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The Davidsonian from Davidson, North Carolina • Page 3

The Davidsoniani
Davidson, North Carolina
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3 THE DAVIDSONIAN, MARCH 6, 1924 ONE KILLED AND SEVERAL HURT IN ACCIDENT MONDAY WASHINGTON'S BIRTHDAY IS CELEBRATED BY COLANIAL TEA The Davidson student body was somewhat saddened Monday to learn of the sudden death of John C. Bethea, which occurred in an automobile accident, in which there were several Davidson boys. The accident occurred on the Belmont-Mt. Holly road about 2 o'clock Monday morning. The driver of the car was dazzled by the spotlight of an approaching machine, and when he went to the side, the bank gave away, and the car was precipitated down the side.

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TOBE JOHNSON DOES IT RIGHT CLEANING AND PRESSING Old P. O. Building One of the leading social events of the community this season took place in the form of a Colonial Tea, given at the collece cvmnasium on the evening of Tuesday, February 25th. The tea was given under the auspices of the Civic Club, and much credit is due their chairman, Mrs. Moore McConnell for the success of the occasion.

Mr. llengeveld, as George Washington, and Mrs. Ellis as Martha Washington, carried their parts exceptionally well. I One of the most enjoyable parts of the program was charming minuet in which the following took part: Alice Jane Fleagle, Adele Arbuckle, Sara Withers, Lucy Martin Currie, Proctor Thompson, Sam Black, Riggs McConnel, Bill White. Several very apprepri- ote readings given by Prof.

Dendy, were enjoyed. The old-fashioned songs, in which everyone took part, was also an enjoyable part of the program. The program was fittingly ended by the dancing of the Virginia reel. About 25 couples iii costumes enjoyed the affair, which was very appropriate for the times, since two of our colonial presidents were born in that month; Washington and Jefferson. Refreshments of cake and punch were served throughout the evening.

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CLUB $9 Scores In New Newark, and PhiUdelphU Address for Mali Orders, 1 2 1 Duane New York Citr JOHNSON'S College Barbers Lei Is Prove It BARBER SHOP is always willing to write a fellow a cheery letter. Since he wrote his series of letters not long since he has been busy gadding around with the almond-eyed maids of native land). Most Honrable Dear Sir: I read in your honorable paper not long since ago the radical articles pertaining to honorable student body of your institution of enlightenment and learning. I would have know what they all men except I read the same thing in the Russia paper called the "Red." Are the young fellow in vour honorable school all so like the dumbell that they know not what it is all about concerning? When I were in your United States I know the boys there and nice they seem to me. I don't believe not that they are so malicious.

And do they not know the mean the words which are simple? even blow them fine and good. And do not the boys there discern why not they are there for and why they are going? Ah, it is bad for you that you have to permeate with the men who know not such things as Modern Literature in Relation to Contemporary Life and sucha all the other. I should like to see in America your flap-! per what I hear so much of and see in the pamphlet her picture describing. The hair called Bob, is she pretty, beautiful I once time knew about a beautiful damsel in the United States who one time write me and tell she have the Bob hair. Ah me, I would like to observe her once again.

She were gorgeous and she always dress fine and good with the pretty clothes. Once time she ride in her automobile me and another, but I had to walk home. If you can have the honorable time, transcribe unto me a letter that is lengthy. I remain your ami, Hashmingo Togo. She "Oh John, please sing those 'Sand paper Blues' for me.

John Simpson "Can't do it, too rough." Wiggs i "Did you hear about the sad news?" Julian "No. What was it?" Wiggs "The holder of the chair of applied electricity in one of our greatest fin ishing schools died the other day." Julian "And who was he?" Wiggs "Oh, just a man who was electro cuted in Sing-Sing." "Scaramouche Lindapoots" steps into the room. Upen the window, Doys, 1 want to throw out my chest." Dumbell All Duke "Aren't the stars numerous tonight?" She "Yes, and there are a lot of them, too, aren't there Gallant Young (to woman leaving train) "Madam, if I may," I'll be glad to help you off." Young Thing (evidently bored) "Yes, and I'll be glad to get off." No, Fresh Simpson; Mason Field is not a famous grid-iron 1 "What kinda resort is the Stagger Inn "About the last resort, I think." Yes, Reginald (Trice), Duke's Mixture is a smoking tobacco, but it's' also another combination; two-thirds Galloway and one-third Walthall. Evolution Frosh Would you kindly question, Professor? Soph I didn't catch that. Junior What's that? Senior Huh restate that There is a certain dumbell Sophomore here who thought the Prof, was talking of him when he mentioned the "Hall of Fame." Songs of the Dormitories Louisiana "I'm going back to Louisiana." Rumple "It's nice to wake up in the morning." Watts Watt's the matter with Father?" Georgia "Everything is peaches down in Georgia." West "Out where the West begins." East "Star of the East." Barracks "Barrack Room Ballads." Davidson has never claimed to be the most beautiful and dignified of colleges, but it has always felt a certain pride in her campus and buildings.

However, a remark made by a certain visiting damsel proves that all is not gold that glitters, etc. The young lady had set foot on the Davidson campus for the first time, and it was a dark night, with the dormitories brilliantly lighted. The car she was in drove by the row of dormitories and thence back through town. Seeing Watts, Georgia, East and West, with their many lighted rooms, she said, "Oh, what big cotton mill is that?" Oh! Those McMillan Boys! Rosie "You're looking swell, Dick." Dick "Thanks, old top. Sorry I can't say the same about you." Rosie "You could if you lied like I did." Oh, yes another wooden instrument that is used in physical culture and such told us the other day that he thought that he breathed only nitrogen in the night.

No, No, Nora There are more Davidson boys who put the "English" on their billiard balls than on their themes. A Compromise No college man is good as he tries to make his professor believe he is, nor as bad as he tells his girl he is. "What is the greatest change, When ti'ater turns to ice? Then Jack to Doctor said, 'The greatest change's in Charlie, the faithful watch-dog of our college property, never overlooks anything. He reported that he saw Miss Mazda Lamp go out with Mr. Light the other night about 12 o'clock.

History Repeats Itself Prof. "And when was the first railroad built in the Southern States, or I should say, how many were there?" Davidson Co-ed "There were two, Doc- tor, both of them were built in 1829. One ran towards the North and the other ran towards the South." A new phase of an age-old request Professor (indicating the way out) "Please go out THIS way, gentlemen, in order not to wake the students in the other classes." (Note: The letter below is from our, good friend Hash Togo, who is now in Japan and his the not of and driver of the car, suffered a sprained shoulder and back, Hamilton Ansley, Davidson student, received a bad blow on the head, regaining consciousness at io o'clock Monday morning. Jimmie Groover received a few slight scratches, while Flake Laird escaped unscathed. The remains of Bethea were sent Monday to his home in Dillon where he was ttller in a bank.

Mr. Robert Tyler, of Louisville, visited Mrs. J. M. Douglas last week-end.

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SLOAN STATES VI LLE, N. C. 221 West Trade St. B. Y.

PITTS, Local Agent 1.

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