The citizens of Cnss county are lulled to join in the - basket picnic Tluusday.Sopt. 3d at Gottshall's grove, in >oblo township, near Webb chapel, A good band will be present, eloquent opcaUcrs will address the multitude rad u general good time is promised:. Briug your baskets well filled . ami wme prepared to enjoy yourself thor-. onghly. Every arrangement will be made for the comfort and pleasure of- the people. The money question will W ably 'discussed. Every one is Interested: in .the settlement of this great .issue. HAD A FOOT CRUSHED. Ered Hamilton Meets With Misfortune at Forrest, Ohio. ,•„ James Hamilton, who Is employed at tlie Panhandle shops, received word Sunday that Ills- brother, Fred Hnmll- tpn, liad fallen under the cars nt Forrest, Ohio, and his' right foot had bceu Crushed off above the ankle. The word came In thevsunpe of a letter from W. '•IJ. Bowman, Mayor of the town of $orrest. The Mayor stated that unless ' to the contrary was received, the ,fey would be removed to-the county In- flrmni-y. A message/was sent to give .the lad all the proper care possible, and .that some one would be there as soon as possible.to take charge of him. His brother, James Hamilton,, left this morning for Forrest to bring Fred home. The injured lad was employed at thu A Hrrns ENTERPRISE-A REAL'LY ' Midway restaurant on Flfth.street un- A mG W-^ 1 ^ • •'.. til a few days since, when he started BIG DOUBLE CIRObS. , I ^ ^ , n company wltil Harry The coming of The Great John Rob- Nlcbo , Si ma ting the journey on freight »son and Franklin Bros.' Enormous ^ tl ; alns ste aling rides. At Forrest Combined"Shows to Logansport on young-,.Hamilton, attempted to : dis- »- M «f«-'^iiv ! bc a treat to the clti- mount from a moving ..train.; and fell August jo, w.u 'under the : wheels,' with the result stat- wns Of this entire community like ( «, ^ ^^ ^ fls - rec ei^d yester : tfiej never,^experienced before. The .' da y' aftel . noon .saying that*e was-rest- no t. serious. ' The. Boblnson' Shows have delighted American amusement lovers for more than ^ .. tnree generations, and the Franklin j by'iils brother. ^''Bros. are founders of the new;school «f American lahowmen. In combining and organizing their shows for the«ea»n of 1800 they have -spared no money to secure the best for-every dc-. . jBrtmcnt. A glance at tlie list of celeb- ! titles under their control will convince the most skeptical that they have been . .amply rewarded'for their lavish out' liy, for they are the best In the world ii their various lines. The horses, many of them Imported, are models of '•: trained horseflesh,'while their stud of ..:•'trained horses do everything but talk-. .They will appear at every perform-. . ':• race with their original trainer. The . ; liuryea motorcycle, the horseless car•'. jnlge, Is to.be seen only .with;•;these , great shows.'..Ai royal troupe of. Japan- lng onsyj and that his condition, was He will be brought-home "THEODORE SHOCKNEV. At The Rink Saturday Evening August 33. -The Republicans will .open the campaign in every county in the State next Saturday evening. Theodore Shocfc- ncy of Union City, and a candidate before the 'State'committee for the'- nomination of Governor -will speak at the rink at 8 o'clock p. m. on-above date. While the interests of every individual and every class of men are the Interests of all, and one class of men .ought not to be arrayed against any other, for 'all are necessary yet Mr.' Shockney has 'is sure to be loft out. In consequence, the eighth page of The Journal did not contain Its usual quota of local news:••' GOOD BICYCLE RACES. Seven Events to be Runjat Jthe Park Thursday.' j ffrcni snoTvSt ^vrvj«i HVM.I.«= "*• L w.*-*—•— **** «*&^ *»S.«.«M—- rf ., — * — . ...-•• '•''•ae' imported expressly for this yast 'been the especial friend of railroad and enterprise, and .only double troupe ever laboring men .and .they should turn out Brought to this country, is another and hear him. : ,;. • . feature. They would be a whole show , Ifl the ordinary, circus, but are.only a ringle feature with the Robinson and Tranklln shows. Acres of tents are re quired to accommodate this huge 'amusement, while one. ticket admits to • all the combined shows. WHEN THE PHESS'IS Newspapers are sometimes deceived about the character of some amusement .Institution that Intends visiting ..-...'• HAD A HARD FALL. . .,'.-: Charley Grant and Frank. Skinner rode to lake, Maxlnkuckce on. - their .wheel's Sunday.;. .T^ey found'the^roads fairly'good-for the igreater part::of the way, but a few miles ofsand.compelled walking.' . Frank Mrirphy, accompanied them on tbe-trlp out as far as Rochester,, where he .was. compelled to .turn back.'"lie tok a header near Rochester and lit on his nose, starting the "crim- .'•worthy. „ - . .erroneous of on entertainment when.lt;. Mas been witnessed; then the news-' paper testimony may be depended on. With .this in mind, one who reads to 'change; ciothes.*rfore he could call 'on friends there. •"'' .'.-}'. HAD PLENTY OF- "P.I.V : Our exchanges where: it has exhibited arc unanimous In declaring It.: flrst- olass in every detail." Columns are de- Toted to it, and the universal verdict a "honestly advertised and honorably which destroyed a number of local items. The type; had been set and the forms made up ready to be put to" press In moving the heavy load of "pled," which August 21tb !•*;" .•;;;>•:,,: , .-'•."• -••''•, ^ijen;Silver Was Coined Free and There Was None. ; n.^:.;. : '.-<'.•'. An Old Citizen • Telia, HIS Exper- it ience With State Bank Notes . .A display of bank notes In the w-l-n- "iiow of tlie Journal office attracted a gVeatdeal of attention yes'terday afternoon. The collection included a .number of bills Issued by the late lamented Confederate States. of America, eight 'State'bank notes, Issued prior to the war of the rebellion, and one (silver certificate b£ the present day .of the denomination of one dollar. The latter note'"is worth more than'all' of the others combined, when It comes to paying for the necessaries ofllfe. Many 'of the older citizens remember -when ithe State bank currency was In circulation. In. fact, 'it was about, the only .money we had with which to buy calico at-thirty cents a yard, sugar at twenty cents a pound, and other thing: in proportion. The crowds stood about tlie sidewalk and discussed "old times' 'when they had bandied such money by the pocket full, and did'not know from: one minute to' the next what it was worth. One old gentleman said: "Why I cau reanember one Fall when I hud a bunch of hogs to sell. I drove them-to market at Cincinnati, some thing-over seventy-five miles from where I lived. I got my pay for those ' hogs' in State bank notes, worth less than-their face value. In those times >every man who handled money had a detective, a pamphlet issued montti- ly by the bankers and which told what the notes of the banks Issuing money over the country was worth. We didn't have many telegraphs or railroads In .those times, and maybe when the report would get v ar.onn<J that the notes <of a biink were worth flfty or sixty or 'seventy-five cents on the dollar, .the bank-would have gone' under in'the .meantime and'the notes would not be worth a centi for there was nothing back, of them to make them worth more than old paper. But I've wandered away from my subject, .1 was telling of selling some hogs In' Cincinnati. I sot what counted up over a .thousand dolars In money, face.value, •of--.these State bank- notes for 'that [bunch'of'hogs.' 1 spent about-' half : ;6f :the money In Cincinnati, stayed there 'four days, and wheffever I would give out one of those notes In payment of .a : bill, the merchant would take : out his ' 'detective' and see what Jhe not was ••worth For Jive hundred dollars face <JlUL>t V/U*ru J.\nj uojvi v^^v*b^ *»+«*••*.! i TTw*t.»if r . wish to settle the question of whlch.'ls.rvalue of--that:..currency I bought two the fastest, and a half-mile,.one'ihe»t hundred-and.tweuty-five-dollars worth " •- ••'•'• ..-•---.•—- of goods, andrbcfore I got home I trlei to- spend \some more .of It.and founi •that some. of.the banks had failed while I was doing my trading in Cincinnati and the bills were valuable The uivcrslde Cycle club • meeting last night was well attended npd-there was much interest manifested in the com lug races, to be held Thursday afternoon of thi.s week. When .the-races were first proposed, It was.,dec!ded..to Imve live events ns follows: 6ne-.eiglith mile, ono-fourtb mile, .one-half^ , .mile, one mile and five miles, one lioat in ouch race.> Since that time a (rivalry, has arisen between four auembeias 'Of the club and they will settle-thje -question of which can do tlie best-Ill mlglv- en distance. This-adds two.'races'-.to the program, making seven in: dll, .i| There will therefore be two..onoimllo events, tlie first is the second prepard-i tory race for the Martin -medal' and'thtr championship -of the 'club. -Tiiej riders coming. In first, second and-third -In the nice Thursday will be qualified^ 'enter the final, which .will' be run next- month. • . •-'..-•; The.second mile event is a .match race, between Charley Gruiat,.. and- Frank Skinner,: who •established; a«rec- ; ord of sixteen hours, -four uilriutes ;for the State,.distance.two hundred] m^asi Each man Is of the. oplnlo'n thatl' he can ride just a .little.bit raster : than, the,other,, and It will be a race-.from tape to tape, with pacemakers to.make it fast.: Two other members of •••.•ithe" club; Clare Ray and George 'Rldflle, : race, with pacemakers* has. . ranged. Both are fast,for a.s.hoi't,dis-• tance, and .they confidently; .expect to-, do the half.in better .than l;20;r i '.There are.a number- : of .rldpwmrUoV gansport whb^hayc shown gaoA ipeed;v aud they are all entered. In these races:-; The.crack/among, ; tbem. ISrV-Gharley; Ferguson, who haS'WQn ln.some|;.*ost events 'over' the -Siatc, and -who bassa; record thiit would entitle him.:to IgcUnJ the circuit events. The lastprAci-giv,- eh by the club .was, witnessed; ..i by^ good .crowd, though -no,one!-kneivj that, the .race was to be .run untilvthe. 4f tor^: noon It was pulled off.'- There; wtlK.be: an admission fee of twentyrflTC'cents: for gentlemen, ladles.vto--..bo;Admitted' free. The admission; iee is 1 •toi'toverj the expense of putting'the...;traek •; -in; 'shape'and such Incidental expenses:a»: arc connected >vlth therglvlne of .races, of this sorti included, ini .which j;nre prizes to the successful .contestants. ^ A BIG MEETING 'AT CLYME'BS. Q. A. Myers .and' .Geprgje ;..(3apbloj talked to the vigorously enthusijistlc crowd at Clymcrs ,}statlon ; ; Satwrday-' nlght7 Mr. Myers:made:the prtaclpar: address and his remarks were-: receive* with the greatest enthusiasm:« Oount'jt .Organizer Gamble;will organ-tee-ajMc-; Kinlcy club at Clymers^wlthlnaa; sport time, and Is assured of .a. larffe'xiiiiem-. 'bersliip from the start. : GRAND. LAWN:,FE1)B. : . /The ladles, of/'the Wheatland-;,Btreet church Invite you to a grand lawn (fete on Filday evening, August 21, on tlhl* lawn, corner Whcatland and* Brown street's. ^Benefit of church. | Don't forget the meeting ot the Me Kinley Club Wednesday evening' 6niy as keepsakes. I kept some of them and.have them at home now When the Democratic party,; In the caimpalgn of 1892, advocated the repeal otfthfi ten per cent-tax oh State bank •brought'out those bills 'and did what.I could 'to defeat such a proposition. Now, the Democrats and the' .populists want to. give us a dollar made-o'f. flfty cents worth of silver ; and-make us take It for. what w.e have. W-seli: .'Itis.a-great deal like the old. .State bank.bllls; you go to bed atnlght, wltb/<a thousand silver -dollars, worth fifty-three .cents apiece, and wake up m-the morning to nnd that everybody Jn-the:world has unloaded their silver in the..Unlted States and : want to; buy; •a dollar's worth: of our products with fiftycthree cents worth of. their white' Shetal, 'arid if they keep making more '.and. more of that kind of money, It will -do Just like the State bank bills did, go'dbwn and down in price 'till it -won't be worth as : much as it Is now, •and- yet : we'll be compelled to take it vfor a dollar, because the government 'stamp's It with a dollar mark and' says it'/* a dollar. I'd rather have that one :idoUar-bIll' that the. government says ' 7 it 'will hold up with a dollar in gold, than ;'all" the 'balance of those bills put '' .. ;a QUlte a .crowd had collected about the old gentleman while he spoke, and one of them was a silver advocate. He attempted to argue with the old timer, but he waved him off with the remark, "No, you can't fool me into arguing with you, I know what I have seen and yon can't tell me It ain't so, for I know Mackintoshes Men's Suitst % Boy's Suits ^ Children's Suits Pants Hats Nightshirts ; Mite and Percale Sfrts 1 PI : ^ • In Price to machine. A credit and 90 .all heavy Weight rid of it quick: ^ come and respectiullyj to come 314 Fourth Street. •* ^ . i • • i -. If Is. We tiad. free silver coinage In those times according to you fellows and I never saw a hundred dollars in silver In thirty years, from 1840' to .1870. .Why a .sllverrdollar was never seen thereabouts. We ha'd some/ten and flvc cent pieces:but we bad more small sliver pieces, picayunes .we called them, made by the Spanish government. I paid thirty-five cents a yard for calico to make my wife a dress, and got ten-dollars a hundred for my hogs, and that In money that might, not be worth 'a cent at .the, time I took it,, for all I. knew; but I had .to take it or else keep my hogs...'Now,Jfclwas living.on a farm and had a buncii of hogs to sell I could get three",dollars. a hundred for them and I can buy all the. calico I want for five and six .cents', a yard, and if I don't want to, buy. It today I can keep my money and.It will be as good tomorrow or next week or next month>as It Is now. :No sir,!.! have had experience .with cheap money; and I don't want any more .of : it. ..Sound money If you please.; 1 , The free sliver, agitator turned to seek a new victim, but he could find no one to listen to-:hls argument All of those who had hoard what the old gentleman had to say; went home .to think over his words and ask themselves wherein they were to be bene- flttod by cheap and fluctuating dollars. LOOANSPORT REPUBLICANS. Will, be Called on by the State Committee to Campaign. In the list'of speakers who. have placed.themselves at the .disposa 1 of the Republican State Central committee, and are ready to go out and speak on the Issues of the campaign wherever the committee wishes.to send them, are the following Logansport Republl: cans: George W. Funk, Dewltt C. Justice, S. T. McConneli, Q. A. Myers, Capt - Frank-Swlgart, . W. T .Wilson and G«orge W. Wallers. All of these gentlemen have been heard on ' the stump in different parts of the State and are «ood, strong speakers The Logansport McKlnley .club,will have an opportunity of hearing them speak, Jeorge W. Funk belngithe dress the members..; ^He^ the club on tomorroy^;«Te rink, and should audience. , ; '. ; "." ^ '•' t ^~**^^—• n'KINLEY CLUR; George W. Fun1«^ the Memt The Logansport. McKU meet tomorrow, Wednr- at the rink. While the i night has been settledi W r ~.— -..^ night of each week, owing;t».;^ being engaged for nest Frldajr.e*' the meeting was set.for^W^dj evening. .Hereafter, .the; "~' be held on; George Issues of the L__. the committees a;-. ; ,., .., a .marching;clul) and ottte^— importance,>-lll comb!betoriS| Let every 'inembek, malce;lt.:C v .., order for the evenlng^o>atfend bring, oriqther^recrjiit t wlth.^Win. ; ;; IN FINE F .- TOES THE RAGE^' $. The dollar toe. the haif-dolta|] the quarter toe and the ten 'jeer 1 are some of the idea's: .lii : finej; The above mentioned; laate: ^are,^ popular for the ' coming;yieasoa| why shouldn't they be? 'Aay iU ' SJW •nected with' silver, or gold;;'i : ^ must be popular. These l shoes,; are the. latest fall styles -~ J '~ found,at PlUljig's^hoe h,_-,,,„ ter than \6 to 1 or a gold flten A very small amount of either'* silver, will taie a pair of them you are sure of,a double 1 ;;* For Filling's shoes are a stan< it takes two to the pair. The ; nevr shoes are quite different from; tfij pointed toes that have been otf the past two years. TJiey, 8tJU\rj that beautiful long^drawn^"* 1 '^ but are decidedly round toe 1 point. Pilling has a.complete.';u» these goods Notice Window;:' ••/** I 1 THE WISE - WILL Surely Wait, THE PRIDE OF rTHE ilOOSIER STATE Great Wallace Shows ' ' ) Monday August 24. Don't Throw Awa|r GQOI3-, On Cheap ff v " •- •"

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