The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina on January 19, 1902 · Page 3
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The News and Observer from Raleigh, North Carolina · Page 3

Raleigh, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 19, 1902
Page 3
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THE NEWS ANDOBSERVER; SUNDAY MORNING, JAN. 19; 1902. ODE OF IIORTH V John H. ; Boner, Author of V Whispering Pines j - - ,,.' HIS; PORTRAIT FINISHED Hits Temp Hill, Daughter; of Theo. , Hill, Painted tha Author. . PICTURE TO HttIG IN THE STATE LIBRARY Two of His Utfr Pocmt, "Potg Cottars at Fordham" and "Remembrance." Brief :r Sketch of tteUft of -ilitlit to CaroIuTaVConsleHation John , H. Banter, the"; well known author of Whispering Plnesy in conversation with a News and Observer man just be-. Core he Started for Washington yesterday, spoke of bow he loved Raieiph and Its people and hoped to spend his last uyi nere. ; tie saia- he would rather lire In our city than In any other place on earth. .; For some time pan the poet has been living on Hillsboro street ; Mr.' Boner la not well, far from if fact, it is on account of his health very , largely that he has accepted 4a position In the Government Printing Office, where n once spent sixteen years of hU JIfe, from 1871 , to 1887. That wa tt ' h. fore he "went to New York city, where he engagea ror some years In wprk upon the Century-; and : Standard , Dictlnnart and several of the leading encyclopaedias. a wen as oeing.uterary Editor of the xew York World and the Literary Digest Miss Tempe Hill, daughter of our own poet - and , author, Theo. Hill, has Just completed a portrait of Mr. Boner, which his friends Intend shall hang in the State Library before , many days. : From the standpoint j of artistic workmanship the portrait is' an excellent piece of work; but some of those most familiar, with . the poet say It does notdo him justice as . a likeness. However that; may be, It " Is a ' fine picture ; and 'la going to hang uhere it belongs, next to that of his iear friend, Theo.. Hill.. ;,vM1- : A. brief, sketch:' of, Mr, Boner life will . be : of interest: '.".V:''--v ';. ':,; , John Hepry Boner was born in Salem, N. C; January 3lst, 1845. After an'acad- emlc education be learned the printer's' trade. ,Ja 1S70 he married Miss Lottie Smlfh.' of . Raleigh. He was editor pt several papers In , Salem " and Asheville, and acted as reading clerk of 4be North, Carolina Constitutional . Con vent lot. In, iStfS, and chief clerk in the North Carolina House of " Representatives at the session, of 1869-70. From 1871 1 to 1837, be . was in civil service, at Washington, connected with the Government Printing . Office5. He removed to New York in. . 1SS7. ani became a member of the editorial staffs Of the Century and Dictionary Library of American Literature, and Standard Dictionary.1 ; He was literary editor , of the New York .World and the v Lite'rary Digest, and also on the staff of Appleton's. Cyclopedia. ;. ; v , , i v The following are two' of . Mr, Boner's - recent poems,! selected from the pamphlet entitled ."Some New Poems by John H. Boner, published In Washington, 1901'. , The poems in this pamphlet: are taken from writings published (chiefly In the Century Magasine) since the appearance of . the author's first .volume, Whispering y Pines," published In 1883: . : : , POETS COTTAGB AT FORDHAM.4 . Hero illvcJ the 'soul enchanted By melody of bong; , ; . , , Kere dwlt the rptrit haunted sBy a . demonlae throng ;T Here aang the lips elated;; He"'re grief and death wero sated; Here loved and here unmated s Was he, so frail, so strong. . Here wintry winds : land 'cheerless -The dying firelight blew,. While he whose song was peerless , Dreamed the drear midnight through, And from ' dull embers chilling - Ciept shadows darkly .filling a , l.hev silent place.vand thrilling ' Hla fancy as. they 'grew r Here with brow, bared toy heaven, ' ' 'In starry night he 'stood. ('',' With the lost 3tar of seven ' L Feeling sad brdlherhood. : J Here. In the sobbing showers Of . dark autumnal hours 1 v Ho heard suspected powers Ehrek through the stormy wood. , . From . yisions of .Apollo , , . f And vfstartes bliss. : ' He gased into the' hollow ; f .; ' And hopeless rale of Dlsj i And though earth were surrounded v' By heaven, it still was mounded . Wltn graves. His soul had rounded The dolorous abyss. . f . Troud, mad, but not ' deflantv V -. He touched at heaven and helLv v Ij." Mr, CrowWhr are you crvtme Miss Miss.Sparrow Sqmebody said that "bird and I'm terribly alarmed, , CMOLIifSPOETS tit ""a . 5;.'.' . ;' IN DANGER. . ". - Fate found a rare soul pliant . "And rung her changes well. Alternately his lyre. Stranded with strings of fire, Led earth's most happy choir f Or flashed with Israel. No singer of old story ' j Luting accustomed lays, No iiarper for new glory, - ) No mendicant for r raise, . He struck high chords and splendid, Wherein were fiercely blended Tones that unfinished ended With his unfinished days. , l ..'.J.,.:. 1 Here through this lowly portal, - i Made sacred .by his name,' v Unheralded Immortal The mortal went and came. ' And fate that then .denied .him, And rcnTy 'that decried him. ' And malice that belied , him, Have cenotapfted his fame. ' REMEMBRANCE. ' I think that we retain of our dead friends f And absent ones no general portraiture; .That perfect memory does not long en- ;; durej'; --.: ; T But fades and fades until our' own life ' i ' ends. . - . " ' . Unconsciously, for get fulness attends , That grief for which there Is no other T rre, i But leaves of each lost one some record . . sure , """ 'I A look, an act, a tone something that v ' leuds Relief and 'consolation, not regret. . Even that poo. mother mourning her '7 dead child, r Whose ngonizing eyes with tears are wt, . Whose bleeding heart can not be re- . conclled, j . . Vnto the grave's embrace even she shall Kemember only when her babe first smiled! ' ' ' . Coke Dandruff Cure and v i Hair ionic - His Increased in Favor and Popularity with Druggists and Citizens of Raleigh It Salo Orowi to an Extent That U Absolutely llarvelouj AITD DAILY IHCEEASIHQ. 4.he unprecedented demand iion the drug trade" of W. H. King Drug Co., for Coke Dandruff Cure and Hair Tonic applies to - surrounding towns and cities also. There is : an evident general demand for A. R Bremer Co.'s remarkable Hair and Scalp preparation everywhere Jn this (vicinity, and Jie ha a won the confidence Uof the people who have given their great Cokes Dandruff Cure and Hair Tonic a careful - test. . V . --Many physicians are "watching with great Interest .the extraordinary , results of this famous preparation. Any conscientious physician , should not, hesitate to .prescribe to his patient a preparation indorsed, and proven to be satisfactory, even if it is not considered ethical to do ' A. R. Bremer Co. again announce (that should any physician desire to make tests of Coke , Dandruff Cure with their pa tients, where all? other remedies have failed to stop falling hair, cure dandruff and all scalp, disease, they will gladly furnish him ; with sample free to make such tests, which will prove beyond ' a doubt the true worth of this most popular of all hair and scalp treatments. Coke Dandruff Cure and Hair Tonic. Guaranteed by W. H. King J)rug Co. Admiral Dewey writes: "t have used Coke Dandruff Cure for the past year and Sound ft an excellent preparation." Coke Shampoo and Toilet Soap wonderfully, good for the hair and scalp. Cures shiny skin. ' '" r ' FROM THE RETORTS of the dealers fn this city, we think no proprietary medicine has a larger sale than Painkiller. Its valuable properties as a speedy cure for pain can not fail to be generally appreciated. In case of accident, or sudden attack of dysentery, diarrheoa, cholera morbus. Montreal Star. Avoid substitutes, there is but one ratnkilter. Perry Davis. Price 25c and 50c ' Snxntsi's Rich Hen. The New York World Almanac Tor 1902 gives a list of nearly four thousand Americans worth 11,000,000 . and over many of. them verynuch over. The rich -men credited to Durhamare given as follows: Julian S. Carr. B. N. Duke, James B. Duke, Washington Duke and G. W. Watts. : ' ; . Substitution ' . the fraud of the daj. .V.c you get Carters, Ask for Carter's, Insist and demand CartcrV. Little liver Pills. Snai'row? wo had- Just' os. fine flavor as the ccd . . - - TO nQtfl TEX DVXZS-j BriOsh Tobacco Coneeras Combine to Fight ths Americao Compaaj. (London cable, 11th. to New I Orleans Times-Democrat). ! " Thirteen British tobacco Arms, which have 'combined to fight Mr. Duke and his American' Invaders, are apparently preparing to come to close grips. The contest ,mv)st be serious and! perhaps disastrous for them. Recognizing that this is so. their intention now Is to call In the public to hear the brunt of the' war, relying upon the past prosperity of the business as the inducement to in vestors to respond. The Imperial Tobacco Company may be expected to be float ed about the end of next week. Its share capital will be divided into four classes. There will be debentures amounting to 1,500,000 at 4 per cent.; 5,000.000 in preference 'shares at B4 'per cent.; 5,000.000 ordinary shares, and 5,000,000 in ordinary preference shares; The purchase price Is approximately 15,000.000. The federation's firms will take 10,000,000 of ordinary deferred shares. The payment for sood win, stock. assets, etc., is put by valuation at 15.-000,000. The vendors will take two-thirds payment In cash and the remainder in shares, leaving the working capital at 1,500.000. Sir William Henry Willis!. head of the great Bristol tobacco firrr will - be chairman, and Harry Willis, head of its export department,' chief manager. ' Duke is now perhaps a more Interesting figure to British' business men than Carnegie, Rockefeller or even Morgan. His enterprise pleases many, his. nerve appeals to them, and' his' audacity delights them. They await his campaign with stern joy. but his discretion pr foresight they deny. They will try to make of him an object lesson; that his compatriots will not soon forget, and intend to hang up' the carcass of the American Tobacco Company. as a perpetual scarecrow to every sister Indus-' try that aspires to capture the British market. Englishmen expect Americans to replace them In the world's markets In many lines, but not In England. This, they say, the Americans cannot do. They Intend to teach Cousin Jonathan bis limitations. ; What Elves the approaching duel wide significance is that it will be! fighting fire with fire: Whenever a new trust knocks at their doors. Englishmen propose to form a trust In the same industry to meet ,it. The .first battle; of international trusts is dawning, and some in-srirlng fights are ahead for the crusad ing American tobacco enterprise, as Ger man and Russian tobacconists are preparing to imitate the English- ! XJGHT FOX DIAMOHD SH01XS. Crest Electric Beam to be Thrown on Clouds to Warn Mariners-Diamond Shoal Lightship No. 71 left Baltimore Tuesday afternoon for her station on Diamond Shoals, off the North carouna coast, equipped with a new electric search-light that is to send, a pillar of white light from the vessel's bow to the skies. A blinding beam of electric light thirteen Inches wide will give warning to ships of the dangerous shoals off Cape Hatteras. The ship's regular beacon lights are visible eighteen mMes-at sea, but they look like tallow dips in ycomparison with the 3,000 candle power; searchlight. ; The electricity is generated aboard ship. The search-light is not pointed upward, as the waste carbon would drop Into the reflector, but It rests horizontally while a imlrror Is 'placed at an angle of forty-five degrees to throw the light upward. This will be the first light of Its kind ever placed at sea as a mariner's beacon, and It Is expected It will be visible forty miles off shore. Demonstration of success of the new system will probably result In its exten-tion to Fire Island, Sandy Hook, Nantucket Shoals and other light stations equipped with electrical apparatus. The chief element In' the promised effectiveness of the search-light lies In the fact that the light vessel Is never at rest and the beam will sway In a varying angle. Among other light and luminous effects, from whatever cause, it will always be distinguishable. ' Low lying clouds will also be illuminated. Thfi Strawberry Outlook. ' (Wilmington Dispatch.) Dr. E. Porter, of Rocky Point, one of the veteran truckers of this section of the State, was In the city yesterday and, lit speaking of the strawberry outlook, says he thinks the prospects for a good crop of berries are very good. "Not only will the crop be good." he added, "but the prices will undoubtedly be higher on account of the great scarcity of other fruit during the past year. The fruit crop has had an el year of It and apples are scarce and selling at a very high price. rThe same way with peaches. The crop-was very short and the consequence was very little canning was done. Hence -every Indication points to good prices for the strawberry crop. This has been, an unusual winter. Wc have had more jTreexing weather this year' probably than at any time in the history of this section. Winter started In early and all vegetation has been kept back. There have not been the utual warm spells that often tend to revive the plants and send up a little sap. The Indications are that when spring sets In the cold weather will have spent Its force. That being the case the spring should be most favorable for all forms of vegetation. - Certainly the bugs and Insects in the ground have been annihilated by the cold. ? It fact, it, will take a fine crop year and good ' prices to begin to put the ix-ople In this section on their feet again. This immediate section Is not alone in feeling the ill effects from the past year. The same condition of affairs seems tg prevail almost everywhere. It should be gratifying to everybody to know that the strawberry! outlook is bright. Comparatively few people know-It. but this crop alonfe brings about one million dollars Into .circulation in the State. And most of it comes to this immediate section of Eastern North Carolina. FOR SALE. One saw mill outfit complete with all necessary buildings and water supply, together with either 600 or 1.200 acres of Long Leaf Pine Timber. (Mill now running) convenient to railroad: good freight rates: s big1 bargain. Address or rail on MYRTLEWOOD LUMBER CO., Wakulla, Fla, an easy job; - "My brother's working in a watch factory.'', ' '."What doing?" "Making faces." L ; Gont a Cord. NO ADVERTISEMENTS ! TAKEN FOB LESS THAN IS CENTS AN INSERTION. CASH MUST ACCOMPANY ORDER. SPE CIAL DISCOUNTS ON LONG CONTRACTS. HOUSE FOR SALE DWELLING with S rooms and all modern improvements, in centre I of city. For terms Apply Bdx 276 P. O- LADIES COPY LETTERS AT HOME- 88 to 12 per week. Send stamped en velope for application. Anchor Supply Co., Chicago- I 812 WEEKLY FOR COPYING LET- ters home; either sex. Send two stamps for particulars. Eagle Mfg. Co., 59 Dearborn St., Chicago. ACTIVE CATHOLIC LADY TO WORK ai home. $36 in cash paid for twelve days trial; promotion and permanent position if satisfactory. Address John Ensall, Lakeside Building, Chicago. MECHANICS, ENGINEERS, FIRE- men, electricians, etc. Forty-page pamphlet containing questions asked by Examining Board of Engineers. Sent jree. Geo- A. Zeller, publisher, Roonf 356 18 St., 14th St., St. Louis.Mo. l-19-30t. OR SALE.BARRED PLYMOUTH ! Rocks, White and Brown Leghorns, Buff and Partridge Cochins, Light Brahmas. Write for catalogue. Ex- f ceralor Poultry Yards, Fayetteville, ,N. C. LADIES SOMETHING NEW MAK- llng.Sofa Pillows at home. 3? to $12 weekly; materials furnished; no can- vaslng; experience unnecessary; steady employment. Send stamped address ed envelope. Household Mfg. Co., Erie St., Chicago. WANTED.TO SELL MY STOCK General Merchandise Goods; new. bought since September 15th, 1901. Storehouse new and one of the best stands in thriving tobacco town of 500 inhabitants, and can be rented or leased- Good reasons for selling; terms easy. Apply at once. X. Y. Z., care News and Observer. WANTED EVERYWHERE HUST- lers to tack signs, distribute circulars, samples ,etc: no canvassing; good pay. Sun Advertising Bureau, Chicago. i . .. MALE HELP WANTED Reliable men , to sell our line of fine lubricating oils, greases and paints, salary or com mission. Address the Reserve Oil Co., Cleveland, Ohio. PLAYS. WIGS, WHISKERS, PAINTS, etc., for masquerades and stage make ups, tricks and agents latest novelties. illustrated catalogue free. Chas. Mar shall, Mfr, Lockport, N. Y. WANTED A LOCAL REPRESEN- tative for our line of Patented Auto matic Compression Grease Cups, Sight Feed Lubricators and Lackawanna Compound. Must be a live man, famil iar with steam goods and acquainted with the steam and mill supply trade. .Best of references required. 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Simple, straightforward bus iness proposition of unusual' merit. The Jumlapa Co., 611-615 Fullerton Building.' St. Louis. Mo. ' WANTED SITUATION BY REGIS - tered Pharmacist of long experience, who has had smallpox. Have position but desire change. Address, with sal ary offered. "B." care Wm. Simpson, Raleigh, N. C, to whom I refer. - - i:MMMMmsMaMMMM , "V WANTED ENERGETIC SPECIAL- . ty man; . large commission; exclusive t territory. McKissack & Wise, Plaine, Ga. '-: ' . ' AGENTS WANTED IN , EVERY town to sell our household specialties and novelties. . Fast sellers. Big op portunities for right parties to handle direct or as side line, write for our attractive big bargain catalogue and terms to agents.-; Address . Richmond Specialty Company, Richmond, Va, . WANTED SALESMAN . . BY . 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SOUTllWABD. . : 4. Daily. No. tr. . 7:35 pm No. 31. Lv. BaWsU. 8. a. U...... V" S:3J am Af. LUmlet. S. A. L........ Arrive Columbia, 8. A. L.V Ar, Savannah, 8. A. L...... Ar.- Jacksonville, S. L... Ar. Tamps, 8. A. p.'.,.,. :20 am 10:25 am 8:35 anv 1:00-am 12:03 pm' ?:50 pm ; 5:09 am No. S3 5:30 am , 5:55 am . 12 K pm ' 4:40 am 9:05 am S:04 pm No, 41 . S:55 pm ' 7:30 pm Lv., Raleigh, 8. A. L...... Ar. Hamlet, tU A. L....... Ar. Wilmington, 8. A. L.. Ar. Charlotte, 8. A. L. ' Ar, AtUmta, 8. A. U. ...... s Ar. Augusta, C, W. C... Ar. Macon. C of Ga...... ; Ar. Mwitgry, itW. F.;H Ar. Mobile, U, a Nl....... Ar. K. Orleans, L. N..... Ar. KashviUe, N. a St L Ar. Memphis, N. .C 8. L. 9:28 am 10:30 pm S;55 pm 7:50 am ' 5:40 pm ......... 7:20 pm 11:20 am : 9:20 pm -. 830 pm 8:55 am, . 7:25 am : 3:00 am ' 6:53 pra 4:10 pm 8:25 nv KOKTUWABD. Daily; Daily." N. H2 No. S8. 2:05 am 11:05 am L. Ralt-tgh, S. A. L....... Ar. Norlina. S. A. I ..... Ar. Portsmouth, 8. A. L..... Ar. Waaht'n N. W, 8. B. Ar. Baltimore. B. & P. C... S:50 am .1:05 pm ,7:15 am :25 pm 8:53 am ' :45 am 1:30 pm ' ft 10 am 8:00 am No. 68. Ar. N. Y., O. D B. 8. Co.. ......... Ar. . flu la, a. x. r. . . i :o pm Ar. N. York, H. Y. P. k K. 8:15 pm tfii -. rt.. rf -;,.A : i :! K- SO. 84. Lv. Baleigh, 8. A. L...... 1:35 am 10:20 am : Ar. Norlina, 8. A- L....i.. 8:30 am 11:55 am A. Richmond, 8, A. U...... 6:35 am 8:05pm Ar. Washington, P. R. B... 10:10 am 8:33 pm' Ar. Baltimore. P. B. B..... 11:25 am 11:25 pm; Ar. Philadelphia, P. R. R... 1:36 pra 2:56 am Ar. New York. P. R. B..... 4:13 pm a am Note a Daily ..except .Monday, . b Eastern Tlma--:-'-v :r ".;' J -. -"'"T ,- : Connection! at Jacksonville and Tampa, for all Florida East Coast point, and Cuba and Porto Rico. At New Orleiina, for all points in Texas, . Mexico aad California. v-i SLEEPING CAR SERVTCE. . Xoa. 81 aad 24 Florida and Mettonolitan Limited. Drawlns Room Sieeptns, and Through ! Coaches between New: Yorlt and Jackamiville. : Through Drawing Boom Buffet Sleeping 1'ari b. tweea New York and Atlanta. , " v . Nos. 81 and 34. .82 and 83 carry Cafe Cars between llamtet and Savannali, vllamlet - and Athens, . A- :My--- ..;- iVtv--? ( Noa. 27 aitd 66 Florida and Atlanta Fat Mail. Through Drawing Room Duffct Sleeping Cara be- tween New York and acksonville, connecting at Hamict with Klecplag Car to and from Atlanta. Tickets on sale to all points. ' Pullman Berths Beservtd -and rewrvatlona made on outgoing kteamera from 'Norfolk. Baegace c-lieoked from hotel and retiidencea without extra cliarge at ' Up-Town Ticket Office, Yarboro Housa Eaildin;. , a H. GATTIS, a T. and P. A. 1 BelV Baleirh and Interstate Phonea, 117. , 11. 8. IJARD, T. Ui A.. Raleigh, . N. C. ' - It. E. L. BLCU, Geo. Paaa. AgL, I'orUiuouth, Vlntlnia. - . - J-' JAMES M. BARB, FUat " Vke-Pteailent aad s Sdaiard Air Lino Ru tit'. "1 k 1

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